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120 Volt solar generator. 120 volt solar generator

120 Volt solar generator. 120 volt solar generator

    The 3 Best Portable Solar Generators to Help Weather a Blackout

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    Leigh Matthews, BA Hons, H.Dip. NT

    Leigh Matthews is a sustainability expert and long time vegan. Her work on solar policy has been published in Canada’s National Observer.

    If you’re looking for a truly eco-friendly backup generator to survive a blackout, consider getting a solar generator. These sun-powered generators are gas-free and silent, meaning they’re the perfect generator for a small apartment or home.

    Why doesn’t everyone just switch to solar generators, then? Well, for one thing, these generators aren’t as powerful as a gasoline, diesel, or propane generator. They’re also typically quite a bit more expensive than their gaseous counterparts, and they aren’t always charged and ready in case of an emergency.

    Note: solar generators typically are not a viable solution for families looking to power an entire home in the event of an emergency. In an emergency, you will likely still need a gas generator. Make sure to check out our top picks for the best fuel-efficient portable generators, and if you’re not sure which size you need, we’ve written a guide for selecting the right-sized generator for your needs too.

    The best large solar generator

    What is a solar generator, anyway?

    Solar generators are a backup energy source that runs on energy generated from solar panels.

    Solar generators, while smaller than most gas generators, can also end up less compact overall when you factor in a solar panel or two, which you’ll need to keep the generator running. You can, and arguably should, pre-charge the battery in your solar generator in case of emergencies. You might also want to charge a spare battery at an outlet whenever you do have power from the grid.

    Solar generators typically can’t generate as much energy as you use, moment for moment. This means you’ll need to draw on stored energy to power higher demand equipment, such as a refrigerator or microwave, and keep charging the generator as it runs.

    Find a Solar Energy partner near you.

    Amps and wattage for solar generators

    Batteries in most portable solar generators store around 8,000mAh to around 50Ah or more. The smaller batteries offer enough juice to charge a smartphone two or three times. The larger can charge a phone 15 times or more. Bigger batteries are, well, bigger, which can cause storage problems in a small apartment. They’re also much more expensive. The price of lithium-ion batteries is coming down, however, especially with technological advances in this area.

    In terms of wattage, most solar generators simply won’t have enough oomph to power a whole home A/C or other high-energy equipment. And some smaller solar models don’t have enough wattage to power a large TV or computer. As such, make sure you take the time to add up the wattage of everything you’ll absolutely need to power in case of a blackout.

    It may make sense to get two solar generators that connect for higher wattage, or to save up for a more powerful model. Or, you might use a solar generator as your first backup generator, then supplement this with an old gas-powered generator if a blackout persists, while your solar panel recharges the battery.

    Bear in mind that a light bulb may only take about 60 Watts to run, but a coffee maker or grill can draw 1,000-1,650 Watts. This may just mean that you have to unplug some items when you want to use others.

    Our top picks for solar generators

    If you’re set on a solar-powered generator, check out our top picks below!

    Goal Zero Yeti 3000x Lithium Portable Power Station

    Highlights: Our overall winner for the category, and the best large solar generator. Gasoline-free, silent power station that offers 3,500 Watts surge/start-up power.

    Goal Zero Yeti 3000x at a Glance

    Power 3,075 W
    Inverter Yes
    Full load power time 3,075 watt-hours (could run a fridge for 40 hours)
    Full charge time from AC outlets 25 hours / 14 hours
    Weight 78 lbs. (35.4 kg)

    The Goal Zero Yeti 3000x Lithium Portable Power Station is an upgrade of the discontinued 3000 model and now includes a 2000W AC inverter. This gasoline-free, silent power station offers 3,500 Watts start-up power and 1,500 W running wattage, is Wi-Fi Mobile App Enabled, has seven versatile port options including fast-charging 60W USB-C Power Delivery, multiple USB-A ports, regulated 12V, and two 120V AC ports. This means you can run power tools, a refrigerator, an electric bike, laptop, phone, and more without worrying about surges ruining your sensitive equipment.

    In short, the Yeti 3000x is as good as it gets when you’re looking for the most eco-friendly generator to survive a blackout. If you’re on the fence about a solar generator, the Yeti makes everything super easy. This is plug and play at its finest.

    The Goal Zero Yeti 3000x Lithium Portable Power Station is an inverter generator, meaning your sensitive electronics are safe from surges in power. It stores 3,075 watt-hours in a replaceable lithium battery pack with a variety of high-power outputs capable of running 10 devices at once.

    Your Yeti 3000x Lithium Portable Power Station could charge your smartphone more than 253 times, could recharge a laptop 61 times, could keep a full-size refrigerator running for about 55 hours and could power a 42-inch TV for 31 hours.

    This generator could feasibly run most fridges, blenders, sump pumps, portable heaters, microwaves, swamp coolers, tools, and a TV, radio, laptop, and other devices, although not all at once or for weeks on end. The control panel (which has a handy backlit screen) lets you see easily how much power you’re using; how much power is being generated by solar panels or other inputs; and how much power you have left to draw on. There have been some gripes about the control panel not being entirely accurate, but the lovely thing about this type of generator is that the firmware can be easily updated when the company fixes bugs, which they seem to do pretty quickly.

    The lithium ion battery pack has an in-built system to prevent overcharging, over-current, and short circuiting. It’s enclosed in a water-tight enclosure to seal it from the elements and this also allows you to replace the battery, adding durability and extra eco-friendliness to the generator. The Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000x also features an advanced cooling system to regulate temperatures of the whole system.

    The Yeti 3000x comes fully recharges in 14 hours using the included 230W Power Supply AC Wall Charger. Or, charge it in 25 hours from regular AC outlets. If you’re fleeing a zombie apocalypse, you can also recharge on the go, thanks to the Yeti 3000’s built-in MPPT module that works with separate solar panels to recharge in as little as 6 hours of full sun. This seems extraordinarily fast to me, unless you’re running an 800 W solar array. With a 100 W solar panel, it will probably take around 48 hours to charge, which, bear in mind, is 48 hours of sun, not just two days (where many of those hours are dark, unless you live in the Yukon in summer). Realistically, then, you might need a whole week of sun to fully charge this beast.

    Now, that said, once it’s charged, you’re only really going to need to keep topping up the battery. It’s extremely unlikely you’ll rip through all of the stored power, unless you’re hiding in a cave or there’s a cataclysmic event that blocks out the sun. (Actually, this fume-free generator would be ideal for a cave.)

    The battery will hold a charge for 10-12 months, making this generator a great choice for emergencies. The manufacturers claim that a fully-charged Goal Zero Yeti 3000x Lithium can run a fridge for approximately 55 hours, whereas a 2000 W gasoline generator, offering around the same running wattage, would power the same fridge for just 6 hours on one tank of gas.

    Because the Yeti 3000x allows for pass-through power, it can be charged while in use to extend runtimes. It weighs less than most equivalent gas generators when they’re full of gas and takes up around the same space (15.25 x 10.23 x 13.6 in or 38.74 x 25.98 x 34.54 cm). It also comes with a detachable roll cart, making it easy to move around, including to take it on a road trip for camping or tailgating.

    One thing to note, however, is that solar generators require an operating temperature above freezing (32-104 F or 0-40 C). Otherwise, the batteries will rapidly lose power. Fortunately, because this generator doesn’t give off fumes and is silent, you can safely keep it indoors.

    And, because there’s no engine in this thing, you don’t have to pay for fuel or worry about messy maintenance. These are the ideal generators for people who never thought they’d need or want to own a generator.

