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IKEA Home Solar Poland. Ikea home solar

IKEA Home Solar Poland. Ikea home solar

    ikea, home, solar, poland

    IKEA Home Solar Poland

    IKEA reports greats interest for its Home Solar turnkey systems in Poland. All ten Polish IKEA stores offer PV.

    The biggest demand for PV in Poland is in Masovian Voivodeship (Warsaw metropolitan area) acoording to Paulina Nesteruk, Information Communication Manager of IKEA Retail Poland. „The average installation chosen by the IKEA customers has a power of 5kWp and consists of 18 modules”, she says.

    Average price of choosen installations PLN 24 000

    „We analysed in detail the market to create an offer that is attractive and affordable for an average home owner – even without subsidies or other financial supporting programmes. IKEA offers a „turnkey” solution. The cost of the entire investment starts from PLN 12 950 for an installation with a power of 2,75 kWp, consisting of 10 modules”, Nesteruk reports. „The average price of the installations chosen by our customers in Poland is about PLN 24 000”, she adds.

    Partnership with Geo Solar

    IKEA operates the program “IKEA. Home Solar Energy” in partnership with Geo Solar. The company is responsible for presenting a detailed offer tailored to individual household needs including the photovoltaic installation design after completing the home audit. Once final approval is given by the client, Geo Solar enters an agreement with the client and proceeds with installing the system and prepares it to be connected to the electrical grid. Our partner also offers a 5 year long warranty and performance monitoring free of charge.

    Monocyrstalline panels offered

    The photovoltaic panels, the “heart” of the system, rely on monocrystalline silicon. We have developed an offer based on monocrystalline silicon as it is currently the most efficient method to convert sunlight into energy in comparison to other available technologies. Therefore it is possible to generate more energy from a smaller surface and also less panels need to be installed on the roof reducing the installation price and in result the cost of energy. Monocrystalline cells are available in black, which is aesthetically suitable for most roofs and elevations, contrary to multicrystalline blue modules.

    Sum up of the IKEA. Home Solar Energy offer

    Solstråle standard – monocrystalline Canadian Solar modules in a silver frame. Highly efficient, reaching up to 280 W.

    Solstråle plus – monocrystalline Canadian Solar modules in a black frame. Highly efficient, reaching up to 280 W. Owing to the black frame and foil the modules are popular among demanding clients valuing aesthetical quality.

    IKEA offers two types of inverters. Zeversolar string inverters, produced by SMA and Solar Edge microinverters.

    Energy independent since 2016

    IKEA itself became energy independent in Poland in the year 2016 thanks to six wind farm with 180 MW. In two stores solar thermal collectors are installed, but no PV systems. According to Nesteruk the company does not plan to offer energy storage systems or wallboxes in the near future. (HCN)

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    IKEA to Sell Solar Panels in the US — Here’s How to Get One

    IKEA is soon selling solar panels in its stores in the United States after it recently forged a partnership with the SunPower Corp., bringing green energy directly to home consumers.

    The Swedish home retailer announced that it has partnered with SunPower Corp. to bring solar products to homeowners in the US.

    (Photo : by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

    A picture taken on May 6, 2019 shows a logo at the new city-centre Ikea concept store at Place Madeleine in Paris.

    IKEA to Sell Solar Panels

    The green energy solution of the Scandinavian firm is going to be released under its Home Solar with IKEA line, as per a news story by Teslarati.

    The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA in the US, Javier Quiñone, said that its upcoming solar solution is part of its goal to provide clean energy service.

    The IKEA US boss said that the launch of Home Solar with IKEA will allow more people to take greater control of their energy needs.

    The CEO also said that the giant Swedish retailer plans to release more clean energy products to more IKEA locations looking forward.

    On top of that, according to the latest report by Solar Builder Mega, the CEO of SunPower, Peter Faricy, said that they are thrilled to deliver its solar solutions partnership with IKEA.

