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345W solar panel. 345w solar panel

345W solar panel. 345w solar panel

    5w solar panel

    Maximize limited space with higher power

    Conventional solar modules are made up of a number of solar cells electrically connected using metallic busbars. The solar cells on conventional solar modules have gaps around them and busbars typically cross over the cells to link them together. Shingled solar modules have layers of solar cells which touch each other and electrically connected using an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA). This eliminates the need for metallic busbars. This method means there are no gaps between the solar cells increasing the surface area of the silicon cells in the solar module. Plus there are no busbars covering the cells which reduce the light on the solar cells. This improves the electrical and mechanical performance and the aesthetics of the solar module.

    Panel size MM 173096035MM Panel weight Kg 18.27 Solar cell Mono cell 210210 Cell arrangement 21030;832 arrangement Packaging 32PCS/Pallet;Packing size(LWH): 175011401100MM

    Exceptional warranty

    In a recent study of PV modules made by leading manufacturers, FGET Solar modules ranked highest in reliable performance under real-world climate conditions.

    FGET is confident and proud of the exceptional quality of our products. We guarantee our module output to be at or above its nameplate wattage, and we back every module with a 10-year product and 25-linear power output warranty.

    Panel size MM 173096035MM
    Panel weight Kg 18.27
    Solar cell Mono cell 210210
    Cell arrangement 21030;832 arrangement
    Packaging 32PCS/Pallet;Packing size(LWH): 175011401100MM
    Max. working power (W)
    Max. working voltage (V)
    Max. working current (A)
    Open voltage (V)
    Short circuit current(W)
    Module efficiency
    Testing condition Radiance 1000 W/m²; AM 1.5;Ambient temperature 25℃。

    Solar cell WeldingAutomatic typesetting machine Automatic welding EL TestingVisual InspectionFlash Testing

    Place EVA, base, automatically cut excess base material. The whole production process is a combination of automation and semi-automation

    Case Studies

    Project: CRRC Super Capacitor Test Capacity: 5kW Type of Module: FGET Mu lticrystalli ne 265Wp Date of Completion November 2017 Owner: CRRC Cooperation Ltd.

    30kw System Replace

    Project: CRRC Solar System replace Capacity: 30kW Type of Module: FGET Multicrystalline 265Wp

    Date of Comple tion November 2016

    Owner: CRRC Cooperation Ltd.

    Burkina Faso 5kw

    Capacity: 5kW Type of Module: FGET Multicrystalline 250Wp Date of Completion: March 2017

    Packing Delivery

    Carton Packing

    20, 10 or 4 pieces in one carton for batteries smaller than 12V24AH. one in one carton for larger batteries.

    Batteries Layer

    Load Lead acid batteries 3-5 layers high with cardboard between each layer, and stretch wrap. Make sure to catch the top of the pallet to help anchor it.

    Fumigation Free Tray

    As Lead Acid batteries are very heavy, we all use fumigation free tray to transport them.

    Our Certification

    Company Certificate

    Commitment to quality, consistency, innovation and service is taking the Company through a steady growth in the competitive market.

    ISO Certificate

    SGS ISO9001 quality management system certificate, ISO14001 environment system certificate

    MSDS Transport

    Our batteries have UL and CE approvals. MSDS and Report for Safe Transport o f Go ods.

    Samples and OEM, Warranty and After-Sale Service: Sample can be provided for quality testing OEM Welcomed Warranty:5 years for solar panel, 2 years for controller/inverter/battery. After-Sale Service: 24 Hour-Ho t Line for Consultancy and Technical Support Q1: How to choose the right Pa nel? A1: Tell us your demand, then our sales will recommend a suitable panel for you. Q2: What’s the difference between Mono and Poly panel? A2: Monocrystalline solar panels have the highest efficiency rates since they are made out of the highest-grade silicon. The process used to make polycrystalline silicon is simpler and costs less. The amount of waste silicon is less compared to monocrystalline. Q3: How about the delivery time? Q4: How to get samples ? A4: We provide free sample for most of products, and you just need to arrange the delivery things. Q5: What is the warranty for solar panels? A5: 25 years warranty on FGET Solar product. Q6: How to solve the technical problem? A6: 24 hours after-service consultancy just for you and to make your problem to solve easily. Q7: Are you factory ? A7: We are manufacturer in solar products area more than 10 years. A3: 7 days for sample; 15 days for bulk order.

