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Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof: The Key Differences. Tesla roof estimate

Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof: The Key Differences. Tesla roof estimate

    Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof: The Key Differences

    It’s pretty obvious when you have solar panels. Less so if you have Tesla’s Solar Roof. But there’s a price to pay for that sleek design.

    When you think of solar power systems. you probably imagine the classic solar array : some black panels that point toward the sky and absorb the energy of the sun’s light and convert it into usable electricity. But if you look closely at the roofs of some houses, you might notice a surprise.

    In 2016, Tesla.- yes, that Tesla.- introduced something novel. Instead of solar panels that sit in your front yard or stand out on the roof, Tesla decided to turn every shingle into a solar panel. The Tesla Solar Roof replaces an existing roof and captures sunlight to help power your home in a clean and streamlined manner.

    There are some significant downsides, namely that the Tesla Solar Roof is quite expensive. (Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment.)

    Can solar panels save you money?

    Interested in understanding the impact solar can have on your home? Enter some basic information below, and we’ll instantly provide a free estimate of your energy savings.

    For homeowners interested in solar energy, that creates the ultimate question: Should you go with the standard solar panel system or try the less intrusive.- but pricey.- Tesla Solar Roof? To help you with your buying questions, I have compiled the biggest differences between the two solar options below.

    Solar panels

    Solar panels should be relatively familiar by now, as they have been gaining popularity and have become more affordable in recent years. An array can be located on your roof or set to stand in your yard, depending on what works best for you. While there are a variety of different brands and types of panels, they all offer a clean energy alternative to fossil fuel sources like coal or natural gas. These panels can be expensive, and some are more difficult to install than others. But for the most part, you can expect cheaper energy bills, a smaller carbon footprint and increased property value.

    Tesla Solar Roof

    Instead of using panels, the Tesla Solar Roof turns your entire roof into your solar array. The Tesla solar roof uses tempered glass panels that replace your standard shingles, providing the same protection you’d expect from a traditional roof while also capturing solar energy. The Tesla Solar Roof is novel, but less proven and harder to transfer to another home if you move because they are custom made for each roof.

    Solar panels or a Tesla Solar Roof?


    Price is a tricky thing when it comes to solar systems, as a lot of it is going to be dependent on what your house and property is capable of supporting. There is the cost of solar panels, the infrastructure needed to support them, the installation costs.- and you have to account for the actual capacity of the system. In both cases, you can get tax credits and other incentives for installing these systems, so that will help to ease the price somewhat. Research suggests solar panels cost between 15,000 to 25,000 to buy and install.

    Can solar panels save you money?

    Interested in understanding the impact solar can have on your home? Enter some basic information below, and we’ll instantly provide a free estimate of your energy savings.

    For the sake of simplicity: conventional solar panels are cheaper than the Tesla solar roof in terms of the overall cost. Tesla has also had some challenges keeping the price down for its solar roof system, which has been a point of issue for some people. Price estimates suggest can scale from 30,000 to 75,000, with some people reporting installation costs as high as 100,000.


    The installation process for solar energy systems can be complicated. In general, traditional solar panels are easier because they can be installed in different places depending on the layout of your property.- either on your roof or on the ground. The Tesla Solar Roof can only be installed on your roof, obviously, and is a bit more of a to-do since it requires replacing your entire roof. There are fewer contractors familiar with the Tesla solar roof system than conventional panels, so this can create challenges in finding a capable installer.

    Solar power capabilities

    Both the Tesla Solar Roof and traditional solar panels will have a similar ability to meet your power needs, although your ability to scale your solar power system to your electricity needs might be more limited with the Tesla Solar Roof compared to panels. It will likely be easier to expand a setup with traditional solar panels in the future if you find your electricity needs have increased.

    Mobility and longevity

    One downside of the Tesla Solar Roof is the fact that it really can’t move with you. Because it is custom-fit to the roof of your home, you can’t pack it up and install it on another home. Conventional solar panels offer a bit more flexibility here, as you could potentially take your solar system with you.- though you may want to leave it to benefit from the boost in property value that they provide.

