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Dupont solar shingles. ROOFCORP’s Photovoltaic Roof Installation Saves Money and the Environment

Dupont solar shingles. ROOFCORP’s Photovoltaic Roof Installation Saves Money and the Environment

    DuPont Roofers

    We are proud to serve DuPont as DuPont roofers. DuPont’s earliest history dates back to the Sequalitchew Nisqually indigenous residents, who utilized some of the vast resources of the River and Puget Sound to survive. As American settlers arrived, DuPont quickly changed. The town is most famous for the explosives plant and village built in the early 1900s. This large explosives industry manufactured some of the explosives used in the largest US projects, like the Grand Coulee Dam and the two World Wars. Today, DuPont is a perfect balance of planned urban development and preservation of natural areas.

    Just blocks from where the famous explosives plant and village once stood, the city of Dupont’s largest park was constructed. DuPont PowderWorks Park is a down-to-earth spot to spend a great day with family and friends. A large field area provides an ideal place to play catch with your buddies or play a round of ultimate frisbee. A baseball field and basketball court located on-site make this park a recreational sports player’s dream! The park has grills and pavilions for those looking to throw some burgers and hotdogs on the grill and enjoy a chill, laid-back day in DuPont.

    Fun Stuff in DuPont

    DuPont has an exceptional eatery where you can enjoy a meal. McNamara’s Pub and Eatery is an Irish-inspired place with delicious Irish and American classics. Their house-made burgers have to be one of our favorites. The seasoned beef with an assortment of toppings makes for a great meal at McNamara’s Pub. On a chilly day, their Irish Lamb Stew warms the cockles of our hearts and fills us up. This savory dish is an Irish classic done right. Pair one of these meals with a dark Guinness, and you have a Three Tree Roofing favorite. On weekends the eatery hosts live Irish music.

    If you want to immerse yourself further in nature, Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is just south of DuPont, leading into Northern Olympia. You can wander around their pristine lands and gaze at some of the best-preserved habitats and nature spots in the Pacific Northwest. A walk on the boardwalk leads visitors out and over the Nisqually estuary for various views depending on the tide. Untouched by society, it is a humbling experience to look at our Earth in this way. This refuge also offers year-round events. From a Christmas bird count to an indigenous speaker day, there are so many opportunities to learn about our region of the Pacific Northwest, and more about the great city of DuPont.

    Right in the heart of DuPont, you will find another natural attraction: Sequalitchew Creek Trail. This short trail is a beautiful transition from DuPont’s urban environment to the Pacific Northwest forest habitat. The trailhead is located right out of the parking lot of city hall! Pebble Beach opens up at the trail’s end, revealing a vast open view of Puget Sound. This hidden spot in DuPont is one of our favorites. There are remnants of train tracks that the DuPont dynamite trains once used to reach a wharf on Puget Sound. Now it’s the end of the Sequalitchew Trail in DuPont. This little spot is a great getaway from the urban areas, with a little snippet of local history.

    DuPont is just south of Tacoma and provides great access to Lakewood and Graham. This Pierce County city is something special. We are proud to serve DuPont and provide durable roofing systems for the community. If you are in DuPont and need a new roof, we can set an appointment to meet and deliver a free estimate for your roof replacement.

    We give back to DuPont and the surrounding communities by providing top-notch service, but more importantly through charities. One charity, in particular, is the Seattle Children’s Hospital through the Color Me Happy Guild’s Putt for Children’s annual fundraiser. We feel very fortunate to be from such a beautiful place and have the opportunity to give back to DuPont.

    Call us today or send us a message for your free estimate on your roof. We are the best DuPont roofers in Puget Sound!

    REPOSSESSED solar panel system

    What Is a Photovoltaic Roof?

    Photovoltaic roofs, also known as PV panels, are clean, renewable energy sources. PV panels are placed on rooftops and angled toward the sun. Photovoltaic panels use sunlight to convert photons into electricity. Photons are particles that represent a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation from the sun, and they convert sunlight into electricity—substantial enough to provide continuous power to the entire building.

    What Are the Benefits of a Photovoltaic Roof?

    Photovoltaic roofs have become the most practical and beneficial means of naturally sourced energy instead of fossil fuels like coal and oil.

    A PV roof installation boosts environmental efforts and looks modern and attractive. PV roofing systems are versatile and available in smaller shingles and larger panels or fixtures. Buyers can decide what kind they prefer based on their style and building requirements.

    Energy Efficient

    As mentioned earlier, PV roofing systems help our environment tremendously since the building relies more on UV rays. Because the building gets most of its energy from sunlight, it helps preserve the earth’s resources. A PV roof installation eliminates pollution significantly. PV roofing systems can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 85,000 pounds annually.

