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Best Solar Companies in Arizona. Sunpower equinox cost

Best Solar Companies in Arizona. Sunpower equinox cost

    SunPower Reviews

    It offers a range of home solar energy systems with and without batteries and SunPower reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive. Its installations feature SunPower solar panels and equipment and come with an industry-leading warranty for 25 years.

    • Uses its own high-efficiency solar panels, batteries, and inverters
    • Provides a 25-year labor solar equipment warranty
    • Offers flexible financing with 0 downpayment
    • Known for excellent customer service
    • Leads the solar industry in sustainability

    Disclosure : We may get a commission for quotes accepted by the customers. However, it has no impact on the authenticity of our reviews.

    Our Opinion

    SunPower is a trusted name within the solar energy industry largely due to its high-quality solar panels. Unlike most installers, SunPower has its line of solar energy equipment with Maxeon Solar Technologies. and its solar panels are some of the most efficient on the market.

    The company uses local certified solar contractors to complete its installations that handle the design, permits, installation, and repairs. To become part of the network of solar installers, local contractors complete special training with SunPower and must meet its selection criteria.

    SunPower was founded in 1985, so it has a long history in the solar energy industry. Its headquartered in San Jose, California and its solar manufacturing plants are located in the United States, France, Malaysia, Mexico, and the Philippines. SunPower operates globally and installs solar energy systems in all fifty states. In addition, the company offers some of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry for 25 years, along with lucrative financing programs and solar leases. enabling you to go solar for 0 upfront.

    SunPower Products: Home Solar Systems Storage

    SunPower produces a full line of residential and light commercial solar energy equipment, including photovoltaic solar panels, energy storage batteries, inverters, and mounting hardware. Its products are designed to work seamlessly together for optimum clean energy production.

    SunPower Equinox

    Known for producing more solar electricity in less space, the following suite of solar energy products is designed to work together to create a complete home energy solution:

    Maxeon Solar Cells

    Created with optimum energy production in mind throughout the lifespan of the system, Maxeon cells maximize solar energy output while minimizing solar cell degradation over time. This feature enhances the power performance of the modules over the life of its products.

    SunPower Solar Panels

    SunPower produces five lines of solar energy panels- M-Series, A-Series, X-Series, E-Series, and P-Series, which contain Maxeon cells. Several of these lines are known for being some of the most energy-efficient solar panels in the market, producing more power in a given space.

    Thus, these solar modules are ideal when space is limited. Also, its products offer excellent 25-year power performance guarantees, ensuring the panels will produce well for years to come. In addition, the SunPower flexible solar panel is ideal for portable power, like camping trips, but is not commonly used for rooftop solar installations.


    This residential racking system is designed to install rooftop solar energy systems with SunPower panels. The rail-based racking system works with various sloped roofs and is known for design flexibility and aesthetics.

    Built-in Micro Inverters

    Inverters convert the electricity produced from the solar panels (DC power) for use in homes (AC power). SunPower solar panels feature built-in micro-inverters on each module instead of having a separate wall-mounted inverter for the whole unit, saving space. In addition, these SunPower inverters help boost overall solar system performance while minimizing the impacts of shading.

    Sunpower SunVault Storage

    The SunPower battery storage system enables you to store solar energy during power outages or when electricity rates are highest (in areas with time-of-use rates from the utility company). This whole-house backup solution reduces dependency on the power grid and seamlessly integrates with the SunPower Equinox system.

    Other Features

    SunPower has two digital tools to get a free solar quote in minutes or monitor the solar panels and battery from a mobile app.

    SunPower Design Studio

    This tool helps you get a free solar quote after entering some basic information about the home without the salesperson’s visit. The SunPower Design Studio creates a custom design by examining the roof, detecting obstructions, and analyzing the surrounding environment. If your energy requirement increases and creates a requirement for additional solar panels, this tool allows you to edit the design.

    You can add more solar panels to the design later if your home electricity usage increases.

    mySunPower App

    You can easily view your solar energy production, battery storage levels, or utility bill savings with this simple app that integrates everything into a single portal.