    New Hot Top Quality Free Sample Efficient 360W 355W 345W 350W TW Shingled Solar Panel Wholesale in China

    If you have any problem when using the website or our products, please write down your Комментарии и мнения владельцев or suggestions, we will answer your questions as soon as possible!Thank you for your attention!

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    12V 200ah Deep Cycle VRLA Solar Storage Battery

    FGET deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge between 40% and 80% of its capacity, depending on the manufacturer and the construction of the battery.

    12V17ah Security Certified Storage Sealed Lead Acid Battery

    In normal UPS use, FGET use maintenance-free VRLA battery, whose design life is typically either five or ten years, with some fifteen-year sizes available.

    12V 150AH Deep Cycle VRLA Solar Storage Lead Acid Accumulator

    The FGET sealed lead acid rechargeable battery (VRLA battery) is leak-proof and maintenance free. The Superiority of VRLA battery is derived from its uniquely efficient oxygen recombination technology.

    12V 7AH Top Sales Sealed Lead Acid VRLA UPS Battery

    The FGET sealed lead acid rechargeable battery (VRLA battery) is leak-proof and maintenance free. The Superiority of VRLA battery is derived from its uniquely efficient oxygen recombination technology.

    50W Flexible ETFE Panel Portable Bag Mobile USB Charger

    High-efficiency Solar cells Fully adjustable 10A charge controller with LCD display and USB output Compatible with gel, AGM batteries and power bank Low-voltage system avoids electric shock hazards

    120W Flexible ETFE Panel Portable 6 Fold Bag with USB

    High-efficiency Solar cells Fully adjustable 10A charge controller with LCD display and USB output Compatible with gel, AGM batteries and power bank Low-voltage system avoids electric shock hazards

    Wholesale Solar Panel 100W Monocrystalline Flexible PV Solar Panels with CE TUV ETL CEC

    Flexible, and can be properly bent to use a wider range of applications. High conversion efficiency, good output efficiency, low light effect, light weight, easy to carry, strong applicability. With SUNPOWER chip, can be used for car ,home, boat, motorcycle, etc.

    Home Use Power Overlapping Panel 300W 400W 500W 1000W Energy Shingle Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price 10 Kw Cells

    Panel size MM 1730108035MM Panel weight Kg 20.55 Solar cell Mono cell 210210 Cell arrangement 21030;836 arrangement Packaging 32PCS/pallet; Packing size(LWH):175011001220MM

    MidNite 10.3 kW Solar Kit E-Panel Pre-Engineered. Off-Grid Package

      MidNite E-Panel Power Center Installation

    • 10,350 Watt Solar Panel Kit. Grid Backup, On or Off Grid
    • The MidNite Solar E-Panel Kit MNEMS4448PAECL150 pre-wired power assembly that features advanced solar power electronics for off-grid, backup and on-grid functionality in one unit. Kit can utilize Flooded, Gel, AGM or Lithium battery compatible. 48 VDC battery based inverter. The Magnum Energy 4400 Watt 120/240VAC 30 AAC output inverter produces pure sine wave clean electricity drawing power from the energy stored in a battery. NEC code compliant the MidNite 10,350 Watt E-panel kit is mechanically and electrically engineered with every component specially selected to assure the highest performance in a safe simple-to-install DIY package. [ On-Grid Definition. Utility grid power is available for use and the system is will connect to work in parallel with the solar panels to recharge the battery bank but inverter/charger is not capable of exporting electricity (selling) back to the utility grid.]


