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The Titan Solar Generator: A Complete Review. Titan solar power generator

The Titan Solar Generator: A Complete Review. Titan solar power generator

    Titan Solar Generator Review – The Best Large Solar Generator?

    It is no longer news that solar technology is finding its way into several different products on the market today.

    We now have solar lamps, solar refrigerators, and virtually all known gadgets and devices are now being “solarized”. Among these gadgets are solar generators. And they are no longer sidelining gasoline generators.

    A general argument (and rightly so) is that solar generators are not capable of supplying power to larger-scale operations.

    However, there have been significant improvements to the production of solar generators thanks to companies like Point Zero Energy, whose ingenuity has crafted the Titan solar-powered generator.

    • source of electrical energy in case of a power outage
    • Supplying power to a truck or an RV
    • Camping and mobile homes
    • Specific appliances and gadgets
    • Some industrial tools

    Most of the time, considering which solar generator to purchase could be time-consuming and stressful. Meanwhile, choosing the best option that suits the energy consumption you’d like is most important.

    This Titan solar generator review will show you the ins and outs of the Titan, and will also compare it to other solar generators in its category.

    The Titan ranks #1 for large solar generators in my “Top 15 Countdown” article on the best solar generators on the market. You can find the other competitors here: Best Solar Generator – Top 15 Countdown (Small to Large).

    Titan Solar Generator – Basic Overview

    Titan solar generator with two batteries

    The Titan solar generator is a rechargeable solar generator with a 2,000Wh lithium battery incorporated into its framework. The batteries in this generator are expandable as well. In addition, the Titan has a 3,000W continuous, 6,000W surge pure sine wave inverter and dual MPPT charge controllers.

    • Home-backup systems
    • RVs
    • Offices
    • Hotels
    • Schools
    • Campsites

    Available in different solar kits, the Titan is one of the best solar generators on the market to help meet your power needs.

    Its dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers enable you to have up to 2,000W of power coming from your solar panels into the generator at any given time.

    This alone is FAR ahead of its competition. For reference, the Inergy Apex (a competing solar generator) has a maximum solar panel input rated at 500W.

    Key Features of the Titan Solar Generator

    The Point Zero Energy Titan

    With two batteries, the Titan solar generator’s inverter is capable of 3,000W continuous and 6,000W surge discharge. Its two MPPT charge controllers can take in up to 2,000W from solar panels. The Titan’s modular design allows you to attach multiple 2,000Wh batteries to the generator as well.

    With a single Titan battery, the inverter and solar input capabilities are cut in half to 1,500W continuous and 3,000W surge power, as well as 1,000W of maximum solar input.

    The Titan also can charge with two AC wall chargers simultaneously, letting you use your generator more often if needed.

    Amongst its several output ports, the most unique one compared to other solar generators is its RV port. Another interesting port feature is the system of USB connection to the Titan.

    There are four USB to 12V car outlet adapters for each car port on the solar generator. Each adapter has two USB ports, giving you a total of eight possible USB ports for device charging.

    • A removable and expandable lithium-ion battery allows you to add or replace batteries quickly and easily
    • Large battery capacity (2,000Wh) with a life span of up to 10 years (2,000 battery lifecycles to 80% capacity)
    • Large efficient inverter with a no-load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%
    • Dual MPPT charge controllers allow you to add up to 2,000 watts of solar
    • A powerful AC charger will charge one battery pack in around four hours, with an option to add a second charger for faster charge times

    For a better idea of the Titan’s capabilities, check out the Bluetti EP500 EP500Pro review I made. These solar generators are very similar to the Titan in terms of power output and solar input: Bluetti EP500 EP500Pro Review – Longest-Lasting Solar Generators.

    titan, solar, generator, complete

    What Does the Titan Solar Generator Come With?

    Titan solar kits are readily available from 500 to 2,000W kits to power up all of your gadgets, devices, and equipment.

    What Can the Titan Solar Generator Power?

    The above durations are with one Titan battery pack.

    Specifications of the Titan Solar Generator

    I’ll first start out with the Titan’s LCD screen. It has several data points available to monitor your system throughout the day. Below is a diagram highlighting its display.

    This is the Titan’s LCD screen diagram from its user manual. Here you can check over its amperage, voltage, and other indicators to keep track of the power station.

