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BEST SOLAR INSTALLERS IN LAKE MARY. Accredited solar installers

BEST SOLAR INSTALLERS IN LAKE MARY. Accredited solar installers

    Why Do You Need CEC Accredited Solar Installers?

    The solar panel is one of the smartest investments you can make today’s date. Environmentalists constantly appeal to mankind to take conscious and responsible actions to save non-renewable energy resources. Solar panels build energy from the sun, and you can easily store the unused amount of energy in solar batteries for future use or transfer them to the grid and earn a “tariff in feed.” over, you should

    The Australian government has also initiated a unique rebate program on solar panel installations. However, there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled. You must buy solar panel components authorized by the Clean Energy Council.

    But that is not all. The Clean Energy Council does not accredit solar panel companies. The council, however, accredits individual electricians. As per Australian government law, to avail of the STC or Solar rebate scheme, one needs to get the solar panel installed by CEC accredited solar installers.

    When you decide to put solar panels on the rooftop of your house or business, you’ll encounter a variety of solar companies looking to install your system through them. A major and crucial factor to consider when choosing the best solar company is to make sure the installers responsible for the actual installation of your solar panels are experienced and certified by our experts.

    This is an essential part of the buying process for solar panels because the quality of the installation will determine the efficiency of your system throughout the years, without the appearance of any complications or other issues.

    There is minimal to nothing to do with the maintenance of your solar panel.

    The majority of panels come with a 12-15 year product warranty, and the warranty for performance is 25 years. Choosing the services of a CEC-certified solar installer with a solid track record is essential to ensure that you receive excellent after-sales service in the unlikely event it is required.

    Most inverters come with a 5–10-year guarantee. Inverters that are installed at the present connect to the internet at home to allow you to easily check the performance of your system and solar output. The solar installer or retailer will perform regular battery health checks online to make sure it’s operating at its best.

    Make sure you choose a solar installation that is covered by an extended warranty. Make sure you request an official warranty document so that you are certain of having insurance in the event of any problem or malfunction with the solar panels.

    What is an Accredited Installer?

    Accreditation by CEC is a must-have certification for any company involved in installing solar systems and/or storage. Installers must have completed the required education and requirements for designing and installing any type of green energy system.

    Know Accredited Solar Installers

    Throughout Australia, solar installation professionals must possess Clean Energy Council accreditation, which stands out as a must-have qualification. Renewable energy systems like solar panels have a definite working process, understanding and installing the components which require essential knowledge and training. CEC recognizes these trained and skilled individuals and accredits them. If you plan to claim the Solar rebate scheme, you must get your panel installed only by a CEC accredited installer.

    To Find An Accredited Installer Easily Near You

    Once you have derived the contact information of an accredited installer, you can do some self-research on Google about customer feedback and reviews on any projects they have worked on.

    Hiring Solar Installers

    When you hire an installer, it is he who should guide you through the solar panel installation with a detailed quote of a proposed installation site within your property, system design proposal, energy generation capacity as per your requirement, an itemized list of components, and fittings required and also warranty terms.

    The question may not be sincere, but a truthful answer will allow you to determine the credibility that the contractor has. Before asking this simple question, make sure you conduct your own research. Today, it is easy to read online reviews about an organization or service through the internet. You can determine whether their opinions are true or not.

    If they have issues you are most likely to encounter Ask them about solutions they might have. You could also ask them if they’re accessible whenever you have a problem that you aren’t able to resolve. If they’re just talking about sweet things, but have not offered a concrete solution, you should think twice before employing them.

    Installers who are CEC Accredited

    First of all the accredited installers are real people who are not corporations. For instance, Solaray Energy is not an accredited installer, but the majority of installations we do are completed by accredited installers.

    To become an Accredited Installer, an experience that requires training and an electrical license and working at heights certificate, and a public liability insurance policy of five million dollars.

    Certified installers from CEC are responsible for overseeing the installation team. and the solar power system. they’ll be in charge of commissioning the system and then signing for the system when it’s completed. They also need to provide paperwork to your energy supplier after the installation has been completed.

    Another major CEC accreditation is that you are an approved designer. The process of designing solar power systems is more complicated than it appears. Each of our installations has to be designed in a way to ensure it is built to meet the guidelines set in the CEC.

    Warranty Terms

    Understanding the warranty terms of the entire product, each component, manufacturer warranty, and retailer warranty is essential.

