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Solar power accreditation. Quality of products and installation technique

Solar power accreditation. Quality of products and installation technique

    solar, power, accreditation, quality, products

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Installation Company

    Among all energy sources, solar power has the least negative effect on the environment. It doesn’t emit greenhouse gases nor lead to water pollution. Besides, its maintenance requires less water than nuclear energy plants. Production of solar energy does not produce noise and is thus suitable for both urban and rural areas. Generating your power means that you will save the amount you could have spent on energy bills. To enjoy these benefits, you need the best solar installers.

    All these benefits are behind the Rapid increase in the number of homeowners seeking to install solar panels. As the demand increase, solar panel installers are on the rise in the country. Unfortunately, some of them are not up to the task. Being an over 30-year investment, you must find the best solar contractors and suppliers to carry out the project. But how do you determine quality service providers? Below are factors to consider when choosing solar installers.

    How to Choose the Best Solar Installers

    When you seek services from a local solar panel installation company, you have the assurance that the installers will be readily available if the need arises. You should choose a company that has a team around your locality. Locally-based solar installation company usually find inspiration in making the communities better. Therefore, finding a local installer who focuses beyond the bottom line will be a significant step.

    Additionally, local solar installers have expertise in local constructions and electrical codes. They will work with you through the installation process and offer a tailor-made design depending on your energy requirements, roof structure, and investment objectives.

    Local municipalities differ in building code standards. Besides, they change regularly. Solar energy installers with a good relationship with the local inspectors are crucial for a smooth installation. They evade likely bottlenecks that may result from changing utility needs and local codes. You can carry out an online search for “solar installers near me” to get filtered results.

    Is the company certified?

    Solar panel installation is a technical and involving project. The process has its challenges. Therefore, you must pick solar energy installers who have all licenses. Additionally, their electricians should also hold certifications. The company should be conversant with all safety requirements and practices.

    solar, power, accreditation, quality, products

    An accreditation by NABCEP is an indicator that the solar panel installation company is reliable. The North American board is responsible for certifying energy practitioners. The company has to undergo training on solar installation and sit for a test.

    What do customers say?

    Consider finding reviews from customers who got their services from the same solar panel installers. This will help you in finding the reliable company and avoiding errors. The best installation company should have glowing reviews from its past clients.

    The evaluations reveal the nature of service the company offers and the responsiveness of their customer support. Every client wants a company with caring and skilled staff who are quick to respond. The best solar power installers have a collaborative team that works with the customer in every step of the project.

    You can get the reviews about the solar panel installers through and Google. You can request the company to provide you with a list of their clients.

    Online reviews give a rough idea of the track record of the company. Through them, you get to know the experience of workers with the employees. Additionally, it is possible to know whether solar installers understood the precise requirements and offered service according to that.

    You can as well inquire about the best companies from your neighbors, friends, and family. Today, there are more than 2 million solar installation companies in the United States. Therefore, it is very likely that the people around you know reliable solar installers around you.

    What Are the Duties of a Solar Installer?

    First off, let’s begin with a general role description of a certified solar installer. This section will introduce you to the role and what it has in store for you.

    A solar installer must possess up-to-date knowledge on installation practices, appropriate techniques, and safety concerns. over, having a fair idea about the upcoming technology and products in the industry is also vital.

    Also, solar installers must meet the licensing and certification requirements.

    Responsibilities of a Solar Installer

    As a solar installer, these are some of your responsibilities:

    • Inspecting, installing, maintaining, and configuring all types of solar PV systems
    • Detecting hazards and analyzing the environments for solar PV system installations
    • Mapping out ideal locations and positioning for each component of the solar PV system
    • Sealing the solar PV system against weather conditions
    • Adhering to manufacturing specifications and all safety codes
    • Terminating, installing, and labeling electrical wiring
    • Making adjustments as necessary to all system controls
    • Checking the PV system and measuring all grounding systems

    Skills Required to Become a Solar Installer

    Here are some of the qualities that every solar installer should display:

    • One of the essential qualities of a solar installer is customer care skills. You have to learn the art of keeping your customers happy and making them feel well-treated. A solar installer should offer satisfactory services from start to finish.
    • Another essential quality is attention to detail. A good solar panel installer must be very particular and detail-oriented when it comes to solar panel installation. Staying alert will help the solar installer avoid any errors during installation.
    • The solar installer should also be physically fit. This role demands physical strength and activeness. Plus, it would help if you were not afraid of heights or physical challenges.
    • Solar installers also need recertification. Recertification is a refresher course that will help you hone your skills and knowledge in the field.
    • If you want to become a solar installer, you should display mechanical skills. Mechanical skills such as electrical experience, construction experience, etc., are crucial for this role.

