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Elzle Power Bank Solar 26800mAh. Elzle solar charger

Elzle Power Bank Solar 26800mAh. Elzle solar charger

    Elzle Power Bank Solar 26800mAh

    La Power Bank Elzle tiene una gran capacidad que suministra simultáneamente carga a tus dispositivos mediante tres puertos USB de salida (2 puertos USB y 1 otro del tipo C). Perfecto para viajes donde necesitas cargar varios dispositivos a la vez.

    18 luces LED en la power bank Elzle

    La Elzle solar power bank tiene una linterna para usar en diferentes situaciones. De gran luminosidad y cuatro modos de alumbramiento. Normal, suave, parpadeo y SOS. Puedes usar la luz tranquilamente durante muchas horas sin preocuparte de la carga.

    Una parte bien delicada como son los puertos USB están bien protegidos por una tapa de goma. Despreocúpate si caen unas gotas de lluvia ya que está bien cubierta.

    4 indicadores LED para saber el estado de carga

    Los LED azules te muestran la energía restante en la batería externa.

    Sistema de seguridad múltiple

    Esta batería solar proporciona protección IC para evitar cortocircuitos durante la carga.

    Cabe mencionar que es algo más pesada que otra power bank pero esto ya es normal debido a la gran capacidad de su batería.

    Podrás cargar tu smartphone, tablet o cualquier otro dispositivo varias veces. La carga de esta Power Bank solar se puede realizar mediante enchufe, más rápido, o a través del panel solar, algo más lento pero con tiempo suficiente, igual de efectivo.


    • 2 conexiones USB y 1 otra tipo C
    • Batería de gran capacidad
    • Linterna de 18 LED
    • Bonito diseño


    Depende de lo que necesites, esta Power Bank solar es una muy buena opción de compra.

    ¿Necesitas cargar tres dispositivos al mismo tiempo?

    ¿Buscas una linterna con gran luminosidad?

    ¿Buscas una batería con protección IC para sobrecarga?

    Si tus respuestas a estas preguntas son afirmativas, Elzle Power Bank Solar 26800mAh sin duda, ¡tu mejor opción!

    elzle, power, bank, solar, 26800mah


    Una batería excelente, resistente al polvo, golpes y impermeable. Perfecta para llevarla en tus viajes de aventura. La Elzle Power Bank Solar tiene gran capacidad de almacenaje que cumple con los requisitos de la persona que necesita mantener cargados todos los dispositivos. Sin duda, una gran solución.

    Si este es el producto que estabas buscando, en el siguiente enlace tienes la mejor oferta para comprar la powerbank solar Elzle 26800mAh con el mejor precio:

    Solar Power Bank Not Charging (Causes Solutions)

    Are you an outdoor enthusiast who relies on a solar power bank for your adventures? Maybe you have a power bank as a reliable backup for emergencies? Either way, discovering that your solar power bank isn’t charging can be a frustrating experience. In this post, we discuss five possible reasons behind solar power bank charging issues and provide practical solutions to help you troubleshoot and fix each problem. By following these tips, you can ensure that your solar power bank is always ready to charge your devices, no matter where you are or what situation you’re facing.

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    Reasons your solar power bank is not charging

    There are many reasons why your solar power bank might not be charging. Here are the five most common ones:

    The battery has reached the end of its life

    Unfortunately, no battery lasts forever. It’s inevitable that it’ll reach the end of its lifespan after performing a certain number of cycles. If you’ve had your solar power bank for some time, your battery might have lost its ability to hold a charge.

    You’re not using it properly

    Although technically, you use your solar power bank while it’s charging (in an emergency, for instance), this practice isn’t recommended. Doing so frequently may result in your solar power bank not charging or charging erratically. When you do this, the power banks’ battery is in line (or in series) with the gadget. The result is a higher power draw which leads to excessive heating that can damage your battery.

    Your solar panel isn’t getting enough sunlight

    A common misconception is that the solar panel in your solar power bank can generate electricity on a hot day, even when placed in the shade. That is not true — solar panels require direct sunlight to work effectively. Additionally, solar power banks require a minimum amount of luminous flux per area unit (also called lux). If they don’t receive the minimum amount of lux, they won’t start charging via solar. The following image showing the charging instructions of a standard solar power bank serves as an example. Notice that it requires a minimum of 25,000 LUX sunlight to charge via solar.

