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Solar system group costume. Wind and solar overtake fossil fuels in the EU…

Solar system group costume. Wind and solar overtake fossil fuels in the EU…

    DIY Family Space Costume

    After our son’s space themed first birthday party, I had the idea to do a family space costume. It’s the perfect costume for a family of three, but you could add a sun costume, stars or a moon for additional family members!

    I did a colorful take on this classic family costume idea, and it was quite simple to put together. Each one would be super cute on it’s own, or pick any two for a couples costume! Keep scrolling for the tutorials!

    solar, system, group, costume, wind

    How To Make An Astronaut Costume

    For the Planet Candy Bucket:

    • Pumpkin Candy Bucket
    • Smoothfoam Wreath (That fits over your candy bucket. If it’s a bit too small, you can shave off some of the inside carefully with a craft knife!)
    • Non-Toxic Paint in 2 Colors of Your Choice
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Clean out the soda bottles, remove labels and caps.
    • Paint the soda bottles silver. You may need 2-3 coats, letting dry completely between each coat.
    • Cut out 2 “fire” shapes from orange felt, then 2 smaller fire shapes from yellow felt. These don’t have to be perfect! If freehanding it makes you nervous, google “fire clip art” and print out something to use as a template from there!
    • Hot glue the yellow fire on top of the orange fire.
    • Roll the base of the fire so it’s small enough to fit inside the bottle tops. Add a bit of hot glue to the back of each and glue inside the bottle tops.
    • Cut two pieces of elastic big enough to go around your child’s shoulder and under the arm.
    • Hot glue the two soda bottles together. Then, hot glue each elastic piece to one of the soda bottles. Glue the ends of the elastic pieces together to form two loops.
    • Select the patches you want to use and where you want to put them. Either iron (per package instructions) or hot glue the patches in place.
    • Paint the plastic pumpkin bucket whatever color you’d like and the wreath a contrasting color. Let dry.
    • Slip the wreath over the pumpkin bucket, add a few dots of hot glue to hold in place.

    How To Make A Rocket Ship Solar System Costume

    For the adult costumes in this family Halloween costume, you’ll need some simple clothing pieces and some craft foam to add the elements, turning them into a rocket ship costume and a solar system costume. Here’s how to make them.

    • Silver (or white, or any color!) Dress (I’m wearing this one!)
    • Craft Foam Yellow, Orange and any other two colors you’d like
    • Shoe Clips
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Scissors
    • Blue T-Shirt
    • Smoothfoam balls in varying sizes from 2″-4″ (Sometimes you can find half spheres like these and these and this is great because you don’t have to cut them!)
    • Mini Smoothfoam (or regular foam, if you can’t find the smooth!) Wreath
    • Paint in Variety of Colors Paintbrush
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Wax Paper
    • Find two circular items in your house (think a bowl, a lid, etc.) that are two slightly different sizes. Use the larger item to cut out three circles from one foam color and the smaller item to cut out three circles from another color.
    • Cut out two “fin” shapes from another color of foam.
    • Glue the smaller circles on top of the larger circles.
    • Glue the circles to the front of your dress. Then glue the fins to the seams of the dress, one on each side!
    • Cut out two fire shapes from orange foam, and two smaller fire shapes from yellow foam.
    • Glue the smaller fire shapes on top of the larger ones.
    • Attach directly to your shoes or to a shoe clip with glue so they are removable!
    • If you have any full spheres (instead of the half spheres I mentioned) carefully cut them in half with scissors or a craft knife. Also cut the mini wreath in half.
    • Lay out your planets on your shirt to decide where you want everything. I recommend taking a picture so you remember the layout!
    • Paint all the half spheres and half-wreath a variety of vibrant colors. Let dry completely.
    • Hot glue to the t-shirt. I recommend putting wax paper inside the shirt so the glue doesn’t go through both layers of the shirt!

    DIY Planet Halloween Costumes

    This post has been updated since it’s original September 2014.

    And today I am sharing my kiddo’s DIY Jupiter Planet Halloween Costume! Plus, I’m also sharing 88 other creative costume ideas from talented bloggers all over! Be sure to read to the bottom for the blog hop of a lifetime.

