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370W High Efficiency LG NeON® R Solar Panel with 60 Cells(6 x 10), Module Efficiency…

370W High Efficiency LG NeON® R Solar Panel with 60 Cells(6 x 10), Module Efficiency…

    Bluesun 370W 34.9V Mono Perc Half Cell High Efficiency Solar Panel For Home Energy Storage System

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    Right of return

    You can return your product(s) to Bluesun within 30 days of delivery. Items must be in their original packaging, unused, undamaged and unaltered. A refund will be given after the returned item has been inspected by Bluesun. Bluesun will pay for the return label for items that fall into the following categories: Carrier damage / incorrect handling in warehouse Defective product The wrong product was delivered Additional products that you did not order have been delivered For other reasons not listed, customers are responsible for all return shipping costs. Bluesun will NOT accept returns with modifications to the product as this will void our warranty. Any modified products returned to Bluesun will be shipped back to you at your expense.

    warranty services

    Bluesun products come with a three-year free warranty service. Note that only products purchased from our website are eligible for the full three year warranty package

    Only accept customer pick up! ! Please note! ! Please note before placing an order

    MOQ=31 11470W

    If you need a larger quantity, please contact!

    Name: Bluesun 370W Monocrystalline Solar Panel. These are brand new panels.

    • Mono Perc Half Cut Technology
    • Better Energy Yield
    • Power Degradation.0.45%/25 Years Linear Warranty
    • TUV SUD Anti PID Certificated
    • IP68 Junction Box/High Water Proof Level
    • Reduced Hot Spot Ris

    Customer pick up


    Nominal Power 370W
    Cell Type Monocrystalline
    Cell Efficiency(%) 20.3
    Maximum Power Current (Impp) 10.61A
    Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) 34.9V
    Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 41.1V
    Short-circuit Current (Isc) 11.26A
    Maximum System Voltage 1000V/1500V/DC(IEC)
    NMOT 43℃±2℃
    Cable 4mm²
    Connector Type T01/LJQ-3-CSY/MC4/MC4-ECO2
    STC Irradiance 1000W/m², cell temperature 25℃, AM1.5G
    Junction box rating IP68
    Front Glass 3.2mm (0.13 inches) AR Coating Tempered Glass
    Working Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Module Dimensions 1755103835mm
    Module Weight 21KG

    Standard Test Conditions AM=1.5, E-1000W/m²,TC=25℃

    Returns within 30 days You may return your product(s) to Bluesun within 30 days of delivery. The item(s) must be in the original packaging, be unused, undamaged, and unmodified. A refund will be issued after the returned item is inspected by Bluesun. Bluesun will pay for the return shipping label for items that fall within the following categories: Carrier damage/ warehouse mishandling Defective product Incorrect product was delivered Additional product(s) you did not order were delivered For any other reason not listed, customers are responsible for any return shipping fees. Bluesun will NOT accept returns with any modifications to the product as it voids our warranty. Any modified products returned to Bluesun will be shipped back to you at your own expense. Return within 30 Days Return requests outside of 30 days require special authorization. The main warranty provisions are as follows,If you need a more complete warranty please consult This Warranty shall be exclusively governed by and construed under the laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

    0W High Efficiency LG NeON® R Solar Panel with 60 Cells(6 x 10), Module Efficiency: 21.4%, Connector Type: MC4

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    370W High Efficiency LG NeON® R Solar Panel with 60 Cells(6 x 10), Module Efficiency: 21.4%, Connector Type: MC4

    The LG NeON® R series has been designed for high-power output making it efficient even in limited space.

    The NeON® R series offers a 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor. At 25 years, the modules are guaranteed to produce at least 90.8% of their labeled power output.

    The LG NeON® R series has been designed with aesthetics in mind; with no electrodes on the front, the modules have a sleek, modern appearance.

    General Data

    • Cell Properties (Material/Type)
    • Monocrystalline/N-type
    • Cell Maker
    • LG
    • Cell Configuration
    • 60 Cells (6 x 10)
    • Module Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 1,700mm x 1,016mm x 40mm
    • Weight
    • 17.5 kg
    • Glass (Thickness/Material)
    • 2.8mm/Tempered Glass with AR Coating
    • Backsheet (Color)
    • White
    • Frame (Material)
    • Anodized Aluminium
    • Junction Box (Protection Degree)
    • IP68 with 3 Bypass Diodes
    • Cables (Length)
    • 1,000mm x 2EA
    • Connector (Type/Maker)
    • MC 4/MC

    Certifications and Warranty

    • Certifications
    • IEC 61215-1/-1-1/2:2016, IEC 61730-1/2:2016, UL 1703, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001
    • Salt Mist Corrosion Test
    • IEC 61701:2012 Severity 6
    • Ammonia Corrosion Test
    • IEC 62716:2013
    • Module Fire Performance
    • Type 1
    • Fire Rating
    • Class C (UL 790)
    • Product Warranty
    • 25 Years
    • Output Warranty of Pmax
    • Linear Warranty
    • Improved: 1st year 98%, from 2-24th year: 0.3%/year down, at 25th year: 90.8%
    • Full warranty details can be found below.

