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BLUETTI SP200 200W Solar Panel. Sunpower 200w solar panel

BLUETTI SP200 200W Solar Panel. Sunpower 200w solar panel

    BLUETTI SP200 200W Solar Panel

    The solar panel can’t be fully or partially blocked by items when it is working since they will affect the conversion efficiency.

    Featuring Sunpower Monocrystalline solar cells with a high conversion efficiency of up to 23.5%, SP200 performs much better than normal monocrystalline ones. It allows you to harness solar power to enjoy outdoor life to the fullest while camping or taking road trips with your whole family. Besides, you can bring it to any place you want to go since it weighs only 14.3 lbs and just measures 20.720.5 inches when it is folded.

    Widely compatible with most portable power stations on the market, SP200 adopted advanced laminated tech and ETFE coating material to extend its lifetime. Since the panel is designed with the IP54 waterproof rating, it can endure many weather conditions. Thus, you can effortlessly enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about power and weather.

    The solar panel stands firmly and securely thanks to its four adjustable kickstands. It is easy to be installed, and you can tilt the angle to ensure optimum absorption of the sunlight. Pre-drilled holes on the panel allow it to be mounted or hung in less time. SP200 pairs with most solar generators and lithium power stations on the market. If you are an enthusiast who loves outdoor activities, it’s definitely a must-have item.

    In The Box


    2pcs BLUETTI 200W solar panels can quickly charge the MAXOAK EB150 about 5.5-6 hours by connecting them in series. 2pcs BLUETTI 120W solar panels can quickly charge the MAXOAK EB240 about 9-9.5 hours by connecting them in series. 3pcs BLUETTI 120W solar panels can quickly charge the BLUETTI AC200P within 4.5-5 hours by connecting them in series. Besides MAXOAK/BLUETTI power station (AC200P, AC50S, EB240, EB150, AC20), it can also be used with Baldr/Jackery/Goal Zero/PaxcessRockpals, AIMTOM, JACKERY If you have your own adapter (need to buy adapter yourself).

    Yes, IP65 rated for junction box, but do not expose it to constant rain or snow. Tips: The charging time are affected by many factors: such as the light intensity and the panel’s angle put on the ground. 200w is tested in an ideal laboratory. However, the intensity of the light constantly changes. In addition, the angel of the light illuminating the solar panel also changes with the rotation of the sun.

    The strength of the sun light 2. Environment temperature 3. The angle you place the solar panel 4. The length of the solar cable

    1.check the max. open circuit voltage 2. the max. short-circuit current 3. the max. power of the solar panel ☼Make sure the total max. value does not exceed the numbers in the specification when you connect several pieces in series or paralell.

    Current compatible MAXOAK/ BLUETTi Models: AC30 (300Wh/300W power station) AC50S (500Wh/300W power station) EB40 (400Wh/300W power station) EB150 (1500Wh/1000W power station) EB240 (2400Wh/1000W Power Station) AC200P (2000Wh/2000W Power Station) ☼To verify the compatibility with our future new product, please read the menu comes with the product, or contact us directly. ☼To verify the compatibility with devices that are not sold by our store, please contact the related seller.


    Reviews and information on the best Solar panels, inverters and batteries from SMA, Fronius, SunPower, SolaX, Q Cells, Trina, Jinko, Selectronic, Tesla Powerwall, ABB. Plus hybrid inverters, battery sizing, Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, off-grid and on-grid power systems.

    SunPower Overview

    Since the launch of the high-performance IBC solar cells back in 2007, SunPower has been regarded as the world’s leading solar cell and panel manufacturer. Now known as Maxeon Solar Technologies, Sunpower still produces some of the world’s most efficient solar panels based on the patented IBC cell technology and also boasts the leading performance warranty with a minimum 88. 90% guaranteed power rating for up to 40 years. The more cost-effective performance or P series panels from SunPower also boast high quality and great performance backed by a 25-year product warranty.