    Sunpower State Availability

    SunPower products are available across the United States

    SunPower Warranty

    The entire solar energy system is protected by a SunPower Complete Confidence warranty for 25 years, including the solar panels, inverter, racking system, and labor. The company handles all the warranties under a single roof, potentially saving money if repairs are needed.

    The solar equipment warranties are provided through various manufacturers with other solar energy companies, and the installer typically guarantees its work for several years. Although other solar companies offer warranties, there can be issues resulting in the customer paying for the labor and shipping broken equipment back.

    SunPower Cost

    The cost of a solar panel system depends on its capacity and if there is a battery storage system. Typically, solar systems without batteries range between 3.12 and 3.74 per watt installed. A 6 kW system would range between 18,720 and 22,440 before incentives like the federal tax credit.

    18,720 – 22,440 (before incentives)

    However, obtaining a quote for a solar system on your home is the best way to get an accurate price. Using the SunPower Design Studio is the easiest way to get started.

    SunPower Payment Options

    With SunPower, there are three main ways to pay for the installation: pay cash, obtain 0 down financing, or lease your solar panels. The second two options involve making payments to SunPower over time.


    A federal tax credit is available for the solar installation at your primary or secondary residence. The tax credit for systems installed in 2022 is 26% of the total system cost and 22% of the system cost in 2023. However, you are not eligible for the federal solar tax credit if you lease a solar energy system instead of buying or financing it.

    Therefore, a 20,000 solar system installed in 2022 could qualify for a 5,200 tax credit. In contrast, the same system installed in 2023 could qualify for a 4,400 credit. Unfortunately, unless extended, the tax credit will end in 2024. Speak with a tax expert to ensure you can take advantage of this valuable solar incentive.

    In addition, some electric utility companies and state local governments offer additional solar incentives. Refer to the DSIRE database for information about incentives in your area. Also, SunPower offers a 1,000 Visa Rewards Card for AAA members in the Northeast, SoCal, and Colorado.

    How does SunPower’s installation process work?

    The solar installation process begins by you receiving a solar estimate and connecting with a local solar installer of the SunPower network. If needed, you can apply for financing and receive a proposal for your customized solar energy system. From there, the company’s local wing will handle everything from design to permits and making the final connection.

    SunPower Solar Customer Service

    Besides excellent quality solar equipment, SunPower is also known for exceptional customer service. For the installation, the company assigns local contractors trained and vetted by SunPower to have a firm grip on the quality of services.

    SunPower: Key Details

    Let’s look at what sets SunPower apart so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your home.

    • Durability/Warranty : Complete 25-year warranty including labor and all components
    • USP : High-efficiency solar panels, industry-leading warranty
    • Avg. Installation Cost : Between 18,720 and 22,440 for a 6 kW system before incentives, 0 down solar leases
    • Payment Options : Cash or obtain financing through SunPower
    • Service Types : Residential and light-commercial solar systems, battery backup

    Best Solar Companies in Arizona

    National Weather Service statistics show that Arizona is the sunniest state in the USA [1]. Arizona has 286 sunny days on average each year, which is 81 more days than the average for the country as a whole [2].

    As of now, Arizona ranks fifth in the total capacity of solar energy installed [3]. The state gets just under 10 percent of its electricity from solar sources, but given Arizona’s vast exposure to sunlight it is clear this percentage has the potential to rise significantly in the coming years [4].

    Arizona homeowners interested in solar energy can take comfort from the fact that solar energy costs less in their state than in most places. The price of a complete solar energy system in Arizona ranges from between 2.54 to 2.64 per watt of electrical capacity installed, depending on the size of the solar photovoltaic array (larger systems are a bit less costly) [5].

    At the present time, the average cost for solar energy in the United States is 3.00 per watt of capacity installed, so Arizona homeowners who take the plunge into solar will pay 12 to 15 percent less than the average American solar purchaser [6].

    When accounting for inflation, the adjusted cost of electricity purchased from the grid is expected to average about 22.5 cents per kilowatt hour over the next 25 years [7]. In contrast, the adjusted cost of electricity produced by a solar panel array is just 4.5 cents per kilowatt hour, which highlights just how much of a long-term bargain solar energy is for most Arizona homeowners [8].

