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Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is…

Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is…

    Which are the best Growatt inverters of 2022?

    Growatt is one of the largest suppliers of solar inverters and battery systems and is best known for its excellent price-quality ratio. Not only does Growatt supply an extensive range of solar inverters, Growatt storage systems are also increasingly sold to installers.

    Although the name suggests otherwise, Growatt has its origins in Shenzhen, China. Growatt is also working hard in the rest of the world, including Europe, and the brand name is widely accepted right alongside other prominent inverter brands.

    In this article we list a number of Growatt inverters for you, with which both installers and end users are very satisfied. In this way, you can be sure that, as an installer, you can supply the best Growatt inverters to your customers and that your customer gets the optimal return from their investment.

    Disadvantages of early Growatt inverters

    Every brand and type of inverter has advantages and disadvantages and, as a distributor, we also find it important to take a critical look at the products we sell to our customers.

    Growatt initially entered the solar inverter market with the intention of producing highly accessible inverters for residential applications. At the time, the price was considerably lower than that of the established providers, but the quality standard was also a lot lower than today.

    The users encountered errors and malfunctions such as PV Isolation Low due to a DC leakage or failure of a string of inverters. There were quite a few complaints. Fortunately, Growatt took this feedback to heart and the successors to the first inverters were of a significantly higher quality.

    Today’s Growatt inverters are known for their reliability and durability at a very attractive and competitive price. The arrival of local offices around the world has also ensured an excellent level of service, both for the installer with technical questions and for the end user with, for example, warranty provisions.

    What is the capacity of the Growatt inverter?

    Broadly, Growatt inverters can be divided into:

    • Monophasic inverters
    • Triphasic inverters
    • Hybrid inverters
    • Off grid inverters

    Although many competitive top inverters have an equally large power range, the Growatt inverters are often available at considerably more attractive prices. Monophasic inverters are available with a capacity up to 10 kW. The triphasic inverters have a capacity of up to 100 kW. Growatt targets both the residential and commercial market with these inverters. The inverters are suitable for both on-grid and off-grid applications as well as Smart home energy management systems.

    International Standard Certification

    Growatt inverters comply with the international standard and are therefore certified with OHSAS18001 (United States), ISO14001 and ISO9001. The Growatt equipment also complies with the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) protocol, which allows devices connected via a cable to communicate with each other.

    What about Growatt quality?

    Growatt’s inverters are of surprisingly high quality, especially considering the prices. The company has received critical acclaim from all over the world for its innovative designs and technological advancements.

    In fact, the efficiency of the solar inverters ranges between 95 and 98.4% (CEC requires an efficiency of between 97.2-98.4%). In fact, Growatt’s latest MIN 2500-6000TL-XH series achieves an efficiency of up to 98.4%, surpassing some of the leading brands in the market. And that is at a competitive price!

    What characteristics distinguish Growatt?

    • Maximum efficiency of 98.4%
    • Excellent price/quality ratio
    • DC/AC ratio up to 1.4
    • Type II SPD on DC side
    • Optional DC Switch
    • Monophasic inverters with one or two MMPTs (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
    • Triphasic inverters with Dual MMPTs
    • Remote upgrading

    Growatt inverters are easy to integrate with Growatt EV charging stations and storage systems. The latest Growatt inverters are equipped with firmware that makes it easy to configure how the generated power is used, exchanged with the electricity grid or stored in a battery system.

    Are Growatt inverters equipped with Wi-Fi?

    All new Growatt inverters can be equipped with a plug-and-play dongle, which gives you the latest updates, including information about own consumption, export and input of power via the inverter. In the inverter datasheet, you can see that the dongle can send data every 5 minutes from a distance of up to 100 meters. You will be automatically notified of each release of a new update via the App or the Growatt platform.

    Growatt inverter guarantee

    Growatt inverters come standard with a 5-year guarantee, which covers the cost of labour and parts. You can also extend your guarantee period with a 5-year guarantee extension. Please note that Growatt does not provide a guarantee, if you place the inverter in direct sunlight or have opened it yourself.

    Growatt’s guarantee service is very transparent and direct. Customers can contact Growatt by phone, fax and email quoting the product model and serial number. When an inverter needs to be replaced with a new one, they send the defective inverter to the laboratory in China for further research and study to further improve the quality.

