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9 Solar Charger Test of EasyAcc vs Ravpower vs Anker vs AUKEY. Ravpower solar charger

9 Solar Charger Test of EasyAcc vs Ravpower vs Anker vs AUKEY. Ravpower solar charger

    RAVPower Foldable USB Solar Charger

    The RAVPower USB Solar Charger Panel is a lightweight and compact solar panel designed to be both affordable and efficient while keeping your USB devices powered up with full bars. There are tons of different options out there for keeping your electronics powered up while off the grid and we chose this one because of its nice price point and favorable reviews on So far this has been a nice solar panel however there are some things left to be desired which we will talk about below.

    What does the Solar Charger come with?

    The RAVPower USB Solar Panel is built to allow the connection of up to two USB devices and folds into itself for easy transportation in a backpack or bag. When unfolded the outside corners of the panel have holes which allow you to connect the solar charger to a backpack with the four carabiners that are included with it. This would allow you to charge your devices while hiking on a trail (something you may have seen others doing). The solar panel comes with “iSmart technology” which is supposed ensure optimal charging of your Apple devices like an iPhone or iPad.

    Quality and Design

    The RAVPower USB Solar Charger Panel seems to be built well with a nylon exterior and durable feel to it. It is advertised as being water resistant however it doesn’t seem to be the type of thing you would want to leave out in the rain or get wet if you can avoid it. The charger comes with a small Velcro pouch which allows for the storage of the USB ports and your small devices. When folded up it feels very sturdy which means it will be able to withstand any abuse thrown at it while crammed into backpacks and bags.

    Using the USB Solar Charger

    We have used this solar charger on several occasions and when conditions are right it works great. We used it to charge up and iPhone 6 and in roughly and hour and half of straight sunlight it took the phone from 35% to 100%. Some important things to note are that this charger will work best in direct sunlight. If it is Cloud out it will work however your device will not charge as quickly. The charger barely works indoors even if it is near a window.

    iPhones and other high demand devices can have some difficulty getting a proper charge out of this charger if it is not in direct sun light. Due to the nature of iPhones if there is not enough power coming out of the charger it will completely disconnect itself and won’t even trickle charge. Even on cloudy days however we have not noticed a huge problem with this so long as you are able to lay the charger our flat. While we have not tried it, hiking with this solar charger most likely would not charger your phone as going in and out of shady areas and under trees would just keep disconnecting the phone from the charger. Our iPad had an especially difficult time getting to charge with this device – it basically didn’t work unless it was the middle of the day and in direct sunlight.

    Setting up and Charging USB Devices

    The RAVPower 15w Foldable Solar Charger is super easy to use. Simple unfold, lay in sun, plug in and let it do its thing. Seriously, you do not need to be a techy to get this to work. If you can plugin your phone into a USB charger you are good to go. The only challenge you may face is figuring out the bast angle to lay the panels to optimize the exposure to the sun.

    Should you Buy the RAVPower USB Charger

    Overall we think this is a good buy for what it is. In the right conditions the RAVPower USB Solar Charger is going to quickly and efficiently power up your devices. For car camping or short day trips or even a visit to the beach this is a great product.

    If you are considering this product for back country backpacking trips we would suggest other solutions as this just isn’t a realistic charger. If you are looking for a Backpacking Charger we would suggest something with a built in battery pack that will allow you to charge your devices at night and when not in the direct sunlight. Furthermore, this solar charger is going to add about 1.5 lbs to your pack and you may as well just carry a battery pack.

    We are in no way affiliated with the product described above. This was a completely independent and unbiased review. If you do happen to purchase the product and use our link we will get a small kick-back from

    Want to see more?

    Here is a nice video someone put together reviewing the product in detail.

    Solar Charger Test of EasyAcc vs Ravpower vs Anker vs AUKEY

    Have you ever tried the Aukey solar charger? Want to know the Anker vs Aukey result? Here are several Solar Chargers / USB solar panel chargers from famous manufacturers, just like Anker Solar Charger, EasyAcc Solar Charger, Aukey Solar Charger and so on. It’s very interesting to test all solar chargers I had with my smartphone and tablet.

    But how well does it really work? Let’s find out in this test about these 9 USB solar chargers!

    The test overview:

    For this test, I have selected 9 Solar Chargers with 8W – 28W output.

