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Review: SUAOKI S270 150Wh Portable Power Station with AC Outlets, 4 USB Ports…

Review: SUAOKI S270 150Wh Portable Power Station with AC Outlets, 4 USB Ports…

    SUAOKI S270 150Wh Portable Power Station with AC Outlets



    Portable chargers, also known as power banks, are among the most useful types of chargers you can use. However, portable chargers have evolved, and they go beyond just being able to charge our smartphones. There are now portable chargers known as portable power stations, and they differ from the regular charger that you’re able to take anywhere because, along with USB ports, they also have AC outlets and DC ports.

    In this review, we’re taking a look at this SUAOKI 150Wh portable power station. The brand has gained quite a lot of traction these past few years, with their specialty being power stations rather than portable chargers. Although, they do have portable chargers that also double as car jump starters too.

    This portable power station that we’re reviewing is one of their most popular, so let’s what all the hype is about.

    Power Capacity:

    The power capacity of this Suaoki portable power station differs depending on what output you’re with it.

    review, suaoki, s270, 150wh, portable

    For example, if you’re using the USB charging ports, the power capacity that you’re able to get is 40,500mAh. While using the DC ports on this portable power station will result in a 13,500mAh capacity. The reason that the amount of power capacity you’re able to use changes depending on what output you’re using is because the conversion rate of the two options is different.

    The USB ports have a slower charging rate, and therefore the conversion rate is better, and there’s more power to use. On the other side, the DC ports use more power, and the conversion rate is less efficient.

    To know how to get these numbers, here’s the conversion for using the USB ports and getting the power capacity:

    150Wh x 1,000 = 150,000 / 3.7 = 40,540mAh

    With this much power capacity, if you’re solely using the USB ports to charge from, this portable power station can charge most smartphones to full power about ten times. If you’re charging tablets with USB ports, then the full power charges can be about three as tablets have a battery capacity of 5,000mAh.

    To get the capacity from the DC ports, you simply have to divide by 11.1Volts, because that’s what the DC ports are rated at.

    150Wh x 1,000 = 150,000 / 11.1 = 13,513mAh

    With this much power, you can use it to charge laptops to full power about two or three times.

    So, at its base, this charger does have a 40,000mAh power capacity. Charging smaller devices such as smartphones can make this portable power station last for days. The same can be said about charging laptops, and tablets, too, only if you’re charging them once and then switching back to charging smaller devices.

    Output Charging:

    There’s a total of three ways to use this Suaoki S270 150Wh portable power station, and they are the USB ports, the DC ports, and the AC outlets.

    USB Ports:

    So let’s go over the USB charging ports first. There are a total of four USB charging ports. Three of the ports share a 5V/2.1A charging speed. So that’s not an impressive charging rate, as it’s standard. However, the standard charging among the three ports is made up of the fourth port that uses Quick Charge to fast charge Quick Charge compatible smartphones such as Samsung, LG, and many others on the market.

    DC Ports:

    There are four DC ports, and they each share a 9-12V/10A/15A output and a 120W power output that is maxed out at 180W.

    So using DC ports on a portable power station, in general, is rather a a hit or miss situation. Most people don’t exactly own too many appliances that require a DC port, but at the same time, if you do find a use for it, they can be very helpful.

    There are two ways that you can use the DC ports. One is simply connecting a 5.5mm diameter DC cable directly into the DC port on the power station and using it that way. The other way to use the DC ports, and the more accessible way to use it, in our opinion, is to use the 12Volt socket attachment that the power station comes with.

    With this attachment, you’re able to plug-in devices, use a car type of a power cable, and power them that way. For example, with the car socket attachment, you can plug a car charger into it and get more usable charging ports. Yes, that’s a strange way to use it, but now you’ve got more ports to use!

    Another extremely helpful way to use the car adapter with the DC ports was using a tire air pump, which is shown in the image above.

    Two AC Outlets:

    Surprisingly, two AC outlets are used on this portable power station, and the “surprising” part is that most portable power stations have a single AC outlet.

    The only difference between the two outlets is that one is a 3 prong outlet, and the other is a 2 prong outlet. The power output for each of the two outlets is the same, sharing a 100W power output and a 150W peak power output. That said, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use them both at the same time as they’re very close together.

