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Bird control solar panels. Wrapping up…

Bird control solar panels. Wrapping up…

    Best Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit In 2022

    Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit plays a crucial role as Installing rooftop solar panels may appear relatively straightforward, but their maintenance requires close attention. Especially keeping the solar panels clean from dirt, leaves, tree shadows, birds, and their dropping is essential.

    These things might appear minor at the start, but they can impact the performance and output of the solar panels.

    Rooftop Solar panels create an ideal environment for birds to nest and rest. Because these panels are high on the roof, monitoring them for birds every day is close to impossible.

    However, to fight the issue, several solar panel bird deterrent kits are available in the market. We will introduce you to some of the best options you can get your hand online through this article.

    How To Install Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Exclusion Kit.

    Can birds damage solar panels?

    With the solar panels, you invest thousands of dollars into; birds can cause damage to them. Especially the unprotected solar panels possess high danger from bird droppings and nesting.

    Over time, this development will form a layer over the photo-voltaic module making its operations and benefits close to zero. That is why it is essential to protect your solar panel from birds, animals, natural dirt gathering, etc.

    The Best solar panel bird deterrent kit in 2022

    Shiny objects like mirrors can blind and confuse birds for a while. Thus, consider hanging these bird scare rods around your solar panel settlement for deterring birds.

    This product is a spiraling set that shines its best under bright sunlight. Every hanging has a separate loop/ hook that provides for easy placement.

    They do deter birds, though they are harmless, wildlife-friendly, and completely non-toxic. And the best part is you can change their placement easily depending upon the seasons and direction of the sun(light).

    bird, control, solar, panels

    These 8 sets of strong reflective discs are another bird deterrent product. These discs are easy to use, and you can use them anywhere with hooks.

    They work similarly like scare rods, ultimately keeping all kinds of birds away from your solar panel. All you need to do is, install these discs around your solar panel.

    Using scarecrows to deter birds from your solar panel is an excellent idea. And when you these ornamental reflective scarecrows, there is nothing better.

    Use these around your solar panel, and rest assured of any kind of birds attack. Each scarecrow reflective have anklet bells on them that produce sound with air.

    The product also comes with four mirror spiral rods that add to better results.

    Bird droppings are acidic, which can possibly damage the solar panel top coating material.

    However, upon using the RoTak bird deterrent kit, you can get over all the possible setbacks. Plant this net all-around your solar panel setting and fasten it with clips.

    The steel net/ mesh is galvanized steel to ensure ultimate weather resistance. The best part is one can even remove it as and when required.

    NOTE: It is one of the finest products if you are experiencing birds nesting under your solar panel setting.

    This solar-powered scarecrow is the ultimate solution for deterring birds from your solar panels. You can either hang it on a tree, fix it on the stakes by screw or plant it on anything with the help of sand.

    Just make sure the owl/ crow is in a visible location for birds to notice. Also, ensure to rotate the owl’s direction for preventing birds from getting used to it.

    The De-Bird Scare Tape is a scare tape and one of the most productive bird deterrent options. It is durable holographic, water-resistant, extra thick, and a long-lasting product.

    All you need to do is, cut strips of flash tap, stick them at required places, and you are good to go. Consider sticking them to the sides of the solar panel and other surfaces close by.

    Make sure the reflective part is facing upwards so that it can perform the required. You can also hang the strips from tree branches, balconies, and other sun-receiving spaces.

    The REMIAWY Birds Spikers aren’t just visual but also physical objects that keep birds away.

    Every spike strip has pre-drilled holes on its base that make up for fast and easy installation.

    You can fix them with nails, screw them or use zip ties and bind easily with the corners of your solar panel. Compared to other bird deterrents, these spikes need very little to no maintenance.

    Not just birds but these pointy spikes will also keep squirrels, monkeys, and other common birds/ animals from getting into your solar panels.

    If nothing from the above options works for you, then at last go for this ultrasonic device.

    This super advanced bird repeller produces ultrasonic high-intensity bird repelling sounds that will travel up to an area of 12000 sq. ft.

    It works like a garage door sensor and can be triggered with birds entering within the range.

    You can easily mount it in-wall, trees, fences, gazebo, eave, pole, and other bases. The device is water-resistant and can handle spray or downpours.

    What is the best bird deterrent?

    There are several examples and products explained above that behave as bird deterrents.

    Birds absolutely hate shiny objects (mirrors), ultrasonic predator sounds, or deterrents of their predator’s looks (owl). Thus, always choose the one that focuses upon one or multiple aspects from these.

    The best bird deterrents are from the options above,

    bird, control, solar, panels

    DE-BIRD Bird Scare Rods (Bird Repellent) Cleanrth TSBR620 Super Advanced Sonic/Ultrasonic Bird Repeller.

    Warning! Pigeon Shit Is Dangerous.

    I recently spoke with the experienced Brisbane-based solar repair expert and all-round top-bloke Julian Saxby. He told this cautionary tale:

    “Just be very careful and always wear a mask. I ended up with two different bacterial infections in my lungs after taking down a system very similar to this – it took months to treat as well. The main one was Psittacosis, and somewhere in the mix, I picked up hyperfluous influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis.”

    “I spent most nights struggling to breathe. I used to go up the back of the house and just cough non-stop for a solid hour just to clear myself out a bit. These days I can comfortably take down 27 panels and install 20 on a replacement system by myself in a day – but thanks to the pigeons I struggled to get up and down the ladder with a single little 190W panel for quite a while.”

    Not only had the roof rusted through…

    but this mess had serious health implications.

    Preventing A Shit Show: How To Pigeon-Proof Your Solar Panels

    There are a number of approaches to preventing bird damage:

    • machines that make noise,
    • rotating mirrors,
    • plastic owls,
    • pretend hawks on a string

    … none of which appear to be effective in my experience. The best option is to physically exclude them from nesting under the array.