    Winner for most: Solar panels

    For now, conventional solar panels are the safer bet if you are looking to make the switch to solar power. They are a proven product. They are also typically cheaper and offer a bit more flexibility in terms of how you install them.

    Tesla’s Solar Roof shows a lot of promise, but the custom tiles can be cost-prohibitive and early troubles with the product make it hard to recommend at this stage. Future versions of the Tesla Solar Roof may improve and make good on the promising concept. For now, stick with what works so you can save on your energy bill and shrink your carbon footprint.

    Tesla roof estimate

    Roof Check is a Certified Tesla Solar Roof Installer and Certified Certainteed Apollo II Installer, and a certified installer with the new GAF Timberline Solar. We have partnered with these three reputable companies whose products are at the forefront of the solar roofing industry. As a solar roof installer, we have products that will let your roof produce energy. We believe in providing a seamless and appealing integration that is appealing to the eye. Ready to find out more?

    These integrated Solar Roofing options are a great opportunity for you as the buyer to have one system on your roof, a complete integrated roof system that defines the look of Solar and offers appeal and a full roof system that works together to be the best offerings for solar on the market.

    Assessment and Review

    Once you plan to install solar roofing, our professionals will assess your place and confirm the size and complexity. As a certified installer, we will give you precise details about the final hardware and installation details. This helps you make better decisions and understand how to save energy and use it in your daily chores.

    Solar Installation

    Many solar projects consume up to 90 days from planning to final inspection. A professional solar roof installer will evaluate the current roof and plan your roofing system accordingly to capture maximum sunlight. Depending on the roof area, it will take one or two days for tesla solar roof installation.

    Solar Roof Repair

    Make sure that the solar panel’s repairs are complicated and costly. A small leak in the attic means you might temporarily need to remove the solar panel. As a professional certified solar installer, we know the exact procedure to install, uninstall, remove, and replace the system without any consequences.

    Why hire us for tesla solar roof installation?

    Reduce Overhead Costs

    As a business owner, you are always looking for a method to reduce investments. You already have to pay for insurance, property maintenance, supplies, and utilities. Why not save your electric energy costs?

    Our professional team will provide solar roof installation consistent energy supply for every business ranging from small to large. A wide range of systems powered by electricity can now use solar energy to run.

    We will reduce your electric bills by a great margin.

    Sustainability and Longevity

    Being a certified Colorado tesla solar roof installer, we will help you protect the future. By using the untapped renewable power source to lower the overhead electrical production. We ensure that you are making a great investment in the future with a great solar generation system.

    Our solar system will reduce the electrical consumption cost and protect your future. This might be the best method to save you costs and the planet by using renewable power sources to enlighten your home or business.

    Get Energy Independence

    We provide you freedom from the local power company by converting it into solar power. After a successful solar roof installation Colorado, you will save a significant amount of money and have a reliable electric supply regardless of worrying about any commercial grid.

    Our team has a highly reliable, properly designed, and installed solar panel system. There are just a series of interconnected panels that will convert the sun’s rays into electricity, and the best part is you produce it independently.

    Boost the value of property

    Installing quality solar panels on your property will increase the resale value. A home or business building with active power-generating solar panels has more weight in the market. This means that you will be making a great investment by getting an expert solar roof installer.

    Suppose you plan to look for the best outdoor-friendly solar panel optimized for energy efficiency, lightweight, and portability. Then look no more. We have you covered at Roof-Check with a great team of solar roof certified installers at your service.

    Professional Tesla Solar Roof Installers You Can Trust

    Considering a new roof? Get the ULTIMATE in new roof design.

    The Tesla Solar Roof offers a beautiful new roof as well as clean solar power for your home. An all-in one solution, a Tesla Solar Roof costs a similar amount to premium roofing tiles plus solar panels.

    If you’ve been looking for a solar power option but have been limited because your Home Owners Association prohibits solar panels – consider the Tesla Solar Roof.