    Temperature Characteristics

    • NMOT [°C]
    • 44 ± 3
    • Pmax [%/°C]
    • -0.30
    • Voc [%/°C]
    • -0.24
    • Isc [%/°C]
    • 0.037
    • NMOT (Nominal Module Operating Temperature): Irradiance 800 W/m2, Ambient temperature 20 °C, Wind speed 1 m/s, Spectrum AM 1.5

    Electrical Properties (NMOT)

    • Maximum Power (Pmax) [W]
    • 279
    • MPP Voltage (Vmpp) [V]
    • 36.9
    • MPP Current (Impp) [A]
    • 7.55
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) [V]
    • 40.3
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc) [A]
    • 8.71

    Electrical Properties (STC)

    • Maximum Power (Pmax) [W]
    • 370
    • MPP Voltage (Vmpp) [V]
    • 37.0
    • MPP Current (Impp) [A]
    • 10.01
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc, 5%) [V]
    • 42.8
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc, 5%) [A]
    • 10.82
    • Module Efficiency [%]
    • 21.4
    • Power Tolerance [%]
    • 0 ~ 3
    • STC (Standard Test Condition): Irradiance 1000 W/m², cell temperature 25 °C, AM 1.5

    Operating Conditions

    • Operating Temperature [°C]
    • -40 ~90
    • Maximum System Voltage [V]
    • 1,000
    • Maximum Series Fuse Rating [A]
    • 20
    • Mechanical Test Load (Front) [Pa/psf]
    • 5,400/113
    • Mechanical Test Load (Rear) [Pa/psf]
    • 4,000/83.5
    • 5,400pa/4,000pa based on IEC 61215. 2:2016 (Test Load = Design Load x Safety Factor (x1.5))

    Packaging Configuration

    • Number of Modules per Pallet [EA]
    • 25
    • Number of Modules per 40ft HQ Container [EA]
    • 650
    • Packaging Box Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]
    • 1,750 x 1,120 x 1,221
    • Packaging Box Gross Weight [kg]
    • 473

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    LG Solar offers precision-manufactured and market-leading solar panels for businesses and homeowners who demand high performance, reliability and consistently strong energy yield.- all from a brand they can trust. By choosing LG’s long lasting, energy-efficient and sustainable solar panels, receive higher financial and environmental benefits for your business and other stakeholders.

    High quality solar products are reliable, backed by great warranty programs and have longer life-cycles. For the latest solar panel models, LG is now providing 25-year product warranty. This shows LG’s confidence in developing highly-efficient, durable and outstanding products. Browse LG’s highly-efficient and reliable Solar Panels to get started.

    LG’s new module, NeON® 2, adopts Cello technology. Cello technology replaces 3 busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability. NeON® 2 demonstrates LG’s efforts to increase customer’s values beyond efficiency. It features enhanced 25-year warranty, durability, performance under real environment, and aesthetic design suitable for roofs. LG NeON® 2 has been exceeding the expectation of many as it has been recognized as the bestselling solar module in the market.

    LG NeON® R on the other hand is very powerful 60-cell panel module that is equipped with the most advanced energy generation. Boasting a sleek, unique back-contact design, LG takes pride in producing aesthetically-pleasing and state-of-the-art solar products. Discover the ground-breaking features of LG NeON® R such as Enhanced Performance Warranty, High Power Output, High Durability, Aesthetic Roof and Improved Temperature Coefficient. LG Solar Module has been offering superior solar products in the recent years. The trusted LG brand provides innovative products and has built a reputation on quality and reliability like no other brand.

    4V Monocrystalline 370W Solar Panel

    Built For – High demand life style living. Residential structures, homesteads, remote cabins, tiny homes, farms, and commercial buildings. Also makes great singular installs for camper vans, RV’s and expedition trucks.

    Maximize Charging Density – Efficient cell design leads to high density charging. power, less roof top space.

