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    Reviews and information on the best Solar panels, inverters and batteries from SMA, Fronius, SunPower, SolaX, Q Cells, Trina, Jinko, Selectronic, Tesla Powerwall, ABB. Plus hybrid inverters, battery sizing, Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, off-grid and on-grid power systems.

    June 18, 2023 Jason Svarc

    In the solar world, panel efficiency has traditionally been the factor most manufacturers strived to lead. However, a new battle emerged to develop the world’s most powerful solar panel, with many of the industry’s biggest players announcing larger format next-generation panels with power ratings well above 600W.

    The race for the most powerful panel began in 2020 when Trina Solar revealed the first panel rated at 600W. Not long after, at the SNEC PV Power Expo in China, JinkoSolar unveiled a 610W version of the Tiger Pro panel. Around the same time, Trina Solar announced that a more powerful 660W panel was in development. Amazingly, close to 20 manufacturers at SNEC 2020 showcased panels rated over 600W, with the most powerful being the Jumbo 800W module from JA solar. However, this panel was enormous at 2.2m high and 1.75m wide and will most likely not become commercially available.

    Despite the publicity around the many high-powered panels, many PV cell technologies enabling these higher power ratings are universal. Traditional commercial and residential panels have also increased in size and power, with 400W to 500W panels now standard. The considerable increase in power is primarily due to increases in efficiency thanks to many innovations, which we describe later in the article.

    Designed for utility-scale systems

    The main driver for developing larger, more powerful solar panels stems from the desire to decrease the cost of utility-scale solar farms and ultimately reduce electricity prices. Since larger panels require an equivalent amount of connections and labour compared to smaller panels, the installation cost per kW is reduced, resulting in lower overall cost and decreased LCOE. As explained below, the new high-powered panels are much larger than the ones used on residential rooftops. Those wishing to use ten 700W panels on their home rooftop to get an easy 7kW will be a little disappointed. At this stage, most high-powered panels will only be available for commercial and utility-scale systems, plus the extra-large size is not well suited and challenging to handle on most residential rooftops.

    The solar industry has been slowly shifting towards larger, higher-wattage panels. The front runners in the race were traditionally Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, Risen Energy and JA Solar as these well-known companies were the first to launch ultra-power panels with ratings above 600W over the last two years. However, more recently, Jolywood, Huasun and the lesser-known company Akcome have moved forward with panels rated above 700W utilising more efficient N-type TOPCon or heterojunction (HJT) cell technology.

    Interestingly, premium module manufacturers SunPower (now Maxeon) and REC are not racing to develop larger format high-power panels. Instead, they are focusing on supplying their traditional residential and commercial customer base with high-efficiency panels. That being said, Sunpower has revealed a larger 540W panel in the next-generation ‘Performance 5’ series.

    Most Powerful Solar Panels

    List of the most powerful panels currently in production or soon to be released with a maximum panel size of 2.4m high x 1.35m wide. Availability and release dates may vary for different regions.

    Make Model POWER Cell size Cell type Efficiency % Avail
    Akcome iPower 7 730 W 210mm N-Type HJT Bifacial 23.5 % Q3 2023
    Huasun Himalaya G12 715 W 210mm N-Type HJT Bifacial 23.0 % Q1 2023
    Risen Energy Titan 710 W 210mm N-Type Bifacial 22.5% Q1 2023
    Jolywood JW-HD132N 700 W 210mm N-Type TOPCon 22.5 % Q2 2022
    Trina Solar Vertex N 690 W 210mm N-Type TOPCon 22.2 % Q2 2023
    TW Solar 210TNC 690 W 210mm N-Type TOPCon Bifacial 22.2 % Q2 2023
    EGING PV Aurora Pro 685 W 210mm N-Type TOPCon 22.0 % Q2 2023
    Canadian Solar HiKu7 675 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.7 % Q2 2022
    Astronergy Astro 6 670 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.6 % Q1 2022
    Yingli Solar Mono GG 670 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.6 % Q1 2022
    Suntech Ultra X Plus 670 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.6 % Q1 2022
    Seraphim S5 Bifacial 670 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.6 % Q1 2022
    Talesun BiPRO 670 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.6 % Q1 2022
    AE Solar Aurora 665 W 210mm P-Type PERC 21.4 % Q2 2022
    Jinko Solar Tiger Pro NEO 620 W 182mm N-Type TOPCon 22.3 % Q3 2021
    AIKO Hole Series 625 W 182mm N-Type Back Contact 23.7 % Q3 2023
    JA Solar Deep Blue 4.0X 625 W 182mm N-Type TOPCon Bifacial 22.4 % Q2 2023

    HC = Half-cut cells, MBB = Multi busbars. Maximum panel size = 2.4m high x 1.35m wide.