    Wrong or broken charger/power cable

    If you’re trying to charge your solar power bank using a USB charger and it isn’t charging, the issue might not be your power bank. It could instead be the charger or the cable. Make sure you’re using the correct charger, one that delivers the proper voltage and current (as required by your solar power bank). If it still doesn’t work, the charger (or just its power cable) could be broken.

    Excessive battery drainage

    We recommend that you recharge your solar power bank before you drain it completely. If you drain your power bank completely, it’ll require more energy to get going again instead of charging it from a 50% state of charge. As a result, if you deplete your solar power bank entirely, it might take even longer to charge with solar, or in a worst-case scenario, it might not charge at all. Related reading: How To Use A Solar Power Bank – A Helpful Guide

    How do I know if my solar power bank is charging?

    Charge your power bank properly. Doing this ensures that it provides you with power when you need it.

    Led indicators

    Most Solar Power Banks on the market have four tiny LED indicators that flash progressively when charging. Although they may vary in size and color, you can quickly identify them on your Solar Power Bank. Advanced models display different LED colors to indicate the charging source. After reading the User Manual from a few different Solar Power Bank models, we’ve noticed that for most models:

    • Blue LED: Indicates USB port charging
    • Green LED: Indicates solar charging

    Furthermore, the LEDs indicate the state of charge when the solar power bank isn’t charging (and the LEDs aren’t flashing). In this case, the lights represent:

    • 1 LED on = 25% state of charge
    • 2 LEDs on = 50% state of charge
    • 3 LEDs on = 75% state of charge
    • 4 LEDs on = 95%-100% state of charge

    Logically, when fully charged, your solar power bank should have its 4 LED Indicators active. As it discharges, the indicators gradually turn off.

    Because of the variety of models, you might find yourself with a device that indicates charging differently than the way we described.

    For this reason, we strongly advise that you read your device’s user manual. There, you’ll find all the information you need, specific to your solar power bank model.

    Ways to fix a solar power bank that won’t charge

    If your solar power bank isn’t charging, don’t panic! Here are a few things you can try to get it up and running again:

    Add extra solar panels

    If you’re trying to charge your power bank with solar energy after draining it completely, it may not charge at all.

    Why? The surface area of your power bank’s solar panel might be too small to generate enough electricity to get the redox reactions in the battery going.

    In this case, adding extra solar panels might fix the problem. You can attach/connect small solar panels to your solar power bank (if it supports this addition) – you can easily find them online.

    This will increase the solar input of your power bank until it recharges to at least 50%. After this point, the electricity generated by your main solar panel (without the extra ones) will probably be enough to continue charging your power bank.

    Try charging it with electricity from a wall outlet

    As mentioned above, your power bank might be too drained to start recharging only with the small energy input the solar panel provides. If this happens, don’t give up on your solar power bank just yet. Pumping up some juice from a wall outlet might bring it back to life.

    Place it in direct sunlight for an extended period

    Solar Power Banks can take over 50 hours to recharge using solar energy. Considering how many hours of sunlight are in a day, it could take an entire week to recharge your solar power bank.

    For this reason, it may seem like it isn’t charging, when in reality, it’s just taking a long time.

    To maximize sunlight absorption and overall efficiency, one way of speeding up this process is to place your solar power bank in direct sunlight for an extended period.

    Check for any loose connections

    A more elaborate way to fix your solar power bank requires some skills. If you have previous experience repairing electronics, you could try opening your solar power bank to check for any fraying or loose connections.

    For instance, your solar power bank might not be charging because the wire that connects the solar panel to the circuit board is loose.

    In this case, using a soldering iron to solder the loose wire will fix the broken.

    Check if the battery is dead

    This one also requires exposing the inner pieces of your solar power bank.

    Depending on the battery’s chemistry (and its nominal voltage), you can tell if it’s dead by using a voltmeter to check its voltage.