    SunPower Solar Panels Quick Summary

    • Power rating (W): 330W. 545W
    • Efficiency (%): Very high. 20.5%. 22.8%
    • Cell technology: Premium N-type IBC and shingled cells
    • Price bracket: Med to Very High
    • Most efficient panel: Maxeon 6, 440W
    • Product Warranty: Excellent. 25 to 40 years
    • Service and support: Very good 5/5
    • Overall: Highly recommended ☆☆☆☆☆

    Company background

    SunPower Corporation has a rich history in solar manufacturing and has long been regarded as the solar industry technology leader. This is a very big claim, but it’s hard to disagree as they currently produce the most efficient residential solar panel, the Maxeon 3, with the lowest degradation and best performance warranty on the market. Although, like most things, high performance comes at a high price, and SunPower panels are some of the most expensive in the world.

    SunPower started in a lab in the early ’80s and officially became SunPower in 1988. After securing funding from investors, the R D team developed record-breaking PV cells using advanced cell technology, which were later used by the NASA space program along with Honda to win the world solar challenge car race in Australia. These achievements put SunPower on the world stage as one of the leading solar cell manufacturers and laid the foundation for the high-efficiency Maxeon IBC cells used today. SunPower has expanded and built advanced facilities in the US, Mexico, Europe, Malaysia, China and the Philippines to manufacture high-efficiency solar panels. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Over recent years, the company has run into financial issues. It racked up considerable debt due to high overhead costs and pressure from the highly competitive Chinese and Korean panel manufacturers. The financial troubles forced SunPower to restructure its business and manufacturing operations, and now the financial situation is looking positive. See detailed company analysis in this article from PV-Tech.

    bluetti, sp200, 200w, solar, panel, sunpower

    SunPower Splits into two companies.

    In 2019, Sunpower announced it would separate into two independent public companies. SunPower and Maxeon Solar, each focusing on a different market segment.

    • SunPower will FOCUS purely on the North American Solar market with distribution, sales and installation of solar panels, energy storage and associated products.
    • Maxeon Solar or ‘Maxeon Solar Technologies’ will become the global developer, distributor and manufacturer of the SunPower Maxeon cells and Solar panels range.

    Maxeon IBC cells

    SunPower began mass production of the high-performance IBC or Interdigitated Back Contact cells back in 2007 and has led the industry ever since using what is considered the most efficient solar cell technology available today. Unlike the common monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells, which use front-mounted busbars and fingers to collect current, IBC cells have a fine grid of conductors integrated into the rear side of the cell. The IBC cell design, which SunPower refers to as ‘Maxeon’, uses a grid of N-type silicon on the rear side, which increases efficiency by eliminating the need for front exposed busbars that partially shade the cell. The SunPower IBC cells are built on a base of high-purity N-type silicon that increases efficiency and performance and offers a very low rate of degradation, this is the basis of SunPower’s leading performance warranty of 88.25% retained capacity after 40 years, on the Maxeon series panels.

    The current generation (3 4) IBC cells from SunPower use the smaller format 5” (125mm x 125mm) size configured in a 96-cell layout with 8 rows of 12 cells. Almost all other manufacturers have moved to the 6” (156mm x 156mm) cell size which makes up a common 60 cell panel. Cell size doesn’t affect performance, but more cells do equate to a higher voltage which can be problematic for domestic installations with a voltage limit of 600V (depending on the country). A higher voltage means fewer panels can be linked together in a string before reaching the upper voltage limit.

    Shingled Cells

    Shingled cells are a proven technology that uses overlapping thin cell strips assembled horizontally or vertically across the panel. The SunPower P series panels, described in more detail below, use the vertical format with 6 long cell strips in parallel. This offers several benefits, including improved shade tolerance when partially shaded, as each long cell works independently. The thin shingled cells are also more flexible and less prone to micro-cracking, a common issue with conventional full-size square cells. These are made by laser cutting a normal full-size cell into 5 or 6 strips and layering them in a shingle configuration using rear-side conductive adhesive. The slight overlap of each cell strip hides a single busbar that interconnects the cell strips. This unique design covers more of the panel surface area and doesn’t require front-side busbar connections, which partially shade the cell, thus increasing the panel efficiency, much like IBC cells.

    The P series uses conventional P-type silicon, which is not as efficient as the high-performance N-type silicon used by the Maxeon IBC cells. However, it is much more cost-effective and still achieves a respectable efficiency of 20.4%. The P series is also backed by the SunPower 25 manufacturer’s warranty.

