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FlashFish 560W 520Wh Portable Power Station Review. Ff power solar generator

FlashFish 560W 520Wh Portable Power Station Review. Ff power solar generator

    Top 5 Best Portable Power Station under 200

    Are you searching for the best Portable Power Station under 200 and don’t know where can find it? In this article, I’ve listed only the best Portable Power Stations under 200 USD. All these power stations are lightweight and portable with a larger battery capacity to give you long time power backup.

    If you need a portable power station for emergency cases and have a limited budget, you may pick a power station from this post. Hope you will be pleased to use this portable power station!

    What is Portable Power Station?

    Simply put, a portable power station is a power bank that has a larger capacity, output power, and AC outlets for powering multiple devices such as phones, tablets, fans, lights, and refrigerators. It is also essential to keep running medical equipment, radios, and home appliances whenever power outage.

    A portable power station can be used for both indoor and outdoor places, whenever you’re out of power or in a remote area. The portable power stations act as power banks and are highly versatile, especially in remote areas.

    A portable power station has different sizes, capacities, output power, AC outlets, and USB ports. According to your needs and budget, you can use a portable power station rather than a traditional power generator.

    In addition, a traditional power generator needs fuels to generate power and its setup isn’t simple, whereas portable power stations need power from the wall outlet or solar panels.

    I assume you need a portable power station that can power your electrical appliances at any time within a limited budget. In this post, I’ve listed the top-rated and best Portable Power Station under 200.

    Features of Best Portable Power Station

    Portable power stations are essentials for indoors and outdoors to use your electrical home appliance. You can charge everything from a single portable power station. When you’re going to buy a portable power bank, you should consider some features of the power station.

    However, the main features of a portable power station are as follows:

    • Wattage
    • Capacity
    • Power Source
    • Voltage
    • Output Wattage
    • Runtime
    • USB ports and
    • Fuel Type

    If you want to charge your phones, tablets, fans, and laptop, you don’t require a larger power bank. In that case, you can consider the best budget portable power station under 200.

    Summary of Best Portable Power Station under 200

    If you’re busy and have no more time to read the full article on the best Portable Power Station under 200, then you can see the following summary. This will be helpful to find out the best power station within 200 USD.

    over, I’m suggesting taking your time to read the full post so you will be more knowledgeable to choose the best power stations.

    Power (Watts)

    Recharge Hour

    Power Source

    View on Amazon

    100W/150W (Normal and Peak Watts)

    Wall outlet 5 hours (0-80%), Car outlet 5 hours (0-80%), and Solar Panel 4.5 hours (0-80%)

    1 AC outlet (110V), 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port, 1 12V DC

    200W/400W (Normal and Peak Watts

    Wall outlet 3.5 hours (0-80%), Car outlet 5 hours (0-80%), and Solar Panel 5.5 hours (0-80%)

    flashfish, 560w, 520wh, portable, power

    1 AC outlet (110V), 2 USB-A ports, and 1 12V DC

    150W/300W (Normal and Peak Watts)

    Household outlet 4 hours (0-80%), Car outlet 5 hours (0-80%), and Solar Panel 5 hours (0-80%)

    2 120V AC Outlets, 3 USB ports, (1 USB-C Port), and 1 6mm 9-12V DC

    300W/350W (Normal and Peak Watts)

    AC outlet 5-6 hours (0-100%), Car outlet 6-7 hours (0-100%), and Solar Panel 6-7 hours (0-100%)

    110V AC Outlet, 3 USB ports (18W QC3.0, 5V/2.4A), and 12V DC

    300W/600W (Normal and Peak Watts)

    AC outlet 1.5 hours (0-100%), Car outlet 3.5 hours (0-100%), and Solar Panel 2-4 hours (0-100%)

    2 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, and 1 12V DC car port

    Best Portable Power Station under 200

    In this section, I’ve listed the best portable power station under 200. All the listed portable power stations will be perfect for you to provide enough power whenever you’re in a power outage.

    I’ve seen all the power stations have no noise and pollution when used indoors or outdoors. Don’t worry! You will get the best brand and enough power capacity within the limited budget and can run your appliances for a long time.

    Here, is the list of the best portable power bank under 200.

    Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160

    The Jackery power station will be a classic choice for your trip. Jackery Explorer 160, 167Wh is the first selection of the best power station under 200. It’s a lightweight and portable power station that can provide enough capacity to power your devices, such as a Phone, Laptop, light, and Tablet for a 2-day camping trip.

    It has more than 5.7K good reviews and 4.7 outstanding ratings on Amazon (click here for the latest price).

    Product Overview

    Compact Design

    The size of this portable power station is compact and its weight is just 3.84 pounds. It seems to be like a small mini bag that will provide flexibility. You can carry it almost everywhere and power it to your devices wherever you’re out of your home or outdoor camping.

    The Explorer 160 power station can produce 100W of normal power and 150 watts of peak power. This is typically best for charging a Phone (16X), Laptop (10H), Lamp light (10H), Tablet (3.5X), and other electronic devices.

    There are three ways that you can recharge the Explorer 160, such as you can plug it into a wall socket, from a car, and from a solar panel. It is noted that 1 AC Charger and 1Car adapter charger are included in the package (Solar panel not included).

    The power unit will take the following time to recharge:

    • Wall outlet within 5 hours (0-80%)
    • Car outlet within 5 hours (0-80%)
    • Solar Panel within 4.5 hours (0-80%)

    Versatile Power Source

    The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160 has a 1 AC outlet (110V, 100W 150W Peak), 2 USB-A ports, 1USB-C port, and 112V DC port that can help to charge your phones, laptops, cameras, fans, lights, and more devices.

    Battery Pack

    This is the best portable power station under 200 USD, which includes a 167Wh Lithium Ion (rechargeable) battery so you will get enough power to operate your devices. Hope you will enjoy a 2-day camping trip.

    Noise and Pollution

    I’ve seen that most power stations produce noise and pollution, whereas the Jackery 160 power station is fully different. Typically, it may produce the minimum dBA of noise whenever it runs at full capacity.

    Product Specification

    The product specifications of the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160 are as follows:

    Feature Type Description
    Brand Jackery
    Item model number Jackery Explorer 160
    Wattage 100 watts
    Voltage 110 Volts
    Output Wattage 500 Watts
    Fuel Type Non-gasoline
    Power Source AC, Car Port, and Solar Panel
    Runtime 4 hours
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Item Weight 3.84 Pounds
    Product Dimensions 7.4″L x 4.5″W x 6.7″H
    Batteries 16 Lithium Ion batteries (Included).
    Color Black


    • Compact Design
    • Multiple charging options
    • Lithium-Ion battery
    • Noise and Pollution free operation
    • Displays remaining battery life
    • Versatile Power Source
    • Powers a CPAP machine
    • Reseanoble Price

    What’s In the Box?

    After purchasing the Jackery Explorer 160 Power Station from Amazon, you will receive the following items.

    • 1 Jackery Explorer 160 Power Station
    • 1 AC adapter
    • 1 Car Charger Cable and
    • 1 User Guide

    How to Buy/Price?

    Click on the following Amazon button to buy or check the price of the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, which is the best portable power station for 200.

    Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

    Jackery Explorer 240, is the second best portable power station on this list; which price is a little bit higher than 200. (Click here for the latest price). You can buy this Explorer 240, which is the ideal and best portable power station for camping and outdoors. It has more than 16.7K reviews and 4.7 good ratings on Amazon (click here for the reviews).

    Product Overview

    Compact Design

    The design and size of the Jackery Explorer 240 power station are compact and its weight is 6.82 pounds, which provides flexibility to carry. Wherever you’re going outdoors (such as camping, hunting, or on road trips), you may carry it easily anywhere.