    Invisible Solar

    With a fully integrated design, Tesla solar roof tiles combine both solar and non solar tiles to create a cohesive look. Each solar and non-solar tile is virtually indistinguishable in color and trim. Your brand-new roof looks incredible from any angle. View our Tesla Solar Roof Project Gallery!

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    Exceptional Performance

    Keep your home cool and comfortable by allowing hot air to vent with high-quality underlayment and integrated air gaps.

    Tesla Solar Roof vs Solar Panels

    As we’ve mentioned, Tesla glass solar roof tiles are far less bulky than traditional solar panels and are also more durable.

    Those aren’t the only advantages of this newer technology, however. and more homeowners have been trying them out and reaping the benefits, and we’ve been hearing amazing feedback:

    • Extra home value. If you do decide to sell your home at some point, this modern feature will be eye-catching to prospective buyers.
    • Full roof upgrade. These tiles don’t sit on top of your roof–they are part of your roof. So making this upgrade will also give you a brand new roof to enjoy!
    • Beautiful design. These tiles aren’t just undetectable as solar pieces. They also come in a few different styles to complement your home.

    Tesla Solar Roof Warranty

    Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability. The Tesla Solar Roof installed by AES has a 25-year “No Leaks” Weatherization Warranty. And it’s backed by the level of quality and innovation you have come to expect from the Tesla brand.

    How Much Does the Tesla Solar Roof Cost?

    The Tesla Solar Roof is a premium roof. You should anticipate a cost of 20-30 per square foot in addition to the solar power capacity at 2.20/watt. Potentially the entire solar roof is eligible for the 30% federal tax credit. The cost is similar to other premium roofing plus traditional solar panels.

    To get a firm estimate on your Tesla Roof cost, call us at (770) 691-0966 or send us an email.

    solar, panels, tesla, roof, differences, estimate

    Tesla Roofs cost a comparable amount to other premium roofing materials, and you get a roof that can actually save you money year after year. Not only will the Tesla Solar Roof increase the property value of your home, it will save you money on your monthly electric bill and bring you a return on your investment that increases every time the utility raises its rates for decades into the future.

    Couple Your Tesla Solar Roof Installation with a Backup Power System

    Combine Tesla Solar Roof with a Tesla Powerwall to rely less on utility power and back up your home during a grid outage. Control your system with 24/7 mobile monitoring from anywhere in the world.

    AES is a trusted Tesla Solar Roof installer in Clarke County and across the state of Georgia. For a free estimate, call (770) 691-0966 today or click below to contact us online.

    Tesla Solar Roof Tiles: What you need to know

    Solar roof tiles from Tesla are one of the latest innovations in solar energy. Solar tiles are made out of a solar material that is designed to shingle over your roof like tiles.

    What Is a Tesla Solar Roof?

    As solar energy becomes more and more popular, homeowners are looking for new and innovative ways to harness the sun’s power. One new solar roof product that is gaining traction is the Tesla solar roof tiles. These tiles are made out of tempered glass and are highly resistant to scratches and weathering. They also have a long lifespan – they can last 20 years or more in moderate climates. The tiles are a relatively affordable option for homeowners looking to install solar panels. So far, Tesla solar panels been well-received, with many people saying that the tiles look great and offer a high degree of solar energy generation.

    Tile and Power Warranty

    Just like any solar panel installation, there is a risk that the tiles may not generate enough energy to cover your roof’s power needs. In those cases, Tesla guarantees that its solar roof tiles will still provide power for at least 25 years. If you ever have any problems with the tiles’ performance, contact Tesla and they will work with you to resolve the issue.

    Fire Rating

    Tesla solar roof tiles are a new type of roofing that uses solar energy to generate electricity. The tiles have a fire rating of 2 hours or less, which is much higher than traditional roofs. So far, there isn’t much information available about Tesla solar roof tiles – only what has been released so far by the company. However, since they are made from glass fiber-reinforced plastic and can be installed in minutes, it seems like they would be a good option for those looking for an environmentally friendly roofing solution.