    With this power output, you’re able to power small appliances such as small fans, maybe a mini-fridge. The AC outlets can also be super helpful for charging laptops, especially if you’ve still got a laptop that makes use of a charging brick. It’s also useful for using a PD charger for laptops too.

    Input Charging:

    There are a total of three ways to recharge this Suaoki power station, and that would be to use the AC adapter, the car adapter, or the solar charger adapter.

    So when it comes to recharging the power station, the most used and fastest option will be to use the AC adapter as the wall charger can recharge the power station at a 30W charging speed.

    If you’re using a 30W Solar charger with the solar charger adapter, you can also recharge the power station at 30W. That said, solar charging is not nearly as consistent as AC recharging as you’re going to need constant sunlight exposure on the panels.

    Car recharging using is a very helpful way to recharge the power station as you could be driving and have it recharging.

    Size and Weight:

    For a 40,500mAh power capacity power station with so many ports and ways to use it, this is a very compact one. Definitely on the portable side, but of course, you can’t expect the same portability as a regular power bank. This thing is still quite large and heavy, too.

    So the power station has a length of 7.2 inches, a width of 4.3 inches, and a height of 4.6 inches. The weight of it is 2.9 pounds.

    In terms of a portable power source with all the powering and charging options that we’ve discussed above? This product is very small, and its use of two handles only makes portability easier.

    Could you take this power station with you to the library or coffee shop and use it to charge your laptop without having to worry about being near an outlet? Yes, it would be great for that. For camping and hiking, this power source rocks, too.

    Functional Components:

    The USB and DC ports are on the long length side, while on the short ends, you’ll find the two AC outlets on one side, and the other side is where there’s an LED flashlight.

    At the top of the power station is the power button. The power button at the top controls the power for the USB ports and the DC ports, so once you have a device connected to either of the sides, you have to press the top power button. Also, the LED power capacity displays are colored blue, and you can press the power button to check how much power is left.

    When it comes to using the AC outlets, you have to press the AC outlet power button to be active. The flashlight also has its own power button, and there are two modes for the flashlight, with the first one being the “constant” mode and the other being an SOS mode.

    Structure and Material:

    The build quality of this portable power station is great, as it’s built like a tank. However, it’s not exactly rugged, even though that’s what it seems like and looks like, too. The power station can take light falls, bumps, such as placing it in your car and forgetting about it no matter how you drive.

    Dropping onto hard-flooring from a high height can prove to be bad, though, as it’s not shock resistant. The two handles provide a great way to take it anywhere and are large enough to hold the power station comfortably.


    If you go over the max power output of this Suaoki power station on the tech side, it will automatically turn off. Even when we used it for a long time, the power station didn’t heat up, and that’s likely because of its use of vents and a fan.


    With all of its features coupled together with its use of two AC outlets, four DC ports that can be made more useful with a 12Volt car adapter, four USB ports with one using Quick Charge, and top it all off, the power station has a flashlight. This all comes in a form factor that you can practically take anywhere, even though not as easily as a regular power bank, but its handles make portability with it a lot easier.

    The way that the reliability of the power station falls short is if the AC outlets don’t provide enough power for what you want to use it for.


    Suaoki’s portable power station has a great amount of charging and powering options. There are four ports to use, with one using Quick Charge. Although not as useful as directly used, the DC ports, the use of a 12Volt car adapter makes them more useful. Also, there are two AC outlets, a 2-prong and the other being a 3-prong.

    The power station is small in terms of being a portable power source, and that’s why it makes use of a handle that enables you to take it anywhere you want.

    The build of the power station is tough, and the internals doesn’t get hot with its use of a fan and vents.

    Most portable power sources will be reliable as they’re the swiss army knife of tech in terms of charging and powering. That rings true right here.

    SUAOKI S270 150Wh Portable Power Station Specs
    review, suaoki, s270, 150wh, portable


    This Suaoki S270 portable power station is a jack of all trades when it comes to both charging and powering your portable devices.

