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Pitched Solar Roof Options — The World Beyond Tesla. Sunstyle solar panels

Pitched Solar Roof Options — The World Beyond Tesla. Sunstyle solar panels

    The Top 17 Solar Roof Shingle Manufacturers

    In an era where climate change is posing serious threats to our environment, the world is increasingly turning towards sustainable and renewable sources of energy. As a result, many homeowners are now exploring ways to harness the power of sunlight by installing solar panels on their roofs.

    However, traditional solar panels can be bulky, unsightly and challenging to install. Enter solar roof shingles – a sleek alternative that blends seamlessly into your roofline while also generating electricity from the sun’s rays.

    In this blog post, we will explore some of the top solar roof shingle manufacturers in the market today and learn how they are driving innovation in this exciting industry.




    Services provided:

    • Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roof installation
    • Solar energy solutions without compromising beauty
    • High-quality PERC monocrystalline photovoltaic cells for maximum efficiency
    • Durable and leak-proof roofing solutions
    • Proven track record with over 10 years of installations and 500,000 shingles installed

    SunStyle is a well-established solar roof shingle manufacturer that offers building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) roofs, inspired by traditional Swiss alpine slate shingles. With over ten years of installations and 500,000 shingles installed, they provide an incredibly efficient and durable solution for homeowners looking to seamlessly integrate solar energy into their roofing system without compromising on design.


    Contact phone: (800) 233-8990


    Services provided:

    • Premium solar roof systems
    • High efficiency Solstice® Panels
    • Solstice Shingle system for energy production and roof protection
    • Strongest warranty in solar industry
    • Resources for learning about solar energy and finding professionals and distributors

    CertainTeed Solar is a leading manufacturer of premium solar roof systems with some of the highest efficiency panels on the market. Their Solstice shingle system not only generates clean energy but also offers protection against water intrusion, and is backed by the industry’s strongest warranty.

    LUMA Solar

    Services provided:

    • Upgradeable solar shingle system
    • High power output of 80W per shingle
    • Superior design by roofing industry experts
    • Durability rated to exceed category 5 hurricanes and 3x stronger than traditional tiles
    • Custom, award-winning, and patented integrated solar roof system

    Luma Solar is an award-winning, customer-focused solar roof shingle manufacturer with a patented integrated solar roof system. With over 50 years of experience in the roofing industry, Luma Solar offers superior design and durability that can stand up to category 5 hurricanes while providing customers with clean energy without compromising on beauty and craftsmanship.

    As the only upgradeable solar shingle system currently available, Luma Solar’s obsession with its customers ensures they receive high-quality products and installation every time.

    GAF Timberline Solar


    Services provided:

    • Provides a reliable roofing system with GAF-backed warranties
    • Offers a solar roofing system that is easy to install and use
    • May help homeowners save money on monthly electricity bills over time
    • Employs GAF-certified roofing contractors for installation expertise
    • Plays a role in renewable energy growth for a better future

    Looking for a reliable and innovative solar roofing system? Look no further than Timberline Solar™. Backed by GAF warranties and installed by certified contractors, this roofing system offers both good looks and clean energy savings that may even pay for itself over time.

    Choose Timberline Solar™ to do your part in renewable energy growth, now and for generations to come.




    Services provided:

    • Exquisite roofs for a solar powered home
    • Low light solar power generation
    • Easy installation concrete roofing product
    • Reliable renewable energy for homeowners
    • Aesthetic design that fits with any home

    Ergosun is a global solar roof shingle manufacturer that offers homeowners the superior quality and aesthetic of traditional roofing combined with renewable low light solar power generation. Their easy installation concrete roofing product can be installed by any traditional contractor, providing reliable renewable energy solutions. Ergosun aims to make it easier for homeowners around the world to embrace sustainability without compromising on style or comfort.



