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11 Solar Survival Gear Items (Be Prepared For Anything). Prepper solar generator

11 Solar Survival Gear Items (Be Prepared For Anything). Prepper solar generator

    Solar Survival Gear Items (Be Prepared For Anything)

    There are some emergency scenarios where solar survival gear can be a literal life saver. The sun provides us with more clean energy than we’ll ever need and it’s for this reason, along with the advances of technology, that solar powered gear is becoming more and more popular. This article was made to guide you in your decision making process. We’ll touch base on the best solar powered survival gear on the market. This way you’ll have the peace of mind that the next time you happen to fall victim to a natural disaster, social unrest, or any other emergency situation, you’ll know you can count on your survival gear!

    Solar Powered Survival Gear Items

    Below we list what we believe to be some of the best solar survival gear on the market. Most of the gear is practical and able to help you out of a potentially dangerous survival scenario.

    120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel

    Being able to generate your own electricity shouldn’t need any explanation. In case of an emergency scenario, perhaps a long term blackout, there will come a time when all your most important electronics you carry will start to die out. Unless you can create your own electricity, you will have no way of charging any of your devices. Large scale solar panels are impractical to carry around with you as solar survival gear, they are simply to rigid and heavy. However, these foldable solar panels can easily fit inside your car or be carried by hand. Here are some of the finer details of this solar panel:

    • Maximum power (Pm) : 120W
    • solar cell:sunpower
    • Voltage at max power (Vmp): 19.8V
    • Cell efficiency:Current at max power(Imp): 6.06A
    • Open circuit voltage (Voc): 23.7V
    • Short circuit current (Isc): 6.66A
    • Operating Temperature: (- 20℃-65℃)
    • Maximum System Voltage: 300V
    • Standard Test Condition: Irradiance 1000W/㎡,
    • Module temperature 25℃,AM=1.5
    • Dimension(unfolded):4151695mm/16.366.7in
    • Dimension(folded):415410mm/16.316.1in
    • Weight:4.3kg/9.48lb

    Kaito KA500 5-way Solar Powered Radio

    This super lightweight durable radio isn’t your average AM/FM radio. It was made specifically for emergency scenarios!

    In addition to being a portable radio, the Kaito KA500 shortwave radio can even access many emergency frequencies, all 7 of the NOAA weather bands for example!

    Besides being an emergency weather radio the Kaito KA500 Voyager can also be powered by the sun’s solar energy and includes a wind up crank just in case the sun takes a break.

    In an emergency situation, where a natural disaster has hit, it is very possible that there will no longer be any cell phone coverage. If this is the case, then a short wave radio may prove to be incredibly useful (just like they used to be).

    With this radio you will be able to tune in to the emergency broadcast channel, thus staying up to date on the current events.

    Solar Powered Generator

    This EB70 Bluetti solar generator makes the perfect addition to the 120W Solar Panel we mentioned above.

    TheEB70 is equipped with a 716 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. This means it uses no fuel or gasoline, eco-friendly!

    We love including this to our solar survival gear list as it has multiple outlets which can power all sorts of devices such as laptops, phones, lights, drones, cameras, GPS and tablets. In fact, 4 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets will protect all your sensitive devices by producing 110V US standard electricity; it will be much better than a modified wave outlet for example.

    This is the perfect substitute for when there is no sun. You can use your solar panels to charge this machine.

    This solar generator has 2500 life cycles before reaching its 80% capacity. It is built with an ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery. Additionally, it has a built-in BMS which is fundamental. This improves battery utilization and extends battery service life through short circuit/ overcurrent/ overvoltage/ overload / overheating protection among many others.

    XREXS Solar Powered Car Flashlight

    Flashlights are absolutely critical in an emergency situation where electricity is cut from the main power grid (something that happens frequently after a tsunami hits a city).

    This is why they are always part of my solar powered survival gear kits.

    The XREXS flashlight in particular is made for car emergencies, it has a seat belt cutter and glass window breaker built into the design. It even acts as an emergency power bank that can be charged by the sun.

    In our opinion this is an incredibly valuable solar survival gear item, make sure you keep it somewhere memorable. Also, make sure your whole family knows where it is kept as to avoid any confusion should the moment include panic and adrenaline.

    It may even be Smart to get each family member one of these tools.

    Halo Bolt Solar Powered Charger

    Battery trouble is of absolutely no issue when your portable power bank includes enough solar power to jump start your car, boat, motorcycle or lawn mower.

    This is the perfect solar powered gear to add to your car emergency kit.

    I should also note that this purchase comes with jumper cables included in the package.

    There is no doubt that this will come in handy as an addition to your solar generator. Also, we should mention that this power bank is much bigger in real life. Do not let the picture deceive you.

    Collapsible Solar Lantern

    The perfect bit of solar survival gear, this multi-function lantern will be your new favourite tool.

    solar, survival, gear, items, prepared

    The small camping lantern can charge your phone or tablet, light up your campsite and signal for some help.

    It’s a lightweight collapsible solar lantern which will save space in your backpack and can be easily taken anywhere. This bit of gear even folds to the size of a hockey puck!

    Solar Powered Radio Flashlight

    The Eton Scorpion II Multi-Powered Weather Radio and Flashlight is the ultimate solar powered survival gear choice for off-the-grid needs.

    It has AM/FM/NOAA weather bands which means you’ll be able to stay up to date on weather and emergency situations

    It even has a bottle opener built into the design for a different type of emergency

    It’s equipped with a both solar and hand crank power options so that you’ll never be without a flashlight or radio!

    Solar Heated Shower

    The 5 Gallon Solar Heated Shower provides a warm shower using nothing more than the energy of the sun.