    You can also connect to the generator with your smartphone and use the free Goal Zero Yeti App to check battery levels, turn ports on and off, and even update firmware. In fact, you might want to hack your power consumption even when there isn’t a blackout occurring! You could, for example, hook up your solar panels on your sunny balcony to charge your Yeti 3000 while you’re out at work all day and plug in your A/C but don’t turn on the port. Then, an hour or so before you’re due home, remotely activate the power station’s port for the A/C and draw back all that lovely free power you earned, thus lowering your energy bill.

    Goal Zero like to make things really easy, which I appreciate. As such, you can quickly connect this generator with something like the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase (View on Amazon), a 100 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panel, or save yourself 50 by ditching the handy briefcase feature and go for a more permanent panel (View on Amazon). Indeed, set up eight of these and you could fully charge your Yeti 3000 in about six hours of full sun.

    And if you need even more power, Goal Zero just added a new model to their line-up: The Yeti 6000x (View on Amazon).

    Removable / Expandable Battery

    The battery is removable and expandable. This innovative approach will give you greater portability and flexibility in what you can power with your solar generator. By simply adding more battery packs you can expand or replace your batteries quickly and easily. By separating the battery from the other components, you can easily carry each component.

    Dual MPPT Charge Controllers (2000 watts total) with a wide voltage range

    With the Titan, we only used quality, reliable components. For example, most solar generators use cheap, low quality charge controllers that cannot step the voltage down to produce high amps. Most don’t allow for voltages over 30-50 volts. The Titan on the other hand, can take up to 145 volts. This means your solar panel wires will have very low amps running through them making them much more efficient (they will be cool to the touch where others will be very hot). It also makes wiring up your solar panels much easier and safer.

    00 Watt Hour Lithium Battery

    The 2000 watt hour lithium battery is one of the largest available in solar generators. It is about twice the capacity of similar systems, with a life span of 10 years.

    Fast AC Charging 400 Watts Standard; up to 1450 watts with two 25A chargers

    With the Titan we will include one powerful AC charger that will charge your battery pack in around 3 hours (5 1/2 hours if you choose the 14A charger). Other systems on the market can take up to 24 hours. You can also add a second charger to double the charging power (for when you have more than one battery).

    00 Watt High Efficiency Inverter

    The 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter is extremely powerful- twice as powerful as comparable solar generators. However, it is extremely efficient with a no load power draw of as low as 5 watts, and efficiencies up to 92%! Generally, the larger the inverter the more power it uses just to run- like a large truck burns more gas than a small car. This is comparable to having a 500 HP race car getting better fuel mileage than a geo metro.

    We have designed the Titan solar generator to be compatible with nearly every battery type (24V). The Titan Solar Generator uses a lithium Ion battery with a voltage range of 20V to 29.4V (only charged to 29.2V). With this setup, it works perfectly with a 24V LiFePo4 (19.2V to 29.2V) and a led acid battery (20V to 29.2V).

    As you can see there is virtually no difference between the 3 batteries voltage range, so they can be used together without any changes to the charging profile without damaging any battery. Note: Any battery connected to the system must be charged to the same voltage as other batteries in the system. See the manual for more instructions.

    Battery specs for each battery:

    Battery Voltage:29.4V (only charged to 29.2) Battery Capacity:74ah (usable) 2000 watt hours (usable) Maximum charge current:40A (approximately 1000 watts) Maximum continuous discharge:100A (approximately 2500 watts) Suggested continuous discharge (for long life):1500 watts Maximum surge discharge current (10 seconds or less):300A (approximately 7700 watts ) Weight:35lbs approximately Size:12×18.5×4.5 in

    Inverter Specs:

    Output voltage:120V AC (pure sine wave) Continuous power output:3,000 Watts Peak power output:6,000 watts Inverter no load power consumption:5-15 watts (typical 10 watts) Size (top portion not including the battery):12 x 18.5 x 7.75 in Weight:32lbs (approximate)

    Solar MPPT charge controller:

    Dual MPPT controllers Input volts:35V to 145VDC Maximum input amps:30 amps per input port Maximum charging amps:80A (40A per port) Charge rate:up to 2000W (using both ports, and with two or more batteries)

    Other specs:

    AC charging:Up to 1450 watts with two 25A chargers (must have two batteries to use two chargers) Car port charging:85 watts (with optional charger) Number of outlets:6-15A, and one 30A RV outlet USB ports:Depending on options at purchase 12V ports:4. regulated at 13.8V (20A each with a maximum of 20A total) Weight:32lb power module; 35lb battery Dimensions:18.5x12x12 (battery and Power module together)

    Optional USB port specs:

    USB-Dual type A Output:5V 3.1A Dual port (PD type c USB type a): When charging two-port together, the total output 18WWhen charging single port, the output will be as follows: Type c port output:5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A USB-A output:5V 2.4A

    What’s Included

    (1) Titan solar generator (power module and one battery) (1) MC4 to SAE (for jump starting with a solar panel) (2) MC4 to anderson adapter (for solar panels) AC Charger

    Depending on options chosen at purchase: Extra batteries Car charger for charging from a car cigarette port USB adapters for charging phones, laptops, etc

    FAQ- Solar Batteries

    Can I use my own solar panels with the Titan? Yes, you can use your own panels with the Titan. You just need to make sure they are arranged in a way to produce a voltage between 35-145V DC. Lower than 35V DC will not charge the Titan and a Voltage over 145V DC can damage the MPPT controller. What is the maximum solar input for the Titan? We have two solar inputs in the Titan, each capable of 1,000 watts or 2,000 watts total with a voltage range of 35V to 145VDC. Can I use a wind turbine with the Titan? Yes, you can use a wind turbine with the Titan power station. What kind of batteries do you use in the Titan? We use Lithium Ion NMC 2,000 wh battery. What is the life cycle of the Titan’s battery? Up to 2,000 cycles How much does the Titan battery module weigh? 35 lbs approximately

    FAQ- General

    Can I wire the Titan into my home electrical system? The Titan is only 120V AC, so it cannot be wired into the entire electrical system of your house. However, an electrician can wire up a 120V sub panel to run emergency 120V appliances. This sub panel can even be put onto a transfer switch (manual or automatic). It is extremely important to follow any necessary regulations during this process. Point Zero Energy is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use, misuse, or inability to use this product. Can the Titan only be used for temporary backup power? No. The Titan can be used in a variety of situations. We have many customers using their Titan on a daily basis for off-grid power. What can the Titan power? The Titan can power any 120V electrical appliance up to a total of 3,000 continuous watts. What is the Titan’s no load power consumption? 5-15 watts (typical 10 watts) How much does the Titan power module weigh? 32 lbs approximately

    Introducing the Titan Solar Power Generator

    reviews for Titan

    I purchased one of the first units out and it’s still performing well, no issues! I would recommend an extra battery. To be able to upgrade and stack multiple batteries is a great feature of this unit. I live in the US Virgin Islands, the bowling alley for Hurricanes. This unit helped me through Hurricane Maria, allowing me to run multiple fans during the night. It can get real hot after these hurricanes, not to mention the mosquitoes. I was able to get a good nights sleep. This is very important to deal with the aftermath of any natural disaster. Point Zero I give an A. Keep up the good work. I would like to see more US made components in their units however! Thanks Joe US Virgin Islands

    Thank you for sharing your experience! We’re so happy to hear the Titan helped you in a disastrous scenario! I wish we could also help with the mosquitos

    My Titan developed an issue after a couple of years use. I was amazed at the quick turnaround! You guys had it for about 48 hours and it was out the door on its way back to me. Received the Titan yesterday afternoon and immediately plugged it back in. Working great! I now have lights and use of power tools and security cameras back in my barn. You guys are the best!

    We work hard to support our customers the best way we can so thank you for sharing your positive experience!

