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Sunpower equinox solar system. The Rolls Royce Of Solar Panels

Sunpower equinox solar system. The Rolls Royce Of Solar Panels

    SunPower® Solar

    We partnered with SunPower® to ensure you will have an integrated solar system of the best components, engineered, and tested for industry-leading production output and reliability. SunPower’s Commercial or Equinox® (residential) all-inclusive systems ensure component compatibility and eliminate efficiency drains. Using a single manufacturer covers every component under a single manufacturer’s warranty, installed by SunPower for a full-coverage workmanship warranty. We take the worry out of your energy production.

    There has never been a better time for homeowners to go solar. With the renewal of the 30% Federal Tax Credit with net metering that pays homeowners a small amount for the excess electricity they generate, now is the time to look at residential solar panels for your home. Purchasing a solar energy system outright is also an option and provides a very solid return on investment; systems pay for themselves in about 6-10 years. We also have leasing solar power options to put the cost of solar within reach of even those without the resources to make an upfront investment. Your solar energy system will last as long as you live in your house and comes with a 25-year warranty to back that up. And those are just the economic benefits. You’ll also be doing your part to create a cleaner future with energy from renewable resources and reduce your dependency on foreign oil and fossil fuels. Add an electric vehicle into the mix and solar gets even better.

    The Sunpower® Solar Advantage: Solar Panels That Do With Less

    Home Pro, Professional Home Improvement, Inc. proudly installs SunPower® photovoltaic panels, the most advanced and efficient photovoltaic panels on the market. If you are looking for the best performance, aesthetics, longevity and service in the solar industry, go with SunPower. The company has been a leader in high-power technology and innovations for 35 years, making them a powerhouse in the renewable energy industry.

    SunPower solar panels have a record-setting 22.8% panel efficiency, produce more energy with less roof space and come with a 25-year warranty.

    Introducing the SunPower® Equinox

    The SunPower Equinox system is the only complete home solar system that is designed and built by one company. From the highest efficiency panels to Smart Energy software, every component is engineered to work together perfectly – from sun to switch. A big advantage: you can contact one company for all system services.

    Compared to conventional solar panels, SunPower® solar panels deliver more energy over time. energy means greater value for years to come.

    SunPower’s leading technology delivers the highest panel efficiency on the market; producing up to 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years than conventional panels.

    SunPower ® has a closed-loop sustainability strategy that drives our business practices at every stage of our product lifecycle and beyond.

    A proven track record for over 35 years of unmatched excellence in the solar industry, with a global footprint spanning utilities, commercial and residential.

    Why A SunPower Solar System Is Worth The Price

    SunPower solar panels cost more than other solar panels. We all know that the best things usually aren’t the cheapest, and the cheapest things rarely are the best. But is there really a difference between SunPower and other premium panels like LG and Panasonic that justifies paying more?

    sunpower, equinox, solar, system, panels

    While SunPower solar panels are pricier than other panels, they offer a better return on investment by producing more power over time. They have the most attractive, minimalist installation with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, covering your entire solar system. SunPower guarantees it all in writing.

    Not All Solar Panels Are Created Equal

    Look at a SunPower Maxeon panel, and you’ll see a solid copper back and no ugly busbars on the front. These superior panels outperform conventional panels in efficiency, performance, and reliability. The design makes them sleek, attractive, and durable.

    SunPower’s record-setting cells create the most efficient panel: 22.7% compared to conventional cells at 18%. They generate more energy production per square foot than other solar panels, turning more sunlight into electricity. This translates into a smaller solar footprint on the roof, and fewer panels help minimize roof penetrations.

    What Is Solar Degradation And Why Does It Matter?

    Solar panels lose power over time because of corrosion, delamination, cracking, and breakage. A solar panel’s degradation rate reduces power output year after year. A low degradation rate is important for long-term power production.

    The SunPower Maxeon panels have the lowest degradation rate in the solar industry thanks to their unique design. After 25 years, they guarantee the panels will produce 92% power, and it’s in their 25-year warranty.

    Conventional panels average 83% production over 25 years in their performance warranties. SunPower will generate 35% more energy over 25 years, resulting in more power and savings for homeowners.


    SunPower guarantees your solar panels for 25 years, even in harsh conditions. They’re tolerant of extreme heat, strong winds, pouring rains, freezing ice and snow, and the salty, corrosive air of coastal marine environments.

    sunpower, equinox, solar, system, panels

    SunPower residential panels set the standard for handling extreme weather conditions. Their warranty even covers marine exposure. Their manufacturing process is fundamentally different than the rest.

    Have you seen our SunPower break test? See what happens when we try to break SunPower and Panasonic panels.

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    SunPower introduces fully-integrated residential solar solution

    SunPower has introduced the SunPower Equinox system, now available to U.S. homeowners. It is the first residential solar solution in the nation in which every major component has been designed and engineered by one company to work seamlessly together, delivering unbeatable power, long-term performance and curb appeal. With a typical SunPower Equinox installation, only the solar panels and a Smart Energy management device are visible, reflecting SunPower’s minimalist architectural approach at the system level.

    The SunPower Equinox platform was engineered based on the company’s The Power of One philosophy, which drives innovation of preconfigured solutions that simplify solar for consumers. In 2010, SunPower introduced its Oasis Power Plant, the world’s first fully integrated utility solar platform, which enables Rapid, cost-effective construction of large-scale power plants, now with over 1.8 GW deployed. In 2015, SunPower introduced the industry’s first fully integrated solar solution for commercial customers, the SunPower Helix system, which can be installed on commercial rooftops more than 2.5 times faster than any commercial solar solution on the market. Now, the SunPower Equinox system brings The Power of One to homeowners.

