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How To Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in 2023. Quality solar systems

How To Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in 2023. Quality solar systems


    HES Solar strives to offer the highest quality solar power products to all of our clients. HES Solar has been providing high efficiency, durable solar panel systems to businesses throughout San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County since 2001.

    Our design approach is beautifully simple: the more seamless the integration, the more reliable and efficient the result. From solar panel selection to hardware, electronics, and energy management, each component is carefully selected to interact flawlessly with the next. The results is a top quality commercial solar system that yields dramatic efficiencies and greater reliability.


    HES Solar has been providing solar power to San Diego since 2001.

    In 2017 HES Solar completed installation on San Diego’s YMCA and followed that up with five more commercial-sized systems on YMCAs around San Diego.

    The picture to the right shows the rooftop Commercial system and the large carport array atop the YMCA’s parking garage installed by HES Solar in 2017.

    HES Solar is an innovator and first to design and build a Virtual Net Metering system.

    HES Solar was the first to bring the flexibility and independence of micro-grid technology to two major Southern California territories.

    HES Solar was the first SunPower partner to install a SunPower Commercial Helix solar panel system.


    HES Solar has built expertise and experience designing and installing commercial solar systems in Southern California since 2001. We will select the best solar panels, energy storage systems, hardware, and energy management programs to create and construct your ideal energy production and management system.

    We pick from the top component and hardware providers including Maxeon® and Silfab solar panels. The Maxeon panels provide a seamless surface that captures more sunlight thanks to its innovative back-contact design.


    “At the YMCA of San Diego County, we’re always looking to implement sustainability measures to help our facilities be energy efficient.”

    “Hamann Construction selected HES Solar to help deliver this project due to their competitive pricing and the similar shared values of integrity, quality workmanship, and a customer first FOCUS, all of which has been at the heart of Hamann Construction for over 60 years.”

    The reason we went with HES is that they were very transparent, they were up front about what they were going to do, the pricing, everything was laid out clearly and we had a good feeling about them and knew they would get the job done. The installation process went smooth. The project manager broke everything down, month to month, week to week, and sent us updates on what was going on. Those updates told us everything, and if we had questions, we asked, and we’d get responses really quickly. Like I said, it was painless, and we were very happy with that.”

    find, best, solar, panels

    “Energy Toolbase and HES Solar have been great partners to work with and we are optimistic about deploying many more energy storage systems together in the future.

    We care about being good stewards of the environment and about our bottomline. Why did we choose to go solar? The ROI is fantastic! We were waiting for a company that gave us a good vibe and was less pushy, sales techniques, and just the nuts and bolts of solar. That’s what Ross and his team at HES Solar offer. They provided a good, solid plan to go solar with little involvement from us after signing the contract. There was little to no disruption to our business operations. Wenjie was the project lead and he ran with it, and now we’ve got this turn-key product that’s going to substantially reduce our power bills. If you were to ask me when is a good time to go solar I’d say yesterday. Do it now! Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.”

    “The decision to go solar was based on multiple factors. Long term cost savings and clean energy was what we wanted, and there was a nice tax write off. When you add all of those factors together it was a no brainer, and we get so much sunlight here that it keeps producing every day. A friend of mine is an engineer and did a lot of research and he recommended HES Solar. We outsourced our research and compared bids and chose HES Solar; they met our requirements, they’re a very professional company and have the best equipment and best SunPower panels.”

    “We decided to go solar and to install EV chargers in our facility after a careful analysis of the return on investment (ROI). For the ROI calculation, we took in consideration the benefit to our community, our team, and our bottom line. Solar allows us to continue growing while offsetting the considerable (and increasing) cost of electricity. We chose HES Solar because of our commitment to invest where we make our x-ray machines – thus creating local jobs and improving the lives of our team and their families.

    “Every community we create is designed with the wants and needs of our customers in mind. Our residents tell us that conserving energy and saving money on their electricity bill is important to them. Solterra is the first apartment community in San Diego to derive all the electricity residents need for daily living from the sun.”

