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Beat the blizzard: Save $1000 on portable power stations and generators. Wellbots solar generator

Beat the blizzard: Save $1000 on portable power stations and generators. Wellbots solar generator

    Beat the blizzard: Save 1000 on portable power stations and generators

    Power stations are the perfect off-grid or blackout power source. Pick up amazing holiday deals on backup power stations from top brands like EcoFlow, Jackery, and more.

    Taylor Clemons is a tech writer and reviewer based near Cleveland, OH. After graduating from Tiffin University in 2011, they spent several years in lawn and garden manufacturing before working on their own (now defunct) game review site, Steam Shovel.

    Rebecca Isaacs is a tech writer based in New York City. Her passion for tech has provided expert insight for many publications including NBC and Digital Trends.

    Taylor Clemons is a tech writer and reviewer based near Cleveland, OH. After graduating from Tiffin University in 2011, they spent several years in lawn and garden manufacturing before working on their own (now defunct) game review site, Steam Shovel.

    Rebecca Isaacs is a tech writer based in New York City. Her passion for tech has provided expert insight for many publications including NBC and Digital Trends.

    Power outages from extreme weather is a year-round threat, but with a portable gas or battery-powered generator, you can keep essential medical equipment, appliances, and mobile devices running. When shopping for a portable generator, make sure you know how many watts you’ll need to run things like lights, phone chargers, and electric ranges and add around 10 percent to ensure that there will be enough energy to go around.

    The best portable power stations

    Keep essential appliances, electronics, and equipment running during power outages with these electric backup generators.

    And when you get your generator, remember to never use a gas or liquid propane-powered engine indoors and never plug a generator into your home’s electrical system without first installing a transfer switch to prevent fires and other electrical damage. I’ve combed the web to find the best deals on portable generators so you can save a little money while prepping for extreme weather situations.

    Vtoman Jump 1500

    Save 1,000 with coupon

    The Vtoman Jump 1500 can boost up to a 3096Wh capacity when you connect the included Jump 1500 expansion battery. It can power a 1500W appliance. Plus, it features 12 output ports for AC outlets, USB-A and USB-C, and more. Click the coupon before adding it to your cart to get the 1,000 discount.

    Companies That Offer Refurbished Solar Generators

    Finding a company that offers refurbished solar generators can be the key to conserving natural resources and saving money. Solar generators run on solar power, which means they do not require fossil fuels like gasoline or propane to work.

    They are best for people living in remote locations where it may be difficult or inconvenient to obtain a traditional power source. Find out how you can source your solar generators from companies that offer refurbished solar generators online for reduced prices.

    Refurbished Solar Generator Summary Comparison Chart

    Company Name Percentage Discount vs. New Warranty Length
    Nature’s (Oxnard CA) 34.9% 90 days
    Nature’s (AllProGenerators- USA) 37.2% 1 year
    Bluetti (Maxoak- Las Vegas Nevada) 32% 1 year
    EcoFlow (California) 35.7% 1 year
    EcoFlow (from Wellbots) 5.8% 1 year
    EcoFlow (eBay- San Francisco CA, USA) 50% 1 year
    EcoFlow (Walmart) 68.8% 1 year
    Firman (USA) 63.8% 90 days
    Snow Joe (USA) 12.2% 90 days
    Baldr (Hercules, California, United States) 70.2% No warranty
    Ideaplay (Chino, California, United States) 53.8% 2 years
    Ecowareness (Same as EcoFlow) N/A – Offers only refurbished products 1 year
    PowerOak (USA) 31.6% 1 year
    Bluetti (eBay- La Puente, California) 30% 1 year
    Duracell Power (Camarillo, California) 68% 90 days

    Nature’s (Oxnard, CA)

    In Oxnard, California, Nature’s sells remanufactured generators. All products returned in their original packaging are eligible for a 30-day return period.

    A 90-day guarantee accompanies their refurbished solar generator. They give a one-year warranty on all new items, during which the products should be free of faults in their original material or craftsmanship.

    You can save 250.00 or 25% off the original price of the Gold System. As a member of Elite-Gold, you may save 200 or 13.3% off the actual price.

    Nature’s (AllProGenerators- USA)

    AllProGenerators offers refurbished generators for purchase. Nature’s generator provides the same features and advantages as the new version of Nature’s, but at a significantly lower cost.

    In addition, it has a 90-day warranty, whereas the new one has a 1-year warranty. By purchasing Nature’s generator from AllProGenerators, you can save 34.9% off the initial price.

    Bluetti (Maxoak- Las Vegas Nevada)

    Bluetti from Maxoak- Las Vegas, Nevada does not accept returns, but offers a 2-year warranty on new products and a 1-year warranty on refurbished items. You may save up to 37.2% off the 429.00 price of a brand-new Bluetti.

    EcoFlow (California)

    Saving money on solar generators has never been easier. With EcoFlow, you can get a refurbished solar generator that is just as effective as a brand-new one, but for a fraction of the cost.

    Additionally, with their 30-day return policy, you will be able to evaluate the product prior to making a purchase. Our generators are covered by a 24-month warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is secure.

    On some models, you can save up to 32% while on others, you can save up to 35.7%. You will save hundreds of dollars if you purchase one of our priciest models.

    EcoFlow (from Wellbots)

    Wellbots’ EcoFlow provides a remanufactured generator. Similar to new products, it has a 24-month warranty and may be returned within 30 days. You will save 5.8% off the current price of 849.99.

