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    All park campground sites are reserved by advanced reservations only. Campsites are reservable on Plan ahead and reserve your night under the stars up to six months in advance.

    Camping is a great way to immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of Grand Teton National Park. There are many options for camping. If you are feeling adventurous and searching for solitude, get a permit to pitch a tent in the backcountry. Looking for a few more comforts? You can tent camp or park and plug in your recreational vehicle at any of the 1,000 campsites in seven park campgrounds.


    All park campgrounds are reserved by advanced reservations only. Campsites are reservable on Plan ahead and reserve your night under the stars up to six months in advance.

    Most sites offer standard amenities including modern comfort stations, potable water, metal fire grates, picnic tables, and metal bear boxes.

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    Lizard Creek Campground Standard site (60) yes 30-foot length limit
    Headwaters Campground Standard site (34), Full hookup pull-through (97), Camper cabins (40) yes showers included, 45-foot length limit

    Titan Solar Generator: A Modular Heavy-Duty Portable Solar Generator

    We are familiar with a wide variety of portable solar generators. They include a lot of heavy-duty models like the ones of Goal Zero Yeti 3000 and MaxOak Bluetti 2400. It is here we have a more powerful and reliable heavy-duty solar generator from a start-up, PointZeroEnergy. It is called Titan solar generator.

    The most impressive thing about Titan is its increased scalability. You can customize its battery capacity as it touts an unrivaled stackable profile. That is, you can stack up multiple units of its exclusive 2000Wh battery packs. over, you can add regular batteries to the system via cable for further expansion.

    Until today, we have had Yeti 3000 as the largest ready-to-use solar generator. Titan is certainly an amazing choice as it comes up with a lot of impressive features and specialties. With multiple stackable battery packs and regular batteries, you can take the storage capacity of Titan to virtually an indefinite range.

    Goal Zero Yeti 3000 is also an expandable system with additional battery packs, but there is no way you can attach the batteries to the main body. Yes, you can stack up the extra batteries of Yeti each other separately. However, remember that Goal Zero is getting ready to unveil a massive power station, Yeti 6000X.

    Why Titan Solar Generator?

    Well, Titan is the only solar generator its maker currently offers. As you know, Goal Zero, in the meantime, has a line-up of solar power stations. But what is more special about Titan is that it is available in a variety of kits that are ready-to-use out-of-the-box in your home, RV, camper, boat, and more.

    Titan solar kits come with multiple pieces of the most efficient solar panels. As it supports solar output up to a huge 2000 watts, there is certainly a large scope for increased expansion of the system with many panels. Thanks to its dual MPPT controllers and higher solar input, Titan gets recharged quite faster under the sun.

    Titan Solar Generator – Features

    Titan is undoubtedly one of the best solar generators on the market today. The key attraction of the device is its highly modular profile. The stackable solar generator has its power unit on the top, which packs up the components like power inverter, dual solar charge controllers, DC converter, charging circuitry, etc.

    As you see in the photo, it has got lithium battery packs as supplementary units. A single battery pack is a 2000-watt unit, which is stackable with unlimited pieces, but six units are recommended for easy moving of the system. The battery packs connect each other via the built-in Anderson connectors.

    A piece of the lithium battery pack weighs 30 lbs, and it remains intact to the main body, thanks to the little latches and hinges at both ends. With multiple units of battery packs, Titan is absolutely a massive power station but is only ideal as a stationary backup system in a house, RV, tent, or remote cabin.

    However, it is a portable solution, because you can effortlessly move it on a wheeled cart. Check out its latest price below. Titan is currently on backorder and will start shipping by August 2020.

    For light off-grid power needs, you just need to buy Titan with a single unit of battery. But if you have to run appliances up to 1500 watts continuously so often, attach a second battery and make it a more powerful one. It is indeed a very simple process to add a battery. Just press it on and tighten the locks.

    After, you just need to reprogram the generator in a few simple steps. Only then, the display will show up the capacity of the added battery. Once done, you are all set to go with a massive power station, which remains unrivaled in the growing portable solar power market, at the moment.

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    Titan Solar Generator – Specs

    Specs-wise, Titan equips a 3000-watt power inverter. That has two inverter outputs, and each can handle 15 amps through each of three full-size AC sockets. So, its six AC sockets can pull out 30 amps in total. By the way, the base variant of the device with a single unit of the battery is actually a 2000Wh (120V) power station.

    You can certainly add more battery packs to boost its total capacity. A single 2000Wh battery can power up most of your essential electronics, by the way. See, a battery can charge your phone over 300 times, run a 50-in 65W LCD TV for 30 hours, and a 55W refrigerator for 36 hours.

