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Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is…

Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is…

    Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is coming from battery #80905

    What I see is that power coming from the battery is counted as imported from the grid during nights.

    Here I show the same day from Home assistant

    Report from Growatt Only Importe power

    Looks like there is some misunderstanding on what’s what. Power wise.

    I canΒ΄t figure if there an obvious mistake adding power from source.

    Integration causing the issue

    Anything in the logs that might be useful for us?

    Additional information

    The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:

    That’s really odd. I’ve looked through everything above and from what I can tell you have your energy dashboard configured correctly (I have the same type of system and it’s configured exactly the same and it’s working correctly). Can you please take a look at the statistic that is sitting behind the Import from grid today value in the HA overview page like this: Maybe it’s not using the correct value?

    The growatt library this integration just pull the value directly from the Growatt servers, it should be taking the value that you see on the Growatt website titled Imported From Grid (the yellow bar under Load Consumption). Remember that this integration however doesn’t make queries to the Web UI, but instead makes a call to the API used by the Android application.

    This value is shown on the dashboard tab on the shinephone app (which I’ll post a screen grab of later, for some reason right now the app on my phone isn’t working). If you can see it on there it’ll be interesting to see what value you’re seeing there.

    This is the stat that’s pulled from the app, would be interesting to compare it to what your stat in HA is showing, also please compare it against the value you’re seeing in the growatt web page.

    Here are some new datapoints

    I have checked my configuration and it looks like yours.

    When charging from the sun looks like it’s counting like charging from the grid.

    In the energy panel Here you see clearly that the from grid item is adding power coming from the sun

    check on the 9 to 10 time.

    Total import on Growatt is 1,2 Kwh and in homeassistant is 2,3Kwh

    homeassistant’s total power usage at the end of the day is almost double. Yesterday was 23Kwh(GW page) vs 30Kwh(HA). And it makes sense since my battery is using 7,5kwh to charge. 25% is backup reserved and not in use at the moment.

    Ok that’s very odd. I’ll look into it more when I get the chance.

    Currently my FOCUS is on the other issue with Growatt: #80950

    Once I’ve got to the bottom of that and reviewed it I’ll circle back to this as it seems to be an isolated problem to just your system.

    This is a massive cross-post on all the Growatt tickets so apologies for it’s generic format. I’ve collated all of the open issues and prioritised them here:

    growatt, integration, double, counting, power

    I will be working through them in order and updating that post as well as the affected tickets. Using that method I can be sure to correctly track everything associated with the integration.

    @Wingman2. In order to investigate this further I’m going to need to do some very specific debug on your system. Would you be willing to share your Growatt credentials with me via email (contact information on my Github page) so that I can spin up a debug instance and compare it against what you’re seeing?

    Working behind the scenes with @Wingman2 I’ve determined this issue is related to the fact that the specific values used for this reading etouser_combined when queried from the Growatt API occasionally drop when they shouldn’t (see graph below). This causes the energy reporting functionality in Home Assistant to incorrectly think the value has been ‘reset’ as it falls outside of the 10% threshold used to determine whether a sensor has been reset. Since this is an error that is very specific to Growatt and in particular this one statistic I will implement a fix/workaround this in the sensor itself. I am currently testing the fix on my local setup and will submit a PR when both I and @Wingman2 have concluded the problem is resolved.

    Watching this, and trying to add my battery storage to Energy dashboard but no entities show up to fit this. Also using a hybrid inverter and 10kw battery (ARK 2.5 modules). Keep the good work up! πŸ™‚

    This is (picture) where i can not find entities for energy going into the battery and out of the battery

    Watching this, and trying to add my battery storage to Energy dashboard but no entities show up to fit this. Also using a hybrid inverter and 10kw battery (ARK 2.5 modules). Keep the good work up! πŸ™‚

    This is (picture) where i can not find entities for energy going into the battery and out of the battery

    This isn’t the same issue, but is related to statistics on the energy dashboard, please can you tell me what type of system you have by logging into the growatt website and telling me what appears here:

    Ok great, this is how it look

    also maby this info is needed?

    Ah ok, that’s because the MIN/MIC/MOD type does have support for the integration but it doesn’t look like we have added the relevant fields for the batteries to be plumbed through. Therefore can I request that you log a new ticket with the title Growatt Integration MIN/MIC/MOD type missing Battery details and then I can get it prioritised. I have a forum post over here where I’ve prioritised all the issues and I’m working through them in turn: Once you’ve logged the ticket I’ll update that thread with your one as it’s only fair I work through things in the correct order.