    Services provided:

    • Provides BIPV technology designed to appear as typical asphalt shingles on residential roofs
    • Serves the dual purpose of protecting the roof structure while using solar energy to generate electricity
    • Offers easy installation and built to withstand weather elements
    • Offers solar roof shingles, solar laminates, modules with integrated PV cells, and transparent laminates
    • Provides superior performance and more electricity generation per square foot compared to conventional solar modules

    Mitrex is a trusted solar roof shingle manufacturer that offers easy-to-install BIPV technology designed to serve both as roofing and electricity generating material. Their solar tile varieties such as laminates, modules with integrated PV cells, and transparent laminates are built to withstand weather elements while providing superior performance compared to conventional solar modules.

    With their seamless design, Mitrex solar shingles offer excellent aesthetics thanks to their sleek and hidden fastening system which can be integrated with a wide range of exterior wall structures and designs.

    SunTegra Solar


    Services provided:

    • Offers an innovative, low-profile solar roof system
    • Provides traditional benefits of solar without the traditional “look” of solar
    • Helps roofers and home improvement contractors differentiate themselves from competitors and grow their business
    • Offers a solar solution that integrates with new construction projects and provides cost savings
    • Provides an attractive alternative to standard solar with building integrated solar solutions

    SunTegra is a leading manufacturer of innovative building integrated solar solutions that provide customers with an attractive alternative to the traditional look of solar.

    Their low-profile, high-performance solar roof system offers homeowners, roofing professionals, and builders new construction alike an efficient and cost-effective way to integrate solar technology into their properties without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

    Sango Building

    Contact phone: (585) 712-9339


    Services provided:

    • High-quality solar roof tiles
    • Innovative and reliable solutions for residential and commercial buildings
    • Seamless integration with existing roofs
    • Commitment to sustainability and the environment
    • Personalized solutions to meet specific requirements

    Sangobuild is the go-to place if you are looking for top-notch solar roof tiles. With extensive experience in the industry, they have become a reputable manufacturer of high-quality and sustainable solutions for commercial and residential buildings.

    pitched, solar, roof, options, world, beyond

    Their commitment to sustainability and personalized customer service makes them stand out from their competitors.

    Shanco Solar Roof

    Contact phone: (301) 250-1926


    Services provided:

    • Offers GAF Timberline Solar Shingles for installation in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.
    • Provides an eco-friendly roofing product that generates clean energy without building a structure on the roof for solar panels.
    • Completes the installation of GAF Timberline Solar Shingles with a crew of roofing experts who meet the installation requirements as provided by GAF to ensure the roof adheres to the full 25-year warranty.
    • Provides a durable solar shingle that is strong enough to withstand 130 mph winds and doesn’t interfere with the shingle’s water-shedding capabilities.
    • Offers a solar product that is walkable and doesn’t compromise the roof’s ability to keep the home dry.

    Shanco is a trusted solar shingle installer in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. They offer an eco-friendly roofing product that generates clean energy without having to build additional structures on roofs.

    With their team of experts, homeowners are guaranteed an installation that complies with GAF’s requirements and provides a full 25-year warranty.

    Standard Industries

    Contact phone: (325) 793-0814

    Services provided:

    • Standard Building Solutions
    • Standard Performance Materials
    • Standard Logistics
    • Standard Investments
    • Standard Real Estate

    Standard Building Solutions is a leading manufacturer of innovative solar roof shingles. Their product is designed to be easy to install and cost-effective for homeowners who want to adopt home solar power.

    The company provides sustainable building materials and solutions while emphasizing inclusion, diversity, social impact, and green living.

    st Class Roofing


    pitched, solar, roof, options, world, beyond

    Services provided:

    • Residential roofing services
    • New technology solar shingles
    • Timberline solar roof system
    • GAF solar integrated solar shingle roofing systems
    • Solar panel systems that sit flush on the roof

    1st Class Roofing Inc. Is a reputable residential roofing company that offers a new type of solar technology called Timberline Solar Roof System.