    Our most popular Growatt inverters

    Growatt MIC 750-3300 TL-X-Series

    • Efficiency varies between 97.4 to 97.6%
    • 0.7-3.3 kW, maximum efficiency up to 45°C
    • They are all monophasic inverters with 1 MPPT
    • Touch button and OLED display
    • Very compact and light, weighing 6.2 kg
    • Without transformer
    • IP65 protected
    • The power consumption at night is less than 0.5 W.
    • Interfaces: RS485/USB/Wi-Fi/4G/RF Supported
    • 5-Year guarantee with option of extra guarantee up to 5 years

    The Growatt MIC series is ideal for smaller residential projects with a maximum power of 3.3 kW. All MIC models are monophasic inverters and are equipped with 1 MPPT.

    Growatt MIN 2500-6000 TL-X-Series

    • Efficiency varies between 98.2 to 98.4%
    • 3-6kW, maximum efficiency up to 45°C
    • Compact, sturdy with simple casing
    • Weight of 10.8 kg
    • IP66 certified
    • Dual MPP trackers
    • Type II SPD on DC side
    • Touch button and OLED display
    • Interfaces: RS485/USB/Wi-Fi/4G/RF Supported
    • 5-Year guarantee with option of an extra guarantee up to 5 years

    Growatt MIN 2500-6000TL-XH series consists of monophasic inverters and double MPP trackers. This series is particularly suitable for residential projects and has a Wi-Fi connection option.

    Growatt Hybrid SPH 3000-10000

    • Efficiency varies between 97.5 to 97.7%
    • 3.10 kW, Dual MPP trackers
    • IP65 protected
    • LCD and LED compatibility
    • It is fairly heavy, weighing 28 kg
    • Interfaces: RS232/RS485/CAN/USB
    • Option for monitor: RF/Wi-Fi/GPRS
    • 5-Year guarantee with option of an extra guarantee up to 5 years

    This series of hybrid inverters is especially intended for the storage of the generated power in batteries. These batteries can be ordered separately. With this efficient system, there is more independence from the power grid.


    In conclusion, we can say that Growatt did not receive the best reviews during its market introduction, but that the company has taken this feedback very seriously and has pulled out all the stops. The numerous complaints were quickly resolved and because they were immediately addressed by the Research Development Department, this resulted in a few series with an excellent price-quality ratio.

    Certainly, if you opt for a high-quality inverter, Growatt inverters are an excellent choice. Based on the aforementioned characteristics, you can pretty well determine which inverter is suitable for your project. If you still need help with the right choice, you can always contact our sales department.

    Growatt integration double counting power on hybrid inverter when power is coming from battery #80905

    What I see is that power coming from the battery is counted as imported from the grid during nights.

    Here I show the same day from Home assistant

    Report from Growatt Only Importe power

    Looks like there is some misunderstanding on what’s what. Power wise.

    I can´t figure if there an obvious mistake adding power from source.

    Integration causing the issue

    Anything in the logs that might be useful for us?

    Additional information

    The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:

    That’s really odd. I’ve looked through everything above and from what I can tell you have your energy dashboard configured correctly (I have the same type of system and it’s configured exactly the same and it’s working correctly). Can you please take a look at the statistic that is sitting behind the Import from grid today value in the HA overview page like this: Maybe it’s not using the correct value?

    The growatt library this integration just pull the value directly from the Growatt servers, it should be taking the value that you see on the Growatt website titled Imported From Grid (the yellow bar under Load Consumption). Remember that this integration however doesn’t make queries to the Web UI, but instead makes a call to the API used by the Android application.

    This value is shown on the dashboard tab on the shinephone app (which I’ll post a screen grab of later, for some reason right now the app on my phone isn’t working). If you can see it on there it’ll be interesting to see what value you’re seeing there.

    This is the stat that’s pulled from the app, would be interesting to compare it to what your stat in HA is showing, also please compare it against the value you’re seeing in the growatt web page.

    Here are some new datapoints

    I have checked my configuration and it looks like yours.

    When charging from the sun looks like it’s counting like charging from the grid.

    In the energy panel Here you see clearly that the from grid item is adding power coming from the sun

    check on the 9 to 10 time.

    Total import on Growatt is 1,2 Kwh and in homeassistant is 2,3Kwh

    homeassistant’s total power usage at the end of the day is almost double. Yesterday was 23Kwh(GW page) vs 30Kwh(HA). And it makes sense since my battery is using 7,5kwh to charge. 25% is backup reserved and not in use at the moment.

    Ok that’s very odd. I’ll look into it more when I get the chance.

    Currently my FOCUS is on the other issue with Growatt: #80950

    Once I’ve got to the bottom of that and reviewed it I’ll circle back to this as it seems to be an isolated problem to just your system.

    growatt, integration, double, counting, power, hybrid

    This is a massive cross-post on all the Growatt tickets so apologies for it’s generic format. I’ve collated all of the open issues and prioritised them here:

    I will be working through them in order and updating that post as well as the affected tickets. Using that method I can be sure to correctly track everything associated with the integration.