    Love this soler generator and point zero energy. I accidentally overloaded my generator with too many volts which blew the system and voided my warranty. I was afraid I would get taken advantage of for the cost of repairs and shipping. I did not! Point zero energy did a fast job getting my unit repaired and back to me at a cost much appreciated. Thank you to this company for the fantastic service they provided! I highly recommend point zero energy and all their products!

    Titan is a great system ! We purchased and received the Titan and two batteries in 2021. Our main application was a bit unusual since we wanted to use the system in a DIY converted Promaster van/RV. The Knowledge Base articles at Titan’s website were very helpful for acheiving a van configuration. To charge the Titan from the vehicle alternator when driving we used a Victron Orion Tr-Smart 24|12 30, DC-DC converter, and it works great. We also added 400W of solar panels for charging when camping. Other modifications we did to better match our needs were: First was to add a step-down converter (Victron, 70A) to drop the 24V output to a 12V that is more suitable for powering the lights, two refrigerators, two fans and a water pump inside the van. Second, since we had the Titan stored under the bed and the display was not easily accesible we replaced it with a Victron 712 BMV that has Bluetooth and uses a 500A shunt that replaced the original. The Victron app on the phone is very flexible and can be configured for the Titan battery. During the winter we remove the Titan from the van and store it inside the house at room temperature and at 70-80% charge. We highly recommend the Titan to other RVers.

    Received my Titan in Jan. 2020, first time I used it during our Texas ‘Polar Vortex’ in Feb. 2021. Initially charged the battery in Jan. ’20, 100% remaining when checked in ’21 prior to needing it when the elec. grid went down for 24 hours. The Titan worked PERFECTLY, used it for frig., elec. blanket, recharge cell phones, lamp. No issues whatsoever. SO happy with product! Encouraged ALL in our 55 community to get one. I remind everyone that traditional generators need liquid fuel, need maintenance, have noise and exhaust issues, not so with a Titan! Great product! Keep up the good work!

    Outstanding customer support! Last year I placed a pre-order just before COVID hit. In May 2020 I lost my job. Unfortunately I had to cancel my order. Point Zero Energy gave me a full refund with no hassles and very responsive. I’m just getting back to work and cant wait to place a new order! So many great reviews on the system, and such great feedback from those i know with the system. Thanks Point Zero!!

    I recently received my new Titan solar generator with three batteries. I am extremely impressed with the fit and finish, the attention to detail, and the extremely high quality of the Titan. I ran a test today by cutting the main breaker off for my home and connecting the Titan via the 30 amp RV plug to a 6 circuit transfer switch. I was able to power 6 rooms in my house, and a large pond pump for 8 hours and I only used about 50% of the battery. I used two 25 amp AC chargers to recharge and it was back to 100% in just a few hours. I am also able to power my entire RV with a simple 30-50 amp RV plug adapter and it runs everything – even one air conditioner, dishwasher, washer/dryer combo, two TVs, microwave, etc. (not all at the same time). I could not be happier with this product and I would recommend it to anyone in search of the very best portable solar generator money can buy. I have also been very happy with the sales experience, customer service, and tech support I have received from Point Zero Energy. Every time I have reached out to them for anything, they get right back to me and they are always willing to help. Just like most other buyers, I had to wait four months for mine to ship, but it was well worth the wait. It is very refreshing to be able to do business with a company like this.

    We’re very happy with the Titan. We have 3 batteries stacked under it and they are being recharged almost every day via Renergy solar panels and we live in Washington.

    I purchased the Titan and two additional batteries. The folks at Point Zero have been MOST patient and helpful along the way as I modified my order a couple of times. Technical support is outstanding and amazingly prompt. Great company, great product, innovative features. My purpose was/is to run key household appliances and comm gear such that the load is constantly replenished by the PV panels battery, independent of local utility feed, which goes down with distressing regularity here on Northern California. The gear is really quality and works well. I paired with my own locally sourced PV panels to provide maximum generation in the smallest rooftop panel area. I highly recommend both company and product.

    The unit is excellent and appears to be a quality product. the only problem was the delay in delivery but that is understandable considering the pandemic. I haven’t had a chance to use the Titan yet but I will be using it when I go south for the winter. Thank you, Point Zero, for your excellent customer service and hard work. You are a one-of-a-kind!

    We bought the Titan and 2 batteries so we can boondock in our rv. Since the rv is 20 years old we didn’t want to mount all the parts of a solar unit plus extra batteries that we have no space for, on a unit that old. If our rv gets replaced we just take the Titan with us. We can also have it for a backup at home if we lose power. We recharge the batteries with the rv generator or with shore power at a campground. We are not using solar panels. We are on a trip in the rv and the Titan has worked great for 6 weeks until I hooked something up wrong and damaged the Titan. Since we were within a few hours of his facility, I called Dave and he said I could bring it there and they would look at it. Dave had one of his guys stop what he was doing and fix my problem the minute I arrived. This was not a warranty issue, nor should it be, but it is great customer service after the sale.

    My Titan ran perfectly for just 5 days. I was worried when I ran into a snag in energy discharge and emailed Point Zero. I didn’t know what to expect from a relatively new company, especially after reading a negative review about service. I was happy to get a phone call within 24 hours and pleased with an immediate resolution to the problem. The personal attention, answer to questions both before and after purchase, and quick response to a problem gives me confidence Point Zero. They stand behind their product and promise. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m using the system for a seasonal RV set up. Titan runs everything I need with power to spare.

    It’s nearly impossible to find a product that is engineered as well as the Titan. You can tell that Point Zero Energy thought through every detail in order to create a product that will last as well as work in a wide variety of scenarios. If you every watched a review for a “solar generator” and thought “but can it do this”, only to be disappointed by some later revealed limitation…well the Titan probably can do it!

    We are super happy with both the Titan and the excellent customer service that they provided us with. They went out of their way with help for our setting it up, and on answering all of our questions. We will be purchasing more items from them as time goes on. We have a lot to learn about solar and they are the perfect company to walk us through the path of being able to camp off grid. We highly recommend them and are grateful to have found them.

    My order was complete and arrived without any damage. I installed it, charged the battery and needed to call to better understand the battery meter settings and how to calibrate it. I also watched some videos on the Zero Point channel on YouTube which were very helpful. It has been a pleasure doing business with Zero Point and the people who work there. Definately 5 stars

    The Titan is an excellent value. The service at Point Zero is exceptional. Previously, I have added Solar to a VW Rialta using a Goal Zero 1400 lithium. Its 1500 watt inverter worked fine for essential RV living. Refrigerator, LCD lights, water pump, laptop and cell phone. That draw only allowed for about 12 hours of reserve. Your Solar recharge was slow because the GZ 1400 hundred only comes standard (you can purchase an MPPT add on. That brings the GZ 1400 closer to 2000) with a PWM controller. In addition you could only charge with your solar panels in a less efficient parallel array. By investing just a little more than 1000 extra in a Titan, you get two MPPT controllers, the ability to attach your solar panels in a more efficient series (up to 1000 watts with a single battery) array, 2000 watts of Lithium battery, a 3000 watt Inverter that will run the big draw items like a Microwave, electric water heater ,etc. etc., and many many other benefits. To be specific, my Titan with one battery (I did purchase a second battery) will run my efficient refrigerator/4L Freezer and laptop (full time internet) for 70 hours. Amazing! Whether you are purchasing to upgrade or build an RV, or as power for your home…In my opinion, This is the best value and most efficient, beautifully designed Solar generator in the world. It will do it all. When you add the fact that Point Zero, the manufacturer of the Titan, is a family owned American company that is very pleasant and helpful to work with, this is an easy purchase you can make with confidence. At this time, I don’t work with or have any affiliation with Point Zero. I just love my Titan, and am very impressed with the customer service. Best, Louie

    I am so very happy to have made this purchase. Not only does the Titan Solar Generator have the most complete and well implemented features I could find on any similar product but the post sale support has been top notch. Multiple e-mail questions have been more than helpful and responded to very quickly.

