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ALLPOWERS Solar Generator 2000 Pro (S2000 Pro 2 x SP027 100W Solar Panel). Solar generator 2000 pro

ALLPOWERS Solar Generator 2000 Pro (S2000 Pro 2 x SP027 100W Solar Panel). Solar generator 2000 pro

    ALLPOWERS Solar Generator 2000 Pro (S2000 Pro 2 x SP027 100W Solar Panel)

    The Solar Generator 2000 Pro offers a huge charging capacity of 1,500 Wh, harnessing the sun’s magnificent energy to power everything. fridges, ovens, microwaves and more. Solar charging has changed forever. harness the sun’s powerful energy to travel to the most spectacular places in the world, road trip and explore the great outdoors and live life to the fullest with friends. With a maximum charging power of 1500W, it can be fully charged within 1.6 hours, start your camping now.

    The S2000 Pro has a remarkable 1500Wh capacity and 2400W output, making it capable of running 99% of home appliances. You may use it to power the majority of tools and appliances for outdoor activities and domestic crises, giving you confidence in any situation.

    When equipment is off the grid or fluctuates above safe levels, UPS will immediately supply battery backup power. Excellent for refrigerators, gaming consoles, computers, and other delicate equipment.




    1000 charge cycles from an 80% battery level support up to 8 years of service life


    The Power of the SUN! With 1500Wh/2400W(4000W Surge), ALLPOWERS S2000 Pro is a powerful power station. You can use S2000 Pro for home backup in case unexpected power outages, or use S2000 Pro as a clean sun-powered generator for van lifer. It can also keep your power tools running for outdoor work.

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    Allpowers all New Monster X pro also known as the S2000 Pro is a solar generator. It is very portable and has enough punch to power a house/home. The best feature about it it can charge off AC input in one hour. If you max out the solar input on it, you can expect to charge it up in a little over two hours. This unit would be great for power outages, blackouts, and to cut back from the grid.

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    Off Grid Solar Smart House

    Product review of the Allpowers 2400w power bank. A great choice for vanlife and off grid power.

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    Harness the Sun for Summer Fun With This Jackery Solar Generator


    Jackery designed the Solar Generator 2000 Pro to power your travel and campsite electronics while you revel in the sun.

    Harnessing the sun for portable power lets you bring a touch of glamping to any outdoor or travel setup.

    The idea of harnessing and using power outdoors may seem a little, ahem, cloudy. In short, a portable generator and solar panel array can help you bring some of the comfort and convenience of home into more remote locations.

    Investing in a portable generator can pay off when you spend more time on the road, adding options for cooking, cooling, and lighting away from overrun campgrounds.

    Shop the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

    Jackery’s ‘Solar Way’

    Jackery is excited about its solar-powered source of outdoor fun this summer. Sunshine is synonymous with summer, and now it can literally power your adventure.

    Access to this much power outdoors can transform how you live and recreate off the grid. And a portable power supply can do more than just recharge headlamps and smartphones. This solar generator has enough juice for charging an e-bike while powering an electric cooler at the same time, according to the brand.

    If you’re skeptical, having a power source should take some of the primitive camping aspects away from your outdoor fun. In some cases, that means having more friends tag along, remote workers being able to stay out longer, or just glamping up your camping style.

    A portable power source can make it easier to inflate air mattresses and standup paddleboards via electric air pumps. From there, it should help provide some comforts of home like a fan, an iPad, or more campground lights. You can even bring electric cooking setups that let you cook for a group much faster than a basic camping stove.

    Portable Power

    Just set up the solar generator and panels around your campsite and then go hike, swim, or bike. When you come back, the generator should be full and ready to use.

    allpowers, solar, generator, 2000

    Outdoor professionals, like photographers, may enjoy charging backup batteries in camp while they’re out shooting.

    The portable Solar Generator 2000 Pro is designed to allow pass-through charging, which means it should continue to charge from the companion solar panels while it provides energy to your laptop, portable refrigerator, and campsite lighting.

    If you’re living out of a van or RV, the generator should be able to power a bevy of electronics — even an air conditioning unit with the touch of one button. At home, the solar generator can be used as an emergency backup for a refrigerator during a power outage (for roughly 3 hours).

    Adding to its utility, it can harness the sun to recharge itself in roughly 2.5 hours when used with six 200W solar panels, according to the brand. Jackery says that even with just two SolarSaga 200 panels, the generator can fully charge in 7.5 hours.

    And if it’s cloudy, or you want to start a trip with full power, Jackery designed this solar generator to reach a full charge by an AC wall outlet in less than 2 hours.