    Faricy said that together with IKEA, we can help introduce the incredible benefits of solar to more people and deliver on our shared value of making a positive impact on the planet.

    IKEA Solar Panels: How to Get One

    To be more precise about it, the members of the IKEA Family customers loyalty program in the US could purchase the upcoming solar energy products in its retail stores once it comes out.

    (Photo : Naomi Baker/Getty Images)SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND. JUNE 01: General view outside of IKEA as it reopens to the public on June 01, 2020 in Southampton, United Kingdom.

    IKEA US further revealed that its solar solutions, made possible with SunPower Corp., are coming out sometime in the Fall of 2022. It is initially debuting in the retail stores of the Swedish-founder behemoth in California.

    Teslarati said in its report that the latest plan of IKEA to sell solar panels straight from its various retail stores in the US brings clean energy solutions closer to consumers.

    It is worth noting that IKEA has been a go-to location for US homeowners to get their house needs in a one-stop shop. This time around, the retailer is introducing new solar solutions to its growing lineup of home products.

    IKEA Solar vs. Tesla Energy

    Meanwhile, a recent story from Business Insider, stated that the arrival of Home Solar with IKEA in the US market brings a new direct competitor to Tesla Energy.

    Like IKEA’s upcoming clean energy offering, Tesla Energy also brings solar solutions to American consumers.

    This article is owned by Tech Times

    Written by Teejay Boris

    As part of its goal to help customers reduce their individual carbon footprint, the Swedish home wear giant has partnered with a reputable solar company to sell affordable home panels in US stores.

    By now, we all know that generating and improving widespread accessibility to clean energy is vital to slash our global reliance on fossil fuels, a primary contributor to climate change.

    When solar panels first dropped (does Gen-Z remember a world before them?) they were astronomically expensive and financially out of reach for average households and small businesses.

    have been slowly declining with time, but in particularly gloomy countries where installations may not obtain a full charge each day, many would find it hard to justify forking out a minimum cost of £6,500 to power a single bedroom home.

    That could be changing soon though, thanks to an exciting new partnership between the people’s favourite furniture store and US based solar energy company SunPower. ‘Home Solar with IKEA’ is on mission to making solar panels more accessible to people just like you and me.

    Can ‘gravity batteries’ boost our energy storage capacity?

    How to get your hands on IKEA’s solar panels

    Although IKEA has already been selling solar panels to 11 of its markets including the UK, Italy, and Sweden, it’s likely our US readers are itching to attach sustainable, shiny pieces of magic metal to the top of their houses.

    Be warned that depending on where you’re based, you may have to wait a little while longer.

    The SunPower x IKEA branded solar panels are expected to launch this Autumn in select Californian stores. They will also only available to IKEA Family loyalty members, at least for now.

    But one can only hope that this initiative signifies the industry’s interest in becoming more globally accessible, especially when I wrote an article about how the future of energy may well be sun-powered. And why would I make such a claim, you ask?

    Well, you’re likely aware that the world has turned its back on Russian gas and oil. In a bid to generate energy independently, the world’s warmest nations have looked upward at their most reliable source of natural energy, posted right in the sky above every day.

    For a few week or so, Portugal reigned the hydro-solar throne after inaugurating the world’s largest floating solar plant, comprised of 12,000 panels. Shortly after, Thailand overtook the European nation, opening a 720,000 square metre installation on the surface of one of its local reservoirs. Desculpe.

    Greece proudly boasts a newly opened double-sided solar farm – the largest in Europe – and has the sun to thank as it soars rapidly beyond its national renewable energy targets set out in 2020.

    Even in Africa, where abandoning fossil fuels has been historically viewed as an uphill battle, solar projects in Egypt, South Africa, and the continent’s largest plant in Morocco have proven that – with the right funding and planning – the sun could become one of Africa’s most powerful allies.

