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Sunpower commercial panels. SunPower for Commercial Installations

Sunpower commercial panels. SunPower for Commercial Installations

    SunPower P Series solar panels have been one of the most innovative solar panels to go to market with their shingled cell panels since 2015 and have been sold in Australia since 2017. The ‘P’ stands for Performance because the SunPower Performance series panels were designed from 35 years of knowledge and experience in materials, manufacturing and renewable energy technology. The result is a solar panel that delivers exceptional performance, reliability and aesthetics.

    SunPower is a solar company with an international portfolio of patents and patent applications, and they have currently deployed more than 7 GW of ‘P’ series solar panels on residential and commercial properties across the globe.

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    SunPower Performance Series vs Conventional Panels

    SunPower P series panels deliver a premium energy generation technology, which offers greater quality, durability and reliability than “conventional panels”. But what do we mean by conventional panels?

    Conventional solar panels are made with traditional silicon solar cells with thin metal lines on the front and interconnected ribbons soldered along the front and back. These cells are connected to create a solar panel around 1.94 m2 in size, 310W and on average a 16% efficiency rate.

    The SunPower performance series panels are created using hypercells, which are the innovative technology behind the success of the P series panels – one of the most efficient panels in the solar industry market. The hypercell is designed to maximise durability and generate more energy over the life of your solar system through it’s flexible and superior shingled panel constructed. Not only did the Performance panels withstand greater mechanical stresses, they also maintain a higher efficiency rate in partial shade and at high temperatures, as well as using an anti-reflective glass to absorb more light. In fact, SunPower Performance panels can deliver as much as 8% more energy. using the same amount of space as conventional mono PERC panels, over the first 25 years of your solar power system lifetime.

    SunPower Performance19 Solar Panels

    The SunPower P19 Series panels are exceptional panels for residential properties, delivering high performance for greater energy production and a longer lifespan. The panels utilise an expanded active cell area, unique parallel circuit architecture and a proprietary bussing design that significantly limits power loss and increases energy generation. Even in shading or unfavourable environmental conditions, these panels can produce up to 35% more energy over 25 years, outperforming conventional panels using the same amount of space.

    Performance 19 solar panel features:

    • Robust and flexible cell connection technology for outstanding reliability
    • Conductive adhesive, proven in the aerospace industry
    • Named as a Top Performer in all DNV/GL reliability tests
    • Reduced panel temperature due to unique electrical bussing

    Commercial Solar and The Helix SunPower System

    Here at SAVKAT, we provide our commercial customers with options that are easy to install, save money, and have minimal monitoring issues. The end goal of installing solar is always at the forefront of our team: bring maximum value to our customers. A commercial solar system should only add value to business owners and we strive to bring the best value through offering the Helix SunPower Commercial Solution.

    The Helix Platform: SunPower’s Commercial Option

    The Helix Platform from SunPower is the world’s first fully-integrated commercial solar solution. SunPower designs every element with every other piece in mind, making for seamless product install and translating directly into business-owner savings. Like the residential SunPower systems, everything in the Helix platform from the solar cells to the software for each system is designed, tested, and made by SunPower. This prioritizes fast install, low maintenance, and customer value.

    sunpower, commercial, panels, installations

    The Rooftop Mount

    The Helix Rooftop mount features a mechanical system to hold commercial panels securely in place. The engineering factors in regional snow loads, wind speeds, and other natural factors to put customers at ease in all different climates. The Power Station is factory preconfigured for easier interconnection and includes inverters and panel boards. This removes installer error with field wiring already completed in-house. Talk about easy installation with no disruption to your business!

    Over the past 30 years, SunPower’s Helix mechanical system has been under harsh internal scrutiny to maximize energy potential in their product offerings. Industry-leading roof coverage along with flexible ballast, anchor options, and tilt angle options have maximized power density and energy production of the Helix System. All of this equates to 64% more power per roof and 72% more energy created over the life of the system.

    Commercial Panel Options

    The Helix System allows you to choose your SunPower Commercial panel: the 327W, 340W P17, 350W P17, or 435W. Your panel choice will depend on your electricity needs, sun exposure, and aesthetics of your building. All commercial panels use the patented SunPower Maxeon cell technology: a copper back-contact design element that reduces cell breakage as well as temperature corrosion due to temperature changes. Your panels will resist all-natural elements and your maintenance will be minimal.

    SunPower efficiency is even unmatched in the commercial solar market. SunPower panels range from 16.5% to 20.3% efficiencies depending on the commercial panel. Compared to a conventional system, these panels tout 31% more power per panel and 60% more energy per square foot. The Helix platform is backed by the SunPower warranty of 25-years for power and product defects. In addition to the SunPower warranty, SAVKAT also offers a workmanship warranty of 10-years.