    HES installed Solar Panels on our commercial building. They were able to work with the City of Encinitas quickly to get our permits. Their bid was much more reasonable than other companies that do commercial installations. The installation went smoothly and they did a great job. A couple of issues identified were handled fairly and professionally by HES. They have a knowledgeable and friendly team, and the management personnel are accessible and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this company for your Solar installations.

    HES did the solar panels for our church (Vista La Mesa Christian Church in La Mesa) about a year ago. They did such a great job that I recently contacted them to expand the solar system for our home. They came out right away to take measurements and give us an estimate, and now the project is under way. This week the electrician, Mike, came out to upgrade our electrical panel. Just about the nicest guy you could meet! I have only positive things to say about this company.

    We used HES several years ago for the installation of a ground mounted solar system. We had a very long wire run and they did a great job installing the conduits with access points and finding a suitable location for maximum sun exposure. The system performed flawless since then. A few years later we wanted to expand the system. Several solar companies we contacted told us it would be very expensive, require new trenching or not possible at all. We contacted HES again. We had some initial run around with the design consultant who was not familiar with our system. Eventually, Martin Learn the owner came out and designed an upgrade solution that was very cost-effective, made use of the existing conduits and panel support structure. He offered us newer, more effective panels that blended in perfectly with the old ones. Thankfully they had designed the original system with an upgrade in mind. The crew doing the upgrade did an excellent job and avoided any stucco damage on the house entry points.

    How To Find the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in 2023

    Trying to determine the best solar panels for your home is like trying to determine the best car – there’s no one correct answer. Everybody has different budgets, goals, and capacity.

    So the real question is, which solar panel is best for you?

    We analyzed over 750 types of solar panel models from 40 different manufacturers available in the marketplace to determine the best solar panels to buy to meet common wants and needs.

    Of course, determining your solar needs is a lot easier with the guidance of an experienced Energy Advisor. Connect with one here.

    Best Solar Panels For Home In 2023

    The ideal solar panel is going to vary from homeowner to homeowner based on their budget, energy goals, roof, and more.

    We’ve chosen a handful of the best panels that meet some of the most common needs for homeowners.

    Let’s get started with the most popular panels to give us a sense of what other homeowners are gravitating towards.

    Most Popular Solar Panels of 2022

    While we can’t name a single best solar panel for your home, an analysis of 2022 sales shows a clear favorite among customers.

    From January to December 2022, manufacturers REC and Hanwha Q CELLS had the most popular panels for residential solar.

    That’s because REC and Q CELLS have a wide range of premium panels that offer a blend of solid performance and affordability.

    In fact, there are nearly 50 REC models and 80 Q CELLS models available through the network, ranging in wattage from 265W to 450W (although 400W is now considered the norm, and anything under 365W is considered rare).

    To top it off, REC and Q CELLS back their panels with a 25 year product warranty.

    When it comes to solar panels, there’s no shame in following the crowd. REC and Q CELLS are popular for a reason and there is safety in knowing these well-established panel makers aren’t going anywhere and will be around to honor their 25-year warranty.

    Best solar panels made or designed in America

    For some homeowners, finding American made solar panels is a priority. While there are several fantastic solar makers headquartered in the US, finding panels that are truly made in America can be tricky.

    That’s because there are American companies that manufacture overseas, and overseas companies that manufacture in America. And then there are companies that manufacture some panels in the US and others abroad.

    Best solar panels manufactured in the US

    Brand – HQ Location Panel Manufacture location Why we like it
    Silfab – Canada SIL Mono series Bellingham, Washington Durable, 20% efficient
    Q Cells – Korea Q. Peak Duo Series Dalton, Georgia Durable, 20% efficient
    Mission Solar – US MSE PERC series San Antonio, Texas Qualifies for Buy American Act
    Solaria – US Power XT series Fremont, California 20% efficient, superior shade performance

    Best solar panels made overseas by US-based companies

    Brand – HQ Location Panel Why we like it
    Sunpower – San Jose, CA A-series Up to 22.8% efficiency, 25-year warranty, built-in AC inverter
    Sunpower – San Jose, CA X-Series Up to 22,7% efficient, extremely low degradation rate, 25-year warranty
    SEG – Pleasanton, CA SEG-410-BMD-HV 21.25% efficiency, 25-year warranty
    Aptos Solar – Santa Clara, CA DNA-120-MF26-370W 20.29% efficiency, durable, 30-year warranty

    Whether your heart is set on supporting American manufacturing, American-based companies, or both, there are options when it comes to solar panels.

