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OUKITEL Launches ABEARL P5000 and ABEARL P5000 Pro All-in-One Home Backup Power…

OUKITEL Launches ABEARL P5000 and ABEARL P5000 Pro All-in-One Home Backup Power…

    OUKITEL Launches ABEARL P5000 and ABEARL P5000 Pro All-in-One Home Backup Power Stations on Kickstarter

    OUKITEL, a well-known technology company, entered the green energy market in 2019. Now debuting a high-power, large-capacity, high-end series of backup home portable power stations, OUKITEL has released ABEARL P5000 and ABEARL P5000 Pro on Kickstarter.

    With ABEARL, OUKITEL embarks on bringing new energy fire to the world, focusing on creating home battery backup and solar power products covering 10-40KWh(5-10KW), offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution to the continuing energy crises.

    The recent energy crises and frequent power outages have diverted user attention toward more sustainable and less-grid-reliant power solutions. However, well before we started experiencing these problems, tech companies were already busy researching technologies and solutions that could lead the planet to sustainable energy sources. Along with offering green energy sources, these portable home power generators also promise electricity availability during increasing power outages and even support outdoor camping trips along with electric vehicle charging.

    Introducing the ultimate one-stop power solution, the ABEARL P5000 series promises to be the one portable power station that can handle all your energy needs.

    ABEARL 5000 and ABEARL 5000 Pro top specs in a quick look

    ABEARL 5000 ProABEARL 5000

    Portable, fumeless, safe power for home and beyond

    Outkitel, with its decades of tech research and development, has made certain that its premium series of backup power generators are not only safe and fumeless but also quiet so you can easily use them even during work and sleep. Temperature protection, current protection, voltage protection, and durable LiFePO4 batteries guarantee one of the safest power products available in the market.

    ABEARL P5000 series features a whopping 15 versatile ports, connecting you to the world during power outages and wild camping! Here are some examples of what a 5120 kWh solar generator can power and for how long:

    • Refrigerator: 96 hours
    • Space heater: 5 hours
    • Air conditioning unit: 4.5 hours
    • Microwave: 5 hours
    • CPAP machine: 90 hours
    • Electric vehicle: 25 miles equivalent charge
    • Circular saw: 3.7 hours

    ABEARL Special Spring Price

    OUKITEL has unveiled a limited-time Spring Special price on Kickstarter. Grab this opportunity to get the ABEARL P5000 Pro portable power station when you pledge 3,099 to the Kickstarter campaign, which is 48% off its retail price of 5,999.

    Get the ABEARL P5000 portable power station when you pledge 2,299 to the Kickstarter campaign, which is 54% off its retail price of 4,999.

    ABEARL offers a 2-year warranty and lifetime customer support enabling you to power your eco-friendly future with renewable energy without having to worry about product failure. Head over to Kickstarter to check out this much-needed all-in-one green energy solution packed in a well-built and aesthetically designed product.

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    A simple yet effective portable solution for power outages

    TechRadar Verdict

    The Oukitel P2001 incorporates the best one can get in terms of battery technology. But it is it’s versatility with features such as UPS and fast charging that makes it stand out from the competition.


    • Over 2000 charge cycles
    • Plenty of output sockets
    • Fast charging
    • UPS mode
    • Great inverter efficiency


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    Two-minute review

    Oukitel made a splash last year with a monstrous smartphone featuring a 15Ah battery. Fresh from this tour de force, it is jumping into the world of high-capacity power stations with the P2001. This space is already crowded with the likes of Bluetti and Ecoflow. Oukitel has a different proposition with a back-to-basics approach that promotes simplicity over fancy features. This will surely please many customers looking for an easy-to-use product but with a lot of capacity both for the battery and the AC inverter.

    oukitel, launches, abearl, p5000, all-in-one

    Oukitel has a Kickstarter campaign for the P2001 where it can be yours for a pledge of 1000, which is half of its 2000 MSRP. The portable power station has a 2000W AC inverter and a 2000W/hr battery which is more than enough to power small appliances for a couple of hours. over, the included LiFePo4 battery can provide at least 2000 charge cycles before the capacity drops to 80%.