    EcoFlow (eBay- San Francisco, CA, USA)

    EcoFlow (eBay-San Francisco, CA, United States) is selling a refurbished generator at a 50% discount. They give the same 30-day return policy and 24-month warranty as for new products. This generator is extremely essential in any type of emergency.

    EcoFlow (from Walmart)

    The refurbished EcoFlow solar generator from Walmart is ideal for anyone who wishes to have electricity when they need it most. This item is returnable until January 31, 2023, and it has a 24-month guarantee, the same as if it were brand new. You can save 68.8% off the typical price of 449 by purchasing this item.

    Firman (USA)

    Firman, an American-based corporation, supplies refurbished solar generators. These items come with a 90-day guarantee and are returnable if you are not happy with your purchase.

    New Firman generators are covered by a 3-year guarantee, whereas refurbished generators are covered for 90 days. The new one may cost up to 829.99, so you may save 63.8%.

    Snow Joe (USA)

    Snow Joe USA provides refurbished generators to help customers save money and the environment. Their refurbished generators are meticulously inspected, tested, and cleaned, and come with a 90-day warranty.

    In addition, they provide a 3-year warranty on new generators and a 30-day warranty on refurbished generators, so you can rest assured that your generator will be ready when you need it.

    Baldr (Hercules, California, United States)

    They offer refurbished generators that are up to 70.2% less expensive than its new Baldr solar generator product. The company does not accept returns and does not provide a warranty, whereas new products come with a 1-year warranty.

    Ideaplay (Chino, California, United States)

    With Ideaplay, you may use a refurbished generator from the same manufacturer to keep your house or company operational during a power loss.

    They allow one-day returns for any reason, so if you are unsatisfied, you may return the item for a full refund! And with the same warranty as a brand-new generator, you can be confident that their 2-year warranty will cover your purchase.

    When you purchase your next generator through Ideaplay, you may save 53.8%.

    Bluetti (from eBay- La Puente, California)

    Bluetti of eBay-La Puente, California provides refurbished generators. Additionally, they do not provide refunds. They give the same one-year guarantee as the new product. You may save 30% off the new Bluetti’s price, which is 1899.

    Ecowareness (from EcoFlow)

    Ecoawareness provides refurbished generators built for use in off-grid scenarios, allowing you to power your house or company in an emergency without using fossil fuels.

    Ecowareness provides a 30-day return policy, a 24-month guarantee, and solely rrefurbished merchandise.

    PowerOak (USA)

    PowerOak USA provides refurbished generators with a fourteen-day return policy. The new one comes with the same 12-month warranty as the refurbished one. You may save 31.6%. You may save money because the new one costs €512.05.

    Duracell Power (Camarillo, California)

    Camarillo, California’s Duracell Power sells rebuilt generators. Duracell Power can assist you whether you’re seeking for a low-cost generator solution or want to help the environment by recycling your old generator.

    All of our items are accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee. All B-stock items come with a 90-day guarantee, whilst new products are covered for 2 to 5 years. You may save up to 68% off the suggested retail price.

    Ecoflow Delta Pro Review – This is a Power Juggernaut

    Portable power generators have been gaining popularity lately and if you are in the field, you will have heard of Ecoflow products. Ecoflow has been manufacturing some of the most aesthetic, Smart and high-quality power stations. Till now, I have tested more than 5 power stations and own 4 different units myself. I love tweaking them and putting them to extremes to see how they perform.

    Ecoflow Delta Pro, their new model has garnered so much attention for its huge capacity and Smart features. In this article, we will see if Delta Pro lives up to its hype. We will also dive deeper into its features, performance and my personal experience after using it for a month now.

    I received Delta Pro from Wellbots. They offer this product at the cheapest price on the market. The whole experience including the delivery was great.

    Use coupon code KD29PGGF to get an additional 200 off on Ecoflow DELTA Pro here. This is probably Ecoflow Delta Pros best price on the market. The code works on bundles too.

    What’s in the Box

    WellBots used FedEx for the delivery. It was a smooth experience. If you do not live on the ground floor, you will need a helping hand. The package will be humongous. Weighing around 100lbs, it is heavy as a mountain.

    Do not attempt to carry this yourself. I did that mistake and I had to skip my gym session that day. Because it is so heavy, even taking it out of the box is not easy. Having an extra hand will help.

    Note: If you live in an apartment or a gated community, do not let the delivery partner deliver this package to the leasing office. Ask them to deliver it to your door, if there is an option.

    beat, blizzard, 1000, portable, power, stations
    • Delta Pro power station
    • AC charging cable
    • Solar charging cable
    • Car charging cable
    • Delta Pro to Smart Generator adapter
    • DC5521 to DC5525 cable (sometimes used for solar extension)
    • User manual
    • Warranty card (24-Month warranty. You can also register on Ecoflow’s website for digital confirmation)
    • Power station handle cover

    First Impressions

    Ecoflow is known for its aesthetics and futuristic look. Let us have a look at the build quality, different ports and controls on the device.

    Build Quality

    I am a huge fan of Ecoflow’s build quality. Their products are rugged yet aesthetic. Delta Pro is built extremely well. They used high-quality ABS plastic but some parts of the station feature rubber. Although the ports are well built, the side back panel doors are not very smooth. I mean, it’s easy to open them but difficult to close.

    There is a handle on either side of the power station but still, it is too difficult to carry it by one person. The luggage-like handle and the wheels on the lower back are new to Ecoflow Delta series but they are extremely helpful, especially when you are moving this thing around on a flat surface.

    There are 4 cooling fans, 2 on either side. They make a ton of noise (more on this later). Overall, I am happy with the build quality.