    Still, in many of these places where solar power is booming, most households continue to rely on fossil fuel powered energy due to grids not reaching their local area.

    ikea, home, solar, poland

    If IKEA – or a similar company – was to sell their affordable panels to customers in these places, either could make a pretty penny while helping us save our planet.

    What else has IKEA done for sustainability?

    The home wear giant’s 2021 Sustainability Report was fully of ambitious ideas.

    It outlined plans to innovate plant-based foods, commitments to making LED technology more efficient, supplying more spare parts for furniture to encourage repairs over replacement, and reducing the amount of plastic packaging around their products.

    IKEA has already had success in its internal renewable energy projects, with its pairs of wind farms, solar farms, geothermal systems, as well as seven biogas-fuel cells, and 90 percent of stores and warehouses being fitted with solar panels.

    The company is also making efforts towards circularity and climate positive goals, with 37 stores in the US accepting old, used IKEA furniture in exchange for store credits.

    In a press release, IKEA’s CEO Chief Sustainability Officer, Javier Quinones said, ‘At IKEA, we’re passionate about helping our customers live a more sustainable life at home.’

    ikea, home, solar, poland

    He added, ‘We’re proud to collaborate with SunPower to bring this service to the U.S. and enable our customers to make individual choices aimed at reducing their overall climate footprint.’

    I’m Jessica (She/Her). Originally from Bermuda, I moved to London to get a Master’s degree in Media Communications and now write for Thred to spread the word about positive social change, specifically ocean health and marine conservation. You can also find me dipping my toes into other subjects like pop culture, health, wellness, style, and beauty. Follow me on. LinkedIn and drop me some ideas/feedback via email.

    IKEA’s Newest Collab Could Save You a Ton on Your Energy Bill

    Between the mountains of research and getting quotes from specialized pros, investing in energy-efficient home upgrades can be exhausting. Sometimes we wish it were as fun as shopping for home decor—and now it is. IKEA, everyone’s favorite Swedish retailer, has recently partnered with solar technology and energy services provider SunPower Corp. to help encourage its shoppers to make the switch to renewable resources.

    The catch? Right now the service is only available to IKEA Family loyalty members living in select locations across California, but fingers crossed it will expand nationwide soon. Essentially, if you spot a designated solar kiosk at a participating store, you can get connected with a SunPower adviser who will guide you through the four different packages (each one includes various combinations of solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging). Finally, switching to a more eco-friendly and affordable (in the long run!) lifestyle seems easier than putting together a Billy bookcase.

    Even if you’re not one of the lucky Golden State residents, you can still make some positive changes to your space. We’ve listed a few favorite IKEA products that will scratch your sustainability itch for the time being.

    The Water-Saving Attachment

    You no longer have to completely swap out your faucet in order to spare your water bill. IKEA’s new Abacken nozzle (launching this October) twists on to any existing sink spout, and you can toggle between mist or spray modes that use less H2O (ahem, 95 percent less!) than most traditional systems. Did we mention it’s only 6?

    ikea, home, solar, poland

    The Upcycled Drapes

    The Bengta blackout curtains are crafted from 34 half-liter PET bottles and can be cut to the length of your window with no hemming or sewing needed—the laminated fabric doesn’t shred.

    The Feel-Good Light

    Made from recycled plastic and renewable viscose, the Mojna pendant kamp is IKEA’s answer to reducing its polyester consumption. The fixture’s diffused glow (it comes with an LED bulb) makes it ideal to hang over a dining table or bed for added softness.

    The Reusable Food Jar

    If you’ve ever wanted your pantry to look like it’s been touched by Marie Kondo, getting a Korken jar is the first step. Everything from coffee grounds to rice can be housed inside the airtight vessel. So long, single-use baggies.

    The All-Natural Mattress Topper

    Say goodbye to artificial foam fillers and down feathers with IKEA’s 100 percent cotton pick. The topper is wrapped in uncolored and unbleached linen, while the interior is made up of an organic latex that will ensure you remain comfortable through every twist and turn. This sustainable option definitely has us sleeping easier.

