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Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems. Solar system packages

Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems. Solar system packages

    Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems

    Off-grid cabin solar systems are designed for the scaled-down power needs of small homes and remote cabins. Unlike a grid-tie solar system, off-grid systems have no connection with the utility grid, and must make all the electricity necessary for your home.

    The custom-designed off-grid solar power systems listed below contain up to 560 Watts of solar panels, ideal for off-grid cabin systems. To calculate which system would be most appropriate for your off-grid cabin, use our handy off-grid solar electric system calculator.

    Have questions? Great! Give us a call at 877-878-4060 and our expert solar professionals will work with you to design your own off-grid cabin solar system!

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    Info on Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems

    6 Steps to Designing a DIY Off-Grid Solar Power System

    Getting started going off-grid? This video is a great place to start. We’ll take you through the 6 major steps to designing your off-grid-solar system—and we identify the tools you will need to complete the project. Watch the video to learn:

    • Identify how much power you will need
    • Determine the size and number of batteries you will need
    • Calculate the number of solar panels for your system requires
    • Select a charge controller for your system
    • Pick an inverter to convert DC to AC
    • Balance of System (BoS) components—solar industry jargon for everything else you’ll need

    DIY Off-Grid Solar Power System Overview and Wiring

    In this video you can see all of the components needed for an off-grid solar system and how everything is wired up together. This is a great overview of the perfect type of solar system for a DIY’er. Watch and go solar with your own off-grid solar electric system.

    Using altE’s Loads List Calculator

    Confused about determining how much energy you will need for your off-grid solar electric system to create? That’s where our loads list calculator can help. The altE electric loads list calculator will help you tally all of your appliances to get the how many watt-hours per day your system will need to cover. Take a look at the video then head over to the loads list calculator page to get started.

    Using altE’s Off Grid Solar Calculator

    This video will walk you through the process of using the altE Off-Grid Solar Calculator. Our off-grid calculator will help your determine your energy storage needs and the solar exposure at the site where the system will be located. With this information you can confidently size your battery bank, build out the solar array and pick a charge controller.

    Solar Kegerator

    Explore the details of how to create a solar powered kegerator (a.k.a. kreezer). We go show you how to convert an off the shelf chest freezer into a kegerator for 3 quarter kegs of beer. Then we step you through how to calculate how much solar and batteries you need to power the kegerator with solar.

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    Solar Packages

    We are officially offering a manufacturer-direct solar power package to meet the needs of almost any RVer. This new optional feature allows you to hit the road and enjoy your next off-grid adventure. From our single axle travel trailers to our large wide-body fifth wheels, these optional packages are available on our full product lineup. These new packages bring innovation, safety and freedom to the forefront or your camping trips.

    Xtend Solar II

    The all-new Xtend Solar II allows RVers to power essentials without being tied down to shore power. It’s time to take control of your adventures and become the master of the off-the-grid lifestyle. This system comes fully loaded with two 200 watt solar panels, a constant regulated charge with the 30-amp Digital PWM Solar Controller and the added confidence of energy compatibility from a 1800 watt RC-C Inverter. Xtend Solar II brings new possibilities with the ability to run some of the small amenities of your RV all by solar power.

    Xtend Solar I

    It’s time to take charge of your camping. With our Xtend Solar I package, adventure can be as simple as picking your next destination. This system includes a 200 watt solar panelp paired with a 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller, giving RVers peace of mind knowing that the energy going into their battery will not overload the system and provides longevity for the lifetime of your battery.

    Available on: Autumn Ridge, Super Lite, Super Lite Maxx (Mandatory) Starcraft GSL TT

    Why Solar?

    Our solar power packages, in addition to lithium batteries allow you to take control of your next adventure. Solar panels are designed to pull energy from the sun and that power is then stored in your batteries to be converted and used throughout your RV. Extend the life of your system by pairing it with lithium batteries. Safety and innovation are at the forefront of our solar packages and RVs.

    Solar panels, plans, batteries and beyond

    Join over 110,000 Aussies and make a good change with an Origin solar system and solar energy plan.