    When it comes to the specs in detail, Titan has a battery voltage of 29.4V, and the capacity of a battery pack is 74Ah (2000 watt-hours). Meanwhile, it integrates dual 40Amp MPPT solar charge controllers of 1000 watts each. So, with dual 1000W solar arrays, you can push in 145V open circuit power to each receptacle at 30A.

    Other Charging Options

    Other than the AC sockets, the Titan solar generator highlights four DC cigarette lighter charger plugs. They are all regulated ports and are tested to deliver an increased 13.8V output each by vlogger Will Prowse. There are no built-in USB ports with Titan, though.

    Instead, you get four units of double 3A USB adapters in the package. So, in total, you are lucky to have eight USB sockets, including some USB-C ports. They are enough to charge your phone and other USB devices with no trouble. If not needed, you can remove the plugs and access the whole 12V ports, however.

    Finally, there is a powerful 3000W RV plug. It is a very usable plug that can pull the full 30 amps. Earlier, we have seen an RV plug on Inergy Kodiak Apex, but that can only discharge at a rate of 550W continuously.

    The DC/AC control switch is another highlight of the solar generator. It helps you turn on and off the DC and AC sockets separately. When it comes to weight and size, the single battery variant weighs just around 35 lbs, and the dimensions go at 12×18.5×4.5 inches.

    Compatible Solar Panels

    As you know, Titan solar generator supports up to 2000W of solar output. So, you can connect two arrays of 1000W solar panels to its dual AC inlets. You can use any solar panels, but the brand itself offers two types of 100W solar panels – rigid and flexible.

    Apart from offering solar panels, PointZeroEnergy has packed up an incredible collection of solar generator kits with these two panels. Anyway, coming to specs of the solar panels, both the rigid and flexible units are 100W mono solar modules, and they offer higher charging efficiency, indeed.

    Titan Rigid 100, as per its maker, is the smallest of all the 100W solar panels of its kind on the market. Thus, it will take up only a small room for accommodation. It weighs 16 lbs, which makes it decently lightweight to move around but is indeed a strong and durable panel for portable use.

    Meanwhile, Flexx 100 is a very lightweight solar panel. With just 4.8 lbs, you can easily handle it out in the wild or in an emergency. The solar panel is very much durable and can even pull out decent power even on a cloudy day. Compared to the industry standards, Titan Flexx 100 looks to be a great option to go for.

    Important Facts and Features

    Highly Modular Solar Generator

    It is the first time the portable solar market has got a large solar generator in a modular form. Recently, EcoFlow, the famous maker of Delta solar power station, launched its new model R600 Pro with the option of adding up to the capacity with supplementary expansion battery modules or regular battery units.

    But we heard about a customized solar generator for the first time when the Titan solar generator landed in the stores. Its way of adding up to the battery capacity is really awe-inspiring. You can purchase an additional battery pack, and just snap it onto the bottom of the solar power generator quickly.

    Detachable Battery Packs

    Thanks to its modular design, you can remove and attach the battery packs and expand its capacity with more units. Each of the brand’s additional battery packs comes with separate handles. So, whatever heavy they are, you can comfortably carry them on your trips and enjoy access to unlimited storage capacity.

    Massive 3000W Power Inverter

    As said above, Titan is a 3000W power station. It has got two inverter outputs, with each having three units of full-size AC sockets. Overall, they are capable of pushing in 30 amps. The inverter is a highly efficient model with a no-load power draw of as minimal as 5 watts.

    The inverter reportedly has an efficiency rate of 92%. So, what you get is an outstanding solar generator with a commendable performance. You can virtually run anything with a 3000W power inverter, and it can offer an increased amount of power once attached with additional battery packs.

    2000Wh Lithium Power Station

    The original Titan is a 2000Wh lithium power station. Though you can add up multiple battery packs, Titan offers a ton of capacity even without the need to buy supplementary batteries. Well, 2000Wh itself makes it one of the largest solar power stations on the market as there are not many high-capacity systems.

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    Higher Solar Input

    As said above, the Titan solar generator can handle up to 2000W of solar input. It has got dual MPPT solar charge controllers of 1000 watts each and as many connectors. So, you can connect 1000W solar arrays to it separately and recharge it quite faster under optimal sunlight.

    Though 2000W is the maximum, you can even connect more than that if you want to collect the power on a cloudy day. Titan’s maker offers suitable solar chargers for the power station. So, you don’t need to go in search of a third-party vendor. It is available in multiple kits with different solar panels.

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    Powerful AC Chargers

    Well, next to the solar input outlets, Titan integrates two AC charging inlets. Like the solar ones, they are also designed very powerful to recharge the high-capacity battery packs in a few hours. As per reports, it will take only four hours to recharge the 4kHr of batteries from 0 to 95%.