    Who Makes the Titan Solar Generator?

    The Titan solar generator is made by Point Zero Energy. The company sells the Titan individually as well as in various kits with solar panels. Additional batteries, chargers, wires, and adapters for the Titan are also found on their website.

    Point Zero Energy’s systems are also sold on Shop Solar Kits’ website. This company has similar kits found on Point Zero Energy’s site, but they include slight variations to some of their Titan kits.

    Towards the bottom of this article, you can find a table that shows the contents of various kits found on both companies’ websites.

    This next section puts the Titan against generators similar in size for comparison.

    Pros Cons of the Titan

    Titan Pros:

    • Has twice the inverter output of the Inergy Flex: The Titan’s 3,000W of continuous power surges to a mind-blowing 6,000W.
    • Large battery capacity: Each battery has 2,000Wh of capacity and can last up to ten years without fail or repair. This is hard to prove, however, because this solar generator is relatively new to the market.
    • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller: The Titan can simultaneously handle up to 2,000W from solar panels. This is about four times higher than what their other competitors can boast of.
    • Expandable battery capability: This can be achieved by simply adding battery packs (as much as you desire) on top of each other to enlarge its power capacity. Anyone can do this; no technician is needed, and no wire connection is necessary. There are four hinges on the battery (two on each side) as you can see from the image above.

    Titan Cons:

    • Not easily portable: Titan solar generator is not what can be called portable! It can supply power to a whole household; hence, it is massive and quite heavy. This, therefore, hinders easy mobility.
    • Expensive: With one 2,000Wh battery, the Titan is about 3,400. This is quite pricey, coming in at about 1.70 per watt-hour of power.
    • No mobile app: This is more of an analog solar generator compared to Wi-Fi-integrated systems like the Bluetti EP500 and Yeti 3000X. An application that connects to your mobile device makes it easier to access your generator and customize settings.

    Titan vs. Similar Solar Generators


    The Titan leads the way with a 3,000W continuous output from its AC ports, while the Inergy Flex is the lowest performing at 1,500W continuous. However, the Flex is much smaller and lighter than the Titan, so it may be a better fit for you depending on what you’d prefer.

    The Yeti 3000X is right in the middle of these two systems, with AC ports capable of 2,000W continuous.


    Titan battery pack (2,000Wh of usable battery storage).

    There are two similar solar generators in this department – the Titan and Flex. They both have modular designs, which means that you can stack multiple batteries underneath the power module (the box with all of the outlets). This helps with storage since you can have a vertical stack of batteries.

    The Yeti 3000X is somewhat similar to the others, but it uses a different way of stacking its extra batteries. Its battery capacity can be extended using the Yeti Tank expansion battery packs. These batteries are external lead-acid batteries that are heavier than their internal lithium battery.

    Without expanding the battery capacities, the Yeti takes the lead with a 3,000Wh battery installed within its body. The Titan is second with a 2,000Wh battery, and the Flex uses a 1,000Wh battery.


    The Inergy Flex MPPT Supercharger is capable of adding 800W of solar input power to its standard 400W.

    Recharging your power station in a short period of time is equally as crucial as its output capabilities. This is simply because the faster you can recharge it at a healthy rate, the more often you can use it.

    The Titan dominates this category since it has two MPPT charge controllers that allow you to recharge it with up to 2,000W of solar panels. This is very high for any solar generator. However, this charging power is only available if you’re using two or more batteries. If using one battery, the limit is set at 1,000W.

    The Yeti 3000X has a max solar input of only 600W, which isn’t all that bad, but when looking at the Titan (that has a smaller battery), the Yeti charges over 3x slower.

    As for the Inergy Flex, it has a standard 400W solar input. This seems small, but its battery is three times smaller than the Yeti 3000X. If you decide to add several batteries to this unit, you can opt for the MPPT Supercharger that triples the total solar input power to a total of 1,200W.

    If you get three batteries in total with your Flex, this is about the same as getting one Yeti 3000X in terms of battery size. Using the MPPT Supercharger in unison with this setup allows you to have double the solar input power as the 3000X.

    Yeti 3000X vs. Titan vs. Flex – Final Thoughts

    Overall, the Titan is expensive for its battery capacity yet it also is more powerful than the Inergy Flex and Yeti 3000X. It has the ability to recharge fast and output high amounts of AC power.