    • Products or components of a solar panel will come with a definite manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Approved Solar Retailers also provide an additional warranty on the overall system for its operation, installation, quality of working, etc. Installation attendance

    If you experience a problem with any solar item even though it’s still covered by a warranty, it is best to make contact with your solar retailer to get the product repaired or replaced.

    If you’re not able to reach your retailer, call manufacturers of products. Contact information is required on the warranty documents.

    Clean Energy Council Approved Retailers have pledged to provide a warranty of five years. If you feel that an approved Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer has violated its warranty obligation, please use our complaints form.

    Installer Accreditation Process

    There are definite rules for the installation of a solar system. According to the rules, an accredited installer needs to physically supervise a small-scale renewable energy system throughout the process or at least visit the site three times.

    After we have received an application to join, we will ask for the documents listed below as part of the accreditation process. We complete a full background and credit review, as well as an online search that includes review websites as well as the management and company’s accounts on social networks. We will also contact other Consumer Codes that are part of the renewable sector and ask them to let us know of any negative history they have in the business of the applicant (if relevant).

    Besides that, do not forget to ask for the installer’s ID proof because verification of the accreditation from CEC will ensure you can acquire your due solar rebate. To verify the ID proof, look for:

    • Photo on the ID
    • CEC Accreditation number
    • Accreditation validity date
    • Types of accreditations approved for
    • A copy of the company’s consumer contract, which should detail a consumer’s cancellation rights
    • A copy of the company’s guarantee/workmanship warranty;
    • Copies of the company’s employer’s liability and public liability insurance certificates;
    • Copies of either: the last 3 months’ bank statements or the latest management accounts.

    The benefits of having CEC Accreditation

    In addition to the main advantages mentioned above, you will enjoy the following benefits when you’ve earned obtained your CEC Accreditation

    • The CEC’s technical helpline
    • Access to Toolbox talks as well as how-to’s and technical details
    • Be informed of significant modifications to guidelines and standards for the industry
    • Informed that they are CEC accepted products and their decommissioning
    • Informed of the issues discovered during Clean Energy Regulator inspections
    • Include yourself in the CEC’s search tool for installers (This is also true for designers)
    • Tell your story to your regulators and the government.

    Customers tend to prefer an approved installer or company since they are able to work to the highest standards, and offer competitive pricing because of their STC offsets.

    Wrapping It Up

    Make sure that among all the installers present while installing your solar system, at least one of them shows you an accreditation ID. If no one can offer such ID, immediately speak with your solar installer retailer to provide CEC-approved and accredited solar installers. This accreditation stands for skilled expertise, thorough training, and understanding of solar systems. When making a huge investment, you don’t want to do that wrong or of poor quality simply by compromising on anything.


    As one of the most trusted solar companies in Central Florida, Solcium Solar offers the best and options for solar panel installation in Lake Mary, Florida. We’re dedicated to offering our partners the highest-level of unbiased industry education and provide a low pressure, no sales gimmicks approach. We are headquartered just minutes away from Lake Mary in historic downtown Sanford. Florida.

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    Solcium Solar is a Tesla Solar Certified Installer as well as NABCEP Accredited which is the most prestigious accreditation that a Lake Mary solar panel installation company can earn in the renewable energy industry. We never use subcontractors which means you’re working directly with Solcium from the very beginning till long after your system is powered on for the first time and the savings are pouring in. Sound too good to be true? What If we told you that Solcium also has a price match guarantee and offers 0 down financing?!


    Solar power is a renewable energy solution that benefits both the environment and saves you money. Solar panels are made of silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. As the sun’s rays hit the PV cells, the solar panels absorb these rays and produce electricity. This electricity creates DC (Direct Current) which cannot power the house directly, therefore an inverter is used to convert from DC to AC (Alternating Current). Solar panels can produce enough energy to power appliances, air conditioners, pool pumps water heaters. Many Lake Mary homeowners generate enough electricity to sell back to the power companies!


    Lake Mary’s large variety of residential homes and architectural style comes with a mixture of different roof materials. With over 15 years of experience in the Lake Mary and Central Florida area, we’ve installed solar systems on almost all roof types including:

    No matter your roof type, rest assured that our knowledgeable, in-house solar installers will treat your roof with care to ensure no damage is done and to provide a quality install.

    Need to replace your roof at the same time? No problem! Solcium can help you replace your roof and go solar, all under the same loan.


    The cost to install solar panels has dropped by more than 60% over the last decade, leading the industry to expand into new markets and deploy thousands of systems nationwide. Solar’s increasing competitiveness against other technologies has allowed it to quickly increase its share of total U.S. electrical generation – from just 0.1% in 2010 to nearly 4% today. As of 2021, Florida ranks 3 rd in the nation for the most solar power installations for homeowners.