    The normal and peak power of Explorer 240 power stations are 200W and 400W. So, you can charge your essential devices using this powerful power bank at the same time.

    Green Recharge

    You can fully recharge this power station within a minimum time in three different ways. One of them is: it can be recharged through the solar panel (Jackery SolarSaga 60 or SolarSaga 100). Two other options are: by the wall and car outlet.

    • Wall outlet within 3.5 hours (0-80%)
    • Car outlet within 5 hours (0-80%)
    • Solar Panel within 5.5 hours (0-80%)

    Versatile Power Source

    The Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station includes 1 AC outlet (110V, 200W 400W Peak), 2 USB-A ports, and 112V DC port that can help to charge your phones, laptops, cameras, fans, lights, and more.

    Battery Pack

    I’m confident, you will enjoy this best portable power station under 200 USD. It includes a 240Wh lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery pack so you will get enough power to charge your multiple devices.

    Noise and Pollution

    Noise and pollution are also important concerns of a power station. You will be happy that Jackery portable power stations are different from others. I’ve seen whenever the Jackery 240 runs at full capacity it may produce minimal dBA noise.


    The Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station has a built-in Battery Management System that can protect your power station from different types of incidents such as:

    • Short and Over Current Protection.
    • Over-Discharge Protection.
    • Voltage Protection and
    • Thermal Protection.

    Product Specification

    The product specifications of the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 are as follows:

    Feature Type Description
    Brand Jackery
    Item model number Jackery Explorer 240
    Wattage 200 watts
    Voltage 110 Volts (AC)
    Output Wattage 200 Watts
    Fuel Type Non-gasoline
    Power Source Solar Powered
    Runtime 7 hours
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Item Weight 6.82 pounds
    Product Dimensions 9.05″L x 5.24″W x 7.87″H
    Batteries 28 Lithium-Ion batteries (Included).
    Color Black


    • Compact Design.
    • Multiple charging options.
    • Lithium-Ion battery.
    • Noise and Pollution free operation.
    • Displays remaining battery life.
    • Versatile Power Source.
    • Powers a CPAP machine.
    • Reasonable Price.

    What’s In the Box?

    After purchasing the Jackery Explorer 240 Power Station from Amazon, you will receive the following items.

    • 1 Jackery Explorer 240 Power Station.
    • 1 AC adapter.
    • 1 Car charger cable and
    • 1 User guide.

    How to Buy/Price?

    Click on the following Amazon button to buy or check the price of the Jackery Portable Power Station 240.

    Westinghouse iGen200s Portable Power Station

    Westinghouse iGen200s is another best portable power station under 200. This is a reliable and affordable power bank so you can use this for indoor and outdoor activities such as camping, tailgating, hunting, or festivals.

    over, it has special features to protect against overload, short circuit protection, and automatic voltage regulation capability.

    In addition, this power station can power your devices such as mini refrigerators, GoPros, drones, lights, or speakers. It has more than 2.9K reviews and 4.4 good ratings on Amazon (click here for the reviews).

    Product Overview

    This is one of the best portable power station under 200, which provides hassle and maintenance-free solutions for indoor and outdoor power needs. It can produce 150 normal watts and 300 peak watts so you can properly utilize this power for your devices.

    Versatile Outlets

    Using this portable power station, you can charge up to six devices at the same time. It includes 2 120V AC Outlets, three USB ports (1 USB-C Port), and a 1 6mm 9-12V DC Outlet that can quickly charge your LED TV, phone, tablet, laptop, Lights, Humidifier, or Refrigerator.

    Recharge Option

    You can recharge this Westinghouse iGen200s Portable Power Station at home, on the way, or using generators. It has the option to recharge your power unit using the solar panel (Solar Panel not included). Therefore, it will take the following time to maximum recharge.

    • Household outlet within 4 hours (0-80%)
    • Car outlet within 5 hours (0-80%)
    • Solar Panel within 5 hours (0-80%)

    Battery Pack

    The Westinghouse iGen200s power bank includes a 194Wh lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery pack which ensures long-lasting power. over, you can charge your smartphones up to 21 times, DSLR cameras up to 20 times, and Bluetooth speakers up to 13 times more than other portable power stations.

    No Engine, No Noise

    The iGen200s power bank is specially engineered without an engine, that’s why you don’t need fuel to run and no maintenance is required. So, you will enjoy a hassle-free operation and no noise and pollution will be produced.

    Great Power Backup

    Westinghouse iGen200s is a great power backup unit for indoor and outdoor. It’s specially designed to provide emergency power to your electronic devices during outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, travel, tailgating, and festivals.

    Product Specification

    The product specifications of the Westinghouse iGen200s portable power station are as follows:

    Feature Type Description
    Brand Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment
    Item model number iGen200s
    Wattage 150 watts
    Voltage 120 Volts
    Peak Wattage 300 Watts
    Fuel Type Liquefied Petroleum Gas
    Power Source Solar Powered
    Total Power Outlets 6
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Item Weight 4.03 pounds
    Product Dimensions 8 x 3.6 x 7.36 inches
    Batteries 1 Lithium Ion battery is required. (included)
    Engine Type 4 Stroke
    Special Feature Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation


    • Lightweight Design.
    • Multiple charging options.
    • Lithium-Ion battery.
    • No Engine, No Noise, and No Pollution.
    • Displays charging status and remaining battery life.
    • Versatile Power Source.
    • Protect against Accidental Power.
    • Reasonable Price.


    What’s In the Box?

    After purchasing the iGen200s portable power station from Amazon, you will receive the following items.

    • 1 iGen200s Power Station.
    • 1AC adapter.
    • 1 car charger cable and.
    • 1 Car Cigarette Lighter Plug.
    • 1 user guide.

    How to Buy/Price?

    Click on the following Amazon button to buy or check the price of the Westinghouse iGen200s, which is the best portable power station under 200.

    FlashFish 300W Solar Generator Power Bank

    FlashFish 300W Solar Generator is the most popular, reliable, and best portable power station under 200. Since 2010, FlashFish power generators are proving green power for indoor and outdoor adventures.

    I hope you will enjoy this power bank and its big capacity (222Wh/60000mAh) will fulfill your requirement whenever you’re camping, hunting, traveling, or on a weekend trip.

    Product Overview

    Versatile Outlets

    You can charge your laptop, tablet, fan, and CPAP machine using a 110V AC Outlet (including). It has three USB ports (18W QC3.0, 5V/2.4A), which can charge your small devices such as phones, drones, iPad, and cameras.

    There are 12V DC ports that can be used for outdoor activities such as car chargers, car refrigerators, car air fans, and car vacuums.

    You can fully recharge this FlashFish 300W power station from the solar panel (solar panel not included). In addition, you can also recharge this power bank into the AC outlet and Car outlet.

    Therefore, it will take the following time to maximum recharge.

    • AC outlet within 5-6 hours (0-100%).
    • Car outlet within 6-7 hours (0-100%).
    • Solar Panel within 6-7 hours (0-100%).

    Devices Power

    The normal power of the Flashfish is 300W and the peak power is 350W. This is an ideal charging solution and you may carry it for your camping. It has several output ports so you will get extra facility to charge up to 9 devices at the same time.

    Reliable Companion

    The FlashFish power station is reliable and easy to carry so you will get advantages for camping, fishing, traveling, and other outdoor activities. It has a big capacity (222Wh/60000mAh) that can help to run your essential devices for a long time.

    Safety Warranty

    This is the best budget portable power station under 200 which has a built-in multi-safety protection system that can protect your power bank from unpredictable incidents such as:

    • Short-circuit Protection.
    • Over-current Protection.
    • Over-charging Protection.
    • Low-voltage Protection.
    • Over-temperature Protection.

