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Best Smart Benches. Solar bench charging station

Best Smart Benches. Solar bench charging station

    best, smart, benches, solar, bench, charging

    Solar bench charging station

    Naturally the ibench ® is ideal for sitting on, but this innovative outdoor furniture can do a lot more. The variable design/concept developed in Germany enables customisation and configuration with many technical, acoustic and visual refinements. The ibench ® offers quick and uncomplicated entry into the long overdue digitalisation of cities and communities.

    • Elegant, timeless design: Comfortable look and feel, high-quality workmanship and available in all RAL colours. Custom colours available on request.
    • Smart features: WLAN hotspot, smartphone charging, ambient light, and much more. The ibench ® will become the new favourite spot for your target group.
    • Robust and easy to service: The ibench ® is designed for durability and to withstand environmental influences and daily use.
    • Sustainable and renewable: Many ibench ® features can be operated with the integrated solar panels. visible for all to see. Showing the way!
    • Versatile with many variants: Customise the ibench ® precisely to your requests.
    • Individual inscription or displays: Make use of the ibench ® as advertising media and activate sponsors.

    Here you will find all information in the Smart flip catalogue.

    The top features of ibench®

    Integrated solar panelsRenewable and independent power supply.

    Multi device charging stationSmartphones, tablets, e-bikes and electric scooters (hybrid)

    Multi-connectivityWLAN hotspot, Bluetooth stereo sound, visualisation

    Lighting signageAmbient, sense of security and attractive advertising spaces

    Environmental dataTemperature, air humidity, particulate matter, and much more (opt.)

    Set up easily

    Self-sufficient power supply with efficient solar panels

    With the ibench ® you don’t have to worry about development of the installation site. Through efficient solar panels integrated in the seat, the bench supplies itself with power. Simply place the ibench ® in a sunny position where you want seating with ambient lighting and a mobile charging station; the ibench ® will do the rest.

    Three monocrystalline solar panels each with 40 Wp produce enough energy for lighting, mobile charging function and LTE router, and therefore enable easy installation and virtually uninterrupted operation of the ibench ® throughout the year, without additional power supply. Long-life, maintenance-free AGM batteries are fitted in the seat for buffering the solar energy, which are optimally charged with the aid of sophisticated electronics.

    The solar panels are visible for all to see and provide the ibench ® with renewable energy, and therefore sustainably charge mobile devices. A shatter-proof Perspex screen protects the technology against humidity and external mechanical influences.

    For fuel-intensive tasks such as charging e-bikes or electric scooters, the ibench ® requires additional power supplied by an external power connection. This is only used when the energy of internal batteries is no longer sufficient. The operation of displays requires this additional power supply (hybrid version).

    Multi device charging station

    Smartphones, tablets, e-bikes, electric scooters

    With the ibench ® you enable users to charge their electronic devices easily and conveniently. Two USB charging ports are available as well as two Qi charging pads for wireless charging. Simply place your device on this.

    Also the ibench ® offers perfect charging options for the new mobility with e-bikes and electric scooters, while the user is invited to have a short break.

    Via a USB port on the front of the ibench ® and two Qi charging pads on the bench seat, you offer users the possibility to charge up their electronic devices easily and conveniently. Up to 4 mobile devices can be charged on the ibench ® simultaneously. The USB connections are only for charging mobile devices; no data is downloaded or collected. This is GDPR compliant.

    E-bikes are charged with bike energy via an integrated DC fast charger. There is no need to handle dangerous voltage, the battery does not need to be removed, and charging is approximately twice as quick as with a wall charger. The innovative magnet coupling also prevents damage to the bike or charging point.

    Strong connections

    WLAN, Bluetooth and much more

    Your new ibench ® is a true connectivity marvel. Provide your visitors with internet via WLAN hotspot free of charge. Enable music playback via 2 integrated sound pressure transducers by Bluetooth in stereo quality or collect environmental data that they always wanted to have. (optional)

    As a manufacturer we can adapt the ibench ® exactly to your requests and requirements. And what’s more, any integration not mentioned here can be implemented at little expense. Feel free to contact us.

    A WLAN hotspot supplies anyone in the immediate vicinity with high-speed Internet. Free, high-speed internet access is quickly gaining in popularity and becoming an attraction, especially for users with low data volumes or in locations with poor network coverage. Make use of this effect for targeted controlling of visitors and guests in your community, on your campus or in your company.

    LTE routers, repeaters and wired routers (e.g. fibreglass) can be installed in the ibench ® as an option.

    Optionally, a Bluetooth sound system can be integrated into ibench ® to turn your new bench into a favourite meeting point. Enable every visitor to connect to the ibench ® via Bluetooth and play their music. Naturally, you determine the maximum volume and availability of service.