    There are currently tax benefits for Floridians installing solar panels. Currently, there is a Florida Solar System Property Tax Exemption. This is an 100% exemption for Lake Mary homeowners and 80% for secondary property owners (winter home, vacation home, rental property, etc.). This means the state and county cannot tax you more on the increased value of the solar panels that were installed on your home. Another tax credit called the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides a 22% credit on purchased home solar systems that are installed by the end of 2022. The options to save money, whether on a federal or state level, are available to you as a Lake Mary homeowner. While these options can change, Solcium Solar is always on top of the latest opportunities to save you money.

    Georgia Solar Installers

    Alternative Energy Southeast, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of solar power electric energy systems, or photovoltaics (PV). Our highly accredited team provides customers with exceptional customer service and workmanship for solar

    ECS Solar

    ECS Solar 6120 SW 13th St Gainesville. FL 32608 United States

    ECS Solar was founded in 1977 by Tom and Shirley Lane, the first solar contractor inducted into the International Solar Hall of Fame. This award, created by an act of congress in 1976, has only been given to 45 men and women from various countries

    True Solar USA

    True Energy USA, LLC 3840 Windermere Pkwy, STE 403 Cumming, GA 30041 Cumming. GA 30041 United States

    True Solar provides innovative solar solutions for residential and commercial customers throughout the southeast and beyond. We believe in using top-tier components to deliver solar systems with high performance and reliability as well as

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    Solar Crave Enterprises LLC 4145 Thurman Rd. Hampton. GA 30228 United States

    We specialize in the development of solar systems. We design and install solar systems for residential and commercial properties. With an experienced and passionate team, we pride ourselves on being able to reduce our clients electric bills and

    White Electrical

    White Electrical 1730 Chattahoochee Avenue Atlanta. GA 30318 United States

    White Electrical has seen amazing changes and developments in the electrical contracting field. We pride ourselves on keeping pace with the latest technologies and methodologies. At the same time, the solid business fundamentals that have

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    Pfister Energy. Forest Park 57 Goffle Road Hawthorne, NJ 07506 Hawthorne. NJ 07506 United States

    Pfister Energy is leading the way toward sustainable energy practices, delivering turnkey solar installations and renewable energy systems for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.Pfister Energy, Inc. is a leading solar installer

    Energy Consulting Group

    Energy Consulting Group One Overton Park, 3625 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 260 Atlanta. GA 30339 United States

    Energy Consultants Group offers a wide range of professional services for the new construction and retrofit market that will enhance energy performance and comfort while adding value and savings.Our full services and product line offers superior

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    Conley Sheet Metal started in 1948 as a family-owned sheet metal shop that also installed gas furnaces. A lot has changed in the 60 years that we’ve been in business, but one thing that has not changed is our loyalty to our customers. We are

    Okefenokee Solar Inc.

    Okefenokee Solar Inc. Boyette Electric, Inc. 2889 Bob Bowen Rd Blackshear. GA 31516 United States

    Okefenokee Solar was established in 2012 in Blackshear, GA when founders Jason White, Danny Walker, and Carl Boyette merged their talents with the goal of integrating solar into buildings and homes for a renewable energy supply solution that was long

    The Best Residential Solar Installers in New York, New York

    New York City is home to thousands of acres of rooftops, some of the most expensive electricity in the country, and the nation’s second-best solar tax credits. The solar industry understandably sees a clear opportunity, but there are several challenges to the solar revolution in the Big Apple. The brick and brownstone homes of Brooklyn and Manhattan tend to have flat roofs rife with obstacles like skylights, hatches, and HVAC systems, making rooftop arrays difficult to install. Landmark building codes also make many of the usual photovoltaic systems difficult or impossible to install.

    Customized solar installations, in other words, are definitely the way to go in the Big Apple. This article features the top 15 solar contractors serving New York City, contractors capable of delivering the unique solar arrays the city demands. The list includes multi-state firms and local contractors capable of providing turnkey energy solutions, from panel procurement and energy audits to custom design and engineering to fit every home. Our team selected these contractors based on a number of criteria, including awards earned, rankings in other publications, stellar customer reviews, the overall history of the company and principal, and each firm’s overall standing in its local community.

    st Light Energy

    Solar installation and finance company 1st Light Energy is a leading installer of custom-designed solar energy for residential, commercial and public sector applications. The firm was founded in 2004 and has grown to eleven offices spanning eight states across the U.S. The California-based firm is backed by an expert team of highly experienced employees: some have been in the solar industry since the late 1990s. The firm has installed over 10,000 residential systems from Los Angeles to New York City, as well as commercial, agriculture, and industrial systems. In addition to the firm’s tried-and-tested expertise, clients have the benefit of accessing the company’s turnkey energy solutions through its various and flexible financing and purchasing plans.