    Beyond summer fun, a solar generator can bring power to a remote cabin or hunting lodge, and serve as an emergency backup around the home during power outages.

    Solar Generator 2000 Pro Features

    Jackery says this is its fastest solar-recharging generator yet. It boasts a 2,160Wh capacity, 2,200W AC power, and 4,400W peak power. The power comes from a lithium battery with dual-monitoring chips and four temperature core detectors as a safeguard and battery protection.

    To help you make sense of all of this, the 2000 Pro has input and output display screens. These screens include alerts if there’s a fault or the battery runs low.

    If you associate generators with noisy, gas-powered contraptions, keep in mind that solar generators are quieter. In fact, Jackery says this one operates under 53 decibels, which is similar to the noise level of a household refrigerator.

    Additionally, at the industry standard of 7 m (23 feet) away, its noise level is only 7 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of a person breathing.

    And because you’ll be outdoors, it’s a good reminder that this type of generator emits no noxious exhaust.

    Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro Specs

    • Capacity: 2,160 Wh (43.2 V 50 Ah)
    • Peak power: 4,400 W
    • Life cycle: 1,000 cycles to 80% capacity
    • AC outputs: 120V, 60Hz, 2,200W (4,400W peak)
    • Other outputs: USB-A, USB-C
    • Recharge times: AC (2 hours), 6x SolarSaga 200W solar panel (2.5 hours), 12V car (24 hours)
    • Weight: 43 lbs.
    • Price: From 3,600

    Charge Your Fun

    When your outdoor recreation gadgets could use a charge, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is an option to power your summer fun.

    We’ll save a comparison of its specs and against others for our reviewers. For now, there aren’t many competitors making a solar generator with a 2,160Wh capacity and 2.5-hour recharge time.

    Remote chefs can run a portable kitchen with an electric cooler and pellet smoker. Photographers will be able to charge a backup battery pack and maybe a drone. Off-grid campers can even set up a favorite movie with friends with Jackery’s Power Solutions.

    No matter how you play outdoors, the Solar Generator 2000 Pro’s panel of outlets (two USB-A, two USB-C, three AC, one 12V, and more) are designed to keep your adventure running. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it overheating because it comes with four lithium battery temperature detectors and comprehensive circuit protection.

    Jackery offers a 3-year warranty on its products, with options for a 2-year extension if you order directly from its website.

    Shop the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

    The Jackery Explorer portable power station 2000 Pro delivers an incredible 2160Wh of charging capacity

    All that capacity makes the Explorer 2000 Pro an excellent choice for a reliable source of power for all your appliances. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip, embarking on an adventure to remote locations or living off-grid, this powerhouse has got you covered. With the ability to power hot plates, full-sized refrigerators, air conditioners cpap machines and more, you have the flexibility to take your experiences to the next level with confidence. The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro offers optimal performance to meet your desired energy requirements wherever and whenever you need it.

    Jackery Portable Power Station 2000 Pro

    GIGANTIC CAPACITY HIGH WATTAGE POWER: The Explorer 2000 Pro is the largest portable power station from Jackery, boasting an impressive 2160Wh capacity and the ability to output 2200W continuously or 4400W at peak performance. This means that this power station can reliably run a wide range of high-powered appliances such as air conditioners, circular saws, microwaves, refrigerators and coffee makers, making it a versatile addition to your outdoor equipment lineup.

    ENDLESS SOLAR POWER : The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro can be expanded into a powerful solar generator that can be recharged quickly and efficiently whether you’re on the move or off the grid. You can fully charge the Explorer 2000 Pro with 6 SolarSaga 200W solar panels in just 2.5 hours, or via an AC wall outlet in only 2 hours to provide a full charge. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who frequently stay off the grid and rely on their own power source.

    FIRST-CLASS SAFETY: The Jackery Explorer Pro 2000 comes equipped with a first-rate lithium battery that ensures both safety and reliability while charging. The dual battery protection feature provides an added layer of safety, reducing the risk of overcharging or short circuiting. Additionally, the four temperature core detectors help monitor and regulate the temperature of the battery during charging to maximize its longevity. With the Explorer 2000 Pro, you can trust that your devices are being charged with optimal safety and efficiency.

    SUPERB PASS-THROUGH CHARGING: This is one of the largest portable power station’s from Jackery. This powerful device supports pass-through charging, which means you can charge the power station and also keep your essential devices plugged in at the same time, making it convenient for charging on-the-go. With this feature, you can quickly and efficiently recharge your electronics without any disruptions to their use.