    If you conclude that it’s dead, the only way to fix your solar power bank would be to replace the battery. This procedure might not be cost-effective, so do your research before buying a replacement battery.

    Here’s a little tip: You can also use the voltmeter to measure the output voltage of the solar panel. Maybe the battery is fine, but the solar panel isn’t generating any electricity.

    If you’ve exhausted all your options, and cannot find a way to fix your solar power bank, it’s time to invest in a new one.

    This video from Bushcraft Zone discusses the top solar power banks you’ll find on the market:

    The 10 Best Solar Power Banks To Buy in 2023

    A Solar power bank employs solar energy to produce electricity. This electricity can be used for different electrical devices and to charge batteries. Most are generally portable and can supply up to 48 volts and 4000-ampere hours. This is an article about solar power banks, how they work, their benefits, and the various types.

    Top Picks

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    The Best Solar Power Banks

    Riapow: 26800mAh Wireless Solar Charger

    Take your wireless charger anywhere, hanging it on the backpack allows you to get recharged by sunlight, with no hassle with cables at all. It can charge 4 devices simultaneously at full speed and is equipped with a solar panel for charging outside in the sun and a built-in LED flashlight (Steady-Flashing-SOS) 3 modes.

    a highly sturdy and durable design, it’s perfect for outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and more!

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 39.99
    Battery: 26800 mAh Li-polymer Battery.
    Input: 5V/3.0A.
    Output: 5V/3.0A.
    Solar Panel Wattages: 1.9W.
    Color: ‎Orange.
    Weight: ‎1.76 Ounces.
    Dimensions: 6.89 x 3.54 x 1.18 Inches
    Waterproof: Yes.
    Key Features: 2.5X Faster Charging.

    QiSa: 35800mAh Solar Power Bank with Dual 3.1A Outputs

    QiSa 35800mAh Solar Power Bank with Dual 3.1A Outputs – It’s a power bank and solar power charge in one! Its total storage capacity is as high as 35800 mAh, and it can provide up to three full-charged devices at the same time.

    The solar power bank takes advantage of its large battery capacity and allows you to get rid of anxiety over the battery at any time and anywhere. With built-in wireless charging capabilities, Qi-enabled devices are compatible with wireless charging so that you don’t have to mess around with your phone while charging it anymore. You can even charge three devices simultaneously!

    There is a Smart chip inside the solar charge that automatically recognizes and compiles with different devices, converting fluctuating voltage into stable voltage and stabilizing devices during use.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 39.99
    Battery: 38800mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.
    USB Input: 5V/2A.
    Solar panel Input: 5V/3.1A
    USB Output: 5V/3.1A.
    Wireless Output: 5V/2A.
    Solar Panel Wattages: 12W.
    Color: Black.
    Weight: 1.41 Pounds.
    Dimensions: 7.2 x 4.33 x 1.81 Inches
    Weatherproof: Yes.
    Key Features: Fast Charging.

    Suscell: 20000mAh Solar Phone Charger

    Get the power you need where and when you need it. Suscell’s portable solar charger is the perfect companion for any adventure! This portable solar charger has all the bells and whistles, including multiple battery charging ports and a high power output that can charge up to five phones, an iPad or other tablet twice, or a speaker fivefold.

    The Suscell has a solid battery capacity of 20,000mAh so there’s enough juice to last most outings. Take this solar charger with you on your next trip for peace of mind knowing that you’ll never find yourself stranded without a charged phone or camera again.

    The Suscell charger is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 23.99
    Battery: 20,000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.
    Material: ABS PC.
    Color: Orange.
    Weight: 8.8 Ounces.
    Dimensions: ‎‎‎5.5 x 2.9 x 0.7 Inches.
    Weather Resistance: Yes.
    Key Features: Charging up to 5 Devices simultaneously.

    BLAVOR: Portable Solar Power Bank

    Whether it’s an extended hiking trip and camping or a daily commute, BLAVOR portable solar power bank can be your best friend. The charger is made of premium ABS materials and a lithium polymer battery, highly sturdy and durable.