    The Solar Tribune rated it one of the Best Solar Companies in New York City in 2019. For the past five years, 1st Light Energy has also been of the leading contractors in New York, with the most permits for PV systems, coming in at fourth with 46 million worth of projects.

    Accord Power

    Serving New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island since 2009, Accord Power has been helping homeowners and business owners save on their electric bills by designing and installing top of the line solar photovoltaic electric systems. Accord Power Inc., which started off as residential installer headquartered in East Brunswick NJ, now has offices throughout New York and New Jersey and is one of the fastest growing turn-key commercial and industrial solar developers serving the tri-state market. Accord Power has been recognized as one of the fastest growing solar EPC’s companies in New York by SunPower Corp. and pioneered the building of one of New York City’s first and largest Community Solar projects in Maspeth, Queens. Accord Power continues to bring to market unique financial ownership models that provide renewable solutions to homeowners and renters, building owners and tenants, Condos and Coops as well as municipalities including NYCHA, Fire Department of New York, Public Schools of New York and New York Department of Transportation.

    best, solar, installers, lake, mary, accredited

    Roger is the Founder, President, and Managing Partner of Accord Power, Inc. As a visionary entrepreneur and environmental sustainability advocate, Roger has built Accord Power around the idea that renewable energy should be simple and affordable for all homeowners and businessowners alike. He has overseen hundreds of solar PV installations throughout the North East and leads Accord Power with tireless energy, professionalism, and brilliant technical creativity and attention to detail.

    Amergy Solar

    Amergy Solar banks on a wealth of experience and its diligent team as it continues to contribute to the growing solar power industry of New York City. The firm is one of the top installers in the city, having done 48 billion worth of permitted work since 2014. Its skilled project management teams have served over 9,000 homeowners and 300 commercial and government entities in New York and New Jersey. In 2019, it was named as one of the Best Solar Companies in New York City by the Solar Tribune.

    The New Jersey-based company takes full control of its installation projects. It handles design, engineering, permitting, installation, system connection, testing, and monitoring, with no reliance on subcontractors. Leading Amergy Solar’s operations is Heather Keim. She had more than a decade of experience heading solar operations of various solar companies before coming to Amergy Solar.

    Apex Solar

    Apex Solar is one of New York’s most efficient all-in-one full-service solar energy providers. From tailored residential installations to extensive commercial arrays, the firm is well-versed in all types and setups of solar energy systems. One of its strong points is its direct involvement in all processes since it has a full in-house team of electricians, roofers, and installers. By not relying on any subcontractors, errors are kept to a minimum and schedules are strictly followed in every step, from initial permit acquisition to final installation and interconnection. It also provides additional services that include roof replacement, grid-tied and off-grid battery storage, as well as electric vehicle charging stations.

    Apex Solar is the only NABCEP Accredited solar installation company in New York State and has placed 6th on Solar Power World’s list of Top New York Solar Contractors in 2019. Its ever-growing customer base includes the residents and business owners of New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

    Brooklyn SolarWorks

    Multi-awarded solar contractor Brooklyn SolarWorks is a pioneer and innovator in providing solutions for solar energy in New York City. Its exceptionally clever ways of integrating solar panels and arrays in challenging locations in the Big Apple have caught the attention of many residents wanting to go green.

    The firm has received acclaim for its Brooklyn Solar Canopy: a multifunctional solar installation type that captures and converts solar energy while also providing shade and rain protection. The ingenious installation can be found atop many brownstones in Brooklyn and other boroughs of the city. The firm is also an expert in installing solar power systems for landmarked homes. It effectively accommodates the city’s most stringent historic preservation rules and upgrades homes using sustainable energy without compromising historic value and curb appeal. Currently, the firm serves the most landmarked homes in Park Slope, Bedford Stuyvesant, Sunset Park, and other historic neighborhoods.

    For spearheading new ways of installing solar in the city, the firm has earned numerous awards, including being named one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2019, Architectural Record’s Best in Building Systems and Components in 2018, and The Architects Newspaper’s Best of Design Award.