    With their integrated solar shingle roofing systems, customers not only help the environment but also earn money through savings in their bank accounts. Their GAF solar shingle roofing systems lay flat on the roof like regular shingles and do not collect debris over time, making maintenance hassle-free and efficient.

    Rensick Roofing

    Contact phone: (574) 723-8452


    Services provided:

    • Residential roofing services
    • Solar shingle installation options
    • Start-to-finish customer support
    • Flexible financing options
    • Federal tax credit on solar installation

    Resnick Roofing Contracting is a reputed A BBB-rated exterior remodeling company providing top-quality solar shingle installation and residential roofing services. With a customer-centric FOCUS and flexible financing options, we make home renovations effortless for our clients while maximizing savings through federal energy tax credits.

    Fortified Roofing


    Services provided:

    pitched, solar, roof, options, world, beyond
    • Produces clean energy from the world’s first nailable solar shingle
    • Provides a roof that protects like a roof and installs like a roof
    • Offers solar roof technology that is advanced yet simple
    • Reduces energy bills by generating electricity in homes
    • Designs solar shingles to function as a common roofing material, similar to asphalt shingles

    This company specializes in manufacturing solar roof shingles that are designed to protect and generate clean energy simultaneously. Their advanced technology allows for easy installation, making it a simple solution to reducing your energy bills.

    American Home Contractors


    pitched, solar, roof, options, world, beyond

    Services provided:

    • Maryland’s premier solar roof contractor
    • Expertise in the solar roof field
    • Highly trained solar roof professionals
    • Seamless and stress-free experience for clients
    • Installation of Tesla Solar Roof and GAF Energy Timberline solar roof with nailable solar shingles

    American Home Contractors is the number one solar roof contractor in Maryland with top expertise and a highly trained team of professionals. They offer seamless, stress-free experiences for clients no matter the size or budget of their project and are among the first to install Tesla Solar Roofs and GAF Energy Timberline solar roofs with nailable shingles.

    With options like Tesla’s Solar Roof and GAF’s Solar Roof, American Home Contractors offers aesthetically appealing, durable solutions that range from uniformity in electricity generation to fire resistance with 25-year warranties.

    Kapital Electric

    Contact phone: (630) 833-2389


    Services provided:

    • Installation of solar power roofing shingles
    • Cost-efficient solar shingle roof installation
    • Premier solar shingle installation services in Chicago
    • Aesthetically pleasing solar shingles that look like regular roofing shingles
    • Durable solar shingles that fulfill all the functions of regular roofing shingles

    Kapital Electric is a trusted solar roof shingle installation company in Chicago, offering a cost-efficient solution to homeowners looking for an eco-friendly and visually-pleasing roofing option. Their photovoltaic shingles can produce between 13 and 63 watts of energy each, making them a practical alternative to bulky solar panels.

    Feazel Solar Roof

    Contact phone: (984) 465-7988


    Services provided:

    • Checking if solar will work for your home
    • Installation of GAF Timberline Solar Shingles
    • Expert installation by certified roofers
    • 25-year warranty on installation work
    • Durable shingles that can withstand 130 mph winds and shed water effectively

    Feazel is a reliable and expert solar roof shingle installer that assures the compatibility of solar installation for your home without violating your current roof warranty. With dual certification from GAF Timberline, Feazel provides an eco-friendly and durable roofing option marked with unmatched longevity to withstand strong wind speeds up to 130 mph while efficiently shedding water away.

    The Big Fish Contracting Company

    Contact phone: (419) 488-0449


    Services provided:

    • Selling and installing solar shingle roofs
    • Offering the world’s first nailable solar shingle, the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES)
    • Assembling the ES in the US at GAF Energy’s stateside manufacturing plant
    • Providing innovative solar shingle technology that has received three awards from the leading consumer technology association in the world, the CTA
    • Offering a solar roof quote request form for interested customers

    Big Fish is a trusted roofing company that specializes in solar shingle roofs. With their innovative Timberline Solar Energy Shingle™ (ES) and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, they have garnered recognition for excellence from the leading consumer technology association.