    Thanx for quick reply. I posted the ticket : #82090

    but maby it needs more info?

    That’s all good, I’ll add it to the list. Nearer the time I may reach out if you’re willing to share your credentials so I can log in as you to the growatt servers and see why the batteries aren’t appearing, but I’ll do that another time.

    Growatt VITA 550 Portable Power Station Review

    The Growatt Vita 550 Portable Power Station is designed to power most of your essential devices and electronics with a 600W output rating. Equipped with a 538Wh LiFePO4 battery, the VITA 550 is designed to handle most medium-duty needs in the field, with a long-life battery supporting many charge cycles. With an onboard charger, users don’t need to carry any external charging bricks to charge the unit out in the field.

    The Growatt Vita 550 Portable Power Station is designed to power most of your essential devices and electronics with a 600W output rating. Equipped with a 538Wh LiFePO4 battery, the VITA 550 is designed to handle most medium-duty needs in the field, with a long-life battery supporting many charge cycles. With an onboard charger, users don’t need to carry any external charging bricks to charge the unit out in the field.

    growatt, integration, double, counting, power

    One of the key features of the Growatt Vita 550 Portable Power Station is its durable LiFePO4 battery that can last up to 10 years of use with over 3000 life cycles. Unlike traditional lithium batteries which degrade after 800-1000 cycles, LiFePO4 batteries are more efficient, durable, and safer, with less risk of explosions or leaks. over, LiFePO4 batteries have a wider temperature range and can perform well in extreme temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor use.

    The Growatt Vita 550 Portable Power Station is also fast and convenient to charge. You can charge it from 0% to 100% in 1.6 hours in a faster charge mode, or 3.5 hours at normal speed. Additionally, you can charge it using solar panels with a maximum input of 240W, and it takes only 2.5 hours to charge under full sunlight. The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology ensures maximum solar charging efficiency with up to 99% efficiency.

    The Growatt Vita 550 Portable Power Station is also equipped with a feature that allows it to drive a wider range of devices beyond 600W, up to 1050W. This feature can come in handy for using more power-hungry equipment or tools out in the field.

    One minor drawback of the Growatt Vita 550 Portable Power Station is that it doesn’t offer a passthrough UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) capability. This means that if the power station is plugged in and charging, it cannot simultaneously power connected devices, and vice versa. While this may not be a significant issue for most users, it can be a limitation for those who require continuous power to their devices without interruption during charging.

    The Growatt Vita 550 offers up to 11 versatile outlets to power most of your devices simultaneously. These outlets include 3 AC outlets(120V, 60Hz, 600W, surge 1200W), 1 car outlet (12V/10A, 132W max), 2 USB-A ports (5V/2.4A, 12W max), 1 quick charge USB-A port (5V/3.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A), 1 USB-C PD port (5V\9V\12V\20V, 5A, 100W max), 1 wireless charging pad (15W), and 2 DC 5521 ports (12V/3A, 36W max).

    At the time of our review, the Growatt VITA 550 has a 410 street price, with the 200W solar panel listed at 349.

    Growatt VITA 550 Specifications

    AC Output

    AC Charge

    Cell Chemistry



    USB A Quick Charge

    USB-C PD



    MPPT Efficiency

    Battery Management

    Solar Charge

    App Management

    Vehicle Charge

    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    Car Outlet

    Net Weight

    Optimal Operating Temperature


    120V, 60Hz, 600W Surge 1200W
    120V/60Hz 500W for Fast Charge 300W for Normal Charge
    3000 cycles
    1 x 5V/3.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
    1 x 5V\9V\12V\20V, 5A, 100W Max
    2 x 5V/2.4A, 12W Max
    Support solar power MPPT charging
    Over/Under Temperature Protection, Under/Over Voltage Protection, Overcharging Protection, Over discharging Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection.
    2.5 Hours (Max Input under full sunlight) 12-24V, 10A, 240W Max
    Yes (Support Wi-Fi Bluetooth Connection)
    12/24V, 8A, 100W Max Adjustable
    12.2 x 8.4 x 7.8in (310 x 213 x 197.5mm)
    1 x 12V/10A, 132W Max
    17.82 Ibs/8.16Kg
    20Β°C~30Β°C / 68℉~86℉
    2 Years

    Growatt VITA 550 App Control

    The Growatt VITA 550 offers remote monitoring and control capabilities through an app called MyGro. The mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android and offers a range of functionalities allowing users to take full control of their power station from their phone or tablet. The app provides real-time information about the battery status, including the remaining capacity and estimated time to full charge, giving users a clear understanding of how much power they have left to work with.