    • Anker 8W portable foldable solar charger
    • Anker 14W dual port foldable outdoor solar charger
    • Anker 21W Power Port 2-Port USB Solar Charger
    • AUKEY 14W PB-P3 solar charger
    • AUKEY 20W PB-P2 Solar Charger
    • AUKEY 21W PB-P4 solar charger
    • EasyAcc 15W portable solar charger
    • EasyAcc 28W portable solar charger
    • EC Technology 18W 2 Ports Solar Charger

    The Test Candidates

    Basically, all solar chargers are equal in this comparison. Accordingly, it makes sense to show you the picture of the individual solar panel chargers.

    Brief Overview

    All solar chargers have a “case” of PVC fabric in which the individual solar cells are embedded. This “housing” consists of several elements which can be folded.

    Depending on the model, the solar chargers have three to five of these elements. However it is important for them to have a connection unit with the solar panel charger.

    And this AUKEY 20W PB-P2 Solar Charger has a special feature, as this has the terminal unit on the back, which is fully extended. The solar charger looks a bit more compact.

    With the exception of 8W model of Anker and the 28W of EasyAcc all other solar chargers have two USB ports for connecting smartphone and Co.

    The 8W model of Anker has only one USB port (more power at 8W no sense) that EasyAcc 28W solar charger on the other hand has four outputs.

    In practice, moreover, it does not matter whether the built USB Ports 2.1A or 2.4A supported. Ultimately, in almost all cases, the solar panel is always the limiting factor.

    Here show you the quite practical feature of AUKEY solar charger. These have on the back of a positioning aid which you can show to better align to the charger toward the sun.

    It makes the AUKEY solar charger very useful in practice! Correct alignment towards the sun may well bring 20-30% more energy.

    Basically, all solar chargers here in the test are quite robust. A fall from a normal height is too dangerous for any panel.

    The PVC fabric here protects the Chargers definitely quite good and serves in a fall as a “buffer”. The panels themselves are flexible to a certain extent.

    When it comes to you robustness, so there are no huge differences between the various models.

    General Questions and Answers

    Before coming to the measurements a few typical questions and answers.

    I want to attach the solar panel charger on my backpack to charge my phone while hiking. Is that possible?

    Basically, yes it is possible. All tested solar panel chargers bring matching loops or holes for fastening. Ironically, however, only not with a too high energy yield! In the shadow of the solar panels produce almost no power (3-0W), therefore you’d better not just run with the back under the sun, the solar charger cannot collect so much sunshine.

    Will My Solar Panels Work When It’s Cloudy or Rainy?

    Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels generate the most energy per square meter when they receive direct sunlight.

    But what happens when it’s overcast and rainy?

    When clouds block out the sun, your solar panels will still produce clean electricity. This is true even in the wintertime (in fact, all things being equal, modern PV panels actually perform better in colder temperatures).

    Can I use the Solar Panel Charger in the rain?

    Basically, this is NOT recommended. Although the panels can all add water resistant function, but once it comes into the connection panel of the device, it can be dangerous.

    Why all Solar Chargers look similar?

    Probably all USB Solar Panels are from the same manufacturer just like AUKEY, Anker and EasyAcc.

    Here, you can choose these panels according to your prefer. For example, you can select the charger with larger panels.

    Can a solar charger damaging my phone / tablet?

    Yes and no. In normal use, it cannot actually damage your devices. The tablet can be charge at the voltage up to about 5.2V.

    However, in a sudden drop shadow, for example, by a passing person, come to a massive drop in the voltage.

    This is not fatal for smartphones or tablets but also certainly not optimal.

    I recommend that you can also use a buffer Power Bank. info can be found later in the text.

    What do you think of the various Solar Power Banks on the market, are not much more practical?

    The idea of ​​a power bank with built-in solar panel is of course great and practical, but it offer a very small area to collect energy and it usually outputs between 0.2W and 1W.

    Compared with 5-18W of tested Solar Chargers, the solar power bank can output of course very little energy.

    Test Setup

    I run with all tested solar chargers by several load tests. The construction is always the same, the panel is extended, in most tests flat on the ground (in some but also aligned), and both USB ports each a meter a blank power bank is connected.

    Here I measure now how many watts the charger manages to generate.

    IMPORTANT! All tests were in April in Germany! Although I have chosen a very sunny day for this test, but you can certainly expect that you can use it in midsummer or in other regions of the world with even 20-30% better results.