    Battery Pack

    The FlashFish portable power station is built into 3 lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery packs where each battery is 20000mAh, so the total capacity is 60000mAh. This capacity will ensure that it can charge your devices more steadily.

    Product Specification

    Feature Type Description
    Wattage 300 watts
    Voltage 110 Volts, 12 Volts
    Output Wattage 350 Watts
    Fuel Type Solar Powered
    Power Source Solar Powered, Battery Powered
    Runtime 6 hours
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Item Weight 5.6 pounds
    Product Dimensions 9.84 x 3.35 x 5.12 inches
    Batteries 1 Lithium-Ion battery is required. (included)
    Color Black, Silver


    • Reliable Power Station
    • Multiple charging options
    • Lightweight design
    • Lithium-Ion battery
    • Huge Capacity battery
    • Displays charging status
    • Versatile Power Source
    • Built-in multi-safety protection
    • Reasonable Price

    What’s In the Box?

    After purchasing the FlashFish 300W Solar Generator from Amazon, you will receive the following items.

    • FlashFish 300W Power Station
    • AC adapter
    • Car charger cable and
    • User guide

    How to Buy/Price?

    Click on the following Amazon button to buy or check the price of the FlashFish 300W Solar Generator, which is the best portable power station under 200.

    EcoFlow RIVER mini Power Station

    EcoFlow RIVER mini is the next level and best portable power station under 200. If you need a fast charger power station then EcoFlow RIVER mini will be the right solution for you.

    The EcoFlow RIVER mini power station is compatible with home and outdoor devices such as Wi-Fi Router, Fan, MacBook Air, Refrigerator, iPad, Speaker, Drone, and Camping Lamp.

    Product Overview

    Lightweight and Portable

    The EcoFlow river power station is portable, lightweight, and powerful that can carry anywhere. Its size is very small and weighs only ‎6.3 Pounds, which can easily fit in your backpack whenever you’ll be going outdoors, camping, and traveling.

    Fast Charging

    The EcoFlow portable power station uses the X-Stream technology which ensures fast charging than others (4/5 times faster). It will take one (01) hour to charge the power station from 0%-80% and takes 1.5 hours to charge fully.

    Recharging Methods

    You can recharge the EcoFlow RIVER mini power station into the AC wall outlet, Car outlet, or from the solar generator with solar panels. Therefore, it will take the following time to recharge fully.

    • AC outlet within 1.5 hours (0-100%).
    • Car outlet within 3.5 hours (0-100%).
    • Solar Panel within 2-4 hours (0-100%).

    Devices Power

    This is the next-level best portable power bank under 200 that powers 300W devices and X-Boosts power up to 600W devices. The 210Wh can power 6 devices (such as phones, laptops, and iPad) anywhere at the same time.

    Versatile Outlets

    Using this power station you’ll be staying charged with an outdoor solar generator. It has 2 pure sine wave AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, and 1 12V DC car port that can be used for outdoor adventures.

    Product Specification

    The product specifications of the EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station are as follows:

    Feature Type Description
    Brand EF ECO FLOW
    Item model number Portable Power Station RIVER mini,
    Wattage 210 watt_hours
    Voltage 110 Volts
    Output Wattage 600 Watts
    Power Source AC/DC
    Runtime 1 hour
    Frequency 60 Hz
    Item Weight 6.3 pounds
    Product Dimensions ‎9.8 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches
    Batteries 1 Lithium-Ion battery is required. (included)
    Engine Type 4 Stroke


    • Fast charging Power Station
    • Multiple charging options
    • Lightweight and Powerful
    • Lithium-Ion battery
    • Genuinely portable
    • Huge Capacity battery
    • Versatile Power Source
    • Safety protection
    • Compatible with Multiple Devices

    What’s In the Box?

    After purchasing the EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station from Amazon, you will receive the following items.

    How to Buy/Price?

    Click on the following Amazon button to buy or check the price of the EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station.

    Final Speech

    Finally, all of these power stations are the most powerful, fastest-charging, and supreme-efficient power stations for those looking for the best portable power station. In this post, I’ve included only the best power stations that are lightweight, portable, and have a better battery capacity to run multiple devices for a long time.

    If you need the best portable power station for 200, you may pick a power station from this list. Hope the article “best portable power station under 200” will be helpful to find out the affordable and portable power stations.

    FlashFish 560W 520Wh Portable Power Station Review

    Not all power stations are created equally, and that can be said about any product, but in the case of power stations, you have to look closely and understand what it features and does not feature. Does the power station use LiFePO4 batteries? Does the screen show helpful info? Does the power station have app integration?

    Questioning and comparing power stations is vital to get the best one for your needs. In this review, I’m taking a look at this FlashFish 560W portable power station, and I’ve got to be honest, this one isn’t the best choice, but it could be if the price were lowered substantially.

    Battery Capacity Efficiency

    The 520Wh battery capacity of this FlashFish power station is decent, and what matters most is the capacity you’re able to use. That is why I ran an AC capacity test using a watt meter to measure the watt hours, and I powered a mini crockpot at high, which had a 90W power output. So I ran the crockpot until the power station was at 0%, and I ended up with a 430Wh capacity that I could pull from the FlashFish power station, which is an 83% efficiency.

    An 83% efficiency from a power station is pretty good, as I’ve seen worse from some other power stations having a 70% efficiency, so you can use most of the capacity that this power station says it has.

    For 430Wh of usable capacity, you’re looking at a decent runtime, but it all depends on what appliance you want to power from. Considering the 520Wh initial capacity, if you power a 500W appliance, you will get about an hour of usage time. In contrast, a 250W appliance will give you about 2 hours of runtime, and a 100W appliance will get you about five hours of runtime. The battery capacity of this FlashFish power station is good and one of the best parts of this power station.

    Output Charging

    The port selection of this FlashFish power station is decent; there are four charging ports, two AC outlets, a single cigarette lighter port, and four DC barrel ports. So most of what you can find on similar capacity power stations, but let’s see what each offers.

    Charging Ports

    The charging ports on this FlashFish power station aren’t breaking any limits and should be more powerful. There are three USB-A ports and a single USB-C Power Delivery port. One of the USB-A ports features Quick Charge, which means that it has an 18W output, two standard USB-A ports share a 15W output, and the USB-C PD port has an 18W output.

    The biggest letdown is that the USB-C Power Delivery port has an 18W output, while it should have at least a 60W or higher charge rate because that is what the competition offers. In my testing, I used all the charging ports simultaneously, with a Galaxy Note 9 fast charging from the USB-A Quick Charge port, an LG G7, and a Galaxy A51 standard charging from the two standard USB-A ports.

    flashfish, 560w, 520wh, portable, power

    One surprise I ran into is that the USB-C port could recharge my Lenovo laptop at about 22W. So, even though the specs of the USB-C port say that it’s an 18W port, it’s higher than that. Once again, though, I still think the USB-C port should be more powerful.

    I didn’t test out the car cigarette lighter port or the DC barrel ports, but the car port has a 12V/10A output, and the DC ports have a 12V/10A output, too. These ports are most helpful for charging and powering devices that can use these connections.

    AC Outlets

    There are two three-prong AC outlets on his FlashFish power station, and the overall output of the unit is 560W. For the first test, I wanted to see if this unit could power a Black Decker min fridge as the power station does have a 1100W peak output through its AC outlets, and the mini fridge has an 800W-900W jump of power, and then it levels out at about 80W when it runs. However, when I turned on the mini fridge, the watt meter jumped to 534W, and then the power station shut down, so it couldn’t handle the jump in power.

