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Best Tips for Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning. Solar pv cleaning

Best Tips for Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning. Solar pv cleaning

    Best Tips for Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning

    Have you installed a solar panel system for your industry and want to maintain its power output? Then you need to keep up with the cleaning. Solar panels are laid out in the open, and there are many things that can make them dirty and prevent them from running to their full potential. In this article, we will help you learn the best tips to clean your industrial solar panels.

    How Do Industrial Solar Panels Work?

    Industrial solar panels use the energy from the sun that falls on photovoltaic panels that release free electrons in order to generate electricity. These solar panels are made of silicon, and since they are semiconductors, they create an electrical field with the help of positive and negative layers. These layers are made of boron and phosphorus. The plates generate AC, and an inverter is used to convert it into DC for industries to use.

    There are many benefits of using industrial solar panels that can push you to finally install a system. For instance, you will be self-sufficient when it comes to electricity and you will not have to worry about any changes in the grid electricity.

    Furthermore, industries contribute greatly when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, and if you want to run a large operation, it is better for you to switch to sunlight. This will help you keep your production as high as you can and ensure that you don’t impact the environment negatively.

    Therefore, as an industry, you must think about making the switch to solar so you can not only protect the environment but also ensure that your business excels. However, things do not end there after you have installed the solar panels. You need to ensure that these panels work to their maximum potential, and to do that; you must keep up with the cleaning and maintenance.

    Best Tips For Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning

    There are several ways you can keep your solar panels clean but you need to ensure that the cleaning methods you use are in accordance with your solar system and will give the best cleaning possible.

    Solar panels are not high to maintain but they do require regular cleaning so they keep running to their maximum potential. There are several things that can accumulate on solar panels, for instance, solar panels can gather a lot of dirt, bird droppings, and even fallen leaves. It is very important for you to clean them off properly so the panels can perform at their maximum potential. Here are some of the best tips you can use to clean your industrial solar panels.

    Brushes Sponges (Soap-less)

    There are many solar companies who have discovered that with the help of deionized water and a brush, they can easily clean the panels without using soap at all. Soap should not be used when cleaning solar panels because soap usually leaves a residue on the panel. Not only will that affect the efficiency of electricity production, but the soap also causes the panels to gather dirt. Therefore, it is best not to use any cleaning agents.

    Other companies also use a mixture of sorts such as diluted vinegar and hydrogen peroxide using a brush to remove all the dirt.


    One of the best and most effective ways to clean your solar panels is to hire a cleaning company or ask your solar provider to do it for you. These experts will manually clean your solar panels. These companies have the best tools and experts that help them do the job perfectly.

    These companies might even use the latest technologies; you can rely on them to clean the solar panels as expertly as they can. You can trust them to do a good job. They will also ensure that the system remains unharmed and is cleaned thoroughly.

    Nanoparticle Coating

    This is one of the latest technologies for solar panels. The solar system accumulates a lot of dirt. This is because the material is as such. Dust can easily settle here, and if your industry is in a dusty place, then you can expect a lot of dust on the panels that you must clean regularly.

    However, with nanoparticle coating, you will add a film to your solar panels that prevent any dirt or grime from accumulating on them. No matter what temperatures you live in or how dusty the area is, your solar panels will remain safe from dirt accumulation. You can easily clean the panels off with water, and the panels remain as good as new. Furthermore, the coating is transparent. This means that it will not affect the production of electricity.


    Companies that operate on a large scale can use robotics for their solar panel cleaning. These robots are both automatic and semi-automatic that are designed exclusively to clean solar panels. Robotics is a very convenient option because they can easily clean the solar panels that are in hard-to-reach places. For instance, solar panels on roofs and greenhouses are hard to clean.

    You can also get fixed roof robots if you have a bigger installation for your industry and are located in a very dusty area such as the desert. These robots use airflow to clean off the dirt and grime, this is because if they were to use high-pressure water, it would damage the panels and ruin the efficiency. These robots also run on solar power and can easily recharge themselves between each cleaning cycle.


