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Camouflage solar panels. Camouflage solar panels

Camouflage solar panels. Camouflage solar panels

    Transparent solar panels

    Building Integrated Photovoltaic is a new type of building material, which provides green energy as well as building preservation. Apart from generating electricity, BIPV modules can be customized in different dimension, thickness, shape and color.

    Transparent solar panels and modules, semi transparent solar modules. BIPV applications demand flexibility in the PV module having both an aesthetic and functional role.

    Frameless glass laminates and double glazed products are designed to be compatible with most conventional glazing systems for facades and skylights.

    double glass and transparent BIPV solar panel, glass glass solar modules

    High U-Values for better energy performance of buildings

    Typical U-values for thermally insulated Windows are:

    • Double insulated glazing 24 mm with argon filling: 1.1 W/m 2 K
    • Triple insulated glazing 36 mm with argon filling: 0.7 W/m 2 K
    • Triple insulated glazing 44 mm with argon filling: 0.6 W/m 2 K
    • Triple insulated glazing 36 mm with krypton filling: 0.5 W/m 2 K

    Solar Constructions Asi Glass – Voltaglass are based on thin film technology on glass superstrate.

    Façade or roof, today’s construction has to fulfil multiple purposes. To the conventional roles of providing privacy and protection from rain and noise, new factors are becoming increasingly important; thermal insulation and shading.

    All of these tasks have to be performed by the shell of the building. Today, building integrated photovoltaic BIPV are able to provide all of these functions plus produce solar electricity.

    BIPV can be used instead of conventional materials

    curved solar panel, insulated solar window double glass solar panel

    Curve laminated double glazed BIPV module

    curved solar panel; this solar panel has a curve in it to be placed on domes

    BIPV solutions offer many advantages;

    innovative design, sunscreen, power generation, reduce the carbon footprint of a building, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, comfort increase, increase the value of a building, environmentaly friendly and sustainability.

    Amorphous silicone transparent solar Windows. Thin film double glazing.

    thinfilm solar glass for facades, Solar PV – Solar PV Glass – Thin Film Solar

    Solar Constructions Building Integrated Photovoltaic is a new type of building material, which provides green energy as well as building preservation. Apart from generating electricity, BIPV module can be customized in different dimensions, isolation values ( k-value), thickness, shape and color.

    thin film bipv glass in different densities, glas glas solar modules

    thin film solar double glass

    camouflage, solar, panels

    Solar PV Panels can be used to replace a number of architectural elements that are commonly manufactured from glass. Using solar pv cells in building facades and rooflight systems can result in an economical use of solar energy and creative architectural design.

    Solar PV Glass is assembled by placing Solar PV Cells on a panel of glass. By adjusting the distance between Solar PV Cells, it is possible to regulate the light transmission and consequently the level of shading provided inside the building. When Solar PV Cells are positioned widely apart, the panels become more transparent. When the cells are positioned closely together, they are semi-transparent and produce a dappled effect, or as one architect described them ‘like sunlight filtered through trees’.

    pv window, structure integrated solar energy solutions

    solar facade system bipv solution pv window

    Aspects of transparent modules include; Solar electricity, Light management, Effective shading, glare protection, Thermal management, hidden bipv frame, Innovative architecture. Comfort, Cost saving by combining several functions

    architecture solar Windows facade

    Solar PV Facades Facade Systems- Curtain Walling Systems and Rainscreen Cladding (Ventilated solar Facade) Building Integrated Photovoltaic Glass

    amorphous silicon solar double glass facade solar, Double-Glass Frameless Bifacial Solar Panel

    These solar Windows will offer an enticing new option for skyscrapers and houses looking to break the zero-energy barrier – imagine the net power that a floor-to-ceiling glass-walled skyscraper could produce.

    thin film solar window facade transparent, glas glas solar modules

    Transparent Solar Windows Set to Energize Homes, Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture. Green Building

    thin film solar window, Double-Glass Frameless Bifacial Solar Panel

    Solar PV Glass is available in a variety of combinations of glass types, thicknesses and strengths. Double and triple glazing assemblies provide improved thermal insulating performance. Additionally, the use of laminated safety glass offers architects and builders a choice of design possibilities while improving safety and technical performance.

    double glass solar window

    double glass solar window with junction box on top

    Custom Lamination and Custom Made Frameless Solar Glass Panel, Glass Curtain Wall Custom PV Glazing, frameless solar panels with extra-clear glass in order to maximise electricity production

    tripple glass transparent solar panel

    BIPV glass is a range of laminated safety glass products featuring embedded photovoltaic cells in various solar technologies. By merging glass (the construction material) with photovoltaic cells, Solar Constructions effectively combines contemporary design with electricity production.

    Cells are opaque but within the glass there is some distance between them allowing local light filtration. Hence, module’s transparency will depend on cells separation and layout. Double-glassed units can be also used in order to achieve a better thermic insulation. For those interested in higher insulation three-glassed units could be a most suitable solution.

    bipv alternative shapes including triangles, parallelograms and rhomboids

    Energy saving measures, sustainability and renewable energy technology in buildings.