    For my next test, I powered a Ninja full-sized blender and set the blender to low, medium, and high, and the power station was able to power the blender with no problems. At its highest setting, the power station was outputting 250W, and even with food inside the blender, I’m sure it could still power it.

    After the blender test, I powered a Milwaukee battery charger that used about 68W to recharge a battery and an Aukey lamp that used about 20W. With powering the battery charger and the lamp, this FlashFish power station can easily last many hours.

    Then for my next test, I powered a large crockpot at high, and that had a 204W power usage, and then I powered a mini crockpot with a 90W power usage; after powering them separately, I powered them at the same time, and they ran perfectly as they should have because power station had about a 295W output when powering the two crockpots simultaneously.

    For the final test, I powered a 32-inch Samsung TV, and with no surprise, it ran fine with 48W power usage. Overall, the AC outlets on this power station perform how they’re supposed to; that said, it was still disappointing seeing that it couldn’t power the mini fridge and handle that jump in power from the refrigerator; however, that did let me know that this FlashFish power station has a strict 560W max output and is not able to power anything over it.

    Input Charging

    The recharging for this FlashFish power station could use some work regarding recharging speed. You can recharge the power station using the included AC charging brick or car charging cable via the DC input port on the unit, or you can recharge it via solar panel with the Anderson port on the power station.

    The AC recharging is 90W which is slow for a 520Wh capacity and will get the power station back to full power in about 7 hours, going from 0% to 100%. For the solar recharging, this power station has a 130W solar input, and I used an AlphaESS 200W solar panel to recharge it with and got about 80W solar input via the Andreson port on the power station.

    Overall, faster recharging would have been better.

    Size and Weight

    The size and weight of this FlashFish 520Wh power station are to be expected. It has an 11-inch length, a width of 7 inches, and a height of 6.5 inches. The weight of the power station is 12.5 pounds. You can quickly move it around anywhere, and portability is made more accessible with the handle at the top.

    Functional Components

    The design quality of this FlashFish power station is severely lacking. The screen is incredibly minimal with the features because the screen does not show the wattage input, output, or an estimated runtime. The screen shows a battery logo with capacity increments but not the battery percentage. So design is way off compared to many other power stations on the market. Most other power stations have a percentage display for their capacity, a wattage input, and output, and some also have an estimated runtime on their screen.

    In addition to showing the battery logo, the screen also shows what sections are powered on, such as the USB, DC, or AC outlet sections, as each of these sections has its power button to activate them.

    Also, the charging port, DC, and AC outlets are not labeled, meaning they don’t have any indication of what the ports are capable of, such as noting their output.

    Structure and Material

    The build quality of this FlashFish power station is comparable to other power stations as this one is also made of plastic. The same rules apply here; don’t expose the unit to water or drop; it should hold up just fine.


    On the technical level, this FlashFish power station did turn off once it went over the 560W max output, showing that it does have protections to keep it safe and not damaging itself.


    This FlashFish power station is reliable enough for a 560W power station, but critical things are missing that you would expect from it. The screen is scarce and does not show vital info that it should; the charging ports are relatively weak, the recharging is slow, and the power station still uses Lithium-Ion batteries, which come at a relatively high price.

    Taking the product for what it is, yes, it’s reliable, but comparing it to the competition, then it’s not the most reliable as this unit does not even feature pass-through charging.

    FlashFish 560W 520Wh Portable Power Station Specs


    The FlashFish 560W power station is a decent unit that should have its price knocked down a peg or two simply because it’s not an up-to-date power station. The screen, recharging, charging ports, and battery type are all areas this unit lacks, as the competition has better features and can offer them at a lower price than this FlashFish unit.

    • [Power 11 Devices Simultaneously]: Flashfish P60 Power Station features with AC/ DC/ USB OUTPUTS: 2x 110V AC output (560W), 4x DC output, 1x car port, 3x USB-A port and 1x USB-C quick charge ports. Power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machine and more at anytime.Both DC And USB outputs support to be used when power station is recharging at the same time.
    • [Big Capacity 520Wh/140400mAh Backup Battery Pack]: 520Wh compact station is powerful enough to meet different kinds of electricity demands outdoor usage for home, travel, camping, backseat on long road trips.With a weight of 12.3lb and soft handle, we can easily put it in our backpack or car, take to everywhere need power.
    • [Higher 560W Wattage]: The Flashfish P60 portable generator can power most devices under 560-Watt, which lets you power about 80% of essential devices like kitchen appliances and DIY tools. Use devices below 560W for the best product use.
    • [Control Output Separately]: 1)The standalone AC/DC/USB button provides easy operation when charging different devices; 2)Mutifuction LCD display would show you the remaining energies/AC output/DC output/USB output status.Ultra bright LCD screen let you know the statue of battery pack even no light source camping.
    • [Triple Rechargeable Modes Efficient Solar Generator]: FlashFish 520Wh backup power is equipped with a lithium battery pack, it can be charged by the 13-22 volt solar panel (SOLD SEPARATELY), AC wall adapter(Included) and car charger (Included) efficiently. No memory effect, no worry about battery capacity reduction

    How to Choose Solar Generator for Camping?

    If you enjoy camping, roving around in your RV, or spending a weekend or two outdoors, this one’s for you. Technology has now caught up, giving us a sustainable and cost-efficient power source while living our lives off-the-grid.

    We’re talking about solar-powered generators. They’re portable, easy to use, and environmentally-friendly – producing no harmful emissions. The best part is, they’re super useful at home as an emergency power source during power outages.

    What to Consider When Buying Solar Generators

    If you’ve decided on investing in a solar-powered generator, you may as well pick the best ones. Here’s a quick rundown on the features to watch out for when on the market for a solar generator.

    Battery Storage Capacity

    The first thing to look out for when buying solar generators is their battery capacity. This is often expressed in watt-hours (Wh) and indicates the total power the solar battery can store. The value reflects how long it powers something rather than how much power it provides at a given moment.

    Larger battery capacities generally cost more, but it also means that you can power up your devices for longer periods.

    Charging Rate

    If you’re out camping, you’d probably expect your solar generator to power up most of your devices. For this reason, your generator’s charging speed and efficiency is a very important consideration.


    The key to any camping gear is portability. You want your gear to be compact enough to fit your vehicle yet lightweight enough to move around. Solar generators aren’t exempted from this requirement.

    You also want to look for solar generators that come as one component rather than separate pieces. This way, it’s easier to handle and transport them from the car to the campsite and vice versa.

    Solar Generator Frequently Asked Questions

    How do solar generators work?

    • Understanding how solar generators work starts by identifying their four main components.
    • The first component is the solar panels, which are responsible for capturing energy from the sunlight.
    • The solar power is then directed to the second component, which is the battery. The battery’s job is to store the energy collected for later use.
    • The next component is the charge controller. It is an important part of the solar generator as it is responsible for protecting the battery from overcharging and charging damage.
    • The final component is the inverter, which is basically the battery’s converter. It converts the direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power used to power most devices. In some cases, the inverter is bypassed as some devices use DC power, eliminating the need for electricity conversion.
    • In summary, solar generators work by collecting the sun’s energy, storing it, and converting it into AC power for your devices.

    What camping equipment can solar generators power?

    • Solar generators are capable of powering a few of your camping gears. It’s only a matter of how much power your equipment needs and how your solar battery’s capacity.
    • Some useful camping equipment that solar generators can power includes camping lanterns, electric stoves, mini coolers, or compact fans.
    • Ultimately, the limit to the camping equipment your solar generator can power depends on your solar generator’s specifications.

    Are solar generators capable of powering appliances in an RV?

