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Sunpower solar cell technology. SunPower Performance Series Solar Panels

Sunpower solar cell technology. SunPower Performance Series Solar Panels

    SunPower Solar Panels

    In an effort to provide our clients across Arizona with the highest efficiency solar energy systems available, Empire Renewable Energy has partnered with SunPower.

    SunPower modules have a 40-year lifespan and superior lifetime production. SunPower’s solar cells are the best performing on the market today with an operating efficiency of up to 24%. Per square foot, this produces as much as 20% more energy than competing products, which means you’ll get a faster return on your investment. SunPower solar panels: Outperform their competitors in the early morning, late afternoon and in cloudy conditions Absorb different light wavelengths to generate even more electricity Are more efficient at converting light into electricity rather than heat, which means they perform better in Arizona’s high temperatures Maintain optimal efficiency past their initial break-in phase Request A Quote

    SunPower solar panels are consistently rated the highest in their output when compared to the same sized solar panels in the industry. This translates into nearly 10% more energy, even against panels that are rated for the same power output. As the chart to the left shows, this payback you receive increases over time since savings on power are cumulative.

    The Best SoLar Panel technology

    The secret to the exceptional performance of SunPower photovoltaic panels is their patented Maxeon® solar cell technology. Maxeon solar cells are made of premium materials that capture more light than other products. Unique features include a grid-free design and a backsheet that reflects additional light back into the solar cell. SunPower cells are designed to endure real-world weather conditions, which keeps long-term maintenance costs low while ensuring a minimum 98% uptime.

    SunPower solar panels feature an industry-leading 25-year comprehensive warranty covering both manufacturer’s defects and overall performance — if your solar installation doesn’t continue to deliver exceptional efficiency during this time, Empire Renewable Energy will cover the cost of a replacement. Because we are an authorized SunPower dealer for Arizona businesses, we’re your first point of contact for all service and maintenance concerns, making it easy to quickly take care of any issues that arise.

    sunpower, solar, cell, technology, performance

    The longer a panel lasts, the more power it produces. But claims of panel longevity typically aren’t matched by the warranties that are given. SunPower has the most generous warranty on the market. In fact, they guarantee their product against defects and that it will continue to produce more power over the warranty period. If the product fails to perform in either instance, SunPower will replace the panels and cover the removal and installation costs. The charts to the left compare SunPower’s warranties with those generally offered by other manufacturers.


    As the largest and best-established provider of renewable energy solutions in Arizona, Empire is committed to bringing the best products and service to all our clients. Our partnership with SunPower is a natural one, as both our companies have a long history of innovation and leadership. When you work with Empire, we’ll help you choose the right SunPower solar panel for your application. With access to the company’s entire lineup of products and the expertise necessary to help you make Smart choices, we can provide the service and support you need for any residential or commercial solar project. SunPower solar panels require little regular maintenance and can be counted on for years of trouble-free use. For any service issues, maintenance or warranty work that is required, one call to Empire is all it takes.

    sunpower, solar, cell, technology, performance

    The first step in installing a SunPower solar panel system is to get in touch with an Empire representative directly. We’ll schedule a comprehensive site evaluation in which we go over your power needs and the specifics of your property to present you with several options and pick the best one for your budget. We’ll then put together a package containing SunPower panels and all the hardware necessary to begin the installation. Find out more about SunPower solar panel installation by contacting Empire today. Request A Quote

    Solar Cell Technology

    Designed by SunPower in California, Maxeon® solar cell technology makes more energy from every drop of sunshine. Factor in our elegant styling and impressive durability, and it’s no wonder we outshine the rest.

    • Solid Copper foundationadds massive strength.
    • Unique light-trapping surface grabs more power.
    • Ultra pure silicon deliversoptimal power conversion.

    Home Solar Panels and Residential Solar Systems

    Compared to a Conventional Panel, a SunPower solar panel produces 60% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years.

    Compared to a Conventional Panel, a SunPower solar panel produces 60% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years.

    • Anti-reflective coating produces energy and compliments
    • Sleek black profile and no grid lines.
    sunpower, solar, cell, technology, performance

    Cell Failures, Virtually Eliminated

    Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. But the unique design of SunPower solar cells eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional cells fail. So you’ll enjoy outstanding performance and savings with your commercial or home solar system for decades to come.

    Three questions to ask when buying solar panels dsd

    How much energy will my panels produce; how long will my system last; and who makes my solar panels?

    SunPower solar panels are better by design

    Find out why SunPower’s solar panels are the most durable and most efficient on the market. dsds

    Frequently Asked Questions fdfdfcell

    The number of panels you’ll need for your home will depend on several factors. The easiest thing to do is to look at your electricity bill to get your home’s hourly energy usage, multiply that by the peak sunlight hours for your home (3 to 4 hours on average), and divide by 300, which is an average wattage for solar panels (although they can range from 150 to 370).