    Larger panel sizes

    In the past, most increases in power came from efficiency gains due to advances in solar PV cell technology. While that is partly a driver behind the massive jump in panel wattage, the main factor is the new larger cell and panel sizes being developed together with a higher number of cells per panel. These new cell formats and configurations mean the panels have become physically larger in size. Generally, these large-format panels are best suited for utility-scale solar farms or large commercial installations.

    Traditionally, solar panels were available in two main sizes. the standard format 60 cell panels (roughly 1.65m high x 1m wide) used for residential rooftops, and the larger format 72 cell commercial size panels (roughly 2m high x 1m wide). Then half-cut cell panels emerged in roughly the same size but with double the amount of half-size cells at 120 cells and 144 cells. Besides the standard sizes, a few premium manufacturers, such as SunPower and Panasonic, produce unique 96 and 104-cell panels.

    The industry-standard panel size for much of the last decade was built around the 156mm x 156mm or 6-inch square cell format. However, the new panel sizes emerging are up to 2.4m long and 1.3m wide and built around the larger 180 and 210mm wafer cell sizes. This is a size increase of 20% to 30% compared to the traditional 2.0m x 1.0m 72-cell panels, which naturally corresponds to a considerable boost in power.

    Larger cell sizes

    To decrease manufacturing costs and gain efficiency, most manufacturers moved away from the standard 156mm (6”) square cell wafer size in 2020 in favour of larger wafer sizes. While there are a variety of cell sizes under development, a few sizes have emerged as the new industry standard; these include 166mm, 182mm and 210mm. Many of the leading manufacturers, including Jinko, Longi and Canadian, aligned with the 182mm format. Trina Solar is pushing the larger 210mm wafer size, while Longi, the world’s largest mono silicon wafer manufacturer, uses 166mm and 182mm sizes, depending on the application.

    To remain competitive, many smaller volume manufacturers may need to align with one of the new wafer sizes to utilise common wafer and equipment suppliers. For a complete history and insight into wafer and PV cell sizing standards, this detailed article from PV Tech examines the various wafer and ingot sizes, technology changes, and manufacturing trends around current and future PV cells.

    Along with the different cell sizes, there is a myriad of new panel configurations built around the many cell combinations. The three most popular which have emerged are 66-cell (half-cut 132), 78-cell (half-cut 156), and 84-cell (half-cut 168) panels. The extra-large 210mm cells are also well suited to unique cell dividing formats such as 1/3 cut cells; where the square wafer is divided into three segments rather than the common half-cut or half-size cell.

    High-efficiency cells

    To achieve these impressive power ratings, panels and cells have not just increased in size, but cell efficiency has improved substantially using numerous new technologies (listed below) along with more advanced rear-side passivation techniques like TOPCon.

    • MBB. Multi-busbars
    • PERC/PERC. Passivated emitter rear cell
    • Heterojunction (HJT)
    • TOPCon. Tunnel-Oxide Passivating Contact
    • N-type silicon cells
    • High-density cells. Reducing inter-cell gaps

    Manufacturers are exploring ways to increase power and cell efficiency by spending big on research and development. N-type silicon wafers are one of the best ways to boost efficiency but have traditionally been more costly. However, the price gap between P-type and N-type silicon is reducing as the economies of scale lower the cost of manufacturing the high-performance N-type silicon wafers used as the basis for more efficient HJT and TOPcon cells. In the future, Perovskite cell technology is expected to become stable and viable, allowing manufacturers to create next-generation tandem cells with power levels up to 800W.

    MBB. Multi-busbars

    Of the many cell improvements, the most common technology used to increase efficiency has been multi-busbars (MBB). Traditional ribbon busbars (5BB or 6BB) are being rapidly phased out in favour of nine or more thin wire busbars (9BB). Some manufacturers, such as REC have even moved to 16 micro-wire busbars in the new Alpha panel series. Wider cells also mean more busbars can fit across the cell surface with 10 or 12 busbars cells also becoming more common.