    • Solar generators can definitely power a few RV appliances. Again, this is dependent on your appliance’s power requirements and your solar generator’s storage capacity.
    • For example, powering a small fridge for seven hours requires a solar generator capacity of at least 400 Wh.
    • Other RV appliances that require a 400 Wh include stereo systems, blenders, small coffee makers, clock radios, and more.

    Solar Generator for Camping Reviews

    Jackery 240Wh Solar Generator for Camping

    Jackery is an American developer of portable solar power solutions. Their products include solar panels, solar generators, and related accessories.

    Our top pick on this list goes to a Jackery product – the Explorer 240. This solar generator is backed by a lithium-ion battery with a 240 wH capacity. It has enough capacity to charge a phone over 24 times or a laptop 3-4 times. It can also power up a mini cooler for 18 hours or an LED light anywhere between 6-21 hours.

    A key feature of the Jackery Explorer 240 is its versatility in terms of recharging. The charging rate is also dependent on the recharge source. For example, using a 60W solar panel will fully charge the generator in just six hours. It can also achieve full charge within 5.5 hours using an AC adaptor or a 12V car adaptor.

    Speaking of versatility, the Explorer 240 is equipped with multiple outputs, allowing you to simultaneously power different devices. The Explorer 240 comes with a single AC outlet, one DC carport, and two USB-A ports. It essentially powers any device that operates anywhere under 200 watts.

    The Jackery Explorer 240 is made of high-quality, durable materials making it fit to use outdoors. Weighing only 6.6 pounds and measuring 9.05 inches wide, it’s the ideal portable generator to bring to your camping trips. It’s also easy to carry around with you, thanks to the solid handle integrated into its design.

    Another great feature of the Explorer 240 is its Smart display. It allows you to monitor the generator’s input and output powers along with what’s left of its battery.

    Finally, in terms of safety, the Explorer 240 comes with a pure sine wave AC outlet. Besides powering a wide range of devices, it provides a safe and stable output ensuring safe charging of sensitive devices.

    Our one and only issue with the Jackery Explorer 240 is that it doesn’t come with a solar panel included. Jackery makes compatible solar panels specifically made for their generators. However, this is something that you have to purchase separately. Buying the generator and solar panels still add up to a reasonable amount, so this isn’t really a major issue.

    In short, if you’re after a high-quality and versatile solar generator for camping, the Explorer 240 is the one to beat.

    • Generous 240 wH capacity.
    • Versatile recharging options with good recharge rates – use solar, AC or 12V adaptors to charge.
    • Multiple outputs for simultaneous use – AC outlet, DC carport, USB-A x 2.
    • High-quality, durable, lightweight, compact, and portable.
    • Smart display for monitoring various power indicators.
    • Pure since wave AC outlet – safe and versatile output power.

    Jackery 500Wh Solar Generator for Camping

    The next product on our list is another one from Jackery, this time, it’s the Explorer 500. It comes with everything we loved about the Explorer 240, but these features are magnified in the Explorer 500.

    First, let’s look at the capacity. The Explorer 500 has a battery capacity of 518Wh, which is more than double that of the Explorer 240. A capacity this large means you get to charge your devices more frequently or your appliances longer. It’s good enough to charge a phone at least 100 times and an LED light for up to 76 hours. It also powers up an electric grill for 50 minutes or a cooler for a lengthy 66 hours.

    The Explorer 500 also has multiple power outputs, like the 240, which allows for multiple devices. The difference is it can power up to seven devices, significantly more than the 240s four devices. The Explorer 500 has three USB-A ports, one AC output, one 12V carport, and two DC outputs.

    Despite being a large capacity solar generator, the Explorer 500 is relatively portable and compact at only 13.32 lbs. Again, like the Explorer 240, it’s super easy to move around, thanks to the strong, built-in easy-carry handle.

    The Jackery 500 also has great safety features. First is its pure sine wave inverter, which ensures sensitive devices, such as laptops, are powered safely without damages. It also comes integrated with an excellent battery management system. This feature protects the battery from over-currents, over-temperatures, and over-voltages, effectively safeguarding your devices while in use.

    Finally, like the Explorer 240, the Explorer 500 also comes with a Smart display, indicating your generator’s overall power status.

    An undeniable setback to the Jackery Explorer 500 is its price. It is relatively expensive and is, in fact, the highest-priced on this list. Another probable setback also ties in with the price. Like the Explorer 240, it doesn’t come with a solar panel already included. The Explorer 500 is compatible with Jackery’s SolarSaga 100W solar panel, but again, this is sold separately. As the SolarSaga is also along the lines of high-end solar panels, this isn’t necessarily cheap. This means that the total price for the complete Jackery solar generator package is quite substantial.

    Overall, if the price isn’t a dealbreaker, the Explorer 500 tops the solar generator choices for powering multiple equipment types during camping.

    • Large capacity of 518Wh.
    • Power up to seven devices simultaneously.
    • Relatively portable and lightweight despite large capacity.
    • Excellent battery safety features.
    • Smart display for overall power monitoring.

    WAWUI 42Wh Small Solar Generator for Camping

    Wawui Lighting Ltd is a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture of various lighting products. Although their product focuses on LED light bulbs, they’ve also come up with their own portable solar generator version.

    The Wawui Portable Power Station is our value pick for this list, owing to its affordable price. It is available in two capacities: choose between 84 Wh and 42Wh. The 84Wh version charges standard smartphones up to eight times and standard LED lights for up to 64 hours. The 42Wh can power up a single LED light for over 20 hours and a single smartphone at least twice.

    Regardless of what capacity version you pick, the Wawui solar generator triple charging capacity. You can recharge the generator using the included solar panels or through a standard wall or car chargers via USB technology. A 9.8-feet USB-A charging cable is included with the package to allow you to charge via a direct electricity source. Additionally, regardless of capacity, this solar generator kit is portable, and the generator comes with a handle for easy carrying.

    An attractive feature of the Wawui solar generator is its LiFePO4 battery, known for its extensive life span. Wawui describes their batteries to lengthen their solar generators’ lifespan up to over an impressive 12 years.

    Another excellent feature of the Wawui, especially in terms of camping, is its lighting features. In addition to a built-in flashlight, the Wawui package also comes with three LED bulbs with sockets and hooks. These bulbs would easily hook on to the sides of your tent or car during camping.

    An obvious drawback to the Wawui is its relatively low capacity, especially compared to the previous products on this list. However, we don’t see this as a major negative because its affordable price corresponds to the capacity.

    Ultimately, the Wawui is a good choice for an affordable solar generator for your small devices during your camping trips.

    • Affordable – cheapest solar generator on this list.
    • Available in two battery capacities – 42 Wh and 84 Wh.
    • Triple charging capacity – solar, wall, or carport.
    • LiFePO4 battery prolonging lifespan to up to 12 years.
    • Great additional lighting features – built-in flashlight, three LED bulbs.

    Newpowa 280Wh Camping Solar Generator

    Newpowa is an American brand specializing in off-the-grid solar power solutions. Other than solar generators and inverters, their products also include solar power panels specially made for RVs and marine vehicles.

    The Newpowa Portable Power Station has a substantial capacity of 280Wh and is compatible with 60W and 100W portable solar panels.

    We love the Newpowa because it’s packed with many practical functions, especially useful for camping. It has a built-in LED flashlight and multiple ports and outlets for powering a multitude of devices. It has two AC outlets, 3 DC outputs, and a single cigarette lighter outlet. Most of the products we have already enumerated have USB ports, which Newpowa offers. What makes Newpowa different is that it comes with one USB-C port in addition to two USB-A ports.