    Although the Titan may not be for everyone, its capabilities are top-notch. The Flex is capable of being semi-portable with one battery, but it can also be expanded for a partial home backup system.

    The Yeti 3000X has a massive battery but lacks recharging speed. However, it has the Yeti App that pairs your power station with your smartphone. This can be a huge advantage to the other two because they don’t have this feature.

    The main point is that the Titan has the best overall performance in terms of power. Plus, its batteries last longer than the other two – a feature that actually raises its value over time.

    Plus, I have a YouTube video where I specifically compare the Titan to the Flex! If you’re curious about these two systems, check them out below: Titan 500W solar generator kit from Shop Solar Kits.

    Below are the reasons why the Titan is one of the best large solar generators in the industry.

    The Titan Generator Has Unmatched, Quality Components

    • A metal frame
    • Dual MPPT charge controllers
    • Dual AC charging capabilities
    • A 3,000W continuous discharge inverter
    • A lithium battery pack rated at 2000 cycles

    Many solar power systems have components that only allow the user to power smaller electronics/tools/appliances. This results in an incapacity to power energy-consuming appliances like fridges, microwaves, etc.

    On the contrary, the Titan has an internal construction that gives it more power than most, if not all other solar generators on the market, allowing it to be sufficient for a much broader array of tools and appliances you’d like to power.

    Its panels will be cool to touch whereas other systems will be very hot due to the high amperage running throughout the solar panel wires. The low amperage in the Titan allows this cooling effect to happen and also makes it highly efficient.

    Removable Expandable Battery – Titan Solar Generator’s Modular Design

    The Titan’s 2,000Wh lithium battery weighs 35 lbs and connects to the Titan underneath the power module. Multiple batteries can be added to the generator and stacked together vertically.

    This allows you the luxury of increasing the battery efficacy of the Titan solar generator, and all you need to do is add as many batteries as you would prefer, ideally up to six (6) batteries.

    You can also decide to remove a battery and save it for future use, i.e., a fully charged battery or as the case may be.

    This feature allows anybody to use the generator without professional help effectively. Also, by separating the batteries, it becomes light, and you can easily carry its components by their carrying handles.

    Simultaneous Charging With the Titan Generator’s Three Charging Methods

    There are three different ways to recharge the Titan solar generator:

    • Direct recharge from the sun using solar panels
    • Car charger
    • Standard AC charger

    All three aforementioned charging sources can be used simultaneously to a maximum of 1,000W combined per attached battery.

    Overall, no other solar generator has the amazing and efficient features that the Titan solar generator offers.

    You can enjoy your Titan system every time with the assurance of having it charged. This simply means you can use it 24 hours a day if you correctly measure your input and output of power.

    The Titan’s Powerful Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    interestingly, the Titan solar generator has a 3,000W continuous output inverter, which makes it about four times more powerful than any of its counterparts.

    This means you can power more devices every day with an efficiency of over 92%. Also, the 3,000W pure sine wave inverter can surge to a wholesome 6,000W.

    600W AC Wall Charger – Comes With the Titan Generator

    This powerful 600W AC wall charger will charge a single battery pack in about four hours, while its counterparts may take up to 24 hours.

    Also, you can charge the generator with two wall chargers at the same time, doubling the charging power.

    This is something rarely seen in most solar generator models.

    The only other models that are similar to the Titan’s AC charging capabilities are EcoFlow generators with their signature X-Stream technology. This feature is available in the EcoFlow R600 and EcoFlow Delta 1300 models.

    A Titan Solar Generator Can Power a LOT – Battery Capacity and Versatility

    With one of its batteries, the Titan can power home appliances such as a fridge, washing machine, microwave, stove, TV, among other appliances and electronics. Adding a second battery allows the Titan’s inverter to double its output and the solar input to double in wattage intake.

    These capabilities make it one of the most powerful solar generator systems available on the market today.

    The Titan has a variety of functions that can facilitate several off-grid applications such as powering an off-grid cabin and partial home backup power.

    Its ports, modular design, and powerful specifications make it ideal for power-intensive applications if the need arises.

    The Titan Generator Has a Two-Year Power Module, One-Year Battery Warranty

    Point Zero Energy offers a two-year power module warranty and a one-year battery warranty for the Titan.