    The durable black plastic shower bag absorbs all the heat from the sun’s rays and then when raised above the lucky user, the physics of gravity provides a flow of warm water for an enjoyable shower.

    Perfect piece of solar powered survival gear to bring along on one of your next camping trips.

    Weather Alert Radio with Bluetooth

    This handy compact solar powered device will alert you to emergency weather broadcasts in your area. Alternatively, it’ll just keep you entertained with music

    It has a bright lantern type flashlight included in the design just in case the power goes out. It even has a built in power bank that will keep your phone or other USB devices charged up.

    The radio comes with a 2600 MAH rechargeable battery that you can easily keep charged with solar power or hand crank options.

    Solar Energy

    One of the most well known forms of clean energy. Despite solar being the most abundant energy source on the planet, in 2019 solar energy was responsible for just over 2% of global electricity production (although this is changing swiftly).

    Solar panel costs have dropped tremendously by 99% since 1977 and today are a way cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.

    A whopping 173,000 terawatts of solar energy hit the planet continuously, that’s more than 10 times the amount needed to sustain our earth.

    How does solar energy work?

    • Solar energy works by essentially capturing the sun’s solar energy and turning it into useable electricity. The sun is actually a natural nuclear reactor, it releases tiny s of energy called photons. believe it or not, these microscopic photons travel 93 million miles from the sun to the earth in approximately 8.5 minutes. Every hour, enough of these little photons collide with our planet to create enough solar energy to theoretically power our world for one year entirely!

    Natural disasters

    Approximately 6,800 natural disasters occur each and every year around the world. The same study that found the above numbers also revealed that around 68,000 people lose their lives as a result of all these natural disasters.

    Prevention is often the best cure, and while we sometimes aren’t able to prepare for a freak event, we are able to prepare the gear that will see us through, should such an even happen.

    Please note: the values above vary based on the severity of these catastrophes.

    What is the most common natural disaster in the world?

    Floods are the most common natural disaster throughout the world. From 1990 to 2019, there was a total of around 9,924 natural disasters which occurred globally. A staggering 42 per cent of these were floods!

    List of natural disasters based on financial damage

    Natural Disaster Financial Damage
    Japan’s 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami 360 billion
    Japan’s 1995 Hanshin earthquake 197 billion
    China’s 2008 Sichuan earthquake 148 billion
    The US Hurricane Katrina of 2005 125 billion
    The US Hurricane Harvey of 2017 125 billion
    The NA Hurricane Maria of 2017 91.6 billion
    The NA Hurricane Sandy of 2012 68.7 billion
    Thailand’s 2011 Floods 45.7 billion

    List of natural disasters by fatalities

    Natural Disaster Death Toll
    Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami (2004) 227,898
    Haiti earthquake (2010) 160,000
    Nargis Cyclone (2008) 138,373
    Kashmir earthquake (2005) 87,351
    European heatwave (2003) 70,000
    Gujarat earthquake (2001) 20,085
    Tohoku earthquake and tsunami (2011) 15,897

    Final thoughts

    This article is not intended to inflict any worry amongst our readers. Natural disasters or emergency situations do and can happen, although keep in mind that they are very rare. It is quite likely you will never have to experience any of these scary situations yourself.

    However, in the rare occurrence that you do find yourself in one of these situations, it is always best to be prepared.

    We recommend making what is known as a bug out bag or emergency backpack where you include the solar survival gear on our list.

    As this article only covers solar powered gear, it is important that you don’t forget about any other valuable gear. We recommend reading this article to get a better idea on what other gear you can include in your bug out bag.

    As for the bigger equipment on this list, for example the solar panel and solar generator, we recommend keeping this in the trunk of your car, or alternatively in the garage close to your vehicle. This way you know exactly where your solar survival gear is at all times.

    Portable Solar-Powered Charging Lockers. Convenient Power On-the-Go

    Picture this: you’re hiking up a mountain, taking breathtaking photos of the view and candid snapshots with your friends, when suddenly, your phone.

    Understanding Renewable Energy: Types Benefits

    In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the various types of renewable energy sources, their advantages and disadvantages, and the.

    Understanding Net Metering its Benefits For Solar Energy Users

    In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this policy, exploring the potential benefits and drawbacks for individuals and businesses. We’ll.

    The Importance of Reducing Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels

    In this article, we will explore why reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is essential and how we can go about doing so in the first place.

    Best Solar Generators: Buyers Guide (2023 Updated Review Guide)

    This review guide has helped thousands of homeowners save time and money when searching for a reliable, clean source of backup energy that they can use to remain worry free during power outages.

    Each product and or company featured here has been independently selected by the writer. You can learn more about our review methodology here. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

    Written by Josh Hurst

    Writer and editor with more than a decade’s experience in journalism. Josh worked for Christianity Today for seven years, and has contributed to special assignments for Apple Music and iTunes. Josh lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife, Kati, and two sons, Henry and Dylan.While he mainly focuses on musical journalism he is excited to save the earth on article at a time through sustainability best practices articles as well. Learn About This Person

    Reviewed by Irma Omerhodzic

    Irma joined the EcoWatch team in August 2015. She holds a Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is a member of Kappa Tau Alpha – a national honor society of journalism. Learn About This Person

    Why You Can Trust EcoWatch

    Founded in 2005 as an Ohio-based environmental newspaper, EcoWatch is a digital platform dedicated to publishing quality, science-based content on environmental issues, causes, and solutions.

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    Find the best price from solar installers in your area.

    What Are The Best Solar Powered Generators In 2023?

    Each product featured here has been independently selected by the writer. You can learn more about our review methodology here. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

    How Did We Review Each Solar Generator?

