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Find solar panel installers. Questions About Solar Panel Roofs

Find solar panel installers. Questions About Solar Panel Roofs

    Top 6 Best Solar Companies 2023 (Ranked Reviewed)

    EcoWatch has helped thousands of homeowners go solar by helping them find the best providers for their needs, while also saving time and money.

    San Jose, California-based SunPower offers the largest solar coverage in the nation, the most advanced equipment and unbeatable warranty coverage throughout the entire U.S.

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    Why We Chose SunPower

    SunPower designs and installs industry-leading residential solar and storage solutions across all 50 states. With a storied history of innovation dating back to 1985, no other company on this list can match SunPower’s experience and expertise.

    SunPower earns its position as the top national installer on our list for a handful of reasons: It installs the most efficient solar technology on the residential market, offers the most expansive service area and backs its installations with a warranty well above the industry standard. All the while, SunPower pioneers sustainability efforts within the industry.

    If that weren’t enough, SunPower systems come packaged with products all manufactured in-house by its sister company, Maxeon. This means that your panels, solar cells, inverters, battery and EV chargers are designed to work together and are all covered under the same warranty.

    SunPower’s biggest downside? Its high-efficiency panels are considerably more expensive than most of its competitors’ products. However, its powerful panels are workhorses that make up for the initial cost with more backend production (think about this like spending more money for a car that gets more miles per gallon).

    SunPower Pros

    • Offers the most efficient solar panels on the market
    • National coverage
    • Each part of system is covered by the same, all-inclusive 25-year warranty

    SunPower Cons

    • SunPower systems carry the highest initial price tag
    • Limited to SunPower/Maxeon technology only

    Momentum Solar

    Momentum Solar focuses its efforts on making the switch to clean energy as accessible, practical and effective for homeowners as possible. With simple services and an easy process, it’s hard to find a better provider if you live in Momentum’s region.

    Is Solar Worth It?

    Why We Chose Momentum Solar

    Though Momentum’s service area seems small in comparison to the other names on this list, it restricts its growth intentionally, choosing to operate in states with favorable net metering programs and other effective solar incentives. By doing so, it ensures that customers within its service area are sure to secure a favorable and speedy return on investment (ROI), along with a smooth installation process.

    It can also then FOCUS more of its energy on service and quality than competitors with a wider national reach. Momentum offers a wide variety of financing options, virtual consultations and a start-to-finish process that remains in-house, rounding it out as one of the most effective and accessible companies for those who live in its regional coverage area.

    Momentum Pros

    • Prioritizes enrollment of customers in the best government solar programs available in the country
    • Wide variety of solar financing plans
    • Offers excellent selection of the top solar panels and energy storage systems

    Momentum Cons

    • Limited coverage area
    • Some critical customer reviews cite overzealous sales techniques

    Blue Raven Solar

    Blue Raven Solar offers unique and innovative payment plans that sets it apart from other solar providers with similar services.

    Is Solar Worth It?

    Why We Chose Blue Raven Solar

    We like Blue Raven Solar because it understands that, for most homeowners, the cost of solar presents the biggest barrier to entry.

    For that reason, Blue Raven Solar developed an innovative solar financing plan that offers in-house, flexible, zero-money-down options. The results speak for themselves, as Blue Raven Solar is now one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the nation and was recently acquired by SunPower. Its BluePower Plus plan (exclusive to Blue Raven) mimics the flexible structure of a lease while still providing the greatest benefits of owning your system.

    Eligible homeowners enjoy 18 months of solar power before having to pay their first bill. When coupled with the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC), the initial energy savings can offset more than a third of the overall cost of a system before requiring a dollar down.

    In contrast, other installers can only offer similar financing through solar leases, PPAs or third-party providers (such as Mosaic or Sunlight). Third-party loan providers can complicate the process, while opting for a loan or PPA will disqualify you from some of solar’s biggest benefits (additional property value, federal solar tax credit and local solar incentives).

    Blue Raven Pros

    • Offers innovative financing for budget-conscious homeowners
    • Competitive prices
    • Recently acquired by SunPower, bolstering its product offerings

    Blue Raven Cons

    • Limited services (does not offer widespread energy storage products just yet)
    • Some critical customer reviews cite overzealous sales techniques


    BPalmetto’s breadth of services, coupled with its Peace of Mind Protection Plan, provides unparalleled support to homeowners making the switch to solar.

    Why We Chose Palmetto

    Palmetto earns a spot on our list of the top solar companies because it knows that an investment in solar is complex, and it focuses on ensuring a customer understands what they’re purchasing and feels supported by its installer. It provides excellent customer service with a Peace of Mind Protection Plan, which includes real-time monitoring and responsive customer support.

    Its accurate solar savings calculator lets you budget confidently for the future, and a 25-year output warranty (covering the performance of your entire system, rather than each of its individual parts) guarantees your system will perform as advertised.