    At SAVKAT Solar, we are ready. Are you ready? To find out how you can go solar and become less energy dependent, request a free quote. Check out our Solar 101 page or our FAQ page. Give us a call at 800-860-6932 and we can get you a personalized solar proposal today!

    Commercial Solar Panels for Business/Government/Sunpower

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    SunPower Commercial Solar: Hedman Partners

    Basic Info.

    Polycrystalline solar panel, polycrystalline solar panel, ultra-white cloth tempered glass. The thickness is 3.2mm, and the light transmittance is more than 91%.Polycrystalline solar panels are composed of polysilicon high-efficiency solar cells, EVA film low tempered glass, and lightweight plating rate gold. It can be applied to solar street lights, solar lawn lights, solar power generation systems, communications, aerospace and other ways. Polysilicon is a monolithic that contains a large amountPolycrystalline solar panelsPolycrystalline solar panelsAn aggregate of crystal particles, which consists of a variety of single compositions in different arrangements. It is melted and cast with waste monocrystalline silicon and metallurgical grade silicon material. It is simple to manufacture and low cost. Usually the photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon solar cells is about 18%.

    sunpower, commercial, panels, installations

    SunPower by Hooked On Solar Installation Lincoln, CA

    DC 1000V(IEC) / 1500V(IEC) / 600V

    Global Tier 1 bankable brand, with independently certified state-of-the-art automated manufacturing Photon independent field testing. Ranked in the top 2 of 176 international suppliers Excellent low irradiance performance, PID resistance. Positive tight power tolerance of 3% Dual stage 100% EL Inspection warranting defect-free product Module Imp binning radically reduces string mismatch losses

    Warranted reliability and stringent quality assurances well beyond certified requirements

    Certified to withstand severe environmental conditions

    1.Anti-reflective anti-soiling surface minimise power loss from dirt and dust 2.Severe salt mist, ammonia blown sand resistance, for seaside,farm and desert environments 3.Excellent mechanical load 2400Pa snow load 5400Pa resistance

    Commercial Solar Products

    If you’re looking for quality solar products installed by the best and most experienced installers, Valley Solar has you covered. We are a SunPower Commercial dealer, which means you have access to the best-performing solar photovoltaic (PV) system in the world. Plus, we offer you the best quality installation and price, with a no-hassle sales process.

    Valley Solar Helix Shade Structure / Carport. A shade structure for irrigation pumps, shop and equipment usage, and storage facilities. A structure large enough for most farm equipment, the Valley Solar Helix Shade structure can help agricultural businesses capitalize on energy, equipment, and financial investments.

    About SunPower

    Founded more than a quarter-century ago, SunPower has set and broken world records from the start. Without SunPower, the story of solar could not be written. The fact is, SunPower has been responsible for major industry milestones since their incorporation in 1985, and has challenged conventional thinking. Delivering the highest-efficiency solar cells and solar panels, and the most advanced solar energy systems, SunPower is the world’s standard for solar.

    sunpower, commercial, panels, installations

    About SunPower Helix

    Helix SunPower starts with the Maxeon solar cells, which are extremely reliable and efficient, eliminating 86% of the reasons that individual solar cells fail.

    SunPower’s panels generate 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years with unmatched reliability. Commercial panels include:

    • SunPower E20/327: the world’s first 20% efficient panel
    • SunPower E19/245: SunPower’s improved 72 cell module
    • SunPower E18/230NE-BLK: the next evolution of SunPower’s Signature™ Black module
    • than 20% Efficiency. capturing more sunlight and generating more power than conventional panels (E20 327)
    • Delivers excellent performance in real-world conditions, such as high temperatures, clouds, and low light.
    • Commercial-grade: optimized to maximize returns and energy production, the E-series panel is a bankable solution for commercial solar applications.
    • Even greater performance and reliability from SunPower’s MAXEON™ technology
    • Compatibility with transformer-less inverters

    SunPower’s new Helix cable management system is specifically designed for the commercial solar platform.

    SunPower Helix also includes:

    • Cable management system including stainless steel clips built specifically for use with SunPower Helix
    • A pre-configured power station, eliminating 100% of manual wiring at installation.
    • A roof-mounting system: when combined with SunPower panels, generates 72% more energy per roof over the first 25 years.
    • Options include tracker, roof, and carport installation products

    Valley Solar’s years-long experience in commercial installations mean you will get the best installation, with the best efficiency, for a great price. Contact us at info@valley-solar or (916) 254-5111.

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