    I have had the pleasure of owing a Titan for a little over two months. To say i am thrilled would be an understatement. The performance of the Titan in conjunction with the great customer service i have received makes me a very satisfied customer. Better yet, a customer for life! I have used it for plethora of jobs around the house and even succumbed to temptation and powered my entire 7.2 home theater system that includes, a receiver, Blu-ray player, seven amplifiers and two subs in addition to the flat screen and few other pieces. So far, everything i have thrown at the Titan, the Titan has handled with ease, never suffering defeat in form of a shut down. A great performer in my book and worthy of the name Titan. Kudos!

    I recently received my Titan with one extra NMC battery that I purchased through and I am very pleased with the unit. I do have a few questions about future expandability. 1) When the LiFePo4 battery packs come out, will we be able to stack them with the NMC batteries in parallel; and 2) Can I hook up a 24V 200 ah LiFePo4 battery pack to the external battery connection on the Titan even though my two stackable batteries are NMC chemistry? Thanks again for a great product.

    I am a 67 yr old grandma with no technical experience but I found the Titan very easy to set up and use. I have been using it (testing it) for 3 days now, plugging in various items that I might need in a power outage. The Titan has handled everything with ease. I am even able to lift the individual components by myself, so I feel confident I can move it around as necessary. Thanks!

    So Happy with my purchase I purchased another, easy to setup and even easier to integrate into my homes generator backup

    The Titan is a FANTASTIC product! What a dream come true to be able to be off grid with a system that you can plug your RV 30amp cord right into and be able to run things as if hooked up at a campground! Crazy cool! The owner and creator David is a genius and has been such a help with any questions we had. His company has friendly and knowledgable customer service reps as well when we have called. The instruction manual made set up a breeze and we are enjoying our freedom to go anywhere on our own terms by harnessing the sun through this generator. He truly thought of everything when creating the Titan. It is worth every penny in our book! Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel “Everyday Mama” to see our Titan in action this summer in our RV VLOGS. These videos are not sponsored- we just love the product and want to share all the benefits of it for RVers. We highly recommend the Titan to anyone for home use, RVers, or preppers.

    Best Solar Generators For RV: Reviews Buyer’s Guide

    Solar generators for RV are great to break up with bulky and toxic gas generators. But with the competition so fierce, which one should you buy? Check here!

    As an avid RV enthusiast and green citizen, I was looking to replace my gas generator with a clean source of energy that is safe for me and the environment.

    Soon, I realized that if I wanted to find the best solar generator for RV, I would have to try as many of them first hand.

    I bought and borrowed, traded and sold. And after a whole year of tests and trials, I can tell you that the best solar generator for RV is the Bluetti AC200P.

    But, my choice might not be yours. So here are the 7 best solar generators for RV.

    My Top 3 Picks: Best Solar Generators For RV

    Bluetti AC200P

    Overall Rating: 5/5

    EcoFlow Delta 1300

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5

    Jackery Explorer 1000

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5

    Best Solar Generators For RV Reviews

    Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station — Best Overall

    Battery Capacity: 2000Wh | Rated Output: 2000W| Charging Time: 3-4 hrs | Weight: 60lbs.

    With a total of 17 output points and 5 charging modes, the Bluetti AC200P is hard not to fall in love with.

    The 2000 watts of continuous power let me use several gadgets at once. And there’s still plenty left for my air fryer.

    The best thing is that at the same time, I can charge the station with three solar panels. In the strong sunlight, it goes from 0 to full charge in less than 4 hours.

    Apart from standard 110V, 12V, and various USB outlets, this solar generator for RV has two wireless charging ports.

    Considering all aspects, Bluetti AC200P is clearly the best solar generator for camping, if not the best solar generator in every scenario.

    Why Do I Like It?

    The Bluetti AC200P solar generator for RV is my first choice because it really lets me vacation off the grid. The advanced LiFePO4 battery takes solar charge crazy fast and the manufacturer guarantees more than 3,500 charging cycles.

    EcoFlow Delta 1300 Solar Generator — Runner-up

    Battery Capacity: 1260Wh| Rated Output: 1800W| Charging Time: 4 hrs | Weight: 31lbs.

    If you can’t find a good deal on the winner, I’d tell you to go for the EcoFlow Delta 1300 and never look back.

    This solar generator for RV is definitely on the more portable side. This also makes it a great choice for camping or fishing.

    What sets this power station apart is the insane charging speed — from 0-80% in less than an hour. This feature really lets you make the most of any location where you can dock to grid power.

    With a higher-capacity battery, it could easily run for the No.1 on the list.

    However, my biggest peeve is the unusual arrangement of the ports. The inputs are on one side, the USBs on the other, and the AC outputs on the third. You can forget about putting this baby in the corner.

    Why Do I Like It?

    I can recommend the EcoFlow 1300 for its outstanding charging speed alone. Besides, this is the best-looking solar generator for a camper.

    Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station — Best Value Solar Generator for RVing

    Battery Capacity: 1002Wh| Rated Output: 1000W| Charging Time: 8 hrs | Weight: 22lbs.

    Boasting three 110V AC outlets and five DC options, the Jackery 1000 offers more than an average RV user needs.

    Easy to use and well-designed, this solar trailer generator is ideal for people who don’t want to fumble with cables and switches.

    All the ports are located on the front side, so you can place the unit out of the way. importantly, you can easily see what’s plugged at any time.

    Its display is not as fancy as some of the competitors. Still, it shows the battery level and input/output values at a given time.

    Keep in mind though, the power output of only 1,000 watts might not be enough if you’re boondocking with the whole family aboard.

    If you want some extra fancy features, you can also check the updated Jackery 1000 Pro option.

    Why Do I Like It?

    volt, solar, generator

    The Jackery Explorer 1000 hits the sweet spot between the price, performance, and portability. I can easily disconnect it and move the entire rig outside for a family cookout.

    Bluetti EP500 Portable Power Station — Best Premium Option

    Battery Capacity: 5100Wh| Rated Output: 2000W| Charging Time: 4.7-5.2 hrs | Weight: 167lbs.

    If you asked me what the future of mobile clean energy would be like, I’d told you — Bluetti EP500. This massive power station on wheels packs a formidable 5100Wh battery that promises to power even the most demanding appliances without breaking a sweat.

    If you want a solar generator for RV that lasts throughout the whole weekend trip, I’d say you go with the EP500.

    That’s if you have an unlimited budget.

    Even on preorder, this clean power box is way more expensive than any other on the list.

    This shouldn’t surprise you at all, as this unit is stacked with ground-breaking technologies, like the next-generation LiFePO4 battery. Not only does it give you more than 6000 charging cycles but it’s also safer for the environment than standard Li-ion batteries.

    Then again, many of the cutting-edge (and pricy) technologies are designed with home use in mind — where the EP500 acts as a 24/7 backup UPS.

    Do you really need grid surge protection, outage protection, internet connection, and upgradeable firmware in your solar generator for RV?

    Why Do I Like It?

    Now other manufacturers have their work cut for them — how to take the best features of the EP500 and pack them into a more versatile and affordable solar generator for RV.

    Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station — Best Budget Option

    Battery Capacity: 518Wh| Rated Output: 500W| Charging Time: 7.5 hrs | Weight: 13lbs.