    You are required to return a failed Titan for repair when it fails, but if you live in the Contiguous United States, you will get your shipping costs paid back as seen on the company’s limited warranty page.

    How Much Does a Titan Solar Generator Cost?

    This version of the Titan has three batteries and connectors (no solar panels). This kit will cost about 6,200 on Shop Solar Kits.

    A standard Titan solar generator (power module and one battery) costs 3,395 before taxes and shipping costs are applied. A Titan solar generator with two batteries ranges from 4,500 to 4,800. A standard Titan with 1,000W of solar panels costs between 5,000 and 5,200.

    Find the Titan solar generator along with several of their Titan kits below on (affiliate link – I make a small percentage of every sale).

    If you’d like more of my insights, I recommend watching my video review of the Titan below.

    Hi! I’m Max and I am passionate about off-grid solar technology and adventure! I’m using my knowledge of solar generators, solar panels, and everything in between to provide you with the best tools to keep you powered while off the grid. Read more about me here: About Max Peters.

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    The Titan Solar Generator: A Complete Review

    Emergency preparedness is important for your family, whether it is a power outage caused by a storm or needing lights around the campsite. A portable generator is a must-have to keep your family safe and calm when power isn’t available. Portable generators can power lights, appliances, and other necessities until the power comes back on.

    We’ll review the Titan Solar Generator and go over all the pros and cons of the unit. We’ll cover everything from price to efficiency. With so many solar power generators to choose from, it’s important to look at each one and understand their benefits and if it’s worth the money.

    Titan Solar Generator Review: The Pros

    One of the biggest problems of most portable solar generators is they don’t have the power to handle a larger-scale situation. This isn’t the case with the Titan Solar Generator by Point Zero. It features a modular system and stackable batteries that provide it power on par with gas-powered generators.

    The unit’s stackable batteries let you choose how much power you use and need. You can stack them to provide massive power such as a 3000-watt continuous output and a 6000-watt surge. You can keep batteries on the side and replace them with new batteries for prolonged use.

    The solar generator features several inputs and outputs including USB ports, USB-c ports, standard outlets, 12-volt ports, and a 30 amp port to connect with recreational vehicles. The name of the game with the Titan is versatility. You can power your laptop, phone, lights, and more from a single unit.

    The unit uses the sun to charge its batteries and it’s incredibly efficient. There’s an LCD screen that shows you all the stats about the machine from the number of watts coming in to the battery life indicator.

    titan, solar, generator, complete

    Titan Solar Generator Review: The Cons

    There are many pros to the Titan Portable Solar Generator, but it’s not perfect. The biggest problem is the weight. While this is classified as a portable generator, it is very heavy, but considering its power, that not surprising. Most solar generators are portable and much lighter, but they also don’t have the power of this model.

    Many people also balk at the price with the Titan coming in just under 3,000. You’ll see portable solar generators selling for much less, but once again, they don’t have the power of the Titan.

    If you want something that can act as a backup for most of your home appliances such as freezer, oven, washer, lights, etc., then you’ll want something that has the power of the Titan. You’ll also pay a premium for that power.

    Titan Solar Generator Is Power

    Once you get past the price, you’ll have a hard time finding a portable solar generator better than the Titan Solar Generator. If you want something for camping trips and light power needs, you can go for something cheaper, but if you want something that can power most of your home during a blackout, then the Titan is for you.

    If you want to learn more information about the Titan and other portable solar generators, then explore our site.

    Titan Solar Generator: A Modular Heavy-Duty Portable Solar Generator

    We are familiar with a wide variety of portable solar generators. They include a lot of heavy-duty models like the ones of Goal Zero Yeti 3000 and MaxOak Bluetti 2400. It is here we have a more powerful and reliable heavy-duty solar generator from a start-up, PointZeroEnergy. It is called Titan solar generator.

    The most impressive thing about Titan is its increased scalability. You can customize its battery capacity as it touts an unrivaled stackable profile. That is, you can stack up multiple units of its exclusive 2000Wh battery packs. over, you can add regular batteries to the system via cable for further expansion.

    Until today, we have had Yeti 3000 as the largest ready-to-use solar generator. Titan is certainly an amazing choice as it comes up with a lot of impressive features and specialties. With multiple stackable battery packs and regular batteries, you can take the storage capacity of Titan to virtually an indefinite range.

    Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is also an expandable system with additional battery packs, but there is no way you can attach the batteries to the main body. Yes, you can stack up the extra batteries of Yeti each other separately. However, remember that Goal Zero is getting ready to unveil a massive power station, Yeti 6000X.

    Why Titan Solar Generator?

    Well, Titan is the only solar generator its maker currently offers. As you know, Goal Zero, in the meantime, has a line-up of solar power stations. But what is more special about Titan is that it is available in a variety of kits that are ready-to-use out-of-the-box in your home, RV, camper, boat, and more.

    Titan solar kits come with multiple pieces of the most efficient solar panels. As it supports solar output up to a huge 2000 watts, there is certainly a large scope for increased expansion of the system with many panels. Thanks to its dual MPPT controllers and higher solar input, Titan gets recharged quite faster under the sun.

    Titan Solar Generator – Features

    Titan is undoubtedly one of the best solar generators on the market today. The key attraction of the device is its highly modular profile. The stackable solar generator has its power unit on the top, which packs up the components like power inverter, dual solar charge controllers, DC converter, charging circuitry, etc.

    As you see in the photo, it has got lithium battery packs as supplementary units. A single battery pack is a 2000-watt unit, which is stackable with unlimited pieces, but six units are recommended for easy moving of the system. The battery packs connect each other via the built-in Anderson connectors.

    A piece of the lithium battery pack weighs 30 lbs, and it remains intact to the main body, thanks to the little latches and hinges at both ends. With multiple units of battery packs, Titan is absolutely a massive power station but is only ideal as a stationary backup system in a house, RV, tent, or remote cabin.

    However, it is a portable solution, because you can effortlessly move it on a wheeled cart. Check out its latest price below. Titan is currently on backorder and will start shipping by August 2020.

    For light off-grid power needs, you just need to buy Titan with a single unit of battery. But if you have to run appliances up to 1500 watts continuously so often, attach a second battery and make it a more powerful one. It is indeed a very simple process to add a battery. Just press it on and tighten the locks.

    After, you just need to reprogram the generator in a few simple steps. Only then, the display will show up the capacity of the added battery. Once done, you are all set to go with a massive power station, which remains unrivaled in the growing portable solar power market, at the moment.

    Titan Solar Generator – Specs

    Specs-wise, Titan equips a 3000-watt power inverter. That has two inverter outputs, and each can handle 15 amps through each of three full-size AC sockets. So, its six AC sockets can pull out 30 amps in total. By the way, the base variant of the device with a single unit of the battery is actually a 2000Wh (120V) power station.

    You can certainly add more battery packs to boost its total capacity. A single 2000Wh battery can power up most of your essential electronics, by the way. See, a battery can charge your phone over 300 times, run a 50-in 65W LCD TV for 30 hours, and a 55W refrigerator for 36 hours.

    When it comes to the specs in detail, Titan has a battery voltage of 29.4V, and the capacity of a battery pack is 74Ah (2000 watt-hours). Meanwhile, it integrates dual 40Amp MPPT solar charge controllers of 1000 watts each. So, with dual 1000W solar arrays, you can push in 145V open circuit power to each receptacle at 30A.

    Other Charging Options

    Other than the AC sockets, the Titan solar generator highlights four DC cigarette lighter charger plugs. They are all regulated ports and are tested to deliver an increased 13.8V output each by vlogger Will Prowse. There are no built-in USB ports with Titan, though.

    Instead, you get four units of double 3A USB adapters in the package. So, in total, you are lucky to have eight USB sockets, including some USB-C ports. They are enough to charge your phone and other USB devices with no trouble. If not needed, you can remove the plugs and access the whole 12V ports, however.

    Finally, there is a powerful 3000W RV plug. It is a very usable plug that can pull the full 30 amps. Earlier, we have seen an RV plug on Inergy Kodiak Apex, but that can only discharge at a rate of 550W continuously.

    The DC/AC control switch is another highlight of the solar generator. It helps you turn on and off the DC and AC sockets separately. When it comes to weight and size, the single battery variant weighs just around 35 lbs, and the dimensions go at 12×18.5×4.5 inches.

    Compatible Solar Panels

    As you know, Titan solar generator supports up to 2000W of solar output. So, you can connect two arrays of 1000W solar panels to its dual AC inlets. You can use any solar panels, but the brand itself offers two types of 100W solar panels – rigid and flexible.