    The SunPower Range

    While the renowned Maxeon series panels are some of the world’s best-performing panels, SunPower’s more cost-effective Performance series offers a diverse range of panels for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar installations. The Maxeon 2 and 3 series panels replaced the previous E and X series, which used the same high-efficiency IBC cells to compete in the premium end of the market. The latest generation 5 and 6 series (M-series) panels are AC panels with built-in microinverters from Enphase Energy. These next-gen panels feature a new larger cell design making them the most powerful and efficient panels released from the company. The price-competitive performance or P-series panels use the unique overlapping shingle cell design and complete more in the commercial market.

    • Maxeon 2. 340W to 360W
    • Maxeon 3. 400W to 430W
    • Maxeon 5 Series. 390W to 415W
    • Maxeon 5 AC Series. 400W to 420W
    • Maxeon 6 AC Series. 415W to 440W (M-series in North America)
    • Maxeon 6 Commercial. 450W to 475W
    • Performance Series. 335W to 545W
    • Maxeon U Series. Rebranded Warree panels

    Maxeon 3

    The Maxeon 3 is the flagship of the SunPower range and is available in sizes from 400 to 440W for residential installations. The Maxeon 3 series is built using the Gen 3 level cells using a larger 112-cell format to increase power and tops the range with an impressive 22.8% maximum efficiency, making it one of the most efficient solar panels available.

    Maxeon 2

    Like the Maxeon 3, the Maxeon 2 panel is based on the Gen 3 high-performance IBC cell technology and uses the same 104-cell format to increase power output further and tops the range with a 20.4% maximum efficiency. However, as it is based on the slightly lower-spec IBC cells, the Maxeon 2 panels have a lower power rating of 340 to 360W, making them more affordable but still some of the most efficient residential solar panels available.

    See the full SunPower Maxeon 2 Specification datasheet here

    Maxeon 5 Series

    SunPower’s next-generation A series AC panels and the new Maxeon 5 series are built on what Sunpower refers to as the Next Generation Technology IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) ‘Gen 5’ cells. These new larger format 6” IBC cells are fabricated on a new line at its manufacturing plant in Malaysia. The new design is used to produce panels rated from 390W to 415W making them some of the most powerful residential panels currently available. The alternative A series version of the Maxeon 5 panel incorporates a microinverter from Enphase Energy.

    See the full SunPower Maxeon 5 Specification datasheet here

    Maxeon 6 Series

    M-series in North America

    The latest panels from SunPower released in 2022 are the Maxeon 6 range. Known as the M-series in North America, they are built on the same 66-cell format as the five series but use the next generation Maxeon 6 cells to boost efficiency to a record-breaking 22.8%, making this the most efficient solar panel manufactured for residential use. The new 6 series panels are slightly larger than the five series, coming in at 1032mm wide by 1872mm high. Naturally, power output has also boosted with a 6% increase taking the peak power rating from 415W to 440W. Like the 5-series, the A series version of the Maxeon 6 panel incorporates an Enphase Energy microinverter. To cater for the commercial market, the Maxeon 6 will also be available in a larger 72-cell format with increased power ratings from 450W to 475W.

    bluetti, sp200, 200w, solar, panel, sunpower
    • Maxeon 6 (AC) series – 66 cell – 420 to 440W. IBC N-type cells (Gen 6)
    • Maxeon 6 Commercial series – 72 cell – 450 to 475W. IBC N-type cells (Gen 6)

    See the full SunPower Maxeon 6 AC Specification datasheet here

    Performance Series

    As described in detail earlier, the Performance series, or P series panels, use a unique shingled cell design with 6 long strings of shingled cells in parallel. This design is more cost-effective and offers additional shade tolerance when partially shaded. The thin single PERC cells, based on standard P-type silicon, are more flexible and less prone to micro-cracking, which is a common issue with conventional full-size square cells. The P series is available in three varieties, with the smaller residential panels rated from 370W up to 390W, the larger format commercial panels available in 405W to 420W power ratings, and the extra-large utility size panels available from 475W to 500W.

    • P Series Residential panels. 330W to 390W. Shinged cells
    • P Series Commercial panels. 405W to 420W. Shingled cells
    • P Series Utility size panels. 475W to 545W. Shingled cells

    Despite being based on standard P-type silicon, SunPower still offers an impressive 25-year performance warranty as well as a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on all P Series panels.