    BIPV modules can be assembled in insulating glazing to provide the required level of thermal insulation. The light transmission, U glass. U g.value and electrical characteristics are calculated for every BIPV glass composition on a project basis.

    insulated solar panel, U-Values for better energy performance of buildings

    Photovoltaic Windows, solar cells are connected together and then laminated under toughened, high transmittance glass to produce reliable, weather resistant photovoltaic BIPV modules.

    Coloured solar cells.

    coloured solar cells, Photovoltaic facade with semi translucent color modules

    125 monocrystalline BIPV module

    frameless encapsulation of solar cells between two sheets of glass

    BIPV modules are custom made they can be cut to size for each project. This gives architects many options for combining electricity generation with facades, canopies, sunshades, balustrades, louvers, spandrels and so on.

    Glass meets solar energy for creating unique and innovative concepts in modern architecture.

    coloured solar cells solar cells in different colours

    designer solar cells camo solar cells

    custom made transparent solar panel, double glazed solar window transparent solar panel

    design transparent solar panel, tempered solar glass transparent solar panel

    paneles solares transparentes paneles solares transparentes ventanas que generan electricidad

    coloured solar panels thin film Windows

    solar panels for Windows in various colours

    laminated solar Windows, vidrio laminado fotovoltaico, semi translucent color modules.

    Photovoltaic facade with semi translucent modules

    Solar facades are achievable in many forms; solar panels integrated in the building facade or building integrated solar panels. Solar glass can also be installed against a facade or be a ventilated facade.

    inside outside view of pv facade, Vidros Laminados Fotovoltaicos Integração Arquitetônica bipv

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    Camouflage solar panels

    Solar panels have traditionally done one thing, turn sunlight into energy. While this is an incredible feat of human innovation by itself, we have now managed to improve upon this by making solar arrays multi-functional. Creating clean energy from sunlight is awesome, adding in another layer of functionality is just icing on the cake. Same Sun of Vermont has recently completed several projects using solar arrays in innovative ways, as we explore below.

    Solar Panel Awnings

    Solar awnings can be an attractive way to incorporate solar panels into the architecture of a building. In addition to creating energy, awnings can offer protection from rain and sunlight outdoors and lower indoor cooling costs by shading Windows during the summer. When Same Sun of Vermont relocated to new offices, a rooftop array was not an option. Instead, we opted for a solar panel awning over the sidewalk. This solar array adds to the curb appeal of the office while providing power to our offices and electric car charging stations in the parking lot.

    Solar Carports

    Solar Car Canopies are an ingenious way to create a large solar array without sacrificing valuable land space. Parking lots are often great locations for solar panels because they are typically unobstructed by trees and buildings that can shade solar panels. Like solar awnings, solar carports provide protection from the elements. Anyone who has gotten into a car that has been baking in the sun or had to clear a foot of snow off their car, knows the advantages of covered parking. Another benefit of solar car canopies is that they can be easily scaled. These canopies can be built for only one or two parking spots or can be built to fit hundreds of cars, making them an ideal solution for many projects.

    We are in the process of installing a solar car canopy at Rutland High School / Stafford Technical Center atop their existing faculty parking lot. This canopy will cover 76 cars, while also providing solar power to the school.

    Solar Arrays for Marketing

    Solar panels can also help with branding. For many businesses, going solar is a way to save money on their electric bill and to show the community their commitment to sustainable energy. However, many may not realize it can also be a great opportunity for marketing. Using thin screens placed over the solar panels, like the SolarSkins created by Sistine Solar, solar panels can be used to display any design imaginable. While Sistine Solar originally designed the SolarSkins to camouflage solar panels to look like the rest of the roof, these screens have a lot of potential to be utilized in branding. Pictured above, Whistle Pig Whiskey. was interested in going solar but hoped to do so in a way that would also serve their marketing purposes. Same Sun reached out to Sistine Solar to use their SolarSkins product to incorporate the brand’s logo and the results are incredible. Not only is Whistle Pig Whiskey now able to generate their own energy, they have a striking display that can be viewed by visitors from their tasting room.

    Using screens, such as these, does come with a price. Aside from the additional cost of the screens, using them might result in having to pay for a larger array to meet energy needs. The screens block a certain amount of sunlight from getting to the solar panels, making them less efficient, which means that you will need more modules to produce the same amount of energy as you would with “naked” panels. To many, however, the additional cost is worth it for the added aesthetic value.

    As renewable energy gains popularity, the demand for alternative types of arrays is also rising. New ways to incorporate solar arrays into existing landscapes are constantly being developed. Obstacles which used to prevent the installation of a solar array, can now be viewed as an opportunity for innovation. One of the exciting benefits to these solutions is that they can be implemented for homes and businesses of all sizes.

    Trucker Hat. Woodland Camo

    Hide that helmet hair when you get off the trail and be noticed for the bad ass you are with a Handup Logo Hat!

    • Cotton twill front panels and visor
    • Mesh back panels
    • Pro Crown with buckram-fused front panels
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    camouflage, solar, panels

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