    Best solar panels for degradation

    Solar panels slowly lose efficiency over time through a process called degradation. This is a substantial concern to some homeowners curious about going solar.

    However, the industry has been pleasantly surprised by the longevity of the solar panels manufactured decades ago, and the technology has only gotten better.

    Today, it’s not uncommon for premium solar panels to come with a warranty that guarantees more than 85% performance after 25 years. Each warranty is a little different, so it’s important to read the language closely when researching panels.

    If your top concern is degradation, here are three panel to FOCUS on:

    Panel Degradation rate Performance warranty
    SunPower X-Series 0.2% to 0.25% per year 92% of minimum peak power after 25 years
    Panasonic EverVolt ® Photovoltaic series (EVPV) No more than 0.25% per year 92% of maximum power after 25 years
    REC Alpha series No more than 0.25% per year 92% of nameplate power output after 25 years

    Best solar panels for efficiency

    Another important solar panel feature is efficiency rating, or how much sunlight a panel converts into electricity.

    The most efficient solar cell of any kind has an efficiency of 39.5%, but is designed for space applications, not an ordinary roof.

    Residential solar panels typically range between 15% and 20%, with the industry leading panels pushing 23%.

    If solar panel efficiency is your top concern, here are the best panels to look out for:

    Manufacturer Model Efficiency rating
    SunPower A-series Up to 22.8%
    SunPower X-series Up to 22.7%
    Panasonic EverVolt® Photovoltaic series Up to 22.2%
    SunPower M-series Up to 22%
    REC Alpha series Up to 21.9%
    Silfab Elite series Up to 21.4%
    SEG SIV AC Module Series Up to 21.25%
    Silfab X series Up to 21.1%
    Solar World Sunmodule series Up to 21.1%
    S-Energy SL40-60MCI-370 21.04%

    Best solar panel warranties

    Solar panels are a substantial investment that take time to pay themselves off. One of the things that makes going solar a safe bet is manufacturer’s warranties that guarantee performance well beyond the break-even mark.

    Today, a 25-year warranty is standard. However, a few panel makers are offering 30-year warranties.

    Aptos Solar offers a five-year extension to their standard 25-year warranty to guarantee 82.4% output after 30 years on their DNA Split Cell Series panels.

    According to Aptos, that’s 4.9% more output after 25 years and 5.7% greater output after 30 years compared to the industry average.

    Hyundai Energy Solutions – a subsidiary of the car maker – also offers a 30-year performance warranty on their RG series panels. This warranty guarantees 80.2% performance after 30 years.

    Finally, Canadian Solar has 30-year output warranties for different types of panels.

    • Polycrystalline Products: 83% output by the end of year 30
    • Standard Monocrystalline Products: 81.5% output by the end of year 30
    • Monocrystalline PERC Products: 83% output by the end of year 30

    How to Choose The Best Solar Panels for Your Home

    Every home solar system is custom designed with software by an engineer.

    An expensive, high efficiency panel may perform just as well as a standard or economy panel under certain circumstances — but bigger is not always better. The optimal solar panels for your home are highly dependent on the two factors below.

    The amount of annual household electricity use

    The more electricity you consume, the more solar power you’ll need to generate. You should ideally produce enough power to offset 100% of the electricity you consume.

    It’s useful to have a full year’s worth of electricity payments for reference on your bill, so your system designer can factor in household usage patterns that fluctuate month to month.

    The characteristics of your roof

    Most residential systems are placed atop your home on the roof. Your roof’s tilt, type, age, and amount of shading can all affect the number of solar panels you need.

    Generally speaking, it’s better to have more panels placed on the southern side of your roof, as that’s where the sun shines the most in the northern hemisphere.

    This sounds a lot harder than it really is.

    Based on these factors, a solar engineer will put together several configurations using different panels. Once you have options, the choice is all yours!

