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Gable Mount 24/7 Solar Attic Fan with Inverter. Solar wall fan

Gable Mount 24/7 Solar Attic Fan with Inverter. Solar wall fan

    Gable Mount 24/7 Solar Attic Fan with Inverter

    Solar gable attic fans work by using sunlight to power the fan’s motor to help prevent any heat or moisture build-up in your attic. Your attic can reach temperatures of up to 150 ºF which can destroy the integrity of your home as well as completely destroy your roof because of the humidity and moisture build-up. Because of this, solar attic fans can prolong the life of your roof structure and air conditioning while helping you save up to 30% on A/C costs.

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    Our solar-powered attic ventilation products may qualify for a Federal Tax Credit. Refer to the “Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit (Part I)” and the “Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit (Part II)” of IRS Form 5695. Although attic ventilation products are not specifically listed they may qualify for a credit.


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    Inverter Plug-in Cord: 20-foot cord that allows you to plug and play from anywhere in the attic. Hand Guard: Guard that protects from potential injury or fan obstruction. AC/DC Inverter: Allows your Solar Attic Fan to run on your electrical grid so your fan can operate 24/7 even after the sun goes down. Computer Balanced Fan Blades : High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible. Adjustable Mounting Tabs : Tabs that make installation quick, easy, and flexible. Solar Panel: Polycrystalline solar panel that is up to 2-4 times the output of the industry standard. Ultra-Energy Efficient DC Motor: Industry-leading Brushless DC Motor that allows for a long lifespan with no maintenance. Built-in Preset Thermostat: A mechanical thermostat that determines when your fan turns on and off (72 ºF off 83 ºF on). Tilt Adjustment Bracket: Up to 60º vertical tilt for maximum sunlight exposure. Solar Panel Plug-in Cord: 30-foot cord that allows you to place the solar panel in the optimal location.

    Gable Mount Solar Attic Fan

    If you are a homeowner with a tile roof, our gable mount solar attic fan might be the best option for you. Unlike our normal fans, the gable fan is mounted from the inside of an attic to push air out of a louvered vent. The solar panel is then mounted on top of the roof.

    To figure out which gable model is best for you, reference the attic square foot recommendations above the products below. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us directly and we can help assist you.


    All SunRise Solar attic fans are hand assembled with the highest quality materials available. Every nut, bolt, screw, rivet, and washer is stainless steel, which adds to our product durability and life expectancy. The fan housing is made of high quality, weatherproofed material built to withstand any climate. We use a UV composite housing which prevents the material from ever rusting, corroding, fading, cracking, or washing out onto your roof like all of our competitors.


    Solar attic fans are beneficial to any home as they actively ventilate hot air out of your attic space. This helps reduce the amount of radiant heat that passes into your living space, extends the life of your HVAC system, and prevents the growth of mold and mildew in your attic. By removing the possibility of radiant heat infiltrating your living space, your air conditioner will not need to run as often.

    Also, did we mention this is SOLAR POWERED? No battery or wiring needed!

    Gable Solar Attic Fans

    For attic areas up to 2000 sq. ft 30 Watts

    SunRise 1250 Gable Fan with Thermostat

    For attic areas up to 2400 sq. ft 36 Watts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    SunRise Solar products only operate when the sun is out. There is no need for post sunset ventilation because our products work hard all day to battle the sun’s radiant heat. The goal is to remove as much heat when the sun is out so that when the sun sets, there is no more heat to remove. There are rare instances where a consumer might need post sunset ventilation. Feel free to contact us regarding this

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    Since our products use the sun as their energy source, there is no additional wiring needed. Our fans are built to install as easy as possible. Any roofer or handyman can install our products. If you have any questions about an abnormal install, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

    Our products reduce the the payload on your air conditioner because they prevent heat from radiating from the attic into the living space. This results in lower energy bills! We cannot put a number to your savings because it really depends on your location on earth. If you live in an area that is hot most of the year, you will see a significant decrease in your energy bills. If you live in an area that has four seasons, you will still see a decrease in your energy bills, it just might not be as drastic as a person living in a hot climate. But keep in mind, our fans do more than just ventilate hot air. By actively circulating air, mold and mildew growth is significantly inhibited.

    Our model numbers are directly related to the amount of CFM’s (cubic feet per minute) they ventilate. For example, our 1250 model will ventilate 1,250 cubic feet per minute.

    Yes! All SunRise Solar products qualify for a 30% federal tax credit on the total INSTALLED COST of the fan. IRS form 5695 is needed to apply for the credit

    All SunRise Solar products come standard with a fixed thermostat. As long as the sun is out, this feature turns the fan on when it is 80F or above. It will allow the fan to run until the temperature reaches 65. The fan will remain dormant if the temperature does not get hotter than 80F.

    All of our products are made with the highest quality materials available. That is why are products are more expensive than our competition. Every product is hand assembled, receiving an incredible amount of care and precision during the manufacturing process. If you have questions regarding the materials that we use, don’t hesitate to contact us!

    There is no maintenance required for SunRise Solar products.

    Our fans were designed to be as quiet as possible. You will not be able to hear your SunRise fan operating from your living space. We have many attic fans installed on public schools with open ceilings.