    It is of course same for all panels. So if a tested panel is better than others at the time under this testing weather conditions, this one will be also better than other solar panel chargers with other weather conditions.

    See the test results values is not the best as their theoretical value! In my view, the realistic value which can be reached in Germany is certainly not the absolute maximum. See the values ​​rather as a guide to what can be achieved, the individual USB Solar Charger.

    We start with the measurements in the blazing sun.

    RAVPower RP-PB187 252.7Wh Portable Power Station with 300W AC Outlets


    Portable power stations can be everyday devices. This may come as a surprise if you’re thinking of higher-capacity power stations with more ports, many AC outlets, and a higher wattage amount. However, we recommend thinking smaller, as there are power stations on the market that can be easily portable and still have quite many capabilities of powering and charging your devices.

    In this review, we will be taking a look at this RAVPower RP-PB187 portable power station. This is one of the smallest and lightweight power stations that we have ever reviewed, and on top of that, it has many ways to use it. We honestly think that if you want to have the ability to take a portable power source with you every day, this one is it, as long as it fits your powering needs.

    Power Capacity:

    The main reason why this power station is small in the first place and mainly because of its power capacity. It has a 252.7Wh that translates into 70,200mAh if you’re used to reading mAh when it comes to portable chargers.

    For a portable power station, a 70,200mAh capacity is quite small, but at the same time, it’s a lot higher than any normal power bank has to offer.

    If you’re looking to charge smartphones and tablets with these power stations, you won’t be having any problems charging them to full power multiple times. If we’re talking about the most mainstream smartphones that also have larger batteries, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with a 5,000mAh battery, the iPhone Pro Max with a 3,969mAh battery, or the OnePlus 8 Pro with a 4,510mAh battery, then you can expect about ten full charges for each of these smartphones if you’re looking at only using the power stations for charging phones.

    If we’re looking at laptops, which do have larger batteries within the 7,000mAh range, then you’re going to be able to get about 8 to 9 full charges. The best part is that these RAVPower power stations have a USB-C Power Delivery port, so it’s able to charge laptops directly, without the need to have to connect your charger via the AC outlets, but we’ll get to that later in the review.

    Speaking of the AC outlets, using the AC outlets on the power stations dwindles the power capacity down as a lot more power is being used. In this case, if these power stations using a 250W output, then you can expect to use the only 10,600mAh of the power capacity. This is a lot lower than the initial 70,200mAh capacity, but this is only if you’re using a 250W continuous output, so if you’re using an appliance that 100W of power only, then you’re going to be left with a lot more power to use.

    Overall, this RAVPower power station has a good amount of power that can last days or weeks, depending on how you’re using it. That’s exactly how long a power station should last.

    Output Charging:

    The best part is using this power station as there are seven-way to use it.

    Three USB-A Ports and a USB-C Power Delivery Port

    There are three USB-A ports. Two of the ports have a 5V/2.4A (12W) charging speed, and the third port features Quick Charge 3.0, which means that it’s able to fast charge Quick Charge compatible Android smartphones. That said, you can still charge Non-Quick Charge compatible smartphones with the Quick Charge port, but the port will default to a 12W charging speed.

    On top of the powerful USB-A ports, this power station even has a 60W USB-C Power Delivery port. We realize that we still have to cover the two AC outlets on this power station, but this USB Power Delivery port is easily one of the impressive features.

    Most regular Power Delivery power banks, walls, and car chargers have either an 18W or 30W Power Delivery port. This power station goes even higher than that to offer a 60W Power Delivery port that can charge most USB-C compatible smartphones at their max speed. We charged a Lenovo Flex 5 laptop that can charge via USB-C Power Delivery, and it was able to charge at its max charging speed.

    solar, charger, test, easyacc

    So if you do own a USB-C chargeable laptop, with Macbooks being the most common on the market, along with most other new laptops that have been released within recent years, the use of a 60W Power Delivery port on this power station is highly reliable for charging wherever you are.

    Also, you can still charge smartphones via the 60W Power Delivery port, most will default to charging at 18W, and it won’t damage your phone.

    DC Output:

    The DC port on this power station has a 120W output. It’s a very high output that can charge most DC chargeable laptops at their max power. Of course, you’ll be needing a DC to DC cable to charge your laptop with this port. This DC port can also be used to power certain appliances that have the right connection, but overall, we didn’t find any use for the DC port, but it’s still nice that it’s available for those that can find a use for it.