    Our opinion on the Ikea solar panels

    In a context of ecological awareness, but also of skyrocketing energy prices, you want to equip yourself with solar panels in order to lighten your electric bill and do something for the planet.

    Just under three years ago, Ikea launched its Ikea Home Solar photovoltaic offering in France, nearly seven years after its foray into the British market. To sell its product in France, Ikea has formed a partnership with Voltalia, a French specialist in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

    How good are the solar panels marketed by Ikea? Details and our advice on the installation of solar photovoltaic panels via this sign in this complete guide!

    Ikea: How did the furniture giant get into solar panels?

    The history of Ikea dates back to 1943, when Ingvar Kamprad, a young Swedish entrepreneur, started selling stationery and small items for the home. Five years later, the company diversified into furniture, with dazzling success, thanks in particular to functional products, clean design, affordable and a business model based on self-service sales and home assembly.

    In 2013, the Swedish giant launched Ikea Home Solar, a division that embodies a commitment to the renewable energy sector. The announcement was made as part of Ikea’s People Planet Positive CSR initiative, which aims to reduce Ikea’s environmental impact and encourage its customers to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The program was launched in the UK in partnership with SolarCentury. The goal was to provide affordable, turnkey residential solar solutions in line with Ikea’s furniture ranges. Again, the program has been a success, prompting Ikea to expand the program to other countries, again by partnering with local solar companies.

    Ikea solar panels landed in France in July 2020, the result of a partnership with French solar plant operator Voltalia.

    Ikea photovoltaic panels. Voltalia

    As you can see, there are no Ikea photovoltaic panels to speak of. And contrary to what you might think, there are no Voltalia solar panels either! Indeed, the French brand, partner of Ikea, offers exclusively panels of the Chinese brand Ja Solar (or Jing Ao Solar).

    • Unlike many of its competitors, Ja Solar manufactures both its modules and cells;
    • Several certifications: environmental management (ISO 14001), quality management (ISO 9001), product certifications (IEC 61215, IEC 61730, UL 1703, MCS), occupational health and safety management (OHSAS 18001: 2007), IEC TS 62941 certified photovoltaic modules;
    • A strong CSR commitment: construction of 100 elementary school in China, donation of medical care to cataract sufferers (goal of 10,000 patients treated), installation of solar panels in elementary school, etc. ;
    • An excellent quality-price ratio, from 5 580 € for 3kWc to 15 390 € for 9 kWc;
    • A certain folie de grandeur, with one of the most powerful solar panels in the world, the Jumbo triple cut, which boasts 810 W (not yet marketed on a large scale).

    In short, when we talk about Ikea or Voltalia photovoltaic panels, we are talking about the Chinese manufacturer Ja Solar.

    Ikea’s two photovoltaic ranges

    Ikea organizes its photovoltaic division’s offer around two ranges of solar panels: Solstråle and Solstråle Plus :

    • The installation and administrative procedures are offered under the following conditions: for a single-storey house, panels on a single slope, roof less than 45° (excluding slate tiles), in metropolitan France;
    • The eco-participation, also known as ecocontribution or SORECOP in France, is a financial contribution paid by consumers when purchasing a new electrical or electronic device. This contribution is intended to finance the collection, treatment and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

    are given as an indication and are subject to change.

    The aesthetics of Ikea solar panels

    Ja Solar solar panels, which are offered by Ikea and Voltalia, usually have a black or silver anodized aluminum frame, with a rather modern and sober appearance. Depending on the model, you will have black or blue solar cells. For optimal visual integration, JA Solar also offers frameless or bifacial clear glass solar panels to capture light from both sides. Overall, and without being fashionable, Ja Solar solar panels integrate harmoniously into the architectural environment.

    The performance of Ikea solar panels

    Ikea’s Ja Solar solar panels all feature monocrystalline cells, which provide high efficiency (pure crystalline structure), reasonable low-light performance, durability, aesthetics (uniform appearance), and proper operation at high temperatures.