    @Wingman2. In order to investigate this further I’m going to need to do some very specific debug on your system. Would you be willing to share your Growatt credentials with me via email (contact information on my Github page) so that I can spin up a debug instance and compare it against what you’re seeing?

    Working behind the scenes with @Wingman2 I’ve determined this issue is related to the fact that the specific values used for this reading etouser_combined when queried from the Growatt API occasionally drop when they shouldn’t (see graph below). This causes the energy reporting functionality in Home Assistant to incorrectly think the value has been ‘reset’ as it falls outside of the 10% threshold used to determine whether a sensor has been reset. Since this is an error that is very specific to Growatt and in particular this one statistic I will implement a fix/workaround this in the sensor itself. I am currently testing the fix on my local setup and will submit a PR when both I and @Wingman2 have concluded the problem is resolved.

    Watching this, and trying to add my battery storage to Energy dashboard but no entities show up to fit this. Also using a hybrid inverter and 10kw battery (ARK 2.5 modules). Keep the good work up! 🙂

    This is (picture) where i can not find entities for energy going into the battery and out of the battery

    Watching this, and trying to add my battery storage to Energy dashboard but no entities show up to fit this. Also using a hybrid inverter and 10kw battery (ARK 2.5 modules). Keep the good work up! 🙂

    This is (picture) where i can not find entities for energy going into the battery and out of the battery

    This isn’t the same issue, but is related to statistics on the energy dashboard, please can you tell me what type of system you have by logging into the growatt website and telling me what appears here:

    Ok great, this is how it look

    also maby this info is needed?

    Ah ok, that’s because the MIN/MIC/MOD type does have support for the integration but it doesn’t look like we have added the relevant fields for the batteries to be plumbed through. Therefore can I request that you log a new ticket with the title Growatt Integration MIN/MIC/MOD type missing Battery details and then I can get it prioritised. I have a forum post over here where I’ve prioritised all the issues and I’m working through them in turn: Once you’ve logged the ticket I’ll update that thread with your one as it’s only fair I work through things in the correct order.

    Thanx for quick reply. I posted the ticket : #82090

    but maby it needs more info?

    That’s all good, I’ll add it to the list. Nearer the time I may reach out if you’re willing to share your credentials so I can log in as you to the growatt servers and see why the batteries aren’t appearing, but I’ll do that another time.

    Growatt Reviews

    Have had Growatt battery/inverter installed for 2 weeks. Hardware seems OK but software erratic. On trying to login to see what is happening it will often take me to a Demo account login page. At a later date it will allow me to login to my accountAt times it shows power being imported from the grid when there is plenty of spare battery and show power bing exported to the grid when the battery is not fully charged

    Date of experience : 14 June 2023

    totally unreliable.

    Had my inverter installed 3 months ago. Hardware is functioning okay although onn2 occasions errors came and went without any intervention. Now about the app and especially the connection … they suck! Disconnecting mamy times, unable to reconnect, network timeout … horrible.

    Date of experience : 13 June 2023

    I had an issue with the iOS app

    I had an issue with the iOS app. Solved promptly by Growatt team!

    Date of experience : 21 June 2023

    Support is non-existent.

    Bought a rural property with two Growatt inverter systems (6000TL-X and 8000MTL-S). Tried everything their manuals and online documents/forums suggest to instal the data-loggers in the Shine App and web portal but they don’t show in the App or their online Growatt portal. Over several weeks I have tried emailing every Support email address they have and rang and left messages on every Australian Support phone number they have. No reply. Support is non-existent.

    Date of experience : 26 April 2023

    Do not touch Growatt

    I had the inverter installed in September. Numerous problems. the load isn’t showing anything unless the PV is on and always under what the PV is generating. UK support have washed their hands as the inverter is not a ‘UK’ model. Growatt China won’t respond and I have been trying to raise a warranty claim to no avail because they won’t respond to the issues. 8 months on and it still isn’t fit for purpose.

    Date of experience : 03 May 2023


    If you like calling a technical support line only to be repeatedly YELLED at by a rude Chinese guy, you should invest in Growatt.

    For every other self respecting person, invest in brands like SolarEdge, Enphase, Fronius, Victron or SMA who understand how to support customers and offer quality products.

    Date of experience : 02 April 2023

    ShinePhone App

    their supporting SW is really low quality. Permanent system timeouts, some days apps reporting delayed data and total nonsense readouts. It seems their servers are over saturated by many connected systems.

    Just avoid, this is pure misery.