    Speaking of multi-outlets, the Newpowa 300W also comes with a three-way charging system. In addition to solar panel charging, you can also use AC outlets or car cigarette lighters to charge this generator.

    Another great thing about the Newpowa 300W is that it is ETL certified, which means the product meets electrical quality and safety standards. It is a good indication that this solar generator is built to last. The Newpowa is constructed of durable material and includes a heavy-duty lithium battery, contributing to its extended lifespan.

    Lastly, the Newpowa 300W is lightweight at only 9.03 lbs and compact at only 9.06 inches wide. We also love that the carry handle folds flat with the generator when not in use. This design element adds to its compactness and definitely makes it easier to store in your vehicle’s tight spaces.

    • A substantial capacity of 280Wh.
    • Packed with practical functions – LED flashlight, multiple outlet ports, including USB-C.
    • Three-way charging – solar, AC, or car cigarette lighter.
    • ETL certified – durable, safe, and long lifespan.
    • Lightweight and portable – folding carry handle.

    One thing that the Newpowa lacks is the solar panel. Like the Jackery solar generators described earlier, the Newpowa solar panels compatible with their generators are sold separately.

    In brief, the Newpowa 300W is a great option for a solar generator packed with practical features useful for camping.

    PAXCESS 230Wh Portable Solar Generator for Camping

    Paxcess is a US-based brand offering a wide range of outdoor household products. Their range includes power generators, solar panels, and gardening and power tools.

    The Rockman 200W is Paxcess’s smallest generator in their portable power station range. At only 6.4 lbs, its lightweight and compact design may well be its best feature. It also comes with a soft carry handle that folds seamlessly into the generator when not in use.

    It may be small, but it definitely comes with a reasonably good capacity of 230Wh. Its multiple charging outputs allow you to power anything from your smartphone, small RV appliances, or your CPAP machine. The ports and outlets include one AC, two DC, 2 USB-As, 1 USB-C, and 1 carport.

    The Rockman also comes with a quadruple rechargeability. Choose between the solar panel, AC outlet, 12V car charger, or directly into a USB-C wall socket.

    Finally, the Rockman features an intelligent LED display with a real-time indication of battery operating status.

    Besides needing to buy the solar panel separately, there are many things notable about the Rockman 200W. First, you can’t charge and use it at the same time. You may find this inconvenient, especially when you’re on the road. Second, it has a relatively long charge time – a full charge takes about 10 hours using a 60-100W solar panel. This is probably okay for weekend camping trips as you can fully charge before you head off. But you may not like this charging rate if you plan on spending or more camping.

    In brief, the Rockmann 200W is an option worth considering if you’re after a really compact solar generator for camping.

    • Compact and lightweight at only 6.4 lbs.
    • 230 Wh capacity with multiple power outputs.
    • Quadruple rechargeability – solar, AC, 12V, wall socket via USB-C.
    • Intelligent LED display for battery monitoring.
    • You cannot charge and use the generator simultaneously.
    • Relatively long solar charge time of 10 hours on 60-100W panels.

    Anker 388.8Wh Solar Powered Generator for Camping

    Anker is a Chinese manufacturer of an extensive range of electronics, including generators and solar power sources.

    The Anker PowerHouse II is a compact, 9.7 lbs, 10-inch-wide solar generator with a generous battery capacity of 388Wh. This capacity is indeed true to its name, considering its relatively compact size. This capacity translates to 23 charges for your smartphone and over 20 charging cycles for a standard digital camera.

    Perhaps an appealing feature to the PowerHouse II is its high-speed charging technology. This generator is equipped with a 60W PowerIQ 3.0-USB-C port that charges devices up to 40% quicker than similar products. This feature is definitely a good one to have when camping. It allows you to spend time exploring the great outdoors instead of waiting for your device to charge.

    Another selling point of the PowerHouse II is that it can charge up to eight devices simultaneously. That’s the highest count so far on this list. It’s definitely a feature handy when camping with a group because it ensures everyone’s devices are all juiced up.

    Finally, the PowerHouse II is designed to give you a stable power supply on the campsite. It has a built-in AC wall outlet equipped with pure sine wave inverter technology. This feature ensures safe power delivery, and it also reduces any electrical noise produced by sensitive appliances.

    One thing we think the PowerHouse II could improve for later versions is to have the handle foldable or removable. It is a great feature for moving the generator around. However, having it sticking out gives it an awkward shape that limits your storage options.

    We’re not liking its 65-watt input that significantly limits the solar panels you can use with it.

    In summary, the PowerHouse II is a great choice for a compact, powerful and fast-charging solar generator for camping.

    • The compact but generous battery capacity of 388Wh.
    • High-speed charging technology – charges devices up to 40% faster than similar products.
    • Charges up to eight devices simultaneously.
    • Built-in AC wall outlet with pure sine wave inverter for a safe and stable power supply.
    • Compactness could be improved with a foldable or removable handle.
    • 65-watt input limits solar panel choices.

    FF FLASHFISH 222Wh Portable Solar Power Generator for Camping

    FlashFish is a Japanese brand of portable solar technology. They’re a relatively new company, having only been established in 2010. Their product list includes solar generators, solar panels, and related accessories.

    Design is probably the first feature you’ll notice with the FlashFish 300W. Kudos to the FlashFish design team for making this solar generator not look like one. It has a silver metal case with black plastic sides that gives it an elegant yet rugged look. It looks like a small hardcore briefcase instead of a generator. This material combination not only gives it a great look but also makes the unit more durable.

    Another design selling point of the FlashFish is its super portable build. It’s 5.6 lbs with a comfortable handle, so you can easily carry it with the rest of the camping gear.

    Although compact and lightweight, the FlashFish comes with a capacity of 222Wh, which is reasonably good considering its size. It powers up your smartphone over 20 times or a 40-watt mini fridge for up seven hours.

    Lastly, the FlashFish is another solar generator that works great for camping with family or groups. Thanks to its multiple outputs, it can charge seven devices simultaneously. The output ports include three USBs, two ACs, and two DCs. The icing to the cake is that two of its USB ports are equipped with fast-charging technology.

    One thing that’s drawing us away from the FlashFish generator is its slow recharge time. Charging with a 100-watt solar panel takes more than a full day, even if you have bright direct sunlight.

    Another thing we’re not too impressed with is that you can’t do a plug and play with this solar generator. That means you either have to use it or charge it. The ability to do both simultaneously would have been perfect for your journey on the road.

    Overall, the FlashFish is a good choice for a well-designed solar generator for use on a short camping trip.

    • Great functional, durable, and aesthetic design – silver metal case.
    • Portable and lightweight – 5.6 lbs.
    • Reasonably good capacity of 222Wh.
    • Multiple outputs for charging up to seven devices.
    • Slow recharge time – takes over a day to fully charge.
    • You can’t charge and use the generator simultaneously.

    BALDR 297Wh Camping Solar Generator

    Baldr is a New Jersey-based company specializing in the design and manufacture of small household Smart electronic products.

    The Baldr portable Power Station 330W is a box-type solar generator weighing 7.1 lbs. The Baldr’s capacity reaches 297Wh, which effectively powers most of your camping devices from your walkie talkies to your cameras.

    User-friendliness is a great feature of the Baldr solar generator. It comes with an LCD screen that displays the generator’s battery status. All the function buttons and ports and outputs are adequately labeled, making everything extremely straightforward to operate.

    We love that the Baldr comes with a built-in flashlight with SOS signal capability in terms of camping features. The flashlight also acts as a great nightlight to leave beside your tent.

    Versatility in terms of output and charging methods is also a key feature of the Baldr generator. First, it has triple charging methods of solar, AC wall socket, or 12.V car charging. It has three USB ports, two DC ports, and one port each of car, C-type, and AC.