    Since there is only one inverter, problems can be more easily identified and solved.Since each panel operates independently, partial shading of one panel does not affect the performance of the other panels;

    Systems equipped with microinverters are better suited to irregularly shaped roofs and/or heterogeneous panel orientation;

    Less flexibility in system design: centralized inverter systems are less adaptable to irregularly shaped roofs or installations where panels are oriented differently.Higher initial cost;

    Finally, note that the average efficiency of solar panels signed Ja Solar varies between 16 and 21 %, which remains in the average market. The Ja Solar monocrystalline panels offered by Ikea are rather in the high range in terms of efficiency.

    What do users think of Ikea solar panels?

    Given the recency of the Ikea Home Solar offer in France and the fact that it does not yet cover all departments, it is difficult to find reviews from French consumers. We have therefore compiled reviews from British consumers, who received the Ikea Home Solar offer in 2013:

    Are Ikea solar panels good? Yes and no. They use low-efficiency panels, which are therefore cheaper, but it takes about twice as many to reach kWp ;

    Ikea offered me £4,350 for a system of 18 120 w panels with an estimated first year yield of 2,021 kWh, the estimated return on investment for the first year is 11 %. Another manufacturer quoted me £9,900 for a twelve panel 250w system with an estimated first year yield of 2,955 kWh. The estimated return on investment for the first year is 7%.

    Anyone who thinks they have a deal with Ikea is wrong. On solar, Ikea is only a marketing platform Ikea is the only interface in the markets it invests in, referring to the fact that Ikea only serves as an interface in the markets it invests in.

    Ikea solar panels: what are the drawbacks?

    Alternatives to Ikea solar panels

    #1 SunPower

    SunPower remains the undisputed leader in the residential PV industry. With efficiencies approaching 23 %, resistance to extreme weather conditions, a wide range of products, a sleek design, and a 25-year warranty, this is the brand to consider if you have the budget. To learn more, we invite you to consult our opinion on Sunpower photovoltaic solar panels

    #2 DualSun

    DualSun is a French manufacturer focused on innovation. The brand offers hybrid solar panels that combine photovoltaic electricity production with domestic hot water production. The aim is to maximize the use of the roof surface and improve the overall energy efficiency of the solar installation. Customers who are interested in a multifunctional solar solution and want to reduce their energy consumption for water heating may find DualSun’s offer particularly interesting. especially if they want to consume French.

    #3 Oscaro Power

    Oscaro Power is a subsidiary of Oscaro, a French company specialized in the sale of automotive parts online. Oscaro Power offers self-consumption solar kits for individuals, with a range of solar panels, inverters and batteries adapted to the needs of each individual. Customers who want to take care of part of the installation themselves or who are looking for a modular solar solution can turn to Oscaro Power. Check out our Oscaro Power solar panels opinion to find out more.

    Ikea solar panels : Our opinion = verdict ?

    To enter the solar panel market, Ikea has chosen the path of exclusive partnership with local manufacturers, in this case Voltalia in France, which offers products from Chinese manufacturer Ja Solar.

    The advantages of the Ikea offer can be summarized as the reliability of the company, the robustness and performance of the Ja Solar panels, the responsive customer service and the company’s commitment to CSR. However, there are many disadvantages. Voltalia specializes in photovoltaic solutions for professionals and only launched its residential business through its partnership with Ikea. The photovoltaic panel offering does not give customers much choice in terms of sizing, and the choice of solar panel models is opaque, as Ikea does not mention Ja Solar on its website.

    Ikea’s pricing on its PV solutions is not in line with its pricing policy on furniture, and warranties are below the market average.

    After studying mechanical engineering, Julian entered the world of climate engineering in 2009. After having built his experience in the ventilationand then in the heating with the largest manufacturers of German origin, he became an entrepreneur in the renewable energies and in particular a specialist in heat pump and solar panels photovoltaic systems for thehabitat individual.

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