    Best solar companies in Arizona

    Solar CompanyGreentumble Rating Score
    SunPower 5.0
    Renova Energy 4.8
    Elevation 4.8
    Arizona Solar Wave 4.7
    ADT Solar 4.7
    Palmetto Solar 4.5
    Sun Valley Solar Solutions 4.3
    Sunny Energy 4.3
    Verde Solar Power 4.2
    Solar Optimum 4.0

    Best solar energy company in Arizona: SunPower

    Recognized as one of the premier solar energy installers in the American Southwest, SunPower has introduced thousands of Arizona homeowners to the money-saving wonders of solar energy. Its installation teams are highly skilled and experienced, and they can produce a customized installation plan for each home that perfectly matches a homeowner’s preferences.

    SunPower’s perks for homeowners include:

    best, solar, companies, arizona, sunpower, equinox

    #1 High-efficiency solar panels: SunPower’s patented Equinox Solar Energy System can be constructed from one of three types of SunPower solar panels, all of which are among the most efficient and reliable solar panels available in the industry.

    #2 Free expert home evaluations: SunPower’s trained professionals can evaluate your rooftop or ground space and give you a precise idea of what your solar needs would be. Your initial free consultation can take place in person or online.

    #3 Virtual installation software: The unique Design Studio app from SunPower will let you create a customized solar installation for your home all on your own, so you can see for yourself how solar panels will decorate and enhance your property.

    #4 Fully integrated battery storage: For 24-hour, 365-day reliance, you can connect your Equinox solar panel array to SunPower’s expansive SunVault Battery Storage system, which can take you completely off-the-grid if that is your preference.

    #5 Flexible financing: SunPower representatives can help you select a consumer-friendly financing package that will facilitate fast and affordable solar panel installation.

    #6 An unprecedented long-term warranty: SunPower’s 25-year warranty on equipment performance, parts and labor offers the most comprehensive protection available for solar homeowners anywhere.

    If you want to go solar in Arizona, SunPower can provide you with a comprehensive, integrated solar energy and battery storage solution that will allow you to achieve true energy independence.

    Runner Up: Renova Energy

    Renova Energy is based in California, but installs first-class solar energy systems in Arizona as well. Renova is an elite SunPower dealer, which means you’ll have access to SunPower solar panels (some of the most efficient in the industry) should you choose to contract the highly trained professionals at Renova to install solar panels on your property.

    Having earned a reputation for consistently reliable customer service, Renova offers attractive solar equipment packages that are fully warranted and guaranteed to meet your home energy needs for the next two decades or more.

    When you purchase the company’s RenovaPlus Advantage service plan they will handle all the cleaning and maintenance of your solar energy system, eliminating any worries you might have about the long-term performance of your rooftop panels.

    If you’re interested in doing business with Renova, one of their licensed consultation specialists can answer all of your questions about solar and tell you all about their company’s impressive record of success in a rapidly expanding industry.

    How to choose the best solar company in Arizona

    Recognizing a potential hot market when they see it, solar installers have moved into Arizona in impressive numbers.

    best, solar, companies, arizona, sunpower, equinox

    There are now more than 300 solar energy companies licensed to do business in the state, all eager to assist homeowners ready to make the leap into solar.

    To protect your investment, you should avoid getting involved with a solar company without a proven record of success. The best way to do this is to choose a solar installer that has superior online reviews and an established presence in your area. Ideally you’d be able to speak to neighbors who’ve worked with that company and can testify to their professionalism and proficiency.

    When collecting quotes from different companies, beware of bids that seem higher or lower than the norm. Low bids suggests low-quality equipment and untrained labor, while high bids could mean a company is trying to take advantage of you.

    Your decision is an important one, and you shouldn’t accept the first impressive sales pitch you encounter. You should choose at least three companies in your area to inspect your property and give you quotes, and you should select the installer that is most successful at earning your trust.

    Solar incentives in Arizona

    In the United States you won’t have to pay the full cost of a solar home installation. There are a multitude of credits and rebates available that can help reduce the size of your investment, including some that are exclusively reserved for new solar homeowners in Arizona.