    It is equipped with two USBs, type C, dual flashlights, and a compass kit. Its lightweight and compact size have made it handy for outdoor activities like camping and hiking etc. As long as there’s sunlight,

    The BLAVOR charger can charge any smartphone up to 2-3 times in just 10mins charging times.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 26.99
    Battery: 10,000mAh Lithium Metal battery.
    Color: Orange.
    Weight: ‎10 Ounces.
    Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 Inches.
    WaterProof: IPX4.
    Key Features: MultiPurpose.

    ADDTOP: 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger

    The ADDTOP 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger is the perfect power bank to ensure that your devices are always ready when you are. Equipped with four high-performance panels and dual USB ports,

    The multiple ports reduce charging time and it is convenient to hang this solar charger on your backpack when traveling. With a bright flashlight and Standard-SOS-Strobe functions, it’s also a handy tool for camping, cycling, and more.

    The ADDTOP solar charger has 4 times faster-charging speed than a single panel.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 41.99
    Battery: 25000mAh
    Max Input: 5V/2.1A.
    Max Output: 5V/2.1A.
    Solar Panel Wattage: 6W.
    Color: Orange.
    Weight: 1.19 Pounds.
    Dimensions: 21.3 x 8.7 x 15.4 Inches.
    Weather-Resistance: Yes.
    Key Features: 4 Foldable Solar Panels.

    POWOBEST: Solar Charger Power Bank

    Reliable and efficient, the POWOBEST Wireless Solar Power Bank is ideal for long trips. Equipped with 3 foldable highly efficient solar panels, up to 600ma/h input current under the sunlight, this wireless power bank is 3-5 times faster than ordinary chargers.

    Supporting Qi wireless charging, compatible with iPhone Samsung and other Qi-enabled devices, cable-free, and tangle-free. Built-in grade A Li-Polymer battery, 20000mAh solar portable charger is more than enough for your long time travel with multiple circuit protection prevents short circuits, overheating, over-discharging, and over-charging.

    The POWOBEST wireless power bank is 3-5 times faster than ordinary chargers.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 21.99
    Battery: 20000mAh.
    Max Output: 5V/2.1A.
    Color: Red.
    Material: ABS PC.
    Weight: 1.4 Pounds.
    Waterproof: IPX5.
    Key Features: Fast Charging.

    FEELLE: 25000mAh Outdoor Waterproof Solar Phone Charger

    Feelle is your choice for a compact and powerful solar phone charger, suitable for camping and other outdoor activities. With its foldable design, you can easily carry it anywhere by simply tucking it into your or backpack.

    The waterproof silicone cover protects the USB ports from damage while the built-in bright LED light has 3 modes with a strobe to enhance visibility when you need it most. Original Feelle design ensures stability and efficient energy consumption.

    It’s perfect for charging smartphones and tablets in any situation.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 43.99
    Battery: 25000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.
    Wattage: 5W.
    Color: ‎Orange.
    Weight: 1 Pound.
    Dimensions: ‎6.1 x 3.35 x 1.37 Inches.
    Weather-Resistance: Yes.
    Key Feature: MultiPurpose.

    Coolezx: 33800mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

    Coolezx’s solar power bank is designed for the modern person who likes to travel and explore, not someone tied down by traditional charging cables.

    It is equipped with a super-large capacity that can fully charge iPhone 12 to 50% in 30 minutes and recharge the power bank to full in about 6 hours. Not only does this cable-free portable solar charger support 15W MAX wireless charging, but it also has four built-in cables including a 5V/2A micro cable output port, an iOS cable output port, a type-c cable output port, and a USB cable input port allowing you to quickly charge any type smartphone and

    The solar charger can charge multiple devices at the same time.

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 37.98
    USB A Output: 22.5W.
    Type-c in/output. 18W.
    Micro input: 5V/2A.
    Built-in Cable In/Output: 5V/2A.
    Solar Panel Wattage: 2W.
    Color: Black.
    Weight: 1.21 pounds.
    Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.15 x 1.3 Inches.
    Key Features: Super Fast-Charging.