    How Can I Become a Solar Contractor?

    You don’t need to hold a legal license to become a solar installer in every state. However, many states require specific training as a prerequisite for this role. Plus, the requirements might be different for commercial or residential installations.

    If you reside in a Tri-state area, you can become licensed and certified in surrounding states. We recommend you give yourself time to get licensed and establish yourself in your region. Note that licensing can be expensive up-front but pays off in the long run.

    State websites declare different laws and regulations for solar installer licensing.

    What is NABCEP?

    One of the most common requirements in various states across America is NABCEP. NABCEP stands for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

    NABCEP is the global certification leader in the renewable energy sector. With the NABCEP certification, you’ll become qualified to work anywhere in the world as a solar installer.

    What Are the Licensing Requirements in the Different States?

    This section breaks down the licensing requirements across different states to make it a tad easier for you. Here’s the detailed table:

    Where Can I Get Training for a Solar Installer Certification?

    Many solar installers prefer to get solar installation training at a local community college. However, there are also vocational schools to acquaint you with the same.

    These schools and colleges impart the right training and knowledge that installers require. Plus, having a college certificate will give you an edge over other installers without the certificate.


    For the best training as a solar installer, you should reach out to schools in your local areas.

    These days, many companies provide short-term training to people looking to explore this field. However, if you want to become a certified solar installer, you have to dedicate a substantial amount of time.

    Every state imposes a unique set of regulations guiding the kind of training required. Besides, training will give you a first-hand idea of what installers should do on the field.

    Performing installations and maintenance tasks with a qualified installer will help you hone your skills. The training typically includes the precautionary measures required and the step-by-step process for installation.

    Before you set out to practice professionally, you will require at least two years of training. In our opinion, it is always better to get some experience before you begin working professionally.


    If you want to become a professionally certified installer, you should possess some experience in the industry. It means that you should have some installation experience under the supervision of a certified installer.

    Once you provide proof of apprenticeship, you will receive your certification or license. To acquire the necessary skills, you have to devote at least two to three years to an apprenticeship.

    An apprenticeship is a crucial step as it helps you to gain the necessary skills for the role. Once you complete your apprenticeship program, you will receive your certificate.

    Online Training

    The latest innovations in technology are also revolutionizing how solar installers receive their training. Many people prefer opting for online courses. You may also go through the video tutorials on the internet.

    Watching videos is a great training source if you are looking for a crash course on solar installation. These videos consist of many primary and advanced classes.

    solar, power, accreditation, quality, products

    over, many online courses provide a certificate to these learners.

    What Is the Importance of a Certification for Solar Installers?

    When you hold a license or certificate from a known institution, people will find you credible and trustworthy.

    Even though having a certification is not mandatory, it is always good to have one. After all, with a certificate, you will have proof of your expertise. Plus, you’ll stay updated with the latest innovations.

    Another benefit of having a certification is that you will receive better job opportunities. Most solar companies today emphasize the importance of certified and licensed solar installers. With proper certification, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

    Passing a certification class conveys that you have the right training and knowledge for solar-driven system installations.

    SolarWide’s ethical consumer FOCUS recognised

    The body responsible for regulating the solar industry is the Clean Energy Council (CEC). The industry has had poor sales and installation practices in the past. Therefore, the CEC created a certification program to help recognise companies that practice ethical sales and high-quality installations.

    SolarWide is an approved solar retailer as appointed by the Clean Energy Council. This appointment says we are committed to fair sales practices, ethical marketing, and best-in-class installation practices.

    The CEC says: “The program strives to raise standards higher than the government’s or regulations’ minimum criteria, resulting in a higher standard in service in the solar and storage industries.”

    All solar retailers who have been approved by the program have committed to following a Code of Conduct.

    solar, power, accreditation, quality, products

    All in all, customers who buy from an Approved Solar Retailer have the assurance that their solar and battery systems are being purchased from a company that meets or exceeds all applicable consumer protection regulations.

    SolarWide’s installers are fully qualified

    Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installers

    A solar and battery installer must hold an electrical license, a work at heights certification and a working knowledge of solar systems in order to become a CEC-approved solar installer and designer.