    What Makes A Good Solar Panel for Home?

    When evaluating the solar panels themselves, be sure to review the efficiency, power rating, warranty, and bankability of different manufacturers.

    Here are the main components that make a solar panel good for home applications.

    Solar Panel Warranties

    The length of a solar panel warranty is a message from the panel manufacturer that they think they’ve produced the best type of solar panel. The longer the warranty, the higher quality the panel.

    Warranties range from 10 years to 25 years for premium panels.

    Although this is the warranted duration, solar panels often last much longer because of the inherent durability of the product. Because there’s no moving parts in panels, they can keep generating power until the solar cells completely run out of conducting material.

    If your solar panel is discovered to be faulty within the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace that panel or repair it for you. It should be noted that if the panel fails due to an installer’s workmanship error, this will instead be covered with the installation company’s workmanship warranty.

    Beyond workmanship fault, there are some other exceptions to these warranties that most manufacturers follow. Panels that are damaged from environmental pollution, salt water, flying objects, severe storms, and other “acts of god” are typically excluded from warranties. In essence, only the normal wear and tear of panels are covered.

    Solar Energy Performance Guarantee

    In addition to covering any defects with the Solar Panel Warranty, manufacturers also provide a Performance Guarantee for their products.

    At this time, most manufacturers guarantee a certain level of production over 25 years, but some are now guaranteeing over 80% production for 30 years.

    If you want a quality residential solar panels, be sure that your evaluating the level of production that the manufacturer is guaranteeing.

    Typical Performance Guarantees are in the 80-85% range after 25 years. The very best solar panels are guaranteed to perform at least 90% of rated power output.

    Please note that the same exclusions from the Solar Panel Warranty also apply to the Solar Energy Performance Guarantee. So if your panels have been caked in dirt and are under-producing, the panel maker has cause to exclude your system from their guarantee. In fact, most manufacturers release their panel warranties and performance guarantees in the same document.

    Solar Panel Efficiency

    It’s important that every residential solar system has a monitoring system. This is the system that will allow you to view and measure real-time and historical energy production data of your system.

    Some monitoring systems display this energy production data via a physical display unit, while others employ an online interface, or both.

    As “Smart” or connected homes become more prevalent, solar installers can provide whole-house energy consumption monitoring as well. In order to ensure your solar system is producing energy normally, it’s important to make sure your solar panels are paired with an energy production monitoring system.

    Solar Panel Wattage

    It is easy to confuse efficiency with wattage. Wattage is a unit of measure denoting the potential electrical output of a panel under ideal circumstances.

    The higher the wattage of a panel, the more electricity it can potentially produce for your home. Higher wattage panels are ideal for smaller spaces that need higher production. However, they often come at a higher price. So it’s not always best to invest in higher wattage panels if it’s not necessary for your home.

    Additionally, sometimes higher wattage panels are physically bigger. This may mean less panels can fit in a certain space, thereby negating the advantage of having higher wattage. Solar panel brands and products will vary in size and wattage, so be sure your PV designer is taking this into account when he or she works on your array.

    If you’re looking to compare solar panels, be sure to consider the panel’s efficiency and wattage in the same breath. A high-efficiency, high-wattage panel may seem ideal, but if you have enough roof space it may not be necessary.

    Solar Panel Aesthetics

    As more people are going solar, the need for well-designed, aesthetically pleasing panels is becoming a higher consumer demand.

    This is particularly the case in neighborhoods with some HOA requirements for solar arrays, or for a home that would need panels facing the road. Many homeowners with these considerations in mind prefer black panels when comparing solar panels, but there are various types of black panels to be aware of.

    Most silicone cells are either dark blue or black. These cells are the squares that make up the face of the solar panels. The space between these cells is where you can see the backsheet. Having a black backsheet makes for a much sleeker, all black look.

    Finally, considering frame color is important. Most solar panel frames are anodized aluminum and come in silver or black. Choosing a black frame can enhance the look of your system greatly. You may be interested in getting “all black” panels, where the frame, backsheet, and cells are all the same black color.