    There are a number of factors we considered when choosing which solar power generators to recommend, including:

    Battery Capacity

    Battery storage capacity is an important ranking factor. A greater battery capacity means the generator can store more energy, which ultimately means it will last longer without requiring a recharge. This is measured in watt-hours (Wh).

    Power Output

    When your generator is up and running, it will put out a certain amount of energy, measured in watts. It’s important to select a generator that offers enough watts for you to power your essential home appliances.

    Inverter Rating

    The inverter is a critical part of any backup power generator. Basically, this is the component that turns solar energy into AC (alternating current) electricity. Inverter rating, along with battery capacity, determine how much power you can get from your home backup generator.


    In order for your backup generator to function, you’ll need some way of charging it. And if you plan to rely on solar energy, that means using solar panels.

    Expandability means that you can add solar panels to your generator as needed, making it easier to absorb more sunlight for energy. You will typically need a special solar adapter cable to facilitate this, which may need to be purchased separately.

    Number of Outlets

    How many devices, power tools, or appliances do you need to plug in? The functionality of your backup generator will be determined by how many outlets are available.

    The type of outport ports is equally important. The most common types that buyers check for include mobile device charging ports (USB-A and USB-C), AC ports (the normal household wall outlet), and even 12-volt DC ports (what you probably have in your car).


    Of course, as you look for the best home backup generator, one of the most crucial considerations of all is your budget. We’ve sought to emphasize generators that offer maximum value.

    Based on these criteria, we’ve determined the solar backup generators that offer the most consumer value. Check out our complete list of recommendations below. You can also read our complete review of the best solar energy companies for rooftop home solar systems. If you’re interested in learning more about going solar, fill out the form below to get connected with a local solar installer in your area.

    Our Complete Reviews of Solar-Powered Generators

    Best Overall: Renogy Lycan Powerbox

    Renogy produces several different power stations and chargers, but we especially like the Lycan Powerbox, a solar power solution that’s only a little bit bigger than a suitcase. It comes with an easy-grip handle and heavy-duty wheels, making it one of the most portable solar generators around while still offering 1200W of output, which is enough power for most electronic devices and some appliances.

    Why buy: The Lycan Powerbox can provide 1075 watt-hours of continuous power without the noise or fumes associated with gas generators. It offers great portability and includes an LCD display and easy, intuitive controls that allow you to switch between DC power and AC power as needed, as well USB ports and 12 volt car charger ports.

    Best All-Purpose: Goal Zero Yeti 6000X

    The Yeti 6000X is actually a portable power station that can be used for off-grid camping or powering an RV. With 6,000 watt-hours and two 2000W AC charger ports, it will give you plenty of power for your home. With a home integration kit, it’s easy to use the Goal Zero Yeti 6000X to power essential circuits.

    Why buy: Though it isn’t exactly cheap, the Yeti 6000X power station is a great all-purpose backup generator, including a top-of-the-line charge controller and two robust AC outlets that make it easy for you to keep your household essentials up and running. It can even power a full-size refrigerator or microwave.

    Best for Camping: Jackery Explorer 1000

    The Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station is one of the best all-around options, equally suited for outdoor activities and for emergency power readiness. Though it’s rated for 1,000 watts, it can actually get closer to 2,000. The lithium battery pack offers a capacity of 1,200 watt-hours, and Jackery’s professional MPPT technology makes it easy to get your unit fully charged in a relatively short span of time (usually just eight hours if you have two panels going).

    Why buy: Jackery is one of the leading names in outdoor equipment and in clean energy products. This portable power station is a great pick for campers and can also be a very effective home backup power solution for small appliances and electronics thanks to its pure sine wave inverter AC outlets.

    Most Affordable: Westinghouse iGen600s

    Westinghouse Outdoor Power

    Westinghouse is another company that specializes in solar powered generators, most of which are more ideally suited for camping trips. Their iGen600s portable generator, however, offers a wattage of up to 1,200 peak watts, which can certainly function as a decent emergency backup for certain household appliances and small devices.

    Why buy: For a portable yet still very versatile solar generator, Westinghouse is a company to keep on your list. The iGen600 power system can run a mini fridge for up to 42 hours or a CPAP machine for up to 46 hours thanks to its lithium-ion battery that offers 592 Watt-hours of energy and a long battery life.

    Fastest Charging: EcoFlow DELTA

    The EcoFlow DELTA power station is a wonderfully rugged, dependable backup generator that can help meet your power needs during a blackout. For one thing, the charging time is incredible; you can potentially go from zero to 80 percent in under an hour with a wall outlet. Should you ever find yourself facing a power outage, this is an emergency energy solution you’ll be really thankful for.

    Why buy: The DELTA station from EcoFlow offers a lot of value and usability; in particular, it has one of the fastest recharging times of any solar generator, which may be reason enough for you to choose it over the competitors. The DELTA unit offers 13 ports, meaning it’s compatible with pretty much any device or appliance you could ever need to charge.

    Best for Appliances: MAXOAK Bluetti AC200P

    For a heavy-duty emergency power solution, look no further than to MAXOAK, and particularly to a product called the Bluetti AC200P. With a 2000 Watt-hour capacity, this is one of the most robust solar generators you’ll find anywhere.

    Why buy: MAXOAK’s Bluetti AC200P is the one you’re going to want for really heavy-duty home energy backup. With massive AC inverters that offer up to 4800W surge capacity, it can provide more than enough power to fuel all your most critical home appliances, even some HVAC units. Also note the two-year warranty, a generous consumer protection.

