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10 Best Solar Generators with Advanced Buyer’s Guide. 1200w solar generator

10 Best Solar Generators with Advanced Buyer’s Guide. 1200w solar generator

    Portable Power Station 1200W, 1050Wh Backup Lithium Battery, Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency

    capacity, perfect for powering mutiple essentials devices for hours on end during a blackout.

    Power almost anything

    Appliances that

    Maximum power, minimum fuss

    Charge 90% of the equipment, and the mobile phone and other equipment can not be used after power failure?

    1200W AC Output, LANPWR outdoor power supply lights up the road for you.

    Simple control panel

    Simple control, no need to worry about damage caused by complex operation errors, and the hard shell ensures safety.

    Wireless charging

    Large capacity wireless charging allows your mobile phone to run at full power at all times. It can be charged as soon as it is placed, which is safe and efficient.

    Essential for travel charging

    Stay powered on quicker than a blinkof an eye. When used as an emergency powersource during a blackout,

    LANPWR kicks in automatically and provides you with power in lessthan 30 milliseconds

    12V AC Outlet,it can match Chinese,USA,Japan and European multiple standards.three pure sine wave AC outlets


    A: Working time = 1050Wh 0.89 / operating wattage of your deviceFor reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 60W (might be a laptop), working time will be 1050Wh0.89/60w≈15.5hrs (rough calculated).Tips: Actual power consumption varies from different usages, please consult LANPWR for better purchase decision.

    A: Plug the power cord into the AC charging input port of the host power supply, or connect the solar panel to the XT60 port, the battery display grid on the display flashes from left to right, and when all 10 grids are on and the battery percentage shows 100%, it means the LANPWR LP1200 is fully charged electricity.

    A: Please note that the AC output ports can only charge/power devices that operate at less than 1200 watts, besides, the whole wattage should be under 1200 watts as well. Once exceeding, the LANPWR LP1200 will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

    A: Yes, you can use the LANPWR LP1200 to charge devices, while it’s being re-charged at the same time.

    A: The LANPWR LP1200 is not waterproof. Please do not store them in humid environment for longtime.

    A: The maximum input wattage of LANPWR LP1200 is 650W(26~40V). As for the charging time, the solar charging time is determined by the photovoltaic, and it takes about 8 hours to fully charge. The charging time may vary due to location, temperature, weather, etc., and the actual time may vary.

    A: Plug the power cord into the AC charging input port of the host power supply, or connect the solar panel to the XT60 port, the battery display grid on the display flashes from left to right, and when all 10 grids are on and the battery percentage shows 100%, it means the LANPWR LP1200 is fully charged electricity.

    Best Solar Generators with Advanced Buyer’s Guide

    Need a new solar generator? Are the features making you too confused? Our in-house electrical engineer offers a detailed review of the best solar generators.

    The charge controller, the inverter, the difference between lead-acid and lithium-iron batteries… choosing the best solar generator can be confusing if you’re not an expert.

    Ask 10 people and most can’t even tell watts from volts.

    To help you, I’ve got the lowdown on the 10 best solar generator units, together with the pros and cons of each product, so you can choose the one that works for you.

    I’ll also explain how a solar generator works, why you might need one, and things to look out for when buying one.

    My Top 3 Picks: Best Solar Generators

    Bluetti AC500 B300S

    Overall Rating: 5/5

    Bluetti AC200MAX

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5

    Ecoflow Delta Pro

    Overall Rating: 4.5/5

    Best Solar Generators (Reviewed by An Electrical Engineer)

    Bluetti AC500 B300S | Home Battery Backup — Best Overall

    Battery Capacity: 3072 Wh | Rated Output: 5000W | Charging Time: 1-1.2 hours | Weight: 66 lbs. 84 lbs.

    Here’s the deal. Ever since Bluetti has unveiled its AC500 model in September 2022, I’m asking myself one question:

    How did they manage to fit 5000 watts of power in a box the size of the 2000-watt AC200P model?

    Don’t get me wrong, Bluetti AC200P is still a great choice (please scroll down) but, the AC500 blows it out of the water!

    This two-piece solar generator is able to take in 3,000 watts of DC input power, which makes it a suitable inverter for a small- to mid-sized rooftop system.

    Following the familiar Bluetti arrangement, on the front side you find intuitively grouped six 120V AC outlets in a long row, each with a neat rubber dust cover.

    But there’s an easter egg — the sixth socket is not 20 or 30, but a big old 50-amp outlet that allows you to power your entire household via a single port.

    Just ask your electrician to install an appropriate connection to your power box, and you’re good to go.

    Above them, there are two cigarette lighter sockets at 12V and 24V, which means you can power a range of portable accessories. There are four USB-A and two USB-C ports

    The second part of this solar generator is the power storage unit, the Bluetti B300 with a capacity of 3,072Wh.

    You can connect six of these batteries and achieve a maximum capacity of 18,4kWh — enough to power a single-family home in an emergency.

    Why Do I Like It?

    The Bluetti AC500 B300S is an amazingly flexible solar power station combo that offers home solar grade power in a semi-portable package.

    Bluetti AC200MAX Expandable Power Station — Best Solar Generator for RVing

    Battery Capacity: 2048 Wh | Rated Output: 2200W | Charging Time: 3-3.5 hours | Weight: 62 lbs.

    No matter how good you are, there’s always a new challenger behind the corner. Ladies and gents, this is the solar generator that pushed last year’s favorite — AC200P down the list.

    The beefy 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery coupled with a 2,200W pure sine wave inverter and a total of 16 output ports make AC200MAX a solid runner up.

    It will run any household appliance, which is probably overkill for most weekend users, but as they say, it’s firepower that separates men from the boys.

    What really puts a smile on my face is the dedicated 30A DC port through which you can directly power a travel trailer or small RV.

    Just keep in mind that 2048 watt-hours won’t power your entire RV indefinitely, but it’s great for backup and “dry camping” for a couple of days.

    The best thing: the AC200MAX costs twice less than EcoFlow Delta Pro, another hard-hitter on this list.

    Why Do I Like It?

    This generator solved all the shortcomings of its predecessor, the AC200P, and is still compactly sized for me to fit it in the car, boat, tent, or even my desk!

    Ecoflow Delta Pro — Best for Offgrid Living

    Battery Capacity: 3600Wh | Rated Output: 3600W | Charging Time: 2-2.2 hours | Weight: 99 lbs.

    Not everyone has the skills and time to build a DIY solar generator for offgrid living. On the other hand, if you can dispense with 3699, there’s hardly a better offgrid deal than EcoFlow Delta Pro.