    Bifacial panels featuring MBB are also growing in popularity due to the increased power output by utilising the rear side of the panel to achieve up to 20% or more power (roughly 80W extra). However, bifacial panels are generally only beneficial over light coloured surfaces such as light sandy or rocky ground used in large MW scale solar farms located in more arid areas.

    High-density Cells

    To further boost panel efficiency and increase power, manufacturers such as Trina Solar have introduced techniques to eliminate the vertical inter-cell gap between cells. Removing the typical 2-3mm vertical gaps and squeezing the cells together results in more panel surface area being available to absorb sunlight and generate power. Manufacturers have developed a number of techniques to minimise or eliminate the gap with the most common being to simply reduce the cell spacing from around 2.0mm to 0.5mm. The reason for this gap was due to traditional larger ribbon busbars requiring 2.0mm to bend and interconnect the front and rear of each cell. However, the transition to using much smaller wire busbars enabled the gap to be reduced significantly.

    LONGi Solar is another manufacturer that managed to reduce the inter-cell gap down to 0.6mm by using what the company describes as a “Smart soldering” method using integrated segmented ribbons. This new technology uses a unique triangular busbar design across the front surface of the cell, with a very thin flattened section that bends and runs behind the cell to form the interconnection.

    TR. Tiling Ribbon technology

    Jinko Solar, currently the world’s largest panel manufacturer, developed what the company refers to as Tiling Ribbon or TR cells. Tiling Ribbon cell technology is the elimination of the inter-cell gap by slightly overlapping the cells creating more cell surface area. This in turn boosts panel efficiency and power output. The tiling ribbon technology also dramatically reduces the amount of solder required through using inter-cell compression joining methods rather than soldering. Shingled cell panels, such as those used in the Sunpower Performance series, uses a similar technology where overlapping thin cell strips can be configured into larger format high-power panels.

    Several other leading manufacturers such as Q Cells have taken a similar approach to boost efficiency by completely eliminating the inter-cell gap. However, most manufacturers have taken the more common approach and reduced the inter-cell clearance as much as possible leaving a very small 0.5mm gap; this effectively removes the gap without having to develop new cell interconnection techniques.

    N-Type TOPCon silicon cells

    Cells built on an N-type silicon substrate offer improved performance over the more common P-type silicon due to a greater tolerance to impurities which increases overall efficiency. In addition, N-type cells have a lower temperature coefficient compared to both mono and multi P-type cells. N-type cells also have a much lower rate of LID or light-induced degradation and do not generally suffer from LeTID (light and elevated temperature induced degradation) which is a common problem with P-type cells.

    TOPCon or Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact refers to a specialised rear side cell passivation technique that helps reduce the internal recombination losses in the cell and boosts cell efficiency. The process has been available for several years but is now becoming the new industry standard as manufacturers strive to increase efficiency and performance.

    EBL Portable Power Station 500W with 100W Solar Panel


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    ITEHIL LiFePO4 Solar Generator 500W (ITEHIL IT500 2100W Solar Panel MC4 Cable)

    【Put in Over 500W to Recharging】“Whether you live in a storm-prone area, enjoy off-grid living, or simply like to camp, there’re many reasons to have supplementary power on hand,” said ITEHIL Founder. “We felt it was important to create an efficient solar generator that provide quiet, odorless, and environmentally friendly energy.”

    Work with the Top TI Power Management Core

    ITEHIL LiFePO4 Power Station have the large display that can be monitors usage of all ports in real time. During the period of use, an early warning reminder is issued for abnormal situations. 8 output ports (including Type-C) to meet the needs of various scenarios.

    Parallel Connection Method of ITEHIL Foldable Solar Panel

    a. Connect 2 Solar Panels with 4 Out 1 5521 to MC4 Parallel Cableb. Find 1.5M MC4 to XT60 Solar Charging Cable(Accessories for IT500)c. Connect the XT60 Port of 500W Power Station.

    a. Connect 2 Solar Panels with 4 Out 1 5521 to MC4 Parallel Cableb. Find 1.5M MC4 to XT60 Solar Charging Cable(Accessories for IT500)c. Connect the XT60 Port of 500W Power Station.

    PS: The current after parallel connection is large, in order to improve the efficiency, using the XT60 interface is the best choice.