    #1 Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit

    You can deduct 25 percent of the cost of your newly installed solar panels from your Arizona state income taxes, although the size of your total deduction cannot exceed 1,000 [9].

    #2 Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption

    When you install a solar energy system in Arizona, your property tax assessment will remain unchanged [10]. This is a meaningful exemption, since a study by the real estate marketplace website Zillow found that rooftop solar panels will increase a home’s value by 4.1 percent on average.

    #3 Solar Equipment Sales Tax

    Solar panels are exempt from sales taxes in Arizona [12]. Since the current sales tax in Arizona is 5.6 percent, this represents a significant savings.

    #4 Arizona Net Billing

    Arizona’s equivalent of net metering is known as net billing. Under this system, you’ll be granted ‘excess generation credits’ on your utility bill for any solar energy you don’t use and reroute back to the grid. These credits will be calculated at a rate that is between five and 30 percent lower than the current retail cost of electricity (different utility companies offer different rates) [13].

    #5 Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

    Under the terms of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can deduct up to 30 percent of the cost of your solar energy installation from the amount due on your federal income taxes.

    Arizona homeowners are coveting the solar energy option

    The sky is the limit for solar energy in Arizona. Research by Google’s Project Sunroof found that 94 percent of the state’s buildings are viable locations for solar panels [15]. Since supply of sunlight is no problem, solar energy’s growth potential in Arizona is immense.

    Taking all tax credits and other financial incentives into account, it costs the average homeowner in Arizona 11,071 to install a six-kilowatt solar panel array for a modest-sized home, and 17,752 to install a 10-kilowatt solar system to satisfy the energy needs of a larger residence [16].

    This translates to a 7.1 to a 8.7-year payback period, which describes how long it will take before the money you save on electricity surpasses what you spent to install your solar energy system [17]. After factoring in some limited maintenance costs, your solar panels could save you 30,000 on electricity costs over the next 25 to 30 years [18].

    It’s easy to see why Arizona homeowners are attracted to solar energy. Solar has a bright future in the state, as bright as the state’s cloudless skies on a hot summer day.

    Best Solar Panel Guide: REC vs. Sunpower

    Advantages to Going Solar

    As renewable energy gains popularity, solar energy is emerging as a top choice due to its numerous financial and environmental advantages. By installing solar panels, you can generate most of your own power and reduce your reliance on the grid, resulting in significantly lower electric bills. Additionally, investing in solar energy can increase the value of your property, making it a Smart long-term investment.

    Beyond the financial benefits, going solar also has a substantial positive impact on the environment. By decreasing your reliance on non-renewable energy sources, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help combat climate change. For example, an average single residential solar panel system can eliminate around 4 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting over 100 trees.

    How to Chose the Best Panel

    When you choose to go solar, selecting the right solar panel type is crucial. There are two main types of solar panels to choose from: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline panels are made from a single silicon crystal and are known for their higher efficiency and quality, while polycrystalline panels are made by melting together many fragments of silicon and are less expensive but less efficient.

    Aside from the type of panel, other important factors to consider are performance metrics such as power and efficiency. Power is the panel’s output under ideal conditions, measured in Watts (W), while efficiency refers to how well the panel can convert sunlight into electricity. These two factors combined determine the overall electricity production of the solar panel system. Other factors to consider when selecting solar panels include warranty, temperature coefficient, and resiliency depending on the location where the panels will be installed.

    SunPower is a solar energy company that has shifted its FOCUS from manufacturing to installation, now partnering with a couple of oversea manufacturers, such as Singapore’s Maxeon and India’s WaaRee for solar panel manufacturing. This is contrary to consumers’ conception that Sunpower is made in the USA. While SunPower installs Maxeon and WaaRee products, it’s worth noting that Sunpower’s installs can be more expensive than other comparably advanced solar panels on the market. Additionally, many of these products are now available to other installers, which may offer them at a better price than SunPower.

    REC is a strong solar panel manufacturer that has been in the industry for over two decades. While REC is a Norwegian company, it has a manufacturing facility in Singapore, reflecting its global presence in the market. REC offers a range of excellent solar panel series, with the Alpha Pure and Alpha Pure R series being among their most popular products. Overall, REC is known for producing high-quality solar products at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in solar energy. With REC, you can obtain a top-notch solar panel system at a relatively affordable price, without compromising on quality or performance.