    Roof Pitch

    Roof pitch is the angle at which a roof’s eaves, or sides, slope downwards. This affects both how much light comes in and the air flow underneath the roof. The ideal roof pitch varies depending on the climate zone where you live, but should be between 2-6 degrees.

    Wind Rating

    With Haleakala Solar’s Tesla solar roof installations, you can enjoy the power of the sun without any worries about energy bills. These roof tiles are made of glass and metal that can collect energy from the sun. Installing solar roofs have a wind rating of 2200 W/m2 which is more than other roofs on the market, making it an architectural grade steel tiles. The solar electricity that is produced from existing roofs are designed to last for 25 years and will produce power for your home during the day and at night, making them perfect for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint. You can choose between a black or white tile design for the building integrated photovoltaics and there is also a version that has a color glass facade so that it matches your home’s style perfectly for the best energy production, replacing your existing roof with our solar tile!

    Tesla Solar Inverter Power

    Tesla solar shingle tiles are the best solar shingle brands and are a new type of roof that combines solar panels with traditional roofing tiles. It also goes well with the Tesla Powerwall 2, which is a compact home battery system to match the home’s aesthetic for a natural source of energy, replacing your old roof. The tiles are designed to look like regular roofing tiles and more power is produced, and they can be installed in just a few hours. They are made with durable material that will last for many years, and the warranty is lifetime. In addition to being awesome-looking, Tesla solar roof tiles also have some other benefits such as energy efficiency and lower electric bills. Tesla solar roof cost varies depending on your home and Tesla’s customer service is also outstanding. They can go on new construction properties or old roof replacement.

    Tesla Solar Roof Cost Estimate

    Tesla solar roof tiles are a new type of roofing that uses solar power to generate electricity. The tiles are made from polysilicon and glass, and they’re designed to look like traditional roof tiles. Tesla plans to begin production of the solar roofs in 2018, but pricing has not yet been announced. You can learn more about Tesla’s solar roof tiles by visiting their website or consulting with a contractor who is familiar with the product.

    Factors to Consider

    If you’re thinking about installing a new roofing system, you might want to consider Tesla solar roof tiles. These tiles are a new type of roofing that converts light into energy. They work by using thin, highly-efficient film that captures and stores sun energy. This solar power is then used to power your home or office. There are several benefits to solar roof tiles, including decreased maintenance costs and lower energy bills. You can choose a solar roof tile based on your lifestyle and needs – they come in both standard and wild styles! So if you’re looking for a new and innovative roofing system, give solar roof tiles a try.

    Roof Complexity

    Roof complexity is the total number of solar roof tiles on a roof.

    There are three types of roof complexity: small, medium and large.

    Small roofs can have less than 200 units, medium roofs have between 200-1,000 and large roofs have more than 1,000 units.

    You also need to consider your location – Tesla solar roof tiles work best in sunny areas.

    Roof Replacement

    When it comes to roof replacement, it is important to factor in the cost of such an undertaking. Depending on the type of tiles you have installed and how often they need replaced, the total expense could be quite high.

    Tesla offers a 10-year warranty on its solar roof tiles – but this does not cover wear and tear or leaks from over time. In order for your tiles to last as long as promised, keep them clean by regularly washing them with a mild detergent solution (dish soap will work) and drying them thoroughly after each wash.

    Also remember that any upfront installation costs (e.g., consultation, permitting etc.) should be taken into account when calculating the final cost of solar roof replacement.

    Additional Costs and Upgrades

    There are a number of additional costs and upgrades that you will need to factor in when purchasing solar roof tiles. Some of the more common expenses include an installation fee, maintenance fees, and wiring upgrades.

    Once all costs are tallied, your final cost will be determined. Keep in mind that there is no set price for solar roof tiles – may vary based on the product’s features and specifications.