    Suaoki Portable Power Station and Solar Generator Review

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    One of the major benefits of the Suaoki portable power station is the ability to work or power a phone, laptop, or any other device, from anywhere. You feel much more relaxed, creative, and productive when working from somewhere that you are more comfortable.

    In the past, extension cords were used to be able to work outside, but you have to worry about tripping over. So, if you’re looking for a dependable and portable solar power station, you will love this guide. Let’s explore the different Suaoki portable power stations and the possible alternatives.

    What Are Suaoki Portable Solar Generators?

    If you’re new to the portable power industry, then it is important to note that there is a difference between solar generators and traditional portable power stations. One of the defining features of solar generators is that they are compatible with solar panels.

    Solar panels enable continuous use of the power station during daytime hours. Any excess electricity is sent and stored in the battery for later use.

    Suaoki sells a line of solar generators that have different capacities and come at different prices. Some small generators are lightweight and designed for charging laptops and phones, while the larger options are more powerful to run kitchen appliances and other power tools.

    The amount of electricity a solar panel can store varies based on the size of the battery. On the other hand, the amount of electronics a Suaoki power station can support depends on the output capacity of the inverter as well as other system options.

    With that being said, here are the best Suaoki portable power stations you can consider buying.

    SUAOKI Portable Power Station, 150Wh Camping Generator

    Coming first in line, the SUAOKI 150Wh Camping Generator is a dependable and portable solar power station that is quite popular in the market today. Let’s take a closer look at this portable battery pack.


    The Suaoki Portable Power Station, 150Wh Camping Generator, is a small and compact power station that comes in red and black colors. It is quite similar to the knock-off rebranding of the popular Rockpals line. It comes with comfortable handles and weighs only 2.9 pounds making it easy to carry around.

    If you’re doing something outdoors but still want to charge your devices, then this Suaoki station is a great option. It features a built-in MPPT charge controller that ensures efficient solar charging. Furthermore, the device has tons of outlet options for charging your laptop, phone, camera, drone, or tablet.


    This Suaoki portable power station provides 100w of steady output as well as 150w of peak power. You can connect up to five different devices using the USB ports and AC port at the same time.

    This device is also super quiet even at peak power outputs. However, when connected with multiple devices, a tiny amount of noise may be heard. This is because, under heavy loads, the cooling fan works much harder to ensure it remains cool.


    Although this S270 model comes at a lower price, it has limited performance. With a lithium-ion battery capacity of only 150Wh, this power station can power a laptop for about 1.2 hours, charge approximately ten phones, or run a tiny electric cooler for 2.5 hours. While it is rated at 100W, the charging options are only limited to smaller devices.


    The overall durability of this Suaoki portable power station is quite decent. The durability is not compromised despite it being super light. The outer body features a rugged design, and its rubber feet ensure it remains steady on any surface.

    This power station provides a 360-day free return policy. The battery management system ensures it is protected from voltage surges and high temperatures. This is a great safety feature to ensure your electronics are safe when using USB output ports.


    This portable power supply comes with several accessories for efficient use. The accessories include one MC4 cable, an AC adaptor, one DC female cigarette lighter adapter, and a DC car charger adapter cable.

    SUAOKI Solar Generators, G500 Portable Power Station

    The SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station is incredibly versatile and an efficient battery pack for power supply and ensuring your devices stay charged up even while camping, traveling, or just hanging outdoors.


    As one of the company’s most powerful solar generators, the Suaoki G500 Portable Power Station is still compact enough for portability. It comes with a 500W battery management system and a 300W of continuous power output.

    Although the power output is similar to that of S370, its high surge rating of 600W and increased battery size ensures it delivers more power to your devices. It is large and powerful enough to efficiently provide electricity for CPAP machines for several nights, charge phones approximately 40 smartphones, or run an electric cooler and other appliances for about nine hours.


    Weighing at approximately 15 pounds, this is the heaviest model but includes a handle for easy portability. It is not designed for everyday use, but you can take it wherever you want. Considering the powering capabilities, the height of 8.3 inches, and a width of 11 inches, this device won’t take much of your space.

    This Suaoki station has the same outlet options as other models and a port for USB type C devices. It charges efficiently with solar panels but also includes an option to charge using a DC carport or an AC wall plug, though at a slower pace.