    Request a quote today to see how you can reduce your electric bills with this revolutionary technology.

    Pitched Solar Roof Options — The World Beyond Tesla

    On-roof mounting systems still have the largest share in the residential solar photovoltaic market. However, for new or refurbished pitched roofs, this is not cost-effective. First of all, we need to understand that solar roof tiles are completely unnecessary with PV panels above them. Additionally, on-roof PV systems are quite often a visual torture. The reality is that some photovoltaic sellers squeeze in as much kW as they can and installers assemble those Tetris-like systems. The panels are arranged vertically and horizontally, clearly standing out from the roofing, visually resembling the block effect from a well-known computer game. We can do better than that.

    Integrated or sticked, aka in-roof vs on-roof

    On the photovoltaic market, there is now a clear increase in sales of mounting systems with an emphasis on aesthetics and integration with the roof. In addition to new solutions such as Sunroof, there is also some clear engagement of big players in the roofing industry. Both Braas and Creaton have already invested in the PV integrated systems. Recently, they were also joined by Wienerberger, who announced a financial commitment to Exasun. There are already over a dozen different PV solutions for pitched roofs on the market.

    Until recently, integrated systems were perceived as a more expensive option in the premium category. Most of them were also priced this way. There is more variety on the market today, though. Below is my overview of the mounting systems available on the European market, grouped depending on the type of PV modules they use.

    Regardless of the manufacturer, all integrated systems have one thing in common — they are mounted instead of the roofing material. The PV system installed in this way does not visually override the roof cover but replaces it where installed. And that generates some serious savings on material and transport. For example, a GSE In-Roof mounting system for installations with a capacity of 10kWp requires only 27 mounting trays weighing 2.5 kg each. Consider the labor savings for a roofer who, in the case of a traditional on-roof installation, first would have to transport and install 486 tiles with a total weight of 2062 kg (30× more!) and then install aluminum PV mounting rails above them. No question, on-roof systems have their advantages in the case of existing roofs, but they are no longer as economically viable on newly constructed or renovated roofs.


    Each segment has outstanding leaders. The most numerous groups are brands that offer dedicated PV module roof integration systems and solar roof tiles. Most of them are very similar and their solutions are quite expensive. Certainly, the most known and interesting category is the category of PV tiles. This is probably mostly the effect of Tesla’s brand name, but all solar tiles have a very attractive appearance. In this category, one of the most valuable alternatives in my opinion are the Match Tile and Slate modules.

    Solutions such as the one proposed by Dyaqua provide sensational aesthetics, because they are completely indistinguishable from similar traditional tiles. However, it is doubtful that they will be popularized with actual power of 6Wp and the price of 7€ per Wp. Buildings with a traditional appearance or monuments can probably be found where they are preferred, but rationality tells me that the use of other forms of PV will be much more profitable for our environment and the investor.

    During my career at FAKRO, a direct competitor of Velux roof Windows, I was privileged to work with the company in the process of preparing the integration of the roof window with the Stafier system. The solar tile of this brand replaces at least 6 traditional tiles — it is a significant convenience for roofers. What is worth mentioning here is the number of electrical connections on the roof. The first variants of solar tiles required that each of them was individually connected to the electrical installation. This generated a lot of work, additional costs, and a completely unnecessary risk of error. The probability of an inaccurately made MC4 connection in the case of a roof with 486 joints (tiles) instead of possibly 27 with in-roof systems is obviously higher and the service that might be needed is very difficult.

    This is probably why the trend set by Stafier and Braas seems to have also gained the recognition of Tesla, which recently published specifications for new solar tiles — this time wider, replacing a few smaller ones.