    INSTANT PRESS PLAY: The Jackery Generator Portable Power Station is a great tool for outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable power on the go. With just the press of a button, you can access powerful charging capabilities that will keep your electronics running smoothly all day long. What’s more, the Explorer 2000 Pro promises quiet and peaceful operation, emitting less than 53 decibels during charging. So whether you’re camping in the wilderness or working on a remote job site, this portable power station is an excellent choice!

    Jackery Powers the Outdoors

    When it comes to enjoying outdoor adventures, the last thing you want is to be disconnected from the world. Thanks to the Jackery generator portable power station, maintaining power while on-the-go has never been easier. This powerful station boasts a large capacity of 2160Wh with a variety of ports and outlets including 2 Input Ports(8mm DC x2), 8 Output Ports(AC output x3 with 2200W continuous/4400W peak a 12V Car outlet. ensuring your devices are charged and ready at all times. So whether you’re roughing it in the wilderness or camping out under the stars, you can relax knowing that you have access to reliable power anytime you need it.

    How do you Charge a Jackery Portable Power Station?

    Explorer 2000 is a powerful and versatile portable power station that will provide you with ultimate flexibility when it comes to charging. It can be charged in various ways, including through a regular wall outlet in just 2 hours, or with up to x6 200W SolarSaga solar panels in just 2.5 hours. If you’re on a road trip, it also includes a car charging cable that allows for a full charge in just 24 hours while on the go. With these charging options, you can keep your devices powered whether you’re at home, camping, or on-the-go!

    The Jackery Explorer is Smart

    The Explorer 2000 Pro boasts top-notch safety features, such as a high-quality lithium battery with dual protection chips and four temperature core detectors. These safety measures ensure not only safe charging but also reliable performance. With the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your device is being charged safely and efficiently.

    Expand your Jackery 2000 Pro to a Solar Generator

    Expand your Jackery portable power station into a highly advanced solar generator designed to deliver reliable off-grid power. With the ability to integrate up to x6 Jackery Solar Panels at 200W each, this powerful unit boasts a superior recharging capability thanks to its cutting-edge Solarpeak™ Technology. Equipped with an upgraded MPPT solar regulator, this powerful device can extract the maximum amount of solar energy available under all conditions. Through its advanced algorithm, the generator can identify, monitor, and prioritize the greatest available input concurrently resulting in up to 30% increase in solar recharging efficiency. This translates into quicker charging times of just 2.5 hours (0-80%) when under direct full sun exposure. Whether you’re powering your home or exploring the great outdoors, the Explorer 2000 Pro provides reliable energy when you need it most.

    Jackery Accessories: The best add-ons for your portable power station

    Take your portable power station to the next level. Jackery has a variety of accessories to help you protect your investment and get the most out of your device. From solar panels to carrying cases and protective covers, Jackery offers a range of high-quality accessories designed to enhance your power station’s performance and make it even more versatile and convenient to use. Plus, with extra charging cables and other add-ons, you’ll never be caught without power when you need it most.

    Browse Jackery Accessories

    The Future of Power: A Comparison of EcoFlow vs Jackery Generators

    What Can the Jackery Explorer 2000 Power?

    The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is a powerful portable power station that boasts an enormous 2160Wh capacity and a high wattage output of up to 2200W continuous/4400W peak. With this device, you can power up to 98% of your household appliances, such as air conditioners, microwave ovens, coffee makers, circular saws, power tools, and more. Whether you are camping in the wilderness or experiencing a power outage at home, this compact and versatile power station is there to meet all your energy needs.

    Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Specifications

    Capacity 2160Wh (43.2V 50Ah)
    Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion Battery
    Lifecycle 1000 cycles to 80% capacity
    Management System BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection
    1x AC Adapter 2 hours
    12V Car Adapter 24 hours
    2x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel 7.5 hours
    4x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel 4 hours
    6x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel 2.5 hours

    11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max

    17.5V-60V, 12A, Double to 24A/1400W Max

    Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel

    Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel

    What’s in the Box

    Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Power Station 1
    Car Charge Cable 1
    AC Charge Cable 1
    DC7909 to DC8020 Adapter 1
    User Manual 1

    Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Power Station FAQ’s

    Q: Can the product be brought on board a plane?A: No, because this product is a lithium battery. According to the International Standards Regulations for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials, no lithium batteries with more than 100 watt hours may be allowed in carry-on bags.

    Q: Why is there sound when using? A: The product adopts an air-cooled system, and the built-in fan helps the product to cool better. Slight noise when using is normal.

    Q: Can I charge the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro while a device is plugged in? A: Yes, you can. When charged with AC input, it supports a maximum power output of 1800W. When charged with AC input DC input ( i.e. solar charging or car charging) simultaneously. it supports a maximum power output of 1800W. When charged with DC input (i.e. solar charging or car charging), it supports a maximum power output of 2200W.