    Ease of Install – Half cut mono perc cells bring simplicity into your install. This panel works with the vast majority of MPPT charge controllers 24 volts and above.

    Limited Lifetime Warranty – Install with confidence. All our products are backed by a prorated, limited lifetime warranty.

    This BlueSun 370 Watt panel has been picked out of the masses for a reason. BlueSun makes ease of install, efficient space usage, and maximum power delivery look easy. We showcase this panel because we’ve had great customer experiences working with this product. From it’s packaging to technical service and warranty response times, we’ve got your back – because BlueSun has ours.

    Going granola doesn’t stop at environmental awareness. At Teragy Solar, we’re dedicated to cultivating a company worth existing. A company who’s FOCUS isn’t purely based on profits and growth, but customer experience, environmental impact, and reliability. This is why our sales goals always come second. and with that, comes tax savings we pass on to you.

    As a yearly special, we pass our tax savings down to our customer. Based on state published sales tax and nexus laws, we keep track of our sales in every state. As long as our sales are below your state’s taxable threshold, you are exempt from paying sales tax. We do this extra work, to help lighten up your project budget. Need more details? Read more about sales tax here.

    Buy today and save now. This “No Sales Tax” special expires as soon as we reach your state’s tax threshold.

    How is shipping handled?

    Shipping and freight costs are calculated at final check out. Shipping costs associated to equipment shipped outside of freight are final. Freight shipping costs will be finalized after the sale, as freight costs can vary based on destination, weight, size, and season. In the event freight shipping costs surpass estimated costs, a Teragy Representative will call to assist in paying the rest of the balance.

    What are the warranties like?

    Teragy Solar provides a 12 year limited lifetime warranty on all Teragy Solar branded products sold. Warranties cover manufacturer and construction defects, based on average equipment usage. All third-party products including MPP Solar and Blue Sun solar panels, have deferred warranties. Teragy Solar is happy to help manage, facilitate and expedite the execution of third party warranties, but are ultimately not responsible for a manufacturers failure in response rate, reliability, or execution of said warranty.

    How are returns processed?

    All returns must be received in unopened, original packaging, within 30 days of the purchase date of equipment. Within these guidelines, customers will receive 100% of their money back.

    Can I get technical help?

    Yes! Within the first 30 days of purchase date, all Teragy Solar customers are entitled to 2 hours of customer support. Use the attached Customer Support PIN to unlock this access, and we’re happy to answer an questions you have regarding equipment settings, troubleshooting, or equipment additions. Basic electrical knowledge is required.

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    Equipment Suggestions By The Pros

    We take special care in finding the right products to suit your solar panel. From examining all the specifications to looking at real world use examples, we’re dedicated to finding what you need. Take a look at out product suggestions. Need more details? Give us a call. We’re here to help.

    SOK 48 Volt 100AH Lithium

    RV’s, Camper Vans and Expedition Trucks

    Teragy batteries are built rugged with a standard IP55 rating for dust and water proofing. No adventure stops a Teragy battery from powering your inspiration.

    Sail Boats, Trolling Motors, and Marine Applications

    Stay off grid and on the water doing what you love. Teragy batteries keep you consistently powered when you don’t want to go home.

    Tiny Homes and Off Grid Homesteads

    Our battery outputs two and a half times more power than all of our competitors, to help diversify your electrical needs in remote places.

    Travel Trailers and Mobile Living

    Feel right at home using our battery systems. Teragy battery cells are built to last over 3500 cycles, saving you money for the small things in life.

    Our suggestions come with experience.

    Have you seen this little star? One of our employees put it there just for you. These are the products we are excited to recommend for your application. Think of it as products best suited for your tier of usage, based on application. Solar can be confusing. If there is a perfect fit, why not recommend it?

    Our suggestions come with experience.

    Have you seen this little star? One of our employees put it there just for you. These are the products we are excited to recommend for your application. Think of it as products best suited for your tier of usage, based on application. Solar can be confusing. If there is a perfect fit, why not recommend it?

    Reviews For BlueSun 24 Volt 370 Watt Solar Panel

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    The Solar Tax Credit Explained ×

    The following is an explanation of the solar tax credit, which we hope will be a helpful resource for you as you consider transitioning to solar power and saving money. It is important to note that we are not tax professionals, and we recommend consulting with a certified public accountant (CPA) regarding Tax Form 5695 and the 26% solar tax credit.