    Most Powerful: Point Zero Energy Titan Solar Generator

    Point Zero Energy is one of the foremost names in disaster preparedness, and when you take a look at their product specs, you’ll see why. Their Titan model solar generator offers almost twice the storage of similarly priced units with a high-capacity 2,000-watt-hour battery capacity and 3,000 watt high-efficiency inverter.

    Why buy: On a purely technical level, this is the beefiest generator on our list, though of course, it’s also one of the priciest. The unit is made with high-efficiency components, meaning it doesn’t waste a lot of energy running the system; instead, it just supplies you with plenty of functional electricity when you need it the most.

    How Does a Solar Generator Work?

    Solar generators capture energy from the sun using photovoltaic solar panels, and store it in a built-in battery. Note that in order to absorb the sun’s energy, your portable generator will need solar panels.

    These are typically sold separately, or as a package with the unit, so you’ll need to factor in this additional cost. Solar panels contain solar cells, which are typically made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicone that acts as a semiconductor.

    Once the sun’s energy is stored in the battery, it is converted into AC energy. This happens via a component known as an inverter. AC power is required for most of your household appliances, as well as for charging devices like your phone, laptop, or tablet that normally require a wall charger or AC outlet.

    We’ve included a short video below for a more in-depth look at how they work.

    Can a Solar Generator Power My Entire House?

    Generally speaking, a rechargeable solar generator won’t be able to power your entire house if you lose power. With that said, even a smaller generator can be used to power key devices or appliances, sometimes for days at a time depending on its power consumption. For instance, you can keep your refrigerator up and running, and/or ensure plenty of sustained use for medical devices, like CPAP machines.

    With an especially robust generator, you may also be able to connect to core circuits, running multiple appliances at one time.

    So, while having an emergency power supply from a solar generator may not mean that you can go about your life just like you would normally, you can at least keep the lights on at home, run your air conditioner, or ensure your perishable food items remain fresh until your electricity comes back on.

    What Are the Advantages of Using a Solar Generator?

    There are a number of advantages you can anticipate from an emergency generator, especially when you choose to go solar. Consider:

    You can minimize the disruption of a power outage.

    Again, inclement weather can cause power outages that last for hours, sometimes even days. During that time, you can use a backup generator to keep your essential appliances and devices up and running. This level of preparedness can offer ample peace of mind.

    Solar generators offer a clean alternative to other energy sources.

    Most generators are powered by fossil fuels, which means they emit a lot of noxious emissions. If you want a clean power source and a minimal environmental footprint, these solar solutions are just the ticket. They are also much quieter than traditional gas or diesel generators.

    They can be very cost-effective in the long run.

    While the initial purchase price of a solar generator may seem steep, keep in mind that sunlight is free. You don’t have to worry about buying fuel or any additional expenses associated with your solar unit.

    Find the Solar Generator That’s Best for You

    Disaster preparedness begins by identifying a reliable power source, and if you want that power source to be clean and renewable, solar generators are ideal. Take a moment to explore the options and find the generator that’s right for you.

    In addition to the criteria we used to review solar generators, you may also want to consider the following when selecting a model:

    • Charging Options: does it offer fast charging? Quick charge settings are always convenient when you need a full charge
    • Durability: if you need a generator for camping, finding a durable one may help to extend its lifespan

    All EcoWatch solar companies are pre-vetted for your convenience.

    Writer and editor with more than a decade’s experience in journalism. Josh worked for Christianity Today for seven years, and has contributed to special assignments for Apple Music and iTunes. Josh lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife, Kati, and two sons, Henry and Dylan.While he mainly focuses on musical journalism he is excited to save the earth on article at a time through sustainability best practices articles as well.

    Irma joined the EcoWatch team in August 2015. She holds a Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She is a member of Kappa Tau Alpha – a national honor society of journalism.

    Best Emergency Solar Power Setups for Prepping

    We rounded up the best emergency solar power setups to help you keep the lights on when the power grid goes down. Come see what we recommend.

    There’s an increasing awareness that full reliability on America’s electrical grid isn’t the wisest course of action.

    Ted Koppel pointed out the numerous weaknesses within our power grid due to aging infrastructure, cyberattack weakness, and lack of spare parts in his book Lights Out.

    William Forstchen highlighted the effects of an EMP on the U.S. in his book One Second After.

    And if there’s one thing that the power outage in Texas and the cyber-attack on the East Coast pipeline taught us, it pays to have a backup plan.

    One way you can have a backup plan as an American citizen is to invest in an emergency solar power setup.

    This provides a means for you to harvest the sun’s power to generate at least some of your own electricity, giving energy in potentially perilous times.

    But there are lots of options on the market, so how do you know what’s worth getting?

    Lucky for you, we at Pew Pew Tactical fully analyzed the marketplace to bring you the best emergency solar power setups.

    If the ability to still make coffee, keep your fridge cold, and have some lighting in your house sounds interesting…then read on.

    solar, survival, gear, items, prepared

    Summary of Our Top Picks

    Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 Emergency power station, pricier at 800 for panel and station

    How Solar Power Works

    The sun is the key to all of this. The sun gives off light, right? Well, that light is electromagnetic radiation.

    And before you get your underwear in a knot after hearing the word “radiation,” solar radiation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Just over one hour, the sun will give off enough electromagnetic radiation to power the entire world’s power consumption for one year.

    That’s a lot of energy. And if we can capture it, we can utilize it.

    Thankfully, we do have a way to capture that energy, and it comes from this — photovoltaic cells (PV, for short).

    When exposed to sunlight, PV cells absorb its energy, causing electricity to flow.

    Technically, PV cells absorb sunlight which creates electrical charges within the solar panel. An internal electrical field within the PV cell pushes the electrical charge along, and thus, you end up with an electrical flow.