    Q: How to keep this product when it is not used for a long time? A: If the battery is to be unused for a long time (more than 3 months), it should be maintained at 60-80% of the rated capacity (it’s recommended to check and charge every 3 months). Store it in a dry and cool place with temperature range between 0 ℃~40 ℃, and humidity 0%~60%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances, and far from fire and heat sources.

    Q: Can it be used to jump start a car? A: We are very sorry, but it cannot be used to jump start a vehicle. However, it can be used as power supply for automobiles. You can recharge the car via a Jackery power supply cord, which is available for purchase separately.

    allpowers, solar, generator, 2000

    Q: Why is the output to the low-power device automatically turned off after several hours? A: In case of forgetting to turn off the output (causing the battery to drain), the Low Power Mode will be turned off by default. That is, when the port is connected to a small load device(AC Output≤25W, USB Output≤2W, Car Port≤2W) for 12 hours, the device will automatically be turned off. In case you want to resume recharging, press the car port button/USB button/AC button to restart the device. If you want to turn on the Low Power Mode, long press the AC Button and DISPLAY until the Low Power Mode icon appears on the screen. If you need to turn off the Low Power Mode, repeat the above operation until the Low Power Mode icon disappears on the screen.

    Q: Why does the USB Output operation indicator light up, the load device has no charging input or can’t work normally? A: Please check whether the load device is broken firstly. If the device is normal, press the USB Button to restart the output.

    Shipping and Returns

    As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail. If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment (within 5 business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment.

    If your order is in stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within five business day ( most orders are sooner) from the date of your order. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at

    We want you to be HAPPY! Please reach out prior to ordering so we can help you make a great purchase decision. We are proud to offer FREE SHIPPING to our customers but if you decide you no longer want your item after it has shipped, you can request a full refund within 24 hrs after placing your order. If you request a cancellation after 24 hrs and before delivery, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee and a transaction fee (2.6% for credit card users, 3.6% for PayPal users, and 2.9% for Shop Pay users) plus shipping for delivery and return. Orders purchased greater than 30 days can not be cancelled.

    Returns are accepted within 30 days of the item being delivered. Return service is only available for US orders. You must be in possession of the order items. Please call us at 980-758-0075 or email to register return and receive an RMA (return merchandise authorization) number and directions for the return. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT AN RMA. You may be charged a 25% restocking fee, delivery fee may be deducted from your return, and you may be responsible for shipping your return, based on individual manufacturer policies. Please reach out to us if you have questions prior to purchase.

    When shipping your return

    Product must be in original packaging and include all manuals and accessories Please provide your invoice with the return. Write your unique RMA on your invoice as well as the return shipping label ( MUST be clearly marked on the outside of the package) You must ship within 5 days of receiving your RMA number

    Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrive damaged, please send photos to along with detailed description.W e will work with the manufacturer to get a replacement sent as soon as possible. If you choose to not accept the replacement you will be responsible for the shipping both ways as well as the restocking fee of 25%. Please note we must be notified within 30 days otherwise you will have to go through the manufacturer’s warranty for replacement.

    Shipping and return policies will vary by manufacturer.

    After your return is received and processed, we will issue your refund within 14 business days, and you will be notified with an email once your order is refunded. If you don’t receive the refund after 14 business days, please contact us at

    What Size Generator to Run a House (with Chart)

    Sudden power outages due to natural calamities can cause a lot of inconveniences, especially when no power source is available. A solar generator is a highly versatile and convenient power source for homes.

    Think of it as a solar power source that can charge all home appliances, from electric kettles to large refrigerators. However, different solar power station sizes are available on the market, making it challenging to make an informed choice.

    Before investing money into one, you need to ask yourself, what size generator to run a house? In addition, you need to understand which appliances you need to power daily.

    This article will help our readers figure out what solar generator size will suit their power needs, how to calculate it, and which solar power generator they should buy.

    What Is a Solar Generator For a House?

    Before we calculate the right size of solar generator for homes, let us understand the mechanism of a solar power generator.

    Solar generators come with solar panels that collect the magnificent sun’s energy and convert it into DC (or direct current). The generated current charges the battery or power station so you can access the power even after the sun is down.

    As direct current cannot power up the appliances, the solar generator consists of another component called a power inverter. It transforms the direct current into an altering current so you can use that power to charge all your gears.

    A reliable, clean, and efficient power source ensures you are never powerless during power outages or outdoor adventures.

    What Size Generator Do I Need For My House?

    Determining the right generator size depends heavily on which appliances you need it for. You can use the power generated by the solar generator to recharge different appliances and electronics, which will determine which solar generator you should invest in.