    I saw a new roof installed on a heritage-listed stone barn, complete with curved iron sheets as a ridge cap. The building had always been infested with pigeons, which were now barred from entry. The shiny new iron and 35º pitch meant they could land but had no grip on the roof. Wind would send them tumbling, but they came back the next minute.

    The fascinating thing was that despite the difficulty, with bloody-minded determination, they soon created themselves a platform… of shit.

    After months of pigeon teamwork, a solid platform of guano was stuck to the roof that the pigeons found quite homely. There’s a reason they’re called homing pigeons; they are mind-bendingly dedicated to where they live. Popular or not, I believe that particular problem was only solved by hiring some shooters.

    The Peaceful And Reliable Way To Bird-Proof Your Solar.

    If you know you want to bird-proof your solar array when you are at the quote stage, ask your installer to add bird-proofing up front. It is easier to add it as your solar panels are installed.

    A few different commercial products are available in Australia using both plastic and metal, moulded shapes and mesh, and fixed with clips, hooks or ties.

    Clenergy even has a video of theirs (on the weirdest roof ever):

    The PVC-Pipe Solution

    Yes, indeed, that is a perimeter of plastic stormwater pipe.

    Is there nothing plumbers can’t do?

    Solar Panel Bird Control Systems

    An important thing to consider when getting solar panels installed on your roof is the possibility of having trouble from birds and other pests. Birds in particular can be keen to roost under and between solar panels because of the shelter they provide – the result can be significant amounts of bird mess around the area and particularly on the panels (which will make them less effective). In some cases there may even be damage to the wiring resulting in them not working at all (or potentially being a fire risk).

    Pigeons (Image: Pexels/Negative Space)

    There is no definitive answer as to whether preventative measures are required or not. Signs that make them more likely to be required include the presence of birds on the roof even before panels go in, and another clue is whether neighbours who already have solar have seen the need to include control measures. The reason why it’s an important decision is that it needs to be done at the same time as the panels being installed, as adding it later will require scaffolding which is a significant cost (and is already one of the largest cost elements in a solar install).

    There are three main types of bird control systems that we offer: in terms of increasing cost these are plastic fingers, steel mesh, and aluminium skirts.

    Plastic Fingers

    Strips of plastic fingers are fixed around the edges of the panels before they are fitted. Because of the flexibility of the fingers they can adjust to fit complex shapes, such as curved tiles. An example system is the Van der Valk Bird Blocker.

    Birdblocker plastic fingers (Image: Van der Valk)

    Steel Mesh

    Metal mesh is bent around the perimeter of the panels after they are installed and fixed in place with plastic clips. The mesh provides a strong barrier, and can be made from either galvanised or, at slightly higher cost, stainless steel. An example system is the Enviroguard Bird Exclusion Mesh.

    Bird exclusion mesh (Image: Tanjent Energy)

    Aluminium Skirt

    Aluminium edge plates are fixed around the perimeter of the panels after they are installed and fixed in place with metal clips. The skirts provide a very Smart aesthetic edge to the installation. An example system is the Titan Eco SolaSkirt.

    Aluminium skirts (Image: Tanjent Energy)

    Tanjent Energy has experience with installing all these different types of bird control measures, and we will be happy to include the price for your preferred option in our free quote.

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

    Stop Birds damaging your solar panels, protect your panels and roof with this simple solution from Insight Security.


    11 Call us on 01273 475500

    No Quibble Money Back Guarantee when you buy on-line here, you`re automatically covered by Insight`sNo Quibble. Money Back Guarantee

    What is the Problem to be solved?

    The area immediately under roof fitted Solar Panels is a favourite nesting place for pigeons and other problem birds as it offers protection from the elements and keeps them safe from many of their natural predators.

    Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Spikes offer a simple, effective way to stop birds from entering that space, and so will prevent the build-up of nesting material debris and acidic bird droppings which can cause irreparable damage to your panels as well as presenting a health risk.

    What exactly are Solar Panel Bird Excluder Spikes?

    These plastic bird spikes are manufactured in strips from a robust UV stabilised plastic material, which comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty.

    Each strip is 333mm long overall and consists of 9 vertical spikes.

    Breakoff points positioned at 35mm intervals, allow the strip length to be adjusted for installation at the corners of the solar panels.

    The strips are designed to be fixed to the sides of your solar panels with the silicone adhesive supplied and the 126 silicone locking holes in each strip ensures a robust fixing to the solar panels.

    These Solar Panel Bird Proofing Spikes are suitable for use with all solar panels whether they are of the older type, or the newer slimline style, and where the gap between the panel and the roof is between 80 and 150mm.

    Adjusting the operational height of the strips at time of installation is simply a matter of sliding them up or down on the panel sides to achieve the desired height when fixing them in position with the silicone adhesive.

    When used to protect solar panels installed on a pantile (undulating) roof, the protector spikes can easily be trimmed to length with the supplied cutter, to follow the undulations of the roof tiles. Each spike on the strip is clearly marked with graduated cut marks to ensure a perfect finish.

    How to buy Solar Panel Bird Proofing Spikes

    These bird prevention spikes are available in three convenient pack sizes, each of which includes; the bird excluder strips, an all-weather silicone adhesive and a pair of cutters to trim the spike length where needed.

    bird, control, solar, panels

      the 6 metre pack contains; 18 x excluder strips, 1 x tube of silicone adhesive and 1 x pair of cutters.

    Solar Panel Bird Guards are designed to eliminate the risk of birds nesting under your panels, but these humane bird spikes will protect your solar panels and your roof without causing any harm to the birds.

    See our full range of Practical and Effective, non-harmful Bird Deterrent products

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