    Following the well-known EcoFlow design and top-of-the line features like the latest LiFePO4 battery, onboard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controls, the Delta Pro is 3600 watts of raw AC power on wheels!

    And if the massive 3,600 watt-hour battery isn’t enough for you, you can hook it up to two additional 3,600 batteries for 10,800Wh capacity.

    That’s where solar generators break into the gas generator range!

    Seriously, the Delta Pro can go toe to toe with a smaller propane/natural gas generator, as it can power even the largest appliances like refrigerators and freezers through a power outage.

    For this solar generator, personal electronics and lighting are like flies on buffalo’s back — it doesn’t even know they’re there.

    With four EcoFlow 400W flexible Smart Home Panels, you can charge this monster in a little more than 2 hours.

    Why Do I Like It?

    I’ve always appreciated the EcoFlow’s flow-through cooling design with two fans sucking in cool air and the opposing fans driving hot air out. With so much power in one box, proper cooling is a must.

    Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station — Best Deal

    Battery Capacity: 2000Wh | Rated Output: 2000W | Charging Time: 3-4 hours | Weight: 60 lbs.

    The uncontested last year’s winner of this list, the Bluetti AC200P is still pretty high up on the list.

    As more resilient, more versatile, and more powerful Bluettis have emerged, the AC200P is available at a steal price of only 1,699!

    But even today, this Bluetti packs a lot of punch for its size.

    In a well-rounded package, you get a total of 17 output ports to power your gadgets, including the two ultra-handy wireless charging pads.

    With a power capacity of 2000W, this power station can run almost any appliance, including my fridge, microwave, toaster, and in a pinch — even a room heater.

    Thanks to the surge power of 4800 watts, the AC200P has no trouble firing up power tools and machines with AC motors.

    The new lithium-iron technology gives you still unbelievable battery life of more than 3,500 charge cycles. This means you won’t have to think about getting one for the next 10 years, even with heavy use.

    Why Do I Like It?

    The innovative lithium-iron battery and 700W solar charge capacity give me super fast solar charging. I can run my camping gear all night, and the AC200P still gets to fully charge until lunchtime.

    Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro — Best Allrounder Solar Generator

    Battery Capacity: 2160Wh | Rated Output: 2200W | Charging Time: 2.5 hours | Weight: 43 lbs.

    The biggest portable solar generator from Jackery easily found its way to our list. The 2.16 kilowatt-hours of capacity are enough to power a full camping setup for a few days.

    And if you hook 2000 Pro to six 200W solar panels, you can get it fully charged in less than 3 hours.

    This is a huge upgrade from the Explorer 1000 model that could connect only one panel, resulting in 8-hour charges.

    Jackery 2000 Pro comes with plenty of high-power and low-power ports so you can simultaneously power home appliances and charge your gadgets.

    Weight. Unfortunately, with this model Jackery is breaking up the tradition of 20 lbs. solar generators that were the top choice for people who move around a lot.

    Why Do I Like It?

    The Jackery 2000 Pro hits the best blend of power, capacity, input/output capability, portability, and durability.

    EcoFlow Delta 2 — Best Medium Capacity

    Battery Capacity: 1024Wh | Rated Output: 1800W | Charging Time: 1.2 hours | Weight: 27 lbs.

    The slimmed down version of EcoFlow’s Delta Pro, this solar generator uses the same great LiFePO4 battery chemistry and has kept the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

    This is a huge leap from its predecessor, the original Ecoflow Delta 1300 that uses regular Li-ion batteries and has modest capabilities.

    For less than 1000, you’re getting a decent power output, and a very manageable weight of 27 lbs.

    The weight becomes even more manageable with EcoFlow’s trademark molded in carrying handles.

    Another trademark of Delta models is the abundance of output ports: You get six AC ports, four USB ports, two DC ports and one 12V car port.

    Using the same great Smart Home flexible panels, we managed to get a full charge in little more than 1 hour!

    Why Do I Like It?

    The EcoFlow Delta 2 hits the sweet spot for a small family emergency backup power source or a road trip solar generator. With a bigger battery, it would be a serious contender to the much more expensive Jackery Explorer 2000.

    Jackery Explorer 1000 — Best for Camping

    Battery Capacity: 1002 Wh | Rated Output: 1000W | Charging Time: 8 hours | Weight: 22 lbs.

    Very competitively priced and with a solid capacity and power output, the Jackery 1000 is indeed a camper king.

    The Explorer 1000 is the best solar generator for campers, adventurers, and all those outdoor types who need plenty of power on the go.

    With a weight of 22 lbs and a beefy molded handle, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is one of the most portable solar generators on the list. Still, don’t let the compact dimensions fool you.

    Its 1000 watts of continuous AC power and the 1002Wh battery are enough to power an electric grill for 50 minutes, a TV for 13 hours, and a mini-fridge for 17 hours.

    And if you can’t leave your work behind, your boss will be happy — With the Explorer 1000, you can charge your MacBook Pro eight times — on a single charge.

    Why Do I Like It?

    You don’t come to appreciate some features until you start using the device. Jackery Explorer series have all their ports on one side. This way, I can always tell what goes in and what goes out.

    EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station — Best Value for Money

    Battery Capacity: 720 Wh | Rated Output: 600W | Charging Time: 3 hours | Weight: 17 lbs.

    You’re a weekend hunter, fisherman, or camper. You value gear that works under any conditions, but you don’t want to break the bank.

    Like its bigger cousin, the Delta 2, the River Pro uses the same ultrafast charging technology, so you can charge it from the wall from 0 to 80% in an hour.

    On the business end, the River Pro may not power a microwave oven or an electric grill, but it still packs enough power to run the fridge, coffee maker, or TV in your cabin.

    Go off-grid and you get 10 charges for your laptop or no less than 60 charges for your phone.

    On the downside, you’d struggle to run any serious power tools or appliances, so I can’t recommend this as a backup power source for your home or workshop.

    Why Do I Like It?

    I like the fast-charge 60W USB-C port. This way I can top off my drone even when the AC outlets are taken.

    BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station — Best Ultralight

    Battery Capacity: 505Wh | Rated Output: 300W | Charging Time: 3-6 hours | Weight: 13 lbs.

    Many of these solar generators are called portable, but I challenge you to haul the 60 lbs. AC200P from the place you parked your car to the camping site some 100-200 meters up the trail.

    With Bluetti EB3A, you won’t even break a sweat!