    Our in-house installation staff Jarron, Callan Ryan are all CEC-accredited. They are qualified to design, install, and commission solar energy solutions.

    After the installation is complete, due to the accreditation the installers will be able to submit paperwork to the energy distributor.

    Finally, accredited installers are individuals, not businesses. SolarWide for example is not an Accredited Installer, but all of our installations are completed by our CEC Accredited Installers allowing for safe and reliable solar systems to be installed on your premises.

    Certified by SMA

    SMA trusted solar energy partner

    SMA Australia have introduced the PowerUP program that gives quality focused solar energy dealers the opportunity to benefit from a closer collaboration with SMA, the German leader in solar inverter manufacturing.

    As part of this appointment SolarWide can access special offers and exclusive product training. The limited number of PowerUP partners have been selected by SMA specifically for their long term industry experience and their commitment to a quality customer outcomes.

    SolarWide are very proud of this partnership, as we have been installing SMA inverters since 2011, and found them to cope very well with our local environmental conditions.

    “The SMA PowerUP team are excited to announce SolarWide as a Powerup partner across commercial and residential segments,” said Ben Bishop, regional business development manager at SMA Australia. Our partners have recognised that partnering with a global powerhouse like SMA represents value, stability and an opportunity to set their business apart in an increasingly aggressive solar landscape. SMA have a proud history built on reliability, quality and innovation dating back to 1981. The PowerUP initiative continues this tradition and provides a significant recognition to our selected partners.” he concluded.

    SolarQuotes Platinum Supplier

    Recognised by industry leading organisation

    SolarQuotes provides information to customers researching solar. They also connect these customers looking for affordable and lasting solar with appropriate installation firms.

    SolarWide were appointed by SolarQuotes as a Platinum Supplier due to our consistent positive customer reviews as received by the organisation and published on their website.

    Platinum Partners can only receive and maintain this status if their reviews consistently rank in the 4-to-5-star range, which we have for many years.

    LG Platinum Solar Partner

    Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Panels List

    The Clean Energy Council approved solar panels list has more than 5354 modules from 100 manufacturers.

    Below is a list of approved solar panel manufacturers.

    How do CEC Solar Panels get approved?

    Whenever a manufacturer aims to have their modules on the Clean Energy Council Approved Product List, they need to complete the following steps:

    Test the Modules to the Required IEC or Australian Standards

    An accredited test laboratory must be performed to ensure that the PV modules meet all standards in the IECEE scheme.

    An accredited national certifying body linked with the lab will then issue a PV module testing certificate.

    Only organisations listed on the IECEE website can conduct Module testing and certifications.

    Obtain an Enhanced Listing

    Enhanced Listing assures consumers that the manufacturer uses materials that meet base standards and beyond. They also assist buyers, and CEC approved solar retailers in identifying quality PV modules since these products meet higher standards.

    Manufacturers must meet all the requirements stated in the Enhanced Listing Checklist to receive an enhanced listing.

    Here’s what the Enhanced Listing Checklist covers:

    • VDE Quality Tested, or TÜV Rheinland Quality Controlled PV (QCPV)
    • IEC TS 62941 Quality Standard
    • PVEL Product Qualification Program (PQP)
    • IEC TS 62804 PID Resistance
    • IEC 61701 Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance
    • IEC 62716 Ammonia Resistance
    • Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID)
    • Backsheet Durability
    • Final Checks

    Nominate a Solar PV modules Importer or Local Manufacturer

    Manufacturers should nominate every importer of their products if they meet Australia’s manufacturer warranty requirements.

    Importers need to meet the following criteria:

    • Be a legally identifiable Australian or New Zealand entity
    • Possess an ABN (Australian Business Number/IRD number (New Zealand Inland Revenue Department)
    • Maintain a record of all serial numbers and make them accessible to the Clean Energy Council.

    Gather All Necessary Documentation

    In order for an application to be successful, the manufacturer requires the following documents:

    • Compliance certificates (in PDF format)
    • Construction Data Form linked with the certificate
    • A serial number that traces the date and place of the manufacturer
    • Technical sales datasheet/brochure
    • Installation manual
    • Representative module rating label

    Apply Online

    The final step in the process is filling out the PV module application. The manufacturer must provide all the correct information in the application checklist. An application fee is also required for the Clean Energy Council to assess the application.

    Next Steps…

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