    The solar tax credit is a deduction that applies to the entire cost of your solar system. However, it is important to note that in order to claim the credit, you must owe federal income tax in the United States. The 26% tax credit can result in significant savings, as illustrated in the following example:

    If the total cost of your solar system is 10,000 the 26% solar tax credit would amount to 2,600. This means that your net investment after the credit would be 7,400 (10,000. 2,600). When it comes time to file your taxes, this 2,600 credit would be deducted from the amount you owe, which would effectively reduce your tax liability. For instance, if you owed 20,000 in federal income tax, the 2,600 credit would reduce your liability to 17,400.

    It is worth noting that you will need to keep track of your solar system expenses in order to claim the credit. If you purchase your system from Teragy Solar, you will receive an itemized sales receipt that can be used for tax purposes. It is also important to keep in mind that tax laws and regulations are subject to change, and you should consult with a tax professional to ensure that you are taking advantage of all available credits and deductions.

    Finally, please note that this information is provided for general informational purposes only, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy or applicability to your specific tax situation. We encourage you to consult with a CPA or other qualified tax professional for personalized advice regarding your tax situation. If you have further questions about the solar tax credit, we recommend reaching out to a tax professional who specializes in this area.

    Copperflex 370W Solar Panel

    One of the biggest challenges with flexible solar is quality of installation.

    We saw multiple installation done wrong impacting the life of the flexible panels and frustrating customers.

    So we went in search of a bullet proof flexible solar panel that can easily be installed without impact product life.

    Copperflex 370W Flexible Solar

    The difference in this technology is the sold copper sheet at the back of the panel and the patented way it connects the anod and cathode of the panel. This eliminates the tiny intercell wires that pull apart as flexible panels expand and contract with heat.

    Size Counts

    Only 1840mm x 1040mm and 1.7mm thin. Weight 5.7kg

    Year Warranty

    Lets get the good news out early. We are so impressed with this Copperflex technology that we support a 5 year warranty on the panels.

    Perfect Voc for 12V, 24V or 48V Systems

    Running 2 panels in series is a Voc of 85V. Perfectly matched to Victron’s Smart Solar 100/Series controller.

    Running 3 panels in series is a Voc of 127V. Perfectly matched to Victron’s Smart Solar 150/Series controller.


    High reliability

    The conductive back plate uses two-dimensional bonding technology, no welding.The front fluorine back plate has passed the strict environmental testing multi-times with excellent attenuation characteristics

    High heat dissipation

    The backplate is a whole sheet of copper foil. Better strength but just as important is better heat dissipation.

    Light, thin and flexible

    The module is only 1.4mm, the weight is only 1.4kg, and the bending radius is as small as 250 mm over its length. he thinness and lightness are leading the industry.

    Designed specifically for RVs and Marine

    Built-in bypass diode, suitable for scenes where the RVs and boats move and change. It can still generate power in a shady environment at reasonable efficiency.

    High efficiency

    MWT back contact battery module, no busbar, higher module efficiency, size per 100W is only 520-1070mm.

    German TUV certification

    One of the few TUV certified flexible solar panels designed for RV in China.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Lead free materials only used. Supports the green photovoltaic design concept, realizing the lead-free module process and materiais.



    90 (6×15) / MONOCRYSTAL- PERC Cells of 162.75mm

    Vmp and Imp

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    Sonali SS-M-370 370w Clear On White 120 Half-cell Mono Solar Panel

    This line of modules is the direct result of over three decades of design, manufacturing and use. Attending to every detail in the design and manufacture of our products, our process controls and testing methods have optimized module life and electrical energy production.

    Sonali Solar’s Specification

    Model SS-M-370
    Manufacturer Sonali
    Specification Data
    Cell Type Mono-crystalline
    Cell Arrangement 56.75×156.75 mm (72 cells)
    Dimensions 1956x 992 x 40mm
    Weight 21.5kg
    Front / Back Glass 3.2mm AR tempered glass, low iron
    Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
    J-Box IP687
    Cable 4.0 mm 2 wire length: 1200 mm
    Cable Length (Including Connector) MC4 compatible
    Nominal Max. Power (Pmax) 370 W
    Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp) 47.8 V
    Opt. Operating Current (Imp) 9.88 A
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.9 V
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.52 A

    Refer to warranty document for terms and conditionsDocumentation

    Detailed Information

    With Sonali Solar’s industry leading mono-PERC cell technology and the innovative LIC (Low Internal Current) module technology, we are now able to offer our global customers high power module

    High reliabilityCell interconnections and diode placement use well-established industry practice and are field-proven to provide excellent reliability.