    For example, many people buy solar generators during power outages to power their small electronic devices like laptops, electric kettles, etc. They can choose a small 1000W solar generator. Meanwhile, people wanting to charge all their appliances can choose a 1500W-3000W power station.

    Jackery solar generators come in different sizes that help you recharge lights, electric stoves, and everything in between. The top models available are Jackery Solar Generator 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W.

    What Size Generator Do I Need For My House Chart

    You’ll need to perform some simple calculations to define what size generator to run a home. The first step is determining the essential appliances you need to power up. This may include phone charges, hairdryers, laptops, kitchen appliances, etc.

    Find out how much energy each of your chosen appliances needs. You can check the appliance to get information about the power it consumes. Most importantly, determine how long you use the specific device daily.

    Once you have that information handy, it’s time to calculate the watt-hour of each appliance and choose the right size generator.

    To help you understand better, we’ve compiled a table with the common appliances, their usage hour, power consumption, and more.

    Daily used time

    Total wh (=watthour)

    Typically, a 2000W solar generator and above would be sufficient to cater to a typical home’s needs. Using solar panels to recharge the power station, you can get renewable solar power for your house.

    Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is the right combination for those wanting to go off-grid. The best feature of the solar generator is that you can plug it with solar panels and recharge appliances simultaneously. In addition, the handy display will indicate how much power you’re putting in and using to protect the solar generator.

    Best Generator For Home: Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

    The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is one of the most efficient and versatile solar generators available on the market. Not only is the solar generator user-friendly, but it is capable of charging all small and large home appliances. Below are a few things that make Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro an excellent choice for anyone

    Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is a popular choice among homeowners due to its large storage capacity. The solar power kit comes with lithium-ion batteries that can store 2,160Wh of energy and power all your gadgets with 2200W (4400W Peak) AC output.

    When Explorer 2000 Pro and 6x SolarSaga 200W solar panels are combined, the high-powered solar generator system generates 2000W solar power in only 2.5 hours during the daytime. Thus, it helps you to charge large appliances like refrigerators, electric blankets, etc., for hours without recharging.

    The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is the ideal choice for someone who wants to charge multiple appliances simultaneously. Multiple input and output ports enable you to power various devices with a solar generator without purchasing a bunch of adapters.

    The input and output ports available include AC input, DC input, carport, AC output, USB-A output, and USB-C output.

    With Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro, you can charge all your home appliances efficiently. Be it a hand grill, air conditioner, microwave, refrigerator, electric grill, blender, mini cooler, hot plate, or coffee maker, you can charge anything and everything. Most importantly, this solar generator can power up to eight electric devices simultaneously.

    The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro for house features a built-in AC inverter. All the AC and DC current generated from the solar panels, car outlet, or wall socket pass through the inverter and charge all your home appliances. In addition, due to a powerful in-built AC inverter, the Jackery power station supplies a larger voltage to power all the major electronic devices.

    The solar power generator has the fastest charging time. Depending on the charging mode, you can power up the solar generator in 2.5 hours fastly. For instance, you can recharge lithium-ion batteries by connecting them to solar panels. This will take around 2.5 hours and is an appropriate charging method during power outages. If you have access to a wall outlet (standard), it will take 2 hours to recharge the battery pack.

    Jackery products are known for reliability, safety, and high quality. But that does not mean you have to be high on a budget to purchase the solar generator. Different combinations of Explorer 2000 Pro and SolarSaga 200W solar panels are available on the official website, with a price range between 2,499 and 6,190, you can build up a solar power system for your house.

    Customer Reviews

    Here is what Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro customers say about the product.

    “We needed a generator back up that was easy set up, provide enough power to plug in our refrigerator, TV lights, coffee pot. ( these were our Priority). We purchased the Jackery 2000 Pro with 2 solar panels, as we age, finding simplicity works best,and did not want to mess with gas generator, With pull start up, leaving outside, loudness, etc. This Jackery fit our bill with more power and longevity than we ever imagined. Living in Florida, we just experienced Hurricane Ian and Nicole, it certainly gave us peace of mind when power went out, and used inside house with no problems at all. Did above and beyond what the developer writes.I normally don’t write reviews but had to share with the public to let you know you will not be disappointed with Jackery 2000 Pro! It lasted so long, that we did not even use the solar, but will follow up with another review when we test it out. Some say it may be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for,and this is well worth it! Wanted to drop in a picture off it, but camera decided not to cooperate right now-Dee Verified

    “We charged it up, testing both the solar panels and then adding in-home AC power. It took less than 2 hours. I then used the generator to power my chest freezer for a while to make sure it could do it. Then during the next hurricane, I hooked my sump pump to it and it did well. It is a bit too heavy for me (an older, not too athletic woman) to carry, but the guys seem to have no trouble.”.-LLMommyM

    Check out the technical specs of Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro below:

    Output Ports

    Home appliances

    Solar Charging Time

    Jackery Solar Generator 2000Pro

    AC Output (120V, 60Hz, 220W), USB-A Output and USB-C Output.