    Other key features are the rugged case, very fast charge time, a simple LCD, 2W LED light and charging from a solar panel. Turning on an AC socket can be done in only two steps making the P2001 ideal in an emergency. Oukitel is betting that having a product with a simple user interface and great power performance will hit a chord with gleeful customers. There is no question that it can reach that goal with a good product and the proper customer support.


    As with many heavy products, the P2001 ships in a sturdy carton box that will guarantee its delivery in an excellent state. There isn’t much inside the box apart from the power station. The only supplied accessory is an AC cable which is stored in a handy compartment on top of the case. There is also the customary user manual that explains clearly how to use features of the P2001. The black and grey case feels solid and has vents located on each side providing airflow to four large fans. Four rubber pads prevent the case from sliding while two aluminum alloy bars on the top serve as handles. The unit measures 39cm x 28cm x 33cm and weighs 22kg.

    The pure-sine AC inverter is rated at 2000W and can exceed twice this value in short durations. With a battery capacity of 2000W/hr, the P2001 will provide power to many home appliances over a relatively long time period. The LiFePo4 chemistry used is one of the best in terms of endurance but comes with issues such as a lower energy density, translating into a heavier product when compared to Lithium Polymers. The unit is turned on by pressing a large power button located next to the display. The station has a 1100W AC charger built-in that adds to the weight but allows faster charging compared to an external charger.

    A high-contrast segmented LCD resides on the front panel and gives vital information about the station’s current state such as the charge and discharge time as well as real-time output power. Icons for input and output sockets show if the system is operating normally and will blink on any issue. For instance, the AC cord icon will blink on a power grid issue while the temperature icon will show if the internal temperature is out-of-range. Push buttons assigned to each output section can be pressed to enable them while pressing again turns them off.

    The AC section consists of six sockets all located on the right side of the case while the low voltage DC sockets are located on the front. Oukitel is generous with the DC sockets and includes ten arranged in two groups. Sockets for outdoor purposes are located on the left of the display. This group includes a cigar lighter and an XT60 socket, both concealed under a protective plastic cover, and two barrel-type DC5521 sockets. They all supply a fixed 12V but at different currents.

    The second section which consists of only USB ports contains two 10W Type-A, two Type-A QC3.0 and a pair of 100W Type-C giving a total of 260W.

    In use

    Using the Oukitel P2001 is very simple thanks to a display that is not overcrowded. The battery level is shown in big at the centre of the screen. Other important information displayed are the input and output power which give an idea if output devices are working properly and not exceeding the station limits. The LCD has a blue tint and updates every second while the always on backlight will put an additional load on the battery albeit a small one. Output sections automatically turn off if nothing is connected after five minutes.

    A feature that is rarely seen in other stations is the UPS mode. Devices connected to the P2001 do not lose power when the AC supply is disrupted. The switch-over from the AC line to battery is done within milliseconds which is sufficient to keep PCs and other office devices powered without losing any data. The UPS system is designed such that when there is AC power, connected loads are powered directly from the AC bypassing the battery. That way, there is no stress on the batteries which ultimately decreases wear and increases their lifetime.

    The Oukitel power station supports charging from AC and solar panels. Connecting both at the same time will reduce the time to fill the batteries. The MTTP compatible solar input in the form of an Anderson connector is located on the left and can accept up to 48V at 500W. This means having a maximum of four 100W panels in series giving a charging time of five hours. Oukitel offers a 200W panel, the PV200, for 499 during their Kickstarter campaign.

    The inverter has been designed to support two types of output voltages namely the US (120V) and Japan (100V). The output frequency is also switchable between 50Hz and 60Hz allowing high-powered Japanese devices to run in North America without a transformer-based AC converter. Since the efficiency of the P2001 inverter is very high at 90%, there is little heat and fan noise generated when in use. Finally, the station supports an over-voltage protection on the input AC socket which does a shutdown in case of power fluctuations. This protection can be cleared by pressing the overload button located just above the AC input.

    The competition

    The Oukitel P2001 goes directly against the likes of Jackery Explorer 2000 and Bluetti AC200P. Other lesser known competitors such as Zendure have similar products that were launched recently.

    The Jackery Explorer 2000 is probably the reference for this type of power station. The battery chemistry makes it less suitable as an investment since it offers only 500 charge cycles before the capacity falls to 80%, compared to the 2000 cycles of the P2001. The number of sockets offered by the Explorer 2000 is also less while it costs an extra 200.