    Thanks to the modern LiFePO4 battery, this ultra-portable solar generator weighs only 10 lbs. and still gives you 9 output points.

    The rated output of 600W can’t compete with heavyweights like Bluetti AC500 and EcoFlow Delta Pro, but it will power everything you can fit into your backpack.

    And now listen to this: Bluetti EB3A fully charges on solar three times faster than similarly sized solar generators.

    Such a fast charging time is made possible mainly thanks to the quality built-in MPPT charge controller and excellent Bluetti PV200 portable solar panels.

    These solar panels have an efficiency of 23.4% and under ideal conditions and, under ideal conditions, will completely charge this solar generator in under 2 hours.

    For 209 what this amazing portable solar box costs, you can hardly find a more capable budget deal.

    Why Do I Like It?

    best, solar, generators, advanced, buyer

    The display goes beyond just basics like overall charge and tells you how much power is flowing in and out and which ports are active. Not something you’d expect from generators in this size/price range.

    BougeRV 1100Wh Portable Power Station — Best for Construction Sites

    Battery Capacity: 1100 Wh | Rated Output: 1200W | Charging Time: 4.5-5.5 hours | Weight: 30 lbs.

    Cordless power tools are great as you don’t have to chase power sockets and worry about cords in messy areas.

    However, quality cordless tools are expensive, especially if you go in the pro-series.

    But why throw your trusted corded tools away?

    With the rugged aluminum casing and two sturdy carrying handles, the BougeRV 1100 Wh Portable Power station is born for construction sites and tough handling.

    There are no bells and whistles on this one — A simple LCD screen and 10 output ports with a total output of 1200W.

    You can plug in your drill, but also use the time to charge your phone, and even brew some coffee using the 12V DC car charging port.

    This makes the BougeRV a great solar generator for RVs and road trips, especially if you upgrade your camper with an array of solar panels.

    Why Do I Like It?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I love when a portable solar generator has all of its input/output ports on the same side. This way I always know what’s plugged in and what’s getting charged.

    Comparison Table: The Ultimate Showdown!

    Solar Generators

    Battery Capacity

    Battery Life Cycles

    Rated Output

    Solar Input

    Solar Charging Time

    Weight (Approx.)

    BLUETTI AC500 B300S


    Ecoflow Delta Pro

    Bluetti AC200P

    Jackery 2000 Pro

    EcoFlow Delta 2

    Jackery Explorer 1000

    EcoFlow RIVER Pro


    BougeRV 1100Wh Portable Power Station

    What Is A Solar Generator?

    A solar generator is a device you can use to power to your appliances in case of an outage or when you don’t have access to grid power.

    In the off-grid mode, solar generators use solar panels to charge up, so manufacturers sometimes offer special “solar generator panel” deals.

    Most solar generators are made to be portable — designed as a sturdy box that contains the battery, inverter, and the control circuits.

    On the outside, a solar generator usually has:

    However, not all solar powered generators are the same and not all generators work with all solar panels. There are a few things you need to know before you go shopping.

    But first, let’s explain how these power stations work.

    How Do Solar Power Generators Work?

    Every solar generator today consists of two main parts:

    When you plug your device into a solar generator you’re basically using the power stored in its battery.

    You can charge it in three ways:

    Grid Charging

    This is the easiest way — just plug the solar powered generator into a wall outlet and charge it like any battery-run device until it beeps 100%.

    This is also the fastest way, EcoFlow solar generators can go from 0-80% in just one hour.

    However, I don’t need to tell you that grid charging is only possible when you have access to…well, the grid.

    This is why we value and rate solar generators for their ability to take charge from solar panels in the first place.

    Solar Charging

    Solar panels provide free and clean power during the day and for many users, the main point of having a solar power generator is to be able to charge it from the sun.

    Solar charging speed depends on the size and number of your panels, the size of the battery, and the solar input power that the generator can take.

    For solar charging, you need a special solar adapter cable that some manufacturers include in the solar generator kit.

    An average solar charging time is around 5 hours, but large generators like Renogy Lycan 5000 and Bluetti EP500 have a dual-charging mode which lets you charge from the grid and solar at the same time.

    This way you can charge even a 5000Wh battery in just 1 hour.

    Car Charging

    This is definitely the slowest way of charging, but here’s the deal:

    If you have to drive all night and need your solar generator locked and loaded by tomorrow morning, that 12V car charger becomes your best friend.

    The Bluetti AC200P, for example, takes 14 hours to top off with a 12V charger.

    What to Look For When Buying A Solar Powered Generator

    Always Go Portable

    Whether you need a solar generator to take camping, load aboard your boat, or keep it at your home as backup power, you need a product you can carry relatively easily.

    If you’re an outdoorsy type, you already know what I’m talking about. You already have a lot of gear to haul around, and to be honest, a solar generator is not the lightest item on the list.

    But I don’t plan to take mine anywhere.

    Well, I’m sure that the good people of Houston didn’t plan to go anywhere as well, but when Harvey struck in 2017 and flooded the whole area, many of them were running for their lives.

    Believe me, when I say that portable is always better, so you best choose one with a solid carrying handle.

    High Solar Input and Charging Speed

    The solar input wattage tells you how much power the generator can receive from solar panels.

    For example, the Bluetti AC200P has a solar input of 700 watts. This means that you can hook it up to 7x100W or 3x200W solar panels and its 2000Wh battery will recharge in 3-4 hours.

    Such efficient solar charging wouldn’t be possible without the MPPT (Multiple Power Point Tracking) controllers.

    This device evens out the voltage difference between an undercharged battery and solar panels. As a result, almost all the solar energy they produce is used to charge the generator.

    The MPPT controller is a standard feature of many modern solar generators, but please go through the specs sheet before you buy.

    So to conclude, if fast solar charging is your priority, look for solar generators that offer plenty of solar input.

    On the other hand, if you want to fully use the enormous 1200W solar input of the Bluetti EP500 and fill up its 5100Wh battery, you’ll have to deploy 12x100W or 6x200W solar panels.

    There’s no magic to it. Having high solar input is always good, but you’ll definitely need more than 2 solar panels to reach it.

    This is why it’s important to prioritize your needs and buy the solar generator you can make the most use of.

    Should the BougeRV 1100Wh be your next power station?

    Are you looking for a power station that will keep your devices charged on the go? This one might be of interest to you.

    BougeRV is not a new contender in the power station and solar panel market, and I have been using its panels, adapters, and connectors for years.