    Users are able to see charge levels and monitor the status of all input and output ports in real time. This is useful for keeping track of multiple units deployed in the field, or just turning off certain outputs if you aren’t right next to the unit itself.

    The app also allows users to set customized charging profiles, including charging speed and discharge protection levels. These sorts of features come in handy for situations where a stock mode might not be beneficial (lowering the charge rate to not trip a circuit) or preventing the battery from going below a certain charge level.

    In our testing, we found the app was simple to use and allowed for connectivity over both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We did see some updates push through the app store during the time we tested the VITA 550, so it is updated regularly at this time for bugs.

    Charge and Battery Capacity

    The Growatt VITA 550 has a LiFePO4 battery with a capacity of 538Wh. In our testing with a 350W load, we were able to measure an accumulative output of 440Wh before the unit turned off. Charging the VITA 550 from 0% we measured a 650Wh draw needed to bring the power station back to 100%. For charging speed the onboard charger has two speed settings, which in our testing measured 259W for the slow rate and 493W for the faster rate.

    Growatt 200W Solar Panel

    Growatt included their 200W solar panel along with the VITA 550 review sample. The Growatt 200W solar panel is foldable and offers a rugged design for outdoor charging. Its flexible design, along with the included protective case, makes it easy to carry and store. The sturdy kickstand allows for easy setup and aiming of the panels in the field without building anything on-site.

    With a high 22% efficiency rating, the panels are geared to pull in a good deal of sunlight power. It also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating, which makes it resistant to inclement weather. In terms of output and connectivity, it uses universal MC4 connectors, making it compatible with most third-party devices. In terms of sizing, it pairs well with the VITA 550, which tops out at 240W for solar charging rates.

    In our testing, we saw the performance on the high-end measuring 176W with sunlight right overhead the panels and them positioned flat on the ground. This would probably be up near the peak out of this panel in full sunlight, which would let you charge the VITA 550 easily on a sunny day.

    With complete Cloud cover, the panel’s output level dropped accordingly, but still had a useful output. Here we measured output levels around 30-50 watts, which is still better than nothing if you are out in the field with no other source of power.


    The Growatt Vita 550 is a versatile and powerful portable power station with a wide range of output options, making it suitable for field use, camping, and power-outage situations. With a capacity of 538Wh and an output rating of 600W, the Vita 550 isn’t the biggest portable power station we’ve tested, but it will handle moderately sized workloads. The LiFePO4 battery pack lifespan of more than 3000 cycles should also hold up quite well over time.

    The addition of the Growatt 200W solar panel pairs well with the Vita 550 for outdoor enthusiasts, as it provides a convenient way to charge the system out in the field. In terms of remote monitoring and management, an app is included that can interface over BT or Wi-Fi. The only knock really is the lack of a UPS-passthrough mode. Overall the Growatt Vita 550 is a pretty solid offering for those looking for an easy entry into the portable power space.

    Engage with StorageReview

    Growatt VITA 550 Review – highly impressive power station

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    VITA 550


    The Growatt VITA 500 is a newly released portable power station that seems to have a lot going for it. Powered by LiFePO4 batteries, it provides reliability and longevity that surpasses many in its class. Being one of the smallest options available from Growatt, it’s ready for ‘on the go’ use or as a solid provider of power during outages.

    Growatt’s been in the industry for a very long time. In fact, over 10 years! Although they’re based in China, they have a good reputation for quality products that cover a wide range of green-oriented energy solutions. From EV chargers to solar panels and power stations, they’ve made a name for themselves all over the globe.

    Today I’m going to examine the VITA 550 and all that it has to offer. I’ll go over its features, capabilities and characteristics that set it apart from the competition. I’ll share my experience with it and ultimately determine if its a worthy investment.

    Unboxing First Impressions

    Upon its arrival, I was quite pleased to find all that you need and nothing more inside the box. Accessories include an AC charging cable, car charging cable and an MC4 to XT60 solar charging cable. Of course, you also get a user manual and the VITA 550 itself.