    Sunpower U Series

    The U series is the entry-level panel from Sunpower, which is currently sourced from Waaree Energies Ltd, one of the leading Indian solar panel manufacturers. The Waaree Arka series are split cell panels rated at 380W to 420W featuring common Mono PERC cells. While a large reputable manufacturer makes them, they do not have the same efficiency or lifespan as the high-performance Maxeon series panels. The Waaree Arka series is backed by a 25-year warranty.

    Warranty and service

    In a surprising announcement, SunPower Maxeon Technologies decided to increase its product and performance warranty on the Maxeon range of panels from 25 years to an incredible 40 years, making it the industry’s most extended solar panel warranty by a decade. The company is confident it can support the extended warranty based on a detailed failure analysis program which reported an extremely low 0.005% return or failure rate based on the warranty claim data from the 15 million panels sold over the last few decades.

    The new 40-year warranty guarantees a minimum power output of 88.3% in year 40, meaning power output will only degrade by around 0.25% per year over the warranty period. Maxeon claims this is attainable due to the proven long-term reliability and performance of Maxeon IBC cells built on a unique patented metal foundation. This durable cell structure can withstand high thermal stresses and dissipate more heat, meaning they are not as suspectable to hot spot formation or micro-cracks, a common problem with the standard cells most competing panel manufacturers use.

    The Sunpower Performance or P series panels are backed by a 25-year product warranty guaranteeing a minimum of 87.2% power output after 25 years.


    SunPower has long been the industry leader in sustainability and is the only manufacturer we know of that uses a full closed-loop sustainability strategy. SunPower’s philosophy is to drive sustainable business practices at every stage of the product life cycle and beyond. This strategy paved the way for SunPower to become the winner of the first annual Sustainability Award from pv magazine.

    Cradle to cradle certified

    The SunPower Maxeon Panels are the world’s first solar panels to be Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM, which makes SunPower the world’s leading manufacturer when it comes to sustainability.

    See the full detail about the SunPower cradle to cradle certification here

    SunPower Battery Systems

    SunPower first entered the highly competitive energy storage market in late 2019 with the Equinox storage system, but in 2021, it was rebranded as SunVault Storage. The company recently released the SunPower Reserve battery energy storage system in Australia, which is the first all-in-one solar and battery energy storage system (BESS) developed by SunPower.

    SunVault Storage

    The SunVault Storage battery system is an AC-coupled battery that can be retrofitted to homes with an existing solar installation. However, unfortunately, SunPower has restricted the system so it can only be installed in homes that use SunPower solar panels. This is a strange move, considering all other AC-coupled batteries, such as the Tesla Powerwall, can be used with any brand of solar panels. The SunVault system comprises a 13kWh or 19kWh battery together with the well-regarded Schnider Electric XW Pro off-grid inverter. The Schnider inverter is a high-performance (transformer-based) inverter capable of supplying 6.8kW of continuous power with an impressive 12kW surge rating, making the SunVault one of the most powerful AC-coupled battery systems.

    The smaller Hub module is the brains of the system and houses the load centre and grid isolation equipment to enable off-grid operation in the event of a grid outage. This configuration is very similar to the well-known Tesla Powerwall 2. However, unlike Tesla, the SunVault uses safer lithium Ferro phosphate (LFP) cells which have become the chemistry of choice for stationary battery storage systems.

    Like the Tesla Powerwall 2 and Sonnen ECO battery systems, the SunVault system is AC-coupled, meaning it is connected directly to the main switchboard (load centre) and can be retrofitted to homes with an existing solar system. However, thanks to the Schneider inverter, the SunVault system has a continuous output power rating of 6.8kW and a very high 12kW surge power rating. Two or three SunVault systems can be connected in parallel for additional energy requirements, providing 26kWh, or 39kWh of usable storage capacity. The 13kWh SunVault system costs slightly more than the competition at US16,000 plus installation.

    Download the full SunPower SunVault Storage System brochure.

    SunPower Reserve

    The new SunPower Reserve system, released in Australia, is a complete solar and battery solution. This means it contains a hybrid solar inverter, and the solar panels are connected directly to the system, as opposed to AC-coupled battery systems, which require a separate solar inverter. The inverter is rated at 5kW, with a surge power rating of 7.5kW for 30 seconds, higher than most competing 5kW hybrid single-phase inverters. The total battery capacity is 10.1kWh, and up to 6 battery modules can be connected in parallel for up to 60.5kWh of storage.