    Date of experience : 21 March 2023

    ref the growatt app

    ref the growatt app instead of using the shine phone app which can struggle to connect (phone signal ?),I instead used the online web page which is great always connects much better that trying to use the small screen on your phone, as you can very easily dive into the graphs to see what the system is doing

    Date of experience : 10 March 2023

    Fine so far, but some issues.

    Like others the ShinePhone app often can’t connect, but does eventually. The 6.5Kw battering receives. Charge and releases charge when demand is higher than production, reducing my grid input. That was the primary purpose of getting it. Quite pricy from the solar company at over £3K in the UK, so will be some time before investment is repaid. Another issue is the pre set minimum charge held of 10%. ie I have a reduced working capacity, which in summer would be useful to increase.

    Date of experience : 04 March 2023

    Avoid. poor software makes this good product almost useless for days at a time

    We had SPH inverter and 10kwh batteries installed jan2023. chose this simply because these were the only product available end of 2022 but this was a mistake- should have waited for better product to arrive in stock. On the good side, the system produces power and generally charges/discharges battery appropriately. But the app and desktop monitoring is worse than useless- there are many periods of 3-5hours when it cannot update. then it guesses what happened between updates so that’s highly inaccurate. If you haven’t had solar/batteries you might not imagine how serious a problem this is: you can’t see how much solar there is, how full the battery is or how much has been imported from the grid. Then there is the inability to program the batteries to charge overnight (on cheap electricity) unless the app is working. Together these issues cover about half of the usefulness of having solar and batteries, so the poor software definitely means that this product is not at all recommended after 4 frustrating months. Avoid.

    Date of experience : 28 April 2023

    OK hardware, dodgy software, zero support

    Had a Growatt based solar install for a year or so in the UK.

    The hardware (in my case a Growatt SPH inverter and two Growatt batteries) is fine. nothing spectacular but reasonably priced.

    If you want to configure it at all you have to use their app which is poor when it works. and it really doesn’t work much. It relies on the Growatt Cloud service which seems to be down around 50% of the time. Randomly it will lock your account also so you can’t even use it some of the time it is actually available.

    Growatt tech support is essentially missing. They have never answered the phone nor answered emails.

    There are better options for the money and those companies actually care about their residential customer more than not-at-all.

    Date of experience : 09 April 2023

    If you invest in a Growatt inverter…

    If you invest in a Growatt inverter you’ll spend all your time frustrated that you can’t log in to their server to manage your system. Making a bit useless.If you get log in it works well but more than likely it’ll drop the connection before you’ve finished.It’s not at all a polished set up. One can only imagine the have some really old overloaded servers that just aren’t up to the job!

    Date of experience : 19 February 2023

    Don’t touch these with a barge pole.

    Don’t touch these with a barge pole.Set up incorrectly, unable to get any response from installers (Infinite Energy Solutions, Colchester Essex) via phone, email, messages or from Growatt. We were conned into being informed incorrectly, no saving of energy as promised.1 star is an insult, it should be a NO star rating.

    Date of experience : 30 September 2022

    Growatt inverter and 10 kWh battery

    My 5.5 kWh solar panels and Growatt inverter with10 kWh battery storage is working well now that we are moving into spring and the sun is shining. My system was installed just before Christmas. I have been very fortunate as the ShinePhone app is working great, on only two occasions has there been difficulties connecting. Whither this was due to server or network I don’t know, as when I tried later all was well. The app gives me all the relevant information automatically and access to more in-depth technical information about my system if required.

    Date of experience : 15 March 2023

    Now the equipment has been set up…

    Now the equupment has been set up properly,it is really working well for US, charging up our storage batteries. Today the batteries have stored enough power for twenty four hours, so that is another free day.When the equipment is installed by registered engineers,it does the job wellMarie thomas

    Date of experience : 20 November 2022

    Software is bad, support is nonexistent

    Not recommended. The hardware works while it works, but the software already from install gives the impression, that the company is out of business and their Cloud services keep running just until server rental runs out. Because Growatt Shineserver experience is apalling. It does not discover my PV plant equipment, though it finds my plant. And there is nowhere to ask for tech help. Even the local distributor is not good to help. Luckily I managed to get the ShinePhone app to work at about fifth attempt. And there I come to my second point. I look at Kostal PV client Cloud experience with incredible envy. It works. And there is support there, and one can ask questions and receive meaningful responses there. Not with Growatt.If I want to upgrade my system to a hybrid inverter with batteries, where do I ask Growatt questions? It is about five months I asked them two simple questions. While two of their competitors have invited me to a tech demos, Growatt won’t budge even to answer a knowledge base request. All in all it was a mistake to go with Growatt. They squarely don’t deserve my money.