    LATIMERIA: 36000mAh Solar Power Bank

    LATIMERIA portable solar phone charger power bank has been designed with the latest technology and is perfect for those living a fast-paced lifestyle. It is convenient for you to carry it when you are doing outdoor activities or traveling.Simply place it under sunlight or put it on any surface to start charging.

    With a built-in high capacity 36000mAh lithium polymer battery, 3 USB ports, and a LED light indicator, this device charges 3 devices simultaneously and also has an emergency LED flashlight function.

    The solar charger can be placed in your backpack or purse and easily carried around, wherever you go!

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 19.99
    Color: ‎‎Red Black.
    Weight: 1.19 Pounds.
    Dimensions: 78 x 34.8 x 10.8 Inches
    Key Features: Fast Charging.

    Survival Frog: Solar Charger Power Bank

    This solar charger power bank combines durability, functionality, and portability into one powerful device. Ultra-bright LED flashlight is a perfect and must-have outdoor companion that provides strong light for camping or other activities where you are far from home. The leather wallet coated with waterproof material can protect your power bank from water damage.

    Whether you’re fishing or camping, staying in remote areas, or walking the dog, this is the easiest way to ensure that you never run out of power! With 4 high-powered 5.5W panels that fold open for increased efficiency when catching even more light from the sun,

    it will charge faster than ever before! Get yours today so you can start enjoying its many benefits later!

    Specs And Key Features:

    Price: 54.97
    Battery: 6,500 mAh Battery.
    Solar Panel Wattage: 5.5W
    Color: Black.
    Weight: 15.8 Ounces.
    Water-Resistance: Yes.
    elzle, power, bank, solar, 26800mah

    How Does Solar Power Bank Work?

    In Brief, Solar energy is the electrical power that is derived from sunlight. The conversion of this power can either be directly using photovoltaics or indirectly through a concentrated solar panel system. These solar panel systems make use of lenses or mirrors to FOCUS sunlight on a small beam.

    When we talk of solar power chargers, the name says it all; it is a battery storage unit of power that derives its energy directly from sunlight. They can be very useful during trips or when there are power shortages. They are becoming popular as each day goes by as more Smart devices are being invented and they need more power to work and last for a day. Generally, the power banks act as a backup.

    Most people who own a solar charger power bank, do not know how they work and it is very rare to find a seller explaining to a customer how these gadgets work. Solar power banks have special lenses that concentrate the sunlight on a small beam in order to charge the batteries inside. The battery has a circuit that controls the power flow obtained from the sunlight. These batteries store the electrical energy converted from the sun, which is later used to charge various electrical devices like mobile phones.

    What Are The Advantages Of Solar Power Banks?

    You can use them anywhere! As you know, there are no wires needed with a solar-powered device. You only need to find enough sunlight and place your charger in direct sunlight to charge it up. No matter where you are in the world, you can find some sunshine if you wish to charge your phone or laptop.

    They’re environmentally friendly! Another advantage of using solar-powered devices is that they’re environmentally friendly; there’s no pollution from them whatsoever since they don’t release any carbon dioxide into the air like other batteries do when they’re depleted and thrown away after use (because there’s no way for them to be recycled).

    They’re durable! Solar-powered devices are also very durable compared with other types of chargers because there are no moving parts inside them (unlike with regular batteries). Therefore, there’s no chance of them breaking down quickly.

    What Are The Disadvantages Of Solar Power Banks?

    Solar panels take a long time to charge up. If you’re planning on using your solar power bank for emergency purposes, you might be disappointed by how much time it takes for the device to fully charge. In fact, most solar panels can only generate about 2-3 watts per hour — meaning that it could take up to 10 hours for the device to reach full capacity when exposed to direct sunlight.

    Another disadvantage of solar power banks is that they are generally quite bulky and heavy compared to regular power banks which don’t rely on solar energy. This means that they’re not always ideal for carrying around in your all day long!

    Benefits of Using a Solar-Powered Battery Charger

    Solar battery packs are the most energy-efficient and economical devices that someone can have. They no doubt make life so much easier. There are numerous benefits that they bring to our lives. They include;

    They can charge without any electrical input. This means that they have no associated costs that they bring along.

    They can be used anywhere, You just need to have access to sunlight.