    Bluetti AC200P is also a good power station priced similarly to the P2001. It suffers from a convoluted user interface which can slow the use of the station in case of emergency. The block AC charger also does not help as it is limited to 400W and will fully charge the station in six hours, compared to two for the P2001.

    oukitel, launches, abearl, p5000, all-in-one

    The Zendure SuperBase Pro is another 2000W power station that stood out last year thanks to many innovative features such as having a built-in Wi-Fi connection. Again, the SuperBase pro battery technology has less charge cycles while the MSRP is 400 more than the P2001.

    Final verdict

    The Oukitel P2001 has many qualities that can make it become a bestseller. The price and battery chemistry can turn into a good investment for the buyer. It can right away start to pay-off its 1900 price tag if used as an office UPS. The no nonsense user interface is also something that many people will like while the generous amount of DC sockets will also satisfy many needs. Finally, the build quality is also something that stands out. Covered by a one year warranty, the P2001 will surely find a place in many houses this year.

    OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station, 2000Wh LiFePO4 MPPT Solar Generator with Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, QC3.0 USB-C PD 100W, Super Fast Recharge Durable Generator for Home Outdoor Camping RV CPAP Emergencies Solar Battery. EU Plug

    OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate 2000W Portable Power Station, 2000Wh LiFePO4 MPPT Solar Generator with Pure Sine Wave AC Outlets, QC3.0 USB-C PD 100W, Super Fast Recharge Durable Generator for Home Outdoor Camping RV CPAP Emergencies Solar Battery. EU Plug


    Q1: Can this power station support charge devices while being charged?

    Yes, it supports it. But please ensure the power station has at least 10% power left.

    Q2: How does the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) work?

    When your portable power station is plugged into the wall, any electronics are powered from the grid, not its battery. When power from the grid stops, as in a blackout, the power station automatically switches to battery power within 30ms.

    Q3: Why would the generator fan run intermittently if it’s unused or plugged into anything?

    The station is Built-in Smart and Silent Cooling Fan; during charging, the fan will be automatically turned on when the unit is hotter to maintain the team, and when the temperature drops to a certain level, the fan will be turned off.

    oukitel, launches, abearl, p5000, all-in-one

    Q4: What do you think I should pay attention to when charging?

    The charging voltage of the Anderson charging port is 12V-50V, and it will be damaged if it exceeds 50V. 2. The input voltage of the AC port is 90V-130V, and the power reaches 1100W. Otherwise, it cannot be charged typically.

    Q5: Once we use this unit, will it lock out if there is an overvoltage? What do we do to reset it?

    You need to turn off the one’s switch button, then turn it on again, do like this is ok.

    Oukitel Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro: Portable Power Stations for Any Situation

    When you need backup power in a pinch, you can rely on Abearl’s new P5000 and P5000 Pro to service your requirements, no matter what they might be.

    Readers like you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read

    When your power goes down at home or in your workshop, or you need to take portable power with you on camping trips or for other outdoor pursuits, what is the best way to keep your devices up and running? Using a backup generator, of course.

    Oukitel has just launched its brand new Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro portable power stations, which are designed to keep you in the juice even when you’re off grid (or when the grid fails you). Keen to know more about these portable powerhouses? Read on.

    Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro: Pricing and Availability

    You may well already know the Oukitel brand. It is prominent in the rugged smartphone space, and has now turned its expertise to manufacturing its own sub-brand in order to manufacture and sell a range of high powered solar power stations. Oukitel has experience in the portable power space (we reviewed its P2001 back in January ’22), but the Abearl P5000 and its Pro variant are market leading 5 kWh devices—a world first at this energy density.

    The Oukitel Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro have both just launched on Kickstarter on February 3rd, ‘23. You can head to the Kickstarter page to find out more about the campaign, or you can head over to the Oukitel official website for a great deal more information on the two new devices.

    At the time of writing, both models are enjoying super early-bird pricing, with up to 50% off the cost of your new power station. start at 4,999 for the P5000 (2,499 while the super early-bird offer stands) and at 5,999 for P5000 Pro, (3,299 while the super early-bird offer stands), and there is an additional coupon for the Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro. Users can pre-pay 100 to get 500 cashback on the Oukitel official website after the campaign ends. Let’s delve into the specifics of the P5000/Pro and see what all the fuss is about.