    EmPower Solar

    EmPower Solar serves Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Manhattan. The company leverages 30 years of industry experience by partnering with SunPower to bring the most innovative and sustainable solar energy solutions throughout the Big Apple and surrounding areas. The company earned SunPower’s 2016 and 2018 Residential Regional Dealer of the Year and has consistently been voted the best solar panel company on Long Island and New York City since 2003. The company has also consistently been ranked on the Top 500 Solar Contractors list of Solar Power World.

    With over 2000 solar installations completed, 15 percent of EmPower’s projects are located in New York City. The company recognizes that solar delivers substantial value and savings for homeowners and businesses throughout the Big Apple and offers community solar installations and subscriber management services. This service allows building owners to receive payments for hosting solar power systems at their properties. EmPower also provides commercial solar systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and backup power systems.

    Harvest Power

    Harvest Power was established in 2008 as a program of Friendly Construction to help property owners achieve the energy efficiency of solar power. The firm has completed residential and commercial installations and built solar farms and solar arrays for government projects in New York City, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. To help each client maximize their energy investments, the company also obtains all necessary local permits and completes the paperwork for the substantial Federal tax incentives and New York State tax credits.

    The company’s impressive leadership includes engineers, system designers, and installers with dozens of years of experience in managing solar projects within New York. Harvest Powers founders Carlo J. Lanza and Carlo P. Lanza have decades of experience in construction management, energy efficiency, and solar industry between them. Carlo P. Lanza has served as the Chairman of LISEIA (Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association) as well as the Vice President of NYSEIA.

    Infinity Energy

    Infinity Energy is the product of a partnership between lifelong friends Murphy Panagiotou and Achilles Tzoulafis. After pursuing separate careers – Murph as a roofing contractor in Rockland County, New York, and Achilles as an electrician in northern New Jersey—they combined their talents and experience to establish Infinity Energy in 2008. The company now has offices in New York and New Jersey, enabling it to serve the whole tri-state area.

    With more than 5000 solar installations, the firm is equipped with the right team and extensive experience to provide exceptional solar installation services in both the residential and commercial sectors. Infinity Energy has been included on Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractor lists and is part of Solar Tribune’s 2019 list of Best Solar Companies in New York City. The company is a member of the American Solar Energy Society, the NECA, the NYSERDA, and it is a Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor.

    best, solar, installers, lake, mary, accredited

    Momentum Solar

    Highly effective leadership and a laser-eyed FOCUS on customer service have made New Jersey-based Momentum Solar a solar industry leader known across the US. The company started with four employees in 2009 and now employs over 1900 people in New Jersey, New York, California, Florida, Texas, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Momentum Solar has been recognized among Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest-growing U.S. companies for three consecutive years. In 2018, Inc. recognized the company as the #2 energy provider in the country and in June 2019 named Momentum Solar one of the Best Workplaces in the country.

    Cameron Christensen and Arthur Souritzidis lead the company Cameron started the small company after moving to New Jersey from Utah. He had an extensive background in field operations and initially did the installations himself. Seeing the company’s potential, Arthur joined him the same year and has been responsible for the company’s growth and expanding footprint across the US. In 2017, Forbes included Arthur on its 30 Under 30 list of energy entrepreneurs. In 2019, he also earned Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in Construction, Engineering Building Services for New Jersey.

    The company ensures a seamless transition in every step of a client’s solar energy process. That includes system design, engineering, permitting, installation, inspection, and activation. The company is a NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer and is accredited by the BBB.

    Solar Liberty

    Serving all regions of the New York state, Solar Liberty’s encompassing reach makes it one of the most reliable solar installers for New Yorkers. This family-owned and operated company was started by NYSERDA and the U.S. Department of Energy awarded Solar Liberty with the Outstanding Achievement Award for being the Largest Solar Electric Installer in New York State. The firm has also been recognized as one of the Top 500 Solar Contractors since 2018 by Solar Power World.

    Solar Liberty’s main service is the widespread installation of grid-tied PV solar energy systems. That includes solar installation, repair, and maintenance for residential and commercial entities. Solar Liberty also offers battery storage, EV charging, microgrids, and monitoring. Since its inception in 2005, the company has installed over 2000 solar energy installations across the state.

    The reasons for the firm’s success can be traced back to its founders, brothers Adam and Nathan Rizzo. Aside from making sure the firm attends to its clients and produces top-quality installations, the two are passionate about their non-profit organization, the Solar Liberty Foundation. The organization has helped thousands by providing clean accessible solar energy to places like the Kitenga School for Girls in Kitenga, Tanzania in 2017 and to various locations in Haiti after it was hit by a hurricane in 2010.


