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Solar Panels on a Metal Roof: Is it Possible. Solar tin roof

Solar Panels on a Metal Roof: Is it Possible. Solar tin roof

    Solar Panels on a Metal Roof: Is it Possible?

    Metal roofing is durable, lightweight, and capable of withstanding the worst of the elements.

    Solar energy is a sustainable, reliable, clean form of renewable energy that’s growing in popularity exponentially.

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    You might have concerns whether solar panels can be installed on a metal roof. Worry not. thanks to bracketing systems, solar panels can be installed on most types of metal roofing.

    What are Solar Panels?

    A solar panel is a group of silicon, Photovoltaic cells grouped in a glass-topped case to generate environmentally friendly, sustainable, clean energy.

    Each cell relies on photons in sunlight to trigger a reaction that generates a direct direct (DC). A nearby solar inverter converts this into usable alternating current (AC) for home and business use to power household appliances and equipment.

    Generated electricity that is surplus to requirements is transported to the power grid.

    A series of solar panels is called an array; the more panels in your system, the greater the amount of energy production.

    Types of Metal Roof

    Many residential properties, modern constructions, and businesses favor metal roofs, which means they are often non-standard in shape, with no uniform design.

    There is a reliable installation method and bracketing system for every metal roof type.

    Standing Seam Metal Roof

    This roof type consists of a series of flat, broad metal panels that are crimped together to form a continuous, concealed join. There is a vertical leg between each one; this is the raised seam.

    Not only is this type of roof lightweight and durable, when installed in sequence with the recommended underlayment, it is also watertight.

    It’s almost as if metal standing seam roofs are specifically designed with solar panels in mind.

    The installer attaches a series of high-strength aluminum clamps to the vertical legs with a single bolt. The mounting rail secures into place with no need to drill any holes into the roof. With no perforations in the metal, it remains watertight – people with asphalt shingles have to check and maintain theirs annually.

    solar, panels, metal, roof, possible

    Installing a solar array on a seamed roof is simpler and far-less labor-intensive, and therefore, more affordable.

    The clamps and bolts are often covered by several-year warranties, although most owners claim they outlive their solar panels.

    Metal Tile Roofs

    Another solar panel installation method that doesn’t require drilling any holes or penetrating the metal. A similar system is also available for regular asphalt tiled roofs.

    The mounting rail has metal tiles pre-attached. It is a simple case of aligning them with existing tiles and swapping them out. The unit clicks into place, and the panels are easily attached using guiding metal rods.

    The tiles are consistent in shape to the existing ones, so they don’t create an eyesore or leave any unwanted gaps for moisture to creep in.

    They offer natural protection for the roof, preserving its condition.

    Corrugated Metal Roof

    There is no way of installing solar panels onto a corrugated metal roof without drilling holes; every care is taken to ensure they remain watertight.

    It requires a specialized mounting system that uses brackets called straddle blocks. They attach securely to the top ridge, leaving the lower crest, where the rain collects, free from holes. Top-quality brackets have thick rubber gasket seals to plug the holes; they are more effective and less messy than using sealant gum.

    Straddle blocks work with any uneven metal roof and where there are varying degrees or gaps between panels.

    The blocks align with the installation grommets on the rear of solar panels to ensure secure placement.

    Advantages of Solar Panels on Metal Roofs


    After 25-years of use, solar panels become less productive, usually generating 15-20% less electricity.

    The same can’t be said of metal roofs; their life span is 70 years, which is more than double, sometimes triple that of asphalt tiles.

    Some homeowners choose to replace a traditional roof with a metal one before solar panel installation due to their suitability and longevity.

    When the time comes to replace your array, feel safe knowing that the panels should be upgraded and not the roof or rails.

    Cooling Benefits

    Solar panels absorb sunlight from the atmosphere, thus preventing the metal roof from getting as hot, further extending its life.


    Solar panels and durable metal roofing panels are the perfect eco-friendly combination.

    They have excellent green credentials as both are recyclable at the end of their long service life.

    Green building certification programs such as LEED and ENERGY STAR offer the opportunity to earn additional points for owners of this combined system.

    Ease of Installation

    All non-drill systems are far less labor and time-intensive to install in comparison with solar arrays on traditional tiled roofs.

    Specialized bracketing systems allow for non-intrusive installation on many roof types. It not only prevents any leaks but also protects the roof beneath each panel.

    Types of Solar Panel Suited to Metal Roofs

    Crystalline solar panels are the most common type in North America, however thin-film PV solar laminates are also worth consideration.

    Although thin-film panels work in much the same way, the manufacturing processes differ.