    Titan offers an extra 600W AC charger for fast charging, but that is only recommended for systems with two or more battery packs.

    Titan’s bundle of two added battery packs typically comes up with two pieces of AC chargers. Obviously, they can increase the solar charging capability of the solar generator up to 1200 watts.

    By the way, if Titan had LiFePo4 batteries, it would perform rather better. As per the company sources, Titan is to get the LiFePo4 versions of additional battery packs sooner.

    Great Collection of Solar Generator Kits

    Yet another attractive thing with Titan is that it is available in a wide collection of solar kits, covering both variants of its solar panels. They range from the basic 500W to top-end 2000W kits.

    That makes it easy for you to choose from a ready-to-use solar generator kit. You don’t need to purchase the components individually. Of course, these bundles pack up all the other required accessories as well. Check out the popular 2000W Titan solar generator kit below. It packs up to 20 units of Flexx 100 solar panels.

    Absolutely, these Titan generator kits include a wide range of accessories other than the generator and solar panels. Depending on the bundles, they may include AC chargers, expansion battery packs, USB chain lights, 30W USB adapters, carrying bags, solar panel cases, cables and wires, connectors, etc.

    Titan Solar Generator Vs. Goal Zero Yeti 3000

    Goal Zero’s higher-end Yeti 3000 looks to be the only device that you can find anywhere close to Titan as a competitor. However, Titan has several upsides compared to Yeti 3000. But Goal Zero has already declared a more powerful Yeti 6000X, which once realized, may raise a severe threat to Titan.

    An advantage Yeti seems to have over Titan is its built-in 3075Wh @ 10.95V, 280.8Ah lithium battery. Titan with a single battery pack is only a 2000Wh power station. But the Yeti 3000 is also a scalable power generator exactly like Titan. Goal Zero’s much-touted Yeti Link Expansion module takes its capacity to the skies.

    When it comes to the inverter, Yeti has a 1500-watt pure sine wave unit with a surge of 3000 watts. It is here Titan has an outstanding 3000-watt inverter, and it has a double surge capacity. Yeti has only two AC sockets, while Titan is famous for its six AC sockets that can deliver up to 30 amps of power in total.

    However, Goal Zero Yeti 3000 has a range of USB and DC outlets built-in. They include USB-A, USB-C, and USB-PD ports, as well as a 6mm DC outlet, 12V carport, and 12V Power Pole port. Titan, in the meantime, has four 12V cigarette chargers only. To power USB devices, you need to attach the included USB adapters.

    When it comes to solar panels, Goal Zero’s famous Boulder line is there. For a Yeti 3000 Lithium, Goal Zero recommends a unit of its 200W Boulder 200 Briefcase. That is a rigid solar panel but is featuring a foldable design that you can fold down like a suitcase after use and store in a small room.

    Titan’s maximum charge current is 40A, while Yeti has only 30A, by the way. Titan supports up to 2000W of solar output, and you can connect two arrays of 1000W solar panels, thanks to its dual MPPT charge controllers. Meanwhile, Yeti integrates only a PWM charge controller.

    Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module

    The Yeti Tank Expansion Battery is a supplementary lithium battery. It can add 1.2kWh of storage capacity to Yeti 3000, and it also works with some of the other Goal Zero Yeti power stations. You can add up to four units of the expansion batteries to Yeti 3000 to take its capacity to a new level.

    Of course, the additional battery makes Yeti 3000 a customizable energy storage system. So, it can even back up power for home circuits and other large-scale applications. However, Goal Zero does not offer Yeti with the expansion modules and PV panels in various kits as Titan does. So, you need to buy items individually.

    You can stack up multiple units of Yeti Tank Expansion Battery modules to save space. Here Titan is unique with its capability to stay integrated into the expansion battery packs. You can just stack new batteries to the bottom of the main unit, making it rather portable and handy for outdoor and emergency uses.

    Final Thoughts

    That has been our take on the much-excited Titan solar generator. Since its release, Titan has been grabbing extensive attention for many of its unique features with enhanced scalability as the key point. Though we are familiar with the idea of a stackable power station, Titan stands out with its highly integrated profile.

    Nearly all reviewers of the product have shared positive thoughts about the Titan solar generator. It is surely going to be one of the largest solar power stations with a lot of stunning features and unrivaled scalability. Share your thoughts about the product in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    Vahid Vee is a full-time blogger who is highly passionate about off-grid and sustainable power systems and is an expert at researching and exploring new topics, checking facts, and presenting things in simple language. As an avid observer of the global off-grid power and battery market, he is really excited to share with you the latest trends, fresh products, and other developments in the markets. #Contact Email @ – LinkedIn – Full blog profile.

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