    Vibrating solar panels can also be an effective way to clean the surface. Some companies use a DC motor on the panel to vertically vibrate it and get rid of all the dust. With this technique, you can minimize the chances of damaging your solar panels.

    How To Know When It Is Time To Clean Your Commercial Solar Panels

    It can be difficult to tell if your solar panels need cleaning and maintenance if you are new to the concept of solar panel systems and have only recently installed them.

    You Can See The Dirt

    One of the most obvious telltale signs of a dirty solar panel is that you can easily see the dust on it. You can climb onto the roof or wherever you have kept your solar panels and inspect them for dirt, bird droppings, and grime.

    Once you are convinced that the solar panels are dirty, you must contact an expert immediately and ensure that you clean them as soon as possible so it does not affect the efficiency of your solar panels.

    Poor Efficiency

    If you have been noticing a drop in the efficiency of your solar panels and there is no reason for that to happen then it is mostly because of dirty solar panels. If dirt is accumulated on solar panels, they will not receive the amount of sunlight they should, and that can affect the production of electricity.

    best, tips, industrial, solar, panel, cleaning

    Suppose you feel that the solar panel system is fairly new and the depreciation in electricity generated is higher than normal. In that case, you must consider getting your solar panels professionally cleaned.

    Once the surface is completely clean, more sunlight will fall on the panels causing them to generate more electricity.

    It Has Been A Long Time

    If you want to maximize your solar panel usage and ensure that it produces good amounts of electricity, then you must maintain it properly. Solar panels should be maintained regularly to prevent any dust or dirt from accumulating. It is best to clean your solar panels every year to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as they possibly can. However, you can decrease the duration between every clean cycle if you feel that your solar panel system needs cleaning.

    Do You Need to Turn Off Your Solar Panels to Clean Them?

    You may notice that our solar panels have a lot of dust and debris on them. This can happen over time in some areas, especially where there is a lot of dust or air pollution is poor. It is not always necessary to clean solar panels but, if you do decide to do so, it is always a good idea to learn more about how to do it properly. There are risks to cleaning solar panels; you could damage them or make them less efficient overall. If you do need to clean them, you may have plenty of questions. Do I need to turn off solar panels to clean them? How do you clean them well enough to see an improvement in function?

    The first step is to check with the manufacturer of any product before you clean them. You want to be sure you know the proper way to clean the solar panels so as not to damage them in any way. Improper cleaning could lead to problems with efficiency or the voiding of your warranty. Once you do that, consider the following tips and guidelines.

    Why Do You Need to Clean Solar Panels?

    The first question is whether or not you actually need to clean solar panels. It is not always necessary. Most of the time, the rain will work to wash away dirt and dust, which are the most common problems associated with solar panels. However, there are some situations where you may need to put a bit more effort into the cleaning process.

    • Air pollution: If you live in an area with a significant amount of air pollution or smog, you may notice more dust and debris on your solar panels than those who do not live in this type of environment. In these cases, it may become necessary to clean the solar panels.
    • Construction areas: In areas where there is a significant amount of construction work taking place or landscaping development, it may be necessary to clean solar panels. In these environments, more soil and dirt get onto the structure of the panels, making them work less efficiently overall.
    • Sandy areas: In some areas where there is a significant amount of sand present, such as near a beach or a golf course with large sand dunes, there could be a higher risk of sand landing on the solar panels, especially those that are low to the ground. Be careful not to scratch the surface, removing sand.
    • Dry conditions: Those living in a desert-like environment or in areas where there is a drought are also likely to need to consider cleaning solar panels. Doing so could help to remove more of the dirt that is on the panels, ensuring they work more efficiently.
    • High pollen areas: Some areas where there is a lot of pollen present could also be at risk for a buildup on solar panels. In these areas, it is a good idea to clean the solar panels if the rain is not enough to remove the material.

    To find out more about whether you have to clean solar panels and in what situations, check out our blog post on Do You Have to Clean Your Solar Panels.

    Can You Get Electrocuted Cleaning Solar Panels?

    Yes, it is possible to be electrocuted when cleaning solar panels if you do not follow the proper methods of doing so. It is a safety precaution that is necessary to take. Turning off your solar panels helps to minimize the risk of electrical shock should the connections become too wet.