    PV Module ENCOR EC370M-6-120FB 370 Wp [1755×1038]

    Glass roofs offered by Emergo, Solrif, or Sunroof look very similar and differ from each other only in terms of assembly details. The final aesthetics is the main advantage of these systems. The possibility of using the so-called dummies for photovoltaically inactive fillings and roof flashings result in the uniform aesthetic character of the roof. These systems require the purchase of dedicated PV modules, manufactured in specific dimensions, appropriate preparation and additional protection of the roof, and specialized assembly. All of these aspects ultimately result in a high price.

    In contrast to specialized roofs based on dedicated modules, integrated systems such as GSE In-Roof offer practical and economic advantages in addition to aesthetics. Compared to a traditional PV system mounted above the roof, GSE saves 18× in the roofing material, which significantly reduces cost, labor, and the carbon footprint. Thanks to similar in-roof solutions, traditional PV modules can be installed, regardless of the manufacturer. Therefore, dedicated production lines and special deliveries are not required. A possible future maintenance or repair of the panels, like after hail damage, can be carried out without any problems or risk of non-availability of a particular module, as in the case of systems with dedicated panels.

    When it comes to the ability to generate electricity, integrated systems differ quite significantly. Some manufacturers have decided to produce dedicated modules. The colors that differ more from the typical color of silicon cells may look more appealing, but they produce less energy.

    To obtain 1 kWp installations, you need a roof with an area of:

    PV Module ENCOR EC370M-6-120FB 370 Wp [1755×1038]

    The simplest system is the one we all know. Every roofer in Europe knows how to install roof Windows. Therefore, the easiest of these are solar tile systems, Viridian and GSE in-roof. They enable relatively easy and aesthetic integration with the above-mentioned roof Windows and an assembly system which is intuitive for the roofers.

    All systems will benefit from advances in photovoltaic technology. However, only the above in-roof systems benefit from commonly used modules in the residential and solar farm markets. And this means their greater availability, economies of scale, and competition, which has an obvious impact on the favorable price of the system.

    Check out the list of pitched solar roof solutions below, mentioned in my integrated PV landscape:

    Standard PV Modules

    Systems that enable the installation of typical PV modules.

    • GSE IN-ROOF — GSE Integration
    • SOLARSTONE — Solarstone
    • BRAAS PV INDAX — Monier
    • nD-Indachsystem — Blue-energy-systems
    • IRTFS — Irfts
    • TRIROOF — Tritec
    • IntegPV — Sunintegration

    Dedicated PV Modules

    Mounting systems with modules dedicated to a given system.

    • SOLRIF — Solrif
    • EMERGO — Emergo
    • VIRIDIAN — Viridiansolar
    • EXASUN X-roof — Exasun
    • ETERNIT — Eternit
    • SUNROOF — Sunroof
    • ROBISOL — Bitile ‌
    • AERSPIRE — aerspire
    • MEGASLATE — 3s-solarplus
    • NICER — megasol

    PV Roof Tiles

    Mounting systems such as PV tile, PV slate.

    • STAFIER /BRAAS PREMIUM — Stafiersolar
    • SOLARSTONE — Solarstone
    • SOLINSO — Solinso
    • TESLA — Tesla Solar Roof
    • CIGS ePower tile — epowertile
    • EXASUN X-TILE — Exasun x-tile
    • MATCH Tile — Megasol match
    • SMARTROOF — Smartroof
    • SUNSTYLE —
    • Enviro UK — Enviro
    • Dyaqua — Dyaqua

    Solar Metal Roofs

    Mounting systems dedicated to integration with metal coverings.

    • LINDAB SOLAR — Lindab-solarroof
    • ROOFIT SOLAR — RoofitSolar
    • KALZIP — Kalzip
    • FLISOM — Flisom
    • HELIATEK — Heliatek

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    Should You Get Solar Tiles Instead Of Solar Panels?