    As standard, your new bench will enable you to collect environmental data, such as temperature and air humidity. This data is necessary for the reliable function of the ibench ® and helps to assess the general condition of the bench.

    You can define other optional measurements and as a result build up an interesting pool of information. All this information will be provided to you via an intuitive web interface, meaning that you can access the relevant info at any workplace.

    Do you have any other ideas which features you want to integrate into the ibench ® ? We look forward to receiving your message. as a manufacturer we are in the position to implement most requests and welcome your suggestions.

    Lighting digital signage

    Integrated LED lighting and/or monitors

    Utilise your new street furniture multifunctionally. With the ibench ® you get a bench that not only looks modern, but with sophisticated features such as LED downlight and side monitors, emphasis is placed on the perception of your public space. Illuminated street furniture gives visitors a feeling of safety, while at the same time highlighting relaxation spots by using lighting elements.

    best, smart, benches, solar, bench, charging

    Optionally integrated monitors can be used for digital signage or renting to advertising partners.

    The downlight is an LED-based, energy-saving ambient lighting which is attached underneath the bench. This indirectly lights the space surrounding the bench. A “light space” is generated, which also gives a safe feeling in the dark and invites you to take a break and rest.

    The accent light strip is attached to the edges of the bench and emphasises the silhouettes of the ibench ®. It consists of discreetly lit and energy efficient LEDs. Decide for yourself which type of lighting best fits your street furniture design. You have a choice of 5 different colours for the light strip.

    The ibench ® can be powder-coated in all RAL colours and designed freely by us (or you) using conventional advertising technology. Make use of the lateral advertising space to convey your message or sponsor the bench via cooperation partners.

    Information, entertainment and advertising: Depending on the screen and use, the robust and outdoor displays can be integrated both in the side panels and in the benches. You can use these for your own messages or for your advertising partner.

    Your content can be transferred via online stream or online data transfer.

    Any unanswered questions? We’ll be happy to advise you.

    Best Smart Benches

    You’re strolling around town and your mobile device is running low on battery? You are lost in a new city and could use a direction? Free charging and internet hotspot would solve everything, right? Take a look at some of the competitors in this competition and see if some of their solutions could help you out in situations like these.

    Weekend fun time!

    Brave, CityOS

    Made by InClude

    Steora is the Smart bench made in Solin, Croatia. Equipped with mobile device charging stations, Wi-Fi hotspots, temperature controlled seating, ambient lighting (bench illuminates up to 2 meters ra.

    Temperature controlled seating and beautiful design of the bench wins this one for me. Seriously amazing stuff!

    Brave, CityOS

    Made by Strawberry energy

    Easily installable and movable urban furniture powered by solar energy, capable of charging your mobile devices, giving you information about the environment, local events and even free emergency phone call. Developed by Belgrade-based firm, this Smart bench is slowly becoming a staple in the industry.

    Made by Universal Industries

    This solar-powered Smart bench offers charging of up to four devices, as well as giving insight about the environment using integrated sensors for air temperature, pressure, humidity and UV levels. It is currently being produced and developed in Dubrovnik by a local, young startup. They hope to make their bench even smarter with new versions coming along.

    Made by Ecological Solar Charger

    Ecological Solar Charger is a Smart bench company that is located in Norway. Their Smart benches are bringing more value to a modern and mobile generation. With a FOCUS on making cities more comfortable to live in, they are one of the leading companies in the industry.

    Bus stop, meet solar bench. This new Smart and sustainable, solar powered bus stop offers a lot of functionalities. You can purchase your transport ticket using your smartphone, download informatio.

    I am fascinated by the variety of offers they provide and I am excited to use its facilities myself. great idea. Inspirational and innovative.

    Made by Smart Palm

    Smart Palm is a self-sustainable device recharge station, info point, and free Wi-Fi access station. Soaking up the huge amounts of sunlight during the day, these trees store the energy and discharge it back in the evening. On each tree, there are eight charging points and Wi-Fi ranges up to 100 metres in any direction, as well as a 360 degrees infrared CCTV camera, touch screens with city information and digital outdoor screens.

    Made by Soofa

    Soofa is a solar-powered urban seating, capable of charging two Smart phones at a time and collecting air quality and other environmental data. Users are also allowed to interact with nearby ‘social lights’, shifting their colours based on the use of the seats. Developed at MIT Media Lab, these benches were first launched in Boston, and later on in eight States.

    Made by Isabelo

    Isabelo is Africa’s first entirely solar powered public bench with free Wi-Fi, offering mobile phone charging and relaxed seating. Product name is derived from the Zulu word “to share” and the idea is all about sharing: Sharing a seat, sharing a public space, sharing content online. This street furniture is quickly becoming the area’s trendiest meeting place.