    They are very versatile and can charge any basic gadget. You will never have to worry about any electrical shortages as the sunlight will always be present even for a little while.

    What are the Types of Solar Energy Chargers?

    There are very many manufacturers, and all of them have different concepts and designs. As a result, there are various different models and types in the market. These are the most popular types:

    Small, portable models which are designed to charge a wide range of small devices, including cell phones, mobile phones, iPods,s or any other small portable gadget.

    The fold-out models are designed for automobiles. They sit on the dashboard and are plugged into the cigar lighter socket to charge the vehicle battery when it is not in use.

    Public chargers are installed in public places for people to use for free.

    Next, we will discuss and feature the 10 best solar power chargers of the first type which is Small portable models.


    Solar power is the best alternative power source that can help us take care of the environment. It can help reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

    When you think about it, it is also very cheap considering the lifetime of benefits that one is going to get. There are even smaller systems that can supplement household power needs. This can be an important step in establishing a sustainable power grid.


    The article may contain links to affiliate websites, and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchases made by you on the affiliate website using such links.

    WBPINE 24000mAh Solar Power Bank Review

    The WBPINE 24000mAh Solar Power Bank Review is an all-around superstar when it comes to battery life, solar charging ability, and portability all rolled into one relatively small package.

    WBPINE 24000mAh Solar Power Bank

    We purchased the WBPINE 24000mAh Solar Power Bank so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

    If you’re in the market for a portable solar power bank, then you want to find a device that maximizes power and efficiency. The two main factors are the battery size and the number and wattage of the solar panels. There are single-panel solar power banks with large batteries or even power banks with up to five solar panels that FOCUS on solar energy conversion.

    The WBPINE 24000mAh offers an attractive blend of battery and solar power. You get a massive battery, three capable solar panels, and a portable and durable design that makes this device great for extended outdoor use.

    Design: Attractive but with a few quirks

    Weighing in at one pound, this solar power bank is definitely a little hefty. But that’s not a surprise given the massive 24000mAh lithium polymer battery. It resembles a smartphone in shape and dimensions, but because of the large battery and the two solar panels that fold out, the size is more comparable to three smartphones stacked on top of each other.

    Stowing the panels for travel is easy. Simply fold them in and secure them with the convenient snap closure, sort of like a wallet. The manufacturer also supplies a carabiner that you can hook to the leather loop attached to the clasping mechanism. (With the carabiner attached, clasping the device together is a little more difficult.) Also, because of the weight of the product, we did find that the snap can easily come undone or get twisted up with motion.

    The WBPINE 24000mAh offers an attractive blend of battery and solar power.

    We did not carry it around with the solar panels unfolded, but if you have a larger pack, we think this is definitely a comfortable option. And because of the heavy-duty plastic and faux-leather materials, it definitely stands up to some jostling. We knocked it around a bit on rocks and grass and found it to be quite durable.

    There’s a great built-in LED flashlight on the back of the device with three light modes: steady, SOS, and strobe. Operating this light is not as straightforward as pressing the button, which is another design hiccup we noticed—instead, you have to press and hold the power button for a second or two and then press it again to cycle through the other modes.

    At the same end as the flashlight, you’ll find two USB 2.0 ports and one micro-USB port. They’re all protected by a cover that locks into place to keep out water and debris.

    The power indicator panel is located around the corner from the USB ports. The green light means it’s picking up a charge, and the other four indicators (each representing 25% battery capacity) flash blue when charging or in need of a charge, or solid blue when powered. Because this panel is small and on the side of the device, it’s not as easy to read the charge level—but that’s probably not a huge concern when in motion.

    The WBPINE 24000mAh features an Intelligent Protection System to keep the device safe from short-circuiting, but there’s no waterproof rating. We found light rain didn’t impact it too much, but the manufacturer also recommends avoiding submerging the device in water. Based on our experience with the power bank in a few seconds of heavy rain, we recommend keeping it dry as much as you can, and would caution against exposure to water other than light rain.

    Setup Process: A little lengthy but worth the wait

    Out of the box, this solar power bank was about half charged. Though it’s possible to reach a full battery with a day or two of powerful sun, the manufacturer recommends plugging it in the first time for maximum charge capacity and for the best charging performance.

