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Cleaning Solar Panels: Why, When, and How You Should Do It. Solar and gutter cleaning

Cleaning Solar Panels: Why, When, and How You Should Do It. Solar and gutter cleaning


    Gutters are easily exposed to dirt, leaves, tree branches and other debris. This debris prevents the flow of rainwater away from your home and can cause flooding, pooling and damage to your home.

    3 Reasons why rain gutters need to be cleaned:

    Rain gutters are designed to collect and channel rainwater away from the foundation of your home. Clogged rain gutters restrict water from flowing properly down your gutters and cause water leaks into your home’s foundation. This can weaken your home’s stability and lead to uneven settling of your foundation.

    Clogs in your rain gutters will halt water flow. This overflow over time causes extensive damage to roofs and the exterior of your home, resulting in expensive repairs.

    Buildup of dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris that 0attract rodents, insects and other pests that burrow and create homes in your rain gutters. These pests are carriers of fleas, ticks and disease-causing bacteria. This can expose you and your loved ones to unhealthy conditions and disease. Getting your gutters cleaned routinely prevents pest infestation and prevents unhealthy bacterial growth.

    Gutter Cleaning: Before After

    cleaning, solar, panels, gutter

    3 signs that your gutters will need to be cleaned:

    When leaves debris collect in your home’s rain gutters, there is no path for the water to flow. The weight from the collected water, dirt debris adds additional strain to your gutters foundation and can cause them to sag due to the inability to hold the excess weight.

    Clogged gutters collect inspects, leaves, and sticks which are a good source for bird food and nesting supplies. If you start seeing birds landing around your gutters, it’s time to get your gutters checked for sticks and debris.

    Can you see plants sprouting from your gutters? If so, then it’s time to get your gutters cleaned. Dirt is carried into your gutters from wind and can settle on the bottom of clogged gutters creating the perfect ecosystem for seeds that are blown into your gutters to grow. Well maintained rain gutters prevents plant growth that can damage your gutters and roof.

    If you have seen any of these signs, it is time to get your gutters cleaned!


    Residential Gutter Cleaning Bay Area

    Commercial Gutter Cleaning Bay Area

    Rain Gutter Cleaning Services provided by Smart Solar Cleaning is the Bay Area’s simple and effective way to ensure your rain gutters are professionally cleaned and maintained.

    Our professionals are trained to perform a 3-point service on every job:

    • Detailed Gutter clean
    • Check for Leaks Cracks
    • Check for rust, instability, or corrosion

    We’re ready to serve you!

    Need residential or commercial gutter cleaning in the Bay Area? Contact us right away!

    Easily book your appointment online!

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    Cleaning Solar Panels: Why, When, and How You Should Do It

    Panel upkeep is a necessity as dust build-up poorly affects your panel’s performance. How often your solar panels should be cleaned is influenced by many factors.

    Does dust affect solar panels? The short answer is yes!

    The greatest factors that contribute to dust build-up are your geographical location and the surrounding elements that might pollute your system.

    While heavy rain, as some smaller studies suggest, might help to clean and clear debris and pollutants from your panels, most large studies report that dust build-up can lower the efficiency of our system in just a minute – around 5% or less.

    cleaning, solar, panels, gutter

    One study found that solar panels that are properly maintained perform 3.5% more efficiently. CleanTechnica reported an analysis, gathered by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), that panels lose around 30% if not cleaned properly.

    A recent study found that ‘due to the accumulation of dust the efficiency of solar modules and panels in terms of power can be reduced up to 60%’. Additionally, ‘The research inferred that the mean of the daily energy loss along a year caused by dust deposited on PV module surface is around 4.4%’

    While dust is a common pollutant, leaves also block sunlight, thus affecting your panels’ efficiency. Mountain View, a solar energy provider, reports that clean panels can double the energy overnight, even after 15 months of operation.

    Solar systems installed in dust-prone areas, such as near main roads and farmlands, will require more frequent and thorough maintenance. Failure to clean dust off panels installed in such areas can see a detrimental impact on solar production. Research has noted that the ‘reduction in solar efficiency due to dust on PV panel is approximately 40%’ in dust-prone areas.