    The last feature of the Baldr is what sets it apart from the previous generators on this list. The Baldr Portable Power Station comes with a wireless charger for a convenient juicing up of your smartphones.

    There are just a few drawbacks that we’ve discovered with the Baldr generator. First, the maximum charge rate doesn’t seem to exceed 52 watts, regardless of the power source type. This means that it will take at least seven hours before you fully charge and use this generator. You can’t use the input power or charge the battery while the inverter is running. This, unfortunately, drastically limits the functionality of this generator.

    In short, if you want an easy-to-use solar generator for camping with extra lighting features, the Bland is a good option.

    • User-friendly – bright LED screen and labeled buttons and ports.
    • Versatile charging and output – multiple ports and outputs.
    • Practical camping features – built-in flashlight with SOS function.
    • Unique wireless charging technology.
    • Slow charge rate – at least seven hours to achieve a full charge.
    • Can’t use the generator function simultaneously.

    FF FLASHFISH 166Wh Solar Generator For CPAP Camping

    The next one on the best solar generator for camping list is another addition from FlashFish. This power station is relatively lower in terms of capacity compared to the FlashFish 300W.

    The FlashFish 200W has 166Wh, which may seem low but is good enough to power up one person’s multiple devices.

    We love the FlashFish 200W’s LCD display panel. This screen is super easy to read and indicates battery level, input charging power, and AC and DC outputs.

    The FlashFish 200W is backed by an excellent battery management system that keeps the unit safe for a longer lifespan. This system protects your generator from short circuits, and over-voltage, and extremes in temperature.

    As it has a lower capacity than the FlashFish 300, the 200W naturally comes more compact and naturally more lightweight. It also has a carry handle that easily folds down to make it even more compact.

    Finally, like the other FlashFish generators, the 200W comes with triple charging capability and seven different output ports.

    As we’ve already mentioned, the low capacity of the FlashFish 200W may turn you off. This is especially true if you’re wanting to charge powerful or multiple devices. Another thing that may set you back is that this solar generator does not allow pass-through charging. This means you always have to choose between one function or the other.

    Overall, if you’re only powering up limited devices during your camping trip, the FlashFish 200W is a good option.

    • Compact, lightweight, and portable.
    • Excellent battery management system.
    • Easy-to-read LCD screen.
    • Versatile charging and output capabilities.

    PAXCESS Rockman 288Wh Portable Power Station

    Next, we have another Paxcess product: the Rockman 300W. The name is probably a giveaway that this Rockman product has a higher capacity than its 200W cousin. But the difference is not really too drastic. The Rockman 300W comes with 288Wh capacity, which is just 88Wh higher than the Rockman 200W.

    In terms of portability, the Rockman 300W also doesn’t differ too much from the 200W. The difference is relatively marginal as the 300W weighs 7.3 lbs, only 0.9 heavier than 200W.

    An attractive design feature of the Rockman range remains to be its LED display. It’s adequately sized and illuminated, and displays charge and recharge data along with battery status.

    Charging multiple devices is another plus for the Rockman 300W solar generator. It has four built-in USB ports, one car and AC port, and two DC ports.

    One other thing we love about the Rockman 300W is that it also comes with a wireless charger. It’s only the second generator on this list, next to the Baldr, that has this feature.

    A glaring observation we’ve had with the Rockman 300W is it doesn’t go fully charged when using solar panels. It does with AC and 12V charging, but solar charging only goes up to 94% capacity. It doesn’t charge beyond that, no matter what you do.

    Although not as big of an issue, the next observation is that power and light button designs. They’re easily triggered by light touches, such as when you accidentally bump into it. Perhaps a better design option would be having it recessed to avoid such occurrences.

    Overall, the Rockman 300W is a great upgrade option to the Rockman200W for a compact solar generator for camping.

    • Relatively good capacity of 288Wh.
    • Bright LED display for battery monitoring.
    • Multiple device charging.
    • Wireless charging enabled.
    • Doesn’t go full charge when using solar power.
    • Power and light buttons extremely sensitive to touch.


    Solar-powered generators are increasingly becoming a must-have addition to camper’s gears. Like any other solar-powered equipment, solar generators for camping don’t come cheap. That’s why it’s important to get one that’s well worth the investment, one that will last for years to come.

    Our top pick for the best solar generator for camping is the Jackery 240Wh Solar Generator for Camping. It ticks all the features to look out for and more: excellent capacity and recharge rates, versatile, portable, and durable. In our opinion, it’s a feature-rich solar generator for camping that is definitely worth the investment.

    A simple yet effective portable solution for power outages

    TechRadar Verdict

    The Oukitel P2001 incorporates the best one can get in terms of battery technology. But it is it’s versatility with features such as UPS and fast charging that makes it stand out from the competition.


    • Over 2000 charge cycles
    • Plenty of output sockets
    • Fast charging
    • UPS mode
    • Great inverter efficiency


    Why you can trust TechRadar

    We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

    Two-minute review

    Oukitel made a splash last year with a monstrous smartphone featuring a 15Ah battery. Fresh from this tour de force, it is jumping into the world of high-capacity power stations with the P2001. This space is already crowded with the likes of Bluetti and Ecoflow. Oukitel has a different proposition with a back-to-basics approach that promotes simplicity over fancy features. This will surely please many customers looking for an easy-to-use product but with a lot of capacity both for the battery and the AC inverter.

    Oukitel has a Kickstarter campaign for the P2001 where it can be yours for a pledge of 1000, which is half of its 2000 MSRP. The portable power station has a 2000W AC inverter and a 2000W/hr battery which is more than enough to power small appliances for a couple of hours. over, the included LiFePo4 battery can provide at least 2000 charge cycles before the capacity drops to 80%.

    Other key features are the rugged case, very fast charge time, a simple LCD, 2W LED light and charging from a solar panel. Turning on an AC socket can be done in only two steps making the P2001 ideal in an emergency. Oukitel is betting that having a product with a simple user interface and great power performance will hit a chord with gleeful customers. There is no question that it can reach that goal with a good product and the proper customer support.


    As with many heavy products, the P2001 ships in a sturdy carton box that will guarantee its delivery in an excellent state. There isn’t much inside the box apart from the power station. The only supplied accessory is an AC cable which is stored in a handy compartment on top of the case. There is also the customary user manual that explains clearly how to use features of the P2001. The black and grey case feels solid and has vents located on each side providing airflow to four large fans. Four rubber pads prevent the case from sliding while two aluminum alloy bars on the top serve as handles. The unit measures 39cm x 28cm x 33cm and weighs 22kg.

    The pure-sine AC inverter is rated at 2000W and can exceed twice this value in short durations. With a battery capacity of 2000W/hr, the P2001 will provide power to many home appliances over a relatively long time period. The LiFePo4 chemistry used is one of the best in terms of endurance but comes with issues such as a lower energy density, translating into a heavier product when compared to Lithium Polymers. The unit is turned on by pressing a large power button located next to the display. The station has a 1100W AC charger built-in that adds to the weight but allows faster charging compared to an external charger.

    A high-contrast segmented LCD resides on the front panel and gives vital information about the station’s current state such as the charge and discharge time as well as real-time output power. Icons for input and output sockets show if the system is operating normally and will blink on any issue. For instance, the AC cord icon will blink on a power grid issue while the temperature icon will show if the internal temperature is out-of-range. Push buttons assigned to each output section can be pressed to enable them while pressing again turns them off.