    We followed the directions and plugged the device in to charge via the included micro-USB cord. The initial charge took seven hours.

    After some use, we did test the WBPINE’s solar charging capacity. Stating with 0% charge, four hours in direct sun on a sunny day brought the device up to 25% (it did get very hot to the touch, however.)

    Four hours in partial sun resulted in the same gain of about 25% charge. The manufacturer claims that it can fully charge over a 20- to 26-hour period. We experienced too much rainy weather to really be able to test that, but judging from just the more short-term tests we conducted, the solar charging function is one of the best aspects of this device.

    Charging Speed: Fast and steady

    After initially charging it on a power source, we maxed out the WBPINE solar power bank by testing out a few different devices including an iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone X, Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus 5X.

    First, we gauged whether or not the charging speed was accurate. We took a reading of the device against each of these smartphones and tablets using a USB multimeter, which captured the voltage and amperage measurements. The manufacturer claims a charging speed of 5.V/2.1A, and that seemed to be pretty accurate.

    The iPhone 6S Plus read at 5.04V/.89A and so did the Google Nexus 5X. The iPhone X came to 5.04V/.97A and the Kindle Fire’s charging speed read 5.02V/.96A.

    Short bursts of sun can still do a lot to boost the battery.

    In terms of actual charging time by device, the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone X took about two hours, the Google Nexus 5X took just shy of three hours, and the Kindle Fire charged in four hours.

    We also found the charging speed to be quite fast. In 30 minutes, the Kindle Fire went from 0% to 7% and the Google Nexus 5X reached 29%.

    As for the average charging time of the WBPINE, we recharged it a total of three times and found the average complete charging time to be nine hours. That’s relatively slow, but the payoff is worth it since the battery will last for an impressive amount of time.

    Battery Life: Head of the class

    WBPINE claims that you could rely on this solar power bank for two weeks to charge cell phones. With adequate daily sun, this could probably very well be the case. Even our mix of sunny and cloudy weather over a week in the city showed that short bursts of sun can still do a lot to boost the battery.

    On a single charge, we found that we could fully charge two phones, an Android tablet, and simultaneously bring up a phone from 0%-90% while also streaming media for three hours.

    We also tested the battery capacity by attaching a drained Kindle Fire to the WBPINE and streaming YouTube videos until the charger ran out of juice. We found that we could easily rely on this power bank for nearly 11 hours of continuous use.

    Price: A little pricey, but it depends on what you’re looking for

    The WBPINE 24000mAh Solar Power Bank retails for 44.99, which isn’t bad considering the enormous battery. But there are options that offer a slightly larger battery for less, although with fewer solar panels. Others come with additional features like Qi wireless charging and a slightly larger battery for just a few dollars more. But if you want the battery and solar conversion power the WBPINE 24000mAh offers, we’d say this power bank is worth the price.

    Competition: Weighing solar and battery power

    The Hiluckey 25000mAh Solar Charger is nearly a carbon copy of the WBPINE 24000mAH, except for a couple of big differences. The Hiluckey offers 1000mAh more in battery power and an extra solar panel for a few dollars more than the WBPINE. While this option does offer more solar power wattage, it also adds on more weight, which can be a drawback if you’re trying to keep your pack as light as possible.

    Then there’s the Elzle 20000mAh Wireless Solar Charger, which offers a Qi Wireless charging bank in addition to three solar panels and a 20000mAh battery. For about the same price as the WBPINE, the Elzle offers two USB inputs plus wireless charging capabilities, which would allow you to charge a Qi-enabled smartphone and two other devices. It does have a smaller battery capacity, though, so if you don’t need the wireless charging ability, the WBPINE is the better option.

    If you’re curious about other options, take a look at our guide on the best solar power chargers.

    Provides stellar battery power and effective supplementary solar charging—a great charger for a trip off the grid.

    Its durability leaves something to be desired (don’t leave it outside in any heavy rain), but for the average adventurer, the WBPINE 24000mAh will likely fit the bill as a charging source for smartphones and tablets on your next adventure off the beaten path.


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