    I recently attended the 2022 All Energy Australia conference in Melbourne. There was a lot on display, including some Building Integrated PV (BIPV) I hadn’t seen before.

    BIPV is building material such as tiles, cladding and Windows with solar cells built-in. The most famous example of BIPV is the Tesla Solar Roof, which is unavailable in Australia and pretty hard to get in the USA too.

    As solar becomes normal on buildings, more owners are likely to consider BIPV as an alternative to discrete solar panels. So in this post, I’ll explore:

    I also included some pictures of BIPV so you can see if it’s something you may be interested in next time you build a home or replace a roof.

    Volt produces these dark solar tiles. To me, they looked darker in real life in this photograph. But maybe the picture’s fine and I just have a dim view of the world.

    BIPV Can Be Expensive

    BIPV most commonly involves integrating solar cells with roofing material. But it doesn’t have to be roofs. PV solar siding can go on walls, and there are also Windows that generate electricity from sunlight. But for most homes, roofs are where the action is. Well installed, solar tiles look great…

    Tractile solar tiles in Marino, SA

    But they are very expensive.

    At this time, using BIPV is an aesthetic choice. You must be willing to pay extra in return for how they look.

    The most cost-effective time to buy a BIPV roof is when you are building a home or replacing a roof. If you replace a perfectly good roof with BIPV, you’ll have to either be really rich or want it really badly.

    Some questions you should consider before buying are…

    • Will people be able to see it?
    • Will people care?
    • Will it work as well as a conventional solar panel system?

    Will Anyone See It?

    I know of installations where people paid extra for all-black solar panels that were then installed where no one could see them. As BIPV can cost much more than the best-looking solar panels, be certain it will make an appreciable difference to your home’s appearance.

    These solar panels look extremely funky. But this level of funkiness reduces efficiency by perhaps 15%. They’re also not BIPV, although they could be used for a patio roof. They’re also not currently available in Australia.

    Will Anyone Care?

    I find homeowners tend to be a little self-conscious about their roofs. Sure, a nice roof can improve the overall impression your home has on people, but the effect is usually going to be less than the stuff that’s at eye level. Hardly anyone cares whether discrete solar panels or stealthy solar tiles power your roof.

    Will BIPV Work As Well As Solar Panels?

    A few things to consider before getting a BIPV roof are:

    • Could you install a larger system with solar panels?
    • What are the warranties, and will you be able to get replacement tiles if required?
    • Will it produce as much energy per kilowatt of PV capacity as a conventional system?
    • Will they make your home hotter?

    Lucy Xu of Wonergy sent me this picture out of the blue. I have no idea who Lucy is or what Wonergy is, but the name of her company has blown my mind. (Woah… nergy!)

    Can You Go Bigger?

    You might think if you make your entire roof BIPV it would produce more power than panels bolted on top. In reality, most solar tiles can’t cover 100% of the roof. You may get more kilowatts from your roof by installing high-efficiency solar panels.

    Warranties Replacements

    Roofs often have warranties of 25 years. These days, there are many solar panels on the market with both product and performance warranties of 25 years or longer. But while BIPV will often have a warranty of 25 years as roof material, its product warranty as solar PV may not be as long. It could be only 10 years.

    This means that after 10 years, you may end up with a solar roof that still works well as a roof but isn’t doing so well on the electricity generation part. While I would expect solar roofing material to have a PV performance warranty of 25 years or more, making a warranty claim under the performance warranty may be more difficult than the product warranty.

    A BIPV manufacturer going out of business can create problems. This is especially true if you need replacement solar tiles. If normal solar panels need replacing after a hailstorm and the manufacturer has gone out of business, it is possible to use another company’s panels. But if no one makes your solar roofing material anymore, you could have a serious problem. You may find keeping some spare tiles on hand a worthwhile precaution.