    That means that before you clean the solar panels, you should shut down the system completely. Follow the directions from the manufacturer on how to do this, and be sure that you follow the procedures to start it back up again as well.

    Also, keep in mind that you should never touch the underside of the solar panels. If you are worried about a significant amount of buildup of debris or dirt here, call a solar panel repair tech for guidance. This can prove to be critical to ensuring that you do not damage the surface and the electrical components. To ensure that you know the proper way to clean solar panels, it is a good idea to read our blog post on How Often Should You Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned before starting the cleaning process.

    Does Rain Clean Solar Panels?

    Most of the time, people do not need to do anything extensive to clean their solar panels. That is because the rain will likely take care of most concerns. The rain is typically able to remove about 95% of any buildup of dust, pollen, dirt, or debris on the surface, making it very easy for you not to have to do anything about the process.

    Rain will work to meet most needs, but there are some situations where rain is not enough. For example, if the rain is not heavy enough, that may make it hard for the debris to be washed away. Also, if you have a significant amount of buildup, especially in areas with heavy smog, you may need a higher quality, more thorough cleaning of the solar panels. In this case, it is often best to turn to a professional for help with them. For more detailed information on the best methods to clean your solar panels at home, read our blog post on Top 5 Best Methods to Clean Your Solar Panels at Home.

    Let Our Team Help You with Your Solar Panel Needs

    There is no doubt that ensuring your solar panels are operating the best is important. Our team can offer guidance and support to you whenever you need it. To get started, reach out to us about installing solar panels on your home. When you do, we’ll discuss any questions you have. Set up an appointment with our team today to learn more.


    Installation of photovoltaic and solar panels for power generation is becoming increasingly popular in many countries. However, in order to ensure their smooth operation, it is necessary to conduct key maintenance activities periodically. One of the most critical aspects concerns their cleaning, and using a pure water system is an effective and environmentally friendly way to keep them clean.

    Best ways for cleaning photovoltaic panels

    Since photovoltaic/solar panels are continuously being exposed to various environmental factors, dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings and other debris are inevitably accumulated on their surface, reducing their operating efficiency. As a matter of fact, dirty PV panels can reduce energy production; therefore, it is essential to keep them clean to ensure optimal performance.

    One of the most effective and environmentally friendly methods for cleaning photovoltaic panels is the use of pure water.

    This system actually uses osmotized and demineralized water, thus free of impurities, minerals and other contaminants. Thanks to its high cleaning power, no streaks or residues are left behind.

    Benefits of the pure water technology system for cleaning solar panels

    • Environmentally friendly: Pure water is chemical-free, leaving no residue or pollutants, reducing environmental impact.
    • Safe: The equipment is operated directly from the ground via extension and telescopic poles, avoiding the use of ladders, scaffolding or suspended scaffolding.
    • Time-saving: The pure water system is a quick and efficient way to clean solar panels. The high-pressure water jet used in the system ensures that the panels are cleaned effectively and quickly.
    • Effective: Purified water acts as an extraordinary solvent that can remove all residues ensuring a clean surface free of marks and streaks.

    Cleaning solar panels with IPC HighPure

    The efficacy of IPC HighPure pure water systems is based on two key features:

    • Enabling people to reach surfaces at high heights without using ladders, scaffolding or platforms.
    • The perfect cleaning of surfaces with no detergents.

    The cleaning of solar panels using HighPure is environmentally friendly, thanks to reduced water consumption and the absence of any chemicals generating residues of pollution. Free of detergents, in fact, HighPure’s wastewater can be used for irrigation or dispersed through the sewer system.

    In conclusion, using a pure water system can be an effective, environmentally friendly, and economical way to clean photovoltaic/solar panels. It not only reduces the environmental impact of cleaning, but also improves their operating efficiency and extends their lifetime.