    Stunning solar savings this EOFY

    Get 2,000 off our most popular 6kW solar systems, 3,000 off 7kW and a huge 6,000 off 11kW plus! But hurry, EOFY deals this good won’t be around for long. TCs apply.

    EOFY sale! Up to 9,800 off Tesla Powerwall bundle

    Bundle a 13.5 kWh Powerwall with our Advantage 11 KW solar package and join Origin Loop Virtual Power Plant and stay for 5 years. Or up to 3,800 off a standalone 13.5 kWh Powerwall. TCs apply.

    Why Origin?

    15 years of solar expertise

    Origin has put more solar panels on Aussie roofs than any other electricity retailer. Over 1.8 million of them in fact.

    Interest-free payment plans

    With 0 deposit needed on our 24-month interest-free payment plan, purchasing an Origin solar system is beyond good value!

    Bonus feed-in tariff rates

    Sign up to our Solar Boost Plus plan and lock in our highest feed-in tariff rate. Available for 24 months when you buy an Origin solar system. #

    We’re Australia’s #1 Solar Installer

    We’ve installed more solar power capacity in Australia than any other solar retailer since the dawn of the local solar industry

    SunWiz has recognised our contribution to the Australian solar market, naming us the #1 Solar Installer from 2001-2022 across both the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) and Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC) markets in 2022.

    Based on installed solar power capacity in Australia, measured by SunWiz covering the period from 2001 (when government data became available) to the end of 2022.

    Discover a brighter future with Origin solar

    Intro to solar and batteries

    Interest in going solar but not sure where to start? Check out our guide to solar panels, inverters, batteries, installation and more.

    Home solar energy plans

    Find the right solar energy plan for your needs with a great feed-in tariff rate to match. We can help make sure you’re on the best plan for you.

    Track your solar savings

    Monitor your home energy use, check how much solar you’re exporting to the grid and see the credits you’ve earned in the process.

    Maintenance and support

    Extend the lifespan of your solar system with regular cleaning and servicing. Our solar technicians can help with solar panel maintenance, repairs, upgrades and more.

    Our virtual power plant

    Join an intelligent network of solar batteries and help support the energy grid in times of high demand. Learn more about Origin Loop and how it could benefit you.

    Manuals and warranties

    Download the user manuals, warranties and technical specifications for Origin-supplied solar panels, inverters, batteries, energy monitoring devices and solar system accessories.

    Get an instant solar quote

    We’ll use our Smart technology to see if solar panels will work on your roof and recommend a solar solution for your home and energy needs.

    Solar FAQs

    Have a question about solar panels, batteries, feed-in tariff rates or solar energy plans? We’re here to help. Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily on our Help Support section or contact us on 1300 791 468. We’re available Mon–Fri 8am–7pm.

    off-grid, cabin, solar, power, systems

    Want to lower your electricity bills, increase your energy independence and reduce your carbon footprint with solar? Now that’s a bright idea.

    off-grid, cabin, solar, power, systems

    Origin provides end-to-end solar energy solutions, including solar panel installation, solar battery storage, solar energy plans, solar system maintenance and more. Our solar technicians have over 15 years of experience and we’ve installed over 1.6 million solar panels across Australia to date.

    Our home solar systems and commercial solar systems are a great choice if you’re looking to capture, store and use clean energy from the sun. Solar panels allow you to harness renewable energy from the sun and solar inverters convert solar power into electricity that can be used for your home or business. Add on a solar battery and you’ll be able store solar energy for use at night or when the sun isn’t shining.

    What’s more, getting an Origin solar system isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good value as well. Use our Smart solar calculator to check out how much you could save on your electricity bills by going solar and see how long it’ll take until your solar system has paid for itself.

    Plus, with 0 upfront costs and interest-free payment options available – there’s no better time to get an Origin solar system. Start an online solar assessment and get your free solar quote now.

    Looking to get a home solar system from Origin? We’ve helped over 100,000 Aussies get started with solar and we can help you get set up. It’s simple.