    Light(13W) 100H, TV(60W) 22H, Cooler(21W) 70H, Heating Blanket(40W) 68H, Coffee Maker(1000W) 2.2H, Electric Stove(1150W) 90Min

    Takes 2.5 hours to recharge with Explorer 2000 Pro and 6x SolarSaga 200W solar panels.

    Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro (Explorer 1500 Pro SolarSaga 200W)

    The Jackery solar generator 1500 Pro has a 1512 Wh capacity with 1800 running wattage. It can run many home appliances and outdoor tools with its multiple output ports. It has very fast solar engineering supported by Solarpeak™ technology. You can charge it to 100% within 2 hours.

    Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro (Explorer 1000 Pro SolarSaga 80W/200W

    The Jackery solar generator 1000 Pro takes only 1.8 hours to charge fully. It is lightweight and compact, making it portable and perfect for outdoor power generation. It has an integrated battery system that monitors and protects the battery life to safeguard your equipment from fluctuations.

    Understanding Starting, Running Wattage For Appliances

    Power stations or solar generators are sized in watts (W). The higher a solar generator’s watt, the more power it can generate and the more appliances it can charge. The two standard terms associated with watt calculation are starting watts and running watts.

    Starting watts is the amount of power or energy appliances need to start up. Meanwhile, running watts is the energy any device needs to run after initial startup.

    Generally, running watts is much less than starting watts. Understanding the wattage requirements of various electric appliances will help you calculate the power needs of the generator.

    Here is a simple example of calculating the generator size yourself.

    Suppose you want a generator that can power up a large refrigerator. It needs a burst of power to get started, termed starting watts. But the amount of watts it requires to run consistently is called running watts.

    Let’s say it needs 400W running power or wattage to function. That said, you need to choose a solar power generator capable of providing constant charge to the appliance.

    Here is some simple mathematics.

    The total wattage you need to run your large refrigerator would be around 1200W. Therefore, you should buy a generator capable of supplying 1200W and above to keep your appliance running for hours.

    Similarly, you can calculate the running, starting, and total wattage of all your home appliances to get an answer to what size generator do I need for my house.

    Why Do You Need a Solar Generator For House?

    Preparing your home with an efficient and reliable power source is becoming more than necessary. With power outages and blackouts becoming common, keeping a power backup solution for the home is ideal. Until recently, fossil fuel or gas generators were the go-to choices for people. But today, people realize the immense benefits of solar power generators. Some other advantages of solar generators include the following:

    Solar generators are a reliable and renewable energy source compared to other power alternatives. The solar panels arranged beneath the sun will store the solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. As no artificial elements are involved in energy production, it adds up to help you access natural and reliable power.

    Advanced solar generators like Jackery products feature a first-rate lithium battery that houses two chips for dual protection. In addition, four core detectors ensure an appropriate amount of charge flows to and from the solar generator.

    The in-built Battery Management System (BMS)™ protects the circuit, guaranteeing that the generator is safe to use at home.

    Solar generators use solar energy rather than fuel to recharge and power home appliances. That said, no fumes are produced, guaranteeing clean energy at home. To charge the home appliances with a solar power generator, you need to connect the explorer with solar panels and let it recharge its battery.

    Monthly electricity bills can dread you. However, that’s not the case when you have a solar generator at home. Once you know the answer to what size generator do I need for my house, you can reduce the high electricity bills. Not only does solar energy help you cut down the high bills, but it also ensures that you cause no harm to the environment by producing toxic carbon emissions.

    Unlike gas or fuel generators, solar generators are extremely easy to use and require no maintenance. You can dust off the solar generator with a clean cloth to ensure it runs efficiently. The press-and-play feature of Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro provides that anyone can operate it with a single button press. In addition, it features a battery-level monitoring system and fault code indicators that make it user-friendly.

    Solar generators do not have any moving parts. That said, no noise is produced while the solar power station operates. The solar generator’s cooling fan produces no more than 53 dB of sound. That’s why solar generators can also be utilized during nighttime as it works silently to give access to clean power.

    Before buying any generator, always ask what size generator to run a house. Once you know the answer, understand its features and make your purchase. A solar generator such as Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is easy to use and can help you power your house during blackouts.

    FAQs About Solar Generator For Home

    How many years will a solar generator last?