    Output Ports

    There is a total of 15 output ports on this device. Meaning, you can power 15 devices simultaneously with the Delta Pro generator.

    Name Number of Ports Description
    AC 20A 4 120V 60Hz Pure sine wave, 3600W total output with 7200W total surge
    AC 30A 1 same as above
    USB A 2 5V, 2.4A | 12W max power per port
    USB A Fast Charge 2 5V, 2.4A | 9V, 2A | 12V, 1.5A | 18W max per port
    USB C 2 Voltage ranges: 5/9/12/15/20V, max current: 5A. Max power of 100W per
    DC5521 Output 2 12.6V, 3A | 38W per port
    Car charging port 1 12.6V, 10A | 126W max power
    Anderson Output 1 12.6V, 30A | maximum power of 378 watts

    It’s a pity that all the AC ports are US type. It would have been extremely convenient to have at least one universal AC outlet. If you are to plug devices with EU/UK/etc, you will require an external adapter. For detailed ports specifications check the manual here.

    DC5521 (or just DC port) is very helpful to power devices that take power via DC port. Devices like CPAP machines make use of DC ports very much.

    The default standby time of AC ports is 12 hours. If the AC load is zero, then the AC power automatically turns off to save power loss.

    beat, blizzard, 1000, portable, power, stations

    Input Ports

    There are 2 input ports both of which are used to recharge the battery

    • AC Charging input – 120V, 1800W Max | 240V 3000W Max
    • Solar/Car Charging input
    • Solar charger: 11-150V, 15A max, 1600W max input power
    • Car charger: Supports 12V or 24V battery. The default current rating is 8A


    Ecoflow Delta Pro can be controlled in several ways, traditional on-unit control, wired control (via ethernet port) and IoT/Wi-Fi control via a smartphone app (more on this later).

    Talking about on-unit control buttons. On the front, we have two buttons

    • Power button – Long press to turn on/off the power station. Quick press to wake up the LCD screen
    • AC power button – To turn on/off the AC output ports

    On the back, we have two buttons

    • Overload protection switch – If the power station is overloaded, maybe by plugging in power-hungry devices, you can use this switch to reset the fuse.
    • AC charge speed switch – Allows you to control AC charging speed (in-depth info on this later)
    • Fast – This mode lets the power station draw more power from your wall outlet. input power so faster recharge.
    • Slow – Draws lesser power from the wall socket but takes a while to fully recharge

    On the side panel, we have 4 buttons

    • 12V DC power button – Lets you turn on/off DC ports
    • IoT reset button – To reset the Wi-Fi connection
    • Pairing Button – For Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pairing
    • Standby switch


    Okay, I have used Ecoflow Delta and River 600 both of which are very portable and can be carried around by yourself. But, with a larger battery capacity, comes a higher weight. Weighing 100 pounds, Delta Pro is definitely not an easy-to-carry device. It is still portable but not very convenient to move.

    On a flat surface, you can make use of its luggage handle wheels to move easily. Just press the button on the handle, pull it, pick it up and just roll. After you reach the endpoint, put it down, press the handle until it clicks and you are done.

    The problem is with uneven surfaces/staircase/outdoor use. It is a two-person job. Don’t get me wrong, I carried it two floors up my apartment and it was crazy, I wouldn’t do it again, ever.

    On the flip side, it is not like a traditional home UPS where you set it and forget it. Delta pro can still be taken to places but make sure you have some helping hands. Also, if you are thinking to purchase this solely for camping, I wouldn’t recommend it. I think EF Delta is just enough for that purpose.

    Delta Pro can also be used in vertical mode, just like a luggage bag.

    Now, let us have a look at the technical specifications of the Ecoflow Delta Pro power station. That’s where the money is right! Let’s talk about it

    Power Capacity

    When it comes to portable power stations, power and battery performance are the most important. Higher power means you can drive multiple and/or high-power appliances without having to worry about overloading the station.

    Ecoflow DELTA Pro offers an output power of 3600W which is massive. The last time I wrote about a power station of this size was EP500.

    To give you a context of how much 3600W power is,

    TV Laptop Microwave Oven Instant Pot cooker 10 Light Bulbs 1 Room Heater = 3600W (approx)

    If I roam around my house and note down all the devices rated over 3600W power, I may find the HVAC system (window and portable ACs are well under 3.5k) and the electric water heater. That’s it! Everything else, including the electric stove, dryer, fridge, etc are under the 3.6kW mark. This means DELTA Pro can replace the traditional home inverters in most households.

    Not just for households, this much power is enough to drive many power tools in your workshop making this power station a good backup option for mobile workers, shops, small-sized offices and whatnot. For campers, you can stay comfortably in a jungle for weeks with this one. But good luck carrying it around.

    To give you an example, my parents live in a 5 bedroom house and use a 2000VA UPS. A 2kVA UPS generates a power of about 1600W. Since they live in a rural area, frequent power outages are common. With this 1600W, they are living very comfortably. Apart from AC and cloth dryer, everything else works, even a half HP water pump. Now compare this with Delta Pro’s power rating. than double!

    That’s not all, there is X-BOOST


    Delta Pro has a feature called X-Boost that can boost the output power to a whopping 4500W. For this, you will have to turn on the X Boost mode via the smartphone app. When turned on, the power station can power a 4500W max device and avoids operation failure due to overload protection.

    Battery Capacity

    Ecoflow Delta Pro power station features LFP batteries (lithium iron phosphate). This type of battery is found to be very efficient. Tesla is planning to use LFP batteries for its EVs.