    Some other differences include:

    Crystalline Solar Panels

    • They can generate twice as much energy as thin-film panels and are suited to metal and shingle roofs with specialized mounting systems.
    • In some instances, they require roof penetration for installation; leaking in later years is possible.
    • They are the bulkier option; they take longer and are more awkward to install.
    • They generate power for at least 25-years before production capacity slowly decreases.
    • Crystalline solar panels are more expensive and carry a longer payback time.

    Thin-Film PV Solar Laminates

    • Perfectly suited to standard-seam metal roofing panels without the need for drills or penetration.
    • Fast installation; they are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and rely on simple yet revolutionary peel and stick technology.
    • Many owners believe they are far more aesthetically pleasing due to their slender profile. They are neat and mess-free.
    • The manufacturing process releases lower emissions.
    • They are less efficient than traditional panels; achieving similar production levels requires much larger roof space.
    • They have a life expectancy of between 10 and 20-years and the fastest payback time of all systems.
    • They are the most affordable style of solar energy system.

    Final thoughts

    Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, those made of metal last for several decades, long out-lasting the life-span of the solar power system it hosts.

    It is the most environmentally-friendly method of renewable energy; metal roofs and solar are recyclable and don’t end up in landfills, unlike their shingle counterparts.

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    Standing Seam (Metal) Roof Mounts

    Are you searching for a solar panel mounting system for metal roofs? We have you covered with a selection of parts for solar panel metal roof mounts, with options offering a broad range of designs and price points.

    There are two essential parts that make up a solar mount for a metal roof: the mounting hardware and the solar panel attachment interface. You’ll need to decide between rail-based (racking) vs. rail-less installation, depending on your specific situation.

    Critical components of metal roof mount system for solar include:

    • Brackets for exposed fastened metal roofs
    • Clamps for Standing Seam Metal Roofs
    • Mini clamps
    • Vertical clamps
    • Stainless steel bolts
    • Wood to metal screws

    Because every roof structure and solar setup is unique, creating a custom metal roof mount is the best approach for ensuring a perfect fit.

    With altE, it’s easy to find everything you need for customized metal roof solar mounting systems. whether you’re going the DIY route or working with a professional installer. And if you aren’t sure which parts are suitable for your project, you’re always welcome to connect with the altE team for assistance by calling 877-878-4060.

    solar, panels, metal, roof, possible
    Product Name

    Info on Solar Panel Metal Roof Mounts

    What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof Mount?

    A metal roof solar mounting system (corrugated or standing seam solar mount) is essential for solar solutions that are to be installed on a metal roof.

    Choosing high-quality metal roof mount parts can make a world of difference, both in the ease of installation and the longevity of your solar setup as a whole.

    Key benefits of corrugated and/or standing seam metal roof solar panel mounting systems include:

    • Flexible options for virtually any type of metal roof
    • Easy and effective anchoring into metal purlins or wood trusses
    • Designs engineered to prevent leaks
    • Dispersed load and easy adjustment of brackets
    • Corrosion-resistant and highly durable

    Choosing the Best Solar Panel Metal Roof Mounts For Your System

    There are many decisions to make when shopping for a solar mount: corrugated or standing seam? Rolled or flat? Typically, you’ll first select your roof attachment, then pair it with a rail.

    Depending on your project, there are several factors to keep in mind while you’re searching for the proper mounting system:

    • Roof type. Exposed Fastened or Standing Seam
    • Roof shape/size
    • Roof construction materials
    • Planned solar setup
    • Budget
    • Regional weather/unique factors

    There are 2 Main Types of Metal Roofs for Solar Mounting:

    A Standing Seam Metal Roof (sometimes known as a concealed-fastened metal roof) looks like just that. raised metal seams (that come in a variety of styles) that run the length of the roof, with no visible screws. This is the most durable type of metal roofing available. The screws are concealed beneath the panels, minimizing leakage and making them practically weather-tight and corrosion-free. Non-penetrating seam clamps are used to protect the roof, and the roof’s warranty. A standing seam metal roof can last for over 60 years, when installed properly. This roofing option is ideal for commercial buildings and residential projects, like sheds or other structures.

    An Exposed-Fastened Metal Roof is usually the lower-cost solution and easier to install than standing seam roofs. In this style of roof, you do see rows of screws running the length of the roof, unlike the standing seam types. Similarly however, the longevity of this metal roof is just as long. Because the screws are exposed to the weather, mounting brackets are needed to protect the roof from leakage and corrosion, and the roof’s warranty. You will see this type of roofing often in agricultural applications, as well as commercial and industrial applications.

    The altE team is happy to help you pinpoint the ideal components for your desired design.

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    altE 330 Codman Hill Road Boxborough, MA 01719

    Solar tin roof

    When it’s time to replace the roof on your existing home, or it’s time to choose a roof for new construction, it’s time to think about the impact of your roofing decision on your future energy use. Don’t miss this opportunity to avoid costly rework or expensive energy.