    Hourly energy usage x peak sunlight hours / 300 = number of panels. This typically ranges from 17-42 panels.

    One simple way of answering “How many solar panels do I need” is to let a local solar installer check out your home and give you a quote for system size (including number and wattage of panels), cost, and estimated annual and lifetime savings. Let our Solar Advisors match you with the perfect SunPower installer in your area. Read more about determining number of panels on our blog.

    There are several types of solar technology, but almost all home solar panels use crystalline silicon (monocrystalline or polycrystalline). The main difference is the purity of the silicon.

    Monocrystalline silicon is made from a single-crystal, and polycrystalline silicon is made by melting silicon fragments together. In monocrystalline panels, there are fewer impurities, so the electrons are less likely to get blocked before leaving as electricity, thus these panels are “more efficient” or better at turning sunlight into electricity.

    SunPower produces the highest efficiency monocrystalline solar panels available. Our X22 has a record-breaking efficiency of up to 22.8 percent, making it the best performing panel on the market today. Polycrystalline panel efficiency typically ranges from 15 to 17 percent.

    Read more about types of solar panels on our blog.

    power in less space. A high efficiency rating ensures your solar system will generate more electricity with fewer panels on your roof. Fewer panels with more power are great for smaller roofs as well as maintaining curb appeal on larger roofs. Plus, with fewer high efficient panels, you’ll have room to expand your solar system if you get an electric vehicle or add on to your home. Right now, SunPower makes solar panels with more than 22 percent efficiency, the highest efficiency available today.

    Using fewer materials per watt is also great for sustaining our planet. In fact, it’s a double benefit, because less energy is required to construct the system, and more solar energy is generated at a faster rate.

    Read more about solar panel efficiency on our blog.

    In short, yes. Your roof isn’t a very hospitable place, so conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. To save cost, these solar panels are commonly built with less durable design and materials. Our patented Maxeon® solar cells use a metal foundation to support the silicon and redundant connections, making them almost impervious to corrosion and breakage.

    Plus, comprehensive third-party studies rate SunPower panels #1 in durability and are proven to degrade more slowly than conventional solar. That’s why we offer the industry’s best warranty and predict our panels will have a lifespan of over 40 years.

    Don’t just take out word for it. Our solar cells are used in harsh conditions like on NASA’s solar rover roaming the polar icecap and can withstand salt water on solar powered boats. Plus, they’ve powered the only solar plane that’s flown around the world.

    SunPower P Series solar panels have been one of the most innovative solar panels to go to market with their shingled cell panels since 2015 and have been sold in Australia since 2017. The ‘P’ stands for Performance because the SunPower Performance series panels were designed from 35 years of knowledge and experience in materials, manufacturing and renewable energy technology. The result is a solar panel that delivers exceptional performance, reliability and aesthetics.

    SunPower is a solar company with an international portfolio of patents and patent applications, and they have currently deployed more than 7 GW of ‘P’ series solar panels on residential and commercial properties across the globe.

    SunPower Performance Series vs Conventional Panels

    SunPower P series panels deliver a premium energy generation technology, which offers greater quality, durability and reliability than “conventional panels”. But what do we mean by conventional panels?

    Conventional solar panels are made with traditional silicon solar cells with thin metal lines on the front and interconnected ribbons soldered along the front and back. These cells are connected to create a solar panel around 1.94 m2 in size, 310W and on average a 16% efficiency rate.

    The SunPower performance series panels are created using hypercells, which are the innovative technology behind the success of the P series panels – one of the most efficient panels in the solar industry market. The hypercell is designed to maximise durability and generate more energy over the life of your solar system through it’s flexible and superior shingled panel constructed. Not only did the Performance panels withstand greater mechanical stresses, they also maintain a higher efficiency rate in partial shade and at high temperatures, as well as using an anti-reflective glass to absorb more light. In fact, SunPower Performance panels can deliver as much as 8% more energy. using the same amount of space as conventional mono PERC panels, over the first 25 years of your solar power system lifetime.

    SunPower Performance19 Solar Panels

    The SunPower P19 Series panels are exceptional panels for residential properties, delivering high performance for greater energy production and a longer lifespan. The panels utilise an expanded active cell area, unique parallel circuit architecture and a proprietary bussing design that significantly limits power loss and increases energy generation. Even in shading or unfavourable environmental conditions, these panels can produce up to 35% more energy over 25 years, outperforming conventional panels using the same amount of space.

    Performance 19 solar panel features:

    • Robust and flexible cell connection technology for outstanding reliability
    • Conductive adhesive, proven in the aerospace industry
    • Named as a Top Performer in all DNV/GL reliability tests
    • Reduced panel temperature due to unique electrical bussing


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