    System Efficiency

    BIPV is typically less efficient than high-quality, modern solar panels. If a solar tile is anything other than black or a dark bluish-black, it will have lower efficiency. Making them any other colour will reflect some light and reduce output. The loss is likely to be around 15-20%. BIPV efficiency can also lag behind if the manufacturer doesn’t use the latest solar cell technology. While normal panel manufacturers FOCUS on increasing efficiency, the makers of solar tiles may not have the resources to keep up.

    Heat can also be more of a problem for BIPV. Standard solar panels are installed on rails that raise them off the roof. This allows air to circulate underneath and cool them. This can’t happen with solar roof tiles, and so they tend to be slightly hotter under identical conditions. Hotter cell temperatures mean lower efficiency. This may only reduce their output by a couple of percent, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

    BIPV Can Make Your Home Hotter

    Because they’re raised, conventional solar panels will shade your roof and make your home cooler than it would otherwise be, reducing the need for air conditioning. Because BIPV doesn’t have this effect, it can increase your home’s energy consumption. If the non-solar parts of your roof are dark to blend in with dark PV tiles, the effect can be particularly strong.

    BIPV May Be Big In The Future

    At the moment, you can expect to pay much more for a BIPV roof than for a standard roof plus a standard solar system. But could — and should — come down in the future. Combining solar PV and roofing material can provide several cost advantages:

    • BIPV allows roofing material and solar cells to share the same structural strength. As it no longer has to be provided separately by the solar panel, it reduces the total amount of material required and therefore the cost.
    • It completely eliminates the need for railing, clamps, and other hardware used to attach solar panels to roofs.
    • Because the solar is installed along with the roof instead of separately, it could reduce installation costs. But only if the solar tiles are very easy to install.

    Unfortunately, there are also several factors working against BIPV falling in price. These include…

    • Conventional solar panels are very standardized. Standardization has not yet occurred with BIPV, and there are many types of systems on the market. Working against standardization is the fact roof construction varies around the world due to climate and tradition.
    • Roofers are not solar installers or vice versa. As roofers have little interest in installing solar and solar installers generally aren’t interested in building roofs, this slows the uptake of BIPV.
    • There is a principle-agent problem. Builders normally FOCUS on getting construction done and moving on to their next job. They are generally not focused on installing a solar power system that will best meet the needs of whoever moves in. Owner-builders knowledgeable about solar energy may be able to overcome this problem.
    • Standard solar panel manufacturers and standard roofing material manufacturers both FOCUS on producing low-cost, reliable products on a massive scale. For the near to medium term, BIPV is likely to miss out on economies of scale.

    Because of its obstacles, I suspect it will be years before BIPV takes off. While it will improve and fall in price, conventional solar will do the same, so the competition will be a moving target.

    These Dragonscale tiles from SunStyle are my personal favourite, so I’ll write at length about them in the future. (I also included a selfie of myself in this photo — or possibly Santa Claus.)

    Sunstyle solar panels

    Roof Integrated Modules

    Photovoltaic roof tiles or shingles are usual roof tiles with integrated solar cells used for roof covering, together with standard roof tiles or shingles. They are tightly integrated into the roof. Many different forms are used. photovoltaic roof tiles, photovoltaic roof shingles, solar laminates, modules with integrated solar cells as roof covering elements, transparent laminates or modules on ligh weigt substrate for flat roofs etc. Solar (photovoltaic) roof tiles and shingles are probably the most interesting possibility how to integrate solar cells into the building’s roof. Many different forms of solar roof tiles are available on the market. The most common solutions are photovoltaic roof tiles with amorphous solar cells. Roof tiles with mono- or polycrystalline solar cells can also be used together with the classical roof tiles of the same producer, in such case higher temperature and lower yield in case of limited air flow behind solar roof tiles must be considered during design phase. Roof shingles are produced with crystalline or with thin-film solar cells. Other possibilities are thin film solar cells on glass or metal substrate.