    Every Roofing Decision Affects Your Future Energy Demands and Energy Costs

    At Kassel Irons, we’ve taken steps within our manufacturing and installation processes to ensure energy efficiency with the reduction of heat gain. Our roofing products address radiant, conductive and convective heat transfer to bring you a roof system with maximum energy efficiency.

    A Kassel Irons Roof and Solar Installation

    If you as a homeowner have plans for solar in the future, discuss those plans with your roofing contractor the next time you roof your home. Depending upon the type of roof you choose to have installed, it may be possible for the installer to take steps now that will simplify solar installation in the future.

    Using a metal roof to save energy while producing energy at the same time with solar, is a perfect energy solution.

    For homeowners who want to create energy with their roof, as well as manage heat transfer and air-conditioning demand, we have engineered methods for attaching solar panels to our steel roofing products. Traditional solar panels can be integrated nicely with metal roofs. Penetrations of the roof will be necessary but there are many commercially available fastening brackets designed for water tightness that work very well.

    Kassel Irons roofs are ideal for solar installation. The durability of the metal roof will hold up to roof traffic when the solar array is installed and serviced. The metal roof will also easily last as long as the solar panels themselves. Additionally, a cool metal roof can help to increase the efficiency of the solar panels.

    Investment in Solar Energy Systems vs. Performance and Life Expectancy

    When considering products that will allow you to use your rooftop to produce energy, it’s important to keep in mind that solar production continually gets more efficient with technology advancements. Because of this, it is wiser to buy a solar system with a 20-year life expectancy rather than one with a longer-term life expectancy. Any solar production equipment made today will be sadly outdated in 20 years, likely not making any sense to even operate it beyond that period of time.

    Cost-Effective Solar Energy

    The reality is that traditional crystalline photovoltaic panels offer the most cost-effective solar energy production. Their modular nature is very helpful in allowing repairs and replacement. Additionally, while they are durable and built to last 20 or so years, they do eventually need to be replaced, allowing property owners to step up to even more efficient energy production at that time.

    What will the future bring?

    The ultimate, of course, is a roof that produces energy on its own. We are anxiously awaiting the development of “solar shingles” and look forward to integrating them with our metal roofing systems.

    questions about improving energy efficiency with your roof, or producing energy with your rooftop? Ask our expert, Todd Miller.

    In this section:

    Kassel Irons Roofing Systems Manage Heat

    • The reflective coatings we use block radiant heat transfer into the attic space.
    • The integral airspace beneath most of our metal roof systems stops conductive heat transfer from the rooftop down into the attic.
    • With proper attic ventilation, convective heat flow in the attic carries any heat that is gained in the attic, moving it back to outside through a ridge vent or other exhaust vents on the roof.

    Two weeks after installing our first KasselWood Roof on a church, we had a big Texas-size hail storm. The pastor’s car and all the trees in the area sustained heavy damage but we couldn’t find a mark on the roof. That really sold me. I put a KasselWood roof on my own home. Monty B. Ft. Worth, Texas

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    What To Keep In Mind While Installing Solar Panels On Metal Roofs

    Do you know what is the biggest reason for most homeowners in Denver, Arvada, Aurora, or other places in Colorado, not being too enthusiastic about installing solar panels on their roofs? It is awareness. They are unaware of a lot of things, like the basic requirements of installing the panels, installation costs, and what to do for maintenance in the long term. As a result, they take a lot of time to decide if they should install the panels at all. But this should not be the case, right? Hence, we are here to make them aware of the nitty-gritty of installing solar panels. In this post, we will talk about the requirements of installing solar panels on metal roofs and their benefits.

    There are several kinds of roofs over the houses in Colorado, and metal roofs are one of the most popular ones here. However, even these metal roofs vary based on gauges, metal types, and profiles. you should select only a reliable and professional installer for mounting solar panels on metal roofs to ensure that there is no issue later.

    The standing seam metal roof

    Installing solar panels on these metal roofs is faster and cost-efficient, as you need not drill into anything. The mounting system is already there, clamping onto the seams. You also do not need excess labor to complete the installation on these types of roofs.

    Stone coated steel roof

    These are beautiful, durable, wind-resistant roofs that are getting quite popular in Colorado. As the roofs are said to be resistant to high winds, from even a hurricane, homeowners are preferring these a lot nowadays. Installing solar panels on a stone coated steel roof is also not much of a hassle as the installer takes all the responsibilities. Further, you also enjoy a warranty that helps reduce maintenance and repair costs.

    The trapezoidal metal roofs

    The drill is needed here but less so if one can fix the brackets over the ridges efficiently. In these roofs, the ridge heights differ from one another, and the roof has more flat areas, which can make it a tad difficult to install the panels. Nevertheless, it is very much possible by an expert installer.

