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Compare prices and reviews of solar providers near you online. Standing seam solar roof

Compare prices and reviews of solar providers near you online. Standing seam solar roof

    How solar is installed on metal roofs

    Because there are so many types of roofs, there are many different requirements to mount solar panels on them. Within metal roofing materials alone, there are a variety of profiles, gauges, metal types and considerations to take into account to properly install solar panels.

    This is why it’s very important to be working with a trusted solar energy installer who can confidently select the appropriate mounting bracket for your metal roof solar installation.

    In this article, we cover the basic ways the base mounting brackets are attached to different types of metal roofs.

    Metal roofs and solar panels pair well together

    Metal roofs are great for solar, because they last a very long time. If it’s time to replace your roof before you can go solar, you may consider investing in a metal roof install as well.

    Metal roofs can last up to 70 years, whereas asphalt composite shingles are expected to last just 15-20 years. Most solar panel installations are guaranteed to last 25 years, but systems will be producing at strong capacity well beyond that.

    When it becomes time to invest in new panels, say 30-35 years from now, you can simply swap the panels out without having to mount brackets and rails. This can potentially save you a lot of time and expense much further down the road if you’re planning on staying in your home a long time.

    Installing solar on standing seam metal roofs

    If you’re lucky enough to have a metal standing seam roof, there are solar panel mounting systems available which clamp onto the seams. In this way, no holes need to be drilled into your roof. Your solar installation will be faster, labor reduced, and you don’t need to worry about your roof being penetrated and water getting in.

    The clamps are made from high strength aluminum and use a single bolt to secure the clamp. Most come with at least a 10 year warranty, but should easily outlast the life of your solar system.

    Solar roof mounting for corrugated metal roofs

    If you have a metallic corrugated roof, you’ll need a different mounting system. Special brackets are attached to the top crest of the corrugations, leaving the lower lying drainage areas free from holes.

    Top quality brackets will come with rubber gasket seals on the base so your installer doesn’t need to worry about applying messy sealant all over your roof.

    For solar panel systems installed on trapezoidal metal roofs

    Trapezoidal roofing typically has more flat areas in between each peak, and the height of each ridge may vary. As such, brackets for trapezoidal metal roofs also vary in shape.

    They are installed with a similar philosophy as the corrugated metal brackets. The idea is to have each bracket fit snugly over each trapezoidal ridge, to ensure optimal drill hole placement above the base level of the roof. Regardless, standard practice for this roof type is to use sealant to ensure there are no leaks.

    Just for trapezoidal roof types alone, one leading bracket mount company carries over 15 different types of products.

    Be wary of an installer who uses only two types of fasteners for the sake of versatility. Something is likely being compromised to fit, you don’t want that to be the integrity of your roof!

    Installer fall protection on corrugated or trapezoidal metal roofs

    If your metal roof is corrugated or trapezoidal, there is an additional point regarding safety and roof leakage to be aware of. Because there aren’t standing seams to clamp roof anchors to, safety equipment needs attached to be directly attached to your roof.

    Many times, this means drilling a hole in your roof structure to attach this anchor to. Make sure your installer is using a fall protection anchor that doesn’t make your roof leak once that anchor gets removed after the work is complete!

    Solar Standing Seam Metal Roofing Clamps SPC-CK-13

    Product Type: solar metal roofing mount clamps Product Model: standing-seam-metal-roofing-clamps-brackets-spc-ck-13 Material: Aluminium, Steel Max Wind Load : 60 m/s Max Snow Load : 1.4 KN / M 2 Application: Seam Profile Metal Roofing Solar Panels Installation

    Product Description :

    By using our ready-made solar standing seam clamps model : SPC-CK-13, it is a good complete solution for metal roofing.

    Without penetrating metal roofing, our seam clamps model SPC-CK-13 can be quickly mounted with less other components.

    This solar mounting kits for standing seam metal roofing includes: alum rails, jumper strip for bonding rails, standing seam brackets SPC-CK-13, L feet. clamps, hex nuts and screws.

    Our standing seam metal roofing clamps.SPC-CK-13 is innovative. no needed drilling, strengthful in structure.

    Our default finishing for this solar panel standing seam metal clamp SPC-CK-13 is milling silvery.

    Black color is also available if requiried for specified solar project.

    This standing seam metal roof clamp for solar panel mounting system features simple installing and cost-effective.

    Advantages :

    (1) Our solar standing seam clamps model SPC-001 is fast and easy for installation ;

    (2) This standing seam bracket is competitive in cost and you don’t need ballast base for installing.

    (3) No damaging or piercing roof seams ;

    (4) Mill or black finish, customized color available for matching metal roof system.

    Parts and Components for Standing Seam Metal Roofing SPC-CK-13 :

    (a) AL 6005 – T5 aluminum seam clamp ;

    (b) two sets of SUS 304 Hex bolts, nuts and washer.