    Build Quality

    The build quality is quite solid as it is constructed thick a heavy-duty plastic and has no loose parts. However, it might get a bit warm when using a high output for a longer time.

    SUAOKI Portable Power Station, 322Wh Solar Generators

    The Suaoki Portable Power Station, 322Wh Generator, is a powerful option for tent campers, tailgaters, car campers, and RVers. It is a small, lightweight, and portable backup for outdoor activities power supply that gives more power than handheld battery packs.


    With 322 watt-hours, this Suaoki Portable Power Station (S370) has a better battery capacity. Although this additional battery capacity may increase the weight of this unit, it is still very portable with the built-in handle. In addition, the output capacity is much better with 300W of continuous power.

    The device makes less noise when in operation and also remains cool unless it is sitting under direct sunlight.


    This Suaoki S370 power station weighs just over seven pounds, and the dimensions are 10x6x6. It provides 14 output connections that include four USB connections, one car plug connection, four AC 120 volt connections, and four DC 12 volt connections.

    Multiple devices can be charged simultaneously, and all the outputs except for the AC plug become live whenever the power is turned on. To activate the AC plug, you need to push the AC button and power on the Pure Sine Wave Inverter in the station.

    It includes a carrying handle that easily folds down when you’re not using it. The two emergency lights can flash the signal for SOS when needed. It also comes with an internal fan that helps cool the components and a battery management system, as well as a solar charge controller. Its LED display makes it easy to see the battery remaining in the unit.

    Battery Life Status

    It is designed to be charged by solar panels, a car plug when driving, a 120V AC plug wall charger or via a USB-C solar charging cable. The unit requires approximately seven hours to fully charge.

    It comes with a lithium-ion battery that has a lifespan of about 500 recharges. However, a fully recharged unit can only be able to charge a laptop five times and power approximately 20 phones. While the size of the inverter may imply that this unit can power CPAP machines, its battery life limits it to less than two nights.

    Despite this, this model comes with similar solar charging capabilities as other Suaoki models but here, the MPPT solar charge controller is highly effective.

    Suaoki portable solar generator

    ECEEN 60W portable solar panel is designed for travelers, with high durability and portability, it’s the perfect companion for all outdoor activities. Made of durable polyester canvas and utilizes the powerful Squamae solar cell to maximize the use of available sunlight, which is much higher than most solar panels. It is equipped with 4 output ports and includes a variety of connectors, compatible with most mobile devices on the market, including portable power station, smartphones, tablets, power banks, digital cameras etc. Ideally suited for the outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.

    • HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY The 60Watts solar panel constructed form high-efficiency Squamae solar cells, This creates a fixed module area to deploy more cells so that more light can be absorbed and the overall power output will be enhanced by 19%. Much higher than the market average level.
    • 4-PORTS Smart CHARGING.- Equipped with 1DC port(18V/3.3A max), Dual USB QC3.0 ports(5V/3A or 9V/2.5A or 12V/2A 24W max), 1 USB-C PD port(5V/3A or 9V/3A or 12V/3A or 15V/3A, 45W max), the built-in Smart IC chip can intelligently identify your devices and automatically adjusts the optimal current, maximizes its charging speed while protects your devices from overcharging and overloading, suitable for smartphones, tablets, power banks, digital cameras and more.
    • WIDE COMPATIBILITY.- This foldable solar panel is designed for the most portable generator power station on the market, compatible with most portable solar generators on the market:8mm DC Adapter for Jackery Explorer 240/160/500 and Goal Zero Yeti 150/400 Power Station; 3.51.35mm DC Adapter for Suaoki S270/ENKEEO S155/Paxcess 100W portable generator; 5.52.1mm DC Adapter for Rockpals 250W/PRYMAX 300W portable generator; C4 Anderson Connector cable for other portable power stations that compatible with MC4 Anderson connector. Also for mobile phones, power banks, tablets, laptops, GPS, digital cameras, etc. Ideally suited for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.
    • FOLDABLE PORTABLE.- Ultra compact of size 18.914.61.4in (folded)/ 26.818.5in(Unfolded), weighs only 4.4 lbs, when folded, it looks like a briefcase and it comes with a PU Leather handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere you go, 4 metal reinforced mounting holes and magnets kickstand for easy installation or angle adjustment.
    • DURABLE WTERPROOF.- Solar panel with industrial-strength ETFE polymer as the surface are sewn into an ultra-durable polyester canvas to provide weather-resistant outdoor durability, ideal for any outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic.