    Corrugated roofs

    The brackets on these roofs are attached to the top of the crest, reducing the chances of leaving holes in the drainage area, which lies low. One has sufficient space to mount the solar system on these roofs easily.

    Tiled metal roofs

    These kinds of roofs also require no drilling onto the surface to install the solar panels. The mountain rails are already attached to metal pipes that are aligned to the existing tiles. The solar panel unit can be clicked into the place easily and the panels can be attached using metal rods.

    Something to note here: If you have a trapezoidal or corrugated roof, see that the installer uses a proper roof anchor that can be removed after the work, without causing any leakage. As these roofs do not have any pre-built anchor to attach the system, proper safety measures are necessary.

    Now that we have an idea about the types of metal roofs we can find in Colorado, the next thing will be to understand the inherent benefits of installing solar panels on metal roofs.


    Besides the solar panel, you will be surprised to know that the metal roofs are also quite eco-friendly. They are recyclable and pose no harm to the environment. Are you planning to install a new roof too? You can go for combined systems (metal roofs and solar panels) offered by many companies these days. On the green front, you are going to add some extra points for such installation projects.

    Easy to install

    Compared to traditional roofs, the metal roofing system offers incredibly easy installation of solar panels. The non-drill roofs are better than the ones that require drilling. While installing solar panels on a traditional roofing system can be quite time-intensive, metal roofs can help achieve the goal faster and more efficiently. Not only do the metal roofs prevent leaks but also protect the panels and the roof beneath from any other damage.

    Highly durable

    Solar panels installed on a metal roof are more durable than the ones on traditional roofing systems. They can last beyond the average 10-25 years that every solar panel is expected to last. Generally, the panels get less productive beyond this period, but in the case of metal roofs, they can last for 70 years, or you can say a lifetime. That is why intelligent homeowners tend to replace their traditional roofs before the solar panel installation.

    Also, the metal roofs allow different types of solar panels to be installed. For example, most homeowners with traditional roofing systems go for the standard silicon photovoltaic solar panels. But in the case of metal roofs (especially the standing seam metal roof), you may also install thin-film solar panels. These are low-profile, easy-to-install panels that require way less energy for manufacture, thus ensuring more sustainability and eco-friendliness.

    The cooling effects

    The metal roofs invariably are cooler in summer, thus giving you an edge over traditional roofs (like the asphalt shingles) that are more energy-intensive. Further, you need not take extra measures for cooling your home in summer, as the metal roofs can do that for you. They reflect a lot of sunlight even in summer, unlike traditional roofs that absorb it more. Now, if you install PV solar panels on the roofs, the energy efficiency factor goes a level up, thus saving a good amount on your energy bills.

    Lower maintenance costs

    Traditional roofs, especially those composed of asphalt shingles, require frequent inspections to keep them working at their fullest capacity. But the steel or other metal roofs are practically maintenance-free. Yes! You need not count your maintenance budget every month to enjoy living in a cooler and more energy-efficient home. Are you worried about adverse weather conditions? The metal roofs can act as a protective shield around your home and minimize the repair and replacement costs after any such natural calamity. All without charging you a hefty sum!


    Now, apart from functionalities, every property needs to have an aesthetic appeal that captures the eye. And the metal roofs can tick that box as well. The stone-coated steel roofs are getting quite popular these days, as they come in a variety of designs, shades, and textures to take the appearance of your home a notch up. You can enjoy the fact that these metal roofs can both keep your home safe as well as increase its value because of the unmatched aesthetic appeal that they offer.

    What kind of solar panels are best suited for metal roofs?

    Thin-film solar laminates – These are the best in terms of fast and easy installation. They can be installed on metal roofs without drilling or penetrating them. And these are aesthetically pleasing because of their slim and no-mess structure.

    Crystalline panels – These offer a specialized mounting system for both metal and shingle roofs and produce a high amount of energy every day. Although these are bulkier than the thin-film panels, you can rest assured that they will last you for as long as 25 years, after which the productivity may start decreasing gradually.

    Have plans to install solar panels on metal roofs soon?

    You should have a checklist ready to hire the best and the most professional installers for the same. It is not recommended to go DIY (Do It Yourself) even if you have certain knowledge in the field. The procedure can get complicated and issues may arise later. Now, for the checklist, check if the contractor:

    Has sufficient experience in solar installation projects

    Has the knowledge and expertise to handle installation works on metal roofs

    Has upgraded knowledge on the latest solar panel technologies and advancements

    Offers time-effective and.friendly services

    Is adept in managing installation projects in all kinds of conditions

    Can explain the process without grudging, clarify your doubts and resolve queries, if any

    Do you have any other doubt about metal roofs and solar panel installation? Feel free to ask our team, as we can resolve all your queries regarding the same.

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