    Apart from offering solar panels, PointZeroEnergy has packed up an incredible collection of solar generator kits with these two panels. Anyway, coming to specs of the solar panels, both the rigid and flexible units are 100W mono solar modules, and they offer higher charging efficiency, indeed.

    Titan Rigid 100, as per its maker, is the smallest of all the 100W solar panels of its kind on the market. Thus, it will take up only a small room for accommodation. It weighs 16 lbs, which makes it decently lightweight to move around but is indeed a strong and durable panel for portable use.

    Meanwhile, Flexx 100 is a very lightweight solar panel. With just 4.8 lbs, you can easily handle it out in the wild or in an emergency. The solar panel is very much durable and can even pull out decent power even on a cloudy day. Compared to the industry standards, Titan Flexx 100 looks to be a great option to go for.

    Important Facts and Features

    Highly Modular Solar Generator

    It is the first time the portable solar market has got a large solar generator in a modular form. Recently, EcoFlow, the famous maker of Delta solar power station, launched its new model R600 Pro with the option of adding up to the capacity with supplementary expansion battery modules or regular battery units.

    But we heard about a customized solar generator for the first time when the Titan solar generator landed in the stores. Its way of adding up to the battery capacity is really awe-inspiring. You can purchase an additional battery pack, and just snap it onto the bottom of the solar power generator quickly.

    Detachable Battery Packs

    Thanks to its modular design, you can remove and attach the battery packs and expand its capacity with more units. Each of the brand’s additional battery packs comes with separate handles. So, whatever heavy they are, you can comfortably carry them on your trips and enjoy access to unlimited storage capacity.

    Massive 3000W Power Inverter

    As said above, Titan is a 3000W power station. It has got two inverter outputs, with each having three units of full-size AC sockets. Overall, they are capable of pushing in 30 amps. The inverter is a highly efficient model with a no-load power draw of as minimal as 5 watts.

    The inverter reportedly has an efficiency rate of 92%. So, what you get is an outstanding solar generator with a commendable performance. You can virtually run anything with a 3000W power inverter, and it can offer an increased amount of power once attached with additional battery packs.

    2000Wh Lithium Power Station

    The original Titan is a 2000Wh lithium power station. Though you can add up multiple battery packs, Titan offers a ton of capacity even without the need to buy supplementary batteries. Well, 2000Wh itself makes it one of the largest solar power stations on the market as there are not many high-capacity systems.

    Higher Solar Input

    As said above, the Titan solar generator can handle up to 2000W of solar input. It has got dual MPPT solar charge controllers of 1000 watts each and as many connectors. So, you can connect 1000W solar arrays to it separately and recharge it quite faster under optimal sunlight.

    Though 2000W is the maximum, you can even connect more than that if you want to collect the power on a cloudy day. Titan’s maker offers suitable solar chargers for the power station. So, you don’t need to go in search of a third-party vendor. It is available in multiple kits with different solar panels.

    Powerful AC Chargers

    Well, next to the solar input outlets, Titan integrates two AC charging inlets. Like the solar ones, they are also designed very powerful to recharge the high-capacity battery packs in a few hours. As per reports, it will take only four hours to recharge the 4kHr of batteries from 0 to 95%.

    Titan offers an extra 600W AC charger for fast charging, but that is only recommended for systems with two or more battery packs.

    Titan’s bundle of two added battery packs typically comes up with two pieces of AC chargers. Obviously, they can increase the solar charging capability of the solar generator up to 1200 watts.

    By the way, if Titan had LiFePo4 batteries, it would perform rather better. As per the company sources, Titan is to get the LiFePo4 versions of additional battery packs sooner.

    Great Collection of Solar Generator Kits

    Yet another attractive thing with Titan is that it is available in a wide collection of solar kits, covering both variants of its solar panels. They range from the basic 500W to top-end 2000W kits.

    That makes it easy for you to choose from a ready-to-use solar generator kit. You don’t need to purchase the components individually. Of course, these bundles pack up all the other required accessories as well. Check out the popular 2000W Titan solar generator kit below. It packs up to 20 units of Flexx 100 solar panels.