    Of all the companies highlighted in this article, Palmetto may also offer the most comprehensive services spanning from roof leak protection to pest abatement. Owning a home or business can be unpredictable, but Palmetto ensures that your energy needs are supported for decades after installation.

    Palmetto Pros

    • Large variety of services and support options
    • Wide service area covers 24 states
    • Makes charitable contributions to community organizations

    Palmetto Cons

    • Limited solar financing options
    • Decentralized network of installers will vary in quality depending on location

    Find solar panel installers

    Choose the Best Solar Company in New Jersey

    To get the best solar panels for your home or business, start by contacting the area’s best solar panel company— Steve Whitman Solar, Roofing and Siding. We have decades of experience with solar roof installation. as well as being GAF, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning roofing certified—so our sun power experts are also roofing experts. Other solar companies don’t have Steve Whitman’s experience and knowledge about the foundational base of any successful solar installation— a strong roof.

    Speak to a solar representative by calling: 732-295-0875

    Whether you’re looking for an entirely off grid solar system, a smarter home automated with energy-saving Smart home devices. or just want to save money on your electric bill – solar energy offers lots of benefits to home and commercial property owners alike. As a leading local solar provider, two of the questions we’re asked most often are, “How long do solar panels last?” And “How much do solar panels cost?” While the answers vary from property to property, here is some useful information:

    How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

    Our versatile lineup of commercial and home solar solutions are all backed by 25 year manufacturer warranties, as well as Steve Whitman’s pledge to provide the best service in the roofing. siding and solar solutions industries. As experienced roofing installers. we will never install solar on a bad roof.

    Unfortunately, some other companies will install on a roof they know is not sufficient—which could lead to serious issues down the line and decrease the lifespan of your solar panels.

    What’s more, our solar panel installations generally happen much more quickly than other installers can offer. So you’ll be saving with solar before you know it, without the hassle of long waits to get on an over-extended contractor’s schedule.

    How Much Does Solar Installation Cost?

    Here again, Steve Whitman Roofing, Siding and Solar stands out among the local solar installation companies near you. We work with the best solar panels for home and commercial roofs, and we provide them at competitive to help our customers access all the benefits of going solar. You’ll find there really is no average price to install solar, but Steve Whitman will often beat other companies’ solar panel costs and other associated costs of going solar.

    As you weigh your commercial or home solar system cost against your potential savings, Steve Whitman’s solar experts are a great resource. They keep up-to-date with all the incentives available for purchasing commercial solar panels and residential solar systems. Most other national and local solar providers push non-ownership options like PPAs or Leases, and while a homeowner can save 40% or so on their electric bill through these programs, they will not see the tax benefits and other incentives you’ll receive when you buy your system.

    Steve Whitman Solar, Roofing and Siding is a trusted affiliate partner of the top roof and solar panel manufacturers in the nation. Our customers benefit from our all-around expertise in roofs and innovative, sustainable solar. You won’t find another solar installer near or far with more experience and customer satisfaction serving New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

    How much is too much – what will I be paying?

    The size of the building, the amount of people consuming power, and the appliances that will be powered by the installation are all factors that will influence the overall price, so a single answer to this question is very difficult to give. Although it is no secret that the investment made into the product is high at the beginning, the long-term savings are undeniable. The high cost of the initial outlay is due to the costs of solar panels components, labor and installation, and sometimes the hidden costs, like needing to repair a roof before such a system can be mounted onto it.

    The relative price of solar panels varies based on a number of factors, and when you understand these, you will be able to work out much more efficiently what the best option is for you. Knowing what you are paying for is a huge part of planning when searching for solar companies near you, and it will also help you to avoid paying for unnecessary components. Keen to find out what could affect the price of your solar panel system? Let’s keep exploring!

    of solar panels have come down in recent years, as the supply in the market has steadily grown. In fact, many utility companies are even offering rebates and tax incentives as a motivation for people to sign up to a solar lifestyle. These rebates can either take the form of an installation at a reduced cost, or the form of credits for grid power, which may be redeemed in times of low solar supply, such as evening and night time, or during extended period of overcast weather.

    What types of solar panels are out there?

    The main two types are grid tied, and off-grid. The type of system you choose will greatly affect the price, and as a rule, off-grid systems are more expensive, as they require a greater number of components.

    When you look for solar companies near your area you should start by analyzing your needs based on your lifestyle – smaller homes and buildings will require a smaller home solar panels infrastructure, due to the smaller need for energy generation. In comparison, large homes for big families, offices and other large, power-hungry buildings will need larger, more capacitive systems to accommodate the greater need.

    Why do solar batteries matter?

    No solar batteries means having no solar power available when the sun goes down, and given what most people can expect to pay for the initial setup of a solar power system (hint: it’s a lot!), it doesn’t make sense to have all this power-generating capacity at your fingertips, but no means to store the power it generates!

    you will have no way to store your solar power, and no matter how much energy your panels can generate, with no means of storage, the power they create will simply be lost. The most effective, and honestly, easiest way of capturing the power generated by your system, is to employ a set of solar batteries. It doesn’t have to be a fancy system – just enough to keep what you have and save it for later.