    I teamed up with Jamie Dorobek to bring tons of easy ideas to craft up DIY Halloween costumes for everyone including your pets, family costumes, and even a few trunk or treat ideas!

    solar, system, group, costume, wind

    What supplies do I need to make Planet Costumes

    • Hula Hoops
    • Green Aqua Tee Shirts
    • Glitter Washi Tape
    • Plastic Airplanes
    • Beanie Hat
    • Gold Spray Paint
    • Gold Pipe Cleaners
    • Hot Glue
    • String (or yarn)
    • Gold Stars

    I had such fun creating these planet costumes for my kids. At ages 3 and 2, they are constantly talking about flying rockets to the moon. I love making creative halloween costumes that they can play “dress up” in for the rest of the year.

    We build “rocket-ships” with cardboard boxes all the time, so they are literally “over the moon” with being planets this Halloween!

    How to make Outer Space Rocket Hats

    To make the Outer Space Rocket hats, I started by spray painting the plastic airplanes (your rockets) gold. You will need just one for each hat.

    Then I took three gold pipe cleaners and twisted them together. Once twisted, they created just enough stability to hold up the rockets, but still allowed for a little bounce – like they were “flying” around their hats.

    Last, I gave the pipe cleaners a slight curve and hot glued the pipe cleaners to the beanie hats.

    How to make Jupiter’s Rings Costume

    To make your Planet Costume fully complete, you have to add Jupiter’s Rings!

    I bought four hula hoops, two for each of my children. Using colorful glitter washi tape, I wrapped the hula hoops for a little extra sparkle.

    Then, using yarn or string tie the hula hoops together and then create very basic shoulder straps.

    Lastly, hot glue gold stars to the hats and tee shirts.

    Planet Halloween Costume

    My little green Jupiter’s Planet man is all ready for take off!

    These precious planet halloween costumes are ready to be enjoyed during trick or treating and playtime later!

    And now it’s time for tons more DIY Halloween costume inspiration! Join in on the BLOG HOP! Click on the links below each collage to get the detailed instructions about how to make the costume pictured, just like mine above.

    Which handmade costume ideas did you love the most?!

    Handmade Baby Hamburger Costume 2. DIY Baby Game Boy Costume 3. DIY Minecraft Steve Costume 4. Football Brothers Halloween Costumes with DIY Pads and Onesie 5. Star Trek Halloween Costume for Kids 6. A Bee and Her Keeper 7. No Sew Magician Costume 8. Flint Lockwood Costume 9. Pinocchio 10. Marty McFly 11. Princess Wedding Dress Costume 12. Handmade Lalaloopsy Doll Costume 13. Homemade Toothless Costume 14. DIY Mermaid For Less Than 20 (No-Sew Option) 15. Easy Tinker Bell Costume 16. Mario and Luigi Go Kart Costumes 17. Dog The Bounty Hunter and Beth 18. Family Monsters University Costumes 19. Scooby Doo family costumes 20. DIY Storm Cloud Costume

    Positive environmental stories from July 2023

    Deutschlandticket: Germany’s €49 ticket pushes passenger numbers up 25% on local train services

    A scheme to increase the uptake of public transport in Germany has been hailed as a “huge success”.

    The €49 a month ‘Deutschlandticket’ has led to a 25 per cent rise in passengers on national railway company Deutsche Bahn’s regional services, according to DB Regio CEO Evelyn Palla.

    Solar, €49 train tickets and home energy efficiency: Why Portugal is our Green Country of the Month

    This month, we’re recognising the efforts of a country which has brought forward some crucial decarbonisation targets. It’s seeking to boost renewables, and help citizens on their own journeys to sustainable living.

    Here’s why Portugal is our Green Country of the Month for July.

    A giant water battery inside a mountain will help Scotland hit net zero

    The Scottish government has given the green light to expand a hydro storage plant in the west of the country.

    Renewable power developer Drax wants to build a new £500 million (€581 million) development in their existing Cruachan facility.

    Authorities have approved the plans, which will also help Scotland in its bid to reach net-zero targets.

    Six reasons to be hopeful about the future of food

    According to UN estimates, one third of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) come from the global food system.

    Food production uses 70 per cent of the world’s freshwater too, yet the World Food Programme estimates that nearly a third of the food we grow is lost or wasted each year.

    While these issues may seem insurmountable, there are still reasons to be hopeful about food’s future.

    ‘A blessing’: Wounded soldiers help US scientists to save coral reefs

    A group of US Army veterans wounded in combat are working to restore coral reefs off the southern tip of Florida, USA.

    The mission is twofold: save coral threatened by disease and rising sea temperatures, and help veterans heal wounds. both physical and emotional.