    Product Specifications:

    Output: Input:
    2AC output(100-120V 500W) 1DC5525
    1DC output 12V/10A(MAX) 1XT60
    2USB 10W Weight:
    1QC USB 20W 18.74 lbs
    1Type-C 60W Package Size:
    1DC5521 12V 14.171313.4 inch
    Battery: Shell:
    LiFePO4 Aluminum alloy plastic
    500Wh/144000mAh(10 Years Usage) 3W LED Light(include SOS)
    Pure Sine Wave(Not Damage Appliances)
    Accessories 2-year material warranty 30-day money back

    Longi – 500W 66 Cell Mono Solar Module – LR5-66HPH-500M

    With locations across Canada we offer local pickup and affordable delivery.

    Price Matching

    Find a better price? Let our team know and we’ll match it or beat it when possible.

    Canadian Owned

    We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated here in British Columbia.

    • Positive power tolerance (0~ 5W)
    • High module conversation efficiency
    • Slower power degradation enabled by Low LID Mono PERC technology: first year
    • Solid PID resistance ensured by solar cell process optimization and careful module BOM selection
    • Adaptable to harsh environment: passed rigorous salt mist and ammonia tests
    • Outstanding low light performance, average relative efficiency 97.5% or better at 200W/m 2
    • Reduced resistive loss with lower operating current
    • Higher energy yield with lower operating temperature
    • Reduced hot spot risk with optimized electrical design and lower operating current

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    For defective or damaged products, please contact us at the contact details below to arrange a refund or exchange.

    Please Note:

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    • All Solar Panel sales are final.

    If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at:

    Trina Solar Vertex 500W 150 Cell Monocrystalline Solar Panel

    Based on the 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell, the Vertex comes with several innovative design features allowing high power output of more than 500Wp. Excellent temperature coefficient and low irradiation performance brings the greater power. Furthermore, benefit from square 210mm cells and high-density encapsulation technology, the efficiency of Vertex can reach up to 21%

    High Reliability

    With stronger resistance against hotspots and excessive temperature, 1/3-cut cells can improve module reliability. The application of multi-busbar cells results in more uniform loads to prevent stress, resulting in better performance even in case of slight cracking.

    Multi-busbar technology

    Multi-busbar, with the capability to increase light absorption, perfectly matches the large-area cell. Technology integration enables the 500W Vertex modules to achieve higher power and power generation capacity per watt.

    210mm silicon wafer

    The 500W Vertex module employs cells based on 210mm silicon wafers, which is the largest possible wafer size provided by the semiconductor industry and brings the highest power output.

    1/3-cut technology

    1/3-cut replaces the traditional half-cut technology and solves the issues resulting from high system current while reducing power loss. And 1/3-cut plus multi-busbar will outperform all other module solutions for 210mm modules, which will help to achieve higher power while minimising manufacturing and hotspot issues, maximising junction box safety, and eliminating power loss associated with inverter current limitation.

    Peak Power Watts-PMAX (Wp) 500
    Power Tolerance-PMAX (W) 0 ~ 5
    Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) 42.8
    Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) 11.69
    Open Circuit Voltage-VOC (V) 51.7
    Short Circuit Current-ISC (A) 12.28
    Module Efficiency (%) 20.9
    Solar Cells Monocrystalline
    Cell Orientation 150 cells
    Module Dimensions 2176 ×1098× 35 mm (85.67 × 43.23 × 1.38 inches)
    Weight 26.3 kg (58.0 lb)
    Glass 3.2 mm (0.13 inches), High Transmission, AR Coated Heat Strengthened Glass
    Encapsulant Material EVA
    Backsheet White
    Frame 35 mm (1.38 inches) Anodized Aluminium Alloy
    J-Box IP 68 rated
    Cables Photovoltaic Technology Cable 4.0mm² (0.006 inches²), Portrait: N 280mm/P 280mm(11.02/11.02inches) Landscape: N 1400 mm /P 1400 mm (55.12/55.12 inches)
    Connector MC4 EVO2 / TS4

    Specifications subject to change. Refer to datasheet for latest information

    Model # TSM-DE18M(II) 500W
    Brand Trina Solar
    Shipping Weight 27.0000kg
    Shipping Width 2.200m
    Shipping Height 0.400m
    Shipping Length 1.100m
    Shipping Cubic 0.968000000m3
    Unit Of Measure ea

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