    What’s the best way to find solar providers near me?

    The best way to find solar providers near you is a guided experience through the marketplace, where you receive multiple binding quotes from our network of certified solar installers. (Binding means the price you see is the price you’ll pay — not a lowball estimate).

    Using the marketplace is easy:

    • Start by punching in your zip code and answering a few questions about your home and energy bill to create a profile
    • Next, view preliminary estimates and savings potential using our online solar savings calculator
    • Finally, schedule a call with an Energy Advisor to discuss your goals and begin your guided experience

    After this initial call, your Energy Advisor will design a system to meet your needs, generate dozens of bids for your project, and present you with the three best.

    And the guided experience doesn’t stop there.

    Your Energy Advisor is with you every step of the way to evaluate offers and financing options, identify incentives, and advocate for you during the installation process. We even monitor your system after it’s installed to make sure it’s humming along as promised.

    Preferred pricing on’s guided experience isn’t just the easiest way to find trusted solar installers near you — it’s a way to find the best price for solar and battery projects.

    The US Department of Energy reported that generating solar bids through the marketplace saves “roughly

    How to Find the Solar Companies Near You On Your Own

    Start with a Google search of “solar providers near me.” You’ll be served a medley of sponsored listings, maps, and guides (like this one!).

    If your results are anything like mine, you’ll need to go to the second, third, or fourth pages to find actual solar providers near you. Once you find them, make a list of a dozen or so companies to research.

    Certifications and Licensing

    The most important thing to look for when searching for solar providers in your area is whether or not they have the proper licenses and certifications. An electrical license is an absolute requirement.

    An installer with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certification is also a major plus (and a requirement to be on’s platform).

    When your searching for local installers, make sure to ask if they are NABCEP certified or check their website for the logo.

    find, solar, panel, installers, questions

    Online Customer Reviews

    Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a handful of certified and licensed solar companies, you’ll want to look at their online reviews.

    We’ve found that Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau are the best resources for reviews of solar providers.

    As with any service provider, use your best judgment when reading online reviews — some can be overly negative or positive, depending on where you look. Read through a few different review sites to develop a decent sense of how the installer performs. Evaluate not just the installation and solar equipment they provide but also the installer’s workmanship warranty and customer service.

    If you want to go an extra step, you may request to speak with customers who worked with the given solar installer in the past and are willing to act as a reference. This can give you more insight into the experience with that provider.

    Solar Panels, Equipment and Finance Offerings

    Depending on what stage you’re in, you may want to narrow the list of solar providers near you down to ones that offer specific types of solar panels or financing options.

    Solar equipment and finance offerings will vary per installer. For instance, only certified installers can install SunPower panels. If that’s an essential factor for you, review the installer’s website to see which solar panel offerings they provide.

    Get multiple quotes

    Once you’ve narrowed your list down to a handful of trustworthy installers with the necessary equipment and financing options, then it’s time to make some calls and set up some meetings!

    We highly recommend getting binding quotes from at least three installers to make sure you’re getting competitive pricing. That means going through initial consultations, design reviews, and contract offers with at least three companies.

    Once you have several offers in hand, compare them for pricing, equipment quality, warranty, and production capacity. Then the choice is yours!

    If you have quotes in hand, you can use still to get additional quotes from our network of pre-screened solar companies, and we’ll work with you to compare your offers and find the best solar provider for you.


    Find Solar Providers The Easy Way

    Between identifying, vetting, and contacting multiple installers, getting multiple solar quotes on your own takes no small amount of time and legwork.

    But on the marketplace, getting competitive solar quotes is easy. An expert Energy Advisor designs your system, generates dozens of quotes from our trusted network of installers, and provides an impartial source of wisdom throughout the process.

    Better yet, you’ll save with preferred pricing and in-house financing resources.

    Get started by punching in your zip code below.

    find, solar, panel, installers, questions

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    .40/W, which is equivalent to 450,000–5000,000 in savings for a typical 5-kW residential PV system.”

    That’s because in addition to helping you find local and federal incentives, offers preferred pricing from our installers to help you save up to 30% below market average.

    Certified installers

    We’ll admit it — the solar industry has its fair share of scams and shoddy companies that make life harder for everyone else.

    In fact, that’s why the’s parent company, Electrum, was founded — to empower communities through transparency and choice, and enable a better quality of life for all people.

    We evaluate installer partners based on over a dozen criteria including customer testimonials, bankability, installs completed, licenses and insurance, warranties and more.

    Less than 30% of the installers that apply to our network are approved — we’re that picky about who we partner with.

    Through the guided experience, you’re getting:

    And that’s all with a single point of contact — your dedicated Energy Advisor.

    We understand that some people prefer — and even enjoy — doing the legwork on their own. Here’s what finding a solar provider near you entails without using the marketplace.

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