    Comparing Panels: REC Alpha REC400AA vs. Sunpower A-Series SPR-A400

    When comparing solar panels, the REC Alpha REC400AA and SunPower A-Series SPR-A400 (manufactured by Maxeon) have several similarities. Both panels are monocrystalline with a rated power of 400W, a 25-year warranty, and 0.25% derating. While the efficiency rating for SunPower’s panel is 21.4%, REC’s panel has a slightly higher efficiency rating of 21.6%, although the difference is minimal.

    One significant advantage of the REC panel is its 132 monocrystalline half-cut cells, compared to SunPower’s standard 66 cells. This feature gives the REC panel an edge in shading tolerance and leads to a slight increase in panel efficiency. Additionally, the half-cut cells in REC’s panel are physically more durable than traditional cells, thanks to their smaller size, making them less susceptible to cracking.

    Another notable difference between the two panels is their price and bankability. While both panels have comparable features, SunPower’s A-Series SPR-A400 is typically more expensive than the REC Alpha REC400AA, which is still a reputable and bankable product. Therefore, the REC panel is an excellent option for those seeking a high-quality, durable, and cost-effective solar panel system.

    Brand REC Sunpower
    Model Alpha REC400AA A-Series SPR-A400
    Cell Type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
    Efficiency 21.6% 21.4%
    Power 400W 400W
    Power Derating 0.25% 0.25%
    Product Warranty 25 yrs 40 yrs
    Performance Advantage Half-cut cells Standard cells

    A 40-year warranty for solar panels is uncommon and may not be practical for most consumers as it is likely that the roofing will need to be replaced before the warranty period is over. In such cases, u ninstalling and reinstalling the solar panels is a costly process. and many owners may decide to upgrade their solar systems instead, rendering the 40-year warranty less significant. Consumers should consider the long-term cost-benefit of investing in a solar panel system with a 40-year warranty before making a decision.

    Residential Solar in San Francisco Bay Area

    From small to large residential projects, Cobalt Power Systems Inc. can install a solar energy system that meets the needs of your home. Our San Francisco Bay Area solar company has over 100 years of combined industry experience, and we’ve installed more than 3,300 systems all across the Bay Area and Northern California.

    Solar has never been more accessible, affordable, and environmentally impactful than now. With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the federal tax credit has increased to 30%. If you have been uncertain as to whether solar is right for you, the time is right to start the process.

    Let Cobalt Power Systems Inc. and a San Francisco Bay Area Solar System Designer from our team help you install quality solar panels for your home! Call (650) 817-7791 or contact online today.

    Putting Residential Solar to Work for You

    When homeowners decide to take advantage of the plentiful solar power that is available, the benefits are extensive. The clean energy that a residential solar energy system provides helps to reduce the property’s carbon footprint substantially. Further, no matter how large or small the property may be, you can enjoy energy independence and all the savings that come with it. Not only have installation costs dropped significantly – costs decreased about 70% between 2010 and 2017 – but these systems have longer lifespans and shorter payback periods than ever before. This means that homeowners can enjoy well over 25 years of clean, reliable energy without large monthly utility bills.

    Learn more about our residential solar services:

    Why Choose Cobalt For Your Solar Installation in San Francisco Bay Area?

    For our solar services, we’re proud to partner with SunPower and utilize their reliable solar technology. These panels are 30-40% more efficient than a typical solar panel, resulting in a smaller PV array on your roof. Cobalt Power Systems Inc. was the first dealer to be awarded the title of Elite Dealer by SunPower and was recently honored as Dealer Of The Year.

    Are Solar Panels Worth It For My Home?

    Investing in any sort of major home renovation is a big decision to make – the price tag of a brand new solar system isn’t small by any stretch of the imagination, and calculating future value isn’t always easy in the moment. That’s what our San Francisco Bay Area solar team here at Cobalt Power Systems Inc. is here for. We receive questions from potential and current customers all the time, and have answered many of them to the best of our ability here.