    When choosing a solar panel brand, be careful to make sure that the company you choose will still be around to honor your warranty. Typically, larger corporations like REC and Q CELLS are safe bets and highly bankable.

    The Bottom Line

    At the end of the day, the best solar panel for home varies from homeowner to homeowner. What matters is that a certified installer examines your specific needs and designs a system to meet them.

    Unfortunately, there are fly-by-night solar companies that offer one-size-fits-all solutions for every home. was created to bring transparency into the solar market and connect homeowners with trusted installers.

    Best Solar Panels and Inverters Brands of 2022

    One of the most important parts of choosing solar equipment is having confidence that the manufacturer will be around in 25-30 years to honor their.

    Solar Panel Warranty Guide: What You Need to Know

    Going solar is a long-term investment energy savings and a clean energy future. And there’s nothing to protect that investment like a long and robust.

    Top Solar Panels of 2018 2019

    Top Solar Panels 2019 2018: An Overview As we’re wrapping up the year here at, we’ve been reflecting on the last two years.

    Going Solar in These Top 10 States Will Increase Your Home Property.

    According to a recent report by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the U.S. installed 2.1 GW of solar capacity in Q2. The solar industry reached.

    find, best, solar, panels

    Q CELLS Opens New 1.7 GW Factory in Dalton, Georgia

    South Korean solar panel manufacturer, Q CELLS, recently celebrated a monumental milestone last month. The company opened their fourth solar factory in drum roll please.

    4 Cool New Technologies from Solar Power International (SPI) 2019

    Our team just returned from a very exciting trip to the Solar Power International 2019 Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. We toured the floor.

    Cost of a Tesla Solar Roof vs Solar Panels

    There’s no question that the Tesla Solar Roof is among the best looking rooftop solar systems on the market. When it was unveiled in 2016.

    The 4 Roof Types Released By The Tesla Solar Program

    Tesla has finally made its solar roofs open for ordering. The smooth and textured tiles are the only roof types currently available with the Tuscan.

    Here Is What Elon Musk and the Tesla Solar Program Have Been.

    Every time the name Elon Musk is thrown around, most people will think of either his connection to PayPal, SpaceX, or Tesla cars. But now.

    Tesla’s Solar Roof Rivals

    Elon Musk once again shook up the energy industry with the unveiling of solar roofs by Tesla and SolarCity on October 28th. Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

    Will Tesla Shake up Solar Roofing?

    We’ve seen this before. Last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his electric vehicle company would branch out and start supplying a home battery.

    Start Saving with a Home Solar System

    A top-rated home solar system from Lifetime Quality Solar will significantly reduce your energy costs.

    Columbus Home Solar System

    Are you searching for a way to increase the value and energy-efficiency of your home in Columbus, Ohio? If the answer is yes, then you should consider looking into a home solar system from Lifetime Quality Solar. Our top-rated solar panel systems will make your home more energy-efficient and save you thousands on your monthly energy bills over time.

    You may not notice many houses in your neighborhood that have solar power systems, but that’s because many homeowners fear that it will be too expensive. However, this is not the case at Lifetime Quality Solar. We offer flexible financing options and industry-leading warranties. Plus, you can even qualify for a federal tax credit by switching to solar.

    Top-Rated Home Solar Systems in Columbus

    Have you finally decided to switch to solar, but are having a hard time deciding who to go with? When it comes to solar power systems in Columbus, there is really only one company that’s perfect for the job. Instead of settling for the first company that pops up on your search results, you should consider a top-rated home solar system from Lifetime Quality Solar.

    There are so many advantages of choosing a residential solar system from Lifetime Quality Solar to power your Columbus home:

    • Full Solar System for Home
    • Full-Service Residential Solutions
    • Save Money on Energy Costs
    • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    • Increase Value and Curb Appeal

    Cost-Effective Solar Panel Systems in Columbus

    If you are looking into residential solar panels in Columbus, you can count on Lifetime Quality Solar to help you maximize your energy savings. With the help of our cost-effective products, Lifetime Quality Solar will design the best solar panel system for your Columbus home:

    • Full Roof Panel Systems
    • Solar Panels
    • Solar Inverters
    • Racking System for Roof

    Request a Free Quote Today for a Home Solar System in Columbus

    Are you ready to increase the value and energy-efficiency of your Columbus home with a home solar system? Call our Columbus solar experts today for more information on our top-rated products. Or, fill out our online form to request a free quote.