    Absolutely, these Titan generator kits include a wide range of accessories other than the generator and solar panels. Depending on the bundles, they may include AC chargers, expansion battery packs, USB chain lights, 30W USB adapters, carrying bags, solar panel cases, cables and wires, connectors, etc.

    Titan Solar Generator Vs. Goal Zero Yeti 3000

    Goal Zero’s higher-end Yeti 3000 looks to be the only device that you can find anywhere close to Titan as a competitor. However, Titan has several upsides compared to Yeti 3000. But Goal Zero has already declared a more powerful Yeti 6000X, which once realized, may raise a severe threat to Titan.

    An advantage Yeti seems to have over Titan is its built-in 3075Wh @ 10.95V, 280.8Ah lithium battery. Titan with a single battery pack is only a 2000Wh power station. But the Yeti 3000 is also a scalable power generator exactly like Titan. Goal Zero’s much-touted Yeti Link Expansion module takes its capacity to the skies.

    When it comes to the inverter, Yeti has a 1500-watt pure sine wave unit with a surge of 3000 watts. It is here Titan has an outstanding 3000-watt inverter, and it has a double surge capacity. Yeti has only two AC sockets, while Titan is famous for its six AC sockets that can deliver up to 30 amps of power in total.

    However, Goal Zero Yeti 3000 has a range of USB and DC outlets built-in. They include USB-A, USB-C, and USB-PD ports, as well as a 6mm DC outlet, 12V carport, and 12V Power Pole port. Titan, in the meantime, has four 12V cigarette chargers only. To power USB devices, you need to attach the included USB adapters.

    When it comes to solar panels, Goal Zero’s famous Boulder line is there. For a Yeti 3000 Lithium, Goal Zero recommends a unit of its 200W Boulder 200 Briefcase. That is a rigid solar panel but is featuring a foldable design that you can fold down like a suitcase after use and store in a small room.

    Titan’s maximum charge current is 40A, while Yeti has only 30A, by the way. Titan supports up to 2000W of solar output, and you can connect two arrays of 1000W solar panels, thanks to its dual MPPT charge controllers. Meanwhile, Yeti integrates only a PWM charge controller.

    Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module

    The Yeti Tank Expansion Battery is a supplementary lithium battery. It can add 1.2kWh of storage capacity to Yeti 3000, and it also works with some of the other Goal Zero Yeti power stations. You can add up to four units of the expansion batteries to Yeti 3000 to take its capacity to a new level.

    Of course, the additional battery makes Yeti 3000 a customizable energy storage system. So, it can even back up power for home circuits and other large-scale applications. However, Goal Zero does not offer Yeti with the expansion modules and PV panels in various kits as Titan does. So, you need to buy items individually.

    You can stack up multiple units of Yeti Tank Expansion Battery modules to save space. Here Titan is unique with its capability to stay integrated into the expansion battery packs. You can just stack new batteries to the bottom of the main unit, making it rather portable and handy for outdoor and emergency uses.

    Final Thoughts

    That has been our take on the much-excited Titan solar generator. Since its release, Titan has been grabbing extensive attention for many of its unique features with enhanced scalability as the key point. Though we are familiar with the idea of a stackable power station, Titan stands out with its highly integrated profile.

    Nearly all reviewers of the product have shared positive thoughts about the Titan solar generator. It is surely going to be one of the largest solar power stations with a lot of stunning features and unrivaled scalability. Share your thoughts about the product in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    Vahid Vee is a full-time blogger who is highly passionate about off-grid and sustainable power systems and is an expert at researching and exploring new topics, checking facts, and presenting things in simple language. As an avid observer of the global off-grid power and battery market, he is really excited to share with you the latest trends, fresh products, and other developments in the markets. #Contact Email @ – LinkedIn – Full blog profile.

    What Is the Best Portable Solar Generator on the Market?

    Maybe you’re having a get-together in the wilderness? Perhaps you’re hosting a party in the company parking lot? Whatever the case may be, you’re in the market for a portable solar generator.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of them for you to choose from, each of which offers something different in terms of performance and functionality. Need help finding the best?

    Then read on. We’re going to review the best portable solar generators on the market.

    Titan Solar Generator

    Starting our list is the Titan Solar Generator, a durable and reliable generator that delivers up to 2000 watts of electricity. Simply put, this thing is powerful, the most powerful solar generator on the market, in fact. If you’re looking to electrify the entire camp, the Titan will accommodate you.