    Tesla’s solar roof tiles are a new type of roofing that features solar panels on top. The tiles work in tandem with the company’s Powerwall batteries to store energy from the sun and use it later when needed. The tiles can be installed on any type of roof, and they’re weather-resistant so you don’t have to worry about them deteriorating over time. Tesla plans to start selling its solar roof tiles in 2020, and they’ll cost around 21,000 per square foot. If this all sounds like your dream roofing solution, keep reading to find out more about the tiles and how they work.

    Tesla Solar Panels vs. Tesla Solar Roof

    If you’re interested in solar power, you’re probably wondering what Tesla solar roof tiles are all about. Tesla solar roof tiles are a more advanced version of solar panels that you’re probably familiar with. The solar roof is made from glass instead of plastic, which makes it stronger and more resistant to weathering. The tiles are also modular, so you can change the look of your roof without having to replace the entire system. Tesla solar roof tiles are currently available in a few different styles, and they’re scheduled to be available in more styles in the future. If solar power is something that you’re interested in, but you’re unsure whether Tesla solar roof tiles are the right choice for you, take a look at our comparison chart to see which option is best for you.

    What Size Tesla Roof Will You Need?

    Tesla solar roof tiles are a new type of roofing that has captured the attention of homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re thinking about installing them, or are just curious about what they’re all about, read on for all the information you need. First, you need to decide how much space you have on your rooftop. This will help you determine the size of the Tesla solar roof tiles you’ll need. Second, be sure to read the installation instructions carefully – they can be complex and it’s important to follow them to the letter. Third, be aware that the size of the Tesla solar roof tiles will vary depending on the location – they’re not universal designs like traditional roofs are. And finally, once you’ve ordered your tiles and read the installation instructions, be sure to follow them to the letter!

    Is It Worth It to Get a Tesla Solar Roof?

    As more and more people become interested in renewable energy, solar roof tiles from Tesla are becoming a hot commodity. Tesla solar roof tiles are a revolutionary new product that offers homeowners solar power and protection from weather damage. The tiles can be installed on any kind of roof, and they’re designed to last for 30 years. Tesla estimates that the average homeowner will save 20-30 per month on their energy bill using its solar roof tiles. There are still some kinks to be worked out with the system, but overall it looks like a very promising option for homeowners interested in conservation and renewable energy. If you’re interested in learning more about Tesla solar roof tiles, be sure to check out our blog for more information.

    Does the Tesla Solar Roof increase home value?

    There is no doubt that the Tesla solar roof tiles are a unique and exciting product. They come with a 10-year warranty, high-quality materials, and no need for additional equipment – just your standard roofing tools!

    Depending on where you live, you might be able to save money by using the tiles instead of traditional solar panels. Granted, this will depend on your location, budget, etc., but as long as you have an idea about what kind of savings you can expect there isn’t much not to like about them.

    How long does the Tesla solar roof last?

    The Tesla solar roof is a new type of roof that uses solar energy to generate electricity. It is made of several layers of glass and tiles that work together to capture the sun’s rays. You can get a Tesla solar roof in either black or white, and it will last for 25 years. The standard version costs 26,500 while the premium version costs 29,000.

    How long is the installation time for a Tesla Solar Roof?

    The installation time for a Tesla solar roof is longer than regular roofs. You will need to wait at least two weeks for your tile to arrive from the factory. The final cost of the installation will depend on the size of your home and the type of roof you choose.

    How efficient is the Tesla Solar Roof?

    When it comes to roofing, there are a number of options available. From shingle roofs to tiled solar roofs, the choice can be overwhelming. However, what if we told you that Tesla solar roof tiles are the latest and most efficient innovation in this field?

    Not only do they look great on your home’s exterior, but their special technology also makes them much more energy-efficient than traditional roofs. In fact, Tesla solar roof tiles have been found to generate up to twice as much power as traditional asphalt or metal roofs! So not only will you save money on your monthly energy bills; you’ll also help conserve resources for future generations.

    Furthermore, two different styles – matte and glossy – are available in both a sleek design and suitable for any climate condition. What’s more, no installation is required – simply place the tiles onto your roof and start saving today!