    The Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro: Specifications

    These portable power stations are very well-specced, and offer plenty of gumption for when you need a backup home battery. Specs-wise, we’re looking at the following:

    Oukitel Abearl P5000 Pro

    • 5120 kWh capacity
    • 4000 W AC output
    • 120V/240V split phase
    • 1600 W (US version)/2200 W (EU version) UPS function
    • LiFeP04 Battery, up to 3500 charge cycles
    • Superfast 1.8-hour charging (combined AC and solar)
    • Weighs only 51 kg

    Oukitel Abearl P5000

    • 5120 kWh capacity
    • 2200 W AC output
    • 1400 W (US version)/2000 W (EU version) UPS function
    • LiFeP04 Battery, up to 3500 charge cycles
    • Superfast 1.8-hour charging (combined AC and solar)
    • Weighs only 50 kg

    What We Love About the Oukitel Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro

    The Oukitel Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro both have a lot going for them, specs aside. Here’s plenty of plus points for these portable power stations.

    The Abearl P5000 is a Solar Generator

    There is really nothing more satisfying than getting something for free. And you can harness the power of Earth’s nearest star (the sun), to charge your Abearl P5000 or P5000 Pro. Both of the devices can hook up to a photovoltaic panel (which you can purchase alongside your new home generator), which will then charge your P5000 without you even needing to spend an additional dime, once you’ve bought the equipment.

    This makes the Abearl P5000 perfect for use anywhere. You can take it camping with you and charge it au naturale, or you can have it powering your off grid home if you place it alongside a bank of several P5000 power stations. You can buy them in pairs, with a solar panel, and grab yourself a saving in the process.

    The Abearl P5000 is a Totally Portable Battery Generator

    The ability to take power anywhere you go can really offer you a lot of freedom; if you own a motorhome, for example, you might want to stop in a place with no access to a power point. In instances like this, you need a power source that is portable. Even if you want off-grid power in different rooms in your home, at different times, you can as long as the power source is easily movable.

    Step in the Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro. Both of them have a wheeled base, so you can move them around with the greatest of ease. They also have an extendable handle, so no awkward lifting of heavy home batteries; just extend the handle and move the P5000 around at your will. No power in the kitchen? No problem! Just wheel your P5000 in and enjoy hours of home battery backup power.

    Completely Green Energy

    The Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro are both devices with the potential to be 100% green. Given that you can charge them using the sun, and they produce zero emissions, this is conscience-free power for the environmentally minded. Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Well, with the Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro, you can reduce your reliance on the grid, and therefore be greener in the process.

    Plus, the lifetime of the P5000 is approximately seven times longer than that of your standard home battery. With 3500 cycles under its belt, the usual 500 recharges you get with other portable power stations pales in significance. This, of course, means you won’t have to dispose of the device for a much longer period of time, which is better for the environment (and you can recycle it with a specialist afterwards, too).

    The Abearl P5000 Powers Plenty of Appliances

    You’re probably looking at these figures and wondering exactly what you can run off the Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro. Well, lots, as it happens, with Oukitel claiming you can charge or power around 99% of your devices with these 5 kWh home batteries. So what does that mean in real-world terms? Here are some examples of what a 5120 kWh solar generator can power, and for how long:

    • Refrigerator: 96 hours
    • Space heater: 5 hours
    • Air conditioning unit: 4.5 hours
    • Microwave: 5 hours
    • CPAP machine: 90 hours
    • Electric vehicle: 25 miles equivalent charge
    • Circular saw: 3.7 hours

    So, as you can see, the Abearl P5000 has plenty of applications.

    The Abearl P5000: Power for Everyone

    You have seen some examples of use cases above, and how long the P5000 Pro will last in each situation. The selling point here is that the Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro are devices suited to almost every user. Whether you need it as a backup in case you have no power for your life-saving equipment like a CPAP machine, or you want to power your home workshop tools off grid, you can with Oukitel’s Abearl P5000-series home generators.

    Essentially, if you use electricity (which literally everyone does), then you have a use for a portable power station. If it charges via solar and is portable—like the Abearl P5000 and P5000 Pro, then you’re onto a winner. Plus, the devices are affordable at the point of purchase, and will save you a fortune in electricity bills in the long-run, and nobody can argue with that.

    oukitel, launches, abearl, p5000, all-in-one

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