    Solar panel roof or ground racks and batteries are site specific options that are not included with the base package

    Optional: Roof Mounting.- Ground Mounting.- Batteries

    What’s On the Truck

    mn-Mi-345-10350. 10.3 kW E-Panel 48 VDC Battery Based Solar Kit

    • 1. MidNite Magnum Pre-built Power Center MNEMS4448PAECL150 120/240 VAC Off-Grid 4400 Watt 48VDC Inverter
    • 2. MidNite Classic 150 Charge Controller
    • 30. Mission, 345W Solar Panels. Black Frame / Black Back. Mono-Perc 60 Cell MSE345SX5T
    • 1. Wiz Bang Jr. current sense module
    • 1. Pre-wired 50 amp 240 volts AC input disconnect. Bus bars for battery positive, battery negative, ground,
    • 1. Ark-50.Advanced Digital LCD Display Remote Panel with 50′ Cable. The ME-ARC is simple to use, yet allows full set-up of all the standard and advanced features
    • 10. MNEPV-20. 20 amp DC Breaker 150VDC DIN, 13mm
    • 2. MNSPD300 Midnite Lighting Arrestor DC
    • 1. MidNite MNPV-12, 12 position Combiner Box
    • 1. MidNite Solar, Circuit Breaker, DIN Mount, 30A, 2-pole, 120/240VAC, UL1077, MNEAC30-2P
    • 10. MC4 10 AWG-PV Wire. 50′ cable extension 1 m/1 fm connect
    • 1. Multi-Contact MC4 Unlocking Tool
    • 32. Strain Relief, Cord Grip, 1-Hole with locknut
    • 2. Inverter Battery Cables, Code Approved THW, 2/0 x 10′ (ft.) (2 black)
    • 1. Line Drawing; Full Instructive Three-Line Diagram of Entire DC Circuit, as Well as AC Lines to Your Main Panel.

    Off Grid Recommendations: Midnight Battey Montering Kit or Midnight Automatic Generator Start Modile

    [See Related Items Below] Solar panel roof or ground racks and batteries are site specific options that are not included with the base package. Scroll down the page to view options.

    (MNEAC30-2P Included) 30A/2P Breaker installed on power center on site by others for supplementary protection. These breakers are rated for continuous duty and are used as AC out disconnects as specified on the line drawing supplied.

    Fast Installation. Just Hang on the Wall With the Bracket (Included) Make the Connections

    RECOMMENDATION. Keep the number of parallel strings of batteries to three or fewer. than three strings of batteries will shorten your battery life due to uneven charging. That means use higher AH 6VDC or 2VDC batteries for fewer strings. Batteries in Series = Voltage is Additive; Batteries in Parallel = Ah is Additive.

    The 10.3 kW Off-Grid, Backup or On-Grid Solution

    Solar Production = 41,400 Watts Per Day Assumptions: 345 Watt STC Watts Panel Rating [Factory Rating] @ 4.0 Sun Hours (Dec).

    Technical Specifications: MNEMS4448PAECL150 Power Center 48 VDC Battery Based Inverter. 120/240 VAC Output, Continuous Inverter AC Output Current 30 AAC Charge Controller MidNite Classic 150 (Solar) Voltage: 150.00 Volts HyperVOC; Max Output (Battery) Current: 86.00 Amps. 120/240 VAC Generator Compatible E-Panel includes a mounting bracket, 1 Magnum Energy MS4448PAE 120/240 48VDC inverter/charger, 2 Classic 150 Charge Controller, ME-ARC50 Display, MNE175STM-240 E-Panel, 3 MNSPD Surge Protector, Battery and Solar Array Breakers, Solar GFDI, Input-Output-Bypass Assembly, Mounting Locations for Additional AC breakers.

    IMPORTANT: Amps AC Out; Define Your Needs: A Single Magnum inverter’s continuous AC output current is limited to 30AAC. The concern here is that the combination of your normal loads (Not Surge Loads) might exceed the inverters output current rating (Amps Out) on larger solar systems. It is critical in the design selection that you make sure the continuous AC load combination of your power requirements is at or below the 30AAC output limit of the single Magnum inverter in these kits.

    The MidNite Solar E-Panel Kit is ideal for medium-size solutions: homes, farms, small businesses and backup power systems, with all necessary components integrated into a compact hang-on-the-wall system with a minimal footprint.

    Factory Tested, Pre-wired and Pre-Configured Power Center

    Off-grid, Backup, Generator and On-Grid Functionality in One Pre-Engineered Package

    AC Input Connection

    When the MNEMS4448PAECL150 power center is properly connected to batteries and turned on, the direct current (DC) from the batteries is transformed into a pure sine wave alternating current (AC). This AC is similar to the voltage provided by your utility, and is used to power the electrical appliances (i.e., AC loads) connected to the inverter’s output.