    How much electricity does a Tesla solar roof generate?

    Tesla solar roof tiles are more than just a pretty face – they actually generate electricity! Considering the rising of energy, this is something that many people can appreciate.

    For those who don’t know, solar roof tiles are made up of multiple panels that collect energy from the sun and turn it into usable power for your home. Depending on how much sunlight your house gets, you can expect to save anywhere from 3,500 to over 100k in total over the course of its lifetime.

    Even if you have average or bad sun exposure, a Tesla solar roof is still worth considering as it will likely save you money in the long run.

    Can you go off-grid with a Tesla Solar Roof?

    When it comes to solar panels, there are a lot of options available on the market. However, what sets Tesla solar roof tiles apart is their unique design – which incorporates shingles made of glass and metal that act as solar cells.

    Of course, this isn’t a cheap product – at least not when compared to other similar products on the market. over, you will also need to have a Tesla Powerwall in order to use these tiles- something that may or may not be necessary depending on your needs and preferences.

    As with any new technology, there are bound to be some glitches along the way. So make sure you’re willing t o put up with them in order t o reap the many benefits associated with using solar panels – including reduced energy bills and lower emissions from your home!

    How do solar shingles compare to conventional solar panels?

    If you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your roof, you may be wondering what the best option is. solar shingles may be a good option for you. Photovoltaic shingles are made of thin, glassy tiles that capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. The roof structure is not required, so they’re a more affordable option than traditional solar panels. solar shingles also create less heat than conventional panels, which can improve air quality in the home. solar shingles have a longer lifespan than traditional roofs – they should last between 25 and 30 years without any maintenance or repairs needed.

    Pros and cons of solar shingles

    Solar roof tiles are a new trend in the roofing industry and they’re gaining a lot of popularity. They are made up of solar cells that can collect energy from the sun and turn it into power. This power can then be used to power the tiles, or it can be stored in the tiles and used later on when needed. The main benefit of solar roof tiles is that they’re environmentally-friendly. They’re also easy to install – just peel and stick! However, there are some cons to consider. For example, solar roof tiles are quite expensive and there’s a risk that they may malfunction in the long-term. They can also help power electric vehicles and serve your energy needs with a new roof.

    What are the advantages of solar roof shingles?

    Solar roof shingles are a great option for people who want an environmentally-friendly roof solution. They are much more affordable than traditional roofing solutions and the tiles can be installed in just one day. over, solar roof shingle have a lifespan of up to 30 years, which makes them an ideal long-term investment. There are a few disadvantages – the tiles may not look as good as traditional roofs and they may require occasional maintenance (e.g., cleaning).

    What are the disadvantages of solar roof shingles?

    Solar roof shingles are a new type of roof that has the ability to collect energy from the sun and use it to power your home.

    The downside is that they are not available in all areas yet, and there are some cons associated with them.

    Inactive shingles and other roofing material can malfunction after your roof installed tiles are in place.

    One of the disadvantages is that they can be quite expensive – check with Haleakala Solar for best solar generation pricing in your area.

    Another disadvantage is that they need sunlight to work properly – if it’s dark outside, the tiles will not work.

    Regular Solar Panels vs. Tesla solar roof: which one is better?

    When it comes to solar energy, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The first is that solar panels come in many different shapes and sizes, with different benefits and drawbacks. One such solar panel is the Tesla solar roof tiles. These tiles combine the look and feel of traditional roof tiles with the benefits of solar energy. They’re made from metal, glass, and plastic and can be installed on any kind of roofing material. Additionally, the panels have a range of features that make them different from other types of solar panels, including automatic weatherization and deepwater charging capabilities. Overall, Tesla roofs are a better option than regular rooftop panels because they’re less expensive to install and maintain over time. So if you’re looking to invest in solar energy, make sure to consider a Tesla solar roof tiles!

    Can I put them on top of the shingles that I already have on my house?

    You can install Tesla solar roof tiles on top of your existing shingles, if you’re okay with the wait time and cost of installation.