    This solar panel standing seam clamps model SPC-CK-13 connect metal roofing and aluminum rails directly without drilling, save installation cost.

    Click here for more details:

    Brief Descriptions :
    Solar Mounting Clamps and Brackets Model SPC-001 for Standing Seam Metal Roof
    Item type: SPC-CK-13
    Type : Solar Roofing Mounting Clamps
    Installation Site : Standing Seam Metal Roof
    Profile Material : Aluminium 6005- T5 SUS 304
    Fasten Parts : Stainless Steel
    Color : Silvery or according to customer requirements
    Wind Load : 60 m / s
    Snow Load : 1.4 KN / M 2
    PV Modules : Framed, Frameless
    Module Orientation : Portait and Landscape
    Standards : AS/NZS 1170
    DIN 1055
    JIS C 8955 : 2011
    International Building Code IBC 2009
    California Building Code CBC 2010
    Warranty 10 years
    Designed LifeSpan 25 years
    Packing Details :
    Inner : Bubble baginner boxCarton
    Outer : Wooden Box, Steel Pallet, MDF, etc

    Improved solar clamp for klip lok roofing with our SPC-001 model

    Our solar clamps are Aluminum 6005-T5 low profile in material and SUS304 bolts and caps.

    Features of this Klip-Lok standing seam metal roof clamps :

    – simple structure than our SPC-004 model ; – Non-penetrating and prevent damaging roof surface ; – EPDM rubber protection inside clamp ; – Can fit flush and slope solar panel installation with our 001 klip lok clamp ; – Simple quaick installation ;

    customized solar clamps are available for different metal roof manufacturers : BLUESCOPE / LYSAGHT / STRAMIT / FIELDERS / METROLL / STEELINE …

    Welcome to send metal sheet details, I will recommend correct clamp for you !

    reviews, solar, standing, seam

    Solar Standing Seam Metal Roofing Clamps Factory

    I am trying to find out the the clamping range of Solar Standing Seam Metal Roofing Clamps SPC-CK-13 bracket. My standing seam roof has a lock profile of 7/8″ wide and 1″ tall. I need to make sure this bracket will open wide enough and clamp down on the seam to lock in the bracket.If these will work, what am I looking at for a delivery time frame to Washington state for 500 of them?

    I will order them to be delivered to:

    Drawing for this Solar tin Metal Roofing Clamps SPC-001

    Size. profile and drawing for spc-001 tin roof sheet mounting bracket

    How soon can I get 20 clamps SPC-001 ?

    How soon can I get these solar clamps SPC-001 ? Price ?

    PV module metal roof clamps, SPC-001

    Appreciated for your inquiry about our metal roof clamps, model: SPC-001.

    Base on 20 sets in quantity,

    Please refer to invoice generate from PAYPAL which I sent email to you.

    We can ship them 3 days against payment.

    Solar Racking Parts Components Factory

    Metal Roof Mounting System with Clamps

    Metal roof mounting structure with brackets

    Solar Parts Components Factory carry a serial of clamps and brackets which can fix on different metal roofing profiles.

    We also can tail for installers base on special solar panel mounting requirements.

    This is a kind of railess roof mounting system which can save total project cost well. PV modules are fixed directly on our brackets without whole piece of aluminum rail.

    Very easy for transportation and installing. Our solar mounting clamps can be used for both residential or commercial tin metal roof tops.

    CE / SGS material report / strength analysis report for wind speed and snow load available for evaluation.

    Welcome to purchase your clamps and hooks for your flat / compose shingle / tile / seam / trapezoidal metal roofs and ground mounting system from

    Metal Roof Mounting System with Brackets and Clamps

    Standing Seam (Metal) Roof Mounts

    Are you searching for a solar panel mounting system for metal roofs? We have you covered with a selection of parts for solar panel metal roof mounts, with options offering a broad range of designs and price points.

    There are two essential parts that make up a solar mount for a metal roof: the mounting hardware and the solar panel attachment interface. You’ll need to decide between rail-based (racking) vs. rail-less installation, depending on your specific situation.

    Critical components of metal roof mount system for solar include:

    • Brackets for exposed fastened metal roofs
    • Clamps for Standing Seam Metal Roofs
    • Mini clamps
    • Vertical clamps
    • Stainless steel bolts
    • Wood to metal screws

    Because every roof structure and solar setup is unique, creating a custom metal roof mount is the best approach for ensuring a perfect fit.

    With altE, it’s easy to find everything you need for customized metal roof solar mounting systems. whether you’re going the DIY route or working with a professional installer. And if you aren’t sure which parts are suitable for your project, you’re always welcome to connect with the altE team for assistance by calling 877-878-4060.