    For more information, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

    Solar pv cleaning

    How often do you clean your solar panels? Most people don’t clean theirs as often as they should, and a dirty solar panel can have a big impact on the amount of energy generated to power your home or equipment. If you live in a drier climate that doesn’t receive much rain, solar panel cleaning is even more crucial as there will be much more dust buildup on the panels with nothing to naturally clean them. While rainwater can help to clear off dust, it isn’t the best way to clean solar panels. When rainwater evaporates, it can leave rings of dust and debris, which will affect how efficiently the panels produce solar power. Read on to learn everything you need to know about solar panel cleaning, including how to clean solar panels, the necessary equipment to do so, as well as where to find solar panel cleaning services if the job is too big for you to do on your own.

    Why You Should Clean Your Solar Panels

    Do solar panels need cleaning? The short answer is, YES! Learning how to clean solar panels as well as how to maintain solar panels will go a long way toward extending not only their life but how efficient they are in the long run. Solar panels degrade at a rate of 0.5% every year, and regular solar panel cleanings will do a lot to slow this rate down and extend the life of the solar panel. Cleaning solar panels regularly will also keep them producing power at a maximum rate. A study found that a combination of dust and particulate air pollution reduces solar energy production by 17-25%.

    The most common reasons solar panels become dirty and less efficient are dust, leaves, water, and bird droppings. Birds are enemy number one when it comes to maintaining solar panels and keeping them clean. Birds and their droppings can cause much more damage to solar panels than a layer of dust can. Their droppings can chemically damage solar panels, and some birds like to nest underneath the panels, too, which can restrict air flow and cause them to overheat and get damaged. If you notice birds nesting underneath your solar panels, you can look into adding a bird barrier to the underside to deter them from doing so.

    best, tips, industrial, solar, panel, cleaning

    How to Clean Solar Panels

    Can you clean solar panels yourself? You absolutely can clean solar panels yourself, but there are some things to know before you start the process. Before you start your solar panel cleaning project, you’ll need to invest in the right equipment to do so; there are solar panel cleaning kits to make this step easier. For those wondering how to clean solar panels on the roof or elsewhere on your property, follow the steps below to get your solar panels looking (and working!) their best.

    best, tips, industrial, solar, panel, cleaning

    Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment You’ll Need

    • A simple garden hose can be used to spray down the panels, but don’t use a pressure washer, which could damage the panels.
    • Don’t be too hard on a solar panel. A cleaning brush with soft bristles or a squeegee can be used to scrub grime and bird droppings from the panels.
    • Create a gentle solar panel cleaning solution by using things like vinegar, mild detergent, and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning solar panels.
    • Make the whole process of gathering the proper solar panel cleaning tools and mixing your own cleaning solution even easier by purchasing a solar panel cleaning kit.

    Steps to Solar Panel Cleaning

    Step 1: Choose a cool time of day to clean your solar panels. Cleaning them during the hottest part of the day can make the water evaporate quickly and leave marks behind, and the combination of cold water hitting the hot glass of the solar panels can cause them to crack.

    Step 2: Shut your system down completely before you begin to clean the solar panels. If you have rainwater collectors or gutters, shut them off or disconnect them from the system to avoid dirty runoff water going into them.

    Step 3: Remove any loose debris or leaves from the solar panels using a soft brush or cloth. It’s safest to clean solar panels from the ground, so use a brush with an extension to make it easier to reach.

    Step 4: Spray the panels down with a garden hose to wash the dust away and loosen any debris. Use a hose with a nozzle so you can easily direct the spray at the panels.

    Step 5: Use a soft brush and a solar panel cleaning solution to scrub any stubborn grime or debris off of the solar panels.

    Step 6: Spray the panels again with water to rinse away the loosened debris, and use a squeegee to wipe the leftover water off of the panels. Only spray water onto the top of the solar panels; do not spray water on the back of them.

    Step 7: Clean your solar panels every six months or less to keep them clean and operating at their best.

    Solar Panel Cleaning Services

    If the task of cleaning solar panels seems like too big of a job, there are also solar panel cleaning services that you can hire to do the job for you. By hiring a professional, you’ll know that your solar panel cleaning will be done correctly. To find the right person for the job, ask for a recommendation from others who have solar panels on their property, or do a Google search for “solar panel cleaning service near me” and review the options that come up. Check reviews of different companies to find the most highly rated ones to do the job.

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