    At only 13lbs, this solar generator for RV is not such a powerhouse as its big brother Explorer 1000.

    Even so, at half the price, it has been a popular choice for campers and boaters — and not without a reason.

    It can fully charge my MacBook Air 7 times and keep the mini-fridge running for 8 straight hours.

    What’s more, I haven’t had any problems running my Nutribullet blender.

    When I vacation in my RV, I keep my Explorer 500 hooked to a pair of SolarSaga 100W panels and don’t think about charging.

    Still, you have to be realistic about what this solar trailer generator won’t power. Basically, you can forget about the air conditioner, space heater, or washing machine.

    Why Do I Like It?

    The Jackery Explorer 500 has a powerful built-in flashlight. Now, I’m not afraid to investigate those strange noises outside the trailer at night!

    Point Zero Energy Titan Solar Generator — Most Robust

    Battery Capacity: 2200Wh| Rated Output: 3000W| Charging Time: 2 hrs | Weight: 66lbs.

    With 3,000 watts at the output, the Titan solar-powered generator for RV has enough raw power to run the biggest appliances you can fit in your camper. This includes washing machines and dryers, even a full-size fridge.

    As a friend of mine once said, “It’ll power an elephant if you find a way to plug it in.”

    This big daddy indeed offers a lot. Six 110V AC outlets, four 12V DC ports with dust covers, and even a dedicated 30amp RV outlet. This way you can hook it up directly to your vehicle wiring.

    So why I’m not recommending it as the best choice?

    For the first, it’s too darn heavy. With just one briefcase-type battery attached it weighs 66lbs and you can safely attach 5 more. Now do your math.

    Titan’s also the most expensive solar generator for RV on this list.

    Why Do I Like It?

    It is a very capable power station, but more suited to prepper and off-grid cabin use. If I had to build a shelter for the doomsday scenario, the Titan would probably be my solar generator of choice — with all 6 batteries attached.

    Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Portable Power Station — Best for RV Parties

    Battery Capacity: 983Wh| Rated Output: 1500W| Charging Time: 6-12 hrs | Weight: 32lbs.

    The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X is not the most powerful of the bunch. It will probably even struggle to fire up your microwave oven.

    However, this good-looking solar generator for the camper is an absolute party boss, thanks to its many DC outlets. Perfect for all sorts of gadgets that run on batteries.

    If you’re the work-hard-play-hard type who rents an RV and goes road tripping with friends, the Yeti 1000X might be for you.

    A little short of full 1000Wh, its battery packs enough punch to charge up my laptop, Bluetooth speaker, drone, GoPro, and several of my friends’ phones.

    Why Do I Like It?

    The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X is not the best solar generator for RV. Still, it gets points from me for being compact and portable… for those situations when you need to take the van party outside.

    RV Solar Generator Buying Debates and Concerns

    Help, My Solar Generator Doesn’t Have an RV Plug!

    RVs have a large, heavy-duty three-prong 30 amp plug. It may look like a standard home 110/120V plug, but it’s not.

    Most campgrounds you visit will provide you with a 30 amp outlet so you can plug your RV power cord directly into the grid.

    But if you want to fit your RV with a solar generator, it would be nice that the unit itself comes with a 30 amp RV outlet. This way you can use your trailer’s own outlets without running countless extension cords.

    The Zero Point Energy Titan is the only solar generator with a 30 amp RV outlet on this list.

    But if your solar generator doesn’t have one, don’t worry. Plug this 30 amp RV adapter in one of the AC ports and you’re all set.

    Can I Run Air Conditioners Using My RV Solar Generator?

    Yes, you can. With the right setup.

    However, running an RV air conditioner might be challenging. First of all, A/C units are real energy hogs — they need lots of power both to start and keep running. An average RV air conditioner needs about 1,800 watts to start up and 650 watts to keep your trailer cool.

    This means if you want to run the AC overnight, you need a battery bank of at least 700Ah.

    The next challenge is the whole nature of solar power — solar panels work best in direct sunlight, while your RV is more likely to stay cool in the shade.

    So, for an average RV air conditioner of around 13,000 BTUs, you need a minimum of 1,500 watts of solar power. If your vehicle roof can take 15x100W solar panels, I say your problem is solved.

    If you’re not sure about your air conditioner wattage, take the number of BTUs and divide it by 10. So, a 13,000 BTU A/C unit uses roughly about 1,300 watts of power.

    How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for Boondocking?

    t depends on the number of batteries you need to charge and what appliances you want to power.

    Basically, you need to add up the amp hours (Ah) of your batteries on one side and the wattage requirements of your appliances on the other.

    So if your kit has a single 12V battery at 100Ah, you should have a minimum of 3x100W solar panels. With two 12V batteries at 200-250Ah, you need at least 4x100W solar panels or 2x200W solar panels.

    The formula says you can get 30Ah of battery charge with a 100W solar panel and 5-9 hours of sun exposure.

    For example, if you want to run only basic RV essentials, 300 watts of solar panels would be enough. These include the LED lights, ceiling fans, refrigerator, and water heater, along with a few electronics.

    If you want to add a 1,000-watt microwave to the bunch, add another battery and mount a minimum of 400 watts of solar.

    Where Should I Place the Solar Panels on RV?

    In an ideal scenario, all your solar panels will fit on your RV roof. This is definitely the most elegant solution — just park it in the sunlight and hook them to the battery. You can even charge as you go.

    But if you don’t have enough roof space, would you place them on the ground?

    You are going to DIY a portable solar panel stand, just like the one in this video.

    I use flexible solar panels and the whole setup is so light that I can move it easily around for the best sun exposure.

    But there is an added benefit to using a ground stand.A 100-watt panel will deliver only between 50-75 watts on the RV roof.

    Because if you stick them to the roof, you can tilt them to face the sun at the ideal 90-degree angle. Also, roof panels are more difficult to keep clean of tree sap and debris for maximum efficiency.

    Still, even with the power penalty, roof panels seem to be more popular.

    You don’t have to set them up every time and there’s no risk of the wind kicking them over.

    Should I Use an RV Soft Start Device?

    Yes, you definitely should make an RV Soft Start Device a part of your solar generator kit. Remember how those A/C units and larger appliances need a lot of power to start?

    A soft start device allows you to start large devices with a smaller solar generator.

    With a soft starter device like this EasyStart Micro-Air, I can start my RV air conditioner with several appliances running at the same time.

    Just keep in mind that a soft start device won’t bring down the continuous running wattage — it only helps with the initial power surge.

    Which Battery Is Best for My RV?

    Lead-acid or AGM batteries use proven and time-tested technology that is less expensive than either of lithium counterparts. However, AGM batteries are more sensitive to the depth of discharge.

    This means the deeper you discharge the battery, the fewer life cycles it has. That’s why manufacturers generally recommend discharging lead-acid batteries to only 50% of their capacity.

    With lithium batteries, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the depth of discharge. As a result, you can get the desired capacity with fewer batteries.

    So, a lead-acid battery might be a better choice if you use your RV only for vacationing, while a lithium battery is better for off-grid living.

    And yet, with lithium batteries, there are significant differences between the two popular technologies — lithium-ion and lithium iron.

    Li-ion batteries have a higher energy density. This makes them a better choice for power-hungry electronics that drain batteries at a high rate.

    Li-iron batteries, on the other hand, have much more stable discharge rates. This means that don’t degrade significantly as their capacity drops.

    Lithium-ion batteries generally weigh less, but lithium iron technology is safer to use in hot environments because it’s incombustible.

    If you’re not going to move your battery bank a lot, I recommend you go with lithium iron.

    How to Choose Solar Panels for RV?