    Outdoor Solar Bench Smart Phone Charging Station

    Product Description The solar benches could meet with many requirement, which are Anti-smashing, waterproof. It can produce power from the sun. and use the sun power to supply the advertising light box, and the USB port for mobile phone charging. Single crystal high efficiency solar panels High.

    Product Details

    Solar Smart Bench is a versatile outdoor bench that offers USB mobile device charging from utilising solar energy without external electrical connection.

    The simple design of the bench allows solar energy to be collected and stored in the integrated controlled battery system to be used as and when required.

    The stored energy also powers LED concealed lighting on the bench and can be utilised for Wi-Fi and other reporting.

    Product Description

    The solar benches is mainly used Aluminium Alloy. could meet with many requirement, which are Anti-smashing, waterproof.

    It can produce power from the sun with solar panel, and use the sun power to supply the advertising light box,

    and the USB port for mobile phone charging.

    The whole idea of Smart bench is to help build a Smart city. using technology to help people more comfortable when providing the rest place and shelter and Free Wi-Fi and charge for phones.

    And also using the cleaning solar power as the power input to help reduce the pollution and waste.

    High efficiency solar panels

    Quick USB charging port Optional

    Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Module Optional 3/4G router internet access sharing IP65 Waterproof

    We accept customized design and order.

    This solar bench can support two charging functions: wired and wireless.

    USB 3.0 socket is set on the side of the seat, which can meet the common data line of mobile phone on the market.

    As optional, the bench has the wireless charging function. Just put the mobile phone in the charging area marked on the bench can also provide charging for the mobile phone, which is very convenient and solves the problem of charging for passengers.

    The power supply required for all this is through the solar panel on the top of solar bench, which drives the Bluetooth audio, Wi-Fi and charging devices set under the bench to provide the power required for this solar bench.

    best, smart, benches, solar, bench, charging


    Our factory

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    Our Project

    Our company served in a lot of projects.We are ready to support you to achieve great sucess in your business.

    Our Goal

    In the next decade, green environmental protection will remain the key to the sustainable development of the global economy. Global climate change is becoming more and more serious. The coordination between economic progress and natural boundaries has become a global issue, and carbon neutralization has become a common voice of all countries in the world. According to scientific research from the United Nations, if we want to avoid the most serious impact of climate change, we must limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C, and the goals of the Paris agreement need to be further advanced.

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    What Is A Solar Bench and What Does It Do?

    A solar bench is a new innovative furniture item that you will find in urban areas that have high traffic. It is a bench that uses Smart technologies that allow users to charge their devices using solar power while sitting and relaxing. You will also be able to access 4G internet while charging your Smart device.

    A Smart solar bench is a great addition for social spaces as it runs on clean solar energy which gets stored and will be available 24/7. The solar bench allows you to work, study or relax as it features wireless chargers and USB ports. An important thing to note is that this bench will be comfortable as it will not get warmer than 30°C.

    How much does it cost?

    The market for Smart benches is growing as they are very useful, especially in high traffic areas. Also, with the push for using more green energy options, this is a great concept to revolutionize benches everywhere. This is also a great idea to improve the places where people will sit and this can be converted into a revenue earner for the owner.

    The Smart solar bench is a Smart device that has several high-quality components. This is not a regular product and the design of the bench is intended to give uninterrupted service for at least 20 years. This is even after being exposed to the elements of the various outdoor conditions. Therefore, considering the conditions the Smart bench will be exposed to, it cannot be made from low-quality components.

    With the many features that the Smart solar bench will carry, there is a discussion of the available pricing points. Clients who are looking to purchase the device can expect to spend around 2,800 to 5,500. The solar bench price will depend mostly on the selected model.

    Solar Bench Charging Station

    The Smart bench is a contemporary bench that is modern and comfortable and highly useful for users to charge their Smart devices. This can be applied to several settings, including student centers, museums, retail areas and essentially anywhere with Smart device users on the go.

    The solar bench was developed to meet the evolving needs of a technologically driven society. The needs of the environment are also changing, as a result, it was made to be useful while being modern and attractive.

    These innovations are helping to make our surroundings smarter and more sustainable over time. It will give the users an impactful social experience with devices that are innovative and help to make your living comfortable. With the ability to access the internet, some solar bench models can maintain useful data of the surroundings such as the number of people that used it, the average amount of users per day and the number of hours of solar charging it has provided.

    How does a solar bench work?

    The charging station is designed to maximize the collection of solar energy and is very easy to install anywhere. The solar bench is designed to manage the solar energy absorption and the load to charge devices. It is also designed to work even on cloudy, dark and rainy days where solar energy may not be readily available.