    The hybrid inverter contains dual solar (MPPT) inputs with a wide operating voltage range from 100V to 550V, a high input current rating of 15A, and an Isc rating of 18.75A, making it compatible with the more powerful, high-current solar panels now available. The inverter and battery are both covered by a 10-year warranty. However, the battery is limited to 2.92MWh of energy throughput, meaning it cannot be discharged below 20% SOC (State of charge) on a daily basis. This is not uncommon for battery manufacturers, as a full discharge below 20% on a regular basis is known to reduce battery life. See the full SunPower Reserve warranty here. Being a very new battery system, we have limited real-world feedback from solar installers and users. However, considering SunPower generally only produces high-performance, reliable products, it can be assumed that the new Reserve battery system will meet these high expectations.

    Download the full SunPower Reserve Specifications datasheet.


    SunPower is widely regarded as a world-leading solar panel manufacturer, and very few companies can compete at the same level of performance and quality. SunPower may no longer lead the world in terms of outright efficiency. But it should be remembered that the Maxeon panels were the most efficient solar panel with the lowest degradation and best performance warranty for well over a decade. Not surprisingly, the Maxeon panels are also the most expensive on the market. However, like most things, quality comes at a price. Considering that solar is a long-term investment, the higher price equates to better performance, improved reliability, and more energy generation over the system’s life.

    The financial issues faced by SunPower over recent years raised some concerns over the ability of SunPower to honour its long-term warranty commitments. Despite this, SunPower is generally ranked number one in the US and many parts of the world by installers and customers. In other markets like Asia and Australia, SunPower does not have the same presence, and the very high price of the Maxeon series can be difficult to justify when some other manufacturers offer similar performance and quality at a lower price. That being said, there is no other manufacturer that can match the new 40-year SunPower product and performance warranty.

    The Performance series panels have also been very successful in the commercial solar sector, being very cost-effective and backed by one of the best warranties available. With the improving financial outlook and the next-generation Maxeon 5 and Maxeon 6 series (M-series) panels now available, it looks like SunPower may continue to be an industry leader for some time to come.

    Paneles Solares

    Los paneles solares se encargan de convertir la energía del sol en electricidad utilizando las células fotovoltaicas. Solo con la energía producida por los paneles solares no se puede generar electricidad útil para para nuestra casa, empresa. Para ello necesitaríamos de una instalación de placas solares.

    Si estás interesado en productir tu propia energía, en AutoSolar nos podemos encargar de todo lo relacionado con los servicios de instalación y asesoramiento así como gestión de subvenciones. Pídenos un presupuesto placas solares sin compromiso y empieza a producir tu propia energía.

    Paneles solares: ¿qué es?

    Los paneles solares son los dispositivos que se encargan de transformar la energía que proviene del sol en forma de radiación en electricidad. La energía solar fotovoltaica repercute sobre la provisión de energía eléctrica, en la economía del país y en el medio ambiente.

    La producción de electricidad a través de los paneles solares es posible gracias a los materiales con los que están fabricados. Con el tiempo los materiales de las placas solares fotovoltaicas se han ido mejorando y, actualmente, el mercado ofrece productos con una vida útil más larga y una fiabilidad excelente.

    El precio de los paneles solares ha ido bajando de forma considerable en los últimos años.

    Los paneles solares están formados por células solares que se enlazan en serie y paralelo para alcanzar los valores adecuados de tensión e intensidad. Por este motivo, las placas solares fotovoltaicas de 12V tienen 36 células, las placas de 24V tienen 72 células y las llamadas placas solares de conexión a red cuentan con 60 células.

    La variada oferta de paneles solares permite que los kit solares estén al alcance de todas aquellas viviendas que apuestan por energías renovables y quieran ahorrar en la factura de la luz o no tengan la posibilidad de conectarse a la red eléctrica (aislada) con la compra de placas solares.

    Algunas de las aplicaciones más comunes de los paneles fotovoltaicos son en viviendas unifamiliares, caravanas, barcos e incluso para el bombeo de agua. Con el paso de los años se ha ido mejorando la tecnología de las placas solares y optimizando su eficiencia por lo que tienen mucho más rendimiento, con el objetivo de conseguir el autoconsumo fotovoltáico.