    Tips For Ensuring A High-Quality Solar Installation

    Akshay VR. 16 Dec 2022

    The installation of the solar panel is a complex part to accomplish. Numerous factors must be considered when deciding to install a solar system. This includes how the system will look, how long it will last, whether maintenance can be completed, how the environment will affect the system, and how you need to label the system to ensure compliance. So, here are some of the Tips For Installing Solar Panels.

    Design For Looks

    A perfect solar installation might be willing to have less than-pretty things done to their home. Still, an ugly building will lower the house’s value, annoy neighbors, and damage the perception of solar technology.

    A good design must have the following:

    Each panel is the same color

    Edges of arrays are parallel to the edges of the roof

    Each array is aligned to the same height

    Conduits on the exterior are concealed

    find, best, solar, panels

    Design To Last

    When selecting the components, it’s essential to ensure they are appropriate for the installation. Each component should complement the other. If a critical component has half the expected life of different components, the system might fail before you wish it. To ensure the better operation of the system:

    Ensure component warranties are appropriate for the installation

    Understand failure points and eliminate them

    Follow local codes to ensure that the appropriate building for its geographic location

    Design To Be Maintained Friendly

    The designing of the solar system must be done so that there is enough room to perform work safely. From time to time, there is a requirement to remove a panel, access conduits, or work with other components. The brilliant design also ensures the proper workability of the system safety.

    To help with this, the National Electrical Code, International Building Code, International Residential Code, and other standards help facilitate helpful guidelines for installing solar systems safely and efficiently.

    Design For The Environment

    Many environmental factors need to be addressed at the time of the installation of solar panels. These factors include some of the elements on the roof as well as wind, seismic activity, and sun levels.

    Roof Structures

    Residential and commercial buildings contain many things (chimneys, parapets, air conditioning units, etc.) that are essential for blocking specific sunlight. Always figure out the roof’s structure before deciding on a solar system’s configuration, maximizing the sunlight panels will receive. Another roof-related factor that needs to be taken into consideration is structural integrity. Installing an array helps in including extra weight to the roof. Thus, it becomes relevant to ensure that the top can support the variety. While doing this, other factors such as water, snow, and debris should be checked once.

    The roof’s shape and other architectural elements, like parapets, can affect the wind’s force and levels. It’s essential to understand the wind’s behavior and how to best mount the panels to reduce the chance of damage or vibration from the wind. They made installation must be fixed properly, and for this understanding, the seasonal wind must be analyzed to maximize efficiency.

    Seismic Activity

    Seismic zones and building requirements can vary significantly depending on where you are installing the solar system. In high seismic zonal areas, installations should guard around the array to prevent it from falling to the ground during an earthquake. It is always essential for the owner to contact the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure that the installation meets all required codes.

    Sun Levels and Power Demand

    When installing solar panels, the electricity demand is essential to understand within a given area. In some cases, it helps increase the value, better match the customers’ needs, and reduce strain on the grid. The south-facing panels in these areas produce total power over the year, and west-facing boards have more energy during those peak demand times.

    find, best, solar, panels

    As with any installation, it’s essential to understand the environment and how to maximize solar energy usage.

    Labeling Your System

    Before making the installation of a solar system, always the determination of which labels will be required. To help this, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has clarified labeling requirements for solar systems. In Article 690 of the NEC, the solar system details can be found. Some labeling requirements can vary depending on the system’s configuration. Here are some of the needs of the system:

    Back-fed overcurrent protection devices

    Systems with Rapid shutdown switches

    How To Get Maximum Power From Solar Panels?

    Under every environmental condition, solar panels perform equally. The users can adopt proactive steps to improvise the efficiency and output of their solar system layout or array. A few simple steps can ensure that you are getting the best return from your solar investment. Here we have mentioned four tips for maximizing the strength of your solar panels’ output and increasing your energy savings.