    Resistance to power attenuation passed TUV system voltage endurance test

    Quality and certifications

    ISO 9001: Quality Management System

    ISO 14001: Environmental Management System Standard

    OHSAS 18001: International Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System Standard


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    Please include this information in the order notes when placing your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. For other special requirements, please call our sales department at 1 (800) 230-7004 before placing your order.

    Multiple Shipments

    We warehouse our products across the United States, and occasionally, we may need to ship your order from two or more different locations. In such cases, we will never charge you more for shipping than your original payment. If you require your order to arrive in a single shipment, please contact our sales department when placing your order at 1 (800) 230-7004 or add this information to the Order Комментарии и мнения владельцев box. To consolidate certain orders, we may need to bring the products into our Vista office and combine them before shipping, which may result in an additional 3-5 day lead time and additional shipping charges.

    International Shipments

    Currently, USSolarSupplier only ships within the United States and does not offer international shipping.

    Shipping on Your FedEx or UPS Account

    USSolarSupplier’s policy requires regular parcel orders (ground, air/express shipments, non-freight) to be shipped on our UPS account. We appreciate your understanding.

    Freight Shipments

    Certain products on USSolarSupplier must be shipped freight due to their weight, dimensions, or classification as hazardous materials. For more information, please refer to our Claims Returns Policy and Refund Policy.

    Freight Shipment Products include, but are not limited to:

    • Large solar panels (over 90 watts in most cases)
    • Large Inverters (over 1kW)
    • Rails longer than 9 feet (108)
    • Flooded lead-acid batteries
    • Deep cycle batteries
    • Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LiFeP04)

    Freight Options

    When placing an order that requires freight shipping, you will need the following information:

    Residential freight shipments are more expensive than commercial zone shipments due to accessibility and established routes. If your freight shipment weighs over 100 pounds and you lack access to a forklift or loading dock, you will need a lift gate to unload your pallet from the truck.

    Freight can be complex; if you require assistance in selecting the appropriate shipping option, please contact our sales department at 1 (800) 230-7004 for support. The freight quotes provided on our website are approximate, and our team may be able to offer a better rate.

    Please note that the shipping cost displayed at checkout is an estimate and may be adjusted at the time of shipment. Freight rates may increase while the product is in production. You can help by providing a commercial shipping address that can accommodate a semi-trailer and/or acknowledging the outlined terms and conditions.

    Ground/Freight Cost Logistics Unforeseen Expenses

    Any fees incurred by a shipping carrier due to a lack of delivery information (address or location) will automatically be billed to the customer. Please ensure you check your order confirmation for accurate information.

    When placing an order by phone, inform the sales representative of any shipping irregularities (inaccessible areas for shipping carriers, such as narrow driveways, rural locations, steep hills, dirt/gravel roads, or missing address information and signage).

    By placing an order with USSolarSupplier, you agree to our shipping policy. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team. We are always here to help and ensure that your experience with USSolarSupplier is a positive one.

    Restocking Fee

    Please note that a 40% restocking fee will be applied to panels, inverters, and batteries once the order has been processed and delivery has been attempted. This fee is in place to cover the costs associated with processing, handling, and restocking returned items.

    370w, high, efficiency, neon, solar, panel

    If you need to cancel an order, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible. If the order has not yet been shipped, we will make every effort to cancel it without incurring additional costs. However, if the order has already been shipped, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs and the 40% restocking fee mentioned above.

    Claims Returns Policy

    If you receive damaged, defective, or incorrect products, please contact our customer support team within 5 business days of receiving the shipment. We will work with you to find a suitable solution, which may include issuing a refund, replacing the product, or providing technical support to resolve the issue.

    To initiate a return, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from our customer support team. Please note that returns without an RMA number will not be accepted. When returning products, they must be in their original packaging, with all accessories and documentation included. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and the 40% restocking fee will apply.

    Refund Policy

    Refunds will be issued to the original payment method within 14 business days of receiving the returned product(s). The refund amount will be the purchase price minus the 40% restocking fee and any shipping charges incurred during the initial shipment and return process.

    Lost or Stolen Packages

    USSolarSupplier is not responsible for lost or stolen packages confirmed to be delivered to the address entered for an order. Upon inquiry, we will confirm the delivery to the address provided, date of delivery, tracking information, and shipping carrier information for the customer to investigate.

    By placing an order with USSolarSupplier, you agree to our shipping policy. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team. We are always here to help and ensure that your experience with USSolarSupplier is a positive one.

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