    Photovoltaic Roof Tiles and Shingles

    As roof-integrated modules usually laminates without frame are used. Special types are solar roof tiles or shingles. For details please visit solar roof-tiles section. As roof integrated modules other module types can also be used for example: flexible modules, transparent or semitransparent modules, thin film modules etc. Some advanced sollutions were presented in past few years. One of the most aesthetic solutions (product is no longer available) was probably the Pfleiderer’s Roof Tile Terra Piatta Solar produced by Pfleiderer-Dachziegelwerke. Product was awarded with the German Design Award 2002.

    Roof tiles with Ergosun membrane (Image courtesy: Solarmass Energy Group Ltd.)

    Roof integrated solar PV tiles Terra Piatta Solar (Image courtesy: Pfleiderer/Creaton)

    Solar roof tiles and shingles are connected to each other via usual connectors used in photovoltaics. The power range spans from several Watt (roof shingles) to about 100 Watt (roof tiles with crystalline solar cells). Special (custom) designed solutions are glass laminates with integrated solar cells or thin film solar cells on glass or metal substrate. Thin film solar cells on metal substrate are used for integration into facades too. Some roof tile producers offer different roof integration possibilities for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

    Photovoltaic Modules for Flat Roofs

    For flat roofs amorphous Si (usually flexible) modules are available. As modul substrate EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer/M-class) synthetic rubber is used. This material can also be used in combination with bitumen what makes it a preffered choice for flat roofs.

    Light weight modules for flat roofs (Image courtesy: Solarintegrated)

    Roof Integrated Tiles and Historical Heritage

    Into church’s roof in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (northern Germany) 88 mono-crystalline Terra-Piatta-Solar® modules with peak power 5 kWp were integrated. Carefully planned photovoltaic system with 50 m 2 large array does not suffer from the partial shadowing of the modules.

    Into church’s roof integrated solar PV tiles. Left roof before renovation, right roof inside view after renovation (Image courtesy: Pfleiderer/Creaton)

    Commercially Available Solar Roof Integrated Modules Systems

    Creaton. The new photovoltaic module of CREATON constitutes a fully integrated solar solution. It is manufactured to match the respective burnt-clay roofing tile and integrated directly in the coverage in place of the surface tile.

    Solarwatt. EasyIn photovoltaic modules replace conventional roof tiles. They protect your home just as reliably as a normal roof and simultaneously produce the electricity for your house.

    Ergosun. Ergosun is an ultra-thin solar membrane that is extremely lightweight but very strong. It is sized and coloured to match the host tile which can be any commercially available flat concrete or clay tile.

    Kalzip. The roof-integrated photovoltaic system with Kalzip AluPlusSolar has created new possibilities for creativity in modern solar architecture. The flexible yet tough solar film can create straight, convex, and concave shapes.

    Atlantis Energy Systems. Atlantis Energy Systems was founded in 2002 on the principle that quality construction materials and and methods should be the standard. That tradition has always been a part of our tradition and continues to this day. We have the right people, the right experience, the right products, and the right services to do any size project.

    SolarWorld. The SolarWorld Sundeck provides an elegant and tailored solution for integrating solar power systems on roofs. The solar modules are integrated seamlessly into the roof for a harmonious look.

    MegaSlate. The MegaSlate® solar roof system is a trendsetting, architecturally appealing product, especially suited to new buildings and roof refurbishments.

    Sunstyle. The roofing system comprises square tiles whose diagonals overlap from top to bottom.

    Lumeta Solar. Lumeta PowerPly is a Building Integrated Photovoltaic module for low slope applications.

    PV Solar Tiles. solar roof tiles produced in Australia.

    U.S. Green Energy Corp USGE’s vision is to provide the highest quality clean alternative energy solutions through the development and production of innovative renewable energy systems incorporated into building materials and products.

    U.S. Green Energy Corp solar roof tiles for different roofs in variety of colours. Coloured roof tiles and coloured solar cells available.

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