    Upon removing it from the box, the beautiful build quality was obvious. The color choice of matte dark grey and a silver top give it a neutral, pleasing appearance. Although it’s comprised of plastic, the plastic seems durable, thick and solid.

    While the VITA 550 tips the scale at nearly 18lbs, the built-in handle on the top makes it easy to lug around, given the approximate 12β€³ x 8β€³ x 8β€³ shape. While the handle does seem to be a bit creaky, it gets the job done and nestles into the top of the unit without being in the way.

    What sets it apart from other power stations of its size is the LiFePO4 cells that it utilizes. These are much preferred over traditional lithium-ion or lead-acid varieties that offer nowhere near the lifespan and safety that LiFePO4 offers. In fact, the VITA 550 is rated for over 3,000 charge/discharge cycles before you’ll notice any degradation in the capacity.

    Outputs Display

    All of the outputs are located on the front in a very accessible manner, all centered around a vivid green and white LCD. The screen is amazingly beautiful, bright and vivid, although it can be hard to view in direct sunlight.

    It shows live energy wattage readings for both the input and output as well as small icons for various settings that are currently activated. There’s also a curved green bar around the percentage remaining that gives a nice visual on remaining power. What’s more; it offers an “hours remaining” icon that takes into consideration the current power draw and indicates a precise time in regards to how much longer it’ll last.

    In terms of outputs, you have two USB-A ports rated at 5V/2.4A and a third one offering fast charging up to 18W. In addition, there’s one USB-C port capable of PD charging up to 100W. Moving on, there’s three grounded AC outlets, offering 120V/60Hz and a max output of 600W (1200W surge). Above these is a 12V/10A, 120W Max barrel-style car outlet with two DC 5521 outputs capable of 12V/3A, 36W Max.

    On the top, there’s a wireless charging pad built into the unit. Offering up to 15W of power, the edges around it are slightly raised so your phone doesn’t accidently slip off. It seems to work quite well and is a nice bonus, considering most power stations don’t offer this.

    Last but not least, on the front, there’s also a built-in light that’s incredibly bright. Perfect for providing enough light for your tent, picnic table or other small area.


    On the right side of the VITA 550, there’s a small door near the base. Flip it open to expose the various charging inputs. There’s one solar input for 12-24V 10A with a 240W max. In the center, there’s the input for plugging in the AC power cord with a 6A max. The small button on the right enables you to toggle between standard or fast AC charging.

    What sets the VITA 550 apart from many power stations in its class is the AC charging. Rather than using a bulky AC adapter “brick”, it’s a simple, thick-gauge cable that offers incredible charge speeds of up to 500W. This way, the power station can re-charge from the wall in a wonderfully fast manner. In fact, it’s capable of re-charging from 0% to 100% capacity in just 1.6 hours if you opt to use “fast charging”.

    Ultimately, this means less waiting around for it to re-charge and more time putting it to use. Those who often travel on the road know the importance of fast charging. It literally splits your wait time in half of what standard AC charging typically offers.

    If you use your own solar panel or opt for one of Growatt’s panels, the VITA 550 supports up to 240W solar input. Although solar is highly dependent on various factors, you can achieve a full charge in as little as 2.5 hours.

    Most users will opt to take advantage of the quick AC re-charge times. Literally just plug the AC cord into the wall; it’s clearly the best way to charge it up. However, you can also use the supplied car charging cable, but re-charge times are maxed out at around 120W. Thus, making car charging the slowest method to fill its capacity to 100%.


    The Growatt VITA 550 supports a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection so you can take advantage of the myGro app. It’s not necessarily a requirement to use, but it’s nice to have it available as an option for those who want a full interface at their fingertips.

    While you do need to sign-up for an account, pairing the power station to the app is straightforward and quite simple. Once you’re connected, you can readily view the live charge and output status and access a wealth of general and functional settings.

    We tested the myGro app on both Android and iOS and found it to work just fine. The user interface is smooth, streamline and easily navigable. Taking a few minutes to snoop around the app gives you a great insight into the power station and what it’s capable of. While I don’t think I’ll use it on a regular basis, it’s definitely nice to have.

    My Experience Using the VITA 550

    For about three weeks, I tested the VITA 550 in a variety of scenarios. Overall, I must say that I’m very pleased with the way it works and the usefulness it offers.