    Product Name

    Info on Solar Panel Metal Roof Mounts

    What are the Benefits of a Metal Roof Mount?

    A metal roof solar mounting system (corrugated or standing seam solar mount) is essential for solar solutions that are to be installed on a metal roof.

    reviews, solar, standing, seam

    Choosing high-quality metal roof mount parts can make a world of difference, both in the ease of installation and the longevity of your solar setup as a whole.

    Key benefits of corrugated and/or standing seam metal roof solar panel mounting systems include:

    • Flexible options for virtually any type of metal roof
    • Easy and effective anchoring into metal purlins or wood trusses
    • Designs engineered to prevent leaks
    • Dispersed load and easy adjustment of brackets
    • Corrosion-resistant and highly durable

    Choosing the Best Solar Panel Metal Roof Mounts For Your System

    There are many decisions to make when shopping for a solar mount: corrugated or standing seam? Rolled or flat? Typically, you’ll first select your roof attachment, then pair it with a rail.

    Depending on your project, there are several factors to keep in mind while you’re searching for the proper mounting system:

    • Roof type. Exposed Fastened or Standing Seam
    • Roof shape/size
    • Roof construction materials
    • Planned solar setup
    • Budget
    • Regional weather/unique factors

    There are 2 Main Types of Metal Roofs for Solar Mounting:

    A Standing Seam Metal Roof (sometimes known as a concealed-fastened metal roof) looks like just that. raised metal seams (that come in a variety of styles) that run the length of the roof, with no visible screws. This is the most durable type of metal roofing available. The screws are concealed beneath the panels, minimizing leakage and making them practically weather-tight and corrosion-free. Non-penetrating seam clamps are used to protect the roof, and the roof’s warranty. A standing seam metal roof can last for over 60 years, when installed properly. This roofing option is ideal for commercial buildings and residential projects, like sheds or other structures.

    An Exposed-Fastened Metal Roof is usually the lower-cost solution and easier to install than standing seam roofs. In this style of roof, you do see rows of screws running the length of the roof, unlike the standing seam types. Similarly however, the longevity of this metal roof is just as long. Because the screws are exposed to the weather, mounting brackets are needed to protect the roof from leakage and corrosion, and the roof’s warranty. You will see this type of roofing often in agricultural applications, as well as commercial and industrial applications.

    The altE team is happy to help you pinpoint the ideal components for your desired design.

    ©1999-2023 Alternative Energy Store Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    altE 330 Codman Hill Road Boxborough, MA 01719

    Standing Seam Metal Roofing Solar Clamps

    The standing seam metal roof solar clamps are suitable for solar projects in large industrial and commercial buildings and is an important component of metal roof solar systems. Crafted from high-grade aluminum AI6005-T5, the MRac metal roof clamps demonstrate exceptional holding power, corrosion resistance, and longevity, making them a reliable choice for solar projects.

    These clamps are specifically engineered to fit a wide range of standing seam metal roof profiles, maximizing cost-effectiveness and holding strength. The correct selection of the mounting bracket, based on the roof type, gauge, and material, is crucial for the efficient and effective performance of the solar installation. Pre-assembled for convenience, these clamps save both installation time and cost on site, making them an excellent solution for solar panel mounting on standing seam metal roofs.

    Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Racking Solution

    The MRac roof clamps kit employs non-penetrating roof clamps, which safeguard the roof panel from potential installation damage by eliminating the rotational force typically exerted by conventional fixing screws. We suggest different types of standing seam clamps based on the roof’s shape and size, ensuring swift and effortless installation for every roof type.

    reviews, solar, standing, seam

    Standing Seam Metal Roof Solar Clamps

    Our solar clamps are designed to securely clip onto the peak of the standing seam roof. They fasten tightly using bolts and nuts, eliminating the need for drilling. These clamps are available in versions both with and without rail mounting options. Please select the right PV mounting system for your roof, or share your project requirements with us, and we will identify or tailor the optimal solar mounting solution for you.


    Appropriate for a majority of standing seam metal roofs. Facilitates Rapid mounting without the need for piercing the roof surface. Arrives pre-assembled, reducing costs and saving installation time. Clamps are affixed only on raised seams, ensuring no damage to the sheet surface. Constructed from durable Aluminum 6005-T5, with SUS304/316 fasteners. Exhibits high corrosion resistance, ensuring durability and a long service life. Versatile application, suitable for both portrait and landscape panel orientations.

    Please Tell Us What You Need

    Choosing the right clamps for the specific type of roof is crucial. Our metal roof clamps are custom-designed for each unique standing seam metal roof and roof profile, optimizing cost-effectiveness and holding strength ratios.

    As professional manufacturers of solar metal roof clamps, we offer comprehensive solutions for metal roof solar mounting systems, backed by over a decade of experience. If you require different types of metal roof clamps, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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