    India, Germany, Poland: All the ways in which countries are harnessing solar power for railways

    An Indian railway network is installing over 1,000 hectares worth of solar energy.

    The Central Railway, one of 18 rail ‘zones’ in the country, has committed to developing 1 megawatt (MW) of solar units at 81 spots throughout its network.

    It’s part of a growing trend of railways using their large land portfolios to go greener and help meet national renewable energy goals.

    Feeding daffodil extract to cows could reduce methane emissions

    Daffodils, which are grown at higher altitudes, hold a secret power. They produce a crucial medical compound that is a key component in a drug used in the management of Alzheimer’s.

    But that’s not all. Recent studies reveal another astonishing benefit. Early evidence shows high altitude daffodils produce an extract which, when fed to cows, has the unique ability to reduce their methane emissions.

    At this farm in Portugal’s Alentejo trees get to retire and pigs go on maternity leave

    Herdade de S. Luís is part of the vast estates of Montado, an ancient cultural landscape rolling from the hills down to the plains of Alentejo that combines trees with livestock and crops.

    “Montado is the perfect system because it allows us to integrate different land uses,” says Francisco Alves, the property’s owner.

    “The animals help prevent fires and can fertilise the soil. They feed on acorns, and also benefit from the shade of oak trees.”

    ‘The more you install, the cheaper it gets’: Wind and solar to produce 33% of global power by 2030

    Wind and solar projects are on track to account for more than a third of the world’s electricity by 2030, a report by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) said on Thursday.

    This signals that the energy sector can achieve the change needed to meet global climate goals.

    Sultan al-Jaber, president of the next UN climate summit, COP28, earlier this year called for a tripling of renewable energy generation by 2030 to curb greenhouse gas emissions and help reach goals set under the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

    EU to push for fossil fuel phaseout ‘well ahead’ of 2050 at COP28 climate summit

    The EU is pushing for a global pledge to phase out the unabated use of fossil fuels “well ahead of 2050” at COP28, according to climate chief Frans Timmermans.

    Timmermans explained that this would mean eliminating emissions from the oil and gas sector and products sold by oil and gas companies. It will also require an end to the use of coal.

    This high speed train could be the first to be powered entirely by renewable energy

    California’s long-awaited high speed train will be solar powered, according to the California High-Speed Rail Authority.

    Positive environmental stories from June 2023

    Austria is our Green European country of the month. here’s why

    Countries across Europe are racing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and avert the worst effects of the climate crisis. This has thrown them into a new kind of healthy rivalry with each other.

    This June, we highlighted a European country that is making good progress on a number of key climate fronts: Austria, a small but mighty nation right at the heart of the continent.

    Here’s why it’s our Green Country of the Month.

    Fountain of youth: Living near a green space can reduce your biological age by 2.5 years

    A new study has shown that having access to parks and community gardens in your neighbourhood can slow biological ageing.

    A joint Spanish and American research team found that people living near green spaces are on average 2.5 years biologically younger than those who do not.

    “Living near more greenness can help you be younger than your actual age,” said Kyeezu Kim, the study’s lead author and a postdoctoral scholar at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

    This ‘extinct’ earless dragon has been spotted in a secret location after going missing for 50 years

    A tiny earless dragon which experts thought was extinct has been spotted for the first time in over 50 years.

    The Victorian grassland earless dragon. native to east Australian grasslands. was last spotted in the wild in 1969.

    Conservationists feared for the animal’s survival and previously made “considerable but unsuccessful efforts” to locate the species. Now, they’ve discovered a small population.

    Only the super wealthy stand to lose money from shutting down fossil fuels, study finds

    Scaling down fossil fuels would have hardly any financial impact on the vast majority of people, new research reveals.

    Oil and gas companies are the single biggest driver of global heating. But opponents of the renewable transition often claim that cutting down fossil fuel production will be hugely expensive. and hit ordinary people in the

    New research sends this argument up in smoke.

    solar, system, group, costume, wind

    Church of England divests from fossil fuels after oil and gas companies fail on climate

    The Church of England is divesting from oil and gas after accusing fossil fuel companies of stalling on net zero plans.

    The church’s Pensions Board will divest its holding in Shell over what it said were insufficient plans to align its strategy to the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    The Board has around 1.35 million pounds (€1.58 million) invested in Shell of its total 3.2 billion pounds in investments.

    New EU law to force smartphone makers to build easily replaceable batteries

    The European Union will soon require smartphone manufacturers to let users replace their batteries.