    The tiles come in two styles – a traditional black tile and a sleek white tile. The white tile reflects more sunlight, hence saving energy during daytime hours.

    You will need an electrician to install them for you. Tesla provides free estimates.

    How do they work, how much energy do they produce, and how long will it take before I see any results from this investment?

    Solar roof tiles are made up of several layers that work by trapping sunlight and converting it into usable energy. In the process, solar tiles produce electricity while being installed on your home. Once installed, solar roof tiles can generate power for around 25 years or more!

    As for how much power solar tiles will produce? It depends on the location – in some cases, solar roof tiles may be able to produce enough power to offset your monthly utility bill. So, patience is key and you’ll see results sooner than you think!

    Does Tesla’s Solar Roof really work?

    Yes, Tesla’s Solar Roof really does work! The tiles are designed to capture and store solar energy to provide power for your home. The roof also has a built in shingles that can be replaced as needed, and is weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about rain or snow damaging them. You will only need to pay for the electricity generated by the roof, nothing more – this differs from traditional rooftop solar panels which require ongoing maintenance and installment costs.

    Is there a difference between the shingles that come with the standard solar panels and those that come with the Solar Roof?

    There is definitely a difference between the solar roof tiles that come with Tesla’s solar products and the solar roof tiles that come with Solar Roof.

    The solar roof tiles are made with a material called textured glass tile that reflects sunlight. This makes them much more efficient than solar panels at converting energy into electricity.

    Additionally, the shingles come in two types: vinyl and textured concrete. The vinyl shingles are less expensive but they may require special cleaning techniques. The textured concrete shingles are more durable but they may require special cleaning techniques. In general, it should last 10 to 20 years without needing replacement.

    Which one is better: regular or premium shingles from Tesla’s Solar Roof?

    The Tesla solar roof tiles are made of two different types of materials: regular and premium. The regular shingles will cost you a bit more but they’re also easier to install. Premium shingles are high quality and last longer, but they require a professional installer. With both options, the solar roof tiles generate electricity for your home while protecting it from the sun – perfect for those who want to go green!

    How much does a solar roof cost, including installation fees and taxes?

    The cost of a solar roof installation ranges from 21,500 to 53,000, depending on the size and type of roof. This cost includes installation fees and taxes. Additionally, you should factor in the value of your roof’s existing insulation and whether or not you will need an additional warranty.

    Overall, solar roofs are a great investment for people who want to reduce their energy bills and protect their homes from climate change.

    How long does it take to install a solar roof on your house or business building?

    The installation process for a solar roof on your home or business building typically takes about two days, with some necessary tools like a level, drill, and screws required to get the job done. Once your roof is prepared, solar roof tiles will be installed on top. After that, you’ll just need to connect the power and enjoy clean energy while looking good at the same time!


    Solar roof tiles are a new product from Tesla that is currently being tested by some homeowners in the US. If you’re interested in knowing more about solar roof tiles, read on to find out what you need to know! solar roof tiles are a new product from Tesla that is currently being tested by some homeowners in the US. If you’re interested in knowing more about solar roof tiles, read on to find out what you need to know! solar roof tiles are a new product from Tesla that is currently being tested by some homeowners in the US. If you’re interested in knowing more about solar roof tiles, read on to find out what you need to know! solar roof tiles are a new product from Tesla that is currently being tested by some

    Tesla Solar Roof: To Wait or Not To Wait?

    The Tesla solar roof sounds like everything that our favorite 80’s era sci-fi novels and movies promised the future would bring. At Southern Energy Management, we’re just as excited about the Tesla solar roof as everyone else. And, as one of North Carolina’s select Certified Tesla Powerwall Installers, you can bet that we’ve got our eyes on all the latest news on Tesla solar shingles.

    Quick Facts

    One of the big questions, though, is “When will Tesla’s Solar Roof be available?” The short answer is that Tesla’s solar shingle product is still in the very early stages of launching on the East Coast.