    Most notably, I took it on a three night camping trip and relied on it for my sole source of power. With its 600W maximum output, it’s best suited for providing power to low-demand devices such as smartphones, tablets, LED lights, laptop computers, etc.

    For testing purposes, I used the VITA 550 in the kitchen to power a blender and mixer, simultaneously while charging a Galaxy tablet and smartphone. It worked flawlessly for ~15 minutes straight without any hiccups or issues. This combination drew around 450 watts at its peak, which is under the maximum, but near the higher end. As a result, the built-in cooling fans automatically kicked-on to keep the internals working smoothly. While they’re audibly apparent, the fans are relatively quiet and only turn on when necessary.

    The advertised Watt feature is cool, but only able to be activated using the app. It lets you use higher-powered appliances or devices without it shutting down. Anything beyond 600W or below 1050W can operate perfectly fine for several minutes. However, it doesn’t offer continuous power for all that long. In addition, we feel it might put a higher strain on the AC inverter, possibly causing issues down the road? Not sure, just a hypothesis.

    Our favorite feature has to be the fast AC re-charging speeds. The power station utilizes a simple power cord rather than a clunky AC adapter, which is a definite bonus in our book. Simply put, you won’t need to lug around an oversized adapter to charge it back up to 100%.

    However, I found that the VITA 550 doesn’t support pass-through charging. That is, you cannot charge the unit while using the power station to power devices that are plugged into it. You’ll need to unplug everything you’re currently powering before you re-charge it. While this is somewhat offset by the quick re-charge times, it’s a minor annoyance that buyers should be aware of.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I feel that Growatt has done a great job with the VITA 550 at delivering a power station that’s highly capable for its size. While it may not offer the same output or capacity as larger counterparts, it’s a great option for most everyday electronics and devices. Sure, it may not provide enough power for absolutely everything, but it’s perfect for camping, off-grid use and emergency backup.

    My favorite feature is the fast AC-recharging without the need for a bulky AC adapter. While it does not support pass-through charging, it can fully charge from a wall outlet in about an hour and forty minutes. This is three to five times as fast as most power stations. And with 240W max of solar input, people who want to take advantage of their existing solar panels or one of Growatt’s can easily do so.

    growatt, integration, double, counting, power

    The app offers good insight and a fun way to adjust a wide range of settings and preferences. Best of all, it’s not absolutely require for use, although I do recommend checking it out for yourself.

    I’m glad to see that LiFePO4 cells were used rather than a cheaper alternative. This ensures a long lifespan that, in theory, will keep it usable for beyond a decade or more.

    The aesthetics, build quality and design are all great. It looks sharp and performs perfectly well. And with Growatt’s 2-year warranty period, you can rest assured knowing that it’ll last for plenty of occasions to come. All in all – highly recommended if the few drawbacks don’t bother you.

    Power your next outdoor adventure with clean energy. The Growatt VITA 550 fully charges in the sun in just 2.5 hours and uses long-lasting LFP batteries.

    Power your outdoor adventures with a fast-charging, long-lasting portable power station: the Growatt VITA 550. Its LiFePO4 batteries charge quickly and last for up to 10 years, saving you money in the long run.

    Do you travel the country in your RV? Maybe you devote your weekends to camping trips. However you spend time outdoors, you know you need a reliable power source while you’re off grid.

    Many power stations have a short battery lifecycle and charge slowly. The Growatt VITA 550 solves these issues with its LiFePO4 battery.

    You’ve probably heard of Growatt before. As a top global brand with 11 years of experience in residential solar energy solutions and energy storage solutions, it’s the choice of over 3 million families and individual users.

    The brand’s latest portable power station, the Growatt VITA 550, launched on January 5, 2023, at CES.

    Until January 31, 2023, it’s just 429β€”100 OFF. Get an additional 30 off with the coupon code: GroVita550. Take advantage of the amazing savings today!

    Growatt VITA 550 in outdoor scenarios

    Has top-tier brand recognition

    When you invest in a power station, you want one that’s safe, reliable, and long lasting. Growatt’s products tick all those boxes and more due to its industry experience.

    We already mentioned that the company has worked for 11 years in residential solar energy solutions and storage. Specifically, it provides integrated residential solar energy systems like energy storage batteries, PV inverters, EV chargers, and energy management systems.

    over, the company is a popular choice for off-grid-livers across Europe and America for solar performance. Growatt’s vision is to create a green, sustainable future using solar energy. It’s well-positioned to do so thanks to its background and capabilities.