    The tough new rules. endorsed by the European Parliament in June. could save millions of phones from landfill.

    Every year, more than 150 million smartphones are thrown away. Making batteries more easy to replace could stem this deluge of e-waste.

    Paris Olympics to give waste a second life with recycled plastic chairs

    Spectators at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will sit on chairs made of plastic recycled from local bins.

    As well as combating a shortage of raw materials for plastic, the initiative is part of wider efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the Olympic Games.

    Around 11,000 seats will be made from recycled materials.

    Animal rights groups ‘thrilled’ to see Iceland’s summer whaling season suspended

    Iceland has suspended whaling until the end of August in the name of animal welfare.

    A full ban could eventually be enforced, according to Iceland’s Food Minister Svandis Svavarsdottir.

    If the government and [hunting] licensees cannot guarantee the welfare requirements [according to Iceland’s Animal Welfare Act], this activity has no future, said Svavarsdottir.

    UN adopts world-first treaty to protect marine life in seas outside national boundaries

    Only 1 per cent of the world’s vast ocean areas were protected. until now.

    The first-ever treaty to protect biodiversity in waters outside national boundaries, known as the high seas, has been adopted by UN members.

    The UN’s chief hailed the historic agreement as giving the ocean a fighting chance.

    Climate ‘victory’: Swiss citizens vote in favour of new law to reach net zero emissions by 2050

    The Swiss people have voted yes to a new climate law that will see the country cut net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

    A majority of 59 per cent of voters approved the government’s Climate Protection Targets, Innovation and Strengthening Energy Security Act on 18 June.

    Almost three-quarters of people (74 per cent) backed it in the canton of Geneva, following a record-breakingly warm spring for the wealthy European nation.

    Positive environmental stories from May 2023

    Iceland is our Green European country of the month. here’s why

    Iceland generates more than 86 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources according to Eurostat and around 66 per cent of this comes from its geothermal resources.

    Not only does this hot water power homes, but it also supplies some of Iceland’s most popular tourist attractions including the famous Blue Lagoon.

    Solar energy investments are expected to overtake oil for the first time ever this year, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

    A new report from the agency says spending on clean energy technology is now significantly outpacing spending on fossil fuels. This is due to affordability and security concerns triggered by the global energy crisis.

    Turtle power: Panama gives legal rights to sea turtles, protecting against pollution and poaching

    A new law guarantees sea turtles in Panama the right to live and have free passage in a healthy environment.

    It “will allow any Panamanian citizen to be the voice of sea turtles and defend them legally,” says Callie Veelenturf, who founded a group that works to protect leatherback turtles and pushed for the legislation.

    “We will be able to hold governments, corporations and public citizens legally accountable for violations of the rights of sea turtles.”

    Utrecht’s new vertical forest will be home to 10,000 plants and trees. How will residents benefit?

    It starts with a currant bush and a pear tree: the first of 300 trees and 10,000 plants that will turn this Dutch tower block into a living forest.

    Utrecht is the latest city to get the green treatment from celebrated architect Stefano Boeri. The 66-year old Italian architect stretched the world’s imagination with his first vertical forest in Milan a decade ago.

    Giving people €5 a day could bring the ‘good life’ to communities and ecosystems in need, study says

    Paying people living in fragile forests €5 a day could be the best way to halt biodiversity loss, a new study suggests.

    Similar to the concept of a universal basic income, a conservation basic income (CBI) is an unconditional cash payment given to people living in protected areas or alongside endangered species.

    Wind and Solar Energy Generation Financial Modeling for Renewable Energy

    Just like eating frogs’ legs? Inside the European companies that want to convince us to eat insects

    Will insects be a staple food in the future? Several companies in Europe are betting on it.

    From lower emissions to reduced land use and a way to contribute to the circular economy, they claim a range of benefits.

    Although convincing Europeans to eat insects isn’t easy, almost 60 per cent of people believe that they could become an alternative and sustainable source of protein in the future, according to a study from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya published earlier this year.

    Refill stores and bottle deposit schemes: Inside the UN goal to cut plastic pollution by 80% by 2040

    Plastic pollution could be slashed by 80 per cent by 2040, according to a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

    This ambitious target relies on major policy changes and the deployment of existing technologies in the way we produce, use and dispose of plastics.

    Here’s what would need to change in our daily lives to reach it.