    Of course! Our fans aren’t just meant for ventilating attic spaces. In fact, our technicians mount our gable unit on a wall to keep them cool in the warehouse! Contact us if you have questions about a custom project! We love those!

    Solar Fan Guide (Intro, Advantages, Choose)

    Solar fan are efficient because they are powered by energy from the sun and do not require electricity. By using renewable solar technology to power the devices installed in your home, you can save energy and money while making an environmentally conscious choice. Read this solar fan guide to learn exactly how to choose a fan that’s right for you.

    What Is Solar Fan?

    Solar fan is a solar cooling device that runs on solar panels. Depending on the model, the fan will either have a built-in panel or will need to be installed separately. When the sun hits the solar panel connected to the fan, it will cause the blades to start running, it can be called as solar powered fan. There are also models that may include a rechargeable battery option, which allows you to plug in batteries if you do not wish to use the solar panel option, it also be called solar rechargeable fan.

    What Is Solar Energy?

    Since the dawn of life on earth, it has survived mainly on the thermal radiation energy provided by the sun. With fossil fuels becoming increasingly scarce, solar energy has become an important part of the energy used by mankind and is constantly being developed. Solar energy is utilised in two ways: photothermal conversion and photovoltaic conversion, and solar power is an emerging renewable energy source.

    Solar energy is energy obtained from the sun. This is usually in the form of photons, which are particles that contain electromagnetic radiation. Scientists have found that this radiation can be converted into good energy sources, such as natural and renewable energy sources.

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    Advantages of Solar Energy

    (1) Universal: The sun’s rays shine on the earth, there is no geographical limitation, no matter land or sea, no matter mountain or island, there is everywhere, it can be directly developed and used, easy to collect, and no need to mine and transport.

    (2) Harmless: The development and use of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it is one of the cleanest energy sources, which is extremely valuable in today’s increasingly serious environmental pollution.

    (3) Huge: The annual solar radiation energy reaching the earth’s surface is equivalent to about 130 trillion tons of coal, the total amount of which is the largest energy source that can be developed in the world today.

    (4) Long-lasting: According to the estimated rate of nuclear energy produced by the sun, the storage of hydrogen is enough to maintain tens of billions of years, and the life span of the earth is also about billions of years, in this sense, it can be said that the energy of the sun is inexhaustible.

    What Is a Solar Panel?

    Solar panel is composed of one or more solar cells to become a solar panel. Solar panel is a semiconductor device with the characteristics of converting light into electricity, which can convert the solar radiation energy irradiated on its surface into direct current, solar panel is the most basic component of the photovoltaic power generation system/product, and is also the core part of the solar photovoltaic power generation system. Its biggest role is to convert solar energy into electrical energy for storage in the solar panel

    What Are Solar Panels Made of?

    Its role is to protect the main body of power generation (such as battery cells), the selection of light transmission is required, 1. light transmission must be high (generally 91% or more); 2. ultra-white tempering treatment.

    EVA is used to bond the fixed tempered glass and power generation body (such as cells), the merits of transparent EVA material directly affects the life of the component, exposed to the air EVA easy to aging yellowing, thus affecting the component light transmission, thus affecting the quality of power generation components in addition to the quality of EVA itself, the impact of the component manufacturers lamination process is also very large, such as EVA adhesive degree is not up to standard, EVA and tempered glass EVA and toughened glass, backsheet bonding strength is not enough, will cause early aging of EVA, affecting the life of the module.

    The main role is to generate electricity, the mainstream of the power generation market is crystalline silicon solar cells, thin-film solar cells, both have advantages and disadvantages. Crystalline silicon solar cells, equipment costs are relatively low, but consumption and cell costs are very high, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also high, more suitable for power generation in outdoor sunlight; thin film solar cells, relatively high equipment costs, but consumption and cell costs are very low, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is relatively crystalline silicon cells more than half, but the low light effect is very good, in ordinary light can also generate electricity, such as calculators on the solar cells.

    Role, sealing, insulation, waterproof (generally used TPT, TPE and other materials must be resistant to aging, most component manufacturers have a warranty of 25 years, tempered glass, aluminum are generally no problem, the key is in the backplane and silicone can meet the requirements.)

    Protection laminate, play a certain sealing, support role.

    Protect the whole power generation system, play the role of current transfer station, if the component short circuit junction box automatically disconnects the short-circuiting battery string, to prevent burning the whole system. The most critical thing in the junction box is the choice of diodes, according to the different types of cells in the module, the corresponding diodes are not the same.

    Sealing role, used to seal the components and aluminum alloy frame, components and junction box junction. Some companies use double-sided tape, foam to replace the silicone, the common use of silicone in China, the process is simple, convenient, easy to operate, and the cost is very low.

    gable, mount, solar, attic, inverter, wall

    How Does Solar Fan Work?

    The solar fan is connected to the solar panel as described above. When placed in the sunlight, the solar panel begins to collect heat. The heat is then converted into energy, which causes the fan’s blades to start moving. Eventually, the solar panel will collect enough heat to run the solar powered fan quickly, thus helping you to cool your space completely.