    Offers pro-grade solar performance

    Many outdoor enthusiasts want to power their adventures using clean energy. The Growatt VITA 550 makes doing so easier and faster than ever. With a 240W solar input, the gadget takes only 2.5 hours to reach a full charge.

    According to the company, it’s the fastest solar charge speed of the capacity level in the industry. It far outpaces the industry standard charging speed, which is 5 hours.

    So, in the time it takes you to cook, eat, and clean up after your campsite breakfast, this solar gadget can be fully charged and ready to power your laptop, tablet, drone, or anything else.

    Then, with up to 99% MPPT Efficiency, there’s almost no energy loss during conversion, letting you get the most out of your solar energy intake.

    Has adjustable AC charging

    And, if the sun’s not out, you can take advantage of the adjustable AC charging features. The fast-charge mode uses 500W of input and charges the device in just 1.6 hours.

    It’s a breakneck speed considering that many other power stations take 4–5 hours to reach a full charge. What accounts for it? The answer is bidirectional inverter technology: it provides a 200% charging speed boost.

    And, when you have more time to spare and expect a longer battery lifespan, you can slow charge in 3.5 hours using 300W of input.

    Runs on safe, long-lasting LiFePO4 batteries

    Power stations that run on NMC batteries, a type of lithium ion battery popular for solar storage solutions, offer 800 cycles. This translates to about 3–5 years of use.

    But if you’ve invested 1,000 or more, you’d probably like something that gives you more mileage.

    The Growatt VITA 550 does. Thanks to its LiFePO4 batteries (LFP batteries), This long-lasting portable power station lasts for 3,000 cycles of charges and discharges, and it can work for 8–10 years.

    It far exceeds the industry standard and saves you money long term. Yes, you can say goodbye to buying a new solar generator every 3–5 years with this solar power station.

    over, LFP batteries are safe. Using lithium iron phosphate instead of nickel manganese cobalt, they can withstand more extreme ambient temperatures. This makes them more stable in a variety of scenarios.

    Powers your outdoor activities

    How do you spend time outdoors? Whether you camp, go RVing, or take photos, the Growatt VITA 550 powers your passions while you’re off the grid.

    And what devices can you power with this long-lasting portable solar power station? Well, featuring a 538 Wh battery capacity, it handles smartphones, tablets, laptops, and DSLR cameras.

    It also can take fans, vehicle fridges, CPAP machines, and drones. Pretty much any device you might need while traveling can be charged by the Growatt VITA 550 portable power station.

    Provides emergency power backups for homes and professionals

    The Growatt VITA 550 can also serve as an emergency power backup for home and professional use. Just connect it to your Wi-Fi router or PC to remain online and get work done, even during a storm.

    Or, use it to power cooking appliances and lights to stay comfy during a blackout. You never have to be without power when you have this solar gadget.

    Runs devices beyond 600W

    But what if you want to use power tools, a portable oven, or other devices beyond 600W? Impressively, the Growatt VITA 550 has a Watt feature. It drives devices of up to 1,050 Watts.

    Boasts customer-oriented features

    Best of all, this long-lasting portable power station is easy to use. First and foremost, the Easy-Plug-In Charging Cable ensures you can connect devices to the power station without a hassle.

    Then, with 11 outlets, including 1 wireless charger, it can handle multiple charging needs simultaneously. You can expect an AC outlet, a car outlet, 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-A Fast Charge port, 1 USB-C port, and more.

    This eco-friendly gadget also offers app control via the My-Gro app. It supports both Bluetooth and wireless connections for remote control and monitoring.

    over, the LCD shows the VITA 550’s status at a glance. You can see the output indicators, output power, remaining discharge time, battery status, and more.

    Take clean energy anywhere

    Powering your outdoor adventures with clean energy just got a lot easier with the Growatt VITA 550. This long-lasting portable power station charges quickly in the sun and lasts for up to 10 years. Plus, it is safe to use, giving you peace of mind

    Want to make your forays into the wild a little like home? Buy the Growatt VITA 550 solar generator. Originally priced at 529, the company is selling it for 429 as an early bird discount. You can get an additional 30 off with the coupon code “GroVita550” for a total of 399.

    What solar devices do you use and love? Tell us about them in the comment section.

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