    La mejora de las prestaciones de los paneles junto con el contexto social y económico que se vive ahora mismo ha supuesto que la venta de paneles solares en España haya crecido de forma exponencial en los últimos años.

    Las placas fotovoltaicas son más rentables cuando la producción del autoconsumo es superior al 60%, es decir, la energía generada por las placas solares cubre el 60% o más del consumo de la factura.

    Si estás pensando en instalar paneles solares pero te han surgido algunas preguntas ponte en contacto con nosotros para resolver tus dudas. Te haremos un presupuesto personalizado sin ningún compromiso.

    Placas solares precio

    ¿Qué precios tienen los paneles solares? Los paneles solares cada vez son utilizados en más sectores que pretenden el autoconsumo energético y desean autonomía energética durante periodos de tiempo largos. Existen multitud de usos de placas fotovoltaicas y los resultados cada vez son mejores. Al mismo tiempo los paneles son más competitivos, duraderos y la eficiencia de los paneles mejora con el paso del tiempo, ya que la inversión de IDi que realizan los fabricantes ayuda a todas estas mejoras. Además, no solo se ha visto reducido el precio de los paneles, sino que también se ha reducido el precio de las instalaciones de placas fotovoltaicas

    Aunque el uso no se puede limitar a una cantidad de sectores concretos, por las características técnicas y por los requerimientos de los sectores, en AutoSolar puedes encontrar ofertas de paneles solares para diferentes aplicaciones: paneles solares para caravanas, paneles solares para barcos y paneles solares para bombeo de agua, paneles solares para casa entre otros.

    Por lo tanto, ¿cuánto cuestan las placas fotovoltaicas? Con todo esto, en función del fabricante de placas fotovoltaicas y de la potencia que tenga el panel, el rango de precios de paneles solares oscila entre los 50€ y los 300€. Aunque en el contexto actual los precios de las mismas placas fotovoltaicas están cambiando bastante, por lo que es mejor consultar con nuestros técnicos para que te asesoren en función de tus necesidades.

    Paneles solares precio: ¿cuál es la mejor opción para Mi casa?

    Como hemos explicado anteriormente, el precio de los paneles solares puede variar mucho en función de nuestro contexto y las necesidades que queremos cubrir. Es por ello que antes de comprar paneles solares debemos saber cuál es el precio de las placas fotovoltaicas que mejor se ajusta a nuestra previsión de consumos. Entonces, ¿qué debo tener en cuenta para saber cuál es la mejor opción de placas fotovoltaicas para Mi casa?

    El precio de las placas solares varía en función de diversos factores, como la marca, la capacidad, el tipo de placas solares fotovoltaicas (monocristalinas, policristalinas o de capa fina) y la región geográfica. En general, el precio de unas placas fotovoltaicas puede oscilar entre los 80€ y los 350€ por placa (acorde a los precios de placas solares en la web de AutoSolar). Además del coste de las placas solares fotovoltaicas, también hay que tener en cuenta los costes adicionales asociados con la instalación, como los soportes, las conexiones eléctricas, el inversor y las baterías de almacenamiento, que pueden aumentar el coste total del sistema fotovoltaico de placas fotovoltaicas.

    Por lo tanto, antes de comprar placas solares fotovoltaicas te recomendamos que busques el mejor asesoramiento. ¡Los profesionales de AutoSolar te podrán ayudar a la hora de buscar las placas fotovoltaicas con el precio más justo para ti!

    En AutoSolar podrás adquirir placas solares acompañadas del resto de componentes necesarios para tener una correcta instalación fotovoltaica, aquí podrás encontrar una selección de Kit solar híbrido.

    Comprar placas solares

    Para comprar placas solares en España debemos tener en cuenta diversos aspectos como: los consumos que van a cubrir los paneles, el tipo de cubierta sobre la que se quiere instalar las placas solares fotovoltaicas o el tipo de uso que se va a hacer de los paneles en la vivienda (si es de uso habitual, para fin de semanas).

    En nuestro catálogo puedes encontrar los mejores paneles solares con unos precios bastante competitivos y además de casi todas las potencias que el mercado contempla. Puedes encontrar placas solares fotovoltaicas desde 5W hasta más de 500W de potencia. Gracias a nuestra oferta, comprar placas solares en España a un precio asequible es muy fácil.