    Spain, Sweden and Belgium: The European countries setting new wind and solar records

    Solar and wind produced more than half of Portugal’s electricity for the first time last month, according to new data from clean energy think tank Ember.

    April saw the renewables reach 51 per cent of electricity production. beating the previous monthly record of 49 per cent in December 2021.

    Strong solar deployment, electricity imports from Spain and lower demand kept energy generated by fossil fuels to just 24 per cent. despite a drought-driven dip in hydropower.

    Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by 68% in April

    Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by 68 per cent last month compared to April 2022.

    This is the first significant drop since President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva took office at the start of this year.

    Lula, as the left-leaning President is known, campaigned on transforming Brazil into a ‘green superpower’. One of his promises was to combat illegal deforestation, which rose to a 15-year high under former right wing President Jair Bolsonaro.

    ‘Look at that beast’: This well-fed snapping turtle is a conservation success story

    Footage of a plump snapping turtle relaxing along a Chicago waterway has gone viral after the man who filmed the well-fed reptile marveled at its size and nicknamed it “Chonkosaurus.

    Conservationists have been carrying out native plant restoration along the waterway to combat invasive European species that have cropped up.

    Alter Egos From Season Two [ ]

    Dr. Kyle [ ]

    Dr. Kyle is an alter ego that makes an appearance in Cartman’s Mom is Still a Dirty Slut.

    Dodgeball Kyle [ ]

    Dodgeball Kyle is an alter ego that makes an appearance in Conjoined Fetus Lady.

    Kyle and the rest of the boys are shown to be a part of the South Park Cows dodgeball team. The uniform consists of green jerseys with the South Park Cows insignia near the left sleeve. Their team ends up winning the State Competition in Denver, the Nationals in Washington D.C., and finally the World Championships in China.

    Evil Kyle [ ]

    Evil Kyle is an alternate universe alter ego that makes an appearance in Spookyfish.

    Evil Kyle is Kyle’s evil doppelganger who came to South Park from an alternate universe via the portal that opened up at the Indian Burial Ground Pet Store. He shows up in order to bring Evil Cartman back to their universe. His appearance is identical to Kyle’s, except that he has a brown goatee.

    Alter Egos From Season Three [ ]

    Getting Gay With Kids Kyle [ ]

    Getting Gay With Kids Kyle is an alter ego that appears in Rainforest Shmainforest.

    This is the uniform Kyle wears when he is a part of the Getting Gay With Kids choir. It consists of a yellow long sleeve shirt with the group‘s acronym on it and white gloves.

    Jewbilee Kyle [ ]

    Jewbilee Kyle is an alter ego that appears in the episodes Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub and Jewbilee.

    In the episode, Kyle attends Jewbilee with Ike and Kenny, who lies about being Jewish in order to join the scouts during the meteor shower. Their uniform consists of a gray-brown jacket with various badges and a yellow bandana.

    Clown Kyle [ ]

    Clown Kyle is a Halloween costume that appears in Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery.

    EUSEW2023 Finalist | Expert bringing solar, wind & hydrogen power to coal-dominated region of Poland

    Kyle wears this costume to the Halloween Haunt at the beginning of the episode. It consists of clown face paint, a red wig, an oversized yellow jacket over his usual one, and blue pants.

    Chinpokomon Soldier Kyle [ ]

    Chinpokomon Solider Kyle is an alter ego that appears in Chinpokomon.

    Kyle, along with the rest of the children in South Park, gets sucked into the Chinpokomon fad and becomes a Japanese soldier. He wears the Chinpokomon Camp uniform: a brown jacket, matching pants, and a yellow bandana.

    Union Soldier Kyle [ ]

    Union Soldier Kyle is an alter ego that appears in The Red Badge of Gayness.

    Kyle wears this outfit at the Civil War reenactment, where he makes a bet with Cartman that their side will beat the Confederates. It is modeled after the uniforms worn by the Union soldiers in the Civil War with a blue button-up jacket with a black belt, gray pants, and a blue hat.

    Abraham Lincoln Kyle [ ]

    Abraham Lincoln Kyle is an alter ego that appears in The Red Badge of Gayness.

    This costume is modeled after Abraham Lincoln and features his signature top hat, tuxedo, and a fake beard. Kyle dresses as Abraham Lincoln in order to put an end to the war and win Cartman’s bet. This ends up backfiring, however, since his actions ended slavery, thus making it illegal for him and Stan to make Cartman their slave.

    Period Kyle [ ]

    Period Kyle is an alter ego that makes an appearance in Are You There God? It’s Me, Jesus.