    In any power bank, battery capacity determines how long you can use the battery to power your devices. The higher, the better. DELTA Pro, featuring a 3600Wh battery, can continuously power any device

    The math is simple and here it is,

    Total backup duration = Power rating of a device / total battery capacity

    Example: My TV has a power requirement of 80W. So, 80Watt divided by 3600Watt hours = 45 hours. This means the Delta Pro battery station can power my TV continuously for almost 2 days. This is under ideal conditions. In real world, it could be slightly less than 45 hours because no battery will be 100% efficient.

    If you are thinking about whether 3600Wh is enough or not, start by listing down the most power-hungry device in your home. In my case, it would be my clothes dryer that consumes 2000W continuously. On Ecoflow Delta Pro, I can run my dryer for about 1.5 hours. If I am not wrong, my dryer takes about 70 minutes for full load drying. So, one full load for sure.

    If you are planning to use it as a whole-home power station, you will have to keep in mind that there will be multiple devices hooked up.

    A 2.2kW load is showing 1 hr backup time but it is more than that since does not show fractional numbers

    Time to compare – my parents have two 150Ah 12V batteries. So, the total battery capacity would be 3600Wh which is the same as DELTA pro. This much juice is good enough to keep an average home running in the US (without HVAC of course)

    Tip: If you live in a place that gets too cold/hot, portable battery stations may not be a great option for you. HVAC and water heating are vital in many cases and most power stations fail to cover those devices. A gas generator can be a good option in such cases.

    The Battery is Expandable

    Yes, Ecoflow Delta Pro’s battery capacity can be increased. In fact, it supports upto 25,000 Wh which is insane. You can either purchase Ecoflor Delta Pro Smart extra battery or add another power station unit.

    The extra battery ports on the back panel will help you achieve this. The process requires the use of the Double Voltage hub or Smart Home Panel kit. These accessories are sold separately.

    Shelf life

    Delta Pro’s LFP batteries have a shelf life of 1 year (after a full charge). Shelf life is the length of time a battery can remain in safe storage without losing its capacity. I used the word safe storage because if you store it under extreme temperature, the batteries die quickly.

    If you are planning to buy this just as an emergency power backup and don’t expect to use it at least once every 2-3 months, please make a note/set a reminder to discharge and recharge it once every quarter. You don’t want to lose this huge investment because of negligence.

    Cycle life

    Battery cycle life is another important aspect. Cycle life is the number of charge and discharge cycles that a battery can have before losing performance.

    Delta Pro’s battery has a cycle life of 3500 cycles to 80% capacity. So, even if you discharge and recharge this power station every day, it lasts for 10 years? I don’t have enough data on this but we should rely on the manufacturer’s words.

    Storage and Maintenance

    It is worth to be noted that storing a battery (any battery) with a low charge for a long period shortens its lifespan. This is the reason auto experts suggest you turn on your auto engine at least once every two months.

    Fortunately, DELTA pro minimizes battery damage by putting the battery into hibernation mode. The manufacturer, however, recommends keeping the battery at around 60% before putting the power station into long-term storage. It is also recommended to discharge the battery to 30% and recharge it back to 60% once every 3 months.

    The ideal storage temperature would be between 70°F to 85°F. Keep it away from water and make sure not to store in temp above 110°F or below 15°F for a long time. High temperature is extremely bad and can quickly degrade battery efficiency.

    Warning : DO NOT use this product near water without a waterproof or atleast a water-resistant bag. If water gets in the battery area, it will be a huge mess. Better to be safe than sorry.

    For detailed info on maintenance and FAQs, refer to the official manual

    Battery Protection

    The technology is so advanced now that you don’t have to worry about damaging the battery. Equipped with Ecoflow’s intelligent silicon chip, Delta Pro power station has,

    • Over voltage protection
    • Overload protection
    • Over temperature protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Low temperature protection
    • Low voltage protection and
    • Overcurrent protection

    Uhh, that’s a lot of protection. I don’t know, maybe there is nuclear attack protection too! This power station is perfect for doomsday bunkers lol

    Surge Capacity

    We have a whopping 7200W surge rating. This means the power station can provide 7200W for a brief period of time (typically several seconds). Surge is very helpful when you are using coil-based electronic devices like pumps, heaters, ovens, motors, etc.

    The concept is simple, some power-hungry devices require more power while starting. For example, a microwave oven takes twice as much power in the initial few seconds. After that, the intake reduces drastically. Surge capacity will be used in such cases.

    In general, having a surge rating of 7200W is beneficial because it covers most if not all devices. People who work with power tools will get the highest benefits out of it.

    LCD Display

    Ecoflow DELTA Pro has the most informational display I’ve ever seen in any battery device. Wow, this display even has a carbon monoxide alert, how cool is that! Also, the display is bright enough to be seen under the sun.

    There are 23 indicators on the display and it would be easier for you to understand if I attach a picture instead of text.

    Ecoflow Smartphone App

    When Ecoflow released its River 600 power station, it launched its new mobile app to enable IoT operations. DELTA Pro is their second battery station with Smart control functions. The battery station connects to the phone either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you choose Wi-Fi, you can control this device from anywhere in the world. Refer to the Remote Control guide for more illustrations.

    When you receive the product, download the app and pair the device with your phone. You may be asked to update the firmware, do it. Sometimes, firmware updates screw up the connection settings. If so, reset Delta Pro by pressing the IoT button and reconnecting to your phone.

    Once done, you can explore different options. The app has sick animations and is very user-friendly. It displays input and output wattage. Individual port outputs and whatnot. You can also turn on/pff X-Boost, AC and DC power.