    Cost Effective

    Since PV roofing systems rely less on traditional electricity, they save you money on utility bills. They’re money-savers in the long run since they offer a great return on investment. Federal, state, and local governments provide tax incentives and rebates since solar power roofs are much better for the environment. Utility companies offer net energy metering programs that help people save money on their monthly bills.


    Whether you choose solar panel tiles or install large reflective fixtures on your existing roof, it lets current and potential customers know you care about the environment. They’re backed by the roofing industry and known for their eco-friendly capabilities. Additionally, your sustainability efforts look great for your organization, increasing its support system.

    Energy-saving initiatives help everyone in the world in one way or another. Solar and traditional roofing has their pros and cons; however, photovoltaic shingles provide several advantages that outnumber their drawbacks.

    Don’t Stress About Roofing Options

    If you’re unsure whether to install solar shingles or leave your roof as is, we’ll guide you to the best decision.

    ROOFCORP realizes property owners must take on many responsibilities. Every building-related decision must consider the comfort and safety of its occupants, as well as what’s best for your budget. We urge you to partner with us, especially if you’re moving toward sustainable roofing. Our team specializes in photovoltaic roof installation and adding solar panels to existing structures.

    Don’t let expenses keep you from switching to solar. We assure you we can assist with lowering the costs by leading you to the incentives available to California and Washington property owners. ROOFCORP believes energy efficiency and building a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come is more important now than ever before. Becoming a greener company with plenty of additional money is possible with ROOFCORP.

    We begin with a comprehensive roof inspection. After your project is complete, we offer ongoing roof maintenance to make sure your investment lasts for decades—rest assured, with ROOFCORP, you’re covered from every direction. Give us a call today, and move forward with your new roofing journey.

    A Guarantee of Quality

    Founded in 1985, ROOFCORP has always adhered to the highest standards of workmanship, materials, and professionalism. We are dedicated to safety and training, we never rely on subcontractors, and we stand by every project and every repair.

    License Information: WA: ROOFCWI007Q1 OR: 204249 CA: 803718


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    dupont, solar, shingles, roofcorp

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    Atlantis Energy Systems

    Like Suntegra, Atlantis Energy Systems currently offers its solar roofing product out of New York and California. Made in New York, their Sunslate product has great aesthetics, with each tile consisting of six 15W 5” mono-crystalline cells for a total power of 90W.

    Lumeta Solar

    Although not solar roofs exactly, Lumeta Solar’s innovative adhesive solar modules aim to enhance the aesthetics compared to a conventional PV system. This low-profile array also increases the speed of installation and eliminates any potential roof damage from heavier conventional installations.


    Roofing company CertainTeed’s Apollo II Tile system uses monocrystalline 60 W tiles that reach 15.3% efficiency. The company also offers a product warranty to guarantee production and has a large network of contractors who can install the product.


    Roofing company CertainTeed’s Apollo II Tile system uses monocrystalline 60 W tiles that reach 15.3% efficiency. The company also offers a product warranty to guarantee production and has a large network of contractors who can install the product.

    Luma Resources

    An early entrant into the BIPV market, Luma Resources was founded by two brothers in Rochester, Michigan. Their solar shingle is composed of a polycrystalline tempered glass module with a metal shingle base with a maximum power of 60W each. Their system pricing for this product comes at a high premium, starting at 6 per watt, roughly double the price of a normal solar system.

    Dow Powerhouse Solar

    Dow Chemical Company had also been in the BIPV business until only a short while ago, but as of June this past summer the company has ceased production of their Powerhouse Solar BIPV product after being offered for five years.The thin-film panels were not as efficient at generating power as conventional PV systems, and the company axed the product in preparation for its pending merger with DuPont.

    None of the companies profiled here have had runaway success with these solar roof products, but are well ahead of Tesla in development. Although visually appealing, solar roofs generally are too expensive and inefficient for most consumers.

    Luma Solar’s shingle product, for example, is double the cost per watt of SolarWorld panels. Considering the added complexity of Tesla’s offering, there are no indications that their product will be any different when it is made available.

    dupont, solar, shingles, roofcorp

    Greentech Media wisely pointed out how Musk has only revealed basic details for the solar roof but has “failed to address any of the serious, foundational challenges facing a car-company-turned-battery-and-solar-installer that wants to get a roof product to market.” Considering the challenge of promoting solar roofs while juggling a half dozen other emerging products that are complex in their own right, Tesla will certainly have it’s hands full in the months to come.

    In a nutshell, it would be risky to wait for Tesla Roof Technology which may or may not work out. There are just too many uncertainties. You can start saving today with a proven technology that has been helping homeowners cut their electricity bills since the 1960s and has only gotten better.

    What do you say, should we start taking a look at the numbers for you? Join our online marketplace and get free personalized bids confidentially from our installer network.

    dupont, solar, shingles, roofcorp

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