    They reached out to us and asked if we would like to review its latest solar generator, which is their biggest power station yet in terms of battery capacity.

    The BougeRV 1100Wh/1200W is a competitor to similar power stations like the Jackery Explorer 1000 and Goal Zero Yeti 1000X.

    One of the biggest differences compared to those popular products is the price.

    The BougeRV 1100Wh is priced at 899.99 before taxes on BougeRV’s website, which is a lot cheaper than its biggest competitors. Using the coupon code AFF16 when buying this specific power station from BougeRV is going to decrease the price by 144, bringing the price down to 756 before taxes.

    BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Use code AFF30 for a whole 30% off (ends December 7th).

    How does it compare in terms of features? Let’s get right into it by taking a look at what it can do.


    Battery capacity

    The lithium-ion batteries inside the BougeRV 1100Wh has a capacity of 1100 watt-hours.

    Due to the battery chemistry used, it’s rated for 1500 cycles to 80% capacity.

    That’s better than most power stations on the market, which are usually rated for 500-800 cycles to 80% capacity.

    If you’re not sure how to calculate how long a battery like this can power your devices, check out the FAQ at the bottom of this post.

    The inverter rating tells us how many watts the AC outlets can output in total.

    The pure sine wave inverter can output up to 1200W continuously, and support surges up to 2000W.

    In my tests, the inverter was around 85% efficient. This number will be used when calculating how long the battery can power certain devices.

    A 1200W inverter is powerful enough to power devices like TVs, gaming consoles, desktop computers, laptops, toasters, some microwaves, and other small kitchen appliances.

    It’s not powerful enough to power large kitchen appliances, space heaters, power tools, etc.

    The inverter powers the three 110V AC outlets on the front of the power station.

    These AC outlets look the same as regular outlets in a home, but you should only plug in devices that require 1200W or less.

    There are three USB A ports and one USB C PD port.

    The USB A ports can output 12W and 18W, the USB C port can input or output up to 60W.

    Next to the USB ports you’ll find the cigarette port which is a regulated 12V source rated at 10A. There are also two smaller DC ports above it.

    The cigarette port is to be used with devices like a 12V fridge/freezer, for example the BougeRV CR45 we have reviewed.

    There are two inputs on this solar generator. One is for solar charging, and one is for the AC wall charger and car charger.

    The included AC wall charger (200W) will charge the battery in 5.5 hours, and the car charger (120W) will do it in 9 hours.

    The solar input is an Anderson Power Pole input, making it compatible with a lot of different solar panels on the market.

    best, solar, generators, advanced, buyer

    There is no information on what type of solar charge controller it uses, I am going to do some tests on a sunny day to see how efficient it is.

    Since BougeRV includes an MC4 to Anderson adapter, you can easily connect a solar panel as long as it has an open-circuit voltage between 12 to 30 volts.

    The solar charge controller maxes out at 200W input, meaning that it’s going to take at least 5.5 hours to fully recharge the battery.

    You can charge with both solar and USB C at the same time, which can technically bring the charging time down to five hours.

    Note that this will require a USB C PD charger capable of outputting at least 60W. One example of a charger like that is the Nekteck 60W (click to view on Amazon).

    The AC charger can not be used at the same time as solar, but you can charge via AC and USB C PD at the same time.

    The display on the front shows the input/output watts, active ports, battery percentage, battery bars, and temperature warnings.

    BougeRV includes an AC charger, car charger, and an MC4 to Anderson adapter.

    Size and weight

    The power station measures 16 by 12 by 14 inches and weighs 30 pounds (13.5 kg).

    There are two built-in handles that make it easy to carry and transport the power station.

    What I Like

    The batteries

    While they are lithium-ion batteries, they’re rated at 1500 cycles before reaching 80% total capacity.

    We need more sustainable products, and one way to make these last longer is by using batteries that don’t degrade as much every cycle.

    With 1500 cycles, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this battery and it should last several years depending on how much it’s used.

    One easy way to extend the life of these is to not regularly discharge it to 0%. Try to keep it between 20-80%, and occasionally fully discharge and charge it.

    The number of ports

    BougeRV didn’t want to be worse than the similar Explorer 1000 and Yeti 1000X, and put a respectable number of ports on its 1100Wh power station.

    It has the ports I need and they’re all located on the front so you don’t need to plug in cables both in the front and the back.

    USB C supports charging

    The USB C port can be used to not only charge compatible devices, but also to charge the battery in the solar generator itself.

    Not all USB C ports can do this, but it’s something I often ask for in my reviews and suggest to companies when they ask for feedback.

    Regulated 12V

    If you plan on powering devices that might have a low-voltage cutoff, like a 12V fridge, a regulated 12V output is necessary.

    Almost all manufacturers realize that this is a must-have feature on power stations, at least batteries with a battery capacity of 500Wh and higher.

    Thanks to the built-in handles, it’s easy to carry and transport the BougeRV 1100Wh. It’s not as light as some of its main competitors, but it doesn’t feel very heavy at 30 pounds.

    The included accessories

    It’s pretty standard to include a wall and car charger, but not all companies include an MC4 to DC adapter, so I have to commend BougeRV for doing so.

    What I Dislike

    Low solar input/high charging times

    One downside with a cheaper model like this is that they’re often limited in terms of solar input.

    It maxes out at 200W solar input, and that means it’s going to take a full day of sunshine to charge it from 0 to 100%.

    This won’t be a dealbreaker to most people, but if you’re planning on using the battery throughout the day it’s something to be aware of.

    Note that the input limit is still higher on this than the Jackery Explorer 1000, but not the Explorer 1000 Pro.

    No Wi-Fi/app support

    There are not a lot of power stations that can be controlled and monitored via an app, but I like the ones that do it so much that I want to mention it when I review one that doesn’t have that feature.


    To conclude, should it be your next power station?

    Well, it won’t be as powerful as the higher end products by companies Goal Zero, Jackery, and EcoFlow, but it can still do a lot of things for the price.

    If you don’t need it to be more powerful than what it is, it’s a great buy.

    So do I recommend it? Yes I do, after using it for a couple of weeks I can say that it’s a reliable power station that can do what BougeRV says it can do.

    If you’re looking for a relatively cheap power station and don’t need to power anything that requires more than 1200W, go for it!

    Is it better than the Jackery Explorer 1000 and Goal Zero Yeti 1000X?

    It’s better than the Explorer 1000 in almost every way, but not better than the Explorer 1000 Pro.

    Unless you need to be able to quickly charge it with solar, I also consider it to be more price-worthy than the Yeti 1000X.