    Solar Fan Help Reduce Power Costs and ECO Friendly

    If you’re tired of paying expensive electric bills to cool your home during the hot summer months, then solar fans can help save you money and keep you cool. These fans are designed to circulate the air in your home, which typically traps hot air. And, because they use solar energy, you won’t have to pay anything to run the fan, and you’ll be able to use less air conditioning and save on energy bills and CO2 emissions in the process. If everyone switched to solar fans, it would help the world would reduce a lot of fossil fuels. Over time, the entire planet will also have less CO2. Solar fans are not only energy efficient but also very affordable. Unlike traditional fans, they don’t require batteries or electricity to run, making them perfect for those who want to save money or want to be more environmentally friendly.

    Portability of Solar Powered Fan

    First, perhaps most importantly is portability. Thanks to the ubiquitous sunlight, you can make your solar fan rechargeable anywhere. Therefore, you can take it almost anywhere. Secondly, it allows for ventilation in home spaces that are difficult to wire. For example, if you have a room in your attic, you wouldn’t need to set up wiring just to ventilate the room; a fan powered by solar energy would perform.

    Solar Powered Fan Reduce Short Circuits

    Solar fan reduces the probability of a short circuit on a hot day. In the summer, you may need to turn on multiple fans in the house, which can lead to an overload of electricity. The solar fan does not have to be connected to a power source, so you are able to reduce the occurrence of this situation.

    How to Choose Solar Rechargeable Fan?

    When choosing a solar fan for your home, it is important to consider the right size of space to know the right model. If you have a small space, you can get a solar table fan. However, larger areas will need solar standing fan or solar ceiling fan to ensure adequate coverage.

    When you are comparing solar fans, you should FOCUS on the space they are supposed to cool. The noise output, size of the fan, and solar panel are the most important criteria to keep in mind before settling on a product.

    Solar fans have many options, you can choose from solar desk fan, solar wall fan, solar orbit fan, solar pedestal Fan or solar powered BLDC motor ceiling fan. DC motor solar fan is perfect for home needs, RVs, indoor or outdoor are also available. You can use solar rechargeable fans in different situations as needed.

    DC motor solar fans are characterized by low 12V voltage, low power and power saving. Very environmentally friendly. DC solar fans and rechargeable electric fans are very suitable for Africa, such as Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, etc. Because of the lack of electricity in many places, most of them can be used by solar energy or built-in lithium batteries.


    The invention of solar panels has paved the way for eco-friendliness. One of them is the solar fan, a solar-powered fan that gets free energy as global warming and the cost of electricity rises. Solar fans reduce the energy consumption and reduce CO2.

    You can purchase solar fan on UnitedStar Crown.

    Solar wall fan

    Latest catalogue/WhatsApp 8613332957262 | [email protected]

    Dramatically reduce or eliminate your electric bills, this is hybrid mini solar power fan 10inch ,12inch 14inch.

    Hybrid solar Fan ,DC AC charger ,2xUSB,with bluetooth Audio.


    12 Inch Solar FanSolar Panel: 15V 24W, PolycrystallineBattery Type: Lithium-Ion 11.1V 5AH ,Speed:12 Charging Time: 3-5 Hours, Materials ,steel and ABSDischarging Time: 6-8 Hours1xUSB Output: 5V 1AMaterial: ABSIronLamp Size: 420200400mmWarranty: 3 Years


    10inch Hybrid Solar Fan 1xBluetooth audioPower: 10W Solar panel: 18W polysilicon a panel 18VBattery capacity: 18650 5AH 11.1VCharger: 2A adapter chargerSpeed: 5th gear ,blade material:stainless streel and AlCharging time: 3-5hService time: 7 hours for 5th gear, 10-11 hours for 1st gear. Function mode: USB charging interfaceFan size: 10 inchesSolar panel size: 350 290mm2XUSB port Bluetooth audioPacking quantity: 6 sets / boxBox size:Full container weight:Product color: silver


    12inch Hybrid Solar Fan 1xBluetooth audioPower: 10W Solar panel: 18W polysilicon a panel 18VBattery capacity: 18650 5AH 11.1VCharger: 2A adapter chargerSpeed: 5th gear ,blade material:stainless streel and AlCharging time: 3-5hService time: 7 hours for 5th gear, 10-11 hours for 1st gear. Function mode: USB charging interfaceFan size: 12 inchesSolar panel size: 350 290mm2XUSB port Bluetooth audioPacking quantity: 6 sets / boxBox size:Full container weight:Product color: silver


    14inch Hybrid Solar Fan 1xBluetooth audioPower: 10W Solar panel: 18W polysilicon a panel 18VBattery capacity: 18650 5AH 11.1VCharger: 2A adapter chargerGear: 5th gear ,blade material:stainless streel and AlCharging time: 3-5hService time: 7 hours for 5th gear, 10-11 hours for 1st gear. Function mode: USB charging interfaceFan size: 14 inchesSolar panel size: 350 290mm2XUSB port Bluetooth audioPacking quantity: 6 sets / boxBox size:Full container weight:Product color: silver

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