    Since Tesla’s solar shingle system is so new, especially in North Carolina, and because the pricing and energy savings for the roof are unclear, our stance is that if you’re interested in going solar in the next 5 years, your best option is going to be the tried-and-true panel technology that has been tested and continually improved since the 1970s. In the rest of this post, we’ll dive deeper into our reasons for that opinion so you can decide for yourself. But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what the solar roof is.

    What is the Tesla Solar Roof?

    Tesla’s Solar Roof is made up of photovoltaic cells integrated into shingles. Tesla is not the first company to launch a solar shingle – we installed some of Dow’s now discontinued solar shingles in 2014 – but they’re definitely the sexiest attempt to date. Solar shingles function in the same way as traditional solar panels: photovoltaic cells convert photons from the sun’s rays into electricity.

    A solar roof consists of both active and passive shingles. The active shingles do the actual work of producing energy for your home. The passive shingles are used on areas of your roof that aren’t suitable for the active cells – either because of building regulations or lack of solar potential – to maintain a uniform appearance.

    Previously, there was talk of 4 solar shingle styles: Tuscan, Slate, Textured, and Smooth Glass. As of now, Tesla is only advertising a shingle that appears most like the Textured Glass option.

    Tesla Solar Shingle Specs

    Tesla’s solar shingles are a sleek, slate grey at 15”x45” and come with a 25 year tile, power, and weatherization warranty. The tiles have an ASTM D3161 Class F wind rating, and a ANSI FM 4473 Class 3 hail rating. That’s all fancy jargon to say the tiles are tested to hold up to 110mph winds and 1 ¾ inch hail.

    When will the Tesla solar roof arrive in North Carolina?

    A few installers have started to offer Tesla’s solar roof in North Carolina. Right now, NC homeowners who are getting solar shingles installed are paying a price premium to be in the front of the line.

    As a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, we’ve talked with Tesla about the solar roof and previewed the product. At this point, we’re continuing to offer Tesla’s traditional PV panels, but not their shingle roof material. We love the Poweralls, solar panels, and solutions Tesla continues to put out, but since their solar roof product is still so new, with such complex technology behind it, we don’t want our customers to be first in line to experience the kinks of a first generation product. We know the Tesla solar roof is going to be a game changer and we’ll be on board as soon as we feel that this product has proven long term success for our customers.

    If getting Tesla’s solar roof is make or break for you on your solar journey, we have good news — there are other solar companies in NC that have taken on rolling out this product! Tesla is also currently taking 100 refundable deposits to hold your place in line through their online ordering portal. That being said, there is no guarantee for when your solar roof will be installed (or by which contracted installer).

    Powerwall Rebate

    Each Powerwall installed between now and October 31, 2023 is eligible for a 500 rebate from Tesla. We’re also offering an extra 1,000 discount when you install a Powerwall with your solar system.

    Solar Roof vs Solar Panels

    There are two major differences between a solar roof and a traditional solar panel system — complexity and price.

    solar, panels, tesla, roof, differences, estimate

    Talk with any roofer or solar company that has worked with the solar shingle product, we’ll bet they’ll tell you that the Tesla solar roof is one of the most complex and intricate roofing systems that they have ever seen. An average 8kw solar roof will have around 460 solar shingles, which means there are 460 wiring connection points on your roof (or 460 possible break points). On the other hand, a traditional solar system for this size will include around 25 solar panels, meaning 25 connections.

    With a traditional solar system, you can also get panel level solar monitoring so you would know exactly when a panel is underperforming while being able to pinpoint exactly where the problem is in your system. This level of monitoring just isn’t available yet for the solar roof, making it a challenge to quickly address any issues when they come up.

    Next on the list is price. Tesla’s Solar Roof website has a slick calculator that takes your address and uses Google’s Project Sunroof to automatically generate a Solar Roof solution for your home. While the tool is fun to play with, the and energy savings it estimates don’t impress us when compared to traditional solar panels. Let’s take a deeper dive into price differences between the Tesla Solar roof and traditional solar panels.

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