    If you’re still not sure which power station is going to be the best for you, please leave a comment and let me know how you plan on using the power station. I’ll do my best to help you out.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it waterproof?

    No, do not use it anywhere it might get wet.

    How long can it power my devices?

    The 1100Wh battery can power a 50W TV for almost 19 hours (1100Wh/50W0.85=18.7)

    You can do similar calculations if you know how much electricity your specific device requires.

    Start by dividing the capacity (1100Wh) with the required wattage, then multiply by 0.85 (the inverter is 85% efficient) to get a more accurate estimate.

    If you’re not sure how much electricity a specific device requires, you can use a Kill-A-Watt power meter (click to view on Amazon).

    Can I plug a power strip into one of the AC outlets?

    You’re still going to be limited by the 1200W output limit of the inverter.

    Can I plug my travel trailer/RV into it?

    Sure, but you’re going to be limited to the 1200W the inverter can output.

    You can use a 15A to 30A adapter (click to view on Amazon) or a 15A to 50A adapter (click to view on Amazon) to make the connection. That’s the same type of adapter you would use to connect your camper to an outlet in your garage.

    By doing this, the power station will provide electricity to the outlets inside and outside the RV.

    The 1200W inverter will be powerful enough to power some of the devices in the RV, like the TV and furnace fan.

    It will not be powerful enough to run the air conditioner or the water heater on electric.

    Note that the power station will also start charging the house batteries in the RV, just like what happens when you plug in at a campground.

    You might be able to turn off the converter charger by the electric panel in your RV to stop it from draining the battery of the power station.

    Please leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

    by Jesse

    Jesse has always had an interest in camping, technology, and the outdoors. Who knew that growing up in a small town in Sweden with endless forests and lakes would do that to you?

    Power Station Generators 1200W US Stock FCC UL2743 CE PSE for Home Emergencies or Camping

    Download: Spec Sheet Certifications: Payments: Category: Portable Power Station Tags: Portable Power Station, Power Station Generators

    What Is A Portable Power Station?

    Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, they can keep all your gear charged, from smartphones, laptops, to CPAP and appliances, like mini coolers, electric grill and coffee maker,etc.

    How many years will a portable power station last?

    The LiFEPO4 battery is rated for 500 cycles. While that should last you 2 years on the road, it’s also far less than standalone batteries (although it is exactly on par with many competitors, including Goal Zero).

    What will a portable power station run?

    A portable power station is an essential piece of equipment to keep devices like medical equipment, radios, appliances, and smartphones charged and running during emergencies. Many power stations have both standard AC outlets and USB ports for powering multiple types of devices at once

    How do you charge a portable power station?

    Simply plug the portable power station into a wall outlet and it charges quickly. Some power stations may also charge in a car power outlet, provided they have the correct adapter, but this takes longer than it does in a standard outlet.

    Why do you need a portable power station?

    Better Alternative to Gas Generators. Alternatively, portable power stations can offer enough power for many of your home appliances – and without the need to stockpile gasoline to keep them running. Better still, you can use them indoors for much easier access to your essential devices.

    Portable power stations can offer enough power for many of your home appliances – and without the need to stockpile gasoline to keep them running. Better still, you can use them indoors for much easier access to your essential devices.

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    See Devil 1200W Solar Generator Combo



    See Devil 1200W Solar Generator Combo


    Includes Manufacturer Warranty

    See Devil 1200W Solar Generator Combo

    The 1200W Solar Generator Combo from SeeDevil is a versatile and portable power solution that provides reliable electricity for your outdoor adventures, emergency backup, or off-grid living. This solar generator combo includes a 1200W power station and a foldable 200W solar panel, allowing you to harness the power of the sun to recharge your devices, appliances, and electronics.

    The power station is equipped with a 100Ah lithium battery, capable of delivering up to 1200 watts of continuous power and a peak power output of 2400 watts. It features multiple output ports, including four AC outlets, four USB ports, and two 12V DC ports, enabling you to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously. The power station also has a built-in LCD screen that displays real-time battery capacity, output power, and charging status.

    The 200W solar panel is made of high-quality monocrystalline, it provides efficient solar conversion and durability in various weather conditions. The solar panel can be easily folded and carried in a convenient carrying case, making it a perfect companion for your camping, RVing, or outdoor adventures.

    In summary, the 1200W Solar Generator Combo from SeeDevil is a reliable and portable power solution that delivers clean and sustainable energy for your on-the-go lifestyle. With its powerful and versatile features, this solar generator combo is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to stay connected and powered up wherever they go.

    We offer FREE SHIPPING!

    See Devil 1200W Solar Generator Combo Includes:

    1200W 1132Wh Portable Power Station

    24V 10.41A AC Power Adapter

    Cigarette Lighter Charger

    Aviation Port to MC4 Cable

    1x Power Cord (XT60 to M20/XT60/Anderson Connectors)

    1x Power Cord to Connect 2 Solar Panels in series

    (Only recommended for our 2000W solar power station)

    1x DC5521 to DC5521 Power Cable

    2 Year Warranty Expert Customer Service

    1200W Solar Generator Combo Specifications:

    Number of ports

    17 (13 on PPS 4 on Solar Panels)

    Battery Capacity

    1132Wh Lithium-Ion 22.2V DC 51Ah

    Battery Cycle Life

    AC Output Waveform

    AC Output Power

    AC Output Voltage

    AC Output Socket

    DC Output 1

    DC Output 2

    Cigarette Lighter Socket Regulated 12V 10A

    USB-A QC3.0 18W (x2) / USB-A 5V 2.4A (x2) /USB-C PD3.0 60W (x2)

    AC Charging Input

    AC 100~240V to DC 24V (10.41A Adapter)

    Solar Panel Input

    Multi-Safety Protection

    Battery Management System

    LCD Display Function

    Operating Temperature

    Pass-Through Charging

    Warranty Period

    Order Confirmation:

    The moment you place your order you will receive order confirmation e-mail. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.

    As soon as we receive your order we automatically check to confirm that your order is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If your item is on back-order or unavailable we will reach out to you via e-mail or phone to see if alternate arrangements can be made. We do accept back orders, but you must confirm to us you want to keep it.

    If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment we will process the charges and get to work preparing your order for shipment as soon as we can.

    Order Shipment:

    If your order is in stock, we will process the charges to your credit card it will ship within seven business days from the date of your order.

    An order is considered shipped the moment we send you an email or SMS with the tracking information. We will send you shipping confirmation within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out. Check the spam folder in case the email goes there.