    The power supplies are covered in a weather-resistant enclosure that is reinforced with theft-resistant safety screws. The benches are also shipped with pre-drilled holes that will facilitate easy installation. The Smart solar bench will allow the users to sit down and charge Smart devices via wireless charging pads or USB ports. For the internet, your Smart device can be connected via a Hotspot to browse the web as needed. The internet connection can provide fast speeds which can give users a fast browsing experience.

    The Smart bench will not go out and lose charge and will be available all day and night to provide charge and internet access. Despite any adverse weather, the panels will give up to 110W of electricity per hour. Natural solar energy will convert efficiently and will be available when it is required.

    Ad Display Area

    Some models come equipped with an information display area where advertisements can be shown to users while they are on the bench. This can be used to provide useful information as needed to users. It can even be seen as an economic opportunity for businesses to advertise their goods and services to the public in an easy to absorb and perhaps an interactive way.

    Why should we use a Smart solar bench?

    The world is constantly changing and it is amazing how technology has evolved beyond our wildest dreams. The Smart solar bench is one of those innovations that give useful technology to be able to continue our device usage while using the bench. This is an example of what the city of tomorrow will look like and will be able to keep users connected and happy while moving around their towns. It is great for users who may be cycling, walking, driving and simply being near one of these benches.

    Some models of these benches can help with transport decisions as well, and can monitor things such as humidity, carbon dioxide, sound and temperature. The data from these areas can be reviewed and used to make critical decisions based on the location of the bench. The Smart solar bench is equipped with sensors to monitor these areas in and around the bench. This will collect the data parameters and the current status of the bench. On some models, the collected information will be displayed on a dashboard for easy review. If there is an issue on the unit, it will be shown on the display and will immediately notify users if something is wrong.

    Since the bench is a great area for charging and relaxing, the area makes users relax and simply can provide a good social space for users to meet and chat. This can provide a great area to meet and socialize while your devices charge.

    Your College Needs a Solar Charging Station – Here is Why

    Colleges typically need a huge amount of electricity to operate efficiently. Largely, the requirement is due to air conditioners, PC Labs, and even heavy lab equipment. Running this equipment for nearly half the day throughout the year is not cheap. It is also not environment friendly.

    While it may be impractical at this point for the whole college to switch to clean energy, it is possible to make quite a big impact when it comes to cost savings and eco-friendliness with the help of solar power charging stations installed around the campus.

    Extra Revenue for the College and more Convenience for the Faculty and Students

    One of the best uses of solar-powered charging stations is that they can power electric vehicles. Everyone who goes to the college—including students, support staff, and faculty members—can have the benefit of getting their EVs charged to capacity while they are parked on the campus.

    Rather than having to spend money on expensive fuel, they can fill their vehicles with clean electricity for a nominal fee. As a bonus, they will no longer need to wait around at petrol bunks or drive in polluting vehicles that spoil the air on the campus and harm the biodiversity.

    Ensuring a Green and Vibrant Campus

    Because of the various types of solar-powered charging stations. students can have a campus that is well-connected and sustainable. For instance, there are solar-powered benches that use the sunlight to power up and serve as charging stations for college students who want to juice up their phone batteries. Interestingly, they also come with Wi-Fi and speakers.

    over, companies are making solar charging tables that students can sit around and work with their laptops charging on it. Another application of a solar charging station is that it can power LCDs that feature ads or announcements for students.

    It is worth noting that once these solar charger systems are installed, they require minimal maintenance.

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    With the presence of an outdoor charging station on the campus, your college can play a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint of the country.

    Colleges tend to use multiple power-consuming appliances, such as air conditioners, lab equipment, etc., and so, switching to sustainable energy to power the campus is a step in the right direction.

    Encourage Further Adoption of Solar Energy

    If there’s a visible solar power charging station in the college, it will undoubtedly inspire the students and faculty members to make the switch to renewables in their own lives. The institution can further serve as a case study for going solar, which will make more people adopt it.

    Other Uses of Solar Charging Stations

    Solar-powered charging stations can have versatile applications on a college campus. For instance, during a natural disaster, which tends to affect traditional electricity lines, the solar charging stations can be used as a backup to power up phones to call for help. Besides, a solar charger setup can be used to conduct sports events on grounds away from the campus, where it may be hard to bring in power lines.


    Installing solar chargers in college can be perfect for not just powering the campus in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way, but it can also teach students about sustainability.

    If you have questions like how many solar panels are needed to power a college or how much does a solar-powered charging station cost. feel free to reach out to us. Apart from providing the best solar charging stations for colleges, we also provide you with help and guidance on picking the right setup from our line-up of industry-leading products.

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