    Use our new online solar assessment tool to get an AI-powered recommendation and generate an instant quote. We’ll use Smart technology to assess your roof suitability and provide a solar solution that meets your household’s energy needs. You’ll then get a personalised solar report that’s complete with solar power generation forecasts, system and installation costs, plus potential energy and bill savings. This tool is available for those in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide metro suburbs.

    off-grid, cabin, solar, power, systems

    You can also browse our range of solar packages and solar batteries on offer and book a free consultation with our solar experts. Request a solar quote and our solar experts will recommend a solar system that suits your home and lifestyle.

    Once you’ve received the quote and accepted the formal agreement, one of our accredited solar installers will get in touch. Read more about our solar installation process.

    After your solar system is installed and running, it’s time to get connected to the grid. We’ll get this sorted for you if you’ve signed up for an Origin solar energy plan. It’s good to note that when you buy a solar system from us, you can sign up for our Origin Solar Boost Plus plan and lock-in our highest feed-in tariff rate for 24 months! #

    You can now start using solar power and exporting your excess solar energy to the grid. Use the Origin app to keep track of your solar savings and view your feed-in credits.

    Want to get more value from your home solar system? With a range of solar energy plans with great feed-in tariff rates, we can help you make sure you’re on the best solar energy plan for you.

    If you’re purchasing a new solar system from us, you’re eligible for our Solar Boost Plus energy plan – featuring our highest (and best) feed-in tariff rate available. # But if you already own a solar system at home, then our Solar Boost energy plan is our top choice for high-exporting solar customers.

    Looking for a plan with different features and benefits? Great news – our standard retailer feed-in tariff can be paired with any electricity plan you choose. Explore our available solar and electricity plans now.

    Feed-in tariffs differ from state-to-state and what you can earn back will depend on your rate, the plan you’re on and how much energy you’re feeding back. See the feed-in tariff rates for your state here.

    When it comes to renewable energy solutions, solar panels are just the beginning. Solar batteries such as the Tesla Powerwall. LG Chem RESU and Sungrow SBR HV 9.6 capture and store unused energy generated by your solar system for you to use when the sun isn’t shining. Explore the benefits of solar batteries and see how it works.

    Solar batteries can be added to an existing solar system or included with your new solar system installation. Better still – solar batteries can be connected to our Origin Loop virtual power plant to help relieve pressure on the grid at times of high demand. In return, you’ll receive a credit on your electricity bill each month for five years.

    In essence, Origin Loop is the new energy grid, made up of a network of different sources and devices, like intelligent solar batteries, all connected and working together as one. It’s also known as our virtual power plant (VPP).

    Origin Loop is part of a cleverer, cleaner and more efficient energy future for all. With a solar battery connected to Origin Loop, you can contribute your solar energy to the grid during times of peak demand and be rewarded with savings on your energy bills. Learn how our VPP technology works and see how it can benefit you.

    Besides our virtual power plant, we also offer a range of energy demand management and household network solutions.

    We use controlled load to manage demand and help the grid run smoothly and efficiently. By turning off high energy usage appliances during high demand periods (and shifting certain electricity loads to times of the day when there’s more energy available), we can take pressure off the grid, optimise renewable energy and keep costs down.

    Origin is also committed to driving the switch to electric vehicles through the transition of our own fleet and in delivering leading EV services for drivers, households and businesses. Learn more about our Smart EV charging solutions and Origin 360 EV fleet management program.

    Looking to save on solar panels, packages and batteries? Don’t miss our best deals on Origin solar systems. You’ll see all the current offers, discounts and government rebates that available to you.

    You can also take advantage of our interest-free payment plans with no deposit needed – so get started with Origin solar today.

    Origin offers and rebates are regularly updated. Pricing varies from state to state. See what’s available in your area.

    Important information

    Not available in all areas. Price for a standard installation on a tin roof single-storey house in Zone 3 and within 50 km of state GPO or an installer location (except in Canberra and Townsville where additional charges apply). All include GST and small-scale technology certificates (STCs). The system purchased must be eligible for STCs and you must assign the rights to the STCs to us. Additional meter changeover/installation fees charged by your distributor may apply. subject to change without notice. Limit of one system per address per 6-month period unless we agree otherwise. For installation timeframes and full terms, ask us when you call.

    The Origin Solar Assessment Tool is available to eligible customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide metro suburbs, with other major cities and regional towns yet to be announced. Customers must be located in a serviceable area (100km from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide).