    Cartman and Kenny contract a virus that causes them to bleed out of their anus, leading them to believe they’ve started their period. In an attempt to fit in with them, Kyle lies and says that he has also started his period. When hanging out at their clubhouse, he wears this outfit, consisting of a red scarf tied around his head, and a golden wing-shaped collar.

    Alter Egos From Season Four [ ]

    Tooth Trade Kyle [ ]

    Tooth Trade Kyle is an alter ego that makes an appearance in The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000.

    After joining the tooth trade, hiding teeth under the pillows of rich kids, and collecting the money, the boys become wealthy. Kyle wears a suit similar to his formal outfit with a black blazer, a dress shirt, and black dress pants. After finding out that the tooth fairy is not real, he also carries around a book that he reads to try and find the meaning of life.

    Dream Fingerbang Kyle [ ]

    Dream Fingerbang Kyle is an alter ego that appears in Something You Can Do with Your Finger.

    When Cartman has a dream about being in a boy Band, Kyle is seen as one of the members. His outfit consists of a green dress shirt, a white jacket, a white hat, and a microphone.

    Fingerbang Kyle [ ]

    Fingerbang Kyle is an alter ego that appears in Something You Can Do with Your Finger.

    After joining Fingerbang with the other boys, Kyle chooses to be the bad boy. Their Band only plays one show at the South Park Mall before they decide that the fame is too much for them. His costume consists of a fake mustache, a black leather jacket, and a gold chain necklace.

    Treasure Cove Kyle [ ]

    Treasure Cove Kyle is an alter ego that makes an appearance in The Wacky Molestation Adventure.

    After getting all the adults arrested by claiming to have been molestered by them, the children of South Park split into two groups: SmileyTown, lead by Cartman, and Treasure Cove, led by Kyle and Stan. Kyle wears a beat-up, tattered costume with a brown cape, shoulder pads, and a scrap of fabric tied around his hat.

    Coat Over Pajamas Kyle [ ]

    Coat Over Pajamas Kyle is an alter ego that first makes an appearance in A Very Crappy Christmas.

    Kyle can be seen wearing this at night when he and the boys search for Mr. Hankey in the sewers. The outfit is similar to Pajamas Kyle, except that he wears his usual orange coat over his pajamas.

    Alter Egos From Season Five [ ]

    Blaintologist Kyle [ ]

    Blaintologist Kyle is an alter ego that appears in Super Best Friends.

    Kyle and his friends discover a street magician named David Blaine performing on the streets of South Park. The boys, impressed by his feats, all decide to go to one of his camps, which turns out to actually be a front for his cult. Stan tries to get Kyle to leave, though the latter refuses and they break off their friendship. He is eventually rescued by Stan and the Super Best Friends. The cult uniform consists of a white button-up dress shirt and blue pants.

    STD Fighter Kyle [ ]

    STD Fighter Kyle is an alter ego that appears in Proper Condom Use.

    Frightened by a sex education class taught by Ms. Choksondik, the boys and girls start a gender war mistakenly believing the other sex would give them STDs. During the battle, Kyle wears an outfit reminiscent of a green military uniform with an ammunition belt.

    Gas Mask Kyle [ ]

    Gas Mask Kyle is an alter ego that makes an appearance in Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants.

    Kyle, along with the rest of the boys, are seen wearing gas masks at the bus stop following the 9/11 terrorist attack.

    Harry, Ron, and Hermoine

    The golden trio at Hogwarts taught us about love, friendship, death, and bravery. And if you and your pals are Harry Potter fans, then you already know what to do! To complete these looks, you’ll need wands, cloaks, and fake eyeglasses. Bonus: Try memorizing a few spells to play tricks on other trick-or-treaters.

    Charlie’s Angels

    Everyone knows how iconic the Charlie’s Angels films were, but it’s definitely the outfits that were the most memorable part. So grab your gals and dress up as Sabrina, Jill, and Kelly. Don’t forget to have your phone ready when duty calls!

    Shauna Beni is the Associate Commerce Editor at Prevention. An NYC native and beauty product lover, Shauna has written for Beauty Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, and ABC News. She enjoys testing out new beauty products, watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, and binge-watching her favorite shows on Netflix. When she’s not writing, you can find her taking Zumba classes at Crunch, trying out natural curly hairstyles, and giving her friends advice on what makeup and haircare products they should buy. Follow her on Instagram @Beni127.


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