    The AC section consists of six sockets all located on the right side of the case while the low voltage DC sockets are located on the front. Oukitel is generous with the DC sockets and includes ten arranged in two groups. Sockets for outdoor purposes are located on the left of the display. This group includes a cigar lighter and an XT60 socket, both concealed under a protective plastic cover, and two barrel-type DC5521 sockets. They all supply a fixed 12V but at different currents.

    The second section which consists of only USB ports contains two 10W Type-A, two Type-A QC3.0 and a pair of 100W Type-C giving a total of 260W.

    In use

    Using the Oukitel P2001 is very simple thanks to a display that is not overcrowded. The battery level is shown in big at the centre of the screen. Other important information displayed are the input and output power which give an idea if output devices are working properly and not exceeding the station limits. The LCD has a blue tint and updates every second while the always on backlight will put an additional load on the battery albeit a small one. Output sections automatically turn off if nothing is connected after five minutes.

    A feature that is rarely seen in other stations is the UPS mode. Devices connected to the P2001 do not lose power when the AC supply is disrupted. The switch-over from the AC line to battery is done within milliseconds which is sufficient to keep PCs and other office devices powered without losing any data. The UPS system is designed such that when there is AC power, connected loads are powered directly from the AC bypassing the battery. That way, there is no stress on the batteries which ultimately decreases wear and increases their lifetime.

    The Oukitel power station supports charging from AC and solar panels. Connecting both at the same time will reduce the time to fill the batteries. The MTTP compatible solar input in the form of an Anderson connector is located on the left and can accept up to 48V at 500W. This means having a maximum of four 100W panels in series giving a charging time of five hours. Oukitel offers a 200W panel, the PV200, for 499 during their Kickstarter campaign.

    The inverter has been designed to support two types of output voltages namely the US (120V) and Japan (100V). The output frequency is also switchable between 50Hz and 60Hz allowing high-powered Japanese devices to run in North America without a transformer-based AC converter. Since the efficiency of the P2001 inverter is very high at 90%, there is little heat and fan noise generated when in use. Finally, the station supports an over-voltage protection on the input AC socket which does a shutdown in case of power fluctuations. This protection can be cleared by pressing the overload button located just above the AC input.

    The competition

    The Oukitel P2001 goes directly against the likes of Jackery Explorer 2000 and Bluetti AC200P. Other lesser known competitors such as Zendure have similar products that were launched recently.

    The Jackery Explorer 2000 is probably the reference for this type of power station. The battery chemistry makes it less suitable as an investment since it offers only 500 charge cycles before the capacity falls to 80%, compared to the 2000 cycles of the P2001. The number of sockets offered by the Explorer 2000 is also less while it costs an extra 200.

    Bluetti AC200P is also a good power station priced similarly to the P2001. It suffers from a convoluted user interface which can slow the use of the station in case of emergency. The block AC charger also does not help as it is limited to 400W and will fully charge the station in six hours, compared to two for the P2001.

    The Zendure SuperBase Pro is another 2000W power station that stood out last year thanks to many innovative features such as having a built-in Wi-Fi connection. Again, the SuperBase pro battery technology has less charge cycles while the MSRP is 400 more than the P2001.

    Final verdict

    The Oukitel P2001 has many qualities that can make it become a bestseller. The price and battery chemistry can turn into a good investment for the buyer. It can right away start to pay-off its 1900 price tag if used as an office UPS. The no nonsense user interface is also something that many people will like while the generous amount of DC sockets will also satisfy many needs. Finally, the build quality is also something that stands out. Covered by a one year warranty, the P2001 will surely find a place in many houses this year.

    Review: FlashFish A301 Portable Power Station (DC and AC Outputs)

    Portable power stations are very popular in a variety of scenarios, from camping to emergency power backup.

    They can give power when needed to charge cellphones, laptops, and many other devices. They are often combined with a small solar panel kit to help keep the unit charged.

    The FlashFish A301 is one such portable power station built to give a long-lasting power source for multiple devices. It has charging ports for USB, 12-volt DC, 110-volts AC, along with a wireless charger. This makes it a very versatile unit that can give power when needed to almost any device.

    This unit was sent to me to review with my honest opinion and results below.

    FlashFish A301 Overview

    The package contains the power station, car charger, PD Type-C charging cable, car charger socket, AC power, and the instruction manual.

    The front of the unit has ports for DC 12V, PD100W (Type-C), DC 12V, USB1, USB 3.0, and USB2, along with the AC and power buttons.

    The side of the unit has ports for two AC outputs and a DC port for charging.

    The other side has fins for a fan to blow out hot air.

    The back has a large light with different brightness and flashing modes.

    The top of the unit has wireless charging to charge any compatible devices such as smartphones.

    FlashFish A301 Battery Size and Charge Time

    The power charging port is located on the side of the unit and will start to charge once plugged in.

    The FlashFish A301 uses a lithium battery rated at 292Wh (Watt Hours).

    A Watt hour is a measurement for power over an hour to give an idea of how long a device will last while in use. It is rated to fully charge in 3.5 hours when plugged into an AC outlet.

    The unit can also be charged from a car battery or solar panels, which will take longer.

    A car charger is also included to charge the unit from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter which would be handy while on the go.

    FlashFish A301 AC Outlet Power

    The unit has two pure sine wave AC outlets with a rated 320W.

    Pure sine wave inverters convert DC voltage to AC voltage that most closely matches power from a standard home AC wall outlet.

    Many devices require a pure sine wave to work, such as audio and video equipment, satellite systems, computers, and more. 320W can run many small devices such as laptops, TVs, small fans, and so on.

    Before powering a device, it is usually best to check the Watts it requires to run with most devices labeled.

    The FlashFish A301 will go into protection mode and automatically shut down if the Watts exceed the rated 320 Watts.

    To test the AC outlets, I plugged in a TV and Android TV box, which had no problems powering. The AC button on the front of the unit is pressed, which will turn on the AC outlet power.

    FlashFish A301 USB Charging Ports

    There is a total of 6-DC charging ports, including one 100W USB-C port, two DC ports, two USB-A ports, and one QC 3.0 port.

    This gives the unit a lot of charging power for smartphones, tablets, earbuds, smartwatches, and more. The USB Type-C port supplies a continuous 100W max which can fast charge small devices.

    Plugging a device into any of the ports the unit automatically detects it and starts charging.

    The FlashFish A301 DC-Ports have a rated 168W of charging output. If the power draw goes higher, it will automatically go into protection mode and shut down.

    The average smartphone uses roughly 10-20 Watts to charge, which will vary on battery size and charging technology.

    This gives the DC-ports a lot of charging output for multiple devices.

    FlashFish A301 Wireless Charging

    The top of the unit has a 10W wireless charging station that can charge wireless-capable devices.

    This makes it very handy to charge a compatible smartphone quickly without any cables. The wireless charging is easy to use and starts charging a smartphone once placed on top.

    FlashFish A301 LED Light

    On the back is a large LED light that is very bright and can work in six different modes.

    Modes include 3-brightness levels, SOS mode, flashing/strobe mode, and spotlight mode. The light works very well and would be good in many scenarios, from an emergency to camping.

    Summary The FLASHFISH A301 is a good power station with a big capacity battery and multiple charging ports.

    This makes it a good unit in various situations, from camping to long trips or emergencies such as a power outage.

    It worked very well while testing the unit, charging all the small devices I have, from smartphones to a smartwatch.

    The AC output also worked well with the unit powering on a flat-screen TV and Android TV box.

    The fan on the side intermittently comes on when the AC is being used to keep the unit from overheating.

    At the back of the unit is a large LED light that has different modes, which can give out a lot of light if needed.

    Many users of small power stations will use a small solar panel kit to help keep the unit charged, which I have not been able to test yet.

    I am still testing the unit so far with good results and will update if anything changes.

    As always, be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

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