    Bird droppings: Enemy No. 1

    Bird droppings can affect a panel’s performance to a greater to degree than dust build-up. The common string-inverter PV system might result in minimal or no energy being produced if bird droppings cover part or all of just one solar panel. A micro-inverter system might see the affected panel/s producing no or limited power. You can read more about string and micro-inverters here.

    Trees situated near your panels will not only drop their leaves and branches but attract birds as well. These cause bird droppings and debris over time, which will not only require cleaning and clearing but pose a safety hazard. Hence, a monthly or annual gutter cleaning, and bird proofing, may be necessary.

    Another consideration to keeping your panels performing at their best is the angle. Flat arrays will need more servicing as water can pool up, leaving muddy residue as soon as it evaporates. On the other hand, proper-angled arrays can take advantage of rain without having muddy residue. This is because rain can effortlessly slide across them, keeping them mostly free of dust and pollutants.

    Why Professional Solar Cleaning Is The Most Ideal Option

    Australia has more than 3 million solar power systems installed across rooftops as of January 2022. The Clean Energy Council reported that the small-scale solar sector added 3.3 GW of new capacity in 2021.

    Most homeowners prefer DIY solar panel upkeep. To ensure safe solar and gutter cleaning, remember to follow safety guidelines when using this approach. To learn more about how to clean solar panels efficiently and safely, read this article here.

    As much as many homeowners want to keep a tight budget and prefer a DIY approach, solar panel cleaning services provide a professional service whilst following the industry’s safety protocols. Cleaning panels isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

    You can get a free quote for cleaning your solar panels via our FREE quoting service. Our network of local solar specialists will ensure that your solar panels are clean and performing at their best. Get up to 3 FREE quotes today by completing this quick quiz. Please select ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ after selecting whether you are a home or business owner.

    When is the best time to ask for help from solar cleaning experts?

    A bit of dust build-up may not be much of a problem and may be able to be tackled with your garden hose. However, cleaning professionals can handle difficult problems and ensure that you are free from any risk associated with getting on your roof. Coordinating with experts can guarantee you the best cleaning standards.

    How to clean solar panels at home?

    Most DIYers use the materials they have at home. If you prefer a DIY cleaning, we suggest you opt for clean water, detergent, and a good quality soft brush when applying soapy water. Only use a mild detergent if some parts of the panels need some extra cleaning. Wipe dirty areas with mild detergent and cloth-covered sponge safely and thoroughly. This prevents strong chemicals from marking your panels.

    Solar Power Equipment and Maintenance

    You can always get the job done by using solar panel equipment tools such as an extentool, rotary solar brushes, and a water hose. You can use these tools while staying on the ground. However, in some cases, going up to the roof is necessary to get the job done. We also recommend using a specific solar panel cleaning solution to get the best results.

    Needless to say, safety precaution is a must when undertaking this difficult cleaning task. Always use safety equipment such as a safety harness to prevent you from falling to the ground – a method used by professional cleaning experts. Don’t forget to wear a hard hat when doing this task. Always keep these tips in mind when cleaning solar panels yourself.

    Ideas To Keeping Efficient Solar Panels

    While DIY ideas and professional services help keep your panels clean and maintained, the solar industry also consistently delivers new ideas for much more seamless upkeep. These ideas include:

    • Special coatings for dust repellant and soil reduction.
    • Robotic cleaners for dirt removal. They use soft brushes and air blowers.
    • Kipp Zonen’s commercial tool for dirt measurement.

    Kipp Zonen’s DustIQ monitor uses LED and a photodiode to monitor dirt build-up on the array. This tool helps solar farm operators to identify the ideal time to clean their arrays for optimum performance.

    Industry experts suggest cleaning your panels at least twice a year. Doing so keeps your investment in its best shape and performing as expected.

    Failing to give your panels the maintenance they deserve may also mean losing energy. Remember that losing energy means losing money.

    Does cleaning solar panels make a difference? Yes, indeed. Below are energy percentages you may lose per quarter if you fail to give your panels the required maintenance.