    From brand to brand shipping times may vary. However, if in stock, your order will most likely be at your place between 5 to 14 days after you placed it.

    If you do not receive shipping confirmation from us within six business days of your order feel free to follow up with us at

    For more information on shipping times, fees and such, please CLICK HERE and scroll down to the Shipping section.


    What To Do Before Accepting Shipment?

    Please inspect your package for damage prior to signing for it. Off Road Tents takes pride in its products and packaging. Every item that we ship out is properly classified, packaged, marked and labeled. Also each package is in the proper condition for transportation according to applicable regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation and/or international agencies.

    If a package shipped ground it’ll be dropped off at your front door. If you can see the box IS damaged, please contact us immediately at: or call us at 844-200-3979. We will need pictures of the box. Don’t open it, don’t install or use the item. Send images, we will proceed with solving the issue.

    If you ordered a roof top tent, a trailer, a drawer kit, a cargo carrier or an oversized rack, then you will need to sign off the item, or refuse it before you can have it.

    Once your order is signed for at the delivery point, the package becomes your property and thus, our liability ends as far as shipping damage is concerned.

    Help protect yourself from loss or damage, or an uncomfortably painful claims process by:

    Before Signing for your order, inspect the box or boxes for freight loss or damage. Red flags are BIG punctures or any sign of forklift damage or clear negligence by the carrier.

    If any of the product(s) appear to be damaged or crushed do not accept delivery. Make sure the damages are CONSIDERABLE, and noticeable.

    Small tears to the boxes can happen and might not compromise the tent or package, meaning you can accept small tears that don’t show clear damage, and are a simple result of being moved around by a few people and trucks.

    Big tears, dents or signs of clear mistreating the packages shouldn’t be accepted (Refer to Images 1 2 above for reference). Take pictures of the damages from all possible angles. Then, REFUSE the shipment, note the refusal for damages in the document the driver will give you and it will be sent back for processing.

    It is extremely important that you inspect the box and item for damage BEFORE you sign to receive it. Please take photos of the box on the pallet exactly as it arrives. Please note, the driver will not help with damage inspection. IF you see clear and noticeable damage to your item, please take pictures of the damage and REFUSE the delivery. That way the carrier will send it back and we’ll process a new shipment for you.

    Get a copy or take a picture of the signed delivery receipt that shows the freight loss or damage notation. BE REMINDED, drivers will try to bully you into accepting a delivery, but if the item is clearly damaged, REFUSE IT.

    Drivers and carriers might try to re-deliver the same exact item the next day, if they do, REFUSE it once again, and follow the same procedure.

    If you have any doubt, questions or anything, contact Off Road Tents immediately at 1.844.200.3979 or Even when you have the item right there in front of you, make the driver wait and call us, we will ask you for pictures of the item, and we will help you inspect it and determine if it should be refused or not.

    If you accept a damaged delivery, and/or there is freight loss and/or the damage is not noted at the time of delivery, Off Road Tents cannot be held liable for any replacement costs related to the shipment. Protect yourself from this by examining before you sign.

    Shipping Protection With ShipTection:

    Off Road Tents is proud to partner with ShipTection. a leader in package protection and tracking solutions. By selecting ShipTection at checkout your order will be protected from damage, loss, or theft.

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Read the terms and conditions of the service HERE.

    Purchased ShipTection and need to file a claim? Write us an email at:

    Have more questions about ShipTection, click HERE to see the FAQS.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Off Road Tents we have the goal to make sure you are as satisfied as you can with your order. We understand we are in an industry where products can be technical, where the items you purchase can be a big investment, and often lead times can be long. Therefore, here’s an FAQ page with important information that hopefully will answer all your questions.

    Still, if you can’t find what you’re looking for in here, send us an email at: or even better, call us at: 844-200-3979.

    For the sake of making it all easier, we’ll break this down into sections (click to jump to each section):

    Let’s begin with the first of these topics.

    Shipping FAQs:

    We do, but ONLY in some products above 300, and NOT for all brands or all items. Most of the products in our store ship free, if they are above 300. However, there are some cases with items such as trailers, rock sliders and a few tents where we will charge a flat fee.

    To look at the shipping fees, CLICK HERE and scroll down to the Shipping section.

    Depends on the item. If it’s an item that ships freight (such as a roof top tent), that’s a no. We cannot.

    If it’s a smaller item, even a roof rack, we might be able, but please keep in mind the rates might be a bit high. Anyways, we’ll get you the best quote, but you do need to ask us first.

    This expedited shipping applies only to the transit time from the warehouse to the point of delivery. Expedited shipping may also be impacted by stock levels and what warehouse the shipment originates.

    Make sure you email us to: in case you need to expedite an order!

    No we normally don’t. We can ship to Puerto Rico, for an increased rate. We are also happy to ship to any warehouse in the country, but you will then have to take care o the shipment to your country.

    For Canadian customers, we regularly ship to the nearest freight center to the border, so you can drive down, pick your order ad then drive back up saving in shipping costs as well as duty and custom fees.

    We can ship to Canada, but it’s an expensive thing to do. Shipping rates are higher, plus customs and duty fees are a bit expensive. Email us so we can get you a quote and offer you the best option for you!

    Yes we do. We charge a much higher fee though. Why? Simple, it’s very expensive to ship there, sometimes it costs us even over 1000. Shipping fees will vary, please check them at checkout or in the Shipping page.

    If you have a carrier or some company you know, please email us, send us the information and we will gladly change the shipping fee to charge you as little as we can!

    On other items such as racks, smaller accessories, we charge different shipping fees, but still, it’ll be an additional cost, which might be expensive.

    At the moment, we don’t ship to PO boxes, nor do we ship to Military APO/FPO addresses.

    We use different carriers. When it comes to ground shipping or air, we use mostly UPS, FedEx and even USPS. When it comes to freight, we’ll also use other carriers such as SAIA, ABF, Pilot Freight and such.

    We generally start processing your order the same day we receive it. It then takes us from 2 to 4 business days to get it out the door (please be patient as some of these items are big and bulky and require special boxing and shipment).

    After that, lead times can vary depending on your location and where it ships from.

    For a more detailed view of lead times, view our full Shipping Returns Policy.

    Also, if the order has a lead time, we will contact you to let you know when exactly you can expect to receive it.

    Great question. Well, items such as roof top tents, off-road trailers and even some platform racks are way too big to ship on traditional delivery trucks. That means, the ground shipping UPS or FedEx trucks you see around, they’re not really able to carry a roof top tent.