    Apart from these, you can also configure various settings like charge/discharge level, AC charge speed, timeout, etc.

    Note: There is a small delay in data sync. The LCD display on the device is realtime while the data on the app is delayed by a second or two.

    Charging Ecoflow DELTA Pro

    There are several ways to charge this battery station. You can also combine one or more for faster charging.

    AC Charging via X-Stream Technology

    This is charging from a traditional wall outlet. Delta Pro supports X-Stream which is a fast charge technology. This offers upto 1800W power input. You can control the charging power through the AC charge speed switch at the back panel.

    If set to fast, the station draws a max of 1800W from the grid (wall outlet). Typically takes about 3 hours to fully charge. I always charge it in fast mode and I see around 1600W input on the display.

    Ther is a customizable/slow mode. Here you can select the charging power from 200W to 1800W. The default is 400W. The range can be modified via Ecoflow app only. Slow charging is helpful when you are on a limited power line and want to ensure you are not overloading the power source.

    Solar Charging

    Nowadays, every portable power station supports solar panel input. With Ecoflow Delta Pro, you can use up to 1600W solar input to recharge the batteries.

    The included MC4 to solar charging port cable lets you connect to your solar panel. If you are using more than one panel, connect them in series. Make sure the DC input voltage lives between 11-150V with 15A max current.

    I tried solar charging by connecting my Ecoflow 110V foldable solar panel to it. It works well. There is a solar input indicator on the display along with input wattage. For households, I recommend using a rooftop solar kit. For outdoor/travel use, get a portable solar panel. These are the ones I recommend.

    Car Charging

    We can also recharge the product through the car outlet. It supports 12V/24V car chargers and 8A current input. Only use this while your car is started/running to avoid battery drainage. The charging cable is included in the package.

    EV Charging via Infinity Port

    You can use EV charging stations to quickly recharge DELTA Pro. With Infinity port, you can draw up to 3400W input to fully charge in under 2 hours. For detailed info on Delta Pro EV X-Stream Adapter, check this manual.

    Performance of DELTA Pro

    Let us now see some of the devices that can be powered by Ecoflow DELTA Pro and the duration.

    Just to test, I charged this battery generator to 100% and hooked up my laptop and two monitors to it. It ended up powering them continuously for a day before dying. My MSI gaming laptop is very power hungry.

    “> Appliance “> Will it work? “> Backup time (approx)
    “>Laptop (80W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>100 Times
    “>LCD TV (150W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>24 Hours
    “>Smartphone (8W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>500 Times
    “>Refrigerator (150W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>3 Days
    “>Ceiling Fan (52 inch) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>2 Days
    “>Microwave Oven (1100W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>3 Hours
    “>Instant Pot Cooker (1000W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>3.5 Hours
    “>Space Heater (800W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>4 Hours
    “>Corded Drilling Machine (600W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>6 Hours
    “>Washing Machine (900W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>4 Hours
    “>CPAP Machine (60W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>10 Nights
    “>Wall Mounted AC (8000Btu) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>1.5 Hours
    “>Electric Kettle (1300W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>2 Hours
    “>Circular Saw (2300W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>1.5 Hours
    “>Welding Machine (1800W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>2 Hours
    “>Electric Bike (500W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>100 Miles
    “>Coffee Maker (750W) “>Yes ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>4 Hours
    “>HVAC (5000W) “>No ” data-sheets-numberformat=””>–
    Electric Water Heater (4000W) No

    These values are approximate. The actual duration may differ depending on factors like battery efficiency, device characteristics, etc

    Noise/Sound During Operation

    The biggest issue with the DELTA Pro portable generator is its sound. It is so annoying. I have used different power stations before, mostly of lower capacities like 1500Wh or so and they were quiet during operation. With a larger capacity comes louder noise. Delta Pro makes so much noise that I stopped charging it when I am around.

    The video shows charging sound. At full load, the operating sound is twice as much as this. You can hear the sound from the second floor too.

    This power station uses fans to keep itself cool. There are 4 fans and they turn on continuously while charging and intermittently when powering a load (continuous when the load is high). It is so loud, that I sometimes feel distracted, esp during meetings. I do not recommend keeping the unit near you at all. It is just worse.

    Does not matter if the input power is 400W or 1800W, it is always on during charging. Same while delivering power.

    If the load is very small (say 30W), the fans are off. If it is something like 150W, the fans turn on once in a few minutes. If it’s a heavy load, the fans are continuously on. I am not saying there should be a way to turn them off but it would have been great if there was an option to minimize the noise.

    I give 3/10 stars for this section. Very disappointing.

    My Experience and Verdict

    I have been using DELTA Pro for over a month now and so far, except for the noise, I am loving this device. It is advanced, Smart and is like a swiss army knife of power stations. Has every possible port, aesthetic look and insane capacities.

    Note : The first time when I used it to power my laptop and monitors, I got the ‘new electronics’ smell which is scary but common. The smell disappeared after a couple of days of use

    Personally, I use portable power stations during road trips/outdoor activities. But people who live in rural areas might make use of it well. Especially, those who are prone to frequent power outages, storms, etc. I did use my stations during the last winter storm here in Texas.

    If you are using this as backup power, go for it. With such huge capacities and battery life cycles, you can definitely replace your home UPS with this. It supports direct grid to appliance operation which is cool.

    BUT, if you are planning to buy this just as an emergency power source, I do not recommend battery stations. Mainly because battery generators need to store power to deliver power. If your outage lasts for weeks, then you are doomed. I know it is eco-friendly, more effective but still, a diesel generator might be a better option here.