    Únicamente con las placas solares fotovoltaicas no podrás producir y consumir tu propia energía ya que necesitas de más componentes de paneles para ello. Si estás buscando producir y consumir tu propia energía puedes pasarte por nuestra categoría de kits placas fotovoltaicas.

    Dependiendo de tus necesidades puedes visitar las diferentes categorías de kits placas solares que tenemos:

    Para comprar e instalar placas fotovoltaicas deberías tener en cuenta aspectos como:

    Para profundizar más en el tema, puedes echar un vistazo a nuestro Blog Solar, con el objetivo de ahorrar tiempo, dinero y conseguir una buena instalación placas fotovoltaicas.

    ¿Dónde comprar paneles solares? En AutoSolar puedes comprar paneles fotovoltaicos a buen precio y con garantía del fabricante. Pregunta por nuestros servicios de instalación placas solares y asesoramiento.

    En AutoSolar podrás adquirir placas solares acompañadas del resto de componentes necesarios para tener una correcta instalación fotovoltaica, aquí podrás encontrar una selección de Kit solar aislada

    Venta de placas solares: instalación, ahorro y garantía

    AutoSolar ofrece la posibilidad de que el equipo técnico te instale paneles solares en cualquier punto de la península. La oferta de AutoSolar es variada, competitiva y con garantía de fabricante, posicionándose actualmente como una de las opciones más inteligentes a la hora de comprar paneles solares fotovoltaicos. Te mostramos algunas de las ventajas que presenta dar el salto a la instalación de placas solares fotovoltaicas en vivienda:

    Mayor ahorro: el salto a la energía solar siempre implica un inversión inicial elevada, sin embargo, puedes darte cuenta fácilmente de que lo amortizarás poco a poco ya que tu factura de luz se reducirá cada mes desde el momento de la instalación de placas solares. Además, podrás financiar tu compra.

    Gestión propia: únicamente generas la energía que necesitas. Si generas de más puedes almacenarla en baterías para el futuro. Y en caso de que necesites más energía de las placas fotovoltaicas siempre la podrás tomar de la red eléctrica convencional.

    bluetti, sp200, 200w, solar, panel, sunpower

    Energía verde: la energía solar fotovoltaica es 100% limpia y renovable. Se transforma en electricidad en la propia instalación de placas solares fotovoltaicas, consiguiendo así que seamos mucho más respetuosos con el medio ambiente.

    Un gran equipo: AutoSolar cuenta con su propio equipo de instaladores y técnicos que estarán siempre disponibles cuando surja algún problema en tu instalaciones placas fotovoltaicas. Contamos con delegaciones en Valencia, Madrid, Sevilla, Badajoz, Barcelona.

    Te acompañamos en todo el proceso que conlleva la instalación de paneles solares, desde el diseño hasta la instalación, empezando por el asesoramiento. El departamento comercial se encargará de guiar y proporcionar un presupuesto tanto a empresas como a particulares. También nos encargamos de todos los trámites necesarios para instalar placas solares fotovoltaicas, permisos o subvenciones, con el objetivo de ofrecer comodidad al cliente y que pueda disfrutar de su instalación lo antes posible.

    Antes de llevar a cabo un proyecto fotovoltaico te recomendamos que tengas en cuenta algunos puntos, con el objetivo de que el rendimiento sea el esperado:

      Colocaciónde los paneles. Uno de los aspectos más importantes es la orientación de las placas solares fotovoltaicas. Es importante que se instalen hacia el sur y con una inclinación adecuada en función de la latitud. Otro punto a tener en cuenta para sacar el máximo rendimiento a las placas fotovoltaicas es la presencia de sombras. Si existen sombras, aunque únicamente se presenten en unas placas fotovoltaicas o en una área reducida la producción se reducirá en gran medida. Si la instalación se compone de paneles en serie al afectar a una placa fotovoltaica afectamos a toda la serie por lo que es muy importante no tener ninguna sombra en la instalación fotovoltaica.

    En AutoSolar podrás adquirir placas solares acompañadas del resto de componentes necesarios para tener una correcta instalación fotovoltaica, aquí podrás encontrar una selección de Kit solar de conexión a red.

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