    Date of experience : 21 April 2023

    Growatt RD don’t care about poor performance

    The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) in the Growatt doesn’t work when there is just a few shadows on the panels. performance drops to 10%. It’s a malfunction because the algorithm can’t find the correct Power Point. Fronius invertes has a MPPT that actually works with shadows, but Growatt RD doesn’t care. they say that they have more important tasks. Don’t buy Growatt if you expect to have shadows on the panels. buy Fronius instead.

    Date of experience : 07 October 2022

    App is shocking. but otherwise great!

    App is shocking. I now use Solar Assistant to monitor everything which is far superior.

    But other than that it’s behaving exactly as it should. Battery charges when there’s excess solar and discharges when I need it.

    Date of experience : 16 February 2023

    Terrible customer service

    ShinePhone App stopped working (it’s often flakey but this was more terminal) so I submitted a ticket on the support site. They took several days to come back to me and when they did they didn’t explain how to fix the problem they just made an unintelligible comment and closed the ticket. Appalling customer service.

    Date of experience : 09 March 2023

    Hard to understand spend time number watching.

    I’ve got a hybrid system, the Android app seems to time out and be useless so use the web page as its better. My problem has been the installation and the current clamp, make sure it’s on a straight cable else it can misread and my iSolarboost ended up in a race situation with the battery discharging into the hot water tank. So watch the numbers and understand your system.

    What it has done is reduce my energy bills to 8p per day on average.

    Date of experience : 02 July 2022

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    Hands-on: Growatt’s new Infinity 1500 portable power station launches w/ special presale pricing [Video]

    Mobile energy solutions expert Growatt is about to launch the Infinity 1500 portable power station, offering a capacity of 1,512Wh and a maximum output of 2,000 watts. We’ve reviewed it ourselves below and have a lot to share about this powerful device, which has begun an exclusive early bird sale today. Hurry, though, because special presale pricing is limited. Check it out.

    The Growatt Infinity 1500 delivers 2,000W and a lot more

    As you’ll see in our video review below, the Growatt Infinity 1500 offers massive power in a small footprint. Weighing in at just 36.4 pounds (16.5kg), this portable power station still packs a punch. Its capacity of 1,512 watt-hours can deliver 2,000 watts of maximum output – enough energy to power your laptop for over twenty hours.

    When you’re not taking it with you for energy on the go, the power station doubles as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and is able to keep your fridge cold during a blackout for over eight hours. With twelve outlets of varying styles, you can charge or power multiple devices simultaneously, whether it’s out and about or in the comfort of your home.

    When the Growatt Infinity 1500 eventually does run out of energy, replenishing it is not only easy but extremely quick. Its embedded AC inverter allows the power station to fully charge on a wall outlet within two hours.

    Super fast solar charging and additional specs

    No outlet? No problem. Growatt Portable has some of the fastest solar charging technology on the market. When combined with its 800W solar input and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the Growatt Infinity 1500 can effectively harvest the sunlight it collects with 99% efficiency in solar power conversion. As a result, Growatt Portable’s solar technology can replenish the power station’s capacity within 2.5 hours (solar panels sold separately).

    One last cool feature is the capabilities of the myGro App, which allows you to remotely access your device at any time, anywhere. You can check your power station’s charging and discharging status, or power it on or off. You can also set different charge and discharge times or efficiency levels to favor more power or longer battery life, depending on your situation.

    As promised, here are some more detailed specs available on the Growatt Infinity 1500:

    • Battery Capacity/Chemistry
    • 1,512Wh
    • Lithium-ion
  • Power Output
  • 1,800W (Standard)
  • 2,000W (Max)
  • Max AC Input
  • 1,500W
  • Max Solar Input
  • 800W
  • DC Outlets
  • 2 x USB-A
  • 2 x Fast charge USB-A
  • 2 x USB-C (PD 60W)
  • 1 x Cigarette lighter
  • 1 x Wireless Charger
  • AC Outlets
  • 4 x AC outlets
  • Battery Life Cycle
  • 800 cycles to 60%
  • Dimensions
  • 16.5 x 9.1 x 11.3 in (418.7 x 230 x 287 mm)
  • Weight
  • 36.4 lbs. (16.5 kg)
  • Warranty
  • 2 years
  • Pre-order yours today and check out our review

    Interested in getting a Growatt Infinity 1500 of your own? Why wouldn’t you be? Beginning today, you can take advantage of early bird pricing that includes 200 off.

    You better hurry, though, because the offer expires September 14 and is only limited to the first 70 portable power stations purchased.

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