    Branded solar generators last for decades without any heavy maintenance costs. For example, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro can stay at a maximum capacity of 80% after using it weekly for 10 years.

    How much does a solar generator for a house cost?

    The cost of a solar power station or generator for your house can vary greatly depending on location, size and type of solar system, and the brand. You can learn more from the Solar Generator 2000 Pro page. The product can recharge all your high-powering appliances and tools during emergencies or outdoors, including e-bikes, air conditioners, mini coolers, pellet smokers, etc.

    Inverter or generator: which is best for home use?

    A solar generator with an in-built inverter is an efficient and powerful way to recharge all your home appliances. In addition, solar generators, compared to gasoline generators, produce clean power, are quiet, and are portable. Therefore, you should always choose a green and clean power source like a solar generator for home use.


    A home solar power generator is a worthwhile investment, especially if your home area is prone to blackouts and brownouts. However, choosing the right size of the solar generator is of great importance.

    Calculate what devices you are looking to power and for how long to understand what size generator to run a house. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is the best choice for homeowners wanting to power all their appliances for hours. For more information about Jackery products, subscribe to our newsletter and get exclusive product news and deals.

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    What Size Solar Generator Do I Need? (Power Station Tips)

    A solar generator is a highly convenient and versatile power source. You can use one to access power while on the go or as a backup source of energy for your home. Before buying one, you might be asking yourself, what size solar generator do I need?

    This is certainly an important question. Buying the right size solar generator will ensure that you have an optimal source of power without paying more for one than you have to.

    But perhaps the real question you should be asking is, what size power station do I need for my solar generator?

    This is because a “solar generator” can technically refer to a solar solution that combines two (or more) components. A Jackery Solar Generator consists of:

    The solar panels – which collect the solar energy from direct sunlight.

    The power station – which stores the electrical power converted by the solar panels.

    In this article, we will help you figure out what size power station is most suitable for your solar generator goals. Keep reading to learn how to calculate the right power station size, along with other information about solar generators, so that you make the best choice.

    How Power Stations Are Sized

    Power stations are typically sized in watts (W). This is a measure of power that’s used to calculate the rate of energy transfer. But what you really need to know is that the greater watts a power station has, the more power it can provide you in a single charge. That being said, there are different watt measurements to pay attention to when deciding on a power station.

    Continuous Power

    The first measurement is usually called continuous power. This is the amount of power that a power station can provide consistently.

    Peak Power

    The second measurement is usually called peak power. This is the maximum amount of power that a power station can provide in a short burst.

    Continuous Power vs. Peak Power (An Example)

    Here’s an example. Think of when you turn on your air conditioner. It needs a quick burst of power to get started. That’s peak power. But the amount of power needed to continuously run the AC unit is generally lower. That’s continuous power.

    Some appliances, such as refrigerators, need a burst of 3-7 times their normal power needs to get started. Keep in mind, your power station needs to be able to accommodate this peak power requirement to run the appliance. So, if you are looking for a solar generator to run a refrigerator, simply meeting the continuous power requirements won’t be enough.

    Continuous power will likely be the more impactful number for you to think about. It’s what tells you how much power you will get from a single charge of your power station under normal conditions.

    How to Calculate Your Optimal Power Station Capacity in 4 Steps

    Jackery sells power stations to meet a wide variety of power consumption needs. Our products range from 167Wh of capacity to as high as 2,060Wh of capacity.

    How Many Watts Do I Need in a Solar Generator’s Power Station?

    To figure out which Jackery product offers the right power capabilities for you, you’ll need to perform the following calculations:

    Step 1: Select What You Want to Power With Your Power Station and For How Long

    The first part of picking the right power station for your needs is understanding what those needs are. This means selecting the specific devices that you want to power with your solar generator, and setting a rough estimation of how long you’d like for its power station to provide that power.

    Tip: Be sure to only pick devices that you can plug into your Jackery Power Station. For example, things like water heaters are often hardwired into your home. So, the chances are you wouldn’t be able to power one with a power station. (Unless you also hardwire that device to your home.)

    Here are some common devices that people power with solar generators:

    • Laptops and PCs
    • Phone chargers
    • Kitchen appliances
    • Hairdryers
    • Air conditioners
    • Video game systems

    Step 2: Find Out How Much Energy Each of Your Selections Uses

    Once you know what you want to power, it’s time to figure out how much energy you need to do so.

    The starting point towards calculating this is finding out how many watts your devices need to run. This number is often listed somewhere on the device itself. But if you only see a measurement for amps, you can multiply that number by the item’s voltage to convert into watts.