    ECEEN 60W portable solar panel is designed for travelers, with high durability and portability, it’s the perfect companion for all outdoor activities. Made of durable polyester canvas and utilizes the powerful Squamae solar cell to maximize the use of available sunlight, which is much higher than most solar panels. It is equipped with 4 output ports and includes a variety of connectors, compatible with most mobile devices on the market, including portable power station, smartphones, tablets, power banks, digital cameras etc. Ideally suited for the outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.

    5.5 2.5mm DC Adapter for Suaoki 400wh portable generator.

    8mm DC Adapter for Jackery Explorer 160/240/500, Goal Zero Yeti 150/400, BALDR 330W Power Station.

    5.5 2.1mm DC Adapter for Rockpals 250W/350W/500W, FlashFish 200W/300W, PAXCESS ROCKMAN 200/300W/500W, PRYMAX 300W portable generator.

    3.5 1.35mm DC Adapter for Suaoki S270, ENKEEO S155, Paxcess 100W, Aiper 150W portable generator.

    C4 cable for Rockpals 300W/PAXCESS 330W solar generator and other portable generator compatible with MC4 connector, or connect to solar controller(not included) to charge 12V battery.

    Anderson cable for connecting portable power station like Jackery Explorer 1000, Goal zero Yeti 1500X, Yeti 3000X, ROCKPALS 500W, ALLPOWERS372Wh Flashfish EA300/E300/EA150/E200/G300 and other portable generator compatible with Anderson connector

    Please Note: The solar panel is not compatible with Jackery Explorer 440/PowerPro, Goal zero yeti 200x/500x/1000X.

    Smart USB QC3.0 USB-C Charging Technology

    l 4-port output, Dual USB QC3.0 (24w max) and USB-C PD port (45w max), greatly improving the charging efficiency, charging compatible devices is much faster than ordinary solar chargers.

    l The Smart IC chip built-in the controller which intelligently identifies your device and automatically adjust the optimal current according to the connected device to offer the fastest possible charge speed.

    l In addition, it is equipped with short-circuit protection and over-current protection functions to ensure that your device will not be damaged during charging.


    Output: DC port (18V/1.5A max), Dual USB QC3.0 ports(5V/3A or 9V/2.5A or 12V/2A 24W max), 1 USB-C PD port(5V/3A or 9V/3A or 12V/3A or 15V/3A, 45W max

    Folded Size: 18.914.61.4in (48373.5cm)

    Unfolded Size: 26.818.50.8in (68472cm)

    Package Contents:

    1 3-in-1 DC Connector (DC 5521 transfer to 8mm, 2.5mm, 1.35mm DC adapter)

    1 59 inch DC5521-to-DC5521 Cable

    1 59 inch DC5521-to-C4 Connector Cable

    1 59 inch DC5521-to-Anderson Connector Cable

    How To Start:

    Fully open the three panels in direct sunlight on sunny days.

    Adjust panel angle, make sure sunlight shines panel as vertical as possible.

    Connect your cable to the DC port/USB/USB C port, then start charging.

    review, suaoki, s270, 150wh, portable


    The time period of the highest power generation efficiency is from 10:00 to 14:00.When it is cloudy or sunlight become weaker, the output of the panel may become unstable due to low power generation efficiency.

    We do not recommend that you charger in the car or near Windows for the reason that the glass will block the heat of the sun so conversion efficiency will get lower.

    When the sunlight is not enough and multiple output ports are used at the same time, the solar panel will automatically distribute the current and give priority to charging some of the devices.

    Although polyester canvas provides waterproof protection, we recommend minimizing contact with water to protect the internal electronic components of the product.

    Please note that the power generation will vary depending on the installation location, weather conditions, sunshine time, etc.

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