    With that being said, I think Ecoflow DELTA Pro is best for RV owners, mobile workers, small workshops, small businesses/shops, home offices and residential homes in general. If I live in an apartment, I would get Ecoflow Delta instead of Delta Pro.

    Use coupon code KD29PGGF to get an additional 200 off on Ecoflow DELTA Pro here. The cheapest on the market. The code works on bundles too.

    I spent a lot of time testing out this product and writing this article. I hope this Ecoflow Delta Pro review was helpful to you. If you have any questions related to the product or have Комментарии и мнения владельцев/experiences to share, please leave them in the comment section below. I appreciate it.

    A lesson in portable power: A review of the EcoFlow DELTA 2

    Years ago, shortly after my wife and I first moved into our home, we were hit by a storm. It wasn’t a hurricane, and it wasn’t a particularly bad storm, but it was a storm nonetheless, and it knocked out our power for over a week. We lost all of the food in our fridge and freezer. We had to drive to my in-laws to take a shower. There was no AC, and we live in hot and humid Florida, so it was absolutely miserable.

    • What is the EcoFlow Delta 2?
    • What are the features of the EcoFlow Delta 2?
    • What do I like about the EcoFlow Delta 2?
    • What do I not like about the EcoFlow Delta 2?
    • Why would you want an EcoFlow Delta 2 or a portable power station?
    • Weathering a storm with the EcoFlow Delta 2
    • Lesson 1: Go ahead and get an extra battery
    • Lesson 2: Know what you’re powering beforehand
    • Lesson 3: Have more than one power station at the ready
    • The ultimate lesson: Act now Show 5 more items

    It’s an experience I’d rather not repeat, and yet, every hurricane season the opportunity is certainly there. recently, Ian passed by us, wreaking havoc on the southern parts of the state. We live near Tampa, but fortunately, we were on the outskirts of the storm’s path. Still, there was ample opportunity to lose power, as we have before, and since our roof was damaged, the winds and rain were clearly dangerous enough to do some destruction.

    For all my writings about portable power stations, and claims about how useful they are, this would be a true test of their convenience, and frankly, reliability. If my power were to go out indefinitely, could they sustain my refrigerator? Could I use a portable AC to keep at least one room in my home cool and comfortable? What about everything else I needed to power, like cell phones for an emergency, tablets to entertain my children, or lights to see what I’m doing?

    beat, blizzard, 1000, portable, power, stations

    I was fortunate enough to receive the EcoFlow Delta 2, offering 1,024-kilowatt hours of charge in a LiFePO4 battery. It’s a portable power station and backup energy solution with an incredibly versatile feature set, expanding upon EcoFlow’s original Delta Pro. Most importantly, it can keep the power going during a major storm like we recently endured. But I’ve talked about many of its features before, and also about the features offered by a host of other power stations on the market. The real question here is, just how useful was it? Did I encounter any setbacks? And finally, is it worth owning one in the event of an outage or emergency?

    Let’s tackle these questions and discuss my recent experiences, shall we? And if you want to grab the EcoFlow Delta 2 for yourself, you can do that, as well.

    What is the EcoFlow Delta 2?

    The EcoFlow Delta 2 is both a portable power station and a home backup battery system. In other words, once charged, it can be used just about anywhere to power electronics, appliances, and more. It can be charged in several ways, such as through a regular outlet, solar power with solar panels attached, and more.

    If you pair up an EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery you can extend the power capacity even more, up to 2,048 watt-hours, or with the Max Extra Battery up to 3,040 watt-hours. For the uninitiated, that’s enough power to supply the average family and to keep an entire home running for about a week (and potentially longer).

    Think of it as a sort of electric generator, except it doesn’t use gas, produces no harmful emissions, and is generally much more user-friendly and easy to set up. Really, the only thing you have to do is plug devices into it — there are a host of outlets and options at your disposal.

    EcoFlow claims it will hold its charge for up to six times longer than comparable systems, and after ten years it will still be able to hit 80% of its original capacity. That’s because the LFP battery type is incredibly efficient and reliable and will last for about 3,000 cycles, likely more.

    What are the features of the EcoFlow Delta 2?

    Now that you know the basics, let’s move on.

    What do I like about the EcoFlow Delta 2?

    • It’s lightweight: At 27 pounds, and with built-in carrying handles, the Delta 2 is actually fairly easy to move around and certainly fits inside the trunk of even smaller vehicles. Up against traditional generators, there is no comparison; this is so much more convenient.
    • You can use it indoors: Hopefully, you know this, but you cannot use a traditional generator indoors and within enclosed spaces. The toxic emissions are deadly. The Delta 2, and electric portable power stations like it, can be used safely inside your home.
    • There’s no guesswork: The built-in display tells you at a glance how much of the battery capacity is left, including how much time you can expect to continue powering whatever you have plugged in. You can also use the EcoFlow app to check this information too.

    Why would you want an EcoFlow Delta 2 or a portable power station?

    The obvious use case is to continue supplying power to your home during an outage. But that’s not the only reason for owning a portable power station like the Delta 2. Because they’re relatively lightweight, you can bring them anywhere, like on a road trip, camping, or even while you’re living off-grid. The fact that you can hook up solar panels, up to 500 watts, and charge to full in about three hours, opens up a whole world of new possibilities.

    Outside of major events, you could use this thing poolside, at the beach, in your backyard, or while visiting friends and family. For instance, if you wanted to host an impromptu movie night outside and hook up a projector and small surround system, you can do that, and you don’t have to worry about having outlets nearby or running an unsightly extension cable.