    Plus, the items are way too heavy to ship by air.

    Therefore, some items, especially tents and trailers, will ship truck freight.

    Some of them, such as trailers, can only be shipped to a freight center given hoe big they are, and you will have to go pick them up there.

    If you have any questions about how your order will ship, email us at:

    In some cases yes. If the order ships freight you will need to sign for it.

    The truck driver will call you 48 to 24 hours ahead of the delivery date, to schedule a drop-off time. You will then need to be there to sign the package off, NOT BEFORE INSPECTING IT.

    Please, if you have doubts on what to look for, take a look at How To Handle Your Order. It’ll let you know in detail how to inspect a package before signing it off.

    Other items that ship air or ground, will not require your signature, and will be left at your door.

    Items that require signature:

    We already insure your shipments for free. That’s an additional service we offer. However, when we do so, if an items is damaged or lost, we need to go through the standard procedure of placing a claim, which can take up to 90 days to be resolved. Generally, they’re solved before that, but it can take some time.

    Also, our insurance will not cover you, if you sign off the package and accept it, only to later find the box is damaged.

    Therefore, to fully cover your shipment from any damage, or if it’s lost and stolen, you can purchase ShipTection.

    ShipTection is an additional service we offer, which you can purchase with your order and further protect it. We recommend you to do so, for the peace of mind, especially as they can refund you fully within 7 days in case an item is lost or stolen. So, although not necessary, we recommend it.

    For more information on ShipTection, click HERE

    After you placed your order, yes. After it shipped, no.

    If you want to change the address, please email us to IMMEDIATELY, and if you can call us to 844-200-3979 even better.

    If the order has already shipped (and we have sent you the tracking number), then you cannot. We can try, but normally the cost of re-routing the package is quite expensive and not worth it. Still, if you want to do that, we can try and you’ll have to pay the difference, but we cannot guarantee it.

    As soon as your order has shipped, we will send you an email with a tracking number. Click on the email and it’ll open a page where it will show where the package is. We consider an order shipped, the moment we send you an email or SMS with the tracking number.

    Please keep in mind the carrier’s website might take up to 72 hours to update. However, if the tracking has been sent, it’s because the order has been picked up and it’s shipped.

    You can also click the tracking code on that same page, and it’ll lead you to the carrier’s website (whether that’s UPS, FedEx, etc), where you can paste the tracking number and follow it.

    First thing you must do is inform us. We will check and make sure it shows as delivered and that it’s not a problem from the carrier’s website.

    The second thing is to contact the carrier. We will gladly help you with that. But pressure from both sides always leads to a faster solution.

    The third thing to do is to file. a police report at your local precinct, it usually takes only 15 minutes, and it’ll make sure we have evidence of a missing or stolen package, so we can win the claim against the carrier.

    With those 3 steps, we can together decide on the best solution for you!

    Returns FAQs:

    It depends. We do accept returns before 30 days have gone past since the item was delivered. You have 30 days to send back your product to either get a refund or an exchange.

    We don’t accept returns after 30 days.

    We don’t accept returns for products that have been used, installed, unboxed, or damaged by you.

    We don’t accept returns on items made on order, such as rock sliders, bumpers, or any CBI and Gobi product.

    In order for you to return an item these criteria must be met:

    • No more than 30 days have gone by since you received it
    • Product must be unused, and in the original package
    • We need to get pictures beforehand, to approve the return
    • We will give you a Return Merchant Authorization number (RMA)
    • You will pay for the shipping back
    • You will be charged a 20% restocking fee

    If the item has a manufacturing defect, it’s covered by warranty, or was refused by you when delivered, we do accept returns, free of charge, and we will take care of it.

    There will be a 20% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping the item back to the warehouse it shipped from. Invoices for shipping costs can be provided to the customer if necessary. At Off Road Tents we would love not to charge these fees, but once an order is placed, we get charged paying processing fees as well as fraud insurance fees, that once a customer decides to cancel, we lose that money. Therefore, we are forced to charge these cancellation fees.

    Some of our products are made on order and have lead times that go from 4 to 32 weeks until they are delivered once the order is placed. Please read VERY carefully the product description, as well as the lead time email we send you, or ask our team, we will be happy to clarify any doubt regarding the lead time to receive your product.

    If the case is you order a product with a lead time of 4 to 32 weeks, we will ask for your written confirmation and consent to proceed with the order. If you change your mind and decide to cancel after 48 hours (2 days) of placing the order, we will charge a 3.75% cancellation fee.

    If you decide to cancel any of these orders after more than 15 days have passed since placing the order, we will have to charge a 10% cancellation fee.

    If you order a Gobi rack, the cancellation fee will be of 550. ALL Gobi racks are made on order, which means order are generally final. Lead times can be long, and there might be delays of 1-8 weeks on their orders (rare, but it has happened). Therefore, after placing the order, if you decide to cancel after 48 hours from placing it, the cancellation fee is of 550.

    If the order has already shipped and the customer still wants to cancel it, there will be a 20% restocking fee plus the cost of shipping the item back to the warehouse it shipped from.

    An order is considered shipped the moment we send you an email with the tracking number. Please bear in mind, carrier websites might take up to 72 hours to update the tracking information, but if the tracking email is sent, is because the item has been picked up by the carrier.

    If you don’t see your tracking updated, please contact us between our working hours, and one of our agents will be able to clear your doubts. You can also call the carrier’s phone number on their website, they can also locate your package with the tracking number we provided.

    Before you return any item, we need to send you the exact address of the warehouse it’ll be returned to. We ship from different warehouses around the country, so it will depend on the item or your location where you should send it to.

    Before you send it back, you need approval from us, and we will also give you a Return Authorization Number (RMA) for you to label the package with.

    best, solar, generators, advanced, buyer

    If you want to return your order for any problem other than a manufacturing defect or warranty, then you will have to fully cover the costs of shipping it back to the warehouse.

    The exact cost depends on the rates of the carrier you want to use.

    On top of that, we may charge you a restocking fee, which is generally of 20%.

    You need an RMA because the warehouse guys need to know what an item is and what is related to when it comes in. Also, we need to know exactly which is your package when it gets sent back, so we can inspect it.

    If it gets sent without an RMA, it makes it harder for us to identify your package, and it can lead to waiting longer before you get refunded.

    Yes, you must cover the shipping costs, and you will be liable if the item gets damaged when returned to us.