    Available in a variety of packages, it can be purchased with everything from solar panels to hook up cables and more. It even comes with a carrying case.

    titan, solar, generator, complete

    The biggest issue with the Titan is its weight. It weighs 65 pounds and is not the easiest thing to lug around from place to place. That said, if you intend on keeping it stationary, it won’t pose much of a problem.

    Interested in learning more about the Titan? Read about it at

    MAXOAK BLUETTI Portable Power Station

    Next up is the MAXOAK BLUETTI, a powerful portable generator that’s also durable and reliable. At its peak, it can deliver 1500 watts of power. However, it runs continuously at around 1000.

    The BLUETTI can be charged through a number of means. Not only can it be charged by electric outlets, but it can also be charged by solar panels and automobiles.

    Unlike the Titan, the BLUETTI doesn’t come with solar panels. If you want to utilize its solar capabilities, you’ll have to buy panels yourself.

    Nonetheless, this is a terrific generator. If you can afford it, it’s worth the purchase.

    Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

    If you’re looking for something with a lot of power at a reasonable price, you should consider the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240. Capable of providing up to 240 watts of electricity, it can accommodate a bevy of different appliances at once.

    A quiet generator, it possesses a durable and long-lasting battery. It can be charged either through solar power or electricity.

    Note, however, that while this generator has solar power capabilities, in order to utilize them, you will have to buy its corresponding solar panels separately. These are known as the Jackery SolarSagas, and they come in both 60W and 100W models.

    Overall, this is a superb device. If you’re looking to electrify the entire campsite over the course of a weekend, this generator will enable you to do so.

    Kyng Power Solar Generator Portable Power Station

    Another high-quality solar generator is this one from Kyng Power. While it’s available for around the same price as the Jackery generator reviewed above, it actually provides more power. It tops out at around 1000 watts and is capable of running continuously on 500 watts.

    Like the Jackery, it can be powered by both electrical outlets and solar panels. Also like the Jackery, it comes without solar panels. As such, if you wish to utilize its solar power capabilities, you’ll have to buy your own panels.

    Where this generator falls behind the Jackery is in construction consistency. While many of the generators the company sells work properly, a good deal of them come with functional problems (ie. dysfunctional ports, etc.).

    In essence, while this product supplies a great deal of power, it’s not all that reliable.

    FlashFish 300W Portable Solar Generator

    Up next is the FlashFish 300W Portable Generator, a compact device that can be carried easily from place to place. Offering up to 300 watts of power, it can run several different devices at once over the course of several hours. For its price, it’s an absolute bargain.

    This generator can be charged through several different means. Not only can it be charged by electric outlets and automobiles, but it can also, of course, be charged by solar panels. Note, however, that if you’re going to utilize its solar power capabilities, you’ll have to buy your own panels.

    There are very few functional downsides to this product. Note, however, that as with the Kyng Power generator reviewed above, it lacks production consistency. Whereas some models work forever, other models develop problems with weeks of purchase.

    Energizer 160Wh/50000mAh Portable Power Station

    Another solar generator you might consider is the Energizer 160Wh/50000mAh Portable Power Station. This generator isn’t as powerful as the ones reviewed above but is as consistent and as reliable as they come.

    Built to thrive in all types of conditions, it’s perfect for a middle-of-summer or middle-of-winter camping trip. Capable of being charged by electric outlets, solar panels, and a variety of other entities, it’s portable in every sense of the word.

    Like the other generators on our list, this one doesn’t come with solar panels. However, it’s compatible with essentially every solar panel in existence. As such, it shouldn’t be difficult to find something appropriate.

    ENKEEO Portable Power Station

    If you’re looking for a budget buy, you might consider the ENKEEO Portable Power Station. Providing up to 155 watts of electricity, it’s sufficient for charging cell phones, tablets, cooking equipment, and other such entities.

    Extremely portable, it comes with a carrying handle. Possessing a hardshell case, it can withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

    titan, solar, generator, complete

    While it doesn’t come with solar panels, it is solar capable. It can hook up with essentially every solar panel on the market.

    Looking for Other Products?

    Now that you’ve found a portable solar generator, you might be looking for other products. If so, you’re in the right place. Our website has tons of product guides for you to peruse.

    Take a look at our other product guides now!

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