    But that’s all engineer gibberish.

    All you need to know — PV cells capture sunlight and turn it into electricity. If you have that down, you’re good to go.

    Best Emergency Solar Power Setups

    Note that we’re looking at the best emergency solar setups.

    solar, survival, gear, items, prepared

    While having solar panels installed on the roof of your house or keeping a dedicated solar panel setup in your backyard is beneficial, that’s not what we’re interested in today.

    Instead, we want to FOCUS on what kind of solar panel setups we can implement quickly and efficiently in an emergency.

    As such, we’re primarily emphasizing portability.

    These are all setups that you can keep stored in a basement or garage until you need them; pull them out and set them up to provide quick access to electrical power.

    The Patriot Power Cell

    This is probably the best.sized solar panel on the market.

    Crafted by 4 Patriots – a Utah-based survival company – the Patriot Power Cell is one of their most popular products.

    They’ve already sold roughly 1.5 million of these!

    This charger easily fits into your. doubling as a battery bank as well.

    This means you can harvest solar energy on the spot, but you also store it for extended periods. Within a disaster situation, that’s a big deal.

    The Patriot Power Cell can be completely drained approximately 500 times before dying, meaning that you should be able to get over five years of use from it.

    As far as charging goes, like most emergency solar setups out there, you can either harvest sunlight or plug this directly into a wall outlet to recharge the battery bank.

    Recharging via solar does take a long time for this little guy, though.

    Depending on the weather, it can take up to 40 hours to completely recharge solely from solar. If you use a wall outlet, that time reduces to 6 hours for a full charge.

    This device charges two devices at once via its two USB ports and features an 8,000-milliamp-hour capacity. Also, it sports a rain-resistant design with a 2-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Coming in at all of 30, this isn’t a bad deal for an emergency solar kit.

    You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that a portion of your purchase supports American veterans via either Operation Homefront, A Soldier’s Child Foundation, or other charities.

    Must-Have Solar-Powered Survival Kits

    As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, people are looking for ways to prepare themselves for potential emergencies. Solar-powered survival kits offer a unique solution that can provide the power you need to keep essential devices running in an emergency situation. With the right components, solar-powered survival kits can provide a reliable power source when other options are unavailable.

    In this article, we’ll outline the essential components of a solar-powered survival kit and explain why each is important.

    Home Solar Power Survival Gear

    A solar power survival kit can make a big difference in an emergency situation. By providing power for small devices and emergency lights, a solar-powered kit can help you stay safe and connected when the grid goes down. Here are some of the advantages of having a solar power kit:

    • Portable and easy to set up. Solar power kits are small and easy to carry, making them ideal for emergencies. Most kits have everything you need to get started, so all you have to do is set them up and point them towards the sun.
    • Safe and reliable. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source, so you can trust that your kit will work when you need it most.
    • Affordable. Solar power kits are becoming more affordable as technology improves. A solar power kit is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable way to prepare for an emergency.

    There are many advantages to having a solar-powered survival kit, which everyone should consider adding to their emergency preparedness plan.

    Solar-Powered Radio

    A solar-powered radio is an essential component of any survival kit. By having a quality solar-powered radio in your kit, you’ll be able to stay informed of any potential disasters that may be headed your way. This is particularly important in the aftermath of a natural disaster when information is key to survival.

    When choosing a solar-powered radio, select one that is durable and weatherproof. You’ll also want to make sure that the radio has a built-in flashlight and charging capabilities for your cell phone. If possible, get one with a hand crank so that you can recharge the batteries even if there is no sun available.

    Jackery Solar Powered Generator

    When it comes to emergency preparedness, one of the essential items you can have in your home is a generator. And if you want to be as prepared as possible, a solar-powered generator is the way to go. With its lightweight and portable design, Jackery’s Solar Powered Generator is the perfect tool to help you power up your essential devices in an emergency situation.

    Here are just some of the features that make this generator so great:

    • Portable and Lightweight: Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, this generator is easy to carry wherever you go. And with its compact design, it won’t take up much space in your home or car.
    • Solar-Powered:This generator is powered by the sun, so you won’t have to worry about running out of gas or making a noise like traditional generators. Simply set it up in a sunny spot and let the solar panels do their job.
    • Multiple Outputs: With 1000 watt-hours of battery capacity and multiple outputs, you can charge multiple devices at once, giving you the peace of mind that your essential devices will stay powered up in an emergency situation. Whether you need to power up your laptop, phone, or other electronic devices, this generator has got you covered.
    • Long-Lasting Battery:With a built-in battery that can hold a charge for days, this generator will keep your devices powered up for as long as you need it.
    • Additional features: The generator also features an AC output and a USB port, making it easy to charge your devices. The generator also has a built-in flashlight, making it easier to find in the dark.

    Overall, the Jackery Solar Powered Generator is a must-have item for anyone looking to build a solar-powered survival kit. With its lightweight and portable design, this generator is the perfect tool to help you power up your essential devices in an emergency situation.

    Jackery Survival Solar Panels

    The Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel is a must-have item for anyone putting together a solar-powered survival kit. In an emergency situation, access to reliable power is essential, and this solar panel provides just that. With its advanced technology, the SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel allows you to capture and store energy from the sun, so you can keep your essential devices powered up even without a traditional power source.

    Here are some of the key features that make the Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel a Smart choice for your survival kit:

    • High Efficiency: The SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel is made with high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells that convert up to 22% of the sun’s energy into usable electricity, making it one of the most efficient solar panels on the market.
    • Durable Design: This solar panel is made with a tough, weather-resistant design that can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use and survival situations.
    • Easy to Set Up:The SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel is incredibly easy to set up, with an included kickstand that allows you to angle the panel towards the sun for optimal energy capture.
    • Portable Size: Despite its high power output, the SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store in your survival kit.