    Two AC Outlets:

    The highlight of any portable power station is the AC outlets because if a power station only has charging ports, you may get a regular power bank.

    The great part about this small and lightweight RAVPower power station is that it has two AC outlets. The negative part is that each of the outlets is only two-prong outlets to plug in any 3-prong plugs in the power station. That said, appliances that do use 3-prong plugs tend to be higher wattage appliances, and since the power station has a 250W Pure Sine Wave output and a 300W max output, you won’t exactly be needing 3-prong outlets.

    Plugging in a powerful fan that actually cools you down or a laptop charger is easily powered from the AC outlets. You can even power a mini-fridge with this mini power station, which you can use if you’re out hiking or camping. So the power station doesn’t have a 500W, 1000W, or 2000W output, and that’s just fine because it does just enough to get you what you need, and we think that along with the awesome portability that you get, it’s more than enough.

    Input Charging:

    Recharging this power station is awesome as its output. That’s because the DC input port can be used to recharge the unit, or you can use the USB-C Power Delivery port for recharging. Not many power stations do this and almost always make the DC port the only input port.

    The power station comes with a wall charger that you can use to recharge the power station via the DC port. The DC port has a max recharge speed of 60W, and so does the USDB-C Power Delivery port. You may also use a Solar panel to recharge the power station. RAVPower has recommended that you use at least an 80W Solar panel or higher to ensure that the power station can recharge as fast as possible.

    This power station does not come with a PD wall charger, so you have to supply your charger for recharging via the USB-C PD port. However, recharging from the Power Delivery port enables you to use a PD wall charger, a car charger, or you can even use a power bank to recharge it. There’s more versatility in recharging via the Power Delivery port, and we welcome it.

    Size and Weight:

    This RAVPower power station’s form factor and weight are on par with being the best part of it. That’s because it has a height of 7 inches and a width of 5 inches. The weight of the power station is 5.5 pounds.

    Yes, of course, it’s larger than a power bank, and it’s heavier, too. In comparison to other portable power stations, this is super easy to take wherever you go. Often in portable power station reviews, we mention how you can’t hold the unit and go hiking because of how heavy it is. That’s not the case here, and with its 5.5-pound weight, this power station can be held for long durations of time, and if you start to feel tired, then attaching it to a carabiner on your back and carrying it that way is helpful.

    The power station does have a large handle that makes it easy to carry.

    Functional Components:

    Nearly every side of this power station has something to offer. At the front is where five Blue LED indicators show the remaining power capacity, and each light indicates 20% of the power remaining.

    Then on another side, you’ll find the three USB-A ports and the USB-C Power Delivery port. The Quick Charge 3.0 USB-A port is colored green.

    At the back is where the DC output and input ports are, then off to another side is where you’ll find an LED light and the power button for the light.

    solar, charger, test, easyacc

    The LED light has three modes, with the first mode being constant-on, the second is the SOS mode, and the third mode is a flashing mode. The flashlight is quite bright, and if you’re in the wilderness, we think it can come to great use.

    At the top of the power station is where you’ll find the two AC outlets that are covered with rubber flaps to protect them, and at the top is where you’ll also find the handles. The power button for the AC outlets is in between them, and you have to hold the power button down for about five seconds, and then a white LED light turns on to show that they are powered and ready to use.

    Structure and Material:

    The build quality of this power station great; however, you must know that it’s not water-resistant or shockproof. So we recommended that you be careful not to drop it or expose it to water. Other than that, it’s built well, and there are no loose parts, and the ports don’t feel cheap. It’s what you can expect from the brand, as RAVPower has made countless high-quality products already, and this is a continuation of that.


    Even with all of its output power, this power station thankfully has a cooling fan that turns on when the power station goes above 122 ° Fahrenheit. The fan has a 50dB sound, so it’s not too loud even when you’re using it indoors. Overall, things are kept very cool, and you won’t have to worry about overheating as fans in general with portable power stations are great at cooling the unit down, and we found that the fan worked well here.


    If you’re searching for a portable power station that can charge your portable devices to full power many times, has powerful charging, AC outlets, and is easily portable, then look no further than this RAVPower portable power station.

    With a 60W Power Delivery port, it easily replaces any Power Delivery power bank or wall charger that you may need, and it even has three USB-A ports with one using Quick Charge 3.0. The AC outlets are 3-prong ones, and we do admit that it is unreliable, but two AC outlets use 2-prongs and have a 250W output with a 300W max output to use. That is still a wide range of appliances that you’re able to power from this power station.