    • Year 1 Q1: 5% Energy Loss
    • Year 1 Q2: 10% Energy Loss
    • Year 1 Q3: 15% Energy Loss
    • Year 1 Q4: 20% Energy Loss
    • Year 2 Q1: 25% Energy Loss
    • Year 2 Q2: 30% Energy Loss
    • Year 2 Q3: 35% Energy Loss
    • Year 2 Q4: 35% Energy Loss

    Safety Tips For DIYers Solar Panel Cleaning

    Rain can often help clean general dust away, and in this case, professional cleaners may not be necessary. However, living in a high-pollutant area may bring extra dirt and debris that will necessitate a garden hose to clean your panels effectively.

    If there is too much stubborn grime on the array that will require you to go up on your roof, always follow safety precautions. Use appropriate safety equipment including wearing a safety harness and hard hat when doing a regular cleaning.

    Solar panels for home Brisbane cleaning will require a clean sponge and mild detergent to effectively remove grime. If your panels require heavy upkeep, leaving the task to the professionals can never go wrong.

    Find a local solar panel cleaner today with our FREE quote service. Get your free quotes by completing this quick quiz. Please select ‘Repairs and Maintenance’ after selecting whether you are a home or business owner.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Say goodbye to unsightly debris in your gutters today!

    Improve Your Curb Appeal With Gutter Cleaning In San Antonio, TX

    Having clean siding and shiny Windows doesn’t mean much if there are weeds poking out of your gutters. Gutter cleaning is an important part of homeownership as your gutters play a vital role in the integrity and curb appeal of your home. Maintain your space’s structural integrity by protecting it from water damage with a thorough gutter and roof cleaning.

    Not only does our team help eliminate unsightly gutter blockages, but this service can also eliminate unwanted visitors like birds and rodents. Without debris to build nests and burrow in, your space becomes unwelcome to vermin and pests. Enjoy a cleaner, safer and more beautiful building with services from Gleam Team!

    Gleam Team – Your Local Gutter Cleaning Company

    We offer different types of gutter cleaning services, depending on your needs. Some homeowners want the whole shebang – rain gutter cleaning, debris clean-up and hauling away. Other clients opt for us to blow out their gutters and leave it at that. It’s up to you! We believe in providing our customers with the services they want, not selling them what we think they need.

    Your physical safety matters more than clean gutters. That’s why it’s important to trust professionals to climb ladders and do the dangerous, dirty work of gutter cleaning. Our team is insured so that if an accident did happen, not only are our technicians covered but our clients are protected as well. Proof of insurance is a serious matter, and at Gleam Team, we take safety seriously.

    Why Are Clean Gutters Important?

    Not only are overflowing gutters inefficient and unsightly, but they can also result in costly damage to your house or business. Here are some negative effects of clogged gutters:

    • Overflowing gutters
    • Plants growing along your roofline
    • Water-damaged roof
    • Standing water against your building’s foundation
    • Rotten or damaged fascia
    • Broken or falling-down gutters

    Keeping your gutters clear of debris affects more than the aesthetics of your property. Contact us today to schedule your routine service.

    Maintaining Your Gutters

    We can help take the hassle out of maintaining your clean gutters by offering our maintenance plan program. Our recommendation is that gutters get cleared at least every six months. Here in San Antonio, we see a significant uptick in gutter cleaning needs both after the pollen has fallen in the spring and after the rains come in the fall.

    Of course, if you get your gutters cleared in winter or summer, you’ll still be well prepared for the leaves, pollen and rain when they do come. When it’s your time to have your gutters serviced, we’ll contact you with a reminder to schedule your cleaning. As an added bonus, when you sign a bi-annual service agreement, you get 10% off your service — and your price gets locked in for 2 years! We’ve got you covered!

    RainDrop Gutter Protection

    Another level of protection that we proudly offer is the gutter guard system called RainDrop. Throughout our 11 years of experience with gutters and dealing with gutter guard systems, ranging from crude screens to bridge look-alikes, we knew that it was important to our clients that we offer a system that actually did what it needed to and didn’t make things worse!

    We believe that RainDrop Gutter Guards provide ample protection without the risk of clogs or permanent warping that we typically see in metal systems — plus these gutter guards, in our opinion, are aesthetically pleasing. We offer no-cost, in-person consultations to see if this option would serve you better.