    As for why I wanted a portable power station, I just want to make sure my family has power, and with Ian barreling toward us, that was a very prescient concern for me. To be upfront, I did not lose power entirely, which is a miracle because everyone around us did and they were without power for more than a couple of days. However, my power did flicker constantly, which made doing anything for long nearly impossible. We couldn’t cook dinner, for example, because the power to the oven kept failing. We also powered a small TV so we could keep an eye on news updates and watch the storm’s path in real-time.

    Weathering a storm with the EcoFlow Delta 2

    According to the experts offering advice on how to survive a hurricane, batteries, or power banks, are absolute essentials. The EcoFlow Delta 2 certainly fits that bill. If you have the opportunity, you should get one. However, during my time dodging Ian, utilizing power stations, and securing my home, I learned a few important lessons, which I will carry over into future experiences, and I hope to share them with others here.

    Lesson 1: Go ahead and get an extra battery

    While the Delta 2 is a must-have and does a great job of supplying power and remaining pretty reliable, eventually you’re going to run out of juice. So, my recommendation is to go ahead and just pick up an extra battery or two to extend the system capacity. Throughout the week of the storm, I found myself constantly stressed over power, even with a backup solution, and with those extra batteries it would have brought tremendous peace of mind.

    Most of the substantial power station brands on the market offer some extra battery solutions. Regardless of which station you get, get some extra batteries too.

    Here are some of the estimated power times for various items, for just the Delta 2 alone with no batteries added:

    • Phone at 11 watt-hours: 89 charges
    • Laptop at 60 watt-hours: 16 charges
    • Light at 10-watts: 31 hours
    • Wi-Fi router at 10-watts: 31 hours
    • Small fan at 40-watts: 16 hours
    • TV at 110-watts: 8 hours
    • Refrigerator at 120-watts: 7-14 hours
    • Coffee maker at 1,000-watts: 0.8 hours
    • Electric grill at 1,150-watts: 0.7 hours

    Lesson 2: Know what you’re powering beforehand

    Similar to a bug-out plan or a survival plan, you need to discern a strategy before a storm or outage happens. In other words, figure out what’s essential and what you’ll need power for, and then test out your plan at least once.

    You’ll learn how long your power station can sustain your needs, and whether or not you should have any extra gear like batteries, or even another station. For example, I learned it would be beneficial to have the Delta 2 for major gear, including appliances, and then another smaller unit for mobile devices, emergency electronics, and so on. In my case, I had the handy, which I purchased myself in advance of the storm. I used that to keep my phone, my wife’s phone, and my children’s tablets going — the latter to keep them distracted from the scary wind and rain battering the walls of our home. It should also be noted that entertainment is something you should include when setting up a proper at-home emergency kit. Trust me, you’ll have a lot of downtime.

    As for EcoFlow’s power station, here are some of the things I powered with the Delta 2 in my home:

    • A standing fan
    • Portable AC
    • Tablets and phones
    • Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch
    • Retroid 3
    • A small fridge
    • Lights
    • Oven/air fryer
    • TV for news updates
    • Modem and router
    beat, blizzard, 1000, portable, power, stations

    You’ll need to prioritize based on what you and your family need most, and keep in mind that some of the things listed I didn’t keep powered on the entire time. The air fryer, for example, I used for a few minutes to cook some dinner. Everything I plugged in worked well with the Delta 2, which is a testament to its reliability.

    Lesson 3: Have more than one power station at the ready

    As I just mentioned, it’s always good to have multiple options at the ready. The Delta 2 is amazing, but it’s certainly not going to sustain a whole family’s needs, by itself, at least not for longer than a couple of days. There’s no telling how long you might lose power in a big storm like Ian.

    That’s precisely where those extra batteries come in handy, significantly boosting the power systems’ capacity. But having another station around gives you even more options, like placing it in a room where your family is protected, as opposed to just keeping the major appliances on. You don’t want to be hiding out in a kitchen with Windows, for instance; you want to be in a central room with no Windows and walls on all sides. If you have an extra power station, you can use something like the Delta 2 to keep your fridge and essentials powered on, and then place the secondary station in the designated shelter room. I’m grateful I had the smaller EB3A, but it’s definitely something to plan for in advance.

    The ultimate lesson: Act now

    You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget this especially when you’re busy with life, but the best action you can take for yourself and your family is to plan now. Right now, after reading this and while it’s on your mind.

    I didn’t, at least when it comes to having a power solution. We had our water, we had our food, and we had our house protected, but what we didn’t have, outside of the smaller Bluetti EB3A, was a power solution like the EcoFlow Delta 2. If the power went out for any extended amount of time we would have lost all of our food, our milk (which is a big deal for my kids), our frozen goods, and so much more. We also would have been without a comfortable home because the AC would have been off and it would have gotten really warm, really fast. You can’t just open a window in the middle of a storm either. The Delta 2 can at least power a fan, a small portable AC unit, or something to keep you cool.

    The good news is that now I have some experience with all of this, and I have a plan in place for future hurricanes for what I’m going to keep powered on and how I’m going to do that. I’m grateful I now have the EcoFlow Delta 2 to fall back on should our power ever go out again.

    If you’re interested, you can use code DTDELTA2 to save up to 100 on EcoFlow Delta 2 systems and bundles at

    Disclaimer: Wellbots graciously provided the EcoFlow Delta 2 sample I used in this review and during the storm.

    Wellbots Reviews

    Customer Service is always VERY helpful and the products are great! this is a go-to site for me!