    Utility Grid or Generator AC Input

    When an external source of AC power (e.g., utility power or generator) is connected and qualified on the inverter’s AC input, it operates in Standby mode. In Standby mode, the unit operates as a battery charger to convert the incoming AC power into DC power to recharge the batteries; while at the same time, an internal AC transfer relay is automatically closed and passes the incoming AC power directly to the inverter’s output to continue powering the connected electrical appliances.


    The MidNite Solar E-Panel 10,350 Watt MNEMS4448PAECL150 kit can be used for backup power in a permanent location that normally uses utility power, such as a home or office. When utility power is available, the inverter keeps the batteries charged. When the utility power fails, the inverter comes on automatically to supply AC power to your home or office during the power failure. For a home or business, reliable backup power is needed to prevent lost computer data, or to maintain lights and keep food fresh in the refrigerator/freezer.

    Personal Technical Advisor

    Line drawing questions or just stuck? No worries we have your back and will be here to help whenever you have questions about your purchased Kit. For orders larger than 2,000.00 a Technical Sales Team Group Captain will be assigned your account. Your Technical Advisors job is to coordinate all parts and pieces of your order and to work with you throughout the process. This support helps because we will be providing you with a single contact point to call with your questions. Your technical support contact does not replace the maufactures technical support. DIY means you accept the responsiblity of reading and following the line diagram and other installation documents prior to tackling the installation.

    NOTE: For detail support after installation customer must be willing or have the ability to connect to the Magnum network monitoring platform. Installed on the Magnum network, the MagWeb provides live Internet monitoring of the inverter, battery monitor, and automatic generator start module. Using your always on Internet connection, the MagWeb makes live and historical conditions available to you through a web browser. (Optional Accessory).

    Mission Solar Panels 18.7% Panel Efficiency

    Blue Pacific Solar® SolarEdge Kit is featured with Mission panels. Mission Solar Energy, proudly assembled in the USA, is headquartered in San Antonio, TX with module facilities onsite. Mission Solar hardworking team calls Texas home and is devoted to producing high quality solar products. Our supply chain includes local and domestic vendors. 25 Year Warranty, UL Listed.

    System Qualifies. 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit

      Federal Solar Tax Credit

    • The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows a taxpayer to claim a credit of 26 percent for a qualified system located in the USA and that is owned and used as a residence by the taxpayer.

    Mission Solar MSE345SX5T 345W Black On Black 60 Cell Mono Solar Panel

    This line of modules is the direct result of over three decades of design, manufacturing and use. Attending to every detail in the design and manufacture of our products, our process controls and testing methods have optimized module life and electrical energy production.

    Mission Solar’s Specification

    Model MSE345SX5T
    Series MSE PERC 60
    Manufacturer Mission Solar
    Specification Data
    Cell Type P-type mono-crystalline silicon
    Cell Arrangement 60 cells (6×10)
    Dimensions 1748mm x 1054mm x 40mm
    Weight 20.3 kg (44.8 lbs.)
    Front / Back Glass 3.2mm, tempered, low-iron, anti-reflective
    Frame Anodized
    Cable 1.0m, Wire 4mm2 (12AWG)
    Cable Length (Including Connector) Staubli PV-KBT4/6II-UR and PV-KST4/6II-UR, MC4, Renhe 05-8
    Nominal Max. Power (Pmax) 345 W
    Opt. Operating Voltage (Vmp)
    Opt. Operating Current (Imp)
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 41.00 A
    Short Circuit Current (Isc) 10.92 V

    Detailed Information

    Mission Solar Energy is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, where we manufacture our modules. We produce American, high quality solar modules ensuring the highest in-class power output and best in-class reliability

    Our product line is tailored for residential, commercial and utility applications. Every Mission Solar Energy solar module is certified and surpasses industry standard regulations, proving excellent performance over the long term.

    High reliabilityCell interconnections and diode placement use well-established industry practice and are field-proven to provide excellent reliability.