    If you’re going to set up panels on your RV “as needed” you should go with flexible solar panels, as they are easy to move and store away. If you’re having them mounted permanently, go with rigid frame solar panels, as they are generally more cost-efficient.

    And what about the wattage?

    100-watt solar panels are what you should look for. One 200W panel takes the same amount of space as two 100W panels. While you won’t save any space, two panels are easier to manage and mount. importantly, smaller panels won’t catch the wind so easily.

    Bluetti solar generator expert review: choose the right one for you

    Bluetti is a 3-year-old brand that primarily makes portable solar generators, battery backup systems, and foldable solar panels. Their products use LiFePO4 battery technology, which is currently regarded as the best kind of lithium battery on the market and has proven quite popular in the DIY and van life communities, allowing people to power important devices and appliances in off-grid situations.

    We recently tested some Bluetti products to see how well they use solar power to keep the batteries charged and ready to deliver power to all sorts of energy-hungry devices. We found our Bluetti power bank and solar panel to be up to many important jobs around the yard, the house, and even in the wilderness.

    Here’s a full review of Bluetti products and more information on all their uses.

    Find out how many solar panels you need to eliminate your electricity bill

    Why you can trust SolarReviews:

    SolarReviews is the leading American website for consumer reviews and ratings of residential solar panels and solar panel installation companies. Our industry experts have over two decades of solar experience combined and maintain editorial independence for their reviews. No company can pay to alter the reviews or review scores shown on our site. Learn more about SolarReviews and how we make money.

    Key takeaways

    • Bluetti solar generators use lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology that is safer and longer lasting than other designs of lithium batteries.
    • The company offers many battery products in capacities ranging from 268 watt-hours to 12.3 kilowatt-hours.
    • Most Bluetti batteries are portable and all come with the ability to charge from solar panels, which the company also makes.
    • The company offers warranties of 24 months for its smaller portable solar generators and up to five years for its large home backup solutions.
    • With the wide range of options available, robust build quality, and great technology behind it all, SolarReviews recommends Bluetti products.

    Bluetti’s technology

    Bluetti’s key value proposition comes from its use of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. This combination of chemicals (LiFePO4, or LFP for short) makes Bluetti’s batteries more stable, longer lasting, and less environmentally harmful than typical lithium nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries used by other popular solar generators. Bluetti says its LFP batteries can be cycled 2,500 (EB series) to 3,500 (AC and B series) times before being reduced to 80% of their original capacity, compared to other brands’ 500-cycle lifespan.

    The next feature common to Bluetti’s Portable Power Stations is solar input. From the entry-level EB3A to the flagship AC200P, comes with an MPPT solar charge controller built-in, allowing the battery to get the most from solar panels. Bluetti makes its own foldable solar panel, but also provides standard MC4 connections so any compatible solar array can be used to charge its batteries (with allowable input wattage that differs for each of its products).

    Finally, Bluetti includes a pure sine wave inverter in each of its batteries and provides multiple DC and AC outlets to provide options for powering devices. Typical outlets include USB-A, USB-C, 120V AC, and 12V DC. In addition, all Bluetti Portable Power Stations come with 15W wireless charging pads built into the top of the unit.

    How a Bluetti Solar generator works

    In order to provide a good review of Bluetti’s Portable Power Stations, we purchased a Bluetti EB55 along with a PV120 foldable solar panel. With this pair of products, you can provide power to numerous devices away from home, and even provide yourself some peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

    We found the EB55 to be a well-built, capable and versatile piece of equipment. It is an excellent option for people who need power on the go, whether it’s in an off-grid camping setting, as an RV accessory, or even just a fun day at the park or beach.

    Bluetti EB55 Details

    The EB55 has 537 watt-hours (Wh) of storage capacity and can output 700W of continuous power (1,400W surge). That’s not enough power to start an air conditioner, but it is enough to run a full-sized refrigerator for a few hours during a power outage, or several smaller appliances for a full day, even without recharging.

    Accessories that come with the Bluetti EB55 (L to R): solar charging cable, DC charging cable, AC cord, velcro strap, and power brick.

    Inside the box, the EB55 comes with an AC power supply, a cable for charging from a vehicle’s DC outlet, and a cable for charging from solar panels. The EB55 has 12 outlets:

    • Four USB-A
    • One USB-C
    • Two grounded and two ungrounded 120V AC outputs
    • Two 12V/10A DC
    • One 12V DC cigarette lighter outlet

    The unit is a compact 10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 inches and weighs in at 16.5 lbs, with a foldable carrying handle on top. There is a built-in cooling fan with vents on the side of the unit, and a small backlit LCD screen on the front that displays the state of charge and input/output wattage using two shades of blue.


    The Bluetti EB55 can charge from AC power with the included power brick, DC power from the solar panels, or both at the same time. It can also be charged using a 12V DC output from a vehicle or from a generator. Charging power is up to 200W from AC or solar, or 400W from both AC and solar at the same time.

    In our tests, Bluetti’s 120W solar panel delivered its maximum power to the EB55 effortlessly under full sun on a warm day. The solar panel is about 2 feet high by 6 feet wide, with four sections that fold out from the stored position. On the back of these sections are thin “legs” that fold away from the main body and allow the user to adjust the angle at which the panel is placed relative to the ground, between 40° and 50°.

    Features of the Bluetti PV120 solar panel: fully folded, zippered pouch with wires, adjustable leg.

    The whole solar panel is clad in ripstop-style polyester fabric, with a hard plastic handle at one end that is used for carrying the panel when it’s folded up. The solar sections themselves are laminated inside Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) sheets, which allows them to be flexible and resist fading and cracking due to high temperatures and UV radiation. A zippered pouch on the back of one section contains the cables and a list of specifications.

    The fully-extended PV120 solar panel.

    We’d recommend keeping the battery out of full sun because it heats up when charging.

    Thankfully, the EB55 comes with a 5.5-foot solar charging cable with MC4 connectors, and the PV120 panel comes with its own 9.5-foot cable, making it easy to place the panel in the sun and the battery somewhere nearby in the shade. And because Bluetti uses standard solar connectors, additional cables can be purchased online from a variety of sources if you need more than 15 feet between the panel and the battery.

    A word of caution: Bluetti solar panels are IP65 rated, meaning they can handle a little splash of water, but can’t withstand rain and snow. Only put them out on a dry day.

    In testing the AC charging, we easily got the promised 200W from the charger, although it should be noted that the charging brick has its own internal cooling fan that can get a little noisy, so it’s best to charge it out of earshot. Either the AC adapter or the solar input is capable of filling the EB55’s 537 Wh of storage in about 3 hours from empty, and combining solar and AC together can increase the power to 400W, decreasing charging time down to just 1.8 hours.

    Using Power

    In our tests, the EB55 was capable of powering many important appliances and devices, and we recommend it for medium-light duty applications like phone and laptop charging, camping, or even for short-duration events like small concerts in the park where no power is available.

    We tested our EB55 in a few ways: powering a small outdoor pool pump, running live sound through a PA speaker, and running a full-size refrigerator. In all these tests, the EB55 performed very well.

    The Bluetti EB55 running a pool pump.

    With its 537 Wh of battery capacity, it could theoretically run the 33W pool pump for 16 hours, even without solar recharging. At medium volumes, the PA speaker and some guitar pedals used 25W. Imagine an afternoon pool party with a rock Band at a remote location run entirely by one Bluetti EB55 battery. All you’d need is transportation and a water source.

    Closer to home, the refrigerator drew between 105W and 220W, depending on the cycle it was running, so it could be kept running for 3 hours or more during a power outage. If you add 4 hours of solar charging at an average of around 100W, you could extend that time to six hours or more. By plugging in the fridge only sporadically, you could theoretically keep food cold for days during a power outage using a single EB55 and solar panel, and probably have enough energy left over to keep your phone topped off.