    With these features, the Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be prepared for any emergency situation that may come their way. Invest in this quality solar panel today, and never be without power again.

    Solar-Powered Car Flashlight

    A solar-powered flashlight is an important component of any survival kit. With a quality solar-powered flashlight, you’ll be able to navigate through dark and unfamiliar terrain easily. This can be incredibly valuable in a survival situation where you may need to move quickly and safely.

    Solar Heated Shower Bag

    A solar-powered flashlight is an important component of any survival kit. With a quality solar-powered flashlight, you’ll be able to navigate through dark and unfamiliar terrain with ease. This can be incredibly valuable in a survival situation where you may need to move quickly and safely.

    How long do solar power banks last?

    The Jackery Solar Generator provides you with continuous power, enough to keep an average home running for days or even weeks depending on usage. With a full charge, the generator can run for up to 24 hours without sunlight and up to 10 days with minimal use.

    Each of our solar generators is built to last, with lightweight and durable materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. You also have the option of adding additional solar panels to your setup for even more power.

    The Titan Solar Generator by Point Zero Energy

    The Titan Solar Generator is ready to provide you with a reliable solar panel backup that will be ready anytime you need it, making this one of the most versatile portable solar generators on the market. It’s easily one of the best solar generators available. It’s proudly built with effective, quality components that will make you and your household feel at ease during blackouts or emergencies. The MPPT charge controller is a powerful touch as it allows you to add up to 2000w solar input and greater protection against power outages.

    With the help of its intuitive 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter technology, the Titan Solar Generator can easily adapt to any kind of situation you throw at it as it has a different variety of panels, the Flex, Rigid, or Briefcase Titan Solar Panels. This innovative approach will give you greater portability without compromising power. By separating the battery from the other components you can add or replace batteries and solar panels quickly and easily, expanding to your individual power needs. You can charge the Titan Solar Generator with solar panels, wind, and the standard AC wall charger, even all three at the same time.

    What Is Included With Your Titan Solar Generator Order?

    For the Stand-Alone Titan Solar Generator, here are the following inclusions:

    • 1x Titan portable solar generator (Module and one battery)
    • 1x MC4 to SAE (to jump-start with solar panels)
    • 2x MC4 to Anderson adapter
    • 1x AC 14A Wall charger
    • 1x Titan Manual

    What Can You Power With The Titan Portable Solar Generator (Per Battery)?

    • Power Smartphones For over 300 hours
    • Power Refrigerators For Over 36 hours
    • Power a 50 TV For Over 30 hours
    • Power Tablets. For Over 60 hours
    • Power Laptops For Over 40 hours
    • Power LED Lights For Over 330 hours
    • Power CPAP Machine For Over 60 hours
    • These rough power time frames are based on running one battery. If you add a second battery, you will double all of these run times. You can add up 4 or 5 batteries if you’d like, but no more than 6.

    Titan Solar Kit Sizes

    Maximize the use of your Titan Solar Generator and power up all of your equipment with these kits:

    500 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy 500 watts of solar. Along with one battery, you’ll be using a solar generator that is more powerful and efficient than nearly all other portable generator systems available. The Titan powers most home appliances, including the washing machine, fridge, microwave, cooktop stove, fans, lights, TVs, and most electronics. This package in ideal conditions will charge one Titan battery in 4 hours.

    1000 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy. 1000 watts of solar. Adding the extra solar panels gives you greater power output and allows you to power everything the 500 watts solar does and takes care of more power needs. On cloudy days, the Titan generator will still produce a lot of power, and when the sun shines, you can run most electronics and appliances without draining the battery. This package is in ideal condition and will charge one Titan battery in 2 hours.

    1500 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy 1500 watts of solar – With additional solar panels, you also receive an extra battery to take advantage of all of the extra power. You now have even greater power output to run many other things including water pumps, fridge and freezer, vacuums, small air conditioners, and many power tools. This package comes with two Titan batteries and in ideal conditions will charge them both in 3.5 hours.

    2000 Watt Titan Flex Kit by Point Zero Energy 2000 watts of solar- Adding an additional 500 watts of solar panels will mean recharging the Titan even quicker and provide more power during cloudy days. This package comes with two Titan batteries and in ideal conditions will charge them both in 2 hours.

    Titan Solar Generators Specs:

    • AC Inverter: 3000 watts continuous, 6,000 watts surge
    • Battery Voltage: 24V
    • Output Voltage: 120V AC pure sine wave
    • Continuous Power Output: 3,000 watts (recommended 1500 watts with one battery pack)
    • Peak Power Output: 6,000 watts
    • Solar Input inVolts: up to 145VDC Inwatts: up to 2000w AC charging: 580 watts or 1160 watts Inverter power consumption: 5-20 watts
    • Number of Outlets: 6
    • USB Ports: 6 Smart USB, 2 USB C
    • Weight: 32lbs Top Module 35lbs Each Battery (Top inverter piece separates from the battery for easy transportation and portability)
    • Dimensions: 18.5x12x12

    Features of Titan Solar Generators:

    • Removable and expandable lithium-ion battery allows you to add or replace batteries quickly and easily.
    • Large battery capacity with a life span of up to 10 years.
    • Large efficient inverter with a no-load power draw of as low as 5 watts, efficiency up to 92%.
    • AN oversized MPPT charge controller allows you to add up to 2000 watts of solar.
    • Powerful AC charger will charge your battery pack in around 5 hours with an option to add a second charger for faster charge times
    • MC4 to SAE connections for jump-starting with a solar panel
    • Cigarette to SAE connections for charging from a car

    WARRANTY: The warranty period for the Titan solar power module is two years from the date the product is received. The warranty period for the Titan solar generator lithium-ion battery packs, whether purchased as a stand-alone product or in a system, is two years from the date the product is received.