    Whether you want a more detailed breakdown of how these devices work or if you have more questions about what it will cost to outfit your home, we’ve got you covered. Bottom line, however, is that it’s never been more affordable to get into solar. The price of panels dropped approximately 80% over the past decade, and there are still government incentives in place to further benefit your decision to switch to solar.

    Learn more about the benefits of installing solar panels on your home:

    Ready to Start Saving Money? Call Cobalt Power Systems Inc. Today

    All across the country, Smart homeowners are switching to solar energy to power their homes. From saving money to helping the environment, solar just makes sense. The impact a PV system will have on your home’s value will depend on how much energy your system generates: the more your system makes, the more your home is worth. Solar also allows you to use more power guilt-free. When you install a solar system, you’ll know the energy you use is generated in a clean, renewable way.

    Worrying about increasing energy costs is a thing of the past. As energy costs rise, homeowners can feel confident about locking in their low energy rates when they have a PV system installed.

    Call (650) 817-7791 today or contact us online to learn more about residential solar in San Francisco Bay Area.

    How Do Solar Panels Work With My Home?

    This is one of the most frequent questions we get from potential clients. We’re more than happy to give you a basic rundown of a few components below:

    Solar Panels: Photovoltaic panel convert the sun’s rays into clean, reliable energy that then powers your home or business

    Inverter: Energy then flows through the inverter to the electric panel which converts it into usable alternating current.

    Electrical Panel: This distributes the energy produced by your PV system to your building’s load and to your local utility.

    Utilities: Surplus Power Is Fed Back To The City’s Utilities Which Runs Your Meter Backwards To Give You A Credit On Your Next Bill.

    the Utility Grid: Your property remains connected for moments when you need extra energy, such as at night or during a rainy day.

    System Performance: You can monitor your system’s performance to make sure your PV panels are always giving you the best in value for your investment.

    best, solar, companies, arizona, sunpower, equinox

    Free Consultation Every house or business is different, which is why we take the time to create the perfect design for your home or building – entirely free of charge.

    System Installation Our San Francisco Bay Area solar experts install your system, making sure everything is done to code and working properly.

    Finally, we will perform a check of the system and finalize your solar with the city local utilities so you can start saving money.

    Why SunPower

    SunPower® is an American solar company with a 35-year history of innovation and quality. Their solar technology, value, warranty, and aesthetics are unmatched. We are proud to partner with a company whose commitment to the community and the future matches our own.


    Freedom Solar Power is honored to have been selected from among 500 dealers nationwide as the “Residential Top Producer of the Year” in 2021 for the third consecutive year. This award reflects continued recognition over the past five years for putting customers first, demonstrating exceptional industry knowledge and leadership, and installing more residential solar than anyone else in the U.S.


    SunPower’s integrated solar technology is fundamentally different. And dramatically better. They offer the most advanced panel efficiency that will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your system and will increase your home’s value if you decide to sell.

    SunPower solar panels offer a sleek design through low-profile mounting system for homeowners who want a superior aesthetic. They are also proven to stand up to harsh conditions such as hail, extreme temperatures, and hurricane-force winds better than any other home solar technology.

    From the warehouse through installation to your roof, SunPower products are required to meet comprehensive quality and reliability standards. This includes detailed quality review of each system component, meticulous vendor verification, and supplier and installer guidelines and continuing education.


    When you choose Freedom Solar Power as your installer, you can rest assured that your entire system is backed by SunPower’s 25-year warranty, which is the most comprehensive solar warranty for panels, microinverters and racking. We also offer a 10-year warranty for your monitoring system. Freedom Solar will be your one-stop-shop to manage the warranty and any service needs, simplifying the process of solar ownership for you.

    With the quality of our products, you may never need to use our warranty. But if you do, we make it simple and quick. The SunPower warranty covers labor, shipping, and parts if anything needs to be replaced. Unlike other companies that may require you to pay for shipping and testing fees or have hidden exceptions, SunPower makes it easy.

    Together, Freedom Solar Power and SunPower have a combined 50 years of expertise in the solar industry. Our alignment of values across quality craftsmanship and excellent customer experience means that you receive the best solar experience available on the market today.

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