    Date of experience : 06 February 2022

    Great Bluetti Seller

    Bought a Bluetti generator from them. Had the best price and free shipping. Item shipped within a day. (Delivery was delayed but that was FedEx’s issue) I found exactly what I needed at the lowest price and the whole process was super quick and easy. Item arrived in perfect shape and absolutely no complaints!

    Date of experience : 06 February 2022

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    Ordered a nautilus dolphin cc plus arrived within 2 or 3 days. Whole experience was great. Best price and fast delivery

    Date of experience : 05 February 2022

    Easy to assemble

    Easy to assemble. Looks sturdy, good value for money. Had to wait almost six months to get it. Long waiting time. But it was worth it.

    Date of experience : 29 January 2022

    Fast shipping and best deal found on…

    Fast shipping and best deal found on scooters! My girlfriend is extremely happy with her new scooter!

    Date of experience : 28 January 2022

    Found a quality solar generator on…

    Found a quality solar generator on Wellbots, and the whole process was very easy and expedient.

    Date of experience : 26 January 2022

    I purchased two roombas

    I purchased a bundle of floor cleaning robots primarily because the price was excellent. The robots arrived, and they work great. The only downside really is that they use FedEx for shipping. They are the worst and so the arrival was a bit unpredictable but they did eventually show up and I am happy with my purchase!

    Date of experience : 24 January 2022

    I had never heard of Wellbots prior to…

    I had never heard of Wellbots prior to my order, but I read a lot of positive things about them and gave them a try. Ordering was simple and they honestly had the lowest price on my product which enabled me to purchase the warranty. Tracking the order on Ship was easy too. The only issue that I had was that my order showed shipped, and I received a tracking number, but the order didn’t arrive on its scheduled date. I found out that only a label had been made and that the order had never shipped. No big deal, but when I reached out to customer service via email it took them about 4 days to reply. I called customer service, but honestly they only told me what I already knew. They couldn’t tell me when the order would be shipped. So, I waited and then finally after a week and half the order was shipped. I’m not mad about it, but it would have been better if the shipping info was correct. That way I could easily schedule myself to be available when the order was delivered. I’d buy from them again!

    Date of experience : 21 January 2022

    Wellbots worked with me to fix a frustrating situation

    After my original review, a representative from Wellbots got in touch with me, apologized for the situation, and worked with me to remedy it. At this point, I would happily order from them again in the future.Original review:-I placed an order on a Sunday and attempted to cancel on Monday before the order had shipped. I first tried by phone, but was never able to get through, so I requested cancellation via the contact form on their website. I did not receive a response until Wednesday, at which point they told me it could not be cancelled because it had already shipped. Then on Thursday I received a notification email saying that my order had just been shipped. When I asked for them to cover return shipping costs since I had asked for the order to be cancelled before it was actually shipped, they declined and informed me that I would need to pay 30 if I chose to return my order.

    Date of experience : 21 January 2022

    I purchased an EcoFlow power station

    I purchased an EcoFlow power station at the right price, plus no shipping or sales tax. Product is new, has all accessories, and I now plan to purchase an EcoFlow solar panel, as well. FedEx shipping was extremely poor, including 4 days of no-shows and/or door notices.

    Date of experience : 20 January 2022

    Product in perfect condition

    Product in perfect condition and as described. All obviously new condition. Snow delays on the 2 day shipping but no other complaints.

    Date of experience : 19 January 2022

    Very Pleased with Product, Service

    I found Wellbots when looking for a good price on a Garmin smartwatch. Their price matched Amazon’s (whom I despise), with the advantage of free shipping and no sales tax when shipped to Texas. I got my order quickly without having to track it or chase it around. It was well packaged and perfect, and fulfillment was accurate. I have zero complaints at this time, really great service.

    Date of experience : 18 January 2022

    Very impressed would purchase from…

    Very impressed would purchase from this company again

    Date of experience : 18 January 2022

    Great experience!

    Great experience in all respects.Great pricing with flawless shipping make me a repeat customer for sure.

    Date of experience : 10 January 2022


    I ordered two of the segway pro go carts for my son for Xmas. A week earlier I had ordered the segway ninebot from somewhere else. I could not believe when the welbots order arrived first and in perfect condition. I live in Wa state so had never heard of wellbots but they will continue to earn my business after this perfect experience.

    Date of experience : 09 January 2022


    Wellbots was great. Great price and made tracking my package simple. I will definately buy from Wellbots again.

    Date of experience : 06 January 2022

    Quick delivery

    Quick delivery. Excellent price!!

    Date of experience : 03 January 2022

    Thank you Wellbots

    Thank you Wellbots. After extensive research on EcoFlow solar generators I settled on the model 1300 Delta. So I went looking for a vendor and found that Wellbots had the best price and free shipping. The product was delivered in just a couple of days (and this was during the Christmas rush). Everything was in excellent shape and worked perfectly.

    Date of experience : 28 December 2021

    Great customer service

    Wellbots matched the price from another website and shipped faster than anyone else advertised. I texted with a rep named Bob throughout the process and he was super responsive and very helpful. When it shipped I got a text and was updated as needed. This is the best customer service I’ve received from any company in a long time! Thank you.

    Date of experience : 27 December 2021

    Wellbots had the best price

    Wellbots had the best price, even compared to Amazon, and I ordered the Roborock S6 MaxV from them. Then I had second thoughts and worried I might have just ordered from a scam company. But I researched the company (I know, I should have done that better placing my order!) and saw great reviews and that they were a brick and mortar business. I emailed them, got a personal response and felt much better. I received the vacuum quickly, even with Christmas back ups and I love it!

    Date of experience : 27 December 2021

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