    Did You Know? With Solar Labs, you can increase your solar sales conversion by a WHOOPING 300%.

    How To Increase The Efficiency Of Solar Panel

    Invest in High-Quality Panels

    Choosing Better Technology

    Choose Trustworthy Installers

    Clean the Panels Properly

    Schedule Preventive Checks

    How To Increase Solar Panel Voltage?

    First, the question that arises in my mind is what voltage is. Voltage is the electrical pressure that pushes the flow of charged electrons, i.e. current, along an electrical loop. Increasing solar panel voltage can be increasingly yielded.

    In solar panels, a small amount of electric voltage is generated when the sun’s light hits the junction between a metal and a semiconductor (such as silicon) or the intersection between two different semiconductors.

    Voltage Output of Solar Panels.

    Increasing low Voltage output.

    Getting 240V from Solar Panels.

    Tips For Using Solar Panels

    Solar power is an effective way to reduce the amount of your electricity bill and your carbon footprint. This renewable energy resource can facilitate electricity which is more than the general requirement of the house. Solar power is reliant on the sun, so there are going to be days when you will need to use your solar as effectively as possible.

    Install LED Lights

    Using traditional light bulbs is ten times more powerful than LED light bulbs. Unfortunately, most energy is wasted on producing heat instead of light. Conventional bulbs, like incandescent bulbs, are far from as efficient and energy-Smart as LED bulbs. The decision to replace these old light bulbs in your home with newer LED versions is the best thing to adopt.

    Use Appliances During The Day

    Most of us are still falling into our old energy consumption habits. This states that people aren’t taking the time to think about overall consumption.

    Stagger Your Electricity Consumption

    Try to avoid making the utilization of heavy usage appliances running at the same time. Instead, think Smart and act smarter. One will only have a massive drain on your solar system at a time, giving it time to replenish the energy as it is used. This is one of the ways of creating a greener home.

    Clean Your Panels Regularly

    Your solar panel installation will rely on the panels getting the most sunlight. With the passage of time, dirt, dust, and bird droppings will build over the boards, preventing them from working efficiently as they did in the beginning.

    Clear Away Trees

    The solar power system lasts for years if you take care of it properly. The existence of trees and bushes that are near the panels will continue to grow and possibly cover the panels. You need to keep a check on the boards to make sure that nothing is protecting them.

    Monitor Your Usage

    The only way to understand if your energy habits need changing is if you start monitoring your usage. It is perfectly normal to fluctuate seasonal usage, mainly when heating or cooling your home.

    Add Batteries

    Solar batteries are a great way to store solar energy for later use. It would be beneficial for the users if they need to use power in the late afternoons or evenings. You can draw on the stored energy from the batteries instead of paying the higher rates charged during these peak hours.

    Use Smart Home Tech

    With continuous technology enrollment, it becomes more competent to work. brilliant tech is more efficient than older tech; it can be very beneficial to make utilization of the latest technologies. It includes Smart light bulbs to timers for your water heater.

    Check Windows and Doors

    You would be scared to know how much heat your home loses through Windows and doors. These areas typically have tiny gaps where air and heat can escape. From these areas, cold air enters the room from outside.

    Change Your Behavior

    Installing solar power in your home is the primary step we need to take to live a greener and more sustainable life on Earth.

    Increasing Solar Panel Efficiency With Mirrors – Solar Reflector Panels

    The research on the concept of solar reflector panels is still under the stage and is very promising for improving solar panel systems. Researchers in the USA and India have tried adding mirrors adjacent to the solar panels. These mirrors increase electricity production from panels by up to 30%.

    Once the work was published in IEEE’s Journal of Photovoltaic, it has been proved that the successful use of mirrors as reflectors in solar farms would help increase its energy output.

    DIY Solar Installation

    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is the cheapest way to go because this includes less installation cost. Apart from the time and effort utilization, the installation is priceless! This would help save time and money. One can concern with their family or friends to help, or maybe even a local handyperson.


    Installing your own solar panels has the potential to allow you freedom from the electrical grid, reduce the carbon footprint of your household or business and possibly reduce your electricity bills.

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