    Tested to UL 61730 IEC Standards

    345w, solar, panel

    Resistance to salt mist corrosion

    Quality and certificationsUL 61730


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    Panneau solaire 375W. MONO PERC. Cadre Noir. demi cellules. Munchen Solar

    @copyright 2018 NetReviews SAS @version Release: Revision: 7.7.0 @license NetReviews @date 05/12/2018 International Registered Trademark Property of NetReviews SAS.- @copyright 2018 NetReviews SAS @version Release: Revision: 7.7.0 @license NetReviews @date 05/12/2018 International Registered Trademark Property of NetReviews SAS.-

    345w, solar, panel

    @copyright 2018 NetReviews SAS @version Release: Revision: 7.6.5 @license NetReviews @date 20/09/2018 International Registered Trademark Property of NetReviews SAS.-

    Demi-cellules performantes

    Avec la toute technologie demi-cellule, ce panneau est l’une des références en terme de qualité et d’innovation. Si vous souhaitez optimiser votre installation en y mettant moins de panneaux mais avec une puissance et une qualité irréprochable ce modèle pourra vous apporter une production importante été comme hiver même avec des gènes partielles sur le panneau grâce aux demi cellules.

    Sur une surface totale de 120 cellules montées en série / parallèle, vous avez une production importante en faible luminosité mais également plus haute en cas d’ombrages ou d’endommagement sur une partie de celui-ci grâce aux deux champs des cellules en parallele.

    Même avec une gène d’un côté, le second côté du panneau restera 100% fonctionnel.

    Combiné également à la technologie PERC grâce à sa fabrication avec montage des cellules au laser, il améliore considérablement l’efficacité de fonctionnement des cellules.

    Performances et qualité

    La tolérance de puissance positive de ce module est garantie par le constructeur jusqu’à 5w de la puissance totale !

    Ajoutez à celà le respect des principales normes européennes et le double test d’electroluminescence effectué au cours de la fabrication (à deux moments différents) pour vérifier l’éventuelle présence de bris de cellule ou de défaut quelconque et vous obtenez un panneau photovoltaïque digne des plus grands.

    Haute efficacité

    La conception sans barre d’alimentation augmente l’efficacité de la conversion des cellules, ce qui permet d’obtenir un meilleur rendement dans des conditions de faible irradiation.

    Sans plomb (PID Free)

    Une conception PV écologique permet d’obtenir un module MWT sans plomb, sans matériaux de soudure.

    Cadre noir

    Design entièrement noir pour des applications plus élégantes

    Renewable Solar Panels 330W-345W Offers Affordable Price

    Find Similar Items

    Product Description

    330Wp Monocrystalline Solar PanelTriple International Electrical Commission (IEC) test guarantees long-term reliabilityExcellent anti-PID performanceDouble electroluminescence (EL) tests guarantee fault-free modulesLower contact resistance and optimized soldered connections as well as reduced grid breakage of cell conductor tracks through double-printing technology100% automated production facilities using state-of-the-art plant technology

    1) Electrical Characteristics

    Address: No 88, Yangguan Road, Sheyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, Yancheng, Jiangsu, China

    Company Introduction: CEMP Energy Group Co. Ltd is located in Sheyang Economy developing zone Jiangsu province. Factory plant covering an area of 30, 000m2, CEMP officially registered in 2010 with registered capital of RMB 53.95 million, ( stock code 837703)

    We′re engaged in the design, RD, production, sales and service for:

    1) High-efficiency solar PV modules and Energy storage batteries

    2) Large scale centralized PV power stations distributed PV projects and BIPV PV system

    3) Smart Micro-grid and Energy storage system model(PVESS)

    4) Energy storage Technology.

    Successively passed TUV, CE, CQC and ISO certificates,

    Got 36 granted patents which contain 16 PV module patents, 8 storage battery patents and 12 patents in integrated application of photovoltaic, energy storage and charging integration.

    Over 200MW different kinds of centralized and distributed power stations

    Achieves an annual modules capacity of 250MW

    Integrated application of photovoltaic, energy storage and charging integration, now mainly engaged in PV and energy storage battery integration(PVESS) model

    CEMP has always been committed to PV system application and provide comprehesive efficient PV system solution for customers, in the vision of becoming an internationally leading Smart energy system supplier.

    Shanghai office is located in Hongqiao CBD Area, A walking distance to Hongqiao railway station and Hongqiao airport, You′re highly invited to visit for business talk please.

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