    Because of its LiFePO4 battery cell chemistry, the Bluetti should be able to fully charge and discharge 2,500 times, which could mean several years of power even with twice daily cycling. That many cycles should still leave the battery at 80% of its original capacity.

    It’s a pretty remarkable little battery, and well worth its 499 MSRP. But the EB55 is one of the smallest capacity batteries Bluetti offers, and some of the company’s products can do much more than keep your food cold for a few hours.

    Bluetti product comparison

    Now let’s look at some of the key specifications of Bluetti’s product lineup. The company has offerings as small as the entry-level EB3A with a 268 Wh battery pack and as large as the expandable AC300 inverter module, which doesn’t come with its own battery but can instead be paired with up to four B300 expansion batteries for 12.3 kWh of storage. That’s nearly as large as a Tesla Powerwall.

    The smaller, more portable power stations (basically anything that will fit in Bluetti’s carrying case) are fairly simple; just boxes with batteries, inputs, and output ports, while the larger offerings like the Bluetti AC200MAX and AC300 come with Bluetooth and can be controlled via the Bluetti smartphone app (the newer, small EB3A is also app-enabled). For very large battery backup needs, two AC300 inverter modules can be paired with Bluetti’s AC300 Fusion Box for a 240V system with up to 24.5 kWh of storage.

    Here’s a rundown of Bluetti’s portable models and their key specs:

    Product Capacity Output (surge) Max input W # of outlets Expandable Max capacity
    EB3A 268 Wh 600W (1,200W) 430W SolarAC 9 N N/A
    EB55 537 Wh 700W (1,400W) 400W SolarAC 12 N N/A
    EB70S 716 Wh 800W (1,400W) 200W Solar/AC 12 N N/A
    AC200P 2,000 Wh 2,000W (4,800W) 1,200W SolarAC 17 N N/A
    AC300 inverter module N/A 3,000W (6,000W) 5,400W SolarAC 16 Y 12,288 Wh
    AC200MAX 2,048 Wh 2,200W (4,800W) 1,300W SolarAC 15 Y 8,192 Wh
    B230 expansion battery 2,048 Wh N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    B300 expansion battery 3,071 Wh N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


    Like a lot of technology products you can find on Amazon, Bluetti products often go on sale, and people looking for the company’s products can often find coupons and discount codes online. For reference, here are the MSRPs of the most popular Bluetti products:

    • EB3A: 299
    • EB55: 499
    • EB70S: 599
    • AC200P: 1,699
    • AC300 inverter module: 1,899
    • AC200MAX: 1,899
    • B230 expansion battery: 1,399
    • B300 expansion battery: 2,199
    • PV120 solar panel: 299
    • PV200 solar panel: 499
    • PV350 solar panel: 849

    Bluetti battery warranties

    The warranty is where portable batteries like Bluetti falter a bit compared to purpose-built home solar batteries. The warranty for most Bluetti products covers just 24 months of defects due to materials and workmanship. These products are designed to last for a long time, but the manufacturer doesn’t offer long-term coverage for most of its products.

    That said, if you spring for the AC300 with one or more B300 expansion batteries, Bluetti offers 48 months of warranty coverage. Larger home battery backup systems like the EP500Pro come with 5-year warranties. These don’t quite match the 10-year warranties offered by companies like Generac and LG, so if you’re concerned about long-term coverage, one of those battery solutions might be better for you.

    Ironically, Generac and LG use lithium NMC batteries, so the Bluetti should theoretically outlast them. Bluetti says its EB-series batteries will last for 2,500 cycles before being reduced to 80% of their original capacity, and its AC- and B-series batteries get estimates of 3,500 cycles before hitting 80%. Assuming one full cycle per day, that’s over 9 years.

    How does Bluetti compare to the competition?

    When it comes to the best solar generators, Bluetti is among the top contenders. Its LFP battery cells are rated to last five times as long as products from main competitors Jackery and GoalZero, and its products are every bit as durable and easy to use.

    With 48-60 month warranties on its flagship products, Bluetti exceeds the standards set by its competitors, which almost all offer only 24 months of coverage. To be fair, their 500-cycle lifespans will almost certainly be up within those 24 months of regular usage, so Bluetti has a chance to extend its warranties and further set itself apart from Jackery, GoalZero, and others. We hope to see that as Bluetti products spend more time in the wild and prove their durability.

    Which Bluetti product is right for you?

    If you’re on the go and need to keep small appliances powered in an off-grid situation, the EB55 is an excellent choice. If you just want to keep your phone charged in the wilderness, the new EB3A is a great, inexpensive option.

    For longer trips and cabin stays, the AC200P provides a robust amount of energy storage and power output that could keep an off-grid cabin very comfortable, especially when paired with a few Bluetti solar panels wired in series.

    For home backup applications, we recommend the EP500 Pro over the AC300 with expansion batteries, simply because of the form factor and the 5-year warranty. If Bluetti ever increases its warranty protection for its modular batteries, we’ll update that recommendation accordingly.

    Bottom line: are Bluetti products good?

    Bluetti’s batteries and solar panels compare favorably with the majority of other portable solutions on the market. The LFP batteries and ETFE-clad solar panels are powerful and well-built products designed for a life lived outside of the boundaries of the electric grid. On top of that, Bluetti meets or exceeds industry standards for portable devices with 2-5 year warranties on its products.

    One caveat here is that the company is still only a few years old, and it remains to be seen whether its batteries will match the estimated 2,500-cycle lifespans, and whether the company will prove adept at handling customer complaints if they don’t. But the tech is solid, the products are proving popular and well-liked, and Bluetti reps actively engage customers through multiple channels, including an owners’ group. The company seems to be doing things right.

    Another caveat is that Bluetti’s solar panels aren’t as robust as actual home solar panels. For example, they aren’t designed to be outside in the rain and snow. If you’re looking for something to act as a fixture on your home or even off-grid cabin, real roof- or ground-mounted solar panels are much more robust, and can survive the weather for decades. And you can still use Bluetti battery backup with a well-designed solar installation.

    The Bluetti PV120; SolarReviews and Bowie-approved.

    Regardless of the caveats, Bluetti is making some great products. If you’re looking for a way to keep important devices powered up while in the wilderness, Bluetti batteries and solar panels have our recommendation.

    Patriot Power Generator 1800

    This best-selling portable solar generator is your “Magic Bullet” to protect you from blackouts, power failures the crumbling electric grid. Use the Patriot Power Generator inside your home — to power a fridge, freezer, medical devices more. It comes ready to use never needs gas… ever!

    • The ultimate prepper gift
    • Great for blackouts tailgates
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    • Fume-free, silent safe
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    Patriot Power Portable Solar Generator

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    A power outage can happen at any moment.

    And the fact is that without power, everything will just. STOP. And when it does. those who aren’t prepared might sit defenseless in the dark. Helpless for many days, or even weeks.

    Sure, you could use a gas generator. But those make a ton of noise, draw unwanted attention, have toxic fumes.

    Not so with the Patriot Power Generator 1800. It’s lightweight, fume-free and safe to use inside your home. It’s whisper-quiet and won’t attract attention. Most importantly, you’ll be able to recharge it again and again… for FREE.

    Picture all the ways you’ll use your solar generator:

    • Cycle your fridge or freezer
    • Charge cell phones laptops
    • Keep CPAP oxygen going
    • Turn on a TV for important news
    • Run a fan, or electric blanket
    • Take it tailgating or in your RV!
    • Use power tools in weather event
    • Turn on lights for comfort, or to ward off looters
    • And much more

    This solar generator could truly make a difference for you and your family in a crisis. Click “Add to Cart” to start your order now.