    Point Zero’s Titan Solar Generator FAQs

    How Much Does Point Zero Energy’s Titan Solar Generator Cost?

    Currently, The Titan Solar Generator is priced at 3,395. Solar panel kits are also available to purchase, depending on how much power you will be needing.

    How Much Solar Can I Add To The Titan Solar Generator?

    Up to 2,000 watts or a minimum of 35V but not over 145V.

    What Type Of Output Power Is The Titan Generator?

    The Titan portable solar generator runs on pure sine-wave AC.

    Can I Charge My Titan Generator With A Wall Charger And Solar At The Same Time?

    Yes, you can use your wall charger and charge with solar at the same time. When doing this, make sure you don’t charge over 1000 watts combined per battery.

    Can I Add External Batteries To The Solar Power System?

    Yes, Titan Solar Generators are very flexible and can connect to 24V external batteries such as (8S) LiFePo4 and AGM deep cycle batteries. However, for lithium batteries, we suggest you use ones that have built-in battery management systems (BMS).

    How Many Battery Packs Can I Add To The Titan Generator?

    Technically speaking, there is no limit to the number of battery packs you can add to the Titan. However, to keep charging times within a reasonable time frame, we recommend not going over 6 battery packs.

    What Is The Shipping Cost Of Titan Solar Generator?

    How Long Will it Take to Deliver the Titan Solar Generator?

    When not back-ordered the titan solar generator will ship in 3-5 business days.

    Click the link below for our in-depth review of the Titan Solar Generator.

    Why the Titan Solar Generator is a GAME CHANGER:

    In a world where natural disasters, power outages, and emergencies are becoming increasingly common, it is crucial to be prepared and self-sufficient. A reliable and sustainable power source is an essential component of any prepping strategy, off-grid living plan and backup power supply. The Titan Solar Generator stands out as a top choice for addressing these needs, offering a range of features that make it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking a dependable and eco-friendly power solution.

    Impressive Power Output

    The Titan Solar Generator boasts a 3000-watt continuous pure sine wave inverter, providing twice the capacity of many other solar generators on the market. This remarkable power output ensures that you can run essential appliances and devices, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, even during emergencies or while living off the grid. With the Titan Solar Generator, you can maintain a comfortable and safe living environment no matter the circumstances.

    Versatile Charging Options

    The Titan Solar Generator is designed to accommodate a variety of charging methods, including solar panels, wind power, and standard AC wall chargers. This flexibility allows you to harness multiple energy sources simultaneously, ensuring that your batteries remain charged and ready to use in any situation. The Titan Solar Generator’s ability to accept up to 2,000 watts of solar input also means that your batteries will recharge faster, providing you with more power when you need it most.

    Expandable and Modular Battery System

    One of the standout features of the Titan Solar Generator is its expandable battery system. Unlike other solar generators with fixed battery capacities, the Titan Solar Generator allows you to easily add or replace battery packs to meet your specific power requirements. This modular design offers unmatched flexibility and ensures that your investment in the Titan Solar Generator remains future-proof.

    Portability and Ease of Use

    The Titan Solar Generator is designed with portability and ease of use in mind. Its detachable components make it simple to transport, and its intuitive design ensures that you can set up and start using the generator with minimal effort. Whether you’re bugging out during an emergency or setting up a long-term off-grid living situation, the Titan Solar Generator provides a convenient and user-friendly power solution.

    Eco-Friendly Power Source

    As a solar generator, the Titan Solar Generator is an environmentally friendly power solution that reduces your reliance on non-renewable energy sources. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can minimize your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. This is especially important for those who are prepping or living off the grid, as it enables you to maintain your independence while also promoting environmental responsibility.

    The Titan Solar Generator is a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable, powerful, and eco-friendly power solution for their prepping, backup power and off-grid needs. Its impressive power output, versatile charging options, expandable battery system, portability, and eco-friendliness make it an invaluable addition to your emergency preparedness kit or off-grid living plan. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in the Titan Solar Generator and secure a dependable power source for any situation.

    For a more in-depth review of the Titan Solar Generator, check out this blog!

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Titan Solar Generator:

    Can I Charge an Electric Vehicle with the Titan Solar Generator?

    You can charge an electric vehicle with the Titan Solar Generator, however you can only use a 120V charger(Level 1). Also as for many electric vehicles, the input needs to have a ground bonded to the neutral (The Titan uses a floating ground). There are adaptors you can buy to plug into the outlet of the Titan to bond the ground and neutral to make this work. This is actually easy to fix with a 10 adapter. However we don’t give electrical advice, so you should talk to a certified electrician to verify this will work safely in your situation.

    The other issue is that with a level one charger it will take 4 days (24 hours per day) to charge a Tesla (hybrids like a the Chevy volt will not be nearly as long), and even with 2,000 watts of solar you could only charge for about 4-5 hours per day which means it would take about 19-24 days to charge. This makes it a little impractical to use all the time for a Tesla.

    Can I use a Wind Turbine with the Titan Solar Generator?

    Yes, you can use a wind turbine with the Titan Solar Generator. There are several ways to use one depending on the turbine.

    1- If the output of the turbine is 35-145VDC, you can connect the output directly to one of the MPPT input ports (using an Anderson powerpole connector).