    Get Your Gutter Cleaned Today

    Whether you’re looking to clean your gutters for the first time or you’re interested in signing up for seasonal services, look no further than the gutter cleaning services from our team! We’re not only here to clear out your gutters. Let us pressure wash your siding or soft wash your roof, too. Your house and business can look like new with exterior cleaning from our team.

    Here at Gleam Team, we make cleaning the exterior of your building easy and hassle-free. Contact our team for more information or to schedule your gutter cleaning today!

    Gleam Team

    7715 Mainland Dr, Ste. 108 San Antonio, TX 78250

    A Local Residential Gutter Cleaning out of Santa Rosa, CA

    Need a reliable and local gutter cleaning service?

    Clean and clear gutters allow water to flow freely from your roof down to the ground and out away from your home.

    Where trees are present, seasonal gutter cleaning is especially important to prevent blocked downspouts that may result in costly water damage.

    Gutters and downspouts are often blocked by:

    • Asphalt/tile roof silt breakdown
    • Tree leaves, seeds, mosses and algae
    • Foreign objects in gutters such as balls, toys, and Christmas light hangers
    • Construction or re-roofing debris left behind by builders, such as wood, nails and fasteners. Can rust and cause damage to gutters. We see this often!

    We recommend gutter cleaning be performed once every 1-3 years, depending on the amount of trees and shrubbery nearby. We also recommend cleaning be done after new home construction or new roof work.

    Our Gutter Cleaning Service Guarantee

    Each gutter cleaning service comes with a full season guarantee. We will return at no cost if you have any issues with your gutters performance.

    Every gutter cleaning service we perform includes:

    • Inspection for leaks and damage
    • Roof clearing of seasonal debris
    • Full clearing of all gutter debris
    • Flushing to ensure downspout are flowing freely
    • Landscape care and cleanup
    • Our Gutter Cleaning Service Guarantee

    Free Estimates!

    We can estimate your window cleaning, solar panel cleaning or gutter cleaning with some basic information.

    Call or click the button below. Our estimates are always free!

    Affordable Professional Full Window Cleaning Services Bay Area

    Affordable family owned local window cleaning company in the San Francisco Bay Area, our goal is to offer the best available window cleaning services for the entire Bay Area.

    Our cost-effective exterior and interior window cleaning services include, Gutter Cleaning Services, Power Washing, Skylights Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning, always a fair and honest price estimate for all cleaning services!

    Luciano, owner and operator believes people must be treated with respect, the company’s FOCUS isn’t on being the cheapest, but being the best for reliable professional window cleaning services in the SF Bay Area, without sacrificing quality

    Professional Quality Window Cleaning Services Bay Area

    Increase business productivity and attract more clients with Clean Windows, well-maintained gutters, skylights and solar panels, and it also applies to homeowners looking to sell or rent out their properties and wish to make a lasting impression.

    A well maintained property shows that you care and pay attention to details, and always offer the best to other, be it it your clients or your family.

    Details such as power pressure washing of your place, clear Windows that you can actually see through, unclogged gutters and downspouts, clean Windows and seals and a solar panel that is a clean and storing the maximum sunlight, saving you time and money!

    We are a bonded insured professional window cleaning local company in the SF Bay Area, with over 15 years of experience, serving the entire Bay, Luciano still personally supervises at most window cleaning job sites, for consistency and quality.

    We have special offers for loyal window cleaning customers, as well as referral programs and discounts all the time! When you hire our window cleaning and relate services, you’ll be receiving the best professional window cleaning services in the SF Bay Area.

    Bay Area Window Cleaning Company’s History

    I started this window cleaning company after extensive training in both window cleaning and several services. power pressure cleaning, skylights cleaning, gutter and solar panel cleaning, that came with it, as well as a 100-hour course on Excellence in Customer Services.

    Through the wisdom of my father’s teachings about homes and families, I learned the value and importance of deciding who should be given the right to enter and be a part of your personal or business space. This is a principle my company obeys.

    I apply the 4 cornerstones to Splash Window Cleaning Solution Bay Area

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