    With its mission to make clean renewable energy simple and affordable, SunCommon has helped more than 5000 homeowners from New York to Vermont. As its name implies, its community-centric philosophy has shaped this solar contractor’s business. It is committed to the planet and the communities it serves, even sharing the energy gained from its net-zero offices with surrounding homeowners and businesses. SunCommon offers home solar, community solar, solar heating and cooling, and battery storage services.

    Founders Duane Peterson and James Moore have been working side by side since 2011 in driving this company to its success. Under their leadership, SunCommon has developed a reputation for highly personalized service and high standards of company ethics. Not surprisingly, it has earned a great number of prestigious awards. It is a 2019 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer, a Certified BCorp (B Corporation) in Vermont and New York State, and one of Solar Power World’s Top 500 Solar Contractors of 2015. It has also won an Outstanding Achievement in Distributed Wind Advocacy Award from the American Wind and a Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.


    Serving 22 states plus DC and Puerto Rico, Sunrun is the country’s leading home solar, storage and energy services provider. It offers a full suite of services catering to homes across the nation, from solar leasing and power purchase agreements to personal installations and battery storage. In 2007, the San Francisco-based company pioneered the “solar as a service” model, allowing homeowners to buy clean, affordable solar power that is generated on their roof by solar panels that Sunrun owns and manages.

    Sunrun grew as a pioneer in residential solar services because of CEO Lynn Jurich’s aim to build and provide unique customer-centered energy systems. She and partner Edward Fenster first put these ideas into motion in his attic. The duo pushed through the recession and succeeded in bringing the company to the public in 2015.

    Venture Solar

    With over 200 New Yorkers on its team and over 4,000 completed installations since inception., Venture Solar has proven itself as one of the most capable solar contractors serving the Big Apple. Its vast in-house team of master electricians and installers provide turnkey solutions in solar photovoltaic installation, repair, and maintenance.

    The Greenpoint-based company is the largest LG PRO Platinum Partner on the East Coast. Platinum is the highest level of recognition in the LG PRO program, for LG Electronics’ solar installation network. LG recognized Venture Solar for its consistent high-quality workmanship, installation, and customer service. Additionally, in 2019, Venture Solar was named a New York State Energy Research Development Quality Installer, further solidifying its reputation as a premier solar contractor in New York.

    Venture Solar’s co-founder Alex Giles is no stranger to the energy business. He has worked at Rowayton Fuel, a family-owned oil delivery and heating system business, operating since 1929. He has also spent several years working for a solar energy company based in New York City. Co-founder Alex Yackeryas is also experienced: he served as sales director for one of NYC’s largest solar installation companies for several years. Clients praise the duo’s leadership as well as the company’s professionalism and top-notch quality of work.

    Vivint Solar

    Utah-based Vivint Solar is a multistate full-service residential solar provider. The company specializes in giving integrated residential solar solutions for the entire customer lifecycle, from designing and installing to monitoring and maintenance services for solar energy systems. Its vast coverage includes 23 states spanning the country.

    In New York City, Vivint accommodates neighborhoods on both sides of the Hudson River. In 2019, it has earned an NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer designation. Vivint boasts a robust 86-point inspection that ensures clients receive the highest quality in each installation project it conducts. Additionally, Vivint is one of the earliest adopters of the power purchase agreement. This means it owns, operates, and maintains PV systems and clients get to purchase low-cost electricity for a predetermined period.

    Featured here is a solar array the company installed on a featured home in the home improvement series, This Old House, on PBS. Vivint Solar has also been featured on PV Magazine, Fast Company, and Forbes.

    YSG Solar

    With offices in New York and California, YSG Solar is well equipped to handle a variety of installations, from the flat roofs of Brooklyn brownstones to the sloped pitched roofs of California ranch homes. This independent company provides custom design systems, procurement of high-quality solar components like panels and battery storage, and financing options for leasing or owning. YSG has a wide range of experience in the implementation of other clean energy technologies such as geothermal, wind, storage, and energy management systems.

    YSG Solar’s Accredited and knowledgeable solar energy consultants, designers, and NABCEP-certified installers bring more than 25 years of experience, providing each client with a well-rounded service quickly and efficiently. This team is led by founder and president David Magid, who has more than a decade of experience in the energy industry. Magid’s leadership and continuous efforts in providing clean energy on the best cost landed him a spot at the Forbes “30 under 30” Energy list in 2018.

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