    2- If the Turbine has its own charge controller and the Voltage output is for 24V (charges up to 29.2v or lower), you can plug the output of the charge controller into the AC charging port using a red Anderson sb50 plug. If the charge voltage is under 29.2V, the battery (batteries) will not get 100% charged, however, it will not damage the batteries and they should still get charged to 95% or more.

    3- If the output of the wind turbine is AC, you will need to convert it to DC voltage in the range of 35-145VDC. This can be done with a bridge rectifier, however, I would suggest contacting your wind turbine manufacturer to see how this would best be done.

    Can I use my own solar panels with the Titan Solar Generator?

    Yes, you can use your own panels with the Titan. You just need to make sure they are arranged in a way to produce a voltage between 35-145V DC. Lower than 35V DC will not charge the Titan Solar Generator and a Voltage over 145V DC can damage the MPPT controller.

    Can I wire my Titan Solar Generator into my home electrical system?

    The Titan Solar Generator is only 120V AC, so it cannot be wired into the entire electrical system of your house. However, an electrician can wire up a 120V sub panel to run emergency 120V appliances. This sub panel can even be put onto a transfer switch (manual or automatic).

    It is extremely important to include the transfer switch to make it impossible to have the grid on at the same time as the Titan Solar Generator. If you don’t do this, you could electrocute a lineman working on the grid, or damage the Titan when the power comes on.

    Point Zero Energy is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use, misuse, or inability to use this product as directed in our User Manual.

    Can you combine two Titan Solar Generators to get 240V Split Phase power?

    Our current Titan Solar Generator does not have this ability, however, the next version we’re working on will have this capability. At this time, we don’t have a definite release date or price for the Titan 2.0. That information will be released closer to our pre-sale.

    Do your solar kits include everything I need for the Titan Solar Generator to work?

    Yes, all of the Titan kits include everything you need to get your Titan generator working. However, they do not come with solar panel stands or panel mounting hardware. If you are planning to permanently mount rigid panels or using a stand for the flexible panels, you will have to make or purchase those separately.

    • (1) Titan solar generator with one 2000 watt hour battery Mc4 extension wires
    • Cigarette to SAE wire (for charging from a car)
    • MC4 to SAE (for resetting battery with solar)
    • MC4 to anderson adapter (for connecting solar panels)
    • 30 watt USB adapters (2 with two USB, and 2 with 1 USB, and 1 usbc)
    • (1) 20A AC charger (to charge the Titan from an AC outlet)
    • (1) User Manual
    • branch connectors to wire panels
    • Standard 25 feet of solar panel wire with a choice to upgrade to longer wires (50 feet, 75 feet or 100 feet) if needed.

    Does the Titan Solar Generator have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

    Our current Titan Solar Generator does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, however, our Titan 2.0 will have Bluetooth. We don’t have a specific release date or price for this newer model. information will be released before pre-sale.

    How loud is the Titan Solar Generator?

    If you have a load of around 900 watts (less when it is hot), the cooling fans will turn on after a few minutes, and cycle on and off. The fans are about 50 decibels at 5′, and 60 decibels at 6 inches when they are on.

    Why did my Titan Solar Generator battery arrive at 0%

    Our Titan Solar Generator batteries are shipped at about 50% capacity. This is actually much safer for shipping than 100% full, and also better for the battery. However, the Titan Solar Generator battery meter needs to be calibrated before it will read a correct state of charge. We intentionally set the capacity to 0% so people will know to charge their battery when it first arrives (in case they did not read the manual). When the battery is charged, the % will gradually increase, up to about 50 or 60%. At that point the battery is actually 100% full, and the battery meter will automatically calibrate to 100%.

    NOTE: When charging the batteries for the first time, it’s important to read the Voltage reading. This will show the accurate state of charge before the meter is calibrated. After the meter is calibrated, it will remain accurate unless the battery configuration changes, or if the system is charged without the Titan being turned on.

    What if I need more than 20A 12V output?

    The Titan Solar Generator is equipped with a 20A step down converter to convert the 24V battery to a regulated 13.8V (typical fully charged car battery voltage). If you need more than 20A, we suggest that you purchase a larger step down converter. You can typically find a 100A 24V to 13.8V step down converter for around 100-150 on Ebay, Amazon, or other online stores. You can use our external battery connection wire to connect the step down to the AC charging port (for the 24V input to the step down). You simply connect the input of the step down converter to the Anderson plug and plug it into one of the AC charging ports. The output of the step down converter should be wired into a fuse, fuse block, or breaker, and then to your application.

    What will the Titan Solar Generator run?

    SPECS: Output Voltage: 120V AC (pure sine wave) Continuous Power output: 3,000 Watts (1,500 watts with one battery) Peak Power output: 6,000 watts

    This means it will run nearly any household appliance including a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, cooktop stove, lights, computer, etc. However, how long and how many appliances it will run will be determined by how many solar panels and batteries you add to your system. To calculate the size of system you need for your power consumption, you can use our off-grid solar calculator here:

    When using the off-grid calculator, enter all appliances that will be powered (or enter in total watt hours per day) and then click “Calculate”. This will give you a resulting minimum battery and solar panel size.

    Example#1 Minimum battery size: 1600 watt hours Minimum solar: 354 watts

    This means that one battery is large enough with 2000 watt hours, and 500 watts of solar is enough. So the 500 kit would be perfect for this.

    Example #2 Minimum battery size: 3763 watt hours Minimum solar: 792 watts

    In this example, we will need two batteries. A 1000 kit with an extra battery would work great, or a 1500 kit (which comes with two batteries) would also work well. You would also have extra solar (it never hurts to have more).

    Limitations: The Titan Solar Generator does not provide 240V so it won’t run any 240V appliance, including 240V well pumps.

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