    Take as many pictures as you can of the item you are returning, the box and making sure it’s in a good shape. Then, take pictures before you ship it. That way, if damaged, you have grounds for a claim with the carrier.

    If you want to return an item for a manufacturing defect or a warranty problem, we will send you a return label. You can print it at home, or if you don’t have a printer, you can print it at the local FedEx or UPS center.

    If you are the one covering the return costs, and therefore it’s you who are buying the label, we recommend you print it at your local FedEx or UPS center.

    If you send an item back to exchange it, it can take up to 30 days for you to get it back if the item is in stock. We first need to receive the original order, inspect it, and once approved for a return, we can exchange it.

    If it’s not in stock, we will let you know and you will be made aware of the lead time before you even return yours.

    If it has a manufacturing defect, or covered by warranty, we will send you a replacement, the moment you send back the original defective item (and we’ll cover the shipping costs on those).

    To receive a refund, we must have your item at the warehouse, and inspect it to make sure it’s in great condition. Once the return has been accepted, we’ll issue a refund minus the restocking fee.

    We need 5 business days after receiving the returned item to inspect it, then a refund will be issued, and it will take from 3 to 5 business days for your bank to issue the refund to your account.

    We will send you a confirmation email once the refund has been made form our end.

    If 5 days have gone by and you haven’t gotten the refund, call your bank.

    Simple, please email us at with the item you have and when it was gifted to you. We will then see what order number it was and we will help you handle it!

    30 days. After 30 days we won’t accept any returns.

    For items made on order, such as bumpers or rock sliders, as well as Gobi or CBI products, we don’t accept returns.

    We offer some customized orders, or items made on order, for example: bumpers and rock sliders.

    These are items that need around 10 weeks to be made, and are only made on order. Therefore, we have a strict no returns policy, all sales are final.

    As to items from brands such as CBI and Gobi, these are also made on order, so, once again, sales are final and no returns are accepted.

    Damaged Orders:

    Please read first How To Handle Your Order. so you know how to deal with a damaged shipment or package.

    If you see the tent, rack or package is CLEARLY damaged, do NOT sign it, do NOT accept it, and REFUSE delivery. You will have to note to the driver you are refusing it for clear and noticeable damages, and we will replace it immediately.

    If it was dropped at your doorstep, and it’s damaged, do NOT open the box, send us pictures immediately, and we will handle it.

    If after opening it, you find a damage, then send us pictures, and we will file a claim.

    Please, understand that if a package is damaged during shipping, it is NOT our responsibility, but the carrier’s. If you accept the delivery, and it’s damaged, we will file a claim and help you, but, it takes time to win the claim and we will not be able to replace the item(s) or refund you, until the claim is resolved. That is, if we win the claim, which is not guaranteed. To help us win the claim, take as many pictures as you can and be PATIENT.

    Shipping Insurance with ShipTection, can be a good idea to quickly solve damaged product issues.

    For more information on ShipTection, click HERE.

    ShipTection is a Shipping Insurance and Protection Service that you can purchase at checkout to protect your order from:

    Thanks to their service you can file a claim for a refund due to a damage or a lost order.

    To read more about ShipTection, click HERE.

    Financing Payment Options FAQs:

    We have quite a few different payment options:

    • We accept ALL credit cards
    • PayPal
    • Amazon Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Financing through Klarna
    • Financing through Pay Tomorrow
    • Bank transfer or ACH

    Absolutely. We use an SSL Certificate, which means we DON’T store your credit card or financial information. As a matter of fact, we never see it.

    It is 100% safe. You can read more about it HERE.

    Yes we do. We have three financing options:

    You will be able to check if you’re eligible for financing at the product page, no need to go to checkout. Simply, as shown on the image below, click next or below the product image where it says: As low as.

    Then as seen on the image below, it’ll bring up a pop-up, offering different installments. You can there check the financing options available, and see if you qualify.

    If you do, you can go and choose Klarna at checkout.

    If you want financing with PayPal, then you must select to checkout with PayPal, and choose the option to get financing WITH THEM.

    If you want to get financing from Pay Tomorrow, choose them at checkout.

    If you are not eligible with Klarna, or Pay Tomorrow, and you don’t have PayPal, email us, we can send you a special link so you can try to get financing through Klarna, another third party financing provider we partner with.

    Please keep in mind all the financing options available are third parties.

    If you choose PayPal, then once you’re checking out through the PayPal portal, it’ll give you the option to get financed by them.

    If you email us because you want financing with Klarna, we’ll send a special link, and you’ll checkout there.

    When it comes to Bread, it’s quite simple, follow the normal checkout process, Add To CartCheck CartProceed to Checkout.

    Then, fill the checkout page with your information, and at the final stage, instead of adding your payment information, choose the option to checkout with Bread, as shown below.

    As shown on the steps above, you will choose Bread as checkout option, then click on Complete Order. After that, a new page will load with the financing installment payment options, you’ll click on View Financing Options and then start the process of filling out your information.

    After you fill it out, Bread will tell you if you’re approved, as well as letting you know what the options are!

    When it comes to Pay Tomorrow, it’s quite simple, follow the normal checkout process you had with Bread, but choose Pay Tomorrow. Then, they will contact you once they have reviewed your application to let you know. This process might take a few hours. For more information, READ HERE.

    Sometimes Bread or Pay Tomorrow won’t approve you. It happens. Don’t worry, we have a few backup options.

    If you’re not approved, let us know immediately. Email us at: or call us at 844-200-3979.

    Send you a link to try and get financing with Klarna, another financing partner we have.

    Or, we can split your order total into different invoices to be paid in different credit cards.

    For example, if the product costs 3,000, we are happy to send you 3 invoices, so you can pay them with three different cards, or two with two cards and the third with Bread or Klarna, or one with PayPal, another one with a credit card, and the third with a financing provider.

    Whatever works for you, we will do our best to help!

    If you’re approved for financing, it depends on the options either Bread, PayPal or Klarna gave you. However, you will not start getting charged until the item SHIPS, or 30 days have gone by.

    Therefore, once we fulfill your order, your financing provider will start charging you.

    Alternatively, if 30 days have gone by since you placed it, and the item hasn’t been shipped (perhaps it was a backorder), then you will start getting charged!

    If you have any questions or doubts about the financing and payment terms, you will have to contact the financing provider yourself.

    Product Technical FAQs:

    Yes, through GovX! You can read more here.

    Of course we do. But warranties vary from item to item, from brand to brand, and there are different scenarios. Therefore, if you have any warranty questions or issues, email us at:

    Also, please read more about Warranties HERE.

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