    24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

    A Solar Generator “Worth its Weight in GOLD!”

    Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

    Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

    This Solar Generator is Powerful Easy to Use. Right Out of the Box!

    Here’s what you’ll love about the best-selling Patriot Power Generator…

    Superior Engineering

    Inside your solar generator, there’s a powerful lithium-iron-phosphate battery famous for its stability. You’ll love the reliability and strength of this advanced engineering.

    Power Storage than Before

    Compared to the previous model, your Patriot Power Generator 1800 now has a continuous output of 1,800 watts, with 3,048 peak. And it can hold 768 Wh of power (60 Ah).

    That means that if an appliance uses 1,800 watts of power or less, your Patriot Power Generator can run it. Most small appliances including your fridge and freezer fall into this group.

    Run Times for Common Appliances:

    USB Lamp. 193 Hours

    Phone Charger. 153.6 Hours

    Mini Fridge. 106 Hours

    Fridge/Freezer. 19.2 Hours

    Aquarium Heater. 5.1 Hours

    CPAP Machine. 15.4 Hours

    Portable Stove. 38 Minutes

    Microwave. 51 Minutes

    Run times are approximate; results vary based on appliance usage conditions. For more information, see footnote 5.

    Plenty of Electrical Outlets

    To make sure it’s ready to handle whatever you throw at it, the Patriot Power Generator includes 8 convenient outlets.

    Truly Plug Play

    You don’t need to be a gadget person to use your solar generator. Three simple steps and you’ll be up and running:

    • Unfold your solar panel in the sunlight
    • Plug your solar panel into the generator
    • Plug your devices into the generator enjoy FREE power from the sun

    Your solar generator arrives charged and ready to go. There’s no assembly required… you can start using it right away.

    100-Watt Solar Panel Included

    A commercial-grade solar panel comes with your unit. Many competitors make you pay separately for this! And their panels aren’t nearly as nice.

    • Durable metal frame
    • Reinforced corners carrying handle
    • Folds easily for discreet storage
    volt, solar, generator

    Even “daisy chain” additional solar panels together to double or triple your power… and to cut your charge time in half.

    2,500 Lifecycles

    You can recharge your solar generator 2,500 times. That’s like 6.8 years of daily use. About 4X the shelf life of most solar generators.

    Fast Charge Times

    Charge in as few as 3.5 hours with the included AC cord. Or charge in 10 sun hours with the included solar panel.

    Compact Lightweight

    Your Patriot Power Generator is only 40 pounds. It’s designed to be portable.

    And it’s built tough. So while easy to move, your solar generator weighs about as much as 5 gallons of water, a big bag of pet food, or maybe your 3-year old grandchild (without all the squirming). Not super heavy, but just heavy enough to withstand a drop on the ground, rough handling, or even being run over by a truck. We tried it!

    Patriot Power Generator 1800 Information:

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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    24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

    Customer Reviews: Folks Love This Solar Generator

    I used my Patriot Power Generator during Hurricane Ian. I find regular generators annoying, but this ran my fan quietly all night, and nothing in my freezer went bad! I’ve already had quite a few people ask me where I got this. I tell them, instead of having to worry about gas or propane, Florida’s got the sun — hello! Use it!

    I Feel Secure Having This

    “The Patriot Power Generator handles my lights, AC if I need it, a small heater, my microwave and my TV. I also have a small refrigerator I can plug in. I put my solar panels on the trailer hitch and recharge while I use my generator inside.

    I’ve used a gas generator before and spent 50 for gas for 3 days. But the Patriot Power Generator can go inside while I sleep, and I don’t have to worry about anything. I feel a lot more comfortable.

    I’m really glad I made the investment. Don’t think about it too long. JUST DO IT.”

    Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information, see footnote 1.

    Your 4Patriots Order is 100% Risk-FREE

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    If, for any reason, you’re dissatisfied at any time during the first 365 days after purchase, return the product to the original shipping warehouse, and you’ll receive a refund minus any shipping fees. You’ll get your money back. That’s a firm promise and commitment.

    Your Order Helps USA Veterans

    When you shop with 4Patriots, a portion of the proceeds goes to charities that support our veterans and their families. Including Operation Homefront, Fisher House, A Soldier’s Child-Foundation and Team Rubicon.

    4Patriots and our affiliated brands have donated more than 975,000 since we founded the company. And the number keeps growing!

    You can feel good knowing that you’re supporting our veterans while getting the peace of mind you deserve.

    An American Company You Can Count On

    Thanks to your support, we’re able to employ 175 American men and women from all across the USA. People who work hard and truly enjoy helping folks get prepared for emergencies.

    Our office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. We’re real people – Americans. Not some 800 number in a foreign call center.

    So, if you need help… please call or chat with our friendly, America-based customer service team today.

    Claim Your Patriot Power Generator Now

    24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year

    Solar Panel Generator FAQs

    Q: How long will my Patriot Power Generator 1800 keep me protected?

    Q: How do you Daisy Chain the Panels?

    Q: What if I can’t afford this?

    Q: What if I change my mind?

    Q: Is it safe to buy online?

    • All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people; sometimes names and photos have been changed to protect their privacy and some were given free products in exchange for their honest feedback. Testimonials represent exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same results. The organizations, publications and people referenced on this site are not affiliated with 4Patriots. They have not endorsed, sponsored or recommended this product; no affiliation or endorsement is claimed.Terms conditions apply.Cade Courtley is a former Navy SEAL and Platoon Commander who served 9 years of active duty and has been compensated by 4Patriots for his hard work in helping us test and endorse this product.
    • Peak output for the Patriot Power Generator increased from 2,000 W (1500 model) to 3,048 W (1800 model). Continuous output is 1,500 W and 1,800 W, respectively. Storage capacity for DC devices increased from 600 Wh (1500 model) to 768 Wh (1800 model).
    • Your survival food is designed to last 25 years on the shelf. Storage conditions impact the shelf life of your food. For best results, always protect your food from heat, air and moisture. Avoid prolonged exposure to temps above 75 degrees F. Keep food sealed until ready to eat. Shelf life will vary based on storage conditions.
    • These kits are designed to provide energy and nutrients for one person in stressful emergency situations. They are not intended to be complete caloric replacements during “normal” times. You’ll want to make sure you have additional food items on hand so that in an extended emergency you’ll be able to supplement your daily calorie intake, nutrients and variety with additional food items available on this site, food you have stockpiled in your pantry, fresh produce from your garden, etc. An average adult needs approx. 2,000 calories per day to meet their energy needs. This kit provides approximately 1,253 calories per day for one person. This may not be enough for optimal nutrition, especially for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that caloric needs vary based on your age, gender and physical activity level. Every person’s needs, goals and desires for nutrition and calories are different. In order to supplement your daily calorie intake, to add variety or to provide food for more than one person, we offer a number of supplemental products, including food bars, meat packs, fruit and vegetable packs, etc. By combining our kits with these additional products, you can ensure that you have 2,000 calories per day available to you during emergency situations. We’d be happy to discuss your particular preparedness goals, and to help you select more or less survival food to meet your unique needs. Call 1-800-304-4202 to speak with our friendly Customer Service team.
    • Refrigerators, freezers and similar appliances maintain a safe temperature by running on cycles. The CDC recommendation is to keep temperature below 40°F and above 32°F. If starting with a cold appliance, running backup power to your fridge for 1 hour will maintain temperature for about 4 hours. Usage conditions will impact this estimate (interior temp, exterior temp, appliance age features, fridge contents, etc.). Click here for more tips on cycling your fridge or freezer.

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