    “The SunPower Equinox system is a game changer for home solar,” said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, business units. “This powerfully elegant solution produces 70 percent more energy with 70 percent fewer visible parts compared to conventional solar, and we’re backing it by the best combined power and product warranty in the industry. SunPower continues to raise the innovation bar by delivering solutions that make the complex simple, reducing costs, speeding installation, and increasing satisfaction for our customers – while improving quality and aesthetics.”

    Key SunPower Equinox elements and homeowner benefits include:

    • High-efficiency SunPower solar panels, including the X22, which delivers greater than 22 percent efficiency and 70 percent more energy than conventional solar panels from the same space over 25 years – along with industry-best aesthetics. Because SunPower panels are more efficient, fewer are required relative to a conventional system with the same output capacity.
    • SunPower microinverters, which are integrated into each solar panel at SunPower’s factory rather than attached by hand on rooftops as with conventional solar systems. SunPower microinverters are specifically designed for SunPower panels, and enable each panel to operate at peak performance independently. SunPower microinverters also allow for system designs that safely conceal wiring behind walls and under roofs, eliminating a need for visible conduit.
    • The low-profile, all-black SunPower InvisiMount mounting system, engineered to be hidden beneath solar panels and hardly seen. It installs on rooftops quickly and easily due to its pre-assembled and intuitively designed components.
    • SunPower’s EnergyLink ecosystem, a Smart Energy management platform that tracks energy production and consumption in real time. The revolutionary hardware, which is smaller than a shoe box, combines six devices into one elegantly designed SunPower unit. Preconfigured wiring inside expedites both system installation and commissioning. The software offers an intuitive user interface, empowering homeowners to set energy goals and take control of their energy future.
    • An industry-leading, 25-year product and power warranty for the entire solar array consisting of SunPower solar panels, the factory-integrated SunPower microinverters, and the SunPower InvisiMount mounting system.

    “Conventional home solar design and systems can be complicated and not harmonious, with companies assembling disparate parts–each built in isolation by different manufacturers,” Wenger continued. “For homeowners, this piecemeal approach can result in decreased performance, substandard reliability, low-quality aesthetics, and longer installation times. With 30 years of experience and a vertically integrated business model, SunPower is uniquely positioned to offer a holistic solution like the SunPower Equinox system to consumers.”

    SunPower recently launched a consumer awareness campaign called “Demand Better Solar” reminding homeowners that solar technology differs widely from brand to brand. Not all solar systems deliver the most energy, look as elegant on a roof, or are guaranteed to last as long as promised. However, with the SunPower Equinox system, U.S. homeowners can have the best solar technology available today.

    Customer Reviews of SunPower Solar Panels

    SunPower’s commitment to quality products is evident in the A rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and in the customer reviews for the panels themselves. Most customers rave about the customer service, and specifically the attention they receive in response to warranty claims and issues post-installation. It’s obvious that customers trust the manufacturer and are pleased with the panel performance.

    Conventional panel manufacturers that don’t have as rigorous of an installer selection process don’t get the same reviews, although most negative reviews stem from a lack of service from the installer and not the manufacturer. Few customers complain about panels themselves, to be fair.

    Positive Reviews of SunPower Solar Panels

    The reviews we read through in which customers do mention the performance of their SunPower panels are overwhelmingly positive.

    One complaint we often see about individual panel brands is less appealing performance and production than the customer expects. In many cases, this is the fault of the installer, as they are responsible for accurately representing expected production. Since SunPower manufactures the most efficient solar panels, and because the company vets its installation network, this is a rare occurrence among homeowners who get SunPower panels installed.

    sunpower, equinox, solar, system, panels

    Most customers mention that they’re pleased with the production. We also see Комментарии и мнения владельцев about warranty coverage and the company’s willingness to fix issues if they do arise. Again, this is not always a reflection on SunPower panels alone but also on the installers with which the company works.

    Overall, most solar customers seem to be pleased with SunPower panels and dealers, which is really saying something, given the company’s size.

    Negative Reviews of SunPower Solar Panels

    Thankfully, there are relatively few negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев about SunPower panels other than the fact that they’re quite expensive.

    There are some instances in which homeowners don’t get the quality of service they expected, but these complaints are directed toward the installers and not the actual products. Still, it does suggest that SunPower isn’t always able to ensure its many authorized dealers uphold its in-house commitment to service. Your experience can vary based on where you live and which installer you choose.

    This kind of complaint is very common among different manufacturers, so we don’t believe it’s indicative of an issue specifically with SunPower.

    SunPower vs Other Solar Panel Manufacturers

    Overall, we believe SunPower is the number one panel manufacturer in the industry. It uses cutting-edge technology to maximize panel production and efficiency and minimize degradation. Ultimately, this helps customers reach greater energy savings and allows them to install fewer panels on their homes, which is great news if you have limited roof space.

    The table below includes some key specifications for SunPower panels as compared to panels from other manufacturers. This should help illustrate why SunPower is so highly rated and why we think it’s the best option overall.

    Bottom Line: Would We Put SunPower Solar Panels On Our Roof?

    Yes, absolutely. Overall, SunPower is the number one panel brand we recommend, and it’s the one we’d be most comfortable installing on our own homes. SunPower panels are the most efficient in the industry. They outperform most other brands in most areas, come with an industry-leading warranty and have one of the best reputations for quality and value available.

    SunPower panels are more expensive than most other options, but we strongly believe the quality and high efficiency will lead to a lifetime of higher energy savings that will more than pay for the increased price you’ll pay. We suggest using the buttons below to get estimates from multiple SunPower installers to get the best upfront price possible.

    sunpower, equinox, solar, system, panels

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