    Our 24-month interest-free payment plan requires 0 deposit and the remainder total cost paid over 24 months via equal monthly instalments on your credit card. Origin may perform a credit check to assess your eligibility for this solar payment option.

    The Origin Solar Boost Plus plan offers our highest feed-in tariff to eligible customers for 24 months.

    With Origin Solar Boost Plus, you must purchase an eligible solar PV system from us, your solar PV system must be net metered and must not be larger than 10kW. You must not be receiving a feed-in tariff under any government scheme. When your energy plan ends, you’ll receive our standard retailer feed-in tariff as published on our website. Feed-in tariff rates are GST inclusive (where applicable). For Victorian customers, the Terms and Conditions for Feed-in Tariffs – Victoria apply to both the additional feed-in tariff and standard retailer feed-in tariff.

    Terms and Conditions

    The following discounts off our RRP are available to customers purchasing Origin solar systems and solar packages between 3 and 30kW. Discounts will be applied to quotes requested between 15 May to 31 July 2023. Origin may elect to extend the discount offer or may withdraw the discount offer for any reason and at any time. Customers must proceed with eligible quote before quote expiry to receive the discount. Available in conjunction with VPP discounts but not any other offers:

    • A 1,000 (inc GST) discount on Origin solar systems between 3 and 6kW
    • A 2,000 (inc GST) discount on Origin solar systems between 6 and 7kW
    • A 3,000 (inc GST) discount on Origin solar systems between 7 and 9kW
    • A 4,500 (inc GST) discount on Origin solar systems between 9 and 11kW
    • A 6,000 (inc GST) discount on Origin solar systems between 11 and 30kW

    Tesla Powerwall 2 installation and costs

    Not available in all areas. Price for a standard installation within 50 km of the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong and Gold Coast CBDs. All include GST. Additional meter changeover and installation fees charged by your distributor may apply. For installation timeframes, pricing outside standard installation locations and full terms, ask us when you call.


    Did you know, starting in 2023 ALL of our RVs have a solar power option available? Adding a manufacturer-installed solar power system, means that there is no need to worry about warranty voids due to after-market solar outfitting. With added safety, innovation and monitoring features, you’ll enjoy your next off-grid adventure and have the extra freedom that solar power provides. From our sing;e axle travel trailers to our luxury wide-body fifth wheels, there is now a solar package option for your unit.


    With our premium solar package, RVers will be able to travel carefree, knowing that they have enough power to run the necessities without being tied down by electrical hookups. The Xtend Solar II was designed to keep you going without the hassle. This system offers extra energy with two 200 watt solar panels, a regulated charge with a 30 amp MPPT RV-C Solar Controller or 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller and the added confidence of energy compatibility provided by a 1800 watt RC-C Inverter.

    • 2-200 watt Solar Panels
    • 30 amp Digital PWM Solar Controller
    • 1800 watt RV-C Inverter
    • 2-200 watt Solar Panels
    • 30 amp MPPT RV-C Solar Controller
    • 1800 watt RV-C Inverter


    RV life is all about taking charge of your journey and finding the perfect destination. When adding solar power to your next travel trailer, you will be able to take your next adventure to a whole new level. You can now order your travel trailer with a 200 watt solar panel installed with a 30 amp Digital PWM solar controller for the optimal off-grid experience, hassle-free.

    Available on: Open Range Conventional TT, Range Lite TT, Mesa Ridge S-Lite TT, Light TT and Range Lite Air TT (Mandatory)

    Solar Power Explained

    Solar power makes freedom and flexibility possible. Escape from those crowded RV resorts and go off-grid in with our Xtend Solar Power Management Systems. Solar systems provide power through the pairing of solar panels and batteries. Solar power is generated by using solar panels to source energy from the sun, which is then stored in batteries. Complete your set up with lithium batteries to extend the lifespan and get the total value of the solar system investment.

    Highland Ridge RV3195 N. S.R. 5Shipshewana, IN 46565800-945-4787

    Highland Ridge RV reserves the right to make changes and to discontinue models and features without notice or obligation.

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    Click the star on a floorplan page to save and compare.

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