    Next, you need to pick how many hours you want to be able to use each of your devices. Then, multiply the number of hours that you’ve selected by the watts of each item. This will give you the total watt-hours you require to be able to power each device.

    You want to power two 60 watt lightbulbs for two hours each. To find the total amount of watt-hours of power you need:

    • Get the total hours: Multiply 2 hours of power by 2 light bulbs. (2 x 2) = 4
    • Get the total wattage: Multiply 2 light bulbs by their 60 watts. (2 x 60) = 120
    • Multiply them together to calculate the total watt-hours. (4 x 120) = 480

    Then, divide your answer by 0.85 to account for a constant energy consumption rate of 85% when the device is in charge.

    This results, in you needing a power station that can provide at least approximately 564 watt-hours to meet your goal of being able to power two 60 watt lightbulbs for 2 hours each.

    Step 3: Add All Of Your Watt-Hour Answers Together

    You need to perform the calculation shown in the previous step for each item you want to power with your Jackery Solar Generator.

    Then, simply add all of the answers together to get the total amount of watt-hours that you need the power station to provide and reach the goals you have for it.

    For example, let’s say you need 400 watt-hours to power your lights, 300 to charge your phone, and 300 to charge your laptop. Your total watt-hour requirement would be 1,000 (400 300 300).

    Step 4: Determine the Watt-Hours of the Power Station You Want

    At this stage, you have all the information that you need to pick the right portable power station.

    Simply take your answer from Step 3 and compare it to the wattage offered by each power station that you look at. Just make sure that you pick a power station that has a higher wattage than your total watt-hour requirement calculated in Step 3.

    Can a Solar Generator Power a House?

    Note that unless you purchase a large Jackery Solar Generator (such as Solar Generator 1500 with an portable power station with 1,534Wh capacity), you likely won’t be able to power everything in your house for multiple hours with a solar powered generator.

    If you find that the answer you got in Step 3 is higher than almost every power station you look at, then you may need to go back and reassess what you really need to power with it. If you can lower yourself down to just the essentials, then you will find a solar generator that works for you without having to break your budget to buy it.

    The Benefits of Buying a Portable Solar Generator

    Portable solar generators are a dynamic backup power option. You can use them both in your home and when you’re on the go. They’re purposefully made smaller than dedicated home backup solar generators to offer this flexibility.

    As they feature a power station that you charge with portable solar panels, you essentially plug the portable solar panels into the power station until it’s charged. Then you can use the power that you’ve created on almost any appliance or electronic device that you want.

    Many people purchase portable solar generators to get access to clean power while enjoying the outdoors. Then, as an added benefit, they can use the generator as a backup source of energy for their homes whenever they need one. It’s this versatility that’s made portable solar generators so popular.

    Power Station Sizing FAQs

    Can You Charge Any Device with a Jackery Power Station?

    Jackery Power Stations can power a wide variety of consumer devices since they feature USB ports, a DC carport, and pure sine wave AC outlets.

    Your device will need to be powered with one of these methods and use a level of power that is compatible with the Jackery Power Station you select.

    Can a Jackery Power Station Jumpstart My Car?

    No, you cannot jumpstart a car with a Jackery Power Station. But you can charge a car’s battery with a power station. So you can use your Jackery product to get the battery charged enough so that you don’t need to jumpstart it.

    How Long Can a Jackery Power Station Power My Device?

    This is entirely dependent on the amount of power that your device uses. You need to perform the watt-hour calculation (shown above) and compare that figure to the wattage of the Jackery Power Station model you select. Doing this will give you the answer you are looking for.

    What Size Jackery Power Station Is Best for Me?

    This will depend on how much power you want to get out of your portable solar generator. If you want to maximize the amount of power you get, then you should consider either our Explorer 1,500 Portable Power Station or our Explorer 1,000 Portable Power Station.

    Jackery Power Station Size Options

    Jackery provides a wide variety of power stations to make it easier for you to find one that fits your needs. We’ve put together a chart to help you figure out which is right for you.

    Check out this table to get a better sense of the type of power you can expect to get from several popular Jackery Power Stations:


    Solar generators provide clean, renewable energy as a low-maintenance power source for wherever you need it. Whether that’s in the home, the outdoors, or both. They can be a very worthwhile investment. However, it makes sense to buy the right size for your energy needs.

    That’s why Jackery offers solar generators equipped with power stations of various sizes to ensure you find the one that suits your goals and budget. Always keep in mind what devices you are looking to power and for how long.

    If you are unsure how much power you need, we hope this article helps you to calculate the right size power station, and consequently, the right size solar generator for you.

    For more information on Jackery Solar Generators and the various size power stations they come with, take a look at our solar generators page.

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