    Not power-oriented, the small size and lightweight of this power station enable you to take it anywhere.

    solar, charger, test, easyacc

    Also, the power station comes with a few things that make it easier to use. In the box, you’ll find a carrying bag for the power station, a strap to attach to the bag, an AC adapter to recharge it with, a USB-C to USB-C cable, and the manual.


    Portable power stations don’t have to feature the highest possible capacities or the most powerful outputs, and this RAVPower portable power station proves that. It has just the right amount of power capacity and output ports to make it a reliable daily power station.

    The size of this power station is small, and it’s lightweight. You’re able to hold it in your hand for long periods, and it’s easy to use with charging starting automatically from the USB-C, USB-A, and DC ports. There is a button for the AC outlets and the LED flashlight.

    It’s not a shockproof or water-resistant power station, but it’s a solid product and will last for a long time as long as you treat it right. On the inside, there is a cooling fan that turns on to keep things cool once the power station reaches above 122° Fahrenheit.

    This is one of the most reliable portable power stations to use within the lower range capacity and output capabilities. As it’s still able to charge laptops and smartphones many times, and it has a high enough output to power the appliances and charges the devices you need to.

    RAVPower RP-PB187 252.7Wh Portable Power Station 300W AC Outlets Specs


    This RAVPower RP-PB187 Portable power station is a great product from RAVPower. The brand has grown a lot in recent years, and we’re glad to see them enter into the portable power source market.

    Solar Charger 15000mAh Outdoor Portable Charger

    Pay with Ease

    How do I use the discount code? Copy the discount code from the product page, and then apply the discount code at check out.

    Can I redeem multiple discount codes? No. Discount codes cannot be combined.Only one code can be applied per order.

    Why is my discount code invalid? 1) The discount code is not applicable to the specific items you want to buy 2) The discount code wasn’t entered correctly 3) The discount code has expired 4) The discount code is not from Ravpower’s official website


    Convenient and Bright LED

    For use when it gets dark, hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate / deactivate the LED.

    Intuitive Power Indicator

    Communicates whether the charger is on / off and how much battery remains.

    Dustproof and Shock Protection

    Ideal for camping or hikes to ensure the charger isn’t damaged so you can continue to enjoy solar charging.

    Battery Safeguards

    Includes both overcharge and short-circuit protections to keep you and the charger safe.

    Note: 1. Please do not take solar as primary recharge source, as the charging speed will subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate and it takes a week to obtain a full recharge when powering only with sunlight.2. To enjoy the faster 2A input, please recharge with a 2A and above charger and the original data / charging cable.3. The red LED indicator turns on indicating it’s recharging via solar panel.

    Solar or DC Input Charging It doesn’t just feature solar charging but an DC5V/2A input too. Not only is it a reliable way to charge on cloudy days, it takes just 8.9 hours to completely recharge with a 2A/2.4A charger.

    15000mAh Capacity Charges Two Devices Enjoy a large 15000mAh capacity and two iSmart powered output ports (one 2.1A and one 1A port) that offer simultaneous charging. With this much power, you can charge an iPhone 7 4.2 times, an iPhone 7 Plus 3 times, and the Galaxy S8 2.8 times.

    Reliable and Bright LED The built-in LED light serves as a convenient solution in case you need a light at night; simply hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate / deactivate whenever you need it.

    3 Steps for Better Use 1. Do not charge through a glass surface (e.g. a window). 2. Please charge in strong sunlight. Light can be detected in cloudy or indoor environments, but it is not enough to recharge the unit. 3. Do not leave in your vehicle during summer as the heat will affect the battery life.

    Specification: Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery Capacity: 15000mAh Input: DC 5V/ 2A USB A1: 5V/ 1A, USB A2: 5V/ 2.1A Solar Panel: 1W/250mA

    What’s in the Box:. 1 x RAVPower Solar Powered Charger. 2 x USB to Micro USB cables (Lightning Cable is Not Included). 1 x User Guide

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    Review of RavPower 24W solar Charger for the backpacking adventurer

    In this post, I would be having a look at the top solar charger for backpacking. In specific would be undertaking a review of RAVPower solar charger that I recently acquired.

    One of the most critical aspects of a trek or a road trip is the availability of power in order to charge various critical components like our smartphone, GPS device, power banks as well as a wide variety of batteries for sundry gadgets whose availability is critical ( Read here how to extract more from power bank )

    Till date, I had been relying on high capacity power banks like the one from Anker Astro E5 16000 mAH However, there is always a need to recharge the power bank at the first available opportunity from an electric source. I had heard about solar-powered chargers but never gone actively into it.

    My multiday treks forced my hand to try out solar chargers for charging of my power banks itself.

    If you are enjoying this collection. Would like to keep it close to you, just save THIS PIN to your board related to guide to trekking, outdoor hikes, travel accessories

    Top Solar charger for backpacking

    My review of RAVPower solar charger

    This post is my review of RAVPower solar charger which is going to be a part of my essential kit when I am out trekking or on a road trip. So let’s begin this post on Top solar chargers for backpacking and a review of RAVPower solar charger.

    I ordered this solar charger from Amazon Global after going through reviews on top solar chargers in FOCUS presently on the internet. The following are my thoughts on top solar chargers and in specific the RAVPower solar charger after undertaking a series of trials. I am basing this review only from a user point of view. Will not dwell much into the technical specification too deeply for they can be seen on the internet quite easily.

    Introduction to the RAVPower Solar Charger

    The RAVPower solar charger is one among many options on top solar chargers for backpacking available. However, as per me is a great choice. Why do I say that so early in the post? It is because the charger is reliable, affordable and proves a decent amount of power. The intention of solar charger is to power up any electric device that can be recharged using a USB. These include smartphones, tablets, battery power banks etc.

    Top solar chargers for backpacking utility harness the solar energy for long trips/treks. during these treks multiple recharges are needed and solar charging is the only option. Even on treks where stay options are available, electricity is sold at a premium, a prime example being the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal. In this situation, solar chargers are indeed a useful asset.

    If you are enjoying this collection. Would like to keep it close to you, just save THIS PIN to your board related to guide to trekking,outdoor hikes,travel accessories


    • The solar panels patented as SunPower are 04 in number and it is claimed that they increase the energy harnessing efficiency by 23 %
    • The panels are ruggedly built from a polymer substrate and held together by an extremely durable canvas cloth
    • The entire set up is designed for rugged use and can handle considerable torsion as well as stress and strain.

    My Комментарии и мнения владельцев : Yes, the panels of the Charger are rugged in construction and are held together with a coarse canvas cloth. Having said that the panels are susceptible to crack from a single point contact with any hard sharp object like a stone or a protruding portion of a metallic structure. So the care, while they are opened up for use, needs to be kept in mind.

    In the review of the RAVPower solar charger, I must mention that this particular model has the capacity of 24W output which is fairly sufficient. As can be seen in the visual, there are four solar panels that work in combination to provide output to three power chords.

    Broad Technical Details

    • The solar cells offer three charging ports which can deliver 2.4 Amps of current.
    • The total weight is 754 g
    • The exclusive I Smart technology ensures that the flow of energy is regulated resulting in the device charging at an even and constant rate.
    • The panel has three USB ports and is compatible with most of the devices available in the open domain.

    top solar charger for backpacking


    • It is Compact.
    • There is a ruggedness to it.
    • Integrated Velcro and pouch for storing small devices. is an added benefit.
    • It is built for travelling and to be on the road.
    • Three charging ports are advantageous as most of the solar panels are offering only two charging ports
    • The solar charger is semi-flexible hence this makes it compact. This is a great advantage


    • The solar charger takes a lot of time to charge a device. This somewhat disappointed me because this meant that the device being charged is needed to be connected for a longer period of time
    • I could get only around 2.0 Amps against the rated 2.4 Amps.

    Additional thoughts on the RAVPower solar charger

    My suggestion is not to keep the device like a phone or tablet directly connected to the solar charger for charging. The sun rays and the heat generated is not conducive for these devices. The better option is to charge a power bank and then use the power bank to charge the other delicate devices.

    Also, the power fluctuation during charging based on the intensity of the sunlight is not healthy for the devices to be connected up directly. Hence use the solar charger to power up the battery bank.

    I purchased the item from Amazon Global and it was priced at 9000 INR including shipping costs.

    Final Verdict. Well, there is no final verdict, I have found this particular solar charger to deliver as advertised. Hence on a personal